50 Best Hyperbole Poems That Carry Strong Emotions

Be it Haiku, Free verse, Acrostic, Villanelle, Limerick, or Hyperbole poems, poetry has its own method to evoke feelings of empathy in the human psyche, tying them together with positive emotions.

The stories hidden under poetry help beings to dig deeply into one’s soul, teaching one to appreciate each other.

As we are all liable to exaggerate things every now and then, hyperbole poems are the true means through which we can magnify things that are not intended to be taken literally.

Though hyperbole poems and exaggeration are quite dissimilar, they both in the end represents something in an excessive manner.

Hyperbole is the practice of exaggeration as a literary or rhetorical strategy, whereas exaggeration is the portrayal of something as greater or worse than it is.

Thus, if you are here in pursuit of hyperbole examples in poetry to clear your level of understanding, then do go through these poems that use hyperbole as a literary device in order to bring a spark and gleam in your hyperbole poems.

Moreover, if you want to write a poem that delivers the message but in a light and fun way then there is no better way to utilize hyperbole in your work, as a conduit to add prominence and to leave a lasting impression.

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Best Hyperbole Poems

Are you also looking for hyperbole poems to get more understanding about its usage. Well, then don’t look any further because we have penned down a couple of hyperbole examples in poetry for your ease.

1. Appetite

       by Anonymous

In a house the size of a postage stamp
lived a man as big as a barge.
His mouth could drink the entire river
You could say it was rather large
For dinner he would eat a trillion beans
And a silo full of grain,
Washed it down with a tanker of milk
As if he were a drain.

2. I See You

       by The Grahamburglar

I See You…

Wanderer, wanderer, lost in the haze
void of direction, succumb to the craze.
Give ear to my madness, so deftly designed;
deception de-jour: aimed to muddle your mind.

Hocus and pocus no need for free thought,
erase your opinions, your conscious to rot.
As sugar and soda your smile decay,
a hoax and swindle, then off on your way.

Smoke and a mirror, please don’t look too close.
The truth makes one banal; drugs for the morose.
Illusion can conjure emotions untapped
a quick misdirection, now I’ve got you trapped.

You think you arrived here, quite all on your own
you’re one of a billion, another sad clone…
I’ve stolen the treasure that once made you free
brainwashed you to thinking all’s as it should be.

Gobbledygook and hyperbolized drivel
platitudes, platitudes, mentally shrivel;
accept what I tell you, and not an ounce more,
wanderer, wanderer, you’re lost evermore.

3. Summer’s Color Palette

       by Emile Pinet

A saffron sun sinks into
a sea of aquamarine.
And chartreuse shadows slip-slide
between frothy waves of white.

Night’s ebony fingers dip
into the coral waters.
And Sol paints shades of crimson
upon pale lavender clouds.

Tangerine moonbeams gather
like fairies in the darkness.
And disassemble color,
storing each pigment in black.

A watermelon sunset
marks the path of Sol’s descent.
And lilac scented breezes
tickle the leaves in the trees.

4. Elbbabohcysp

       by Paloma P

There’s a place whence children dwell amid
fairy stories, popcorn rainbows & candied unicorns,
which is fine & dandy except when
you’re supposed to be a grown-*** adult,
some people live ’round La-La landscapes
without a hint of reality’s woefulness,
unable to read skywriting on the cosmos
If you believe in miracles or
that nothing ever changes
and love lasts forever and a day
or just say,
you got a damn ticket because
your unicorn was inconveniently double-parked,
rest assured thine meter is delusional

5. Pardon me, could you pass the Grey Poupon

       by Paloma P

Winds caressing fringes of
her deep chocolate tresses
as tree nymphs nimbly hid
midst fallen maple leaves
happily prancing round toes,
whilst a crescendo of chimes
played off in near distances,
warm apple pie aroma wafting
upon a zephyr tickling her nose,
unfastened her reddish cloak
for her e’er plunging neckline
exposed an ample décolletage
voluptuously heaving in broad
daylight waiting to seduce a crafty
wolf in sheep’s clothing she had afore
encountered on the way to grannies,
called ahead to make reservations
for her & handsome knighted chef
hiding amidst the dark forest with
his trusty sharpened butcher knife,
had acquired Wolfgang Puck’s
wickedly-satisfying secret recipe
for savory pack-of-wolves stew

6. Missing

       by Ndaba Sibanda

Here goes…
she said
it loudly and

l’m a miss
and l miss
you inside out

I miss you like
bees really miss
their honey

water for my thirst
food for my hunger
scratch for my itch

want to take
to you like
duck to water

you draw me
to you like
moth to light

you are my cake
my cup of goodies
my hot ice-cream

at night my moon
daytime my sun
your love my light

take a seat
I sold that heater
for your heat

you bathe in milk
l bask in your presence
a sublime quench

what she did not
say is that we`re close
strangers on the net!

7. Last Lingering Light

       by Emile Pinet

A scarlet sun bleeds onto a blue sky
behind branches of a majestic oak.
And shadows ink its leaves in silhouette
as lonely crickets chirp and bullfrogs croak.

I can hear the crops rippling in the breeze
and a brook babbling with a southern drawl.
But they’re lost to the quiet of the night
as time slows to a perceptible crawl.

When adventurous moths take to the air
acrobatic bats blindly hunt in flight.
And as darkness descends like a curtain,
day acquiesces to the might of night.

A quicksilver moon pools amidst the clouds
dripping drops of sunshine onto the lake.
And all the heavens begin to glitter
as billions of sleeping stars start to wake.

The hooting of an owl encourages dusk
to extinguish the last lingering light.
And diurnal animals go to sleep
while nature silently whispers goodnight.

Famous Hyperbole Poems

We all are pretty aware of famous hyperbole poems like “As I walked out one evening” by W.H Auden but if you are still in search of more poems that use hyperbole then keep scrolling down as we jotted down a bunch.

1. What Am I?

       by Anonymous

I’m bigger than the entire earth
More powerful than the sea
Though a million, billion have tried
Not one could ever stop me.
I control each person with my hand
and hold up fleets of ships.
I can make them bend to my will
with one word from my lips.
I’m the greatest power in the world
in this entire nation.
No one should ever try to stop
a child’s imagination.

2. A Huffle-wink’s Nearby

       by Emile Pinet

You all know about fire breathing dragons
and their obsession for hoarding treasure.
But have you ever heard of Huffle-winks,
magical creatures, they promote pleasure.

Invisible, atop of dragonflies
they ride the winds of fate mile after mile.
And whenever they encounter a frown,
they’ll try to flip it into a smile.

They harness dragonflies to get around,
for unlike dragons, they haven’t learned to fly.
But if suddenly you feel like laughing,
it’s a safe bet; there’s Huffle-winks nearby.

In winter, when dragonflies disappear,
they’ll hitch a ride on tumbling snowflakes.
And if you’re lucky enough to catch one,
it’s like winning the lottery sweepstakes.

I’ve never seen one, except in my dreams,
but I know in my heart that they are real.
And what makes me so sure that they exist
is the wonderful way they make me feel.

When you’re feeling particularly blue,
remember, there are Huffle-winks around.
And as masters of jocularity,
they ensure sweet smiles and laughter abound.

3. Hyperbole

       by Justin Reamer

Your brother is like
Ten feet tall;
He stands so tall
That he could probably reach
The Eiffel Tower without even trying.
It’s like he’s Paul Bunyan
Or something like that.

4. A Red, Red Rose

       by Robert Burns

O my Luve is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.

So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
 Till a’ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;
I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve!
And fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my luve,
Though it were ten thousand mile.

5. I Cry On Your Anger

       by Darren White

I love you, but they say I can’t
For I’ll extinguish you
But that I will defy
That fiery independence
You bow before me and hide
How can I kill the one I love?

You hate, you say, and run
From me, I will pursue
Will stalk your every trunk
and twig, your every shoot
and limb. What you devour
I soothe, I cry on your anger

My tears will quench your ire
Until you give yourself to me
My arms and body douse
your rage. You will surrender
We both will leave fertile
soil behind, offspring will grow.

6. Machiavelli

       by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO

Machiavelli’s been stewing
teardrops in the Soup

Stooping to new lows
stirring chickens in the coop

Seems some folks will do anything
for what they think is fame
Swiss cheese stories for glory
Lordy! Whaddah’ shame!

Reminds me of two classic movies…
“Freddie Lives” and the other is
“The Crying Game”…
but this one’s very unbelievable, it ain’t scary,
and it’s much
MUCH more lame!~

7. Between The Lines

       by Daniel Turner

Nebulous streams, clouding my brain
Vapor trail dreams, from paper airplanes
Cherry red glow, watch with no chain
Ribbons and bows, tied to the flames

Anchors on strings, hanging from sails
Bells that don’t ring, throw down the pail
Falling through cracks, greased by the sale
Hearts made of wax, sent through the mail

Waterfall wishes on stars with no swings
Broken blue dishes stuck to the king
Photos with glitches on invisible wings
Temptation itches on all living things

Short Hyperbole Poems

Whether the poetry with hyperboles is short or long, they carry a certain type of force of strong emotions. Thus, below are some short hyperbole poems to help you feel more connected.

1. Thanksgiving

       by Anonymous

A mountain of baby carrots,
a turkey the size of a cow.
a river full of gravy
a dog that says meow
Every pie known to man
and gallons full of ice cream.
By the time my dinner is over
I surely won’t be lean.

2. Fact Or Fool Who be You

       by Arthur Vaso

I have seen
fools ranting
what’s up Pink Floyd
No thinkers, no education
only poets with muse and frustration

The deniers of science
are committing massive crimes
jail should be their only pudding
sadly Covid takes many of them away
I have no sympathy for their ignorant play

the only ones bouncing in their beds
are the scientists
angry that such ignorance spreads
it’s always the morons who resist

why do people carry such hate?
to tell lie upon lie upon loathing lie
letting thousands more in pain die
the penitentiary should be their fate

American prejudice has failed us
funding is ever lacking
Teachers who know not what’s cracking
No wonder fools get away with the fuss

Science does not cover up
it only learns, adapts and that’s a must
over six billion vaccines
thousands of doctors have over seen

The outbreaks now you see
are the unvaxxed injected with stupidity
they blame all the immigrants
hatred always blames the outsider

All in all, stupidity is never very tall

3. Hyperbole

       by Diane Hine

The melodic motif crosses and
uncrosses itself, like a pair of silk
stockings set atingle with static by
the composer’s high-strung calves.

His chariot branlant, suspended
from jouncing corner posts by stays,
hooks, and leather straps, lurches
from side to side like a pregnant cow.

Two horses hoof a brisk tempo into
a rutted lane, and iron hoop wheels
sling mud into the footman’s livery.
Axles gripe and bits jingle. Horse-
sweat, leather, grease, wood, iron,
silk; all rub together with the twangy
over-tones of a baroque harpsichord.

The composer’s periwig is skewed;
spilt cordial has sullied his breeches.
He mops his brow with drab linen
and beseeches, ‘Rallentando! Legato!
Cantabile! Decrescendo!’ His white
stockings are still perfectly clean.

Perhaps the soft warm nostrils of
winged horses should flute this airy
melody, while the tips of their long-
shafted feathers skim the strings
of cirriform harps.

But I’m the carriage driver.
I play it how I like.

4. Nothing More or Less

       by Paloma P

hid insecurities within
ambiguous humor &
convoluted whimsies,
rules consistently changing
in a game which required
hardly more than breath,
nothing less than obscurity
twisting a fallible fancy,
seizing day’s intangibility

5. Crystals Of Starlight

       by Emile Pinet

Look up and see a dome of black velvet
lavishly set with crystals of starlight.
For as stars confetti infinity
they reveal their twinkling lights to the night.

Planets Mars and Jupiter share blood red
as Venus peeks down through the misty haze.
And Pluto surfs upon the milky way
His elegance evoking songs of praise.

A pocked faced moon shining luminous beams
smiles as a cloud of bats go flying by.
And gravity pulls falling stars to earth
splintering night in the blink of an eye.

Clouds of smoky purple and ashen gray
shift hues like chameleons out to play.

6. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

       by William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Romantic Hyperbole Poems

Romantic poetry without a touch of love may sound a bit dull at times. So, if you want to read something which reminds you of your loved ones then there is no better option than these romantic hyperbole examples. Have a look!

1. Will Do Chores

       by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

I can do this, I can do that
I can do anything, splicketty-splat.

I’m quite the expert, and certainly quick
Excellent service here, licketty-click.

Your toaster won’t roast’er?
Your car needs repair?
I’ll fix your teepee,
your sofa and chair
I’ll cure your doggy
of fleas, lice, and pox
I’ll wash your diapers,
your windows, your socks.

I’m inexpensive, and fast as a wink
Available any time, blinkity-blink.

2. Escaping Rhymed Detonation

       by Paloma P

Malevolent imploded uncontrollably,
twisting wildly maniacal posies
amid diabolically toasted brainstem,
angst uncompromisingly yanked tresses
purging stinging speech patterned rhymes
amuck iniquitous poetic verses hung
upside down to tormentingly dry,
facing other inimically knotted borders of
antagonistic galleries in deranged snapshots
razing warped poetical tapestries, 
tripping on tunes of whiskey rushes’ savoy truffles
and greenish tangerines whilst Led Zeppelin’s
Sick Again danced upon reflective ceiling tiles,
time written sideways ’round alleged autonomy
hidden furthermost immune masked mirror images,
debauching Greek braille calligraphy’s vindication
on walls of graffito scripted physicality
calling out ‘tween hysterical compulsions,
naught one heeded the sounds of synapses
about ill-fated half moon’s arresting arc,
synthetic doomsday’s clocks aptly chimed
quarter to analytical cuckoo’s nest repudiation,
still awaiting on serendipity to surrender
furthermost rabbit hole’s curiouser rants,
relinquishing unwell-languaged compilations’ sabotage – –
circumventing rhythmically subversive escaped detonation

3. Trickster Extraordinaire

       by Gary Bateman

Trickster Extraordinaire
Eulen und Meerkatzen
Till Eulenspiegel
Medieval Clown
Fooled them all.

Mirrored people’s vanity
Judge of humanity
Wasn’t hard at all.

4. Instruction

       by Michael Burch

Toss this poem aside
to the filigreed and the wild tide
of sunset.

Strike my name,
and still it is all the same.
The onset

of night is in the despairing skies;
each hut shuts its bright bewildered eyes.
The wind sighs

and my heart sighs with her:
my only companion, O Lovely Drifter!
Still, men are not wise.

The moon appears; the arms of the wind lift her,
pooling the light of her silver portent,
while men, impatient,

are beings of hurried and harried despair.
Now willows entangle their fragrant hair.
Men sleep.

Cornsilk tassels the moonbright air.
Deep is the sea; the stars are fair.
I reap.

5. The Black Cat

       by Katherine Braithwaite

The sky is stark, the air is cool and still
The black cat’s run, the birds unfold all day
I sit down here and with my totty pray
Ye cast o’ foolish thoughts, you raped my will.
We’ve each enraged the bureaucratic mill.
Oh, frigid purse, I never meant to pay!
The sky ‘s a-spark, the air is warm and shrill
The saturnine demoted knelled their way
With this feathered pounce, my sample quill,
I cite the cheque and date it for next May.
Oh, tit for cat, the tiger’s bed ‘s astray.
Yer life is settled by a harlot’s will
The sky ‘s a shark, the air is sharper still.

6. Cowboys and All That Jazz – For Phillip Garcia

       by Paloma P

Her poetry was conceived
‘Round fancy pants scraps,
inclined to reverberate wrangles
‘Tween an I reckon ma’am
and well-versed jazzy visuals,
paid no mind to cowboy’s
bumbling foolishness &
lumbered foreign gibberish
knowing full well it was
a lone star disposition,
merely a Texan head trip

See y’all next time…

Hyperbole Poems about Life

Poems have their own charm to reflect upon the bliss and harsh realities of life altogether. Catch a glimpse of the given hyperbole poems about life and let us know in the comments below which was the most thought-provoking poem out of all.

1. Concord Hymn

       by Ralph Waldo Emerson

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.

The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.

On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set today a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.

Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee.

2. For This Is The Story, An Old Poet Sought Not To Miss

       by Robert Lindley

I’ve ate Eden’s last apple, coveted Jason’s* golden fleece
chained myself in caverns of darkness, begging no release
refused mighty crowns of power, fed myself painful feasts
crushed my beating heart, as if it were a ravenous beast.

I’ve tamed the lions of Serengeti, sailed around the Horn*
trekked unarmed, darkest jungles, where fiercest beasts are born
slain dragons with Sequoias, tossed Rock of Gibraltar*
walked in realms of Hades, spat upon its first altar.

I’ve outran Hermes*, sank my teeth deep into granite walls
sat beside Odin*, gave Thor’s* first crown in Valhalla’s* halls
wrestled mighty Minotaur*, its armored hide I ripped
stole the Nectar of the Gods*, laughed at them as I sipped.

I’ve shot Eurytus’ bow*, killed Titans* with Heracles sword*
defeated dark Elf* armies, massacred Atilla’s* first horde
swung Hammer of Hephaestus*, slept in Forest of Burzee*
trained Arminius army, taught them to show no mercy.

I’ve quenched Vesuvius fires, held lightning in my hand
flew bright skies over Asgard*, defended its precious homelands
swam with Undines*, feasted with beautiful Amphitrites*
fished with friend Ao Qin*, dragon king of the Southern Sea nights.

I’ve seen this world of fantasy, inked its splendor in words
sailed in its oceans of love and flown with magical birds
dreamed in its word-paradise and found true love’s deepest kiss
for this is the story, an old poet sought not to miss.

3. Brussels Sprouts

       by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Me, the contrarian,
hardcore vegetarian,
Would rather eat wombat snouts
than brussels sprouts.

4. This Fury-Fiery Moment of Hot Sensual Love

       by Gary Bateman

This fury-fiery moment of hot sensual love nourishes us now,
As we move from a caress to razor-close, then to lover-close,
Intertwined as one in a true tempestuous storm sparkling afire!

We share such a white-hot passion with a boundless fiery desire,
Blending us deeply in a fury-fiery emotion of love’s true inspire;
Bringing us to this apex with lust as love and love in lust’s hour!

This magic moment melds our passion into a true alchemy of love.
This prized-perfect passion purrs us now into satiated contentment,
As our hearts bask-bright in a fury-fiery moment of sensual desire

5. Humble Request

       by Chrisdad Kojo Arthur

Life,if you could be nice to me for a second,
Trust me, I will make you proud
I will grow to become a legend
For even without words, my presence will be so loud

Trust me, I will make you proud
You and I will be respected by all and sundry
For even without words, my presence will be so loud
You, success and I will become one family

You and I will be respected by all and sundry
I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
You, success and I will become one family
Love, joy and happiness will we share

I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
under one roof we lay
Love, joy and happiness will we share
So, life, please be nice and pave the way.

6. Wee Prick

       by Paloma P

deranged snapshots of reality
full-moon’s analytical quagmires
conceptualizing archetypes,
creating art of duplications
venturing prickled duplicity,
slapped me bout sideways
insinuated tacklin’ romance,
uncompromising twist since
you thought me a maniacal *****
took a spin on the wily horizons
landed horizontal ‘tween thighs
’twas a wee prick of somethin’
naught patter of heartbeats,
whitewashed the lunacy
off my derriere & cleavage
attempting to forget the
writing on the cosmos
when it beckoned me to
your teensy universe

Hyperbole Poems about Love

Are you also obsessed with poetry that discusses love in the most fanatic way? Well, then here are a few hyperbole poems about love to take you back in your imagination where you are all ready to fetch the stars for your lover. Take a gaze!

1. Of Lust and Dissipation

       by Cona Adams

A Spenserian Sonnet
(Mr. Snake falls in love with a garden hose)

Today I slithered up a grassy hill,
wet from the creek and eager to explore.
The urge to snare a mate devoured my will,
could not this be the day for me to score?

I spot you there beside the garden door,
your slick green shape pervades my hungry sight.
Your golden head criss-cross my eyes before
your trim tight coil peals visions of delight.

Yet when I push my moves into the light
your body squirms and grows before my eyes,
and dread arises in a burst of fright.
You spit at me in angry spurts, surprise

me with a gush of clear and liquid spray,
while I make haste to scuttle fast away.

2. Bursts Of Light

       by Emile Pinet

Like shooting stars that pierce the dark,
they paint the sky with bursts of light.
And oohs and ahhs follow each spark,
like shooting stars that pierce the dark.
Rockets explode over the park,
raining color onto the night.
Like shooting stars that pierce the dark,
they paint the sky with bursts of light.

3. Prolonged Life

       by Keith Dovoric

I wanna live to a hundred-and-three
A minor footnote in history
Oh yeah

I wanna live to a hundred-and-six
They’ll bury my bones among the sticks
Oh yeah

I wanna live to a hundred-and-nine
My blood just like fermented wine
Oh yeah

I wanna live to a hundred-and-twelve
Baby I’ll never kill myself
Oh no

I wanna live to a hundred-fifteen
Ride in some futuristic limousine
Oh yeah

I wanna live to a hundred-and-twenty
Food for flowers in the Land of Plenty
Oh yeah

I wanna live to one-twenty-five
All you gotta do is survive
Oh yeah

4. Roses On The Moon

       by Phil Capitano

Midnight tickles your turned-up toes,
dawn scrapes your knees
but your head is already in daylight
kissing the setting sun and not me.
The scent of musk and the north woods
spark a scene then the rush…
don’t believe everything whispered
under a sage moon.
Memory is the landscape,
longing the river that meanders
like a lost child in dream.
The waters lead to dried riverbeds
and forgotten photographs, flotsam
on the once raging river.
Suddenly I find myself nowhere
making sunshine out of oranges,
searching for roses on the moon.

5. Blase About Hyperbole

       by Julie Grenness

At my antique womanly age,
I have reached beyond cynicism stage,
I am quite blasé about hyperbole,
Hearsay evidence about chicks like me,
You’re wasting your time, unfortunately,
Old bags like me are basically resilient, you see,
I’ve had 700 billion lovers, it seems,
Plus or minus 10%, is that how you deem?
Contemplation on such matters makes me giggly!
Yes, quite blase about hyperbole,
You’re wasting your time, quite definitely!

6. Twiddle My Thumbs and Tap My Toes

       by Dylan Foss

Attention’s gone
Doesn’t seem like there’s anything going on.

Sitting around
Trying to find something to fill this time I’ve found.

Frustrations show
I could’ve been more productive today, I know.

But instead
I think I’ll spend the rest of the day in bed.

Who needs motivation when there’s nothing else to do?

Where’s the inspiration when there’s nothing driving you?

I guess the lack of time my friend, is really not the issue.
It’s figuring how to get the ball rolling to get to the things that will ensue.

In the midst of boredom; I’m in its throes
I’ll twiddle my fingers and tap my toes

Hyperbole Poems for Students

If you’re collecting information about all the literary devices to teach your students at school, then don’t forget to include hyperbole poem examples for students, so they may learn about using exaggeration in their writing.

1. My Dog

       by Anonymous

His bark breaks the sound barrier
His nose is as cold as an ice box.
A wag of his tail causes hurricanes
His jumping causes falling rocks.
He eats a mountain of dog food
And drinks a water fall dry.
But though he breaks the bank
He’s the apple of my eye.

2. Time

       by Emile Pinet

Time is not
a ticking clock,
it has
no past, present,
or distinct future;
each moment

in the
fabric of
is eternal and
as infinite as space


3. Rainbow

       by A.O. Taner

imagine the rainbow being
the dark tunnel
you’ve been stuck in for years

the lighthouse on the horizon,
the beam
that gets brighter as it nears

get soaked in the rain,
feel the sun in your heart,
let go of all your fears.

4. Dragon Eyes

       by Emile Pinet

She enters a room like a storm
thunder rumbling within her wake.
And a deluge of tears follow
as the very ground seems to quake.

She’s an explosion of fireworks
as spectacular as the dawn.
And unleashing flames of fury
in a blinding flash, she is gone.

A lady to be reckoned with
fire flares in her dragon eyes.
And strikes fear in the hearts of men
exposing their secrets and lies.

A source of fiery energy,
her eyes illuminate the night.
And her aura intensifies
to a glow of exquisite light.

5. I Stole The Moon

       by Emile Pinet

On a clear night, I stole the moon
and placed it in a gold locket.
Acting like a wealthy tycoon,
I tucked it into my pocket.

I tried to impress all the girls
with my pretty shiny object.
And yet, unlike a string of pearls
a magical moon was suspect.

It wasn’t long before I knew
that it looked better in the sky.
And so, I put it back like new
nonetheless, it was worth a try.

6. Essential Spirits

       by Paloma P

She was like Bordeaux,
a tall drink of spirit
He was more a hopped
pale lager like Pilsner,
both gorgeous and
super gingered flavors,
although clashing mid
respective savored aplomb,
one so refined the other
rowdy after hours,
yet they complimented
each other in the way
they blended their
drunken demeanors,
intoxicated by mere
existence of nature’s
essential complexities

Hyperbole Poems for Middle School

Now, that you have learned about the ideal application of all kinds of figurative language including hyperbole, it’s time to some sample poems with hyperbole for middle school so that you can come up with your own poem.

1. Summertime is Here

       by Sharon Hendricks

My tongue is a piece of sandpaper
I’m dissolving into a puddle.
I want to dive into a snowdrift
Though I’m sure that would befuddle
Open me up, my organs are cooked
I think I’m now well done.
You can fry an egg upon my brow
As I melt away in the sun!

2. A Gentle Breeze

       by Emile Pinet

It begins with a gentle breeze
rustling the leaves with its touch.
Scurrying through the tops of trees,
it begins with a gentle breeze.
Not enough to discourage bees,
it’s only brisk; it isn’t much.
It begins with a gentle breeze
rustling the leaves with its touch.

It’s only brisk; it isn’t much
until that breeze begins to gust.
And yet, birds still escape its clutch,
it’s only brisk; it isn’t much.
It topples garbage cans and such,
gathering up a cloud of dust.
It’s only brisk; it isn’t much,
until that breeze begins to gust.

Gathering up a cloud of dust,
it blocks the sun’s diminished light.
And proceeds, with increasing thrust,
gathering up a cloud of dust.
As shutters squeak and hinges bust,
a furious gale gives them flight.
Gathering up a cloud of dust,
it blocks the sun’s diminished light.

A furious gale gives them flight
as slate shingles fly through the air.
Morphing into objects of might,
a furious gale gives them flight.
Folks find cover and hang on tight,
for flying debris packs a scare.
A furious gale gives them flight
as slate shingles fly through the air.

3. Ice Skating

       by Thomas Martin

I skate
with date

not ready

cling rail
would bail

my maid

would skate

leave rail
act male

fall down
I frown

but she
helps me

cling arm
no harm

we skate
up late

let go
oh no!

spill cup
helps up

red face
no race

to rail
still male

take home
not nome


high school
now fool

4. This Year In English Quintain

       by Dr.Ram Mehta

Someone is knocking at my door
The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear     
It’s Good Joy. Cheers! No more, no more
Oh dear, I cannot open the door for her
Sorry Joy, glide by, I’m sick and not in my gear.

Someone is knocking at my door
The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear
It’s Good Hope but I can’t be lured.
In dark shadows I grope, what makes you come here?
I know you mock the life, glide by, I desire.

Someone is knocking at my door
The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear
Oh, It’s Good Health. This year you won’t be ignored
Welcome, I dart my doors open for you, dear.
I do need nothing but your blessings this year.

5. Of Hyperbole

       by Julie Grenness

This house of hyperbole,
Does defy credulity,
Let’s all exaggerate,
Aim to manipulate,
“I shall love you infinitely!”
Sounds a normal hyperbole,
“I never got over you!”
Am I a drama mama too?
You want me and need me,
But you don’t love me,
Is that called two out of three?
Or more hyperbole?
Why answer such questions?
I’m always open to your suggestions,
As usual for you and me,
In this house of hyperbole…………

6. Inertia

       by Tamara Simic

Inertia makes a monster of my
I’m insatiable for making a
Move, don’t just tell yourself
You will.
Set the rules, then transgress.
The rebel inside of you deserves

You’re what you eat, don’t
Your wounds, turn up the heat
By a caress. Love the self-contained
Monster you possess.
Let it off its leash and you’ll feel
How it surges in your breast.

It’s no place for old men
There is no case without offence
Commitment without intense
Is a senile pretence.
To feign
Amusement shows lack of respect
For your own self.
Be a rebel, even an iron fist in a velvet
Glove is more wanted
Than just a silly old brat.

Awareness of the
Inertia makes a monster of my Self
If it didn’t I would be suffocating
In a senile caress of my soul’s
Life transmutes the mind into
A monster who fights against mind’s

Final Thoughts on Hyperbole Poems

How often do we say, that “I have heard it a million times” by which we mean that we heard it enough or “I have spent all my day doing homework” though we just have really spent a few hours doing it? Quite a lot? Right!

Well, then these hyperbole examples in poetry or in our daily routine depict that this over-exaggeration was just placed to create a sense of humor in it.

This isn’t meant to be taken literally. Rather, it’s assumed to make a point and let the reader know how strongly the writer felt the emotion at the time of writing hyperbole poems.

So, if you are on your way to create a few hyperbole poems for your middle school assignment or for your own experiments in literature, then do try to observe the poems that use hyperbole with full attention, so you may master an idea about its proper usage, and to add a full dramatic effect in all kinds of emotions in your poetry.

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