72 Trust Poems to Learn to Build Bridges

Trust is a complex emotion that can be difficult to express in words.

Trust poems provide a powerful way to explore this emotion, offering insights into the nature of trust and how it can be built and maintained.

Trust poems for Him and Her can be a great way to express your love and commitment in a relationship, while trust poems for friends can help you explore the ways in which trust is foundational to healthy friendships.

Poems on trust for children can help instill the importance of trust from a young age, while trust poems about loyalty can help

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Funny Trust Poems

Trust can be a heavy topic, but interesting poems about trust can add a lighthearted touch to this important quality, making it more approachable and enjoyable to explore.

1. Atoms You Can’t Trust

       by Pleasant Dabbs

To love one another is a good start
A good relationship is established so you won’t part
An honest, caring figure is a total must
One in whom you can confide, in whom you have a firm trust

Protons you can trust
Neutrons you can trust
Electrons you can trust
Molecules you can trust
Oxygen you can trust
Hydrogen you can trust
Nitrogen you can trust
Carbon you can trust
Atoms? You can’t trust atoms because
They make up everything.

2. Does Not Exist

       by Elizabeth Duran

With eyes like stars you are forever mine
I love you today and forever more
I promise to love you for all of time,
I’ll never break the heart that I adore

What fancy way to cover excrement
And dress it up in fancy bows of love
Is your mind so hypnotized by heaven sent
you can’t see past the elements of

A pseudo adornment? Does Not Exist!
Promises of forever or never?
Fake news! C’mon, at least just spare me this!
No one can promise these things forever.

Love is a delicate thing to express;
not taken lightly, not used in excess.

3. Theory of Everything

       by James Ph. Kotsybar

Researchers assume they can trust their GUT –
that is their Grand Unified Theory.
This simple answer is close, they think, but
the resolution’s still a bit bleary.

They’ve linked electromagnetic with weak,
on their way to full unification
but, for final culmination, must seek
the gravity of the situation.

They trust they’ll find the graviton one day,
through their particle acceleration.
Without this carrier to show the way,
they’re lacking complete illumination.

And thus they hesitate to claim they know,
since, still in the dark, they may stub their TOE.

4. The Actors

       by Rudolph Rinaldi

The actors
Are much better now

The stage is set
The lighting is lit
The costumes are stitched

They are

All around you

Listen closely
Squint your eyes
To see them

Or just

5. My Brain Trust

       by Caren Krutsinger

Playing Trivia Pursuit verifies I learn little
About things that don’t concern people, animals, or us,
Biology, and zoology, I never fiddle.
And subjects like paleontology I do not fuss,
Median, means and mode in math to me means middle,
Historical data I could never try to rush,
Spanish to me is an impossible mysterious riddle,
When I think of all this knowledge, I marvel and I cuss
That I can successfully cook an omelet in a griddle,
Since I was stuck with my idiotic sad little brain trust.

Famous Trust Poems

Over the centuries, many poets have explored the theme of trust in their work. Famous poems about trust can help us connect with the wisdom of the ages and offer insights into the enduring nature of this important quality.

1. Magic of Trust

       by Mamutty Chola

The trust words sound simple but
It takes a life time to gain trust.

Trust self means strength but
trust others means weakness

Trust is like sticker once gets stuck
difficult to remove but once removed
then difficult to stick again
If a person is willing to share all his
personal secrets with you that is the sign
of trusts he has in you. Never betray his trust..

A candle gets extinguished with velocity of wind
whereas a man gets ruined, if his trust is betrayed.

Each problem comes always with a solution hidden
within it. Trust me and analyse and do a reality check.
It is the reality of life.

Lost trust and gone time never come
back like gone youth.

If you trust blindly someone that someone will
Only open your eyes to reality.

Never trust your physical power and wealth both are
Transient like fleeting clouds.

Trust that person blindly who knows the reasons behind
your smile, anger and silence.

Trust self and you will never be alone. your self is your
best companion like your shadow

2. I Trust in Jesus

       by Michael P. Johnson

Before this body turns to dust
Before this world I leave
Upon The Lord I’ve placed my trust
Upon The Rock I’ll cleave

I’ve placed my trust in Jesus Christ
God’s Son of flesh and bone
The innocent Lamb sacrificed
I trust His word alone

I trust He chose for man to die
Then rose again to reign
That as God’s Seed He’d multiply
His flock when born-again

I trust His blood can cleanse the soul
I trust His blood can save
His very name can make us whole
And save us from the grave

I trust in Jesus’ loving care
I trust He bore my shame
I trust the love He came to share
Remains today the same

I trust the pardon Jesus bought
Can save this wretch from hell
I trust Salvation’s true report
My Saviour had to tell

Although the devil’s out to harm
Though Satan’s he’s out to kill
I trust my Lord’s almighty arm
I trust His righteous will

I trust my life to Christ The Lord
I trust in Heaven’s Door
I trust in God’s Almighty Sword
I’ll trust Him evermore…

3. The Gardener

       by Rabindranath Tagore,

Trust love even if it brings sorrow.
Do not close up your heart.”
“Ah no, my friend, your words are
dark, I cannot understand them.”
“Pleasure is frail like a dewdrop,
while it laughs it dies. But sorrow is
strong and abiding. Let sorrowful
love wake in your eyes.”
“Ah no, my friend, your words are
dark, I cannot understand them.”
“The lotus blooms in the sight of
the sun, and loses all that it has. It
would not remain in bud in the
eternal winter mist.”
“Ah no, my friend, your words are
dark, I cannot understand them.”

4. Trust

       by Susan Kinsolving

Trust that there is a tiger, muscular
Tasmanian, and sly, which has never been
seen and never will be seen by any human
eye. Trust that thirty thousand sword-
fish will never near a ship, that far
from cameras or cars elephant herds live
long elephant lives. Believe that bees
by the billions find unidentified flowers
on unmapped marshes and mountains. Safe
in caves of contentment, bears sleep.
Through vast canyons, horses run while slowly
snakes stretch beyond their skins in the sun.
I must trust all this to be true, though
the few birds at my feeder watch the window
with small flutters of fear, so like my own.

5. If You Can’t Trust the Monitors

       by Dorothea Lasky

If you can’t trust the monitors
Then why do they have the monitors
If you can’t trust the cars
Then why have the cars
If you can’t trust that I think you’re hot
Then why do you look so good
Turning me on that way that you do
If you can’t trust the people
Then why have the people
If you can’t trust the cards then why have the cards
If you can’t trust this room then why have the room
Why not just an open space
Where you can be naked and fascinating
If you can’t trust the milk in the bottles
Then why have the bottles
If you can’t trust the wine the song
Then why have the country
If you can’t trust the kangaroo
Then why go jumping
If you can’t trust the sky
Then why have the sky at all
If you can ‘t trust the stars
Then why look out
Why not just sit in your room
It’s dark and safe anyway
If you can’t trust what’s dark and safe anyway
Then why even bother
Then why even be here at all
I don’t know
I just went and walked
But desire is hopeless
If you can’t trust the windowsill
Then why put the flowers there
Why not leave it bare
Oh I did
And then what
After a while
That old sun
It burned it green
The windowsill
And when I
All I returned to the room
All I saw was green
Grass green
Like grass but greener than
A halting hue of it
And I forgot the flowers
And I forgot you
If you can’t trust the daybreak
Then why have the daybreak
Why not sit
Let the night come
It won’t stop itself
The hormones
And all

6. Trust Vs. Mistrust

       by Shelby Floro

What’s it going to take
for me to earn your trust?
I know that I’m in love,
but maybe you’re just in lust.
I’ve told you the truth
and gave you my life.
I even have the proof,
and yet I’m still denied.
Forgive me for leaving out
the time I met with rape,
but I told you anyway
because you’re my only escape.
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you
the name of every guy,
but just because I didn’t
doesn’t mean it was a lie.
If you can’t trust me,
we’re headed for the worst.
In order to carry on,
you must trust me first.

7. Trust Your Struggle

       by Magy

There comes a point in every ones life;
where there is downfall.

Struggling week
by week paycheck by paycheck.
Not being sure if the hours or the pay
will be enough to provide for yourself,or even your children.

Always having to wonder if you will have food on the table,
clothes on your back,or even a roof over your head.

Having to question so much of that is a struggle on its own.
Not being able to be sure if your child says he or she is hungry
and you can automatically pull food out for them..
but having to ask the next person for help.

Such a struggle for a parent a to that is heart beaking.
but when you realize you have to trust your struggle to get by
for the sake of the hungry children is what builds you up to walk right out
into reality and work as hard as one should be doing before bringing an innocent child, who needs a parent to depend on.

Trust your struggle,because believe it or not….
It helps build up yourself confident.

8. Be Careful Who You Trust

by Anonymous

Be careful, precious one, before you give your heart
Ensure that the receiver, will safeguard every part.
Consider the foundation, laid by their character,
And put it to the test, to make sure that it’s secure.

Remember to be, also, deserving of their trust.
Expect you’ll have to earn it, as every other must.
Friends, family, or lovers – it really matters not,
Unless you trust each other, relationships will rot.

Lies inject their venom, thinly veiled in every bite,
We suck the poison from the wound, and drink it with delight.
How quickly it begins, to degenerate our vision!
Oblivious we are, to the impending derision.

Yes, lies reach out and grab you, tightly around the throat,
Only the blade of truth, is a worthy antidote.
Unless you choose to wield it, destroying all the lies,
The truth is, your relationships, will soon meet their demise.

Revealing the true nature, of the foundation laid;
Undoubtedly you’ll find, that a high price has been paid.
So be careful, precious one, before you give your heart,
Trust it only to the ones, who will safeguard every part.

9. Trust in the Unexpected

       by Emily Dickinson

Trust in the Unexpected
By this—was William Kidd
Persuaded of the Buried Gold
As One had testified

Through this—the old Philosopher
His Talismanic Stone
Discernéd—still withholden
To effort undivine

‘Twas this—allured Columbus
When Genoa—withdrew
Before an Apparition
Baptized America

The Same—afflicted Thomas
When Deity assured
‘Twas better—the perceiving not
Provided it believed

Inspirational Trust Poems

Trust can be challenging to build and maintain, but inspirational poems about trust can offer a source of motivation and encouragement, reminding us of the importance of trust in our lives.

1. The Pilot Lost

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

Mariners! mariners, what will ye do?
The distant, fathomless deep ye’ve crossed.
Your rock-bound coast has risen to view;
And what will ye do? for your Pilot’s lost.
He, who had hastened through surge and foam,
And reef and shallow so freely passed,
To bring your ship with a welcome home,
Your faithful Pilot is gone at last!
His trusty boat has her trust betrayed!
Her master has done with the sail and oar.
And he, low under the waves is laid,
Who guided his thousands safe to shore.
He took his life in his friendly hand,
When venturing forth your lives to save.
To bring you again to your native land,
He hurried himself to a watery grave.
On earth’s broad bosom no verdant turf
Was marked for him in his final rest.
The deep green sea and her curling surf
Have pillowed his head and wrapped his breast!
The waves o’er which he would lightly skim,
When many a peril for you was run,
Are sounding a requiem over him,
And wailing the sorrowful deed they’ve done.
With the heart of a brother, an eagle’s eye,
And a pilot’s hand, when the heavens are dark,
And blast and billow are strong and high,
Who will now come to your wildered bark?
O, there is One, who the deep can smooth,
And hush the winds, who will still be nigh!
Listen! your trembling hearts he’ll soothe,
With ‘Mariners, be of good cheer—’t is I.’
Trust him while crossing life’s stormy sea.
In every peril he’ll lend you aid.
Your pilot through Jordan’s waves he’ll be.
Follow him closely and be not afraid!

2. Trust Lessons

       by William Henry Dawson

Just a tiny, little bird flew down upon the ground,
And with seeming satisfaction swallowed what he found;
Then flew back to the branches of a nearby apple tree,
Seemingly as happy as a little bird could be.
Not a trace of worry could I see upon his face,
Though I knew that he knew not either the time or place:
When or where he’d gather crumbs for his next little meal.
Then I thought I’d give the world if I could only feel
Such simple and abiding trust in my own Father’s care,
As little birds are teaching to men everywhere.
Just a tiny rabbit from his fur-lined burrow crept—
Where through the hours of sunshine he had securely slept—
To nibble leaves from clover, and his thirst to slake,
Then back into his burrow another nap to take.
Not a sign of worry could be seen in act or look:
I know that bunny did not learn that trust from any book.
Then why should I not have that trust in my own Father’s care,
That little rabbits teach to doubting people everywhere?
A father placed his little child upon an open wall,
And said, “Now jump, my little man—papa won’t let you fall:
Jump into papa’s arms my boy—I’ll surely catch you dear
The child leaped to his father’s arms, without a sign of fear.
Why is it when my Father calls to me, I hesitate,
And doubt, and wait, and falter, and talk of unkind fate,
And pray to be excused from all unpleasant work?
Such conduct in a child of mine would brand him as a shirk.
I cannot understand why I don’t trust my Father’s care,
With that sweet trust that’s being taught by children everywhere.

3. Epitaph

       by Sir Walter Raleigh

Even such is time, which takes in trust
Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
And pays us but with age and dust,
Who in the dark and silent grave
When we have wandered all our ways
Shuts up the story of our days,
And from which earth, and grave, and dust
The Lord will raise me up, I trust.

4. Trust

       by Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo

I trust on fate and trust on work
Trust on life and distress
I trust on anxiety, trust on popularity
Trust never loss the heart
Trust is in the morning and at one o’clock night
Even with shy and temper
Trust makes life elixir and full of fragrance
If the trust mix with the other sweet trust
Trust disheartens, trust may ruin the happiness
Trust becomes untrust if the trust is in the distrust
March on the trust road, it will give ideal trust
And to make the trust complete trust

5. House Spiders

       by Judith Vollmer

Streetlights out again I’m walking in the dark
lugging groceries up the steps to the porch
whose yellow bulb is about to go too, when a single
familiar strand intersects my face,
the filament slides across my glasses which seem suddenly
perfectly clean, fresh, and my whole tired day slows down
walking into such a giant thread
is a surprise every time,
though I never kill them, I carry them outside
on plastic lids or open books, they live
so plainly and eat the mosquitoes.
Distant cousins
to the scorpion, mine are pale & small,
dark & discreet. More like the one
who lived in the corner of the old farm kitchen
under the ivy vase and behind the single
candle-pot–black with curved
crotchety legs.
Maya, weaver of illusions,
how is it we trust the web, the nest,
the roof over our heads, we trust the stars
our guardians who gave us our alphabet?
We trust the turtle’s shell because
it, too, says house and how can we read
the footprints of birds on shoreline sand,
& October twigs that fall to the ground
in patterns that match the shell & stars?

I feel less and less like
a single self, more like
a weaver, myself, spelling out
formulae from what’s given
and from words.

6. Trust

       by Thomas R. Smith

It’s like so many other things in life
to which you must say no or yes.
So you take your car to the new mechanic.
Sometimes the best thing to do is trust.
The package left with the disreputable-looking
clerk, the check gulped by the night deposit,
the envelope passed by dozens of strangers—
all show up at their intended destinations.
The theft that could have happened doesn’t.
Wind finally gets where it was going
through the snowy trees, and the river, even
when frozen, arrives at the right place.
And sometimes you sense how faithfully your life
is delivered, even though you can’t read the address.

7. Trust in Providence

       by John Logan

Almighty Father of mankind,
On thee my hopes remain;
And when the day of trouble comes,
I shall not trust in vain.

Thou art our kind Preserver, from
The cradle to the tomb;
And I was cast upon thy care,
Ev’n from my mother’s womb.

In early years thou wast my guide,
And of my youth the friend:
And as my days began with thee,
With thee my days shall end.

I know the Power in whom I trust,
The arm on which I lean;
He will my Saviour ever be,
Who has my Saviour ever been.

In former times, when trouble came,
Thou didst not stand afar;
Nor didst thou prove an absent friend
Amid the din of war.

My God, who causedst me to hope,
When life began to beat,
And when a stranger in the world,
Didst guide my wandering feet;

Thou wilt not cast me off, when age
And evil days descend;
Thou wilt not leave me in despair
To mourn my latter end.

Therefore in life I’ll trust to thee,
In death I will adore;
And after death will sing thy praise,
When time shall be no more.

Short Trust Poems

Sometimes a few simple words are all it takes to express deep emotion. Short poetries about trust offer a succinct way to explore this complex quality, distilling its essence into just a few lines.

1. Trust is the Fabric of Any True Relationship

       by Chisommikelson

Trust is the fabric of any true relationship.
Trust cements the bond of true friendship.
Trust is that vital ingredient on which love thrives.
Trust is the fountain that nourishes romance.
Trust is the ointment of the heart,
that binds the Wedlock Creed with the
glossy finesse words:” I Do”

2. Trust

       by Sri Chinmoy

When we are friendly,
We appreciate.
When we appreciate,
We trust.
When we trust,
We love.
When we love,
We become one.

3. Trust Not What You Hear

       by Sri Chinmoy

Trust not what you hear,
Trust not what you see,
But trust
What you feel.

4. Do Not Trust Your Mind

       by Anonymous

Do not trust your mind,
It will be careless
With your life
The way it is careless
With its own thoughts.

6. Trust

       by Lizette Woodworth Reese

I am thy grass, O Lord!
I grow up sweet and tall
But for a day; beneath Thy sword
to lie at evenfall.

Yet have I not enough
in that brief day of mine?
The wind, the bees, the wholesome stuff
The sun pours out like wine.

Behold, this is my crown;
Love will not let me be;
Love holds me here; Love cuts me down;
And it is well with me.

Lord, Love, keep it but so;
Thy purpose is full plain;
I die that after I may grow
As tall, as sweet again.

7. I Didn’t Go to Church Today

       by Ogden Nash

I didn’t go to church today,
I trust the Lord to understand.
The surf was swirling blue and white,
The children swirling on the sand.
He knows, He knows how brief my stay,
How brief this spell of summer weather,
He knows when I am said and done
We’ll have plenty of time together.

8. Trust

       by Liz Waldner

If   I would be walking down the road
you told me to imagine and I would and find
a diner kind of   teacup sitting on its saucer
in the middle then I would feel so good
in my life that is just like mine
I would walk right up and look into my face
eclipsing the sky in the tea in the cup
and say, “Thank you, I have enjoyed
imagining all this.”

Long Trust Poems

For those who prefer a more in-depth exploration of trust, long poetries about trust can offer a detailed and nuanced look at this important quality, allowing us to dive deep into its complexities.

1. New-Mown Hay

       by Margaret E. Sangster

Sweet, oh sweet, from the fields to-day
Wafts the breath of the new-mown hay.
Sewing away in a happy dream,
I sit in the porch with my long white seam.
The very silence is like a tune,
Sung to the golden afternoon.
While the house is still, and the meadows lie
Fast asleep ‘neath the radiant sky.
Only at intervals, now and then,
I hear the farmer call to his men.
And the farmer’s voice is dear to me
As ever a mortal voice can be.
You may talk of the love of youth and maid,
Of two in childhood, perhaps, who played
Together by rill and fount and tree,
Till their hearts had grown one heart to be;
You may tell of the loyal faith and life
Of the husband dear and the gentle wife;
But the widowed mother leans closest on
The tender strength of her only son.
Ah! what if that farmer of mine one day
Should seek him a bride, as well he may,
And bring her home! Would I be loath,
Mother and friend, to live for both?
For somehow the scent of the new-mown hay
Carries me back to a far-off day,
When my silver hair was in waves of brown,
When my bashful glances kept looking down,
And swift to my cheek, in a sudden red,
Mounted the blush, at a soft word said.
Truly the days of my youth were sweet,
Ere the path was rough to my toiling feet.
Truly the morning of life was blest,
And yet in sooth is the evening best;
For I’ve learned the lesson that joys must fly,
And the proudest hopes, like flowers, die.
But God abides in his heaven, and he
Will never forget to care for me.
Sweet, oh sweet, is the new-mown hay,
Wafting its breath from the fields to-day.
Sweet is the golden afternoon,
With its silence rhythmic as a tune,
And dear to the soul is the calm content
Of hours in grateful trusting spent.

2. To Live Merrily, And to Trust to Good Verses

       by Robert Herrick

Now is the time for mirth,
Nor cheek or tongue be dumb;
For with the flow’ry earth
The golden pomp is come.

The golden pomp is come;
For now each tree does wear,
Made of her pap and gum,
Rich beads of amber here.

Now reigns the rose, and now
Th’ Arabian dew besmears
My uncontrolled brow
And my retorted hairs.

Homer, this health to thee,
In sack of such a kind
That it would make thee see
Though thou wert ne’er so blind.

Next, Virgil I’ll call forth
To pledge this second health
In wine, whose each cup’s worth
An Indian commonwealth.

A goblet next I’ll drink
To Ovid, and suppose,
Made he the pledge, he’d think
The world had all one nose.

Then this immensive cup
Of aromatic wine,
Catullus, I quaff up
To that terse muse of thine.

Wild I am now with heat;
O Bacchus! cool thy rays!
Or frantic, I shall eat
Thy thyrse, and bite the bays.

Round, round the roof does run;
And being ravish’d thus,
Come, I will drink a tun
To my Propertius.

Now, to Tibullus, next,
This flood I drink to thee;
But stay, I see a text
That this presents to me.

Behold, Tibullus lies
Here burnt, whose small return
Of ashes scarce suffice
To fill a little urn.

Trust to good verses then;
They only will aspire,
When pyramids, as men,
Are lost i’ th’ funeral fire.

And when all bodies meet,
In Lethe to be drown’d,
Then only numbers sweet
With endless life are crown’d.

3. Trust

       by Kieno

Your words begin to mean nothing to me,
You continue to lie under your breath.
Had me convinced that you were different,
Yet here I am, with a broken trust.

My heart torn out from the center of my chest,
Ripped into a million pieces.
You promised me over and over
That you would change for the better.

But I soon came to realize
That you’re no different than the first time we met.
Each event replayed itself,
And each time you betrayed me.

Again I am standing here in this empty hole,
Listening to the echoes of your promises fade away.
I really thought you would change for me,
I really believed that you cared for me.

Oh, how wrong I was
To put my trust in the likes of you.
The pain I am feeling now
Is the pain I’ll forever retain.

Over and over again,
I am left with nothing.
No matter what I do,
I always get the blunt end of the stick.

Normally, I would say I’m to blame,
But sadly I do not deserve this claim.
My eyes have reopened
To never again let you gain my trust.

In the world we live in now
Has very little, if any,
Able bodies I can trust.
Is it so that only I can earn this trust?

I don’t believe I’ll ever truly understand the meaning of trust.
I won’t live by this word,
For its meaning is far too easily broken,
And very difficult to fix.

No longer will I allow trust to govern my life,
No longer will I allow your love in my life.
I stand here alone,
With a broken trust.

My last words to whom it may concern,
My trust in you was a privilege.
You continued to break the very string
That held my trust for you.

In the end,
You betrayed me with more than I can say,
Left me
With a broken trust and a broken heart.

4. Trust

       by D H Lawrence

Oh we’ve got to trust
one another again
in some essentials.

Not the narrow little
bargaining trust
that says: I’m for you
if you’ll be for me. –

But a bigger trust,
a trust of the sun
that does not bother
about moth and rust,
and we see it shining
in one another.

Oh don’t you trust me,
don’t burden me
with your life and affairs; don’t
thrust me
into your cares.

But I think you may trust
the sun in me
that glows with just
as much glow as you see
in me, and no more.

But if it warms
your heart’s quick core
why then trust it, it forms
one faithfulness more.

And be, oh be
a sun to me,
not a weary, insistent

but a sun that shines
and goes dark, but shines
again and entwines
with the sunshine in me

till we both of us
are more glorious
and more sunny.

5. You Can Trust Me

       by J x y x s

I look into your big beautiful eyes
and what  I see breaks my heart
i see so much hurt and so much pain
and I know that’s just the start

I know there’s so much more inside
so much more than you let on
you keep so much hidden in there
but the causes for it were all wrong

You bring out a very fierce protectiveness in me
I just want to hold you and keep you safe
from anyone and anything that can hurt you
you just need to have a little faith

You have been through so much pain
too much for you to have to have gone through
the world just decided to bite off and throw at you
so much more than you could ever chew

You look at yourself and you are disgusted
but I look at you and I see so much more
I see a very beautiful, intriguing woman full of mystery
whose head I want to get inside to end that war

I wish you could see you through my eyes
I wish you could see what I see when I look at you
you are the most gorgeous person I have ever met
with a heart of solid gold through and through

Yes your heart is very fragile right now
but as I have said and I will keep saying
I will take care of it until the day I die
with it is definitely not something to be playing

But I promise you this with everything I am
because ‘just like everyone else’ is who I refuse to be
I will keep your heart safe and guard it with my life
and i know it will take time, but I promise you can trust me.

6. Cut Through the Matrix

       by Michael Hopkins

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Cut through the matrix

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Taught to never trust yourself

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

To always be confused

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Demons have your ears

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Evil now controls your communities

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Locking down your brain from reality

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Poisoned bodies, emotions and minds

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Be foolish no more

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Awaken to this truth

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Submission to liars ends now

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Trust only in yourSelf and in God

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Trust only in the Divine

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Unite with your friends and families

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

You will become scam proof

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Trust in the hands of Providence

You were taught distrust

By those you can never trust

Cut through the matrix

Trust Poems That Rhyme

Poems about trust with rhyming words can add a musical quality to our exploration of this important quality, making it more memorable and enjoyable to explore.

1. God’s Will is Best

       by Caroline H. Mason

Whichever way the wind doth blow,
Some heart is glad to have it so;
Then blow it east, or blow it west,
The wind that blows, that wind is best.
My little craft sails not alone,—
A thousand fleets, from every zone,
Are out upon a thousand seas,
And what for me were favoring breeze
Might dash another with the shock
Of doom upon some hidden rock.

2. Follow, Trust, and Obey

       by Sharon Lagueux

We wander at times astray from the Lord
Then give into temptation, struggles, and lures
Christ made the way He opened a door
To bring us through all our huddles and hurls

None can afford to lose the way
All must follow, trust, and obey
Listen for His word as He guides the way
To give us the Light to walk in each day

To live for God and He’ll make plain
Expect His grace He does sustain
Trusting His will, way, and plan
The way of Savation was made for man

Though dreary or bright our blight
Hold fast to faith trusting His light
There’s no mountain God won’t remove
and no rocky path he cannot smooth

Take your weariers, doubts, and fears
Know that Jesus is always there
To lighten our burdens and heavy load

3. Trust

       by Erum-A-T

As I walked to the window sill
I saw sitting there with her lovely bill
Was this beautiful chestnut sparrow
Chirping her way through my harrow
Lost in my thoughts I did not notice
My feet sounds her ears will not miss
She flapped her wings getting ready to fly
Perhaps, she did not desire any tie
I never wanted her to leave up so high
Maybe from the beginning, this was all a lie
A perception she thought I would believe
This time I will do otherwise, to my relief
I have learnt my lessons the hard way
Now I cannot let myself go astray
Thinking is vital before one can trust
Time teaches this as a must
May be I need to think more and feel a little less
Alas, I drag myself into another mess

4. Trust Me Thrust You

       by Kninja

If you could trust in me
You’ll not disgusted be
And when I thrust in thee
You’ll feel the lust in me
But that’s when I’ll just flee
Cause babe, I must be free

5. The Trust

       by Katharine Tynan

To you, O Sœr Therèse of Lisieux,
Fresh as a morning rose in morning dew,
We give our men in keeping:
Watch them waking, watch them sleeping.
Lest our hearts should break, O keep trust and be true!

The old saints are beset with many prayers;
The knees of centuries have worn their stairs.
But you, O little nun,
Heaven’s youngest, littlest one,
You are strong to lift our burdens and our cares.

Your childish hands have roses pink and pale
That climb the trellises of Heaven and trail.
Shake your roses down before them,
Your dear heart be sorry for them,
Keep them safe within the shadow of your veil.

You lift hands for France — O lift them heaven-high,
For those who fight with France, who bleed and die.
Pluck the robe of Heaven, O Dear,
So the Heart of Heaven may hear,
That never yet was hardened to your cry!

6. I Wish You Could Trust That I Trust You!!!

       by Kailey

If only you knew how your love affects me
the kisses the touches oh you can’t see
you haunt every dream as I sleep at night
I want you there but can that be right?

you say I don’t trust you that it doesn’t ever show
but with every secret told, you really should know
you are the only person I tell every story too
the only one I trust, the only one I tell is you

I sit and I wait for you to want me
I laugh and I smile but nobody can see
my heart is still broke without you in my life
hurting and bleeding as if stabbed by your knife

i call out your name I scream for your hand
my breathing gets hard I can barely stand
how can I show you I trust you completely
how can I show you I love you completely

i understand your past I know you were hurt
your life deserted you they left you in dirt
but I would never do that I would not let go
my heart is yours my past you can know

please come back to me give me one more chance
let me kiss you one more time let me have one dance
i wish you could trust that I trust you
i wish that through all this time my love you knew

Trust Poems for Children

Trust poems for kids can help instill this important quality from a young age, offering a way to connect with children and help them understand the world around them.

1. The Credulous Child

       by Anonymous

The older ones that know me best,
And hear and weigh and see,
Finding I somewhat bear the test,
Somewhat believe in me.
But oh, dear loyal little heart
Though others hold aloof
How sure of me thou always art
Without a single proof!
And now no reason’s cool control
So wins me to be true
As this unthinking little soul
That trusts me through and through.

2. Advice to A Son

       by Ernest Hemingway

Never trust a white man,
Never kill a Jew,
Never sign a contract,
Never rent a pew.
Don’t enlist in armies;
Nor marry many wives;
Never write for magazines;
Never scratch your hives.
Always put paper on the seat,
Don’t believe in wars,
Keep yourself both clean and neat,
Never marry whores.
Never pay a blackmailer,
Never go to law,
Never trust a publisher,
Or you’ll sleep on straw.
All your friends will leave you
All your friends will die
So lead a clean and wholesome life
And join them in the sky.

3. Tom’s Little Dog

       by Walter De La Mare

Tom told his dog called Tim to beg,
And up at once he sat,
His two clear amber eyes fixed fast,
His haunches on his mat. Tom poised a lump of sugar on
His nose; then, ‘Trust! ‘ says he;
Stiff as a guardsman sat his Tim;
Never a hair stirred he.

‘Paid for! ‘ says Tom; and in a trice
Up jerked that moist black nose;
A snap of teeth, a crunch, a munch,
And down the sugar goes!

4. Kids of Swinderby Garth

       by Skully. p

Many times they`ve tried to have fun,
playing Kirby and keeping track of how many they`ve won,
Trying to beat their personal record,
On how many times they have scored,
Looking for something else to do,
It’s boring down there and trust me that`s true,
The most fun they`ve had is when it snow`s
What they`ll do no one really knows,
Out in the street in their hats gloves and scarf,
There`s just nothing to do for the kids of swinderby garth.

Trust Poems for Relationships

Trust is essential to healthy relationships, and trust poems for relationships can offer a way to explore and express this important quality in a romantic context.

1. Scared to Trust

       by Amy Kerswell

I’m scared to trust now.
I had my trust broken many times before.
I was left a broken girl.
I still am broken inside.

I simply cannot trust.
It’s not you it’s me.
My trust can’t be broken again.

So don’t ask me to trust
Cos I can’t do it.
I’m to scared to trust

2. If He Were Alive Today,

       by Ogden Nash

When comes my second childhood,
As to all men it must,
I want to be a banker
Like the banker at Bankers Trust.
I wouldn’t ask to be president
Or even assistant veep,
I’d only ask for a kiddie car
And permission to go beep-beep.

The banker at Chase Manhattan,
He bids a polite Good-day;
The banker at Immigrant Savings
Cries Scusi! and Olé!
But I’d be a sleek Ferrari
Or perhaps a joggly jeep,
And scooting around at Bankers Trust,
Beep-beep, I’d go, beep-beep.

The trolley car used to say clang-clang
And the choo-choo said toot-toot,
But the beep of the banker at Bankers Trust
Is every bit as cute.
Miaow, says the cuddly kitten,
Baa, says the woolly sheep,
Oink, says the piggy-wiggy,
And the banker says beep-beep.

So I want to play at Bankers Trust
Like a hippety-hoppety bunny,
And best of all, oh best of all,
With really truly money.
Now grown-ups dear, it’s nightie-night
Until my dream comes true,
And I bid you a happy boop-a-doop
And a big beep-beep adieu.

3. Seems Hard to Trust One

       by Francis Duggan

Seems hard to trust one who does not trust you
Since trust is a thing that must be felt by two
Trust much like love does not survive one way
That it has to be mutual does seem true to say
Trust in any relationship is necessary why otherwise pretend
The one you do not trust will never be your friend
In any sort of human relationship it is a must
You cannot have love and respect if you do not have trust
The one you do not trust is not on your side
And on her or him you will never confide
And how can you trust one who does not trust you
Since trust is a thing that must be felt by two.

4. Psalm

       by Judith Hall

Trust the flutes in their lament between a woman and a man
Whatever they say sounds like laughing
Reveling in heavenly dilemmas
In harmony in mint in phallic moonlight a c*nt sun
Whatever the others say wandering away never believe it
For once you fall to your knees your brain in his mouth
Her kisses monotonous whether animals commandments
Whatever way you turn sounds like arguing
The jawbone of an ass in all sincerity
Trust the flutes in their lament between a woman and a man

5. You Need To Trust Yourself First

       by Anonymous

Before you decide to trust another
You need to love yourself first
Before you can love another
You need to learn from yourself first
Before you can learn from another

Trust Poems about Loyalty

Loyalty and trust often go hand in hand, and poems about trust and loyalty can help us explore the interconnected nature of these two important qualities.

1. Loyalty, Trust and Love….

       by Abhijit Surve

We say that love demands a lot from you,
But reality suggests it is not at all true..
Two very simple things in love are a must,
One is devoted loyalty and a faithful trust..

Trust in your love make sure it is deep,
The returns you get is for you to keep..
The stronger the bond its harder to break,
Has to be so when there’s so much at stake..

When in a relation, its trust that you need,
True belief in your love demands your heed..
Once broken to pieces is hardly rebuilt,
At times you have to live with the guilt..

Here loyalty too plays an important role,
Offers a soothing cohort to a longing soul..
Staying with your love in joy and sorrow,
Smiles you give and the tears you borrow..

In a relation, loyalty brings you close,
The faith you show, when beside you pose..
Just one false step of treacherous mind,
Cracks apart relations of every kind..

Sometimes these emotions are put to test,
Puts two hearts in a conflicting unrest..
One reason all problems are easy to shun,
Is trusting the loyalty of your loved one..

A relation in itself is a bond so strong,
Together you face all the right and wrong..
These factors decide how long it stands,
Here loyalty and trust walk hand in hands..

2. Trust and Loyalty

       by Anonymous

Trust, loyalty and respect
To get one, you have to be lucky enough
Just be real, inspiring and worth it
You will get it now matter, how much it’s tough!
Always remember my words
Trust is always gained
Respect is always earned
Loyalty is always returned!
Loyalty is built on trust
Trust is gained with respect
Life can be beautiful
If in your life you have such setup!

3. Love, Loyalty, Trust

       by Ebony A Davis

Love me with a love that is honest and true
Love with a love the love love within you
Love me with a love that is gentle and kind
Love me with a love that goes way beyond the mind
Love me with a love that shows no remorse
The kind of love that is eternal for better or worse
Try to be loyal if not for me then for you
Try to be loyal trustworthy and true
Try to be loyal if only for a second
Try to be loyal to the point where you can’t help it
Loyalty is a characteristic that many try to pursue
If be not loyal for me then try to be loyal for you
Trust me with your heart that beats the blood of life
Trust me with all you have and never tell a lie
Trust me with a trust that is like no other
That lingers with light more stretchable than rubber
And when you do trust true and deep
Trust with a trust that contains love and loyalty

4. Loyalty, and Trust.

by Anonymous

Those are the main keys for a relationship.
Any type of relationship.
You dont know when it starts or how it starts.
But the feeling you get out of it lets you know if there’s something.
You know that they are who you wanna be with.
You do everything possible to accomplish this relationship.
Loyalty, if they arent here, then you’ll wait.
Because thats what loves do to humans.
Loves, transform you into a robot and it controls your mind,
And makes you do stuff that you arent able to control.
Trust, you believe everything its done 
And dont complain because you believe in them and they will never lie.
Until Loyalty and Trust are broken.
Love, Loyalty And Trust are best friends, they can not be without each other.
But if Loyalty betrays Trust, Trust will go away.
And if Trust goes away Love will saddly still be there
 But its heart will be demolished.
If you’re not ready to bond and be with someone
Don’t be in it.
You’re not only hurting yourself
You’ll be hurting others as well.

Trust Poems for Him

Trust is an important quality in any relationship, and trust poems for Him can help express this important quality in a romantic context, offering a way to deepen our connection with our partners.

1. A Father’s Prayer

       by Edgar Albert Guest

Lord, make me tolerant and wise;
Incline my ears to hear him through;
Let him not stand with downcast eyes,
Fearing to trust me and be true.
Instruct me so that I may know
The way my son and I should go.

When he shall err, as once did I,
Or boyhood folly bids him stray,
Let me not into anger fly
And drive the good in him away.
Teach me to win his trust, that he
Shall keep no secret hid from me.

Lord, strengthen me that I may be.
A fit example for my son.
Grant he may never hear or see
A shameful deed that I have done.
However sorely I am tried,
Let me not undermine his pride.

In spite of years and temples gray,
Still let my spirit beat with joy;
Teach me to share in all his play
And be a comrade with my boy.
Wherever we may chance to be,
Let him find happiness with me.

Lord, as his father, now I pray
For manhood’s strength and counsel wise;
Let me deal justly, day by day,
In all that fatherhood implies.
To be his father, keep me fit;
Let me not play the hypocrite!

2. No House for the Louse

       by Caycay Jennings

My love said to meet him at three
Where steaks were the best that could be,
The chophouse.

I waited a long time and then
Checked his firm before searching in
The courthouse.

Maybe drinks with clients for biz?
I checked a fave place for this, his
Posh clubhouse.

Nothing, was he up to no good
Some where no man does as he should –
The dollhouse?

There, I saw my beau kiss Miss Snow
So now he is found in Fido’s
Cold doghouse.

3. Trust Me with Your Heart

       by Kathleen Sheppard

Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
Tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I’ll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

4. I Thought I Could Trust You

       by Buster

I thought I could trust you
I thought you was somebody else
Someone I could count on
Someone who would stand up for me
Who’d always be there when I needed them

I’m alone
I’m alone again
I’m standing here all alone again
With nowhere to go and no one to be

We used to laugh
We used to have so much fun
Always help each other out
Always talk about everything and nothing
I guess you’re proving me wrong, again

I’m alone
I’m alone again
I’m standing here all alone again
With nowhere to go and no one to be

I’ve done what I’ve done
Can’t take it back now
Gotta move on and live my life

I’m alone
I’m alone again
I’m standing here all alone again
With nowhere to go and no one to be

I’m alone again!

5. Give Me a Reason Why I Should Trust You

       by Dreamergal

Why should I trust You?
Give me one good damn reason why I should?
My heart stopped when you stopped talking  to ME
I look at you and said nothing
Whatever you say to affect me, it never would
There’s no air whenever you’re around

There’s no air between you and me
And when I see you I can’t breathe
You make me cry
Just tell me why
You catch my eye
I hate you and
I can’t stand it whenever you
Talk to me so harshly
I can’t stand it

Trust Poems for Her

Trust is just as important to women as it is to men. Trust poems for Her can offer a way to express this important quality in a romantic context, helping to build and maintain trust in a relationship.

1. Trust Is.. (Please Forgive Me)

       by Erin Thomasz

Trust is me telling the truth.
Trust is you believing me.
Trust is me not being afraid.
Trust is you not making me.

deep down within, I hope real hard
deep down within, I scream and shout
deep down within, I can’t help but cry
deep down within, I think there’s no way out

for what once had has now been lost
for that I blame myself
for childish as this thought may sound
for that long gone I sorely miss

trust we had so long ago.
trust which I destroyed.
trust is what we need again
trust to make us strong

all I can give is a simple word…sorry
all I can give is a simple thought…happiness
all I can give is a simple emotion…love
all I can give is a simple thing…my heart

I just need you to forgive me…
without you I have nothing I want to give

2. Trust

       by Wei Chao

My dear daughter,
You were just four years old,
While playing you slipped,
And had a gash on your head.
Me and your mum,
Took you to the hospital.
You wanted me to hold your head,
While the doctor was inspecting
Your parietal bones
And gave you a few stitches.
I found you trust me,
In a time of pain and fear.

My dear daughter,
You were just five years old,
You had a high fever.
Me and your mum,
Took you to a clinic.
After the diagnosis,
The doctor suggested,
To draw out a blood sample.
Your naïve look changed to fear,
I had to hold and calm you down.
I found you trust me,
In a time of pain and fear.

My dear daughter,
You were just ten years old,
Our family dentist referred you,
To an orthodontist.
You wanted me to be with you,
When you made the first visit.
Your milk teeth, some were extracted;
You wanted me there at the clinic.
At seventeen, the treatment ended,
You happily showed me your teeth.
I found you trust me,
In a time of uncertainty and fear.

My dear daughter,
You just like going to school.
You brought home awards
And outstanding report cards.
Good feedback from your
Homeroom teachers,
At parents-teachers meetings,
We were proud parents there.
Your arts were selected,
And displayed for public viewing.
I believe you trust your teachers,
In the learning environments.

My dear daughter,
You are now nineteen years old,
A sophomore in university.
You are coping well with
Courses you take and their exams;
We are proud; that you’re on Dean’s List.
You look happy and stress-free.
We’re glad you’re enjoying it.
I can see you feel safe and free
With activities at the campus.
I believe you trust faculties and
All the staff there.

My dear daughter,
You are about to turn twenty,
At the end of your adolescence,
At the beginning of your adulthood,
A very important time of your life;
Be it for medical school, career,
Marriage, first child, first house.
Belief, credibility, and trust,
I want you to keep the focus on them,
Then, you’ll be happy in life.
From now on, you have to earn
And start to build up trust.

My dear daughter,
So far, you’ve achieved well
With school work, look easy,
And it has to continue.
Faculties are training you to achieve
A well-rounded skill set
To enter the workforce;
Be it: projects, thesis, and internship.
You have to trust the system,
Your thesis advisor and mentors.
You are in the process of building up
Self-belief; you have to trust them.

My dear daughter,
Dean’s List is a source of honor,
Courses’ credits are acknowledgment,
The degree certificate is credibility
Giving out to you by the institution.
The credibility you will need
To pursue your next goal
Will continue to mount
In every stage of your life, just like
What you’re doing for your credit score now.
Credibility is trustworthiness,
It’s the trust you’ve given out and received.

My dear daughter,
I hope you will soon find an entity,
You want to give out faithfulness and loyalty.
That comes down to your self-belief
And credibility you’ve been building up.
Trust is in your words, gestures, and actions;
They need to be of a sustaining period,
Opportunities and resources will be given to you,
Capture them as they’re presented to you.
All those years of hard work and discipline,
You have been building up trust well,
You just have to focus and expand it.
Remember them! Belief, Credibility, and Trust.
Trust yourself! Trust your peers! Trust your boss!

3. Trust Me Baby This Is Love

       by Daniel Turner

One thought of her and your heart skips a beat
Which prompts the little boy inside to squirm
That sends a tingling feeling to your feet
You feel as clumsy as a pachyderm

The stomach starts to tumble like a weed
Your breath is labored like you ran a mile
The loneliness begins to feel the need
If that ain’t love, then why that silly smile

And yet you tell yourself, “I’m not in love”
“I do not want this happening to me”
You never thought you’d find the one dreamed of
In all those dreams that end so happily

How quickly one forgets love causes pain
Love feels so good it short circuits the brain

4. A Sweet Little Lie

       by Jesse Day 

I struggle to tell her this truth,
I consult with her pleasing smile.
Woe is a world where flaws exist,
As stains breed until flavors amend.
She hears me mince through fearful smarm,
Pandora hopes she leaves this peek alone.
A whim which daunts a doting kiss,
My muse weeps with this ugly breath.
If her heart breaks then mine will too,
She deserves a sweet little lie

5. What Did I Say

       by Bill Lindsay

her to
listen to
every word
you say & give
you her undivided
attention; just be sure
that you talk your sleep

6. Sorry If I Don’t Trust You

       by Drifting Soul

Sorry if I sound like I don’t trust you,
I just don’t know, if things you say are true,
I’m just used to the lies I’ve been told,
The truth I’ve had to unfold,
My heart just turned cold.
I just don’t wanna hurt,
I don’t wanna feel like dirt,
I wanna feel like I have worth.
I guess I’m used to all the lies,
Things I had to untie…
But I want to believe you,
And I want to believe that things you say are true,
So here I go,
I’m gonna try.
I just don’t want to play lying games,
And feel the shame…
I have to believe things change,
It’s not gonna be the same…
But just understand,
That I will learn someday,
I will tell you,
I will say,
that “I believe you”.

7. I Trust you Alone

       by Richard Williams

I trust you alone with my heart,
For you have shown me the sweetest kind of love
a man could hope for.

My soul is yours to keep and hold,
Because in your arms I know it will be safe,
and warm from the cold of the world.

My spirit walks side by side with yours,
telling you how you have changed my life,
so completely and true.

The canvas of my mind is much more beautiful,
since you started painting the beautiful scenery
of your beautiful love there.

Trust Poems for Friends

Trust is just as important in friendships as it is in romantic relationships. Poems about friendship and trust can help us explore the nature of trust in friendship and how it can be built and maintained.

1. Trust Me

       by Janina Gallo

I am a person u can trust
with all ur secrets
ur depesy fears
ur heart’s desire
trust me i wont give them away

I am a person u can trust
no matter the consequences
I’ll take the blame when it’s my fault
cause i can trust u can do the same

I am a person u can trust
with the secrets u can’t tell
but u can tell me any day

I am a person u can trust
I’ll catch u when u fall
I’ll pick u up when u r down

U can trust
I won’t tell a sole ur secret
not even a seed

U can trust
u’ll always hav a friend to talk to
and I’l b the 3rd friend to the math teacher and mouse

1. Never Lose Their Trust

       by Broken Heart Emo

A bestfriend is whom you can share all your secrets
And tell them all your regrets
A bestfriend is always there to give you a hand
And plant beautiful flowers in your land
A bestfriend is someone who mends your broken heart
As they are both beautiful and smart
A bestfriend is always beside you right or wrong,
You just name it all
They will always catch you when you fall
A bestfriend is like a diamond, very precious so keep them safe
Because a true friend is very hard to find
If you have one, never lose their trust
Because they are always willing to catch you! !

2. Trust

       by Samuel O. E. D’phoenix

Even if it took a thousand years,
Reaching you would still be near.
Indeed you must be a pearl,
Knowing this calms my fear;
And my gentle heart stares.

Oh! How odd are these words
Misleading as a wrong note on the cord
Ordering this joy to be bored
Rest assured this love is undying
Even though it comes from one in white clothing
Given to you for safe keeping
Endanger not, this treasured offering.

3. Trust?

       by Trish

After I knew the person you showed the world,
I searched for the person you are.
He was nowhere around
Where was he to be found?
Behind the person you wear?
Can I see you without him there?

There are walls set up
Life has never let up
They have saved you in the past
The area they cover is vast.

If only I could spend sometime in your mind
Then I could truly see what makes you one of a kind
But, I’d rather you be able to open up and tell me
The door has been locked from the world, you see?

I want to be the key to your sanctuary
Let go of the hardships that you no longer need to carry
I will share in the weight
I will take it off your plate

Do you know how it feels to be able to share in pain?
For someone to be there throughout the strain.
I know you don’t want to bother loved ones
When I want to help, that is no reason to run

I want you to feel the serenity that comes from trust
Life does not always have to be unjust
So let go and fall into me
I’ll be here forever, you’ll see.

4. You Can Be a Friend I Trust in Life

       by Anonymous

You are friend I can trust on
I can reveal so much to you in person
I know that you also trust me
And this bond is for everyone to see
Whenever in sorrow or in the fear
Whether you are far or you are near
One thing remains is the love in the heart
This is the reason it plays a special part
I thank you for coming through
In my life and making it so awesome
With you I feel so wonderful
Our friendship my dear is beautiful!

5. Are We Friends?

       by Moonbin

I honestly thought we were friends.
You keeping saying that we are but apparently not.
If we were why so many lies.
You kept me in the dark with all the secrets you hold.
Why can’t you trust me?
Haven’t I always been by your side?
Yet you still can’t trust me enough to tell me your life is on the line?
You keep saying it’s okay, like it all some silly game.
Did you ever once think of telling me the truth?
Are we friends?

Final Thoughts

Trust is a fundamental aspect of our lives, essential to building healthy relationships, creating strong communities, and navigating the challenges of the world around us.

Trust poems offer a powerful way to explore this complex quality, delving deep into its many nuances and exploring the many different ways in which it manifests in our lives.

Whether we are exploring the nature of trust in romantic relationships, friendships, or with our children, trust poems offer a way to connect with this essential quality.

Moreover, poems for trust express our emotions and thoughts about it in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.

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