10 Best Poker Apps for Playing Online

Poker Apps are a large part of the Play Store as a lot of people love playing this game.

But, unfortunately, there are not many best poker apps out there. Among the sea of poker apps, only a few are worth your time.

Which are the best ones?

Let’s discuss them in this article.

1. Appeal

This free Poker App is one of the best apps on the Play Store. Because it has a simple interface, high speed, and some unique features.

Its unique features enhance the fun of poker. For example, one unique feature is patented dual matches. In it, you can represent your country against another country.

You can engage in simple poker games or tournaments on this app. It offers 7000 free coins daily so that you can enjoy the game without any interference.

2. Governor of Poker 1-3

If you are looking for a free mobile poker app or want to play this game online on a computer, go for this game.

Governor of Poker is a free Android and IOS poker mobile app in which you can learn about Texas Hold’em poker and can learn new skills related to it.

You will get a $30,000 free chips package and an avatar as a welcoming gift. Moreover, free chips topped up every four hours.

3. Offline Poker

It is a new poker app that is free to play. The best thing about this app is it is offline so you can play it anywhere and anytime without any internet connection.

You can also play this game in a group as it provides six-player and multiplayer options.

Its interface is a bit difficult but worth trying.

4. Poker Heat

This free app is famous because of its leagues. In it, you can take part in any of the seven leagues and can strive to gain the first position.

It also offers a multiplayer option so you can play it with your friends or family members too.

It offers some in-app purchases and you have to wait for free coins if you run out of them.

5. World Poker Club

World Poker Club is also a free poker app with one distinct feature. It has a gesture system to play the game.

This gesture system works surprisingly well and makes the game unique from others.

You can enjoy this game on Android and IOS, and it’s worth downloading because of its gesture interface.

6. Zynga Poker

This original Facebook poker game is free and famous among players. These players either adore this game or loathe it.

In it, you will have live online games against real people. In it, you can play games in different scenarios and events.

In 2015, this app skyrocketed because it introduced the “Jump Poker” feature.

7. World Series of Poker

The most famous series in the poker world, the World Series of Poker, has a free app to play.

This free app offers a solid interface and free chips which can make your playing experience smooth.

This app has one killer feature which makes it unique from other free apps, Pot-Limit Omaha.

But, the downfall of this app is it is not available in every country.

8. Video Poker Offline

It is one of the freemium poker apps but doing much better than other apps.

You can play online and offline on this app. This app also offers several game modes and support for Spanish, English, and Chinese.

9. Poker 5 Card Draw

This app is also free to play and offers various features to its players.

This poker app features four gameplay modes which you can play either with AI bots or with real people.

It also offers multiplayer so you can play with family, friends, and strangers. You can play with up to eight people in multiplayer.

Its online play also has various features for everyone with different skill sets.

10. Poker Central

This amazing and game-changing app is the Netflix of Poker. In it, you can watch poker 24/7 on various devices.

It is available for various mobiles (IOS, Android), and for other home devices too such as Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Poker Central can be the best background noise if you are hosting a game show at home.

So, do give this app a chance.


These are the 10 best poker apps that have received vast positive reviews from their users.

Do make these apps a part of your life if you are a fan of poker.

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