68 Best Elephant Poems You’ll Love to Read

Elephants may appear to be large and menacing, but these renowned elephant poems demonstrate how loving the creatures truly are. Elephants, as many poems suggest, are smart animals with human characteristics.

For example, did you know that elephants grieve and pay honor to their ancestors? Elephants represent force and stamina, and they may be the most intellectual animals you’ve ever encountered.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest poems about elephants to demonstrate just how amazing these beasts truly are. These elephant poems will both inspire and enthrall your spiritual side.

Elephants are gorgeous, gentle giants that are the world’s biggest land mammals. According to legend, elephants never forget, which answers why these beasts are extremely clever.

Read through this compilation of great elephant poems to develop a new understanding for these magnificent beasts.

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Best Elephant Poems

Let us first go through some of the best elephant poems. Elephants are a fascinating beast. One of the reasons elephants have been connected with wisdom is that they have a lifetime comparable to humans. Here are some poems for elephant that describe some beautiful aspects of their existence.

1. The Elephant

       by Annette Wynne

The elephant is very large
And clumsy as a wooden barge,
With legs like tree-trunks, yet he’s mild
And gentle as a little child.
The elephant walks far away
And sees strange children in their play,
And carries logs and iron bars
As easily as motor-cars.
The elephant’s a great big beast
Not beautiful, but good, at least,
Strong as a tree, but withal mild
And gentle as a little child.

2. One Child

       by Carla Horne

Really, what is an elephant?
Words are read;
videos are seen and heard.
Still, it’s not complete.

Lead a child to an elephant.
See, smell, hear, touch,
not recommended,
but wonderment still abounds.
A gift for all who cannot
live with them.

Pros, cons, domestic, wild,
so many questions,
so many answers,
but one child
has found a friend.

3. Genius Apparent!

       by Amanda Newman

Mechanics laud this feature                
from what their skills deduce,
raving ‘bout its structure
and its varied use.                        

Its strength is like a sumo
times that of many men
moving heavy objects
over and again.

Engineers have copied one,
to help the social climes,
proving rather useful
in these modern times!

It is a warning system
as soft as putty clay,
scaring off intruders;
quick to run away.

Scientist, who’ve studied it,
have quantified its form                  
marking down a complex                          
way beyond the norm.

Its maker is Jehovah,
though most this claim debunk,
forging with DNA
the elephants trunk!

4. But You Can’t Fit an Elephant in a Funeral Parlor

       by Kirsten Lovely

We mill around
Just walk and talk
Meet and greet
And “I miss you!”
Hugged each other
for much too long
Overlooking the elephant in the room.
Pictures shared
Hellos, goodbyes
“Oh dear, I love you so!”
We laugh and cry
Avoid closed eyes
And ignore the elephant in the room.
Groups together
Sharing, staring
Forgetting why they came
Push it back
And out of their minds
Just forget the elephant in the room.
The reunion goes
Just well as planned
Cards and flowers
All dolled out
Show your respect

And pay your dues
All because of the elephant in the room.
Walk out in step
A pretty little line
With tissues and people in tow
A reality check
For the comfortable ones
by yours truly, the elephant in the room.
Sick of flowers
Of hugs and sorry,
Don’t forget the pity, too
A little reunion
For the ignorant ones
Who are too scared of the elephant in the room.
Come home sick
Empty and shallow
Shaken and rocked to the core
Left too soon
Well- you did, not them
It’s just that dead body in the room

5. Holiday Elephant Tusk

       by Robin Carretti

We are not on a schedule
But we are working
Ivory skills of mastery hard
We cannot afford to lose
The Elephants hearts diary
The Zen of topiaryDetails
The good luck

The hard worker making
True buck the husk of fruit seed
The Peking God of duck
Superman of gifts of steel
The movie superstitious eyes
Everyday good earth cries
Elephant Trunk
Bring on the Holiday
The tuxedo the Elephant Tusk
Godly task the top rank

6. Elephants

       by Libby and Courtney

Elephants have huge, flappy ears,
Leaves and branches are a feast,
Elephant noses are very long, they
Pick up leaves and water, a
Handy carpet hoover?
A very big land animal,
Noses, noises trumpet out,
They have long trunks.

7. Ellie the elephant

       by Mae Futter Stein

Ellie the elephant big strong and tall
Always hungry eating more food then all
We always had to seramble looking for more
Bought her much food from all the town’s store
One day we decided she must earn her keep
All she would do is eat, rest and sleep
We prayed to the Lord who informed someone
To the head angel of work needing done
Then God heard the news tourist cars get lost
The gas they needed was priced high in cost
They loved to see animals at the zoo
They needed a big quide to show their way through
Therefore Ellie, who was tall big and strong
Became the leader and led them along
Her payment in food was the perfect touch
Ellie could now eat more for her lunch
The Lord knows our needs the help is right there
You can take problems to our God in prayer.

8. Elephant Toenails

       by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

My elephant asked me
to polish her toenails.
She wanted them
bubblegum pink.

I was happy to share my polish
but did not know what to think
for my brush was so tiny
her nails so big
my bottle of polish so small
I knew I would run out
of bubblegum pink
before I polished them all.

I asked her
if she liked rainbows.
She smiled a tremendous smile.
So I painted each toenail a different shade.
My elephant’s got style!

Famous Elephant Poems

In Hindu mythology, the deity Lakshmi is typically represented with four elephants. You will get to know a lot more about them in these famous poems about elephants.

1. Huffle Falcon Saves Baby Boy Bree

       by Caren Krutsinger

Can you save my baby? The mama elephant queried.
Huffle Falcon was surprised and a tiny bit worried.
I can try, he said, but he looks almost too heavy for me.
Please, she asked. He’s my baby, my little Boy Bree.

So Huffle Falcon carried mama’s pride and joy to safety.
That was not enough, he ended up raising little Boy Bree.
They formed such a bond, he never wanted to give him back.
Mama escaped her captors and hunted them to their shack.

It’s time to come home, she told her son, who shook his head.
I will not return because Huffle Falcon is my daddy, he said.
He had been with him two years, six hours and a day.
He was not about to leave him or be coaxed away.

Huffle Falcon had returned to the shack and was glad.
He loved being Little Boy Bree’s loved up Dad.
Let’s raise him together, he told the Elephant Mom.
That is just what they did, from that second on…..

2. Who Will Take Care of My Calf?

       by Caren Krutsinger

Human hunters with spiffy new clothes
Driving jeeps, yelling obscenities,
Blowing their inflated egos up with puff
Their guns are huge, angry, and mean.

I run from them but I cannot get far.
BAM! They murder me in front of my child.
Who will take care of him now?
I do not die quickly, so they knife me.
Over and over; I feel their rage.

They must hate elephants, I think.
Not realizing all they want is my tusk.
I see my young calf looking at me.
He does not understand.

I am a butterfly now, heading toward the rainbow bridge.
I expect him to follow but they do not kill him right away.
His ivory is not big enough yet.
Soon I think.

3. Elephant’s Eye Catching Event

       by Brundaban Panda

Elephant is an eye catching animal,
Entire animal kingdom know its role.
Elephants have eye catching feature,
Emotions in mind looking its tall figure.
Elephant is very clever proves society,
Elephant head of Ganesh, God of Wit.
Elephant’s eye catching event famous,
Elephant head as attached with Ganesh.
Education, knowledge, science, wisdom.
Elephant headed Ganesh lord of wisdom.
Entire Hindu community knows the story,
Energetic son of father Hara & Ma Gaury.
Ego ignorant war of father, son occurred.
Ever living Lord Shiva cut Ganesh’s head.
Evil event shocked in the mind of mother,
Elephant head was brought for son’s cure.
Elephant head was attached at son’s neck,
Entire original head like dust by high stroke.
Elephant head & human body eye catching,
Ever living God Ganesh for wisdoms giving.
Every where Hindus have Ganesh’s worship,
Each year his birth ceremony gives joy peace.
Elephant’s head is the cause for his wise brain,
Elephants are proud of Ganesh, Lord of wisdom,
Environmental issues enhance elephants pain.
Elephant’s natural habitation is jungle or forest,
Evil minded self cantered men cut tree of forest.
Elephant is facing towards the human habitation,
Everywhere man in fear for the loss of life, grain.
Elephant versus man creating eye catching event,
Elephant is tortured in circus shows and movie act.
Even elephants are domestic animal used in wars,
Elephant force sitting on elephant back fight in wars.
“Emotion”, ‘eye catching’ words of host poet inspired.
E based an animal is elephant duly selected by head.
“Elephant’s Eye Catching Event” is naturally new title,
Elephant, environment, event on Ganesh related fully.

4. Yeah! That’s Right! Be Scared!

       by Melody

Why is the elephant afraid of the mouse,
If the mouse is ten times smaller than the elephant?

Because one day the elephant was walking down the street,
Just being itself,
Listening to music.
Next thing you know..

The poor giant animal has a mouse pointing a
mouse-size gun at its head.
That’s when a GIANT! tear fell from the elephant’s
GIANT tear duct.
“Please Mr.Mouse don’t **** me for money, I’m only so
young and I don’t have money!”
“That’s bull-crap, Ellie Elephant!You’re the richest elephant in the country”
“Please spare me!”
Ellie the elephant hands the mouse her ten thousand dollars and runs away..

This is when the mouse’s posse comes out from the alley,
And they all scream,


Yeah…Be scared elephants..
Go ahead..
Let the tiny mice scare the ba-jeezers out of you…
Yeah! That’s right! Be scared!

5. The Elephant

       By Dan Chiasson

How to explain my heroic courtesy? I feel
that my body was inflated by a mischievous boy.

Once I was the size of a falcon, the size of a lion,
once I was not the elephant I find I am.

My pelt sags, and my master scolds me for a botched
trick. I practiced it all night in my tent, so I was

somewhat sleepy. People connect me with sadness
and, often, rationality. Randall Jarrell compared me

to Wallace Stevens, the American poet. I can see it
in the lumbering tercets, but in my mind

I am more like Eliot, a man of Europe, a man
of cultivation. Anyone so ceremonious suffers  

breakdowns. I do not like the spectacular experiments
with balance, the high-wire act and cones.

We elephants are images of humility, as when we
undertake our melancholy migrations to die.

Did you know, though, that elephants were taught
to write the Greek alphabet with their hooves?

Worn out by suffering, we lie on our great backs,
tossing grass up to heaven- as a distraction, not a prayer.

That’s not humility you see on our long final journeys:
it’s procrastination. It hurts my heavy body to lie down.

6.The Elephant

       by Amanda Gorman

Things We Will Never See
In a fable
six blind men explore the body of an elephant
with their fingertips and each declare
that the elephant
is a different object
a pillar
a rope
a branch
a pipe
a fan
and a wall
but elephants
are not material things
yes, a pillar, not of cement but pillars of morals
they are not made of weathered ropes
but intangible bonds that stretch
and rumble prayers beneath land across time
and despite species
they are not tree branches
swept this way and that
by nature’s vengeance
but a mysterious web
of links connecting
branching, shifting mapping a platform for
mother and daughter
past and future
and as tight and coiled
as their gray trunks may be they are not pipes
but cylinders plunging into
heartbreak, hunger, heroics
and human nature they aren’t just fans
but winds cooling and distancing
the danger of corruption and failed survival
nor are they a wall at all
not a blockage
not a divide
not an impediment
but an open pathway
that allows us to excavate
the pillar
the fan
the rope
the branch
the pipe in all of us
the things we can only feel
and the things we will never see.

7. The Romance

       by Shol Silverstein

Said the pelican to the elephant, “I think we should marry, I do.
‘Cause there’s no name that rhymes with me, And no one else rhymes with you.”
Said the elephant to the pelican,
“There’s sense to what you’ve said,
For rhyming’s as good a reason as any
For any two to wed.”
And so the elephant wed the pelican, And they dined upon
lemons and limes, And now they have a baby pelicant,
And everybody rhymes.

8. Free circus elephant

       by Mario Gutierrez

The Asian flutes pulsate notes,
tarp is set afore sunset,
torches are lit as wood is hit,
trampolines bounce as bodies flounce.

Crowd cascades, laughing serenades,
curtains squeezed for the next breeze,
crunching stumps from hooves’ bumps,
cracking tusks covered in husks.

Red paint his body taints,
rusty chains pressurize the veins,
a two-leg stand the crowd demands,
racking knees the muscles squeeze.

Falling on his back his legs crack,
freezing the show, the tamer woes.
In the wild, they leave him tied,
to die alone, head crushed a stone.

9. The Elephant

       by Leconte de Lisle

The red sand is like an endless sea,
Blazing, wordless, slumped in its bed.
Unmoving waves stretch along
The horizon with its coppery fumes, man’s dwelling.

No life nor sound.  All the fed lions
Are sleeping deep in their dens a hundred leagues hence,
And the giraffe drinks from the blue springs,
Yonder, beneath the date-palms which the panthers know.

No bird goes by, beating with its wing
The dense air through which an immense sun goes round.
At times some boa, warmed in its sleep,
Ripples its back with glittering scales.
Likewise the kindled expanse burns beneath the unclouded heavens.
But, whilst everything slumbers in the cheerless emptiness,
The rugged elephants, those slow and clumsy travelers,
Cross the deserts to the country of their birth.

From a spot on the horizon, like brown lumps,
They come, throwing up the dust, and one can see that,
So as not to stray from the straightest path,
They make the distant dunes slip down under their broad and firm feet.

He who leads the way is an old chieftain. His body
Is covered with cracks like a tree-trunk gnawed and consumed by the weather.
His head is like rock, and the curve of his spine
Arches powerfully with his slightest effort.

Never slowing and not halting his march,
He guides his dusty companions to the certain goal;
And, leaving a ploughed sandy furrow behind them,
The enormous pilgrims follow their patriarch.

With ears spread like fans, their trunks between their teeth,
They make their way with eyes closed.  Their bellies throb and steam,
And their sweat rises in the flaming air like a mist;
And a thousand glowing insects hum all around.

What do they care for thirst and the consuming fly,
And the sun baking their black and wrinkled skin?
They march on dreaming of the forsaken land,
Of the forests of sycamore-figs where their breed sheltered.

They will see again the river broken forth from the great heights,
Where the huge hippopotamus swims along bellowing,
Where, turned white by the moonlight and casting forward their shadows,
They would crush the reeds going down to drink.

Also, full of courage and deliberation, they pass on
Like a black line, in the endless sands;
And the desert resumes its stillness,
As the ponderous travelers fade on the horizon.

Short Elephant Poems

Many short poems on elephant argue that they have numerous human characteristics and do activities that are consistent with human behavior and common sense. More can be found in these inspiring elephant poems. ‎

1. The Elephant

       by Anonymous

  The elephant walks like this and like that.
  He’s very tall, and he’s very fat.
  He has no fingers, but he does have toes,
  And goodness gracious, what a nose!

2. The Partners

       by Anonymous

Said the Puppy to the Elephant:
“Let’s form a partnership,
And let us tour the country in a
profitable trip.
For you and I together could
 prodigies perform,
And gather crowds of people and
take them quite by storm,
For you could lift a mighty weight,
and I could push below.
While all the crowd would hold their
breath, and then they’d all say “Oh!”
And then they all would wave their flags
and clap their hands and laugh,
Then you and I’d divide the cash, and
I would give you half.
Our fortunes would he surely made ,
an overflowing cup.
If you would only lift the weights,
while I would push them up.”

3. Grandma’s Great Idea!

       by Caren Krutsinger

Her mom was a butterfly, he dad was a
notorious elephant bee.
They could not agree on the kind of baby for
their little wee.
Daddy wanted him to walk, Mommy
wanted him to fly.
They finally agreed to let grandma figure it out.
This done with a sigh.

Grandma said I have an idea, and
it will be easy to do.
Just stir some magic beans into this
kiwi broccoli stew.
Mommy and Daddy heartily drank up that
broth and drank rose’ wine.
The result was a butterfly elephant, fancy
and fine!

4. Charlene Loved to Show Off Her Tattooed Body

       by Caren Krutsinger

Charlene the tattooed elephant loved to show
off her body, so fit.
We came to see, and were astounded,
wondering about it.
She refused to answer questions about who
did it and how.
We were thrilled to be in the audience though;
they are a wow.

5. Elephant Watcher

       by Caren Krutsinger

Elephant watcher
sits high up in a banyan tree
surveying the savanna
Keeping his herd safe
he earns his keep
using keenest of senses
his ears pick up the tiniest grass rustle
way before his eyes could spy
quiet danger
in form of
lion or lioness.

6. Silly Looking if You Ask Me

       by Anonymous

Delicate garland on baby elephant’s head.
They make him look lovely, seventeen
zookeepers said.
Silly-looking if you ask me, jaguar said with
mean grin.
Irritated they were making over that
stupid baby again.

7. A Zoo Moment

       by M.L. Kiser

A lazy camel
Sunning on warm sand
Elephant snatching
A broom from caretaker’s
Best not to mess with
His space

8. Elephant in the Room

       by Ms Ann Thrope

They brought a great big elephant
Indeed, they brought him everywhere
It is a massive elephant
Still, nobody seems to care

For that reason, I inquired of this elephant
Because I simply could not ignore
So I asked them why in the hell
Would they bring an elephant for?

An elephant is so obnoxious
It drives me up the wall!
When people readily ignore it
Just because it’s against the law!

Funny Elephant Poems

On a lighter side, there are many funny elephant poems that will make you laugh, so why not find a grin today with these elephant poems? ‎

1. My Commandant

       by – Line Gauthier

There once was a little mighty ant
Who was extravagant and arrogant
Known to be exorbitantly militant
She was so combatant and petulant
They nicknamed her My Commandant

One day she came across an elephant
Elegant and obviously dominant
She started on her typical rant
Then stopped and decided to recant
Both agreed it was all very insignificant

They chatted, it turned out the elephant
Was actually the ant’s aunt
Suddenly the intolerant ant
Has become cheerful and exuberant
And now routinely breaks out in chant.

2. Elephant in the room?

       by – Paul Callus

The big headlines cause sensation,
Media’s chosen information.
Manipulative, they entomb
the big elephant in the room.

Stress is put on the suggestive
keeping tongue and the mind active.
They sweep aside with furtive broom
the big elephant in the room.

Gain is high on the agenda
grabbing votes in referenda.
They hide, on purpose, I presume
the big elephant in the room.

Many topics are selective;
they are made to look attractive.
Who dares to tickle with a plume
the big elephant in the room?

3. Calf Follows Mother Elephant

       by Mohsin Maqbool Elahi

Calf follows mother elephant;
she has a tough time doing so.
At times, the calf’s steps are too slow.
On occasion, you feel her pant.

She wants to be nursed by mother
after every thirty minutes.
All flies that sit on her she flits;
they tend to be such a bother.

Birds she allows to sit on her back.
They are as light as a feather.
She wants a bath in hot weather.
She follows the herd, never lacks.

Bananas and apples she dotes.
She eats grass, twigs, roots and tree barks.
In search of water, on long treks
the herd goes. In ponds, fill their throats.

Calf splashes water with her trunk.
She falls to the ground with a thud;
rolls in the dust and in the mud.
In the heat, in water she dunks.

4. Tons of Fun

       by Earl F. Hubbard

Penelope ‘the pachyderm’
Hasn’t  learned how to


While attending school
At the elephant zoo

She’ll have to do

Another term
Another one

Before the year is done

To also learn
How to
R u n
R u n
R u n

To get around
To shop downtown

Where she’ll

5. The Mouse and The Elephant

       by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Out of darkness, crept the little white mouse,
whose beady eyes did squint in the sunlight.
Across the blood red savannah did it crawl,
only to stop in the presence of a giant shadow.
With fear flowing through its little red heart,
it gazed up at the frame of the mighty elephant.

None was more feared than the mighty elephant,
none feared it more than the little white mouse,
who was smaller than the elephant’s own heart.
It stood tall and proud under the blistering sunlight,
casting across the savannah its menacing shadow,
the sun’s eternal gaze forcing the dark to crawl.

Petrified, it could no longer find the will to crawl,
peering up in fear at the large grey elephant,
who was content to simply cast its large shadow,
the dense dark swallowing the little white mouse,
darkness so dense it could withstand the sunlight.
Nothing pounded faster than the mouse’s heart.

Loud and heavy was the elephant’s heart,
its design meant that it had no need to crawl,
just as it soaked in all of the leftover sunlight.
There was nothing to fear, not for the elephant.
That was when its grey eyes looked at the mouse,
a little white mouse that was standing in its shadow.

It was so small, like it was swimming in its shadow,
yet for some strange reason it sent fear through its heart,
nothing else filled it with more dread that the mouse,
it suddenly wanted to fall to the savannah floor and crawl
away from such a beast that would terrify an elephant,
a beast that cannot be touched even by the sunlight.

The elephant stood frozen, cold as ice, even in the sunlight.
Beady eyes stared up as it floated amongst its shadow,
every twitch of its nose sent fear through the elephant,
every blink caused absolute terror to enter its heart.
How could this be? It was so small and reduced to a crawl,
yet the mighty elephant was terrified of the little mouse.

The elephant shrieks, and flees into the sunlight.
The mouse scuttles forward, listening to its beating heart.
No need to crawl, just to cast a shadow.

6. Kindergarten Art Class

       by Kathleen Phillips

He hides in the corner, listening
to the story, then watches from afar
as patchwork elephants take shape on desks
around the room.
Quietly slipping into an empty place,
he loops thin arms around
the paper in front of him,
not yet ready to share the vision in his head.
A square of bright green finally appears
in the middle of the page,
a hard-used glue stick attaching
triangle pink ears,
rectangle legs,
and spiral trunk with great precision.
Only then, with a smile on his face,
does he adorn his creation
with a crazy-quilt of colored shapes
and, with broken crayon clutched in his hand,
adds splashes of day-glo orange around
the edge of the black paper
until his singular elephant, legs waving in the air,
rolls with abandon in a field of light.

7. On Eating an Elephant

       by Anonymous

How do you eat an elephant?
Do you bite off her head?
Will she try to run away?
How will you know she’s dead?
Must you sneak up slowly or do you just attack her?
Please help me decide how I should
eat this silly cracker.

Inspirational Elephant Poems

Elephants are also quite intelligent. They are very clever, having brains roughly 4 times the mass of the human brain. The most astonishing aspect of elephants, though, is not their size.

Their socially complicated character reflects who they are in several ways. These inspirational elephant poems demonstrate that they can feel, mourn, show love, and perform a variety of other things.

1. I am an elephant

       by Kripa and Mariam

I am an elephant as good as can be,
My tusk is white so you can see me.
When I am hot, I don’t jump in the pool.
I flap my ears to keep cool.
When my big ears flap I will charge and push you back.
When I have a bath in the ooey, gooey mud
I make a big thud

2. Sweet Elephant of the Morning

by Stewart Stafford

O sweet elephant of the morning,
What loud noise you make,
With your leaden feet,
And trumpet voice.

You spray water,
On your thick, dusty skin,
And on anyone in proximity,
To your body.

Your trunk is a grey, reaching arm,
And your tusks resemble curved lances,
Or elongated walrus teeth,
To fight off rivals.

3. My Glass Elephant

       by Anonymous

Shining like the day I got it,
the only thing that’s different is the coat of dust resting on the top.
Chips and cracks of time.
From my sister to me we can see the changes.
I was young when she gave it to me, with a smile on her face.
It’s as old as a mountain shouting a silent tune.
If I’m sad it will make me feel better. It feels like a cool summer’s breeze in my fingers.
When I hold it, something inside me becomes as bright as the sun.
It plays in the wind, dancing and singing.
It was loved then and it is loved now but it will stay as a happy memory.

4. Be like elephant

       by Afeezee

Be like elephants
Who engage in sumo fights
With taller, mightier trees
To feed their herds

Be like elephant
Build strong family ties
Stand strong, build bonds
And guard them with pride

When wisdom is in dearth
And your world in chaos
Be like elephant
Be a symbol for much more

When your climate changes
And basic needs scarce
Be like an elephant
Strive! Do not relent

Be like elephant
Be gentle unless provoked
Conceal your anger
For the right time to unleash

Know when to migrate
From a land cursed with drought
And the pestilence of poachers
To a safe haven for your herd

Walk like a god
Blow till you are heard
Be supreme like a bull
Yet be benign like a dove

Being kind despite hardship
Being an helper of one another
Making an enduring impact
Is being an elephant

Be strong
Be mighty
Be bright
With smile

Let your work
Be distinctive
Like ears
Of elephants

Be curious
Be gracious
For nature

In our bizarre society
Where integrity is dwindling
It certainly indicates
We need more people like elephant.

5. The Elephant Gift

       by Shannon

Upon the elephant rode a boy prince,
His royal command, he was there to evince.
Dark with grace and dripping with youth.
Bringing his men, his crown and his couth.
Town after town he strode fierce through the gates.
And any detractors were left to cruel fates.
And on one windy day, as they strode into town.
The faces where tenfold and a hush passed around
The grey of the creature with knowing black eyes
Swayed left towards the crowd as if to capsize.
And the mass gasped in horror; bairns seized by their mam.
Men flung at young ladies, babes pulled from the pram.
The bewildered and flustered
Tired elephant sat.
In the center of all on the bald pastors hat.
The old pastor looked stunned to see such a disgrace.
Until he remembered, and composed his face.
‘Your highness’ he bowed. His manners restored.
But the poor prince was toppled his mighty seat floored.
They gasped for the prince, just really a child
Dressed in fine silks on this elephant wild.
Pastor said, ‘here now’ extending an arm
Hand wrinkled and gnarled from the land that he farmed.
Then the guards sprung to life as if sudden awake
Guns point to the man of whose life they would take.
And just as they squinted their eye for the aim
A boy sang out sweetly, ‘sire he’s not to blame!’
And the prince from street where he lay in pool
Held up his hand and recovered his rule.
He looked at the crowd and he said ‘boy now speak’
The boy said, ‘prince it is the prayers that you seek.
The prayers that you’d visit. The prayers that you’d stay.
Lord must of heard them and granted this way.’
His eyes wide with truth and the love of his church
The prince laughed a beautiful belly filled lurch.
The carriage was called as the prince shared a feast.
And even some water was splashed on the beast.
Such a good time as he danced and he spun
Till the horses arrived in the dust of a run.
To thank the town and the lovely haired boy
The young prince gave up his own precious toy.
The beast stays quite put in the center of town…
But prayers? Say no more…
So the prince won’t fall down.

6. The Indian Elephant

       by G. Hilda Offen

An Indian Elephant’s used for work,
From honest toil he does not shirk,
All day long, he’ll push and shove,
While his owner guides him from above!

The owner loves his elephant grey,
Sitting behind his ears all day,
Speaks to him in a quite tone,
So he never feels alone.

The tree trunks thick-they roll along,
Pushed by the elephant’s head so strong,
Along the forest track he goes,
Guided by his owner’s toes!

And when the hard day’s work is done,
And downward goes the setting sun,
To the water they make their way,
To wash the mud off in the spray!

7. Eletelephony

by Laura Richards

Once there was an elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I’ve got it right.)

Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee
(I fear I’d better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!)

Love and Elephant Poems

Let us now take a look at some poems about elephants and love.”Love will drag an elephant through a small opening,” famously stated Samuel Richardson. There are many more elephant love poemsthat compare elephants to love; check them out here! ‎

1. Instinctive Devotion

       by Jon Coe

Behold the African elephant,
known for baring emotion.
He carries weary, wounded female,
as is their inbred, instinctive devotion.

I’ve seen these giant mammoths
actually shed real tears
when one of their own meets
death or otherwise disappears.

The elephant lives in tune
with humans and nature alike.
They can be unpredictable,
beware of sudden strike.

If ever your faith is waning
and you need to reconfirm–
seek out our jumbo friend–
the majestic pachyderm.

2. The Jade Elephant

       by Eros

I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming for a
while now, and I think I’ve almost got it down.

(If you didn’t know, lucid dreaming is
kind of like dreaming, but with the lights
 on. It’s very cool.)

The way it works — or at least, in the
method I’m using — is by first
establishing a “totem.” I use the jade
elephant you gave me for my birthday
three days before it happened.

What you do is you alter your totem in
a unique way so that it really stands
out to you, in case you ever come across it in
your dreams; this way hopefully it will
jump-shock your mind into
consciousness, allowing you to take the wheel.

I wrote your initials on the back. DN.

And I know you’d probably be thinking
“why would you ever waste time perfecting
a skill that will never have any practical use?”

You always were the practical one. But hear me out.

When I dream, it is the only time I get to see you.

You know, you’ve been gone for almost
a year this Tuesday, and this jade elephant
is all I have left. This jade elephant,
and your initials. This Jade elephant, and DN.

I miss you, man.

And I don’t really know how comas work
but if you can hear me, just know that
I’ve almost got it down.

Soon, it’ll be just like the old days.
I promise.

3. The Elephant is Slow to Mate

       by D.H. Lawrence

The elephant, the huge old beast,
is slow to mate;
he finds a female, they show no haste
they wait

for the sympathy in their vast shy hearts
slowly, slowly to rouse
as they loiter along the river-beds
and drink and browse

and dash in panic through the brake
of forest with the herd,
and sleep in massive silence, and wake
together, without a word.

So slowly the great hot elephant hearts
grow full of desire,
and the great beasts mate in secret at last,
hiding their fire.

Oldest they are and the wisest of beasts
so they know at last
how to wait for the loneliest of feasts
for the full repast.

They do not snatch, they do not tear;
their massive blood
moves as the moon-tides, near, more near
till they touch in flood.

4. The Elephant and the boy

       by Jim Yerman

When he was but a boy in India…outside he would proceed
where he would sit for hours…and read…and read and read…

He would always read alone…he did not like a crowd.
Sometimes he would read in silence and other times aloud.

One day as he was reading he noticed out of the corner of his eye
a baby elephant, by himself, innocently strolling by.

The boy kept reading out loud…the elephant seemed to me mesmerized,
and he gently sat down next to the boy…their height now equalized.

The little boy stopped reading and looked into the elephant’s eyes…
“An elephant who likes to read.” He said, “this is a big surprise? “

The elephant shook his head and his eyes began to glisten…
“I do not like to read.” He said.”But I sure do like to listen.”
So every day the boy would read…with an inward source of pride
to himself and to his elephant who was seated by his side.

And the boy would look up now and then…sometimes losing his place
just to see the sparkle in his elephant’s eyes and the smile on his face.

And this went on for many years filling each one of them with joy…
And they formed a special friendship…the elephant and the boy.

But little boys grow up one day and baby elephants too…
Now that each one had a family of their own…their reading time was through…

But one day, walking together, happily they found
his son and his baby elephant…together on the ground….

As they thought how life had come full circle…their happy eyes were glistening
for his little boy was reading…and his baby elephant was listening…

5. The elephant

       by Zsuzsanna Snarey

A slow moving gentle creature
With a long trunk and wrinkled skin.
Strange, ridiculous and ugly
and yet he draws us to love him.

He seems to know and understand
has empathy with us humans,
but can also rage if angered
and kill a man by trampling him.

Elephants have a matriarch
and keep together for safety.
The young stay close to their mother,
while the males are solitary.

6. Elephant love

       by Snuggles

When touched it will show a poem in local…..
Our love is special
Our love is unique
We have that magical
connection and link
We met in the Universe
late one night
A magical journey
two lovers in flight
We knew it was different
right from the start
A love so strong
the beating of hearts
We searched for each other
all our lives it is true
The search is now over
because I have you
Our love is true…

7. Elephant Love

       by Kenn Allan

Have you ever heard the grunts
 Of adolescent elephants
When planning for a goodnight kiss?
 It is a sound you cannot miss…

Behold the nervous sweats and squirms
 Of those pubescent pachyderms,
Each one swaying to and fro
 Unsure of where their noses go.

Friendship and Elephant Poems

Elephants are knowledgeable, kind, and enthralling creatures. They are human companions. These poems about elephants and friendship highlight the elephants’ wonderful relationship with people. ‎

1. Put My Howdah on Something Fast!

       by Caren Krutsinger

Put my howdah on the camel
If the elephant gets away.
But do it fast please.
Because I have to meet my friend today!

Use the most beautiful one.
The green and blue one with the trim.
But do it lickety split.
And do it with much vigor and vim.

The elephant is gone,
Hurry! Saddle up Camel Mo.
He’s been all watered up,
And he is ready to go!

2. An Elephant That Grew

       by Andrea Diaz

You created problems
Left and Right
You didn’t want to solve a single one,
So you let them grow,
Like a white elephant that refuses to leave the room.

And as they grew,
The problems got too rough on you.
So you ignored them all
Slept them away
Dreamed of a happier place
And on the very next day
You forgot each and every one of them.

Just sometimes I wish,
You knew how tall your problems grew,
How wide the white elephant got
And how small our room is now.

You say you don’t want to argue,
But all I’m telling you is the truth.
You say you want to end the conversations,
But all I’m saying is let’s get rid of the white elephant in the room.
But you still refuse.
So I’m telling you know babe,
Your elephant grew.
Its getting to big,
And this room can’t hold me and you.

Your problems continue to grow,
And your elephant is getting to big now,
It might burst soon.
Your creating problems,
Left and Right
And your white elephant is still in this cramped room.
Just sometimes I wish,
You knew how big your elephant grew.

3. I Toss Them to My Elephant

       byIraira Cedillo

When the summer sun is blazing,
I pick daisy after daisy,
I toss them to my elephant
It makes him slightly crazy.

I gather chrysanthemums
When fall is in the air,
I toss them to my elephant
It makes him stand and stare.

I harvest bright poinsettias
In winter ,when it’s chilly,
I toss them to the elephant
It makes him sort of silly.

I pluck bouquets of tulips
When they blossom in the spring,
I toss them to my elephant …
It always makes him sing.

4. There Is an Elephant in My Head

       by JR Potts

There is an elephant in my head and a big one is he
he stamps his feet trampling my dreams into nothing but debris.
There is an elephant in my head, he is too strong you see
he leaves me no peace, no sleep, stomping on everything I can be.
There is an elephant in my head and I want to set him free
because deep down inside I know undoubtedly that elephant is me.

5. The Elephant in the Room

       by Brent Kincaid

Someone put an elephant
In the middle of my room
To capture conversations
And often predicting doom
Or bragging about something
That it has never done.
This pachydermal pestilence
Certainly is not much fun.

I try to keep things secret
And pretend that they’re not there
Then all of a sudden, ****,
An elephant from somewhere.
I try to deny its existence
Laugh and talk around it all
But the thing is an elephant
Is really not that small.

Then once someone visits
They find it difficult to pretend
That the elephant is not there.
So much for helpful friends.
So, I make up stories to try
To deftly explain things away
But some things are too obvious
No matter what words I say.

Some just give up and leave me
To be the same fool as I act.
But, others get up in my face
And try to deliver some fact.
So, I can’t really be upset
With those who are in my group
But that doesn’t help me clean up
The disgusting elephant ****.

6. Let’s Celebrate the Elephant

       by Irene Latham

It’s gray-sky,
Dumptruck body
Perched on treestump legs,

It’s impeccable,
Flexible hosepipe trunk
Framed by sailboat ears.

And let’s not forget
That swishing,
Twitching flyswatter tail

Bringing up the rear!

7. Crying with the Elephants

       by Dallas Rising

Crying with the Elephants
Is not so hard to do,
If you know what is done to them
In a circus or a zoo.

They don’t look a lot like us
But you would be surprised
Just how much we share with them
If you look beyond their size.

They could live as long as us
They grow at the same rate.
But not many make it to old age
As humans change their fate.

Those who run the circus know
Elephants aren’t easy to obtain
They’ll pay someone else to do it
Hunting is out of their domain.

The circus men find poachers
To do this nasty deed.
“We’ll pay you for an elephant.
It’s a little one we need.”

The poachers just want money.
Cows are shot and left to die.
They’re desperate to protect their young
They struggle as they try.

Mothers love their babies,
As you cherish your own.
They grieve when little ones are stolen,
Taken far away from home.

The baby weeps for days
In fear and disbelief.
He aches for his mother’s touch,
To offer some relief.

The calf is meant to play
with his elephant kin,
Instead he’s crying all alone;
Only pain where joy had been.

The circus needs to “break him”
To force him to perform.
They don’t tell us how that’s done
They’d rather misinform.

The Elephant is beaten
With big clubs and bullwhips.
The little babe cries out in pain,
Until his spirit rips.

They puncture him, they burn him,
They use electric prods,
Will he ever be free from this?
Just what are the odds?

Most of the time he’s kept confined,
Days and nights are spent in chains.
He no longer has a home,
Traveling  ‘cross country in trains.

The box car is a filthy place,
They don’t keep it clean for him.
He’s chained there in the heat and cold,
His life is very grim.

They say he makes too much mess,
This he’s clearly demonstrated.
So they give him only so much water,
To keep him dehydrated.

He is a social animal,
He needs to be with friends.
But none get any social time,
They’re all kept in separate pens.

They force him to perform “tricks”
He would not do in the wild.
All for a few dollars from a
Poor Misguided Child.

How sad that captive elephants
Often suffer from tuberculosis,
And a sad mangling of the mind
Resulting in madness and neurosis.

This is the truth behind the lies
This is Reality.
Elephants across the world
Suffer from this brutality.

This is the life he’s forced to live
Though it’s not his choice.
Do you think it’s fair or right?
Will you be his voice?

Elephant Poems That Rhyme

Let us now go through some of the elephant poems that rhyme. These poems will create a resonating effect upon the hearers and they will absolutely love them.

1.The Elephant

       by Jasmine Fernandez

His name is Elly,
He plays with his sister Felly.

Guess who he is?

He is Elly the elephant,
He never wears a pant,
He never wears a dress.

He always makes a mess.

He plays in the water,
With his friend otter.

He is very heavy,
His skin color is navy.

He loves to play every time!!!!!

2. Remembering the Phant

       by Greg Gaul

There’s more than just size to the elephant,
they do some things that the others can’t.
Many stories show these acts as valiant;
in the wild, grand gestures seem elegant.
Their wisdom is “ear-ily” evident,
nothing too pithy or given to rant –
like wry witticisms from Oscar Levant.
Or, Ogden Nash whose stanzas are extant,
not the rhymes of some silly sycophant.
Pachyderms make empathy “rel-e-phant”!

3. Elephant Insemination

       by Easy writer

Elephant insemination,
is the worst job in the nation.
These folks deserve, admiration!
An ovation, an ovation.

It’s messy, yucky, scary too,
a job that I’m glad I don’t do!
That’s something I could not pursue.
No way thank you, no way thank you!

If the ladder slips like this did;
you could fall in, just as this kid.
If that should happen gawd forbid.
I’d flip my lid, I’d flip my lid!

This dudes lucky the “tail man’s” there!
Pure luck that he was not elsewhere.
This gave all of them quite a scare,
a real nightmare, a real nightmare~

4. A Magic Ride

       by Julia Mainwaring-Berry 

I thought I saw an elephant
Bright floating in the sky,
It must have been that drink I had,
Or some trick of the eye.

But then I saw the moon shine bright,
Much larger than before,
It really was a magic sight
I could not ask for more.

On clouds, he floated up so high,
Attached to his balloon,
With such a hefty animal
It must deflate quite soon.

And then the strangest thing indeed,
He landed by my feet,
So gentle was his slow descent,
It really was a treat.

He looked at me and smiled a lot
And took me in his trunk,
And said “I’ll take you for a ride
I see that you’re not drunk.

Although my colorful balloon
Attracted your attention,
There’s something I must show to you
To rid you of all tension.

For when the moon is on the rise,
And lights the world below,
On high, there is a paradise’
I thought you ought to know.”

To my surprise the beast was right,
As moonshine filled my eyes,
I felt all fear inside abate,
A wonderful surprise.

If you have open eyes to see
The wonders deep inside,
Believe that all is possible,
And take that magic ride.

5. The Elephant

       by Anonymous

It’s so big,
It’s so grand,
The biggest thing to live on land!
Will use its trunk,
To smell and eat,
To rip off branches,
Taste so sweet!
A herbivore,
Plants and fruits,
Won’t hunt meat,
But might like roots!
Flapping ears,
Like birdie’s wings,
Used for fans,
And hearing things!
Has a very,
Special nose,
Kind of like,
A garden’s hose…
garden hose
Trunk holds water,
Like some sinks,
Sprays in mouth,
To get wet drinks!
And if you look,
Lined up in rows,
You see toenails,
But not its toes!
Elephants have,
Thick gray skin,
Both Asian and the African!
Two types exist,
Can walk at birth!
Biggest mammal,
Roaming Earth!

6. Set the Elephants Free

       by Mr. Colin E.

Ever since I was a child,
Elephants were simply great
Roaming in the lush jungle wild
Romping in herds of ten or twenty eight
With flexible trunks and floppy ears
A disposition of the sweetest kind
They always earned my cheers
Forever in my heart and mind
Squirting water in the lake
Trumpeting with all their might
Strong as a mountain, sweet like cake
Elephants are an animal of pure delight
I sleep with a stuffed one
Panilla is his name
by my side until day is done
Making life a happy game
Movies introduced me
Like Dumbo and The Jungle Book
Horton Hears A Who seduced me
Held me on elephants like a hook
But, now I’m horrified
To learn a terrible truth
Elephants suffered and died
Even in the days of my youth
Bull hooks and chains
Beaten into submission
Forced onto circus trains
And become zoo admission
Into the crush box they go
Torn away from their mothers
Put with elephants they barely know
Not their sisters and brothers
Such horrors I never knew
Tears come to my eyes
My heart broke in two
I can almost hear their cries
We must all come and unite
And their desperate plea
Save them from their plight
Set the elephants free
Elephants can feel
Emotions sparkle and shine
So powerful and real
One sang Baby Mine
Baby Mine, don’t you cry
Baby Mine, dry those eyes
We hear the aches of your heart
Gentle and smart,
Baby of mine
Locked up in cages
Forced to do tricks
Shouted at with rages
Beaten with hooked sticks
How can people be so cruel
To these magnificent creatures?
So kind, amazing, and cool
In all their powers and features
With all the suffering they endure
Logging, land mines, and beatings
Rendered afraid and unsure
No more love and family greetings
Creatures of the jungle
Path makers and fertilizers
Caught up in such a bungle
by wicked advertisers
No longer can they suffer
Freedom they shall see
Help before it gets tougher
Set the elephants free
Horton once proudly said
And him I shall paraphrase
A special truth that lead
That set my soul ablaze
“We’ll just have to save you
Because after all
Person’s a person, no matter how small.”
Indeed, elephants are persons
Ones we need to save
Before the situation worsens
We all must be brave
Stop attending circus shows
Making zoos empty and deserted
Boldly fight and oppose
This abuse so perverted
Donate to organizations
Who love elephants too
Across the seas and nations
Big hearted through and through
I love elephants with all my heart
Since my childhood, right from the start
A world without them is not worth living
So, come on now, let’s start giving
Break all the chains
Unite as a herd
Ease their pains
With each loving word
Together united
The jungle’s where they’ll be
I’m proudly delighted
To say “Set the elephants free”
And maybe some day, they will be.

7. Tiger and Elephant

       by James McIntyre

On Ganges banks roams the tiger,
And lion rules by the Niger,
Hunter heard shrill cry of peacocks,
In Indian jungles go in flocks.

And he saw tiger crouch and spring,
To crush a bird with beauteous wing,
But the tiger missed his aim,
And he hung his head with shame.

Then there came a mighty crush,
Of elephants rush through the bush,
The tiger cat-like crouched on ground,
And elephants rushed in with bound.

In front was baby elephant,
To crush its bones did tiger want,
But mother saw fierce forest ranger,
And she gave a cry of danger.

Leader of herd he madly rushed,
Resolved the tiger should be crushed,
But tiger strove to run away,
Willing to relinquish prey.

But when he found that he must fight,
On elephant’s back he strove to light,
But elephant struck him with his foot,
And then with tusks he did him root.

So now once more must praise be sung,
To beasts who nobly fight for young,
And grateful feelings were now stirred,
Towards the leader of the herd.

Elephant Poems for in English

Did you know that an elephant’s eyes enlarge, its ears flutter, and its rear ripples sideways when it is delighted? How adorable! Several elephant poems in English address these qualities of the animal. Here are some of those poems about elephant in English.

1. The Blind Men and the Elephant

       by John Godfrey Saxe

It was six men of Indostan, to learning much inclined,
who went to see the elephant (Though all of them were blind),
that each by observation, might satisfy his mind.

The first approached the elephant, and, happening to fall,
against his broad and sturdy side, at once began to bawl:
“God bless me! but the elephant, is nothing but a wall!”

The second feeling of the tusk, cried: “Ho! what have we here,
so very round and smooth and sharp? To me tis mighty clear,
this wonder of an elephant, is very like a spear!”

The third approached the animal, and, happening to take,
the squirming trunk within his hands, “I see,” quoth he,
the elephant is very like a snake!”

The fourth reached out his eager hand, and felt about the knee:
“What most this wondrous beast is like, is mighty plain,” quoth he;
“Tis clear enough the elephant is very like a tree.”

The fifth, who chanced to touch the ear, Said; “E’en the blindest man
can tell what this resembles most; Deny the fact who can,
This marvel of an elephant, is very like a fan!”

The sixth no sooner had begun, about the beast to grope,
than, seizing on the swinging tail, that fell within his scope,
“I see,” quothe he, “the elephant is very like a rope!”

And so these men of Indostan, disputed loud and long,
each in his own opinion, exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right, and all were in the wrong!

So, oft in theologic wars, the disputants, I ween,
tread on in utter ignorance, of what each other mean,
and prate about the elephant, not one of them has seen!

2. The Partners

       by Anonymous

Said the Puppy to the Elephant: “Let’s form a partnership,
And let us tour the country in a profitable trip.
For you and I together could prodigies perform,
And gather crowds of people and take them quite by storm,
For you could lift a mighty weight, and I could push below.
While all the crowd would hold their breath, and then they’d all say “Oh!”
And then they all would wave their flags and clap their hands and laugh,
Then you and I’d divide the cash, and I would give you half.
Our fortunes would he surely made, an overflowing cup.
If you would only lift the weights, while I would push them up.

3. Tusks

       by Gregory Richard Barden 

He still recalled
As if but a day hence…
The air still moved, tender
The earth a-sole, still trembling
Grasses parting like swells for a mighty prow
Dust from bulky feet in diaphanous clouds…
Swept up and woven like a thin shuka
As if a maasai blessing
To grace the hips of the coy kilimanjaro…
Yet naught remained but the beautiful white
The echoes of the poachers’ rifles
And the countless cries of a grand species, ghosted
Lost to the thirsty serengeti soil
Shamed red by the rills of blood let
For a sake, sadistic…
And the inexhaustible glut
Of greed.

4. Elephant tears

       by Anonymous

The elephant hid tears in the river but won’t get out of my room

Burnt it out of my eyes
So I can’t taste the color of memory’s past

A statue skinned deep enough
To learn It’s my bones that are stained

Alka-Seltzer mimosas don’t play
Tears like muted speaker phone background

I’m only claustrophobic if I lock my door at
But I’m not afraid of the dark

Gray matters not in Technicolor sound bites
Carving initials on my heart just to cop a feel

5. Mixed Souvenirs – I

       by Barddylbach

Piano my confidant
partner in crime

Just old kent
mad dog castle lad

Beautiful bad
fond elephant sad

Buttle a dame
trust my gumption gov

Young elegant love
in subtle rhyme

Soul mate rebel
on silence chime

6. Elephants

       by Marshall, Emma & Wulfie

Elephant legs are strong and straight,
Leaves and branches are its’ feast,
Elephants’ trunks are terribly long,
Pick up leaves and water,
Handy carpet cleaner?
A very big land-living animal,
Noisy noses trumpeting out,
Trunks long and thin.

7. Magic tricks gone wrong

       by Deborah Lee

There once was a magician
who had entertained his first party.
His magic skills were still in the works,
but he seemed ready as can be (he thinks).

“And for my next trick…
I will pull an elephant out of this trunk!”
Children’s eyes bugged out of their sockets
especially after hearing the CLUNK.

The magician soon looked down and
realized he had a trunk on a trunk.
“Wait, am I an elephant?
I must be high or drunk!”

Also in the middle of the ocean,
he began to have a panic attack.
His trick must have worked too well.
“Maybe I should stick to rabbits and hats.”

8. There’s an Elephant in my house

       by Carl Wayne Jent 

There’s an Elephant in my house
I’m not sure what to do
he was just a little baby
then all of a sudden, he grew.

There’s an Elephant down the street
all the children scared to ride
nowhere to live, because he’s so big
and nowhere he can hide.

There’s an elephant in the park
he was standing downtown
the zoo keeper chased him
he left without a sound.

There’s an Elephant carrying a trunk
told everyone he was leaving
I didn’t think he could talk
but now I think I am believing.

Final Thoughts on Elephant Poems

If you’ve seen an elephant real close, whether in a zoo or on safari, you know how gorgeous these animals are. These elephant poems celebrate the strength and beauty of the world’s largest mammal.

Despite how much elephants are valued by many people, trafficking and environmental degradation have taken their toll. African elephants are listed as a threatened species.

If elephants become endangered, it would be a devastating and significant loss. These inspirational poems about elephants will inspire you to defend them at all costs.

Elephants are regarded one of the most amazing species on the earth. If you like animals, nature, or exploration, you’ll adore this collection of poems for elephant. These wonderful elephant poems are sure to change your mind about how we abuse the environment.

The elephant will face extinction as long as people continue to act selfishly and destructively. Share these poignant poems with everyone you know to motivate them to advocate for elephants. We can preserve the majestic elephant if we all work together to transform the world.

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