10 Best Gambling Movies on Netflix You Can’t Miss

Gambling is a trendy topic in which audience around the world is interested. That’s why Netflix has created some amazing movies on this topic.

There are a lot of informative and interesting movies related to gambling on Netflix which are not only entertaining but enhance the information of viewers.

Which are these movies?

We have selected 10 gambling movies that we think everyone should watch. Let’s see the list of movies.

1. Casino Royale

A lot of viewers claim that this movie is one of the best casino movies on Netflix. It is part of the James Bond series.

It contains entertainment, supercars, thrilling scenes, daring stunts, and a strong plot. You will find thrilling scenes in famous cities such as Venice and London.

It is the story of an agent who has to stop a banker from laundering money to a terrorist agency. For it, the agent has to participate in different high-stakes games.

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2. Mississippi Grind

Released in 2015, it is a fun and light-hearted movie related to poker games. You will laugh and enjoy this movie as it follows the journey of two friends.

These two friends decided to play games in different casinos around the city. So, you will see action in different gambling casinos in the state.

The movie’s name is Mississippi because they play in cities and states around the Mississippi River which is a famous area of the US.

3. Casino

It is an iconic and unique movie that is ideal for any casino fan. In it, you will see different casinos and the gambling habits of different high-rollers.

The main purpose of this movie is to tell you how different casinos work so that different crimes happening in them can be identified.

In this movie, you will not follow a single casino or player but can see multiple players and casinos.

4. Ocean’s Trilogy

This series is based on the original Ocean’s 11 which was released in the 1960s and considered the best movie of that time.

This trilogy follows the story of a thieves and con men group and how they execute different casino heists.

It has various subplots and they all show different casinos and different sets of amounts.

5. Win it All

Super gambling game, it is full of thrill and has a strong plot. It is the story of a gambling addict who wants to get rid of this addiction but is unable to do it.

One day, someone handed him a bag and asked him to keep it safe. Later on, that mysterious person got arrested by the police.

The addicted person opened the bag and found a sum of money and some tools in it. Unable to reign in his addiction, he started gambling with that money.

Now, he is losing money and is afraid of the person who is in jail. This mysterious type of movie will keep you hooked till the end.

6. 21

This movie was released in 2008 and has gained mixed reviews from the audience. But, a lot of people found it entertaining.

The protagonist of this movie is a bright student who stays away from gambling as much as possible. But, things changed when he was unable to enroll at Harvard Medical School because he was unable to pay fees.

Ben came across a professor who was building a group of young minds to play different games. He became a part of it.

The movie followed the journey of the group as they are gambling for high bucks.

7. Bugsy

This movie showcases how a casino is formed and what things take place behind the scenes.

It is the story of Bugsy Siegel who was a gangster and owned many betting parlors. He aimed to crack Las Vegas and own a casino.

8. Lay the Favourite

This movie is unique from others because in it you will see the whole scene of gambling and sports betting through the eyes of a woman.

This movie revolves around sports betting so a lot of you can relate to it.

It is the story of a female who became the secretary of a gambler. Her job is to lay high bets for him.

But, during this job, she goes through different adventures. This movie is all about those adventures.

9. Army of the Dead

Released in 2021, this movie is an amalgam of thrill and adventure. In it, you will see Las Vegas in a new light.

In this movie, zombies took over Las Vegas and turned this glamorous city into a dangerous one.

Casinos are filled with undead and horror filled the whole city. Amidst this situation, the protagonist and his team decided to steal a large amount of money from the casino’s safe.

This heist-based movie will keep you on edge as it is based on a human versus zombie fight.

10. Uncut Gems

This movie’s main theme is sports betting and is a good watch for gambling lovers.

The unique thing about it is that its production took more than 10 years, and is based on the life of the director’s father.

It is the story of a jeweler gambler who tries to retrieve a pricy gem. But, gambling and high-stakes bets can take a toll on his financial situation.

This is the story of this jewelry gambler and his efforts.


This is the list of ten movies that throws light on different aspects of the gambling world.

These movies showcase the entertaining and luxurious lifestyle of gamblers and how different casinos work.

These movies will give you a luxurious taste of famous casinos around the country so do watch them.

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