The Highs and Lows of Studying in the UK

It is exciting to start another academic journey abroad. The UK, for instance, owns some of the best schools in the world, especially universities.

Let’s do a quick historical rundown. Oxford University, English, is about 1,000 years old and is currently the best university in the world. Also, some of their schools are amongst the first 200 in the world. Nice, isn’t it?

That alone has brought in diverse cultures from around the world and has made the UK a top choice for students. However, studying in the UK has its disadvantages. That’s not to scare you, though. This piece will highlight the major benefits and cons of studying in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of Studying in the United Kingdom

Find below some major advantages of schooling in the UK:

International students can enjoy administrative support

International students can enjoy enough support from the school, online, or local government. For instance, a separate website is dedicated to addressing issues international students might face and answering questions on housing, tuition, academic support, etc. Another interesting fact is that you can contact them before becoming a student.

The International Student Council in the UK, the advisory body for students outside the UK, boasts of having enough information on its website, which includes immigration, housing, working, and mental health support resources.

You can have an unrivaled chance to forge ahead.

Students who have completed any degree, undergraduate, PhD, or Master, will enjoy two to three years of work experience through their Graduate Routh program meaning they can work while they enjoy on this website.

That way, you can acquire fantastic professional experience and quickly develop your abilities and skills. Also, you can make important connections and contacts that will sway any employer you might come across anywhere you go.

Quality teachers and teaching structure

One of the best things the UK is known for is its high standard of teaching. They have a body that ensures that schools maintain the accepted teaching quality. As an international student, you will surely enjoy your academic journey because you will come across world-leading teachers who will help shape your future.

Everything isn’t about books, books, and books.

Nightlife in cities like Glasgow, London, and Manchester is known for housing diverse bars, clubs, and music venues that offer a variety of interests and tastes. That doesn’t mean that smaller cities are boring. No. They just have reduced nightlife scenes. However, they offer many student-conditioned places, such as cinemas, live music venues, and museums.

Their accent might eventually grow on you.

Not just the accent. The UK is where the English Language originated, so studying there will help you improve your English from level three to an almost perfect level. Get ready, though, to experience diverse British accents like Welsh, Scottish, and Irish.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day with a British English accent—an accent many people love. That will give you well-rounded language exposure you might not get elsewhere.

Disadvantages of Studying in the United Kingdom

Here are some major inconveniences that you might experience when you study in the UK:

The UK culture shock

You might have never visited the United Kingdom, and you are probably going for the first time for academic purposes. Therefore, expect a culture shock. That is, the feeling people get when they realize they haven’t found, seen, or experienced anything similar to the culture they’ve always known, which could cause depression, isolation, and anxiety in some students.

This issue is worse for international students who have come a long way and have no means to visit their families once or twice a year. How to deal with this? You can interact with people who are UK citizens or might have lived there for a while to know more about their culture. In addition, engage in diverse recreational activities and join a community that fosters cultural interests.

Money issues

Have you converted UK Pounds to your currency for some figures? Yes, it’s high. Staying in the UK is expensive, and this starts with the currency they use. So, international students might face some financial difficulties, especially when tuition and housing fees increase or when the currency fluctuates.

In some cases, students may find it difficult to work, which worsens their financial issues. To fight this, students should explore and leverage scholarship opportunities for international students.


The United Kingdom has unpredictable weather conditions. It might be cold today and hot at the next minute. Most times, it is gloomy. So, if you’re not used to weather fluctuations or react to a weather change, you might find adapting difficult.


It is best to carefully evaluate your resources and priorities before starting an academic journey in the UK. The UK indeed provides some world-class experiences, so preparing for possible challenges is important. That way, you can scale through and maximize the opportunity.

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