100 Best Friendship Poems to Celebrate the Greatest Treasure in Life

In this article, we are going to share with you dozens of friendship poems. Friendship is one of life’s most precious treasures. You’ll never know what tension and loneliness are like if you surround yourself with the proper people.

That’s because they’ll always be there to lift you up when you’re down and help you find the bright side when your life appears to be empty and bleak. Let them know how much they mean to you with these poems about friendship.

Good friends also play an important part in assisting us in making better lifestyle and job choices. Numerous scientific researches now indicate that strong friendships might aid to boost mental wellness.

With all of the advantages that friendship provides, it’s no wonder that many individuals put in a lot of effort to create and sustain meaningful lifelong friendships. Anyone may make friends, but maintaining them requires effort, as the old saying goes.

Celebrating your friends at every chance is one of the finest strategies to create strong connections. And using friendship poems is a terrific approach to do so. Sending adorable and well-thought-out friendship poems to your friend shows them how much you appreciate their existence in your life.

Explore our selection of best friend poems and consider sharing some with your closest friends today.

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Best Friendship Poems

Friendship is a gift, a gift that two people enjoy for the rest of their lives. It’s a sense of trust, devotion, and regard that develops through time and becomes a source of strength to help you overcome any challenge in life. So, cherish your one-of-a-kind relationship each day with these best friend poems that make you cry.

1. Best Friend

       by Mizscorpio

You are my best friend; you belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a sister, and I will always care.
Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.

I know you as a person; I especially know you as a friend.
Our friendship is something that will never end.
Right now, this second, this minute, this day,
Our sisterhood is here, is here to stay.

My friendship with you is special and true.
When we are together, we stick like glue.
When I’m in the darkness that needs some light,
When you’re by my side, I know things are all right.

Our friendship is so strong; it breaks down bars.
Our friendship is also bright, like the sun and the stars.
If we were in a competition for friendships, we would get a gold,
Because responsibility and cleverness are the keys we hold.

I met you as a stranger, took you as a friend.
I hope our long friendship will never end.
Our friendship is like a magnet; it pulls us together,
Because no matter where we are, our friendship will last forever!

2. Friends For Life

       by Angelica N. Brissett

We are friends.
I’ve got your back,
And you have mine.
I’ll help you out
To see you hurt,
To see you cry,
Makes me weep
And wanna die.
If you agree
To never fight,
It wouldn’t matter
Who’s wrong or right.
If a broken heart
Needs a mend,
I’ll be right there
Till the end.
If your cheeks are wet
From drops of tears,
Don’t worry,
Let go of your fears.
Hand in hand
Love is sent.
We’ll be friends
Till the end!

3. My Best Friend

       by Geraldine

Best friends are angels
That God sent along.
They always stay beside you
Whenever things go wrong.

I’m glad that God blessed me
With a good friend such as you.
A person to be there,
A person to get me through.

Never turn away from me.
I can’t bear to be apart.
All the pain and suffering
Will be too much for my heart.

You are my best friend,
The one who brightens my day.
The one who cheers me up,
The one who’s here to stay.

4. True Friend

       by Ashley Campbell

A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows
Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows.

A friend is like gold that you should treasure
And take care of forever and ever.

A friend is like an angel that is there to guide you.
A friend is someone you can trust out of a few.

A friend is more than one in a million.
They are one in a ca-zillion,

And you, my friend, are very special
and so it is official.

5. Best Friends Forever

       by Melissa Magaliff

Best Friends,
The title we chose,
But what does it mean to be “best friends”?
You should see each other every day?
Well that’s not true for you and me.
Should silly little fights get in our way?
Only if that’s how it’s meant to be.
Should we give?
Should we borrow?
Should we dance like there’s not tomorrow?
Secrets are traded,
Privacy invaded,
Hugs and smiles are shared,
Tears are shed,
Love is spread.
We know that we both really cared.
I smile, you smile.
You cry, I cry.
I wish, you wish.
You die, I die.
If you fall,
I’ll help you up,
And if you call,
I’ll always pick up.
Best Friends Forever…
The promise we made,
And I know in my heart
That it will never fade.

6. God Sends

       by Rosalie Carter

I think that God will never send,
A gift so precious as a friend,

A friend who always understands,
And fills each need as it demands,

Whose loyalty will stand the test,
When skies are bright or overcast,

Who sees the faults that merit blame,
But keeps on loving just the same,

Who does far more than creeds could do,
To make us good, to make us true,

Earth’s gifts a sweet contentment lend,
But only God can give a friend.

7. A Friendship So Dear

       by Julie Hebert

To me so dear is you my friend.
I hope and pray our friendship never ends.

As you are mine, and I am yours.
Our friendship has opened many doors.

Let’s never fight, and always laugh,
We’ll keep this friendship, under glass.

For if it breaks, then we’ll know.
A friendship like ours, can take more than a throw.

8. Pure Delight

       by Joanna Fuchs

It’s such a pleasure and joy.
To have a friend like you.
You always care, you’re always there,
You say the right things, too!

You make me smile when I am low.
You’re just a pure delight.
We talk a lot about everything.
You make my life so bright!

I hope that I am giving you
Some joy and happiness
Because you mean so much to me
More than I can express!

9. What Is A Best Friend?

       by Angela Franklin

Every time I see you I show a smile to you.
You were one of the girls who never overlooked me.
Once you saw me I was your sunshine.

You give me all these nicknames.
You can’t keep track.
I can’t either.

You’re the one who came to me when things went wrong.
I just sat there and listened when you cried out to me.
I came to you with everything, and yet you said,
“I love you no matter what comes our way.”

You were the friend I came to and said,
“Let’s go get him,” or “I’ll handle it, Sweetie,” or “You’re better without him.”
No matter what I say or do, you’ll love me the way I love you.

We are always on each others sides.
I guess what I’m saying is I love you and you’re my best friend
no matter who comes to the group.

10. Old Friendship Street

       by Theodosia Garrison

Love led me to an unknown land and fain was I to go;
From peak to peak a weary way he lures me to and fro;
On narrow ledge and dizzy height he dares my wayworn feet
I would that I were back again to walk Old Friendship Street.

It’s there one knew the level road, the even grass-grown way;
My brain grew never wildered there, my feet might never stray;
But here I quarrel for the path with every soul I meet –
I would that I were back again to walk Old Friendship Street.

It’s here I find no gracious hand to close within my own,
But there one never raised a song to find he sang alone;
And always at a neighbour’s hearth were kindly glass and seat
I would that I were back again to walk Old Friendship Street.

I’m sick of awful depths and heights, I’m sick of storm and strife;
I’ll let love lead for bolder folk and take my ease in life.
I know whose voice will hail me first, whose welcoming be sweet
It’s I am going back again to walk Old Friendship Street.

Famous Friendship Poems

You may have numerous friends, but maintaining those friendships requires a lot of work. Let us honor one of the purest types of friendship with a few poems for your best friend. Here are some famous poems about friendship that we have compiled for you.

1. No Other Place I Would Be

       by Jim Thistle

I’ve a message to send, I’ll convey at the end,
In hopes, the intended is listening,
To a gift I’ve received, and have come to believe,
Is the piece in my life that was missing.

There’s a place in my heart, that I’ve set apart,
It’s a place, where no other shall be,
It belongs to a friend, a friend to the end,
And to which, only they hold the key.

I dreamed, someone would come, not knowing where from,
Or to whom, that someone might be,
With my head in my hands, I could not understand,
All the things, that were burdened on me.

Seeing no way to win, and about to give in,
It was plain, that the world didn’t care,
When I thought I was done, with nowhere to run,
I looked up, to find you standing there.

I knew nothing of love, till, the one I speak of,
So graciously, held out their hand,
And has shown me the way, to get through each day,
Who has faith, in the man I now am.

There is no room for doubt, how things would have turned out,
If you hadn’t been watching my back,
Always there with a hug, or a much needed shove,
When I’m hurting, or falling off track.

There’s no possible way, I could ever repay,
How I wish, there were more I could do,
But, I thank you my friend, my friend to the end,
And, I’m making this promise to you.

Wherever you are, be it near, be it far,
The first thing, you’re going to see,
If your world should grow colder, look over your shoulder,

2. We Have Been Friends Together

       by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

We have been friends together,
In sunshine and in shade;
Since first beneath the chestnut-trees
In infancy we played.
But coldness dwells within thy heart,
A cloud is on thy brow;
We have been friends together –
Shall a light word part us now?

We have been gay together;
We have laugh’d at little jests;
For the fount of hope was gushing
Warm and joyous in our breasts.
But laughter now hath fled thy lip,
And sullen glooms thy brow;
We have been gay together –
Shall a light word part us now?

We have been sad together,
We have wept, with bitter tears,
O’er the grass-grown graves, where slumber’d
The hopes of early years.
The voices which are silent there
Would bid thee clear thy brow;
We have been sad together –
Oh! what shall part us now?

3. A Friend

       by Mizscorpio

A friend like you is hard to find,
one that touches you deep inside.
You’ve given me strength to carry on,
you’ve offered your hand to hold on.
When times are tough, I know you’re there
to offer support and show you care.
If not for you, I would have drowned,
but you help keep me on solid ground.
I believe you were sent from the man above
because he knows the strength of your love.
You show that love in so many ways.
It helps me get through my darkest of days.
So for that, I write this poem for you
and tell you from my heart, THANK YOU!

4. Childhood Friends

       by Mindy Carpenter

As childhood friends, we grew up together,
Swearing to be friends forever and ever.
Sometimes we would argue and fight,
Other times we would laugh and stay up all night.

We went from playing with games and toys,
To talking and dreaming about different boys.
My thoughts and feelings, to you I would confide,
Never having anything to hide.

Friends we do remain,
Things changing, and things staying the same.
To each other we still listen and share,
About each other, we will always care.

5. If I Could Catch A Rainbow

       by Sandra Lewis Pringle

If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it, just for you,
And, share with you, its beauty, on the days you’re feeling blue.
If I could, I would build a mountain, you could call your very own.
A place to find serenity, a place just to be alone.

If I could, I would take your troubles, and toss them into the sea.
But, all these things, I’m finding, are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain, or catch a rainbow fair;
but, let me be, what I know best,
A Friend, who’s always there.

I promise to defend you, should the occasion ever rise,
And, I promise to wipe away the tears,
which might stream from your weeping eyes.

Let me be the trusted Friend, the one that you know best.
I will never leave you, on that, you can surely rest.

6. It Would Be Better

       by Eben E. Rexford

Oh, my friend, it would be better
If to those we love, we gave
Tender words while they were with us
Than to say them o’er a grave!

Many a heart is hungry, starving,
For a little word of love;
Speak it then, and as the sunshine
Gilds the lofty peaks above,

So the joy of those who hear it
Sends its radiance down life’s way,
And the world is brighter, better,
For the loving words we say.

Loving words will cost but little,
As along through life we go;
Let us, then, make others happy, —
If you love them, tell them so.

7. Fountain of Friendship

       by Hall L. Calhoun

Just a word of kindly greeting;
Just a thought of other’s care;
Just a word of love repeating;
How it lifts the load that’s there!

Just to know another’s thinking;
Just to feel another’s there;
Just to hope another’s drinking;
At the fountain of friendship fair.

This it is that sets us feeling;
This it is that cheers the soul;
This it is that comes revealing,
What is friendship’s real goal.

Let me then a kind word speak;
Let me cheer another’s heart;
Let me joy for others seek
As in life I take my part.

8. Together

       by Leandra Urbanek

We walk together, hand in hand.
We can go anywhere across the land.
We have much courage and so much pride
As we walk together, side by side.

We walk together without any fear,
Whatever direction we may steer.
With strength so strong, there is no defeat
With anyone that we may meet.

We have it all; we are the best.
Together we beat all the rest.
Your loss in my heart would not mend.
Everyone needs someone like you, a special friend.

9. Our Friendship

       by Rogelio Morados

I met you as a stranger, then took you as my friend.
Our friendship is something that will never end.
When I was in darkness that needed some light,
You came to me and hugged me tight.

You took my hands and dried my tears.
You woke me up to end my fears.
You took my hand and made me see
That God has a special plan for me.

You helped me laugh
When I was sad.
You made me tough
When I felt bad.

Our friendship made me see the light.
Our friendship showed to me what was right.
I hope our friendship will never bend.
I hope our friendship will never end.

10. A Real Friend

       by Pilpay

Honest men esteem and value nothing so much
in this world as a real friend.
Such a one is as it were another self,
to whom we impart our most secret thoughts,
who partakes of our joy, and
comforts us in our affliction;
add to this, that his company is
an everlasting pleasure to.

Short Friendship Poems

Friendship is one of the most wonderful parts of human existence, and it is unaffected by time, age, distance, or social standing. Many short best friend poems honor the unique link you have with your loved one. Here are some of those short poems about friendship.

1. A Friend For Life

       by Julie Hebert

A friend for life, is someone who,
Gives all they can, and is true to you.
A friend for life, is someone with,
A brain for knowledge, and knows every myth.

A friend for life, is someone who likes,
All the same things, like me and my yikes.
A friend for life, is someone who,
Will always be there, for me and you.

2. Smile

       by Jessica R. Dillinger

If you’re feeling down; turn your frown upside down.
Put a smile on your face; take the world in your embrace.

Ask for a little help from the man up above.
And remember you have your best friend’s love.

3. I Can Be a Pal

       by Kristen Smith

I can be a pal by smiling at you.
I can be a pal when you feel blue.
I can be a pal who is honest and kind.
I can be a pal when you’re in a bind.
I can be a pal by saying please and thank you.
I can be a pal when no one wants to.
I can be a pal every single day.
I can be a pal; what do you say?

4. My friend

       by Robert Burns

O could I give thee India’s wealth,
As I this trifle send;
Because thy joy in both would be
To share them with a friend.

But golden sands did never grace
The Heliconian stream;
Then take what gold could never buy—
An honest bard’s esteem.

5. Friendship is a network

       by Meraj

Friendship is a network
that needs:
no recharge!
no charging!
No roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don’t switch off your heart!

6. A Friend

       by Zoe Gonzales

A friend is like a shade tree
Beside a summer way
A friend is like the sunshine
That makes a perfect day,
A friend is like a flower
That’s worn close to the heart,
A friend is like a treasure
With which one will not part.

7. Care And Happiness

       by Shishir

You came as a ray of light,
Made my life cheerful and bright,
Showering your affection over me
So that my face was full of glee.
Taking away my complete loneliness
And giving me back all the happiness
With a Midas touch of your care
To keep me away from despair.
I’ll never leave you midway,
And tales of our bond people will say.

8. Thy Friendship

       by Eloise A. Skimings

Thy friendship like magic is nectar to me,
Distilled from the fountains of love;
May thy life a garden of beauty be.
In the beautiful land above.

9. Hearts Thrive

       by J. G. Holland

Hearts only thrive on varied good;
And he who gathers from a host
Of friendly hearts his daily food;
Is the best friend that we can boast.

10. God Bless Thee Friend

       by Eloise A. Skimings

Tis sweet to feel friendship’s warm glow,
When sorrow’s tears from sad eyes flow;
When hearts with wounds are pierced by care
God bless thee friend, my earnest prayer.

Funny Friendship Poems

Words alone will not serve to express your sentiments to a friend. Poetry is a literary genre that effectively portrays sentiments, and it serves this aim well! Any of these funny poems for best friend may be used to demonstrate how much you value your friends. ‎

1. A Bottle And Friend

       by Robert Burns

There’s nane that’s blest of human kind,
But the cheerful and the gay, man,
Fal, la, la, &c.

Here’s a bottle and an honest friend!
What wad ye wish for mair, man?
Wha kens, before his life may end,
What his share may be o’ care, man?

Then catch the moments as they fly,
And use them as ye ought, man:
Believe me, happiness is shy,
And comes not aye when sought, man.

2. Friends

       by Arthur Vaso

They love you
When you defend them
They run
When you need a helping hand

Real ones are there in total silence
Called the silent ones
To massage the pain
Of a wounded soul
They were there long ago
They are there now in the snow
Holding hands
Never letting go

Wiping tears
Striking fears
Praying for good cheer
Please me lord
Serve me one more beer

3. Friends

       by Amber Meli

We are all friends
Sitting around the fire,
Passing the weed
Tellin’ stories we admire.

Nothing was wrong,
It all seemed right,
Laughing and smoking
Until the night turned bright.

We did not want to sleep,
We did not want to leave,
This moment will live on forever,
Getting high on New Year’s Eve.

4. Friendship Rules

       by Anonymous

Being with you is surely fun,
But you know I am the number one
It is because of me that this friendship is nice
It is because I can act so wise
Because you are a little dumb,
Ok I think now I would act numb,
Because you will shout,
Hey just kidding
You are my bestie!

5. Best Friends

       by Alex

I promise to love you
When your jokes are not funny.
I promise to love you
When you have no money.

I promise to love you
When you’re sick and all snotty.
I promise to love you
When you’re angry and grotty.

I promise to love you
When you’re drunk and unruly.
I promise to love you
When you’re hung over and drooly.

And I promise to love you
When you drive me ’round the bend.
I promise to love you
Because you are my best friend!

6. Three Friends

       by Richard Moriarty

a frog and a mouse
went for a ride
went along side by side
down the road they rode to see
until they got to the big oak tree
sat in the shade
all day they did
until they met a new katydid
a frog and a mouse went for a ride
joined by a katydid who rode by their side
sang to a tune the katydid knew
out of the trees the birds flew
no one seemed to really understand
the friendship of this merry band

7. We Need Each Other

       by Abby Curtis

To see you upset and wanting to cry
makes me wanna die.
You’re always there for me;
now I have to be there for you.
If I were a bee, you’d be the honey.
I’m the grass and you’re the bunny.
I need you and you need me.
When I don’t see you,
my heart is goo.
When my heart breaks,
you’re the glue
that fixes the damage.
When I’m with you I’m on the edge,
the edge of glory.
You’re the key to my joy.
If somebody treats you like a toy,
I’d help you,
and you’d help me.
We’ll be friends
till the end.

8. My Friends Screen

       by Sara Kendrick

Head hanging off couch waiting to be fed
Things take on new perspective looking up
‘Twas noon bored to tears just lying in bed
Had to have some coke and ice in my big cup

Coke and chips are good to give me the strength
They are always here even though wish were
Not, they will be gone away at some length
Character traits say we can depend on her

Recycled teen can now visit friend
Get to station_for heard in distance train
Recycled teen now has fun is that plain
First of life was hard_life is better at the end

9. Poem For A Friend

       by Maurice Boland

If I could write a poem,
I would write it just for you.
But I cannot write a poem,
So what am I to do?

If I could write a poem,
I would tell you lots of things,
Of love and happiness
and the joy your friendship brings.

But I cannot write a poem,
So you will never know
Just how much I love you,
And now I have to go!

10. Friendship Limerick

       by Steve Mckee

If a person would have several friends,
here’s the thing upon which it depends;
are you willing to share
when there isn’t much there
and burn up your day from both ends.

Beautiful Friendship Poems

Let us now take a look at some beautiful poems about friendship. You no longer have to make an effort to find words to show your appreciation and gratitude to your valued friends for the part they play in your life, thanks to these cute poems for friends. ‎

1. To My Treasured Friend

       by Alora M. Knight

Though there is gold up in the mountains,
Lovely pearls deep in the sea,
Those treasures do not mean as much
As your friendship means to me.
While diamonds may be beautiful,
And worth a lot of money,
They cannot give a warm embrace
Or share jokes we think are funny.
I know it’s true some people
Will collect much priceless art,
Yet I have never seen a picture
That showed me a loving heart.
So I don’t need to spend a fortune
To have what means the most to me.
Knowing that I have had your friendship
Will be a treasured memory.

2. Best Friend

       by Roy Croft

I love you not only for what you are,
but for what I am when I am with you.
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself,
but for what you are making of me.

I love you because you have done more than any creed
could have done to make me good, and more than any
fate could have done to make me happy.
You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign.

You have done it by being yourself.
Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.

3. My True Friend

       by Abimbola T. Alabi

You always answer when I call
And help me up if I should fall,
But you never complain at all,
My true friend.

You confront me when I am wrong
But will never scold me for long,
Instead, you try to keep me strong,
My true friend.

You know the funny things to say
To make me laugh my fears away.
Like the sun, you brighten my day,
My true friend.

You see in me gifts I deny
And urge me to give things a try.
You spread for me my wings to fly,
My true friend.

You always perceive what I need
And offer it before I plead.
Just like a book, my mind you read,
My true friend.

You value little things I do
But won’t brag of what you do too.
How can I ever repay you,
My true friend?

And greatest of all I have found
When times are tough and I’m down,
You are the one who sticks around,
My true friend.

4. You Will Always Be My Friend

       by Dharvi Shah

You were my best friend.
We did everything with each other.
We shared every tear
And felt each other’s fear.
You listened to all that I said
And never complained.
You truely understood me
And always knew what to say.
But somewhere along the road
We drifted miles apart.
It broke my heart
And made me cry.
Suddenly we were two different people with nothing the same,
But neither of us could be blamed.
It was like having a lock without its key,
A shoe without its lace.
You made new friends
And fortunately so did I.
But that could not mend my heart.
The grief of losing you tore me apart.
Things do change,
But they do not need to end.
We both have changed,
But you will always be my friend.

5. Loves You No Matter What

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Who is that friend that loves you, no matters what
They would run through the mud, jump over a hut
Just to be with you
They love you, no matter what you do.

They say they are man’s best friend
They will stand by your side to the end
They are always loyal and will protect you so
Doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow.

So by now, you have figured out
And you may want to shout
A dog is man’s best friend,
One who will stand with us to the end!

6. Best A Friend Can Be

       by Lucy Larcom

What is the best a friend can be
To any soul, to you or me?
Not only shelter, comfort, rest –
Inmost refreshment unexpressed;
Not only a beloved guide
To thread life’s labyrinth at our side,
Or with love’s torch lead on before;
Though these be much, there yet is more.

The best friend is an atmosphere
Warm with all inspirations dear,
Wherein we breathe the large, free breath
Of life that hath no taint of death.
Our friend is an unconscious part
Of every true beat of our heart;
A strength, a growth, whence we derive
God’s health that keeps the world alive.

7. Poem About A Friend

       by Marilyn H. White

Accepts you as you are
Believes in you
Calls you just to say Hi
Doesn’t give up on you.
Envisions the whole of you even the unfinished parts.
Forgives your mistakes
Gives unconditionally
Helps you
Invites you over
Just be with you
Keeps you close at Heart
Loves you for who you are
Makes a difference in your life
Never Judges
Offers Support
Picks you up
Quiets your fears
Raises your spirits.
Says nice things about you
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it
Understands You
Values You.
Walks beside you
Explains things you don’t understand
Yells when you won’t listen and
Zaps you back to reality.

8. My Best Friend, My Soul Mate

       by Mahnoor Awan

Best friends are forever.
I think of you
And all the days we have spent together.
You are my best friend, my soul mate,
And I know you will always be there until the end.

Your shoulder to cry on will always be there
Whenever there is something wrong.
When times are tough, you are always there;
It shows me your love and care.

Although we are going in separate ways,
You will always remain in my heart.
None in this world can see
How special you are to me.
You are my strength, you are my power,
My best friend, my soul mate.

I always dreamed of a friend like you,
And when I found you, it was like a dream come true.
You understand the worst side of me,
That no one can ever see.
You are the best person I’ve ever known,
My best friend, my soul mate.

It is always that
Together we party and together we cry.
We keep our every secret
And cover each lie
‘Cause we are best friends till the day we die.

The friend like you is hard to find.
You were always there when no one cared.
We have been through good and bad times,
And you always made me laugh when I was sad,
My best friend, my soul mate.

Best friends are like flowers, like a rose,
Or like a ghost whose spirit never dies.
You are always behind me whenever times are tough,
My best friend, my soul mate.

You are like a ray of sunshine,
Always present with me whenever the world as dark.
You have guided me through bad times,
Wiped away my tears,
My best friend, my soul mate.

We are like two bodies and one soul.
You are the best person among rest.
Our time together is passing day by day,
But now until the very end,
You will always be my best friend,
My best friend, my soul mate.

9. The Aged Friend

       by Browning

For life, with all its yields of joy and woe
And hope and fear – believe the aged friend –
Is just our chance o’ the prize of learning love;
How love might be, hath been indeed, and is;
And that we hold henceforth to the uttermost
Such prize despite the envy of the world.
And having gained truth, keep truth, that is all.

10. A friend is a person

       by Renee donna Bufete

A friend is a person
to laugh and cry with,
An inspiration,
Someone who lends a helping hand,
though friends may not be forever,
And they may not end up together,
the memories of a true friendship will
last forever.
A friend is not a shadow nor a servant
But someone who hold
a piece of a person in his heart.
Someone who shares a smile,
Someone who brightens up your day
What makes a person a friend?
Is by saying your Love will stay.

True Friendship Poems

One of life’s greatest gifts is friendship. True friends are always there to make you laugh when you’re sad, they’re not afraid to assist you avoid mistakes, and they’re constantly looking out for your best interests. Here are some true friendship poems that will help you express your love for them.

1. I Am Always There – You’re Never Alone

       by Ashley Becker

When you’re feeling down and blue,
And life is being cruel to you,
Just remember you’re not on your own.
I’m always there; you’re never alone.
You might not be able to see my face,
As hard as you look around the place,
But close your eyes and think of me,
And before you know it, there will be me.
Keep me in the midst of your mind,
And life will seem easier, I think you’ll find,
So when life gets too dark to bear,
Just close your eyes and I will be there.

2. True Friends

       by Emily

Best friends stick together till the end.
They are like a straight line that will not bend.

They trust each other forever,
No matter if you’re apart or together.

They can be your hero and save the day.
They will never leave your side; they are here to stay.

They help you up when you fall.
Your true friends are best of all.

3. A Friend

       by Jodi L. Landes

A friend is someone who will always be there.
A friend is someone who will always care
When you’re feeling happy or sad,
Sometimes even when you’re mad.
A friend will lend a shoulder or loan their ear,
Because to a friend, you are very dear.
A friend will be there in all your days.
A friend is someone who doesn’t stray.
In laughs and tears,
A friend shares in your life throughout the years.
When things don’t seem like they’re going right,
A friend will be there to reassure in the darkest night.
When you feel like you’re falling apart,
A friend will come to you and help heal your heart.
A friend is someone who will lend a hand
While you lie in confusion or just don’t understand.
A friend shows you the way right from the start.
A friend is someone from whom you never want to part.
So, thank you for all that you do.
It’s a blessing to have a friend like you.

4. We Have Been Friends Together

       by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

We have been friends together,
In sunshine and in shade;
Since first beneath the chestnut-trees
In infancy we played.
But coldness dwells within thy heart,
A cloud is on thy brow;
We have been friends together –
Shall a light word part us now?

We have been gay together;
We have laugh’d at little jests;
For the fount of hope was gushing
Warm and joyous in our breasts.
But laughter now hath fled thy lip,
And sullen glooms thy brow;
We have been gay together –
Shall a light word part us now?

We have been sad together,
We have wept, with bitter tears,
O’er the grass-grown graves, where slumber’d
The hopes of early years.
The voices which are silent there
Would bid thee clear thy brow;
We have been sad together –
Oh! what shall part us now?

5. My Best Friend

       by Sheri Goodwin

I’m not sure when it happened
But I’m very glad it did
You came into my life when
I really needed a friend.

The more I get to know you
The more I know myself
And this is why I’m thankful
For you are just yourself.

You and I are different
And in many ways the same
Your good ear, compassionate heart
Will always find you fame.

I promise to always be here
Forever and to the end
You are the true definition of
My Very Best Friend!

6. True Friendship

       by Samantha Sumler

True friends are for life
Until the end
They’re more than special
They’re your bestest friends.

They’re the ones you can go to
When you’re in despair
The ones that’ll help you
Even when you got gum in your hair!

They’re the ones who’ll laugh
And go laughing with you all through the night
The ones who’ll help you
Help you with all their might

To have a good friend
You have to be one
So be nice to one another
So you can be friends forever
And that’s how to be the best friend you can be.

7. Forever Friends

       by Jacklyn N. Hayes

Words could never tell you
How important you’ll always be.
Just little things that you do
That are especially meant for me.
You always seem to remember
All the things to do.
That makes friends last forever
And share a bond so true.
I’m so glad God gave to me
Someone just like you.
He knew that you would be
One of the chosen few!

8. Best Friends

       by Sandy Maloof

Friendship is one that
Relies on trust,
Instilled between two people
Eager to share their ups and downs,
Naturally giving way to
Deep conversations of
Soul stretching depths and
Harboring feelings that can only be shared
Intimately with a close,
Personal friend.

9. Around Your Heart

       by Greta Zwaan

Friendship curls around your heart and joy replaces gloom,
It gives your life a sense of peace and calm.
It soothes the troubled mind where anxiety has ruled,
It comforts like a soothing, healing balm.

The curtain of despair that has threatened to devour
The very peace you tried so hard to find,
That has put your life on pause and subjected you to pain,
And has claimed each corner of your troubled mind.

Seems less painful when it’s shared with a friend who knows your heart,
On whose shoulder you can shed your many tears.
Who will never reprimand and repeat what you have said,
Who will help to heal your hurts and deepest fears.

10. What Friendship Means

       by Tracie Labauve

Friendship means being there just to be there.
Friendship means listening and not asking questions.
Friendship means lending your shoulder for someone to cry on.
Friendship means being comfortable around each other in silence.
Friendship means being able to tell each other anything and understanding without questions.
Friendship means being honest with each other no matter what the cost.
Friendship means staying up all night and talking about nothing.
Friendship means being able to say I love you!
Friendship means forgiving each other no matter what you have done.
Friendship means learning from each other’s mistakes.
Friendship means me and you.
This is the way I look at you, my friend, and I love you!

Special Friendship Poems

Friends are unique individuals, whom we think of with passion and love, as these special friendship poems remind us. With a warm and affectionate friendship poetry, you may express your feelings for them. ‎

1. Through Thick And Thin

       by Annie Hall

I could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive.
I could be in a car crash and still be alive.
The clouds could fall out of the sky.
The oceans could disappear and all turn dry.

These things in life are all bad, I know,
but there’s far worse things, just thought you should know.

Life would not be the same without someone like you.
You’re there when I need you to help me through.
Through the good times and through the bad,
Be them happy or be them sad.

I don’t have to be with you to know you’re there.
We don’t have to see each other to know that we care.
We could be apart for years upon end
and still remain the best of friends.

Life goes on, and people change,
And through it all, our friendship shall remain the same.
That’s such as life and how things come to be.
Just thought you should know how much you mean to me!

2. To an Old Friend

       by Edgar A. Guest

When we have lived our little lives and wandered all their byways through,
When we’ve seen all that we shall see and finished all that we must do,
When we shall take one backward look off yonder where our journey ends,
I pray that you shall be as glad as I shall be that we were friends.

Time was we started out to find the treasures and the joys of life;
We sought them in the land of gold through many days of bitter strife.
When we were young we yearned for fame; in search of joy we went afar,
Only to learn how very cold and distant all the strangers are.

When we have met all we shall meet and know what destiny has planned,
I shall rejoice in that last hour that I have known your friendly hand;
I shall go singing down the way off yonder as my sun descends
As one who’s had a happy life, made glorious by the best of friends.

3. O, My Friend

       by Edgar Lee Masters

O, my friend,
What fitting word can I say?

You, my chum,
My companion of infinite talks,

My inspiration,
My guide,

Through whom I saw myself at best;
You, the light of this western country.

You, a great richness.
A glory,

A charm,
Product and treasure of these States.

4. Because you are my friend

       by Joanna Fuchs

Because you are my friend,
my life is enriched in a myriad of ways.
Like a cool breeze on a sweltering day,
like a ray of sunshine parting glowering clouds,
you lift me up.
In good times, we soar,
like weightless balloons
over neon rainbows.
In bad times, you are soothing balm
for my pummeled soul.
I learn so much from you;
you help me see old things in new ways.
I wonder if you are aware
of the bright seeds you are sowing in me.
I’m a better person for knowing you,
so that everyone I interact with
is touched by your good effect on me.
You relax me, refresh me, renew me.
Your bounteous heart envelops me
in joy and love and peace.
May your life be filled
with dazzling blessings,
just as I am blessed
by being your friend.

5. My Godlike friend

       by Robert Burns

My godlike friend—nay, do not stare,
You think the phrase is odd-like;
But God is love, the saints declare,
Then surely thou art god-like.

And is thy ardour still the same?
And kindled still at Anna?
Others may boast a partial flame,
But thou art a volcano!

Ev’n Wedlock asks not love beyond
Death’s tie-dissolving portal;
But thou, omnipotently fond,
May’st promise love immortal!

Thy wounds such healing powers defy,
Such symptoms dire attend them,
That last great antihectic try—
Marriage perhaps may mend them.

Sweet Anna has an air—a grace,
Divine, magnetic, touching:
She talks, she charms—but who can trace
The process of bewitching?

6. A Best Friend

       by Renee Duvall

A best friend
is always there,
whether you need advice,
or a pep talk,
or even a shoulder to cry on.
A best friend
listens with her heart
and is always honest with you,
even though the truth
may not be
what you want to hear.
A best friend
knows all your secrets,
understands your fears
shares your dreams.
A best friend
never stops believing in you
even if you give up
on yourself.
you are
that kind of friend
to me.
And no matter what happens,
you always will be.
You are my best friend….
my forever friend.

7. Upon The Sand

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

All love that has not friendship for its base,
Is like a mansion built upon the sand.
Though brave its walls as any in the land,
And its tall turrets lift their heads in grace;
Though skillful and accomplished artists trace
Most beautiful designs on every hand,
And gleaming statues in dim niches stand,
And fountains play in some flow’r-hidden place,
Yet, when from the frowning east a sudden gust
Of adverse fate is blown, or sad rains fall
Day in, day out, against its yielding wall,
Lo ! the fair structure crumbles to the dust.
Love, to endure life’s sorrow and earth’s woe,
Needs friendship’s solid mason-work below.

8. If I Could Make A Friend

       by Anonymous

If I today a friend could find
Amid the labor and the stress.
Some toiling brother, kindred mind.
Some hand to clasp in tenderness,
It would not matter what reward
The hours had brought me on the way
If I could say, “I thank Thee Lord –
I know I made a friend today.”

9. The Heart Of Friendship

       by Anonymous

Here’s to the heart of friendship, tried and true,
That laughs with us when joys our pathway strew;
And kneels with us when sorrow, like a pall.
Enshrouds our stricken souls; then smiles through all
The midnight gloom with more than human faith.
Here’s to the love that seeks not self, and hath
No censure for our frailty, but doth woo.
By gentle arts, our spirits back into
The way of truth; then sheds upon our lives
A radiance that all things else survives.

10. Friendship

       by Leonora Milliken Boss

We often meet in walks of life.
Those who are strange of face;
But they oftimes in passing,
Have left the faintest trace

Of something we can hardly name,
But, still, must own it’s there;
A something that in passing,
Has left our lives more fair.

And may there not, in meeting here,
Within this forest grand,
A friendship been cemented,
A friendship that will stand.

We meet, we part, we know not how,
Or when again we’ll meet.
But there is, in forest friendship,
A something rare and sweet.

And may it be in after years,
These days you’ll each recall,
And linger then with fondness
On the crowning scene of all.

The forest; with its stately trees,
So large and straight and grand,
A monument to friendship,
For in unity they stand.

Not a chord that is not vibrant
With harmony supreme;
Take them ever for your guidance.
Then you’ll know what friendship means.

Deep Friendship Poems

It is not usually the extended chat that expresses the most profound emotions. Longer styles of communication may appear repetitive and lacking in profundity at times. Choosing the best deep friendship poems in a concise form may just do the trick. So here are a few poems for you to enjoy. ‎

1. A Philia Love

       by Joann Foley

You have a gentle heart and a caring soul.
You use affectionate words in order to extol.
You are a true treasure encased in my heart,
A bond so strong, it will never depart.

You easily bring out a piece of me
That proves so difficult for others to see.
You lift my spirits and fade my tears.
You give me a friendship that withstands and perseveres.

We are individuals who don’t want to do it alone,
So we use laughter and kindness as our cornerstone.
We support one another to grow separately,
While nurturing our friendship ever so tenderly.

I could not have imagined what you would mean to me
When our friendship was new,
But now I can honestly say I’d be completely
Lost without you.

I invite you to search my heart so you can find
A philia love for you that is pure and divine.
A gift to my heart you will always be.
My companionship is forever yours; that I guarantee.

2. A Smile

       by Malak Meleka

When someone’s having a bad day,
A smile could go a long way,
So make sure to put one on
And keep it until the day is gone.
You don’t know what this deed
Could do for a friend in need.
It might save them from the pain
Of a sadness they cannot contain.
Don’t ask what a smile can do
Because I’m sure it once helped you.

3. Friend

       by Renee donna Bufete

A friend is a person
to laugh and cry with,
An inspiration,
Someone who lends a helping hand,
though friends may not be forever,
And they may not end up together,
the memories of a true friendship will
last forever.
A friend is not a shadow nor a servant
But someone who hold
a piece of a person in his heart.
Someone who shares a smile,
Someone who brightens up your day
What makes a person a friend?
Is by saying your Love will stay.

4. Ode To Friendships

       by Kayla Rae Pich


They’re the few people who accept silence over conversation.
A relationship like this denies silly promises and persuasion.

You don’t feel the need to second guess thoughts or measure words.
Their love comes in wholes, not halves, not thirds.

They’re the ones that guide you through when fate takes a turn.
Fights, small and large, end in forgiveness, never a burn.

You forget about first impressions and the feelings they brought.
You’re grateful for who they are and you forgive ’em for what they’re not.

5. To Me, Fair Friend, You Never Can Be Old

       by William Shakespeare

To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I ey’d,
Such seems your beauty still. Three winters cold,
Have from the forests shook three summers’ pride,

Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turn’d,
In process of the seasons have I seen,
Three April perfumes in three hot Junes burn’d,
Since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.

Ah! yet doth beauty like a dial-hand,
Steal from his figure, and no pace perceiv’d;
So your sweet hue, which methinks still doth stand,
Hath motion, and mine eye may be deceiv’d:

For fear of which, hear this thou age unbred:
Ere you were born was beauty’s summer dead.

6. Thank You My Friend

       by Catherine Pulsifer

I don’t say it often enough
Maybe because I think I’m tough
But this thank you is long overdue
You are a great friend and I appreciate you!

We have had some wonderful times
Times I wouldn’t trade for a million dimes
And then there have been times that are challenging too
But I could always depend on you.

So, my friend, I just want to say
Thank you, in every way
For being my friend each and every day
You are the best, you’re more than okay!

7. A Life Treasure, A Friend

       by Catherine Pulsifer

A life treasure to me
Is my old friend indeed
They have been around
While others have gone underground.

That old friend is dependable
There is no one comparable
Through good times and bad
During the happy and the sad.

Memories that will be with me
Of old friends and being happy
Cherished times we have shared
Always with love and care.

But we should not forget
Nor should we regret
Making new friends also
Start by saying hello.

As new friends become old friends
With time passing by, one tends
To realize that new or old
Friends are truly gold!

8. Worthy Of My Friends

       by Frank Dempster Sherman

It is my joy in life to find
At every turning of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind
To help me onward with my load:
And since I have no gold to give,
And love alone must make amends,
My only prayer is, while I live, —
God make me worthy of my friends!

9. Friends

       by S. E. Kiser

Not he that counts my errors;
Not he that holds me back
With doubting words to show me
Wherein and how I lack;
Not he that sees my failings;
And, seeing them, is free
To take my measure by them —
He’s not the friend for me.

But he that learns my virtues,
Who takes me at my best;
Who notes my greater failings
And overlooks the rest;
Who, after I have striven
And have not failed, is free
With words of commendation —
He is the friend for me.

He that forever warns me
Of dangers in my way.
Who doubts my strength to meet them
And ever bids me stay,
May truly seek to shield me.
May wish me well, but he
Whose faith is inspiration —
He is the friend for me.

10. Friendship

       by JANET P. ROSARIO

To look into your eyes is a blessing
To me.
To be able to say anything with a single
Smile is more than words.
Within our hearts we hold a friendship
Dear to only us.
Outsiders try to peek in just to find
Out what we share and how it works.
But we hold onto it with all we have,
For it’s all we have that belongs to
Both you and I.
As time passes on I can only hope and
Pray that God blesses you in every way
For you have become a special person to me in so little time.
Time shared between two good friends,
Who can enjoy one another in so many
Ways and still know that when in need
We can turn to one another.

Friendship Poems for a Girl

These passionate and lovely words strung together in the shape of friendship poems for a girl may do the job just as well as presents, flowers, and chocolates. Read for fun and send these timeless, heartwarming friendship poetry to brighten your girl friend’s day. ‎

1. Friends

       by Anonymous

Friends come in many shapes and sizes
They can be a sister or a mother
We cherish them all the same
We love them like no other
We share the laughter and the tears
Together through the ups and downs that come
A friend makes us realize
That two are better than one!

2. Thank You For Your Friendship And Your Love

       by Nicholas Gordon

Thank you for your friendship and your love.
However life may turn, this gift will be
A mountain that has made my river bend,
Nor will it flow the same way to the sea.
Knowing you is some thing I’m made of.
Years will not this part of me remove.
One lives for just a brief eternity,
Understanding truths that never end.

3. You Were There

       by Emily Robinson

When tears fell from my eyes,
you were there to brush them away.
When I was lost in confusion,
you were there to say that everything would be okay.
When I stood before you falling apart,
you were there to lend your heart.
When I felt like no one could understand,
you were there to take my hand.
When no one else was left to care,
you were there.

4. A Friend

       by Anonymous

A friend is that special someone whom we can always turn to
When we need someone who can lift our spirits and make us smile
Someone whom we truly treasure can be called a friend
And the friendship is a cherished gift.
Friends can fill up our life with all the joy and beauty in the world.
And can make this world a more beautiful place, where everyone is happy.
So treasure your friends and keep them close.
They are the ones who will be by your side when the world’s not.
Friendships are priceless, so always value them as much as you can.

5. Best Friends Forever

       by Taralyn Southam

Every time I trusted someone, it blew up in my face,
for I have no grace.
But I’ve found my one true sound.
The one girl who I care for will be just fine
when I’d put my life on the line.
I tell you everything because I know I can,
and I’d never lie, you see.
We are just teens as we grow,
and it means so much to me that you know I will keep every secret,
so let go.
I would never ever hurt you with cruel intention,
for I love you,
my darling friend,
hopefully forever and always.
I wish us to always have an amazing blazing friendship.
Who knew two girls so close could be so very different,
and yet we already met.
I liked when our long conversations grew,
because I felt so strong when I depended on you.
I wish I could say “best friends forever”
and let it be true,
because I feel as though it’s you.

6. How Blessed I Am

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Don’t think a day goes by
When I stop and realize
How blessed I am
To have a friend like you

I appreciate your kindness
Your listening ear
When I tell you of my fears
You listen, you hear.

Appreciation for another
Especially like you, no other
Thanks my friend for always being there
Appreciation I do share!

7. A Friend

       by W. S. Landor

In the hour of distress and misery the eye of
every mortal turns to friendship;
in the hour of gladness and conviviality,
what is your want? It is friendship.
When the heart overflows with gratitude,
or with any other sweet and sacred sentiment,
what is the word to which it would give utterance?
A friend.

8. Friendship

       by Edgar A. Guest

How sweet it is when skies are gray,
And hope is slipping from your heart,
To have a friend come up and say:
“Cheer up, old man, I’ll take your part.”

When o’er the threshold of your home
Death’s angel stalks and claims your bride;
How sweet it is within the gloam,
To know a friend is at your side.

But when your life is bright and gay,
And you are basking in success;
‘Tis sweeter far to turn that day
To aid some brother in distress.

9. Welcome My Friend

       by Anonymous

The world is filled
With all too few
Wonderful people
Like YOU!

My door is always open
You are always welcome here
Our friendship is golden
You, my friend, are so dear!

10. Best Friends

       by Merrie E. Lally

You inspire me to be a better person.
When I dream, you applaud.
When I cry, you listen.
You find the right tools and
Provide the knowledge to use them.
I feel closer to you than to anyone.
I can tell you anything and you can do the same.
We think alike in a lot of ways; that’s why you are my best friend.
I hold you close to my heart, closer than anyone.
I think of you when I’m about to make a decision and laugh – thinking of what you would say.
I’ve never laughed so much with any other friend in my life.
Girl, only you and I could find the same things funny.
Two different women, one great friendship.

Friendship Poems for Kids

There are innumerable beautiful poems on the topic of friendship penned by some of the world’s most recognized and respected poets, so compiling this selection of friendship poems for kids was not simple. I attempted to choose ones that illustrate the numerous facets of having and being a friend.

1. The Best of Friends

       by S. Jill Wolf

The best of friends
Can change a frown,
Into a smile,
when you feel down.
The best of friends,
Will understand
Your little trials,
And lend a hand.
The best of friends,
Will always share,
Your secret dreams,
Because they care.
The best of friends,
Worth more than gold,
Give all the love,
A heart can hold.

2. With a Friend

       by Vivian Gould

I can talk with a friend
and walk with a friend
and share my umbrella
in the rain.

I can play with a friend
and stay with a friend
and learn with a friend
and explain.

I can eat with a friend
and compete with a friend
and even sometimes

I can ride with a friend
and take pride with a friend.
A friend can mean
so much to me!

3. Why God Gave Us Friends

       by Gerry Mark

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they need someone kind.
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we’ll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.

That’s Why GOD Gave Us Friends!

4. Let’s Be Friends

       by Christine Corona

Would you like to be my friend?
That would be so fine!
We’ll run around in your backyard
And then we’ll play in mine.
We’ll walk to school together.
And share our lunches too.
Oh, what a lucky kid I am
To have a friend like you!

5. The Cake of Friendship

       by Michelle Flores

Preheat the oven of love
With plenty of secrets and hugs
Mix in giggles and laughs
That make your sides split in half
Bake with the love and care
And all the things you both should share
Decorate with the frosting of trust
This is really a must
Enjoy the cake do not eat it fast
Just like your new friendship make it last.

6. New Friends and Old Friends

       by Joseph Parry

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test-
Time and change- are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray;
Friendship never knows decay.
For ‘mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more, we, our youth, renew.
But old friends, alas! May die;
New friends must their place supply.
Cherish friendship in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.

7. Friendship: One of God’s Greatest Gifts

       by Lauren Manning

I was the young age of three,
and oh, so very small.
I knew almost nothing,
nothing at all.

When I saw a cute little girl
shaking with fear,
all alone in the corner
with her eyes full of tears,

I thought to myself,
I’ll go be her friend.
So I went over to her
and touched her sweet little hand.

I said to my new friend,
“Do you want to play?”
My new friend said, “Yes,”
and her tears went away.

It’s been fifteen years now,
and our friendship’s still strong.
I can hardly believe
We’ve been best friends this long.

As I went to her that day,
I was the angel to be.
How could I have known
that God sent her to me?

But angels need two wings
if they don’t want to sit and just rest,
so God combined both our wings
to show us we’re blessed.

We can’t thank him enough
for his gift of kindness and love.
We are both each other’s angels
sent from heaven above!

8. A Golden Chain

       by Helen Steiner Rice

Friendship is a Golden Chain,
The links are friends so dear,
And like a rare and precious jewel
It’s treasured more each year…
It’s clasped together firmly
With a love that’s deep and true,
And it’s rich with happy memories and fond recollections, too…
Time can’t destroy its beauty
For as long as memory lives,
Years can’t erase the pleasure
That the joy of friendship gives…
For friendship is a priceless gift
That can’t be bought or sold,
But to have an understanding friend
Is worth far more than gold…
And the Golden Chain of Friendship
Is a strong and blessed tie
Binding kindred hearts together
As the years go passing by.

9. A Letter To An Old Friend

       by Taleshia K Glover

Childhood friends? I hope we still are.
Years have put space between us and now you seem so far.
Childhood promises never seem to stick.
Best friends forever is an old classic.
What would happen in the future
We were not aware.
Who could forget that one special person who was always there?
The arms into which you fall.
The one to which you crawl.
No more playing in the back yard.
Growing up sure makes being friends hard.
From kids to teenagers we have grown so much.
I wonder how such good friends seem to lose touch.
Maybe destiny will hopefully let us meet again.
Until then this is a letter to an old friend.

10. Forever Friends

       by Amber S. Pence

The friendship we have is so rare to find.
We hate to see each other in a bind.
We have made each other laugh so hard we’ve cried.
We feel each other’s pain if we are hurt inside.
We always can find the right words to say
To help us get through any dreadful day.
We have told our darkest secrets with feeling no shame,
We will tell each other the truth, even if we are to blame.
Thinking of you not being here makes me feel so sad.
We will have to look back on our crazy memories to make us glad.
The miles between us can’t keep us apart,
Because we will keep each other close at heart.

Final Thoughts on Friendship Poems

Thank you for taking the time to read the friendship poems that we shared with you. Although we’ve said it before, it bears repeating: making friends is only half the battle. The more difficult aspect is retaining your friends and, more crucially, assisting your friendships to soar to new heights every day.

We hope you can use one of the above friendship poems to keep those great friends by your side for the rest of your life.

While love seems to dominate both ancient and modern poetry, friendship has always been a popular issue for poets to consider. Friendship is an important element of life; after all, where would we be if we didn’t have somebody to lean on in difficult times and cheer us on when things are going well? Friends are there for us when we are down.

The friends forever poems we shared with you remind us how vital it is to cultivate our connections with those around us. Some of these poems for friendship are joyful celebrations of friendship, whereas others aim to remind us how gloomy the world would be without them.

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