Short Escapes from Riyadh: Stunning Scenery in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has an ancient trading culture that can still be seen in its many towns and villages, where ruins remain of such activities. These places are full of structures made from sand and clay, and they are a wonder of the past, revealing their architectural traditions.

Explore the exotic nature and heritage of Saudi Arabia.

As you explore the country, you will find that it is not just a desert landscape but one that also has islands, rugged mountains, oases, white sand atolls, etc. The different types of landscape across it and its many ancient monuments reveal what a unique place it is and how people lived here in the past, prior to adopting Islam and afterwards as well. Book any flights to Riyadh to reach the country for a wonderful tour that reveals its natural beauty. Here is a look at the key places to visit for it:

  • At the Farasan Islands, which are made up of 170 islands, you can come across huge lovely coral reefs.  They are some 40 kilometers away from Jazan, it is a protected area, but its waters offer opportunities for snorkeling and deep-sea diving. Exploring it will take you to the ruins of All Qassar Village, where the earliest settlements on the island can be found. A visit to Beit Al Refai, the home of a pearl merchant, reveals the old-world Farsi architecture that has stones, sand, coral, and gypsum walls with carvings.
  • Rijal Alma is a quaint, historical village and a lovely place that has 60 palaces that were made from wood, clay, and stone, each having multiple floors. On the outside of the palaces is quartz stone, and in the interiors, you can see lovely artwork. There is also a heritage museum here, and one of the forts is its headquarters. In the museum, you can see many manuscripts and old-world farming, construction, and transport tools.

Explore the exotic nature and heritage of Saudi Arabia.

  • You will get engulfed in the rich history of the country in Al Diriyah, a town that became the center point for the unification and formation of the Kingdom. Its famous Al Turaif District has many heritage buildings that were restored, which are a must-see for how they were constructed and the purpose they served. Visit its quaint craft shops to discover the beauty of traditional items hand-made in this place.
  • You can never be satisfied by taking photos of the large Al Wahbah Crater. It is located amidst beautiful sand dunes and was made due to a large explosion in an underground stream. At different times of the day, you can see it showing off different colors. It is two kilometers in length and filled with white sodium phosphate crystals. On its edge, you can see vegetation and palm trees growing, which is a sharp contrast to its surroundings, which are nothing but the barren desert.

Explore the exotic nature and heritage of Saudi Arabia.

  • Get insight into how people lived in this country thousands of years ago by visiting Madain Saleh, also called Al-Hijr. At one point, it served as a trade route between this region and the Mediterranean and also Egypt. Its ruins tell the story of the Nabateans, whose capital was Petra. Throughout the structures that were built in ancient times, you can see so many intricate carvings. There is also a massive ancient water management system that can be seen in the many interconnected wells and cisterns.
  • Those who love greenery will find a trip to Al Qassim to take them into a spectacular green landscape that is right in the middle of the desert caused by agriculture. This province has been known for its huge crop production since ancient times when traditional underground water systems were used for irrigation. It produces dates in massive quantities, and many of them are luxury varieties that are grown only here.
  • You can be a part of the Flowerman festival by visiting Al Soudah in the month of August. It’s a great place to visit due to its pleasant climate, and in the winter, its snow capped mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and worth lots of photos and excursions. At Asir National Park, you will see lots of plants and wildlife that are native to this region. It is also home to the endangered ibex, and its biodiversity has been studied to learn about this region’s vegetation.
  • When you visit Al Qarah Mountain, you will be surprised at its unique rugged beauty and the fantastic views that you can get of the valley below from atop it. It has many ruins that reveal how people once lived here thousands of years ago. Associated with it are many legends. It is located right in between palm trees, and you can find programs for trekking that take you to the top. The caves are very interesting to see, as is the museum, where you can find so many ancient artifacts.

Explore the exotic nature and heritage of Saudi Arabia

  • If you want to see a natural wonder, then look at Elephant Rock, a rock formation that is massive right in the middle of the desert. When you look at its shape, you will see how much it resembles an elephant. It is spectacular to view at sunset when so many colors dance in the sky, and this sandstone color gives it a deep red hue.

You will find exploring Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty to be a thrilling adventure that takes you into its interiors, where you can enjoy the wildness of its landscape and also explore ancient sites. Book any of the flights to Riyadh to reach the capital city, from where you can book any tour package that lets you explore its vast interiors.

The desert seems to be endless as you traverse through the roads that pass through it, but nevertheless, it stops at a beautiful oasis. Just as you can see barren wastelands, you can also view so many beautiful monuments that were built centuries ago and learn about other civilizations that once flourished in this country.

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