What to Consider When Purchasing Essential Oils Wholesale

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. They are made by pressing or steaming various parts of the plant, including the flowers, leaves, bark, or fruit. High-quality oils can be used for therapeutic purposes, aromatherapy, natural remedies, cleaning, and skin care. When purchasing essential oils wholesale, here are a few things to keep in mind:


There are different types of essential oils, including therapeutic grade, standardized, and organic. Organic essential oils are sourced from plants grown in a clean environment without chemicals or fertilizers. When searching for a supplier, look for companies that are strict about quality control and transparent about their practices. If the information isn’t available on their website, consider asking them about where they source their plants from, their extraction methods, and how they test their essential oils. You can also look for suppliers that value sustainable and ethical growing practices.


You can get 100% pure essential oils from reputable suppliers. This purity level means that there aren’t synthetic additives or solutions in the essential oils. Essential oils that are diluted with artificial fragrances or carrier oils may not have the same therapeutic benefits as 100% pure essential oils. When shopping for essential oils wholesale, look for a supplier that offers 100% pure and authentic oils. 


The price of essential oils can change based on the source, quality, and brand of the essential oils. A price that is significantly lower than other suppliers may reflect lower quality products. Before looking at different prices, make sure all of the suppliers you are considering carry high-quality essential oils. After narrowing down the options, you can compare prices to identify the lowest price without compromising on quality. Pay attention to each supplier’s minimum order quantities. Choosing a supplier whose minimum order quantities align with your needs and inventory requirements can help you save money and help reduce waste.


The variety that you need from a supplier might change depending on your needs. If you only buy one type of essential oil, variety may not be useful for you. If you want a wide selection of essential oils, you may want to choose a wholesale supplier that carries many types of essential oils. Oil varieties include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and many more. Choosing a supplier with a large selection can give you the freedom to branch out, try unique aromas, and discover their different benefits.


The location of your chosen supplier can affect shipping costs. It can also affect how quickly you are able to get your essential oils. Larger suppliers can usually ship across large regions without it significantly affecting cost or time, but verify the location of the supplier and how it will affect your order before purchasing.

Responsive Customer Service

Working with a supplier with a responsive customer service team can simplify the ordering process of your essential oils. Consider a supplier that is responsive to questions and able to provide clear information about their oil products and processes. If you are interested in educational resources, safety guidelines, and usage recommendations, a responsive customer service team may be able to help you find what you need. If you do not know what essential oils you want, you can ask for their recommendations. They should also be able to resolve any issues or answer questions that arise during the ordering, shipping, or receiving process of your essential oils.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

You can find wholesale essential oil suppliers that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices. If you are environmentally conscious and want to prioritize the health of the planet, consider choosing a wholesale supplier who has ethical sourcing and production processes. Look for suppliers that work with ethical producers and support the communities involved in the cultivation and harvesting of the plants.

Ordering Your Essential Oils Wholesale

If you need a large order of essential oils, ordering essential oils wholesale may be your best option. Ordering in bulk often cuts down the supplier’s cost, which they can pass on to you. When choosing a supplier, make sure you pay attention to where they source their essential oils, the purity, price, and the company’s ethics. These factors can help you decide on an essential oils wholesale supplier.

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