Find the Perfect Domain Name

Find the Perfect Domain Name: Tips from Experts

The initial stage of creating your own website is finding a suitable address.

What to look for when choosing a domain? There is no universal formula, but a couple of tips will definitely help both professionals and beginners navigate.

Remember that everything depends on your specifics, region, niche, products, services, the presence or absence of an already formed target audience.

What should the ideal domain be?

It is important to understand that the domain in the modern reality of Internet promotion goes hand in hand with SEO. A correctly selected address will adapt search algorithms and bring increased traffic, profit, and will quickly fill the database with client information.

The main thing is that the domain name:

  • it was simply written;
  • easy to remember;
  • was in tune with the brand or products/services.

Then you will definitely increase traffic and see effective returns. If the address is not at all associated with the business, most likely such a site will not even pay off, but will simply go into the red, because it will not evoke the necessary loyalty and warm response from the audience. Before buying a domain name, be sure to study the current market and examples of competitors to avoid their mistakes.

Nobody likes long names. Buyers will not remember it, and the algorithms simply will not bring it to the TOP, focusing on more compact standards. Plus, robots often simply regard such addresses as spam and block them. A maximum of three words is what you need to focus on before registering a Domain name.

A few important rules

Ideally, the domain length should not exceed 15 characters. It is believed that this is exactly how much the human brain can remember, but the fewer characters, the better. The presence of punctuation, a large number of hyphens, and complex symbols will lead to the loss of the potential target audience. People just won’t remember the correct order. So they will either end up on a competitor’s page, or will not find the resource they are interested in due to typos or even incorrect input.

Now you can easily find cheap domain names in short format. You just need to expand the domain zone, and not focus on Internet giants. A good tip is that before purchasing, you need to ask yourself whether you can easily remember, pronounce and write the address or not. If the answer is no, then it is worth considering other options.

Advantages of introducing a business into a domain:

  • increasing loyalty;
  • greater recognition;
  • new communication channel;
  • improving reputation.

It’s even optimal to create social networks and messenger channels with the same domain in order to reach different target audiences.

The main thing is to choose a good domain name registrar. Look not only at prices, but also at market position, statistics, and inclusion in various ratings. Consider average ratings and reviews. This will allow you to make a preliminary objective opinion.

Don’t be afraid to take domains with a history, if it’s good. It is not necessary to register a name from scratch; there are ready-made working options. The main thing is that they are not blocked by providers and search engines.

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