5 Romantic Comedy Movies to Look Forward to on Various Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms have made it considerably easy for movie lovers to enjoy quality films from their homes. Platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and others have been able to draw fans much closer to their favorite celebrities with just a click of a button.

Without a doubt, the convenience of streaming platforms has revolutionized our movie experience, allowing us to feel a wide range of emotions like happiness, sadness, empathy, and even nostalgia.

Similar to how streaming platforms are reducing the need for movie fans to visit the cinema, legal casino sites like Avalon are doing the same with physical casinos. Therefore, it is safe to say that technology has indeed changed several industries, especially the entertainment sector. Here is a list of 5 rom-coms that are streaming on various streaming platforms.

Before you go to one of the streaming services below, it’s a good idea to watch a review about the movie.

1. Love Again

Streaming on Netflix

Love again tells us about the feeling of loss and seeking happiness and love in the hands of another. This romantic comedy focuses on Mira Ray, who deals with the loss of her fiancee by sending romantic text messages to his old phone number. However, unknown to her, the number has already been reassigned to Rob, a journalist.

Captivated by the honest messages, Rob finds himself being attracted to a person he has never met. Netflix subscribers can watch how this unexpected connection plays out from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, movie lovers also get to see Celine Dion, who stars as herself in her first major film role.

2. Puppy Love

Streaming on Freevee

In this heartwarming movie Puppy Love, we are thrown into the lives of Nicole and Max, two people who are hilariously mismatched. Plagued by personal issues and devoid of any desire for love, puppy love demonstrates how fate has something different in store for both protagonists. Through their pets, fate sends them on a journey out of their comfort zone in a quest for love and self-growth.

3. Rye Lane

Streaming on Hulu

Set in the backdrop of South London, Rye Lane follows two youngsters, Dom and Yas, who are both reeling from a bad breakup. After an unexpected meetup at a restroom, the pair ends up spending the whole day together, navigating through the city of London as they both find ways to get over their exes.

The movie shows its viewers that love can sprout up from the unlikeliest of meet-ups, and it takes less than 24 hours to form a strong connection with someone. Rye Lane is a perfect depiction of modern love and is currently streaming on Hulu.

4. The Out-Laws

Streaming on Netflix

Looking to add a little spice and action to your romantic movie nights, The Out-Laws is the best option for you. With a combination of action, romance, and comedy, The Out-Laws is able to send its viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions while keeping them glued to their seat. It follows the life of Owen, a bank manager whose life is thrown into disarray during his wedding week as his in-laws, who are famous bank robbers, arrive in town.

Following a series of unfortunate events, Owen finds himself in a precarious situation as he tries to save his fiancee. The movie shows how far one is willing to go for someone they really love, completely removing themselves from their comfort zone. The Out-Laws is a great source of laughter, featuring two top comedians, Adem Devine and Lil Rel Howery.

5. Somebody I Used to Know

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to love, the past always finds a way to linger on. This movie focuses on a love that once was and could have been. Co-written by real-life married couples Alison Brie and Dave Franco, Somebody I Used to Know focuses on love lost and self-discovery.

The movie follows Ally, who is on the brink of a major career setback and seeks the comfort of her hometown, only to be reconnected with her first love, Sean. Over the course of an evening, the pair reminisce on a love that once was, and this sends Ally on a spiral as she contemplates if the one that got away was actually the right one for her.


Online streaming platforms are a great avenue for de-stressing from the day’s work. With a host of quality romantic comedy movies making the rounds, movie lovers can now choose from a host of options on their favorite streaming platforms.

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