Niche Apps to the Rescue! How They Saved the Single Parents Dating Scene

Dating is so hard these days. There are plenty of dating apps, but many of them have a reputation for being just for hookups. Of course, it’s also hard to meet people going out. With busy lifestyles and responsibilities, you have to be careful who you connect with and what you may be exposed to. As a single parent, the struggle is real to find a significant other that is safe, won’t care that you have a child (or children), and will treat you right.

Thanks to niche dating apps, it’s become much easier to funnel down the dating pool and find a match that really may be a good fit for your life and your needs. Niche dating apps play a positive role in any type of need, like single parenting. Check out how niche apps have saved the day below!

Customized Focus

The cool thing about niche dating apps is they have a customized focus. Rather than being in a pool of tons of different people, you get a more focused approach that is within your parameters. Some niche options, like the Stir dating app, were purposefully designed to give single parents a place to come together.

Any single parent, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or other demographic details, can join the app and seek out other individuals that might be a great match. While a traditional dating app might give you questions and answers, it still tosses you into a huge pool of candidates that may or may not be like-minded.

But with a niche app, you’re in a much smaller pool that is easier to sort through. Plus, everyone on the app has a similar situation to you.

Better Chances

Since the niche dating apps are focused and much smaller, you have better chances of success. It’s not just better chances of finding a match, but also better chances of compatibility with more people. You can be very specific about your preferences, and dating needs to help meet the right people here.

Since it’s a smaller pool of people and you are all in a similar community, you don’t have to test out nearly as many losers before you find some great fits. For example, in a traditional dating app, you might go on a dozen dates with potential matches only to feel none of them are close.

But with the help of a niche dating app, you already have something in common before you even start narrowing it down more. This means you have a better chance of success and likely much faster too.

Feel the Community

Have you ever signed up for a dating app only to immediately feel like it just wasn’t right for you? Maybe you got into something like popular swipe left or right apps only to feel like you’re in the middle of a hook-up quest. You probably have plenty of stories about failed dating app attempts.

When you use a niche dating app, you are far more likely to feel like you belong. These are a community. You won’t necessarily chat with or know everyone in the community, but you do feel a connection because you are all like-minded people to start with.

There are still plenty of unique qualities here to sort through, but everyone comes from a single-parent life. It’s a community and not just a random pool of strange people with no similar focus.

Reduce Your Anxiety

Dating can be very overwhelming for anyone. There was a time when using dating apps was cliche because it was new, and you just never knew what you might find. The truth is you still never know what you might find, and this is often a source of anxiety for people.

Niche dating apps have gone a long way to help reduce those fears and calm your anxiety. As a single parent, you want to be loved and accepted. You also want to make sure your child will be loved and safe. That’s a heavy burden on your shoulders, which certainly can increase anxiety.

When you’re in a niche dating app for single parents, you can easily reduce some of that anxiety. You know that you are in a place for like-minded people who likely feel the same way as you.

Final Thoughts

If you were ready to throw in the towel on dating, maybe it’s time to think again. A niche dating app that was actually designed for people just like you could provide you with much better results. It’s certainly worth a try. You’re so much more likely to find a better match in a community of like-minded individuals all looking for the same things.

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