58 Dragonfly Poems to Feel the Ray of Light

Dragonflies have long captivated our imaginations with their delicate wings, iridescent bodies, and graceful flight.

In cultures around the world, these fascinating insects have been symbols of transformation, freedom, and the power of the natural world.

It’s no surprise, then, that dragonflies have inspired countless poets throughout the centuries.

From short and sweet verses to epic ballads, dragonfly poems have captured the essence of these magical creatures in all their beauty and wonder.

In this article, we’ll explore different types of poems about dragonflies, including famous ones, short ones, funeral ones, haiku ones, love ones, death ones, friendship ones, and ones for children.

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Famous Dragonfly Poems

Throughout history, renowned poets have been inspired by the beauty and symbolism of dragonflies, resulting in some of the most memorable verses in literature.

1. The Dragonfly

       by Arthur Christopher Benson

Restless dragonfly, darting, dancing

Over the ribbons of trailing weed,

Cease awhile from thy myriad glancing,

Poised on the curve of the swinging reed;

Where the lilyleaf smooths her creases,

Rest like a warrior carved in stone;

Then when the crisp edge starts, and the breezes

Ruflle the water, arise, begone!

Mailed in terror, thy harness gleaming,

Soldier of summer, a day’s desire!

Lantern eyeballs lustrously dreaming,

Mirroring woodland, hill, and spire,

Wondering gaze at the depths that pent thee

Crawling soft on the dim-lit floor;

Was it the fire in thy heart that sent thee

Brave through the ripple, to shine and soar?

Then when the piled clouds big with thunder

Smite thee down with a summer’s tear,

Floating, lost in a languid wonder,

On to the deadly swirl of the weir,

Dream of the days of thy sunny playing,

Take no thought of the depths beneath,

Till the eddies that smile in slaying

Draw thee down to the deeps of death.

I too come in the summer weather,

Dropping down when the winds are low.

Float like birds of an alien feather,

Weary of winter and Northern snow,

Cool depths under us, blue above us,

Carelessly drifiing side by side,

Is there a heart to guide us, love us?

Are we but made to be tossed aside?

Wherefore question of what befall thee

Winds that blow from the sunless shore?

One hath made thee and One shall call thee;

Dream in the sunlight, and ask no more.

2. Blue Dragonfly

       by Ruby Archer

Whither away, thou winged flower,

Instinct with tremulous light and motion?

Art thou a spirit, born of the hour,

Adrift on the breezes’ lulling ocean?

Velvety, quivering thing of light,

The incarnation of summer splendor,

Is there an aim in thine airy flight,

A thought that throbs in thy pinions tender?

Thy wavering wings translucent bear

An azure dream to a lily sleeping,—

An instant poised in the fragrant air,

And lightly into the faint heart peeping.

Once more away, all pure and soft,

With prisoned rainbows about thee clinging,

Flitting and circling, half-vanished aloft,

Then dipping low to the stream’s glad singing.

O fluttering, gauzy mystery,

Frail-winged creature, glimmering, fleeing,

Thou art but a tinted ecstasy,—

A joy with life and a tireless being.

Thou hast no purpose to guide thy flight,

Nor does thy folly demand forgiving.

Thy wings must beat with thy heart’s delight

In the glorious rapture of merely living!

3. The Dragon-Fly

       by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

The day was set to a beautiful theme

by the blue of a dragon-fly

that poised with his airy wings agleam

on a flower, as I passed by.

So frail and so lovely a touch would destroy;

He seemed but a fancy, a whim;

Yet this gossamer thing is a breath of God’s joy,

And Life is made perfect in him!

Memorize Poem

the Dragon-Fly

by John B. Tabb

“Is skimming o’er a stagnant pool

your only occupation?”

“Ah, no: ’tis at this Summer School

I get my education.”

4. Dragon Fly

       by Hilda Conkling

You jerk, against the sun,

You twist your diamond wires and greengold scales,

You tilt your body . . . head down . . .

You quiver . . .

Are you angry or only excited?

I should think the ferns might be excited

Feeling you there:

And you never mention the reasons

For your coming.

Sure of your wings

You have time in the air for thinking:

You poise and are content.

But only lizards among old stones

Can find as you find the unexpected turning:

You say It is time to go!

And you have gone.

5. The Day I Was a Dragonfly

       by Caren Krutsinger

I flitted over the warmest prettiest meadow imaginable

Monarch butterflies and swallowtails followed me

I felt dainty and delectable, it was the best of times

Have I ever had such a terrific day? I did not remember another one.

This was the best idea I told my dream maker; I wish I had done it sooner.

Hardly anyone asks for this, he confided to me. But it is marvelous!

A bumble bee with a cocky grin gave me a head nod. I laughed.

My giggle was girly, young-sounding. I felt fifteen again.

My best day in over fifty years the day I was a dragonfly.

6. The Red Dragonflies

       by Sigeki Ogino    

In the evening, from window to window, the fire-wheel lamps sway and red dragonflies rest, fly and rest again.

In the light of the street lamps, a moth with broken wings wriggles aimlessly.

There are orange spots on the paths with grasshoppers and leafhoppers, and on the way home.

Poultry and animals panting here and there, a Doberman dog wandering in a kennel.

A muscular, half-naked university student approached, beating a drum, and said.

“Hey Ya!”.

Behind me, I heard one of the wives’ voices, and I fell in love with the university student.

7. The Water’s Edge

       by Anonymous

At the water’s edge,

I paused to consider the rocks,

a kaleidoscope of muted colors and various sizes,

all worn smooth by water, sand, friction, and time

I stepped in,

wading just beyond the rocks,

my feet sinking into the cool, yielding, sandy bottom,

the serious waves persisted, intent on their rhythmic task,

taking orders from the rising maternal moon

and chilling my shins

Just then,

a chartreuse dragonfly lit on the water,

dazzling and iridescent,

its moonlit wings of fine spun silver

a dizzying display

just an arm’s length away,

it was gone again in an instant,

its flight more sophisticated

than any helicopter invented by man

And I paused to consider my place in history,

brief as that dragonfly’s visit,

quite possibly not as grand,

certainly not as resolute

Consulting the waves,

they simply responded,

“hush, all is as it should be,

8. Dragonfly Ethos

       by Anonymous

A dragonfly hovers,

swoops, dips, and flies,

sipping at flowers.

If can’t fly, starves

as only eats prey

it catches while flying.

9. Virtually Unchanged

       by Caren Krutsinger

Virtually unchanged

a shimmering dragonfly

ancestral wonder

10. Childhood Dragonfly

       by M.L. Kiser

Heart beats while I move slowly

On grass rainbow wings still free

A blue dragonfly

a gorgeous friendship

brown and blue sliver of a dragonfly

lands on a delicate blush rose iris in the sun

her crinkle glass wings fold up in a prayer

honored, the iris is welcoming and loving

it is the beginning of a gorgeous friendship

dragonfly knows she will be back and often

Short Dragonfly Poems

Short dragonfly poems are perfect for those who want to express their admiration for these insects in a concise yet impactful way.

1. The Red Dragonfly

       by Asif Andalib

A red dragonfly

Seated on my stretched right hand,

It was good omen!

2. A Dragonfly

       by Ernesto P. Santiago

A dragonfly rides

on a lily’s leaf, waiting

for the fish to twitch

3. Dragon Fly

      by Caren Krutsinger

black dragon fly sir

you have spider coloring

giving me a fright

4. She is a Hybrid

       by Caren Krutsinger

she is a hybrid

a yellow orange dragonfly

dazzling in the sun

5. Frog on Lillie Pad

      by Eve Roper

Frog on lillie pad

Dragonfly flies

Gulp Mmmmm..  🙂

6. Enlightenment

       by Archana Kapoor Nagpal

alone at night

on its own shadow

a dragonfly

Funeral Dragonfly Poems

As symbols of transformation and new beginnings, dragonflies can be a meaningful addition to funeral or memorial services. Funeral dragonfly poems can provide comfort and solace during a difficult time.

1. Death of a Naturalist

       by Seamus Heaney

All year the flax-dam festered in the heart

Of the townland; green and heavy headed

Flax had rotted there, weighted down by huge sods.

Daily it sweltered in the punishing sun.

Bubbles gargled delicately, bluebottles

Wove a strong gauze of sound around the smell.

There were dragonflies, spotted butterflies,

But best of all was the warm thick slobber

Of frogspawn that grew like clotted water

In the shade of the banks. Here, every spring

I would fill jampotfuls of the jellied

Specks to range on window sills at home,

On shelves at school, and wait and watch until

The fattening dots burst, into nimble

Swimming tadpoles. Miss Walls would tell us how

The daddy frog was called a bullfrog

And how he croaked and how the mammy frog

Laid hundreds of little eggs and this was

Frogspawn. You could tell the weather by frogs too

For they were yellow in the sun and brown

In rain.

Then one hot day when fields were rank

With cowdung in the grass the angry frogs

Invaded the flax-dam; I ducked through hedges

To a coarse croaking that I had not heard

Before. The air was thick with a bass chorus.

Right down the dam gross bellied frogs were cocked

On sods; their loose necks pulsed like sails. Some hopped:

The slap and plop were obscene threats. Some sat

Poised like mud grenades, their blunt heads farting.

I sickened, turned, and ran. The great slime kings

Were gathered there for vengeance and I knew

That if I dipped my hand the spawn would clutch it.

2. Death of a Dragonfly

      by Annette Pisano-Higley

See season changes so temperate,

That one must still their breath, softly,

Even to notice.

Parading a lushness of bloom,

Riotous tendrils burst and grow anew,

In sparkling diamonds of morning dew,

Reveling in summer’s persistent,

And benevolent façade.


Migrant sparrows escape winter nests,

To fly far and feast on exotic bounties,

Of smaller prey that fly, and crawl, and creep,

They, unaware, or so resigned to fate,

Since life is life,

And the weaker are often captured,

By the stronger.


Allow an indulgent tear, in the solemn sight,

Of the death of a single dragonfly,

One sparrow sustaining itself on one single dragonfly.

It is a whisper of a death, mayhap writ into time,

A humble, quiet death,

But a death to be noticed and to be mourned,

For the world is so immeasurably less,

In its loss.

3. The Dragonfly

       by Lord Tennyson Alfred

Today I saw the dragonfly

Come from the wells where he did lie.

An inner impulse rent the veil

Of his old husk: from head to tail

Came out clear plates of sapphire mail.

He dried his wings: like gauze they grew;

Thro’ crofts and pastures wet with dew

A living flash of light he flew.

4. A Dragonfly That Committed Suicide

       by Preeth Nambiar

In front of the lit oil lamp while chanting Gayatri, I heard the sound of fluttering wings of a dragonfly upon the flames. My eyes opened to see that poor being with its wings burnt and body immersed in the oil. There was silence and the tiny idols in front of me were shining while I was still enjoying a temporary detachment brought by few minutes of meditation. I heard the noise for few more moments and then it stopped to take me back to silence.

I thought of its possible past – birth from a tiny egg; the amusement to see the beautiful world around it; the joy of flying amidst the plants in the wild gardens; the moments of togetherness with loved ones and at the end the pain of understanding its wings getting tired even in the slowest breeze! Perhaps he entered my tiny room seeking refuge from the drizzle outside, attracted by the light and fragrance from my serene home. Alas! Here he ends!

A dragonfly that committed suicide upon the mystic flames of divinity – that was what I felt and I understand that I am nowhere different from him. The experience of lifespan for the tiny being and my lifespan of few decades would not have much difference in the level of perception. When I count years, he must have counted hours and lived a life so. But probably I am bit early, I can feel my wings being burnt and my identity lost within the fuel of devotion.

But, my Lord, how long will I live here so? How far will I fly with these burnt wings? I wish if a spark from the flame in front of me falls unto my body, spread across my skin and burn this flesh to reduce me into ashes that would nourish at least the earth where I lived! My Lord, I am tired of a life that is being lived in vain and I am all ready to abandon this being caged in my self! Open my eyes from the darkness of this mortal life to the light of your realisation!

5. When the Dragonflies Escape

       by Alexis Hill

when the dragonflies escape

the sensation of being swept up

in kite sailing within and without

riveting curvatures

of wind breaks

there’s nothing like catching

the breeze so proposing this

please sweet universe,

I ask of thee

let the dragonflies free.

when the dragonflies escape

you will embrace it

in every fiber of your being

with even

electricity flowing

up to the fingertips

you cannot shake this feeling

like the beating of fragile wings

poise and power

strokes the air so carefully calculated

I hope the both of us make it

to a safer existence where there is

virtue and inner peace then

why can’t you

just release them

when we again understood

after such a long time

that we were already


already free to

begin with.

6. Machine Dragonflies in the Sky

       by K Balachandran

Against the thick black curtain on horizon

of still, gigantic cumulus cloud formation

three flitting army helicopters deftly display

a shadow play on jolly life of dragonflies,

I am compelled to think, as I drive past this

along the road skirting  Bangalore garrison

7. Planes and Dragonflies

       by Christos Andreas Kourtis

We walk by the river side

wanting the sky to fall

planes fly tree line low

she ducks her head as we go

as I hold tight to her hand

She has the look of eloquence

her eyes burn into my eyes

and by the riverside

we spot a blue dragonfly

we watch it’s shimmering wings as it flies

We stop for a few moments

to watch this baby fly

as we care for all

and none care for us

as we are just planes and dragonflies

Haiku Dragonfly Poems

With their focus on nature and the seasons, haiku poems are the perfect medium to capture the beauty and movement of dragonflies.

1. Dragonfly

       by Heather Ober

the gravel path

glitters with sunlight–

dragonfly wings

2. Dragonfly

       by Tom Cook

roadside blossoms

bleached cattails – drying

red dragonfly

3. A Fleeting Moment

       by Joseph Soper

dragonfly darts past

sun shimmers rainbows on wings

brief ripple on pond

4. Dainty Faerie Dragonfly

       by Caren Krutsinger

lands on my shoulder

dainty faerie dragonfly

brings spirit message

Elegant Insect

lovely dragonfly

with silken gossamer wings

elegant insect

5. Dragonfly

       by Uwe Stroh

The dragonfly hovers 

motionless in the purple

band of the rainbow.

6. Tail of Dragonfly

       by Anonymous

Skimming the water’s surface

While taking a drink

bark of an old tree

Weather-beaten and furrowed

A home for insects

7. Silent Moment

       by Skye Tandy

Dragonfly hovers

Jewel flash, diving, darting

In an instant, gone.

8. Dragonfly Dream’s

       by Raul Moreno

The dragonfly dreams,

Of the butterfly’s beauty;

Dreams of painted wings.

9. Broken Wings

       by M Asim Nehal

The broken wings of

an emperor dragonfly.

Surprise feast for ants.

Fallen from his dreams

reached realities,

now working harder.

with shattered love life,

she took human services,

many lives salvaged.

Dragonfly Love Poems

The grace and beauty of dragonflies have inspired many romantic poets throughout the ages. Dragonfly love poems can be a beautiful way to express feelings of love, admiration, and passion.

1. Cambodian Moon

       by Gregory Golden

Cambodian rice fields


dragonflies make love



dance on moon river

2. Fact or Fiction

       by Jan Allison

Do you believe every single word I write?

Is it fact or fiction when my pen is in full flight

I’ve written of heartbreak – guess that’s happened to most of us

about abuse, and being an alcoholic – if this really happened to me I’d cuss

3. Moonlight and Dragonflies

       by Sara Kendrick

Purple afterglow

love those dragonflies dipping

in ponds cool water

while we loved in soft moonlight

lovers on that summer’s eve

4. Summer Morning

       by Darren Garmer

A glorious summer morning…

Nature Observing…

A breath taking motion picture feature…

Love greetings between earth’s creatures…

No thoughts pinning on yesterday…

Joyfully exploring this new day…

Dragonflies circle in perfect rings…

Birds soaring, roaming delighted to sing…

Butterflies wander with a simple flutter…

A subtle cool breeze stimulates the leaves with a shutter…

The sun’s warm hug initiates fruitful growth…

Radiant flowers sharing a simple truth…

Allow the inner beauty to shine through…

I sit here fully adoring…

A glorious summer morning…

5. Spirits

       by Xuefeng Pan

When spirits walk On 

The surface of the water

They are ripples

When Walking on the land

They are winds

When flying in the sky

They are larks,

They are dragonflies,

They are hawks

When they fall on your heart

They overlook me

With blinking beautiful eyes

6. Spirit of Flight

       by Richard Pickett

See the flight of a Hummingbird,

wings to fast to see.

Hovering almost weightlessly,

for the nectar of the tree.

See the flight of Eagles,

riding thermals, so very high.

Searching for the evening meal

I love to hear them cry.

See the flight of dragonflies,

they’re here and then they’re there.

The colors of the rainbow,

floating in the air.

See the flight of the Osprey,

circling the sea.

To catch himself a tasty fish,

to feed his family.

See the flight of Human Spirit,

no limit how high we’ll go.

The power that drives our human wings,

comes from deep within our soul.

7. Dragonflies

       by David Cathey

dragonflies dancing

on currents of oceans breeze

love Gods masterpiece

8. Burning Light

       by M. L. Kiser

Burning light

In night;

Calls moths

To cloths.

Moon glows

Moth woes;

Bugs alight

With delight.

Bugs fly

Light shine;

In dark

Pine park.

Creek rolls

Water flows;


Wing by.

Night life

No strife;

Bugs grow



No flight;

Right bugs

Grass rug.


Colors fly;


Colors bright.


Has cure;


For some.

Others love

The bugs;

For them

It’s enough.

9. Cranberry Park

       by Kohava Ray

This sky dome

Held by thousands of threads

of sunshine,

Is a musical instrument;

Its sounds pour out when

Life flips its strings;

Dragonflies are the first

to make the light high-pitched tone;

Swallows are next

Rapid, cheerful notes emitted

From their aerodynamic bodies;

Then appears a father pushing the stroller

Carefully and affectionately

A sweet melody starts to fill the air

Resonating within the hemisphere;

This is, seemingly, the first day of Autumn,

And I am filled with light and love

Dragonfly Death Poems

For some, the image of a dragonfly hovering near a loved one during their final moments can be a source of comfort and peace. Dragonfly poems about death explore the intersection of life, death, and the natural world.

1. The Dragonfly

       by Anonymous

Once, in a little pond, in the muddy water under the lily pads, there lived a little water beetle in a community of water beetles. They lived a simple and comfortable life in the pond with few disturbances and interruptions.

Once in a while, sadness would come to the community when one of their fellow beetles would climb the stem of a lily pad and would never be seen again. They knew when this happened; their friend was dead, gone forever.

Then, one day, one little water beetle felt an irresistible urge to climb up that stem. However, he was determined that he would not leave forever. He would come back and tell his friends what he had found at the top.

When he reached the top and climbed out of the water onto the surface of the lily pad, he was so tired, and the sun felt so warm, that he decided he must take a nap. As he slept, his body changed and when he woke up, he had turned into a beautiful blue-tailed dragonfly with broad wings and a slender body designed for flying.

So, fly he did! And, as he soared he saw the beauty of a whole new world and a far superior way of life to what he had never known existed.  Then he remembered his beetle friends and how they were thinking by now he was dead. He wanted to go back to tell them, and explain to them that he was now more alive than he had ever been before. His life had been fulfilled rather than ended.

But, his new body would not go down into the water. He could not get back to tell his friends the good news. Then he understood that their time would come, when they, too, would know what he now knew. So, he raised his wings and flew off into his joyous new life!

2. The Dragonfly

       by Carolyn Hastings

I saw a dragonfly today

It whizzed by my kitchen window,

reminding me of our sorrow

I watched it zig-zag on its way

It gave me cause to stop and pray

for those who have been left behind

from cancer death or suicide

I pray, Be blessed this Christmas Day.

3. The Dragonfly Story

        by Walter Dudley Cavert

In the bottom of an old pond lived some grubs who could not understand why none of their group ever came back after crawling up the stem of the lilies to the top of the water. They promised each other that the next one who was called to make the upward climb would return and tell what happened to him. Soon one of them felt an urgent impulse to seek the surface; he rested himself on top of a lily pad and went through a glorious transformation which made him a dragonfly with beautiful wings. In vain he tried to keep his promise. Flying back and forth over the pond, he peered down at his friends below. Then he realized that if they could ever see him they would not recognize such a radiant creature as one of their number. The fact that we cannot see our friends or communicate with them after the transformation which we call death is no proof that they cease to exist.

4. No Story

       by Eva J Tortora

Maybe there’s little

or no story



the dragonflies

to keep us safe

and warm



from love

and keep me

from feeling


and anything

that might feel


5. Dragonflies in Love

       by Sheila Kathryn Barrera

Two dragonflies flying

together as one

in love.

Wings above one another

both going the same way

bodies curved,


Carrying on with

God’s perfect plan,

they do what comes

naturally to them.

They remind me

of one of those

old bi-planes.

Soon there will be

a whole lot

of little ones

flying around.

Dragonfly Friendship Poems

Dragonflies are also a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and companionship. Dragonfly friendship poems can be a touching way to express appreciation for a close friend.

1. Pretty Dragonfly Spreads Love

       by Caren Krutsinger

pretty dragonfly

spreading love to the flowers

expecting nothing

2. Potpourri

       by Tom Wright

God gave me Passion of Heart when discovering first love,

A prayer for Love and Peace as symbolized by His Dove.

I have the Confidence of an Oak, deep rooted and unbending,

I glimpsed the Joy of a Dragonfly ere midsummer’s day ending.

I’ve the Enthusiasm of a Butterfly, as it nectars a flower,

and the Patience to accept Life, hour by hour.

3. Japanese Butterfly

       by Nakym Sheffield


Japanese Butterfly

Sole proprietor of my eye

Sole proprietor of my sky

Canary, strawberry

Colors extraordinary

She lives in an orangery

In a hole under an orange tree

Her kisses are of lemon-lime

Citrus, overwhelmingly delicious

Captivating submissive I’ve made

A solicitous conscious decision

To explore, desire, love-n-adore

Till I die

My Japanese Butterfly


Your Puffy-eyed Chinese Dragonfly

4. Off To College in a Kayak

       by Robert Trezise Jr.

Tip of her kayak


At the tissue of Torch Lake

In its morning middle

New sun floating blurry

A half-deflated balloon

Struggling on a string above the hills

Fists of fog like marble hands

Warming themselves in the steam

From the night-chilled water

I can barely see our daughter

Out there


Like a dragonfly

On the petal of a blue flower

The ends of her pink paddles


Beating up and down

Along her sides


Testing the delicate air

Making her way to the other shore.

I put my binoculars down.

Next week she leaves for marketing school in college.

5. I Am

       by Stephen Allen

For we are love,

anything I do must be of,

from, for, and is born of this,

Unless this child is lost.

If by chance this fool does anything,

from some smaller place,

the suffering is truly mine,

against my true nature,

from the mind steeped and chained,

mans machine of pain and poverty.

So far from the deep wood mist

Scarlet dawn flared dragonfly wings

The rising miracle of all things

As I sit, sunlight on my face gently kissed.

6. A Touch of the Blues

       by Wendy Watson

A brooding mood seeks to engulf my soul

but on the cusp of conquest,

is deflected by memories of nature’s rarest hue…

The sudden glimpse of stunning sapphire in a field of flaxen corn

and soothing balm of lavender’s luxurious scent.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher in burst of aqua flight

darting across the stunned palette of serene summer skies

and azure mirrors of the soul echoing my love.

Sorrow slowly surrenders.

Dragonfly Poems for Children

With their whimsical and magical qualities, dragonflies are a favorite subject of children’s literature and poetry. Children’s poems about dragonflies can foster a love of nature and a sense of wonder in young readers.

1. Fly, Dragonfly!

       by Joyce Sidman

Water nymph, you have

climbed from the shallows to don

your dragon-colors.

Perched on a reed stem

all night, shedding your skin, you dry

your wings in moonlight.

Night melts into day.

Swift birds wait to snap you up.

Fly, dragonfly! Fly!

2. The Vanity of the Dragonfly

       by Nancy Willard

The dragonfly at rest on the doorbell—

too weak to ring and glad of it,

but well-mannered and cautious,

thinking it best to observe us quietly

before flying in, and who knows if he will find

the way out? Cautious of traps, this one.

A winged cross, plain, the body straight

as a thermometer, the old glass kind

that could kill us with mercury if our teeth

did not respect its brittle body. Slim as an eel

but a solitary glider, a pilot without bombs

or weapons, and wings clear and small as a wish

to see over our heads, to see the whole picture.

And when our gaze grazes over it and moves on,

the dragonfly changes its clothes,

sheds its old skin, shriveled like laundry,

and steps forth, polished black, with two

circles buttoned like epaulettes taking the last space

at the edge of its eyes.

3. Dashy the Dragonfly

       by Anonymous

I’m Dashy the Dragonfly-

Swift is my flight

Over the water-

I’m soon out of sight.

Darting and flashing,

Whatever the day.

Oh! There goes an insect,

I really can’t stay!

4. Dragonfly

       by Stevy Want

Come ride upon a dragonfly.

There is no reason to pass by.

We’ll ride it high into the air.

Then let it land inside its lair.

We’ll do it all with our mind’s eye.

We’ll wander in the dragon home.

We’ll talk about and freely roam.

We’ll  meet  up  in  the  living  room

and  sit  beside  the  metal  bloom

that  sparkles  like  new  polished  chrome.

The bloom becomes a fast mind-ship.

We hop right in and take a trip.

We  fly  through  minds  own  inner  space

and  then  blast  through  our  knowledge  base

and  land  within  a  comic  strip.

The comic strip was of a clown.

Who reversed a painted smile down?

We laughed at all the clown had done.

The comic strip was lots of fun.

But then we had to turn around.

We sailed our ship in inner space.

From there it could go anyplace.

We  flew  back  to  the  dragonfly

and  said  good by  in  our  mind’s  eye.

And then flew to a mind-ship race.

5. Dragonfly

       by Sarah Shahzad

As it flies through the sky,

With no money to slide,

Wishing it could have,

With the pinch of a fly,

Going in circles,

Nowhere to hide,

Little dragonfly with money to slide,

Flowing inside the others pockets,

Waiting for feather to fall,

And scare to disappear,

But it can’t just fly,

As it gets money to slide.

Final Thoughts

Dragonflies have long been a source of inspiration for poets, artists, and nature lovers alike.

Our collection of dragonfly poems showcases the delicate beauty of these fascinating insects and the wonder they bring to our lives.

Whether you’re looking for funeral poems or love poems, short verses or longer works, there is something here for everyone.

We hope our poems for dragonflies have left you feeling inspired and connected to the natural world around you.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Let us know which poems touched your heart and share any of your own dragonfly-inspired verses.

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