Bring Your Startup to Life with UIUX Design

In everyday life, we come across hundreds of applications and websites every day. The first impression of the visual component is significant for us because we can say with almost 100% certainty that we will not use a digital product that does not attract us.

Thus, if you are a business owner creating your solution, you need to think through the design of the future product in detail so that users want to return to it. Resorting to software design services can help you with this. Below we will look at the main stages of creating a design for a software startup.

Steps of Creation

Let’s look at the key points of UI/UX which is an essential part of software development for startups.

Target audience analysis

The average age and gender of users, their interests and purposes for visiting the site or application, and geography of residence – all this information helps to create a portrait of the target audience of your startup software. Thanks to it, it is easier for the experts to predict people’s behavior and make the most convenient product.

Competitor analysis

Studying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors helps UX specialists improve the product. At this stage of startup product development, designers analyze the websites and apps of competing companies and those engaged in related businesses.

Structure definition

Defining the main sections of the solution is an integral level of startup development. Information architecture will help you correctly design the structure of a website or application. It determines what data should be placed on each page and how to link them together so that the content of the product becomes convenient and logical for users.


This is where the experts begin work on UI. First, the experts create a wireframe that reflects the general concept of the product and its main sections. The wireframe is monochromatic and has a low level of visualization. After the wireframe, the specialist begins creating the layout. Next, the interface is filled with logos, colors, pictures, and text – the design of the upcoming solution becomes more detailed. Finally, the specialists create a full-fledged model – an interactive prototype. It includes all the content of a website or app: users can click buttons, move from page to page, and see how its features work.


The prototype is tested to detect errors and improve the final result before release. Testing during startup software development is of two types: quantitative and qualitative. In the first case, the research is carried out on a large sample of users. In the second, a focus group of the target audience is involved. After testing, UX/UI specialists work on finalizing the website or program. Before releasing a solution to the market, designers can create several prototypes.

Support and development

Releasing a website or app does not mean that work on the project is finished. Sometime after the release, software development startup experts perform tests again, improve, and make the solution more effective for users. Often, websites and apps receive new functions, sometimes needing a redesign.

Final Words

As you can understand, UI/UX is integral to creating software for startups. To bring all your ideas to life, you need to hire specialists in your office who will make the shell of your digital solution for your digital solution. If you want a more economical option, feel free to contact us. We will study your idea in detail and create an attractive and user-friendly interface.

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