100 Sweet Good Night Poems for Her to Make Your Girl Feel Romantic

Are you searching for some good night poems for her? You have landed at the right place. We have collected some good night poems for her to make your sweetie feel romantic.

There’s no doubt that girls love nice, romantic guys, but this doesn’t happen immediately. The touching goodnight texts could be a wonderful place to start.

Poems have also been shown to be more artistic and romantic than standard messages. A poem a day could help you avoid boredom.

The end of a long day is frequently signaled by the arrival of the night. Even if your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife is up all night working, sending her good night poems via text or chat will help her go asleep.

The good night love poems for her not only massage her brain, but they also show her how much you value her. With that thought, why not dive into the diverse and unique collections of good night poems for her we’ve compiled particularly for your significant other below?

We’ve prepared here a bunch of beautiful and delightful good night poems for your girl to make her dream about you.

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Best Good Night Poems for Her

Words and the constant assurance that you would be around through thick and thin captivate women. We’ve compiled a compilation of best good night poems for her to wish your sleeping beauty great dreams.

1. I want to be your…

       by Anonymous

If I was your blanket
We could cuddle all night long
If I were your pillow
You could rest your head on me all along
If I were your jammies
You could slip into my arms for many a hug
If I were your sheets
I could tease you with my tugs
But since I am not of these
All I will do is dream, about what if I was
So until I wake up in the morning
Life will be at a blissful pause
Good night

2. Just Relax

       by Anonymous

It’s bedtime for both of us, it’s time to get snuggled up,
So let’s get all tucked in under the covers,
Let’s get together all closeup,
Now it’s time for us to rest, after another long day of fun together,
You really are the best, I look forward to being with you forever,
So let’s relax, chill and sleep,
No more thoughts or worries are needed just relax,
So let’s drift into a sleep so deep,
As if floating on the soundwaves of my sax.

3. Goodnight

       by Anonymous

A woman returns home after a long day,
tired, haggard, but still smiling,
knowing the good she has done today.

She has done all she needed to do,
her work exceptional, top-notch.
A lot of good she has done,
for herself and the others in her life.

Finally, the night has come,
now you’d think she’d finally rest.
She, however, takes more time out of her day,
for those who need it.
Checking on her friends,
making sure they’re okay,
ready and willing to listen
to anything they have to say.

A truly selfless woman she is,
giving so much to others.
It is finally time for her to think of herself,
so rest well, and goodnight

4. A Million Smiles

       by Anonymous

I hear myself with the shelling of the night
Break into a million smile
Thinking and sinking into ocean thoughts
You as a life jacket, you as a thought.

Whenever the wind breaks on my roof
It brings your scent and kisses like rain
It blows whispers of your name as my sweetness
So I find a reason to live above the clouds

No matter what thick blackness covers my room
My heart is full of light for you
Showing me moons and stars of you.
Know in tonight’s, you will be the sun.

5. Remember good things only

       by Anonymous

Forget about all the bad things that happened today
Remember all the nice ones
Forget all the nasty stuff people had to say
Just think of all the fun
Remember the times when you did a good deed
Forget all the wrongs and rights
Tuck yourself for a long night’s sleep
Just bidding you a sweet good night

6. Hopeful night

       by Anonymous

Wishing you a lovely night,
Wait for tomorrow for day so bright,
See pleasant dreams for another day,
As on your bed you lay,
Wait for a new dawn,
a new day,
Don’t forget to say your pray,
Good night and sleep tight!

7. This Is Not the End

       by Anonymous

We started with fresh mornings
Streaming through our lips
We touched forth our hearts
And laid our words with the sun.

We may have called today by its name
When goodbye found our ways
Know it is not the end
For my heart still beats for you.

Starlight hold these skies
But not my goodbyes, at least until rain comes.
So while the night covers this day
Now, this is not the end.
I love you all night.

8. Until the right time..

       by Anonymous

Nightmares, be gone!
Sleeplessness, out, will you?!
Clear the coast, armies of safety
For my sweetheart to dwell in her paradise of sleep
Until the right time for awakeness.

9. You Are the Perfect One

       by Anonymous

Did I tell you
That my breath gets caught in my throat
Whenever you smile while making gestures with your slender hands?
Are you aware
That there’s a certain pull
You have on me
Whenever you pronounce my name?
I may not have an exhaustive explanation to the tricks my heart play
Whenever you are with me
But I’m sure
Love has a hand in them.
Goodnight! You are the perfect one.

10. Good night, sleep tight

       by Anonymous

The moon shining in its glory,
The night is dark and calm,
Peace lies within the mind,
It is the perfect time to unwind,
So, sleep well is my only wish for you,
For tomorrow will be a day so new,
For today, good night,
And, yes sleep tight!

Famous Good Night Poems for Her

Poems allow you to communicate emotion and the purest form of love. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most famous goodnight poems for her to help you blow her mind. Nothing compares to this!

1. Goodnight, my Princess

       by Lark Train

Goodnight, my Princess.
Goodnight, my every hue.
Goodnight, my moon and stars above.
Goodnight, my darling, true.
Goodnight, my universe,
My everything and more.
Goodnight, my trusted faithful,
And hark to hear the score.
Goodnight, my Beautiful,
And trust my words are true
For lest the sun rise suddenly, 
I’ll start to write of you.

Goodnight, my single only,
For it is to you whom I have swore
Never to lie, never to cheat,
Never to late return.
Goodnight, my dearest sunshine,
Till dawn shall bring us to,
And dream of me, my Princess,
As I shall dream of you.

2. A Good Night

       by Francis Quarles

Close now thine eyes and rest secure;
Thy soul is safe enough, thy body sure;
He that loves thee, He that keeps
And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps.
The smiling conscience in a sleeping breast
Has only peace, has only rest;
The music and the mirth of kings
Are all but very discords, when she sings;
Then close thine eyes and rest secure;
No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.

3. Good night sweet one

       by Anonymous

Close your eyes and think about the new day ahead
We know it will be the best one yet because we have each other
Each day, we get a new opportunity to prove everyone wrong And achieve the best we could be in this life
It’s time to close your eyes, my love
Drift off into the world of all impossibilities
And think about us the whole time
Goodnight, sweet one.

4. Enjoy sleep

       by Anonymous

If anyone wants to behold natural, unfeigned beauty,
Let him have a peek
At your reposing face.
In the calmness of the night,
Your loveliness causes uncontrollable stirs
Deep in the pit of my stomach.
Enjoy a beautiful sleep, my princess.

5. Lock me

       by Anonymous

Lock me away in the prison of your heart
Keep me held without any ransom within the confines of your soul
Make me yearn always for a taste of your body
Punish me all you can
But that makes me love you intensely like a crazy man.
Good night, beauty.

6. Good night my princess

       by Anonymous

The night is cool
Good night my princess,
Wish the best for you in life,
But, just want to tell you this,
That I am truly missing you tonight,
I wish that I could be with you In
your arms and soothing you
That would make the best sight
Wishing you a good night!

7. Good night my cucumber

       by Anonymous

Each time I look at you
My breathing gets heavy
My heart beats in a funny rhythm
My fingers get all jittery
And from deep within, I feel so shaky
I miss you with all I have
You are the best thing
That could ever happen to me
Goodnight, my sweet cucumber

8. Reminiscent Nights

       by Anonymous

It is that time again
Where the cricket wakes to its morning
And the butterflies slowly disappear.
It is that time again
Where the clouds become same with darkness
And the waters warm with my love.
It is that time again
When my arms longs for you
My lips are hungry to feed into yours
It is that time again
When my love grows deeper
To break boundaries
It is that time again
When my memories remember only you
When my thoughts are with a sun of you
It is that time again
When I say what I always say
But from the heart.
I love you baby even tonight.

9. Always there for you

       by Anonymous

When I’m lying in my bed
There’s not much I can do other than think about you
Because I’m grateful to get you
To fulfill my burning love
I didn’t promise the world for you
But I make sure this heart is always there for you
Good night my love.

10. You are a Startled Star

       by Anonymous

I want to be your blanket
Covering the troubles from you
Touching your fears like the bed
Gossiping with the sheets
Echoes of your heart.
I want to be your light
Guiding you through the night
Telling you I exist to chase your fears away
To right your wrong turns
To open your heart and let the love into mine.
I want to be your sound
Whispering past your ears
Fixing words into your soul
Saying love, love, love.
I want to be your sweet night love.

Short Good Night Poems for Her

If you prefer shorter poems or believe your sweetheart would prefer short and sweet messages, here are some lovely short good night poems for her. Check out this list of short goodnight poems for her to choose from.

1. Good night, Empress

       by Anonymous

Listen to the coordinated sound of my heartbeat
Written boldly in letters meant for your eyes alone.
I miss you and that settles it
For I will be right there by your side
Before the breaking of the dawn.
Good night, empress.

2. Lovely night

       by Anonymous

Close your eyes my baby,
It’s time to rest your head,
I love you oh my baby,
It’s time to go to bed,
In bed we will hug,
It’s gonna be so snuggly,
In bed we will snug,
It’s gonna be so lovely.

3. Good night my sweet love

       by Anonymous

Alone in the night, I realize
In your absence, who can disguise?
Or replace you in my eyes?
None! Don’t be surprised!
Good night my sweet love!

4. Everything for You

       by Anonymous

When I sing,
I sing for you.
When I dance,
You’ve got my twists and thrusts.
When I moan,
It is for your pleasure, baby.
You mean the world to me.

5. For the Owner of My Heart

       by Anonymous

During my night walk I heard someone talking to me
The moon told me to look for the owner of my heart
I arrive to your house now
And I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.

6. Resting Time

       by Anonymous

On the off chance that they see any sobbing
That ought to have been resting,
They pour mull over their head,
What’s more, take a seat by their bed. Goodnight

7. Good Night and Better Day

       by Anonymous

As the day into the night fades,
Your worries too find a better place.
Let the stars shower you hope,
And give you the strength to cope.
Night is the time your mind and body sleeps,
For a brand new day that simply leaps.

8. Race Home Like the Clouds

       by Anonymous

The clouds have turned orange
And are swiftly running to their home.
I, on the other hand, am still here waiting.
Fully clad with the hope
That someday,
I will race home like the clouds
To spend the night with my girl
never thinking of the distance between us
But until then,
Goodnight, mine.

9. A Shiny Good Night

       by Anonymous

Feel your heart,
As you shut your eyes,
Sleep more tight,
As I say good night,
All the stars which are so bright,
Forget all the worries and fright,
Stay calm, because its night,
A very sweet good night!
Good Night

10. Our Nights Together

       by Anonymous

It is nighttime,
An opportunity to happily think backward
Into the daytime hours spent in your company.
I wished there were words enough
To expound how excited I was
To be held by the spell of your presence
And the warmth of your lips.

Funny Good Night Poems for Her

Days can be hectic, and sending your sweetie these funny goodnight poems for her is a surefire way to make her forget about her worries and laugh a little before sleep! Stroll down this list of good night poems in English to try.

1. Be My Wife

       by Anonymous

I send you bouquets of flowers
To decorate your room with.
Here are bars of chocolates
To drive away pangs of hunger
If you are still bent on seeing the flowers and chocolates
Wait till morning to buy them yourself.
Good night, twinkle star!
Before I would be able to fully enjoy the morning and afternoon in your company
The killjoy night emerges with much forcefulness
To grab you home.
How I wish I have made you my wife already
Just to shame the selfish night.
Please be my wife soon.
Good night, dear.

2. I am dummy

       by Anonymous

You think I’m a looney!
But so are you, Honey!
Your antics are so funny
The night stays all sunny
No dull moments with you, baby!
I’m the proudest dummy!

3. Have a Lovely Night

       by Anonymous

I am waiting for you on Facebook chat,
And I waiting for Whatsapp status
To know when you will be online
I know that you have dined
So, baby come and we will chat all night
So, that I forget about the night
The night will be great because of you
I won’t feel the blue
Baby come along and miss me
I am waiting for that scene
Good night
Have a lovely night!

4. Sleep Well My Love

       by Anonymous

Falling out of bed today
Because I had to pick up your calls such a fierce way to end my day
However thrilling and fulfilling it was
You will have to pay for it
With your sweet kisses, cuddles, and snuggles
Sleep well, my love and have better nightmares than yesterday

5. Love Your Attention

       by Anonymous

I am the kind of man
Who won’t hesitate to be noticed
By his woman.
Anything that draws your attention to me
Has got me trying it out.
Tell me you yearn to kiss me.

6. Night Time

       by Anonymous

Don’t waste night time thinking about your lost past.
Don’t waste night time planning your future.
Better kill some mosquitoes with that time
So that you can sleep better. Good Night.

7. Funny Heart

       by Anonymous

I have a funny heart
That knows no shame
As it beats ferociously
And flutters its wings excitedly
To the wind of your presence.
In your kindness,
You could suggest a heart check
To keep safe.
But I am fine
If not better
With my funny heart.

8. Just Kidding

       by Anonymous

Good night!
May you be safe from the ghost under your bed!
Also, don’t look at the window at night.
There may be something!
I am just kidding, my love!
Have a sweet dream, my love!

9. A perfect love song

       by Anonymous

Whistling quietly, all to myself
Singing a song in my head
Making up words as I go through the day
Funny the things I have said

Laughing at others who look at me strange
Hey, they were laughing at me
If they just knew of this song that I sing
Surely I know they would see

The music is coming from deep in my heart
While I am thinking of you
Melodically flowing from somewhere inside
The happiest thing I can do

So let them laugh, I don’t care what they think
Now as I’m walking along
Singing these thoughts of what you mean to me
All in a perfect love song

10. I Wish You Were Mine

       by Anonymous

Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How do I wonder where you are?
Up above the sky so high, where you are,
I wish you were mine.
Twinkle, twinkle little star.
Can I keep you near or far?
Goodnight my shining star.

Beautiful Good Night Poems for Her

One of the loveliest sentiments in the world is making your lady the happiest girl in the world or watching her blush naturally. With beautiful goodnight poems for her, you can wish her beautiful sleep. Check out this collection of goodnight beautiful poems to make her merry.

1. Reminds Your Smile

       by Anonymous

As the dusky skies make way for a starry night
It has become a beautiful and romantic sight
Thinking about you, I am looking outside my window
Not being with you, I am feeling a little low
But the bright radiance of the moon is my solace
Of the hope that soon, I will see your beautiful face
The shimmers of the stars slowly put me to ease
Reminding me of how your smile makes my worries cease
The cool breeze brings in gasps of fresh air
Reminiscent of how we both are the perfect pair
The dark skies that envelope the night like a blanket
Signify how for your love, I will always be in debt
Good night

2. To My Beloved…

       by Anonymous

The eastern wind blows away
The western wind approaches and waits
For the command from the night
To bring my beloved the gift of a cool atmosphere
Devoid of disturbances from prickly heat.
Not to worry; I am right here to tarry,
To see to it that every command issued for your sake
Is obeyed to the letter.
Good night, beloved.

3. I am Very Fortunate

       by Anonymous

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are
Maybe I have, but let me tell you one more time
It’s not just about the way you look on the outside
But just staring in your eyes makes everything so sublime
You are not a girl, an angel is what you really are
The prettiest product of the heavens above
Baby, I just want to say that I consider myself
Very fortunate to be showered with your love
Good night

4. Good Night Babe..

       by Anonymous

The day I met you
Was the day I swore
To never let you go.
So much about you
Gives me joy, peace
And hope that someday
I will have you to hold and to cherish.
Before my dream comes true,
Have a good night, babe.

5. Sweet Dreams

       by Anonymous

Every night as I rest
I thank God the deepest
Because of your love, my dearest
A life with you is the sweetest.
See you me in my dreams, my Venus!

6. No Matter Where I Go

       by Anonymous

No matter where I go
I carry you in my heart
Mountains regardless
And the deepest forms of the oceans notwithstanding
I bear you in my heart
Never letting go of you for any pain
Determined to share the gains
Of staying put for you.
Goodnight, honey.

7. To My Dearest

       by Anonymous

To envelop you with the good spirits
That bring only sweet dreams.
Just for you, baby,
The night whispers into your ears
Songs unheard by common ears
To lull my dearest to sleep
For she needs to match the morrow’s challenges
With the strength from a restful sleep.
Good night.

8. Sleep Well Tonight

       by Anonymous

Night is come by, so set your bed and go to sleep.
What lies ahead of you, are lovely dreams.
May all your problems and worries melt away.
For tomorrow is going to be a brand new day!
Good Night

9. Time to feel

       by Anonymous

When I am high Night is the time when passions are high,
It is the time to feel your love,
I wish I had you with me this night,
With all the power of love and might
Night is the time of you and me,
It’s only your thoughts which I can see
Wishing you a good night!

10. Good Night My Life

       by Anonymous

Your voice is my heart’s solace
Your touch is my soul’s happiness
Your love sets my life’s pace
Your beautiful smile is priceless
Your kisses make my heart race
You are nothing less than a princess
My heart is your special place
Life without you is just worthless…
Good Night

Romantic Good Night Poems for Her

Everyone dreams about the ideal romance. You may ensure that your lady never goes without romance by sending her these romantic good night poems for my queen. Every day, dedicate one romantic goodnight poems for her from this list to her.

1. I Wish We Were Together Tonight

       by Anonymous

We can face time, we can talk all night,
But all I want is to hug you and let you know,
That you mean the world to me.

We can tweet or talk on Facebook,
But I wish I could give you endless kisses.

We could Instagram and we could text,
But more than anything, I wish we could cuddle
And snuggle all night with no shred of worry.

Goodnight, princess.

2. I Won’t Stop Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

Roses are red
Green is the color of health.
Thinking of you calls to vision
Romance, passion, and desire
And tonight, as you prepare to sleep
I want you to bear in mind
That I won’t stop thinking of you.
Good night.

3. While You Sleep…

       by Anonymous

Your adorable snores fill the air,
I hope your dreams are soft and pleasant
Don’t mind me, continue to rest,
for the night was dark and deep.
There are many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I hope you don’t notice me gone,
I’m just in the kitchen, slaving over the stove,
making your favorite meal.
I hope the sweet aroma awakes you,
but don’t wake just yet.
The tea still needs to steep,
and I have many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I have to run to the store,
and shop for your gift.
You deserve to be spoiled,
you’ve been doing so well these past few weeks.
I hope this present I have for you,
will give your spirits a lift.

I’m back home now.
Don’t worry, I won’t make a peep,
but I’m so excited for you to see
all that awaits you, while you sleep.

4. I Love You

       by Anonymous

Widely awake, I’m drowning in fume
Deeply asleep, is that you presume?
No. I’m still enchanted by your perfume
Earnest in waiting for the night in bloom
So that I can wish upon the stars in gloom
For you to be with me in my lonesome room.
I miss you. Goodnight, my love!

5. Good Night with Care

       by Anonymous

In the softest night
Free winter rises
Maiden blossoms sincere
Weary blossoms adhere
Winter grass is near
Naked tenderness is here
With tired kisses in the air
Goodnight springtime with care

6. Smiling with the Stars

       by Anonymous

During the hours I wish for us
I pray it is not the night
For I would pluck every star in the sky
Searching for which holds your resemblance.

The pillows bear me witness
Every night tales with my tears
Never ceasing to wish and want to see my Angel
I love you like the closing of the evening.

Tonight I smile with the moon
Hoping my hands can touch the stars
To tickle me into dreams with you
During such a night, a very good night.

7. Good Night My Sweet Angel

       by Anonymous

Good night my sweet angel,
Have a wonderful night,
Do think about me tonight
So, what if I am out of sight
Still I am missing you tonight
Just want to wish you through
That you have a wonderful night,
Good night!

8. Goodnight My Love

       by Skye Rhiannon

Just wanted to say to you my dear,
Goodnight and please sleep tight,
I will talk to you tomorrow,
But as for now please pretend I’m there,
Please just hold me tight,
Have the sweetest of dreams,
Know that I love you,
Now I must slumber,
I will fantasize and dream about you my prince,
Feel free to invade my head anytime you wish,
I will always be here with you,
Goodnight to the sweetest heart out there,
May all your sweet dreams come true lover dear.

9. Our Romantic Date

       by Anonymous

Like a building without a facade
Or a book without its cover
I too am stripped of my identity
When we’re not together
As I stare at the deep night skies
I can’t help but hallucinate
About how it’d be if right now
We were out on a romantic date…
Good night my girlfriend

10. Your Presence Make Me Happy

       by Anonymous

A time that is
A time when I can remember you in peace,
Thinking about you and my stress gets ceased,
A time when I feel so bad,
Your presence not around me makes me sad
A time when I can dream about you
I only want to say that I love you
Wishing you a lovely night
Good night!

Sweet Good Night Poems for Her

You can either write down your feelings or submit a poem that you believe perfectly expresses your feelings. Whatever the case may be, your sweetheart will be blown away by these sweet goodnight poems for her when you offer it to her. These sweet dreams poems for her are gathered to help you out.

1. I Looked out from the Sky

       by Anonymous

I looked out from the sky,
And saw the sparkling stars,
I thought about your smile,
I thought all the while,
As the day is about to end,
All the thoughts that mend,
Want to wish you a lovely night,
Sleep tight!

2.To My Ethereal Beauty

       by Anonymous

You are a pure delight to watch,
An ethereal beauty that even the night can’t resist.
If you knew half of what I think of you,
You would forever be thankful to your Maker
Who made you under the purest of lights.
Good night, baby.

3. A Growing Excitement

       by Anonymous

My journal holds stories of these feeling
Hallucinating my mind to deep love
I swim under the ocean of your timidity
To watch the moon, drown in oceans.
Your absence stir more unheard words
The wits cannot bring me to term with night
To understand the uprising in my heart
To dig in shallow tears that come real.
I want you to be here
Through the absence of the sun
And the presence of loneliness
Shake it off my blanket
And wrap myself in you.
In this night I have a story
And it begins like this
I love you baby
Good night my love.

4. Our Nights Will Be..

       by Anonymous

Goodnight and sweet dreams, I whisper in your ear
Goodnight and sweet dreams, as you sleep so near
Goodnight and sweet dreams, and wish you could hear
Goodnight and sweet dreams, my love so dear
You fall asleep, so safe and sound
You fall asleep, with love abound
You fall asleep, so happy and free
You fall asleep, right beside me

5. Sweet Dreams My Angel

       by Anonymous

As we go sleep, sweet dreams my angel, and good night,
You have totally turned my life upside down;
If I had not met you, I don’t know where I would be.

Your thoughts are always with me, you are the love of my life and I will always cherish you.
As you place your head on the pillow, I wish you sweet dreams, my angel.
May you sleep like a baby, and may your dreams come true.

6. You Are Only Mine

       by Anonymous

Mine forever, that’s true.
You and no other, that too.
I don’t mind giving my everything to you.

To secure and protect you, girl.
You are always on my mind.
Even when there’s no cloud left in the night.

7. Have a Sweet Dream

       by Anonymous

The pets gathering around your sleeping form,
to shield you from the chaos,
of a world so cosmically torn.
Your beauty prevails,
all through the rays of the run,
and the shade of the moon.
Through the phases of the day,
morning, night, and noon.

My dreams are filled with the sweetest scenarios,
when I sleep right by your side.
The time I get to spend with you,
to me is a great source of everlasting pride.

I only hope that your dreams are as kind to you,
as you are to me.
And that you find much comfort in them,
even through the calming abyss of sleep.

8. Sleep Tight

       by Anonymous

As you lay straight on your bed tonight,
Touch your heart and make a wish,
As I am sending a lovely good night,
Sealed with a kiss,
Touch your heart and say a silent prayer,
Thank the lord for a wonderful day,
Today sleep in peace,
Because a new dawn means a new day,
So sleep tight as I wish today,
Good Night

9. Sleep Well, My Darling

       by Anonymous

Sleep well, that’s all you have to do.
Not for me, not for anyone else,
but only for you.

The world has not been kind to anyone,
not to mothers or daughters,
nor fathers nor sons.

It has been a rather tough sequence of days,
but seeing your rise through all the pain,
all the hardship, even when you feel the weight of the Earth upon your very shoulders,
has given us all hope for a new day.

But for now, you must sleep well.
The troubles that plague you
vanish in the land of dreams.

So sleep well, for the morning bears chances anew.

10. Guardian of the Night

       by Anonymous

I’ll be your guardian angel
Keep calm and sleep tight
My prayers are your cradle
Shine bright at the first light.
Darling, have a beautiful night!

Heart Touching Good Night Poems for Her

As she gets ready for bed, your partner will be delighted to read these heart touching good night poem for her. So, for her, choose a heartfelt good night poem to my love that will make her smile as she falls asleep.

1. Night is Lovely

       by Anonymous

Starry night and in peace,
Often memories do cease,
I am missing you this night my love,
I want you with me this night,
I want to see your pleasant sight,
But, this is not possible for now,
So, I am wishing you lovely good night!

2. I Miss You

       by Anonymous

Like a poet lost for words
Like a musician without a voice
Like a painter without a brush
Like a life without choice
Like a flower without fragrance
That’s how I feel right now
Being away robs me of everything
Baby I’m missing you and how
Good night

3. I am Feeling Lonely

       by Anonymous

My breathing is getting heavy
My eyes are a little fluttery
My heart is beating funnily
I am feeling very lonely
My fingers are too jittery
My mind is blank and empty
From within, I am feeling shaky
I am missing you, baby
Good night

4. The Warmness of the Night

       by Anonymous

I have tried to express my feelings
In the waking of the day.
I have caressed your face in the heat of today,
Most times at night I feel the flutter of my heart.
I have always shone you how I feel
It is like how proud the moon sits for the skies
And the stars are in the splendor of my emotions
Tickling the skies
And showering light to those finding the dark.

I always made a beautiful decision
Of making a life with you,
No stutters find my heart
No matter the blackness of the night.
Just so this night
Know it is not different from what I have always said
I will love you in morning or night.
I will let your emotions show me the light.

5. You are My Girl

       by Anonymous

I know I don’t express my feelings that well
I might just be guilty of being the typical guy
But that doesn’t mean I don’t value our relationship
The truth is that you brighten up my life’s sky
I feel lucky to call myself your boyfriend
I don’t know if I deserve a girl so pretty and sweet
Before you fall asleep I want you to know I Am Sorry
That you are the girl for whom my heart beats
Good night

6. Good Night to my World’s Best Relationship

       by Anonymous

Nothing in this whole world can come close
To how I feel when I think about our relationship
It is sublime and so surreal
Almost like going on a magical trip
People fall asleep waiting for a new day
I spend the day, waiting for the night to set in
That’s the time when I get to endlessly dream
About you, the girl who makes me happy from within
Good night

7. Wish You Were Here..

       by Anonymous

From the moon struck sky
To the beauty of the night,
From the darkness in the air,
To one pleasant sight
Missing you so much this lovely night
Wish you were here to make it bright
Wish you a good night!

8. Our Love Story is Different

       by Anonymous

We are not just any other boyfriend-girlfriend couple
There is much more to our relationship than just infatuation
Our love story is different from everyone else’s
It is based on trust and respect, not just attraction
Since the moment we started going out, every day has been
A dreamy tale of love, passion and soulful bonding
I may not be the richest or the wealthiest
But with you by my side, I have everything
Good night

9. Could I Ever Replace You with Anyone?

       by Anonymous

Could I ever replace you with anyone?
Could I ever love anyone the way you love me?

My words will never be enough to appreciate you,
But I will in my actions.

I’ll show you how much love you,
I’ll show you that I want you,
And only you.

This love story will be told round the world.
For reference sake.

Goodnight to you the love of my life.

I call you that to let the world know,
that you are mine and mine only.

I would have no other besides you.
With joy in my heart, I congratulate you.

For seeing this beautiful night with me,
I love you truly today,
And all the days of your life.
Goodnight to you my baby.

10. Wishing You Good Night from the Grave

       by Anonymous

I know of a land
where none but I have been
Not a land between seas
but a land of within
The familiar becomes fear
A home becomes a stage
The room whispers empty
I yell back in rage
The walls have me captive
Outside is but lore 
For the clouds upon the ceiling
send floods through my door
A plea sent through the waves
for mere grace to stay afloat
But the sound heard in the gap
are the thoughts inside my throat
Like running from a bee
when you become aim of its sting
The past will pierce you again
with the daggers that it brings
The moon sings the stars’ ode
My soul beside me it lays
for no one else would
I bid goodnight from the grave

Long Good Night Poems for Her

Sending your lady long good night poems for her is similar to tucking her into bed with beautiful words, metaphor, and rhythm. It depends on you to make sure that all of her fears and concerns are addressed before the day comes to a close with romantic sleep poems for her. Make her fall asleep thinking about how fortunate she is to have you in her life.

1. Dusk

       by Anonymous

As the night skies keep the stars in sight
My soul has become with yours a romantic light
To think of you is a curtain in my wind
When on my mind is you I find.
To be with you is always a desire
So I love and feel as I try to retire.
The moon is just a phase to rid me your face
I know its radiance will heal this solace.
The easiness of this feeling makes me smile
And how I want this to last longer than a while.
This cool breeze brings thoughts so lovely
Knitted in my mind to look beautiful.
To this night that homes my silent night
Know that I want you to have a goodnight.

2. A Late Good Night

       by Anonymous

My lamp is out, my task is done,
And up the stair with lingering feet
I climb. The staircase clock strikes one.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

My solitary room I gain.
A single star makes incomplete
The blackness of the window pane.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

Dim and more dim its sparkle grows,
And ere my head the pillows meet,
My lids are fain themselves to close.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

My lips no other words can say,
But still they murmur and repeat
To you, who slumber far away,
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

3. Good Night My angel

       by Anonymous

Good Night My angel
How I wish I was next to you
All I can see
Is you in my dreams

Though being miles apart
Before I go to sleep and when I wake up
You are always in my thoughts
Goodnight my angel

I miss you a lot
Every day, I pray to be with you
I want to be wishing you a goodnight
When you are in my arms

Goodnight, my angel
Just want you to know
Wherever you may go
I will always be near you

You are the queen on my heart
You make my heart miss a beat
You are the one who holds my heart
Goodnight, my angel

It’s time to sleep
I can’t finish what I have to say
All I can wish you
Are sweet dreams
Goodnight, my angel

4. Right Here

       by Anonymous

You can now rest your eyes,
please allow me to draw close.
Betwixt the mattress and covers you lay,
a restful and peaceful night to impose.
I know you’re afraid to drift off,
the fear you hold, I understand.
You fear having nobody when you awaken,
alone and desolate in this land.
But no matter what demands my attention,
no being, no man nor beast,
could ever make me abandon you,
or cause my love to cease.
We can face what lies ahead together,
I will never leave your side.
The course, the plan, the direction in life,
I will help you decide.
So when the moon gives way to the sun,
or when the stars are shielded by clouds,
you will have nothing to fear.
For no matter what becomes of us,
I will be right here.

5. Goodbye to the Day

       by Anonymous

A silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky.
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid goodbye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly,
In your dreams for some time,
Away from this hot and dry.
Let the cozy sleep be a sweet visitor,
That slowly makes you enter,
The world called wonderland,
Resting your mind and your hands,
That worked and worked the whole day,
Keeping your worries at a bay.
It is getting too dark now,
It is the perfect time to say,
Good night and dream sweet,
And calmly lay,
In the arms of your bed.
In a tight sleep when you lie,
a silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky.
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid good bye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly.
good night

6. A Lovely Poem

       by Anonymous

From the onset
I made it clear to myself
That I will never be elsewhere
But with this one, I cherish it with all my heart.

Even if circumstances threaten my decision,
They will fail woefully
Because I have got my goodnight kisses
As a backup plan,
Well-packaged and sent through this lovely poem.

I hope you’ll love them.

7. Bathtub Night

       by Anonymous

By now,
Your bathtub is set to receive you
Full of bubbles to devour your body
As the scent of jasmine fill the air.
I am jealous of the plain tub
That has nothing but its shiny structure to show.
I blame it not though
Because if I were there
I would have scrubbed and washed your body
Tenderly and warmly
Until you ask me
To quench the fire in you.
Good night, cutie.

8. Dreaming of a Beautiful Tomorrow

       by Anonymous

The lovely blooms in the wild
Gently closing their eyes
Waiting for the sun to,
Smile again and again rise.
To freshen the world with,
The lovely blooms in the wild,
Gently closing their eyes.
The warm light so bright.
No worry they are dark.
The day will again come,
Full of fun and spark.
Dreaming of a beautiful tomorrow,
Let’s sleep happy and sleep tight.
No wonder nights scare us,
So take your warm and cozy pillow beside.
Take a deep breath,
And close your eyes.
Get ready to take rest and,
Say a very good night.

9. My Special One

       by Anonymous

Good night my love,
My special one,
You’re as sweet as a dove,
My number one,
I love you more than I can possibly express,
More than my words could possibly convey,
You’re just so special,
A real success,
Now sleep well my beautiful,
And get ready for another great day.

10. I Wish You Were with Me

       by Anonymous

I wish you were with me
I wish you were besides me my love
So that I could cuddle you like a pillow
Just whisper in your ears about my love
And all the deep desires of mine
But, all my thoughts went in vain
When I did look at the time
It’s the time to sleep my dear
So smile as you close your eyes
As I just remembered you
Wishing a lovely night to you
Good night to you!

Good Night Poems for Her to Send Your Girlfriend

At the end of a day, some lovely goodnight poems for girlfriend to your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife can signal her long-awaited entrance into the realm of sweet dreams and good thoughts about you and your loving relationship. Check out this list of goodnight girlfriend poems to choose from.

1. Goodnight Kisses

       by Anonymous

You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
The one that lights up my beaten-up body.
That the stars in your eyes
Are forever a guide
To my wandering heart.
If you don’t mind, beautiful,
Receive my goodnight kiss to you
With bursts of joy
For me, darling.

2. When I Think of You

       by Anonymous

When I think about you,
I smile like a fool,
Looking at your picture this night,
I feel I can literally drool,
Want to say that I miss you so much
Longing for your soft touch
Baby I am missing you tonight
Wishing you a good night!

3. I Wish I Were

       by Anonymous

I wish I were your pillow
I wish I were your bed
I wish I were your blanket
I wish I were your pet
I’d wish to be anything
Just to be there instead!
See you soon, darling!

4. Time to Dream

       by Anonymous

Night is the time to dream
To stay in someone’s special thoughts,
It is a time to unwind,
And then I have to remind
To you, that baby I am missing you tonight
And I truly love you
I know you also do
Wishing you a good night!

5.Your Hug Reminds Me that Life is Special

       by Anonymous

I think I am suffering from a permanent illness
Which makes me unable to sleep at night
Until I look at your picture on my phone
Only after which, everything feels right
But the only problem with this routine
Is that I start to miss you even more
Which makes me feel sad from within
And crumples me from my heart’s core
I think that the only way to recover
From this vicious and never-ending cycle
Is to come over and give you a hug
To remind myself that life is so special
Good night

6. Sweet Dreams My Love

       by Anonymous

When I can’t take the silence anymore
I type my little message,
send it to your cellular device
“Goodnight, sleep well.”
When I really want to say
“I love you, sweet dreams.”
And a few minutes later you say,
“Oh yeah. Good dreams.”
And I want to kiss you,
smile at you, eat frozen raspberry yogurt
with you,
and I can’t so
I guess I’ll go to sleep.

7. Spell of Your Presence

       by Anonymous

It is nighttime
An opportunity to happily think backward
Into the daytime hours spent in your company
I wished there were words enough
To expound how excited I was
To be held by the spell of your presence
And the warmth of your lips
Let’s do it again, honey
For tomorrow is another day for us.

8. How it is Sometimes

       by Anonymous

Whenever the night comes
My heart feels alone
The darkness engulfs me
My fingers itch to be held
My ears wish to hear you
My lips longs for a taste of love.

How I feel sometimes
Is like a tickling of the cloud.
It exists in my heart.
Shall I describe what I do not understand?
Hardly will you touch love
But you are my love
So when the night comes, I feel same
I feel my heart missing drops of you
I grow thirsty.

9. Where Do I Sleep if You are far?

       by Anonymous

Where do I sleep if you are far?
My night has begun to ache with sadness.
The darkness becomes a misery.
I wish my tears would not find me alone.
If you do read these words, my baby,
Then know it is no good night without you.

10. Yearning for You

       by Anonymous

I am…
Yearning to hold you close
Craving for your hugs
Wishing for your naughty tugs
Desperate for your love
Lusting for your kisses
Fatally attracted to you
Longing for your touch
Missing you too much
Good Night

Final Thoughts on Good Night Poems for Her

We hope so that reading this article of good night poems for her was a true value for your time. Using beautiful words to express your feelings has a profound and powerful effect. No monetary gift will ever be able to evoke the same feelings of love and tenderness for your lady as a heartfelt poem.

As she reads your goodnight poems, let your partner’s heart throb for you. These good night love poems for her will help you stay in her thoughts. Create a long-lasting romance that is full of magic and excitement, and keep the spark alive with these sweet poems.

A gesture like this is heartfelt since it makes you the last thing on her mind before she falls asleep. Every girl wishes to be in a romantic relationship, and goodnight poems for girlfriend like these help to create that environment.

She’s stunning… one-of-a-kind… and you admire her for everything she is. These good night poems for her can help you communicate how you feel about her. Make her feel unique. Romeo, best of luck!

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