Why Does Tinder Want to Remove Links to Your Social Networks from Your Profile?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, which helps millions of people find their soulmates or at least have a good time chatting with interesting people.

However, if you use Tinder, you’ve probably noticed that not everyone uses the platform’s capabilities for their intended purpose. Many people turn their profiles into literal advertising platforms, promoting goods, services, blogs or social networks. This is in direct violation of Tinder rules…

Recently it was revealed that Tinder plans to completely remove links to social networks from user profiles. We decided to find out why this is being done and how it will affect the quality of Tinder’s service. 

The reasons for removing social media links from Tinder

According to company representatives, the main goal of this decision was to send a signal to users that Tinder is an app for dating, not for work, promoting other accounts or building social media followers. In addition, Tinder will use this to provide better protection for the personal information of its users.

Now Tinder will not show links to third-party sites in user biographies, and will even ban sharing them in chats. The company also plans to encourage users to report violations. It’s not yet clear how exactly Tinder will remove links from bios or prevent people from sharing them in chat, but it’s likely that this will happen automatically or with the help of moderators.

Tinder has also reminded users that the site is not intended for advertising, promoting products, attracting subscribers, selling things, campaigning and fundraising.

These are just some of numerous innovations Tinder has announced to attract the attention of a younger audience. According to Statista, today the majority of site users are people aged 25-34 — about 32%. There are several reasons why the younger generation is not using Tinder as actively:

  • Young people prefer other ways of dating — through mutual friends, in educational institutions, at work, etc.
  • They are in no hurry to start a serious relationship, and are more interested in just friendship and dating without obligations.
  • They don’t trust Tinder as a secure and private service, especially after the user data breach scandals and the many scams.
  • Users do not find enough interesting and suitable people on Tinder who share their tastes, values and hobbies.

This is not Tinder’s first move to attract a younger audience. Over a fairly short period, the dating service has introduced a lot of new features: video calls, video profiles, interactive games and tests. The company also launched a special application for students – Tinder U, which allows them to meet other students from their own or nearby universities. However, all these efforts may not be enough if Tinder is unable to offer its users a unique dating experience that’s different from other platforms.

Now let’s be honest: Tinder benefits from users not sharing links to other platforms, and staying in the dating app for as long as possible, paying for premium access and bringing money to the company. It is easy to guess that the financial component is not the least of the company’s concerns in this chain of innovations.

Free chatroulettes and other tinder alternatives with more features

Given that internet dating is only gaining momentum every year, an increase in the number of dating sites looks completely logical. And if you really want maximum freedom of communication, we recommend that you pay attention to video chat roulette apps, which allow you to communicate with other users anytime, anywhere and with almost no restrictions.

You can get instant access to a lot of really high-quality chat roulettes

  • Chat Alternative — minimalist but functional video chat roulette with gender and geographic filters for a more accurate search for other users. For greater convenience of communication, you also have access to branded Chat Alternative apps for iOS and Android.
  • Randochat — chat roulette for smartphones where communication takes place exclusively by text, but you can at least filter not only by gender, but also by age, so you can even more specifically search for users.
  • Roulette.Chat — convenient video chat roulette with an unusual set of filters. You can choose not only Man or Woman, but also Couple M+F, Girlfriends or Group. Thus, you get even more interesting opportunities for dating and communication.
  • CooMeet — functional chatroulette with girls with an error-free gender filter, a built-in message translator, flexible settings for searching for users, convenient apps for iOS and Android, as well as excellent moderation and user support.

We recommend that you try chat roulettes as an alternative to Tinder. They offer a completely different format that will give you different emotions from dating. And thanks to video communication, you can get to know the person with whom you communicate much better.

If the video chat roulette format does not suit you for some reason and you prefer more traditional dating services, we can recommend the following Tinder alternatives:

  • Bumble — dating service where women have to make the first move and start talking to men.
  • Hinge — app where users answer questions about themselves and their preferences in order to find the most suitable partners.
  • OkCupid — online dating service where users fill out detailed questionnaires and pass compatibility tests according to various criteria.
  • Grindr — dating platform for gay, bisexual and transgender people that shows the people closest to the user by location.

According to current data, there are more than eight thousand dating services around the world today. That’s a lot! It can be very difficult to choose a really suitable, high-quality site among such a variety. The most effective solution is to look for niche dating platforms that match your goals, interests, and values.

The audience for such niche services is usually smaller than on Tinder and other top dating apps, but there are more chances to meet your true soulmate.

Tinder and its rivals have been forced to change

Such changes and innovations are not the whim of developers and marketers, but a vital measure. Modern society is changing, and its priorities, goals, interests, and principles of forming new social ties are changing. Those online dating formats that worked well and were popular five years ago are becoming a thing of the past today. They are being replaced by new ones, but even these will lose their relevance over time. Therefore, in such a rapidly changing world, only those who know how to adapt rapidly will survive. This is the reason for the recent changes in Tinder.

This may lead to a logical question: “Is it really worth using tinder now?”

On the one hand, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. But on the other, you need to remember the obvious disadvantages of the site:

  • a fairly low percentage of successful dates and promising relationships
  • high competition among users and the predominance of men on the site
  • frequent violations of the rules by users, obscene offers, advertising and spam
  • lack of a guarantee of data security and confidentiality

It’s also worth remembering that you’ll need a premium account to comfortably use Tinder without restrictions. And for that you’ll have to pay a significant amount every month (depending on the type of subscription) — from $ 7.99 per month or more. And a Tinder Platinum subscription will cost you $29.99 a month, which is quite a lot.

Of course, it is up to you to decide which online dating services to use and how to meet new people online. We recommend that you try different options and choose the one that best suits your aims and requirements. We are sure you’ll find success!

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