62 Poems about Beauty to Explore All Facets of Beauty

Beauty is a powerful and multifaceted concept that has captivated poets and artists throughout history.

From the natural world to human beauty, from the fleeting to the eternal, poems about beauty explore its many dimensions and meanings.

In this article, we delve into the world of beautiful poetry, exploring famous classics, funny and lighthearted works, short and sweet tributes, and more through poems about beauty.

So are you in the mood for some poetry on beauty?

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Famous Poems about Beauty

These timeless and famous beauty poems have become celebrated expressions of beauty’s power and allure, capturing the essence of beauty in poetic language that has lasted through the ages.

1. Beauty

       by Jones Very

I gazed upon thy face,—and beating life
Once stilled its sleepless pulses in my breast,
And every thought whose being was a strife
Each in its silent chamber sank to rest;
I was not, save it were a thought of thee,
The world was but a spot where thou hadst trod,
From every star thy glance seemed fixed on me,
Almost I loved thee better than my God.
And still I gaze,—but ’tis a holier thought
Than that in which my spirit lived before,
Each star a purer ray of love has caught,
Earth wears a lovelier robe than then it wore,
And every lamp that burns around thy shrine
Is fed with fire whose fountain is Divine.

2. Beauty and Truth

       by Ruby Archer

I walk in stately mansions
The great are kind to me
They find perhaps within my verse
A tang of novelty
If beauty gilds my rhyming,
How quickly they applaud;
But when the iron clamps my line,
Their thoughts are all abroad.
Ah! Beauty—I adore it,
And hold it ardently;
Yet beauty is a bloom that dies—
The truth is more to me.
How oft the truth refuses
To bend in singing smooth;
For thoughts uprooted from the soul
Come rugged and uncouth.

3. My Definition of Beauty

       by Eyan Desir

Beauty are the roses
Mixed with beauty within
Not just a pretty face
Or pleasures it brings
But lives it beautify

Beauty are the flowers
Blessed with faithfulness
Honesty stains it’s plate
Its kindness fills lakes
Its love cannot break

Beauty isn’t I love you
But giving love that’s true
Beauty isn’t sweet words
But words that inspires lives
Beauty isn’t what you say
But the way it’s said

The rainbows in the sky
The angels from up high
Beauty can lighten eyes
But true beauty lives
Very deep inside
It’s grace can bring joy
To Hundreds of hearts.

4. Pretty is That Pretty Does

       by Alice Cary

The spider wears a plain brown dress,
And she is a steady spinner;
To see her, quiet as a mouse,
Going about her silver house,
You would never, never, never guess
The way she gets her dinner.
She looks as if no thought of ill
In all her life had stirred her;
But while she moves with careful tread, And
while she spins her silken thread,
She is planning, planning, planning still
The way to do some murder.
My child, who reads this simple lay,
With eyes down-dropt and tender, Remember
the old proverb says
That pretty is which pretty does,
And that worth does not go nor stay
For poverty nor splendor.
‘Tis not the house, and not the dress,
That makes the saint or sinner.
To see the spider sit and spin,
Shut with her walls of silver in,
You would never, never, never guess
The way she gets her dinner.

5. Beauty and Beauty

       by Rupert Brooke

When Beauty and Beauty meet
All naked, fair to fair,
The earth is crying-sweet,
And scattering-bright the air,
Eddying, dizzying, closing round,
With soft and drunken laughter;
Veiling all that may befall
Where Beauty and Beauty met,
Earth’s still a-tremble there,
And winds are scented yet,
And memory-soft the air,
Bosoming, folding glints of light,
And shreds of shadowy laughter;
Not the tears that fill the years

6. Sleeping Beauty

       by Walter De la Mare

The scent of bramble fills the air,
Amid her folded sheets she lies,
The gold of evening in her hair,
The blue of morn shut in her eyes.
How many a changing moon hath lit
The unchanging roses of her face!
Her mirror ever broods on it
In silver stillness of the days.
Oft flits the moth on filmy wings
Into his solitary lair;
Shrill evensong the cricket sings
From some still shadow in her hair.
In heat, in snow, in wind, in flood,
She sleeps in lovely loneliness,
Half-folded like an April bud
On winter-haunted trees.

7. To Beauty

       by William Stanley Braithwaite

O mistress of the world! Heaven’s own dear child!
Priestess of Joy, and things that holy are;
Under thy smile men’s hearts are reconciled,
And after thy light, they follow, as a star
Follows the moon across the tide
A constant wooer at its side.
And I will follow, follow thee so far
Across the tide of life, and will adore
And worship thee in visions evermore.
O Maiden of shy innocence I say
Thou art too fair to live in widowhood;
Since Keats, thy lover, sleeps in Roman clay,
For thee to be forsaken were not good.
I fain would be thy wooer,
Thou canst not find one truer,
For I will love thee in whatever mood
Thy sensitive and most delicate soul
Doth on my spirit work its sweet control.
And it shall nevermore be truly said
The glory of the world hath passed away;
Ah, no! the heart of dreams shall raise its head
And Poesy again will hold her sway.
Oh, give me power to teach
The wonder of thy speech,
And give thy heavenly message to our day:
For the barren hearts of men have need
Of the humane influence of thy creed.

8. Cherish Beauty for Good!

       by Ramesh T A

Beauty no one in the world dislikes in life;
The good ones appreciate beauty with wishes;
But bad ones create dangers for beauty ever!

Beauty without protection is ever in danger;
Beauty can be revealed only to the good ones;
The taste of bad audience is awkward to know!

True beauty is natural and innocent anywhere;
Beauty and ugliness thrive side by side sure;
But all that glitters cannot be real beauty..!

Beauty in Nature reflects the beauty of God;
That beauty is eternal and can’t be destroyed;
Trust on real beauty gives solace and inspiration!

Beauty is not meant to be hurt, but to be cherished
For inspiration and getting cheerful mood to be good!

Funny Poems about Beauty

These interesting poems about beauty offer a lighthearted and humorous take on beauty, poking fun at the often-serious reputation that it holds.

1. In Bloom

       by Paula Goldsmith

The bee said to the rose,
I need to make some honey.
The beautiful white rose bud was embarrassed,
she blushed red.

2. Beyond Reach

       by Paula Goldsmith

This world seems so care free,
on a flower sits a big yellow bumble bee.
The bight sun I can see,
I wish I could also see the big blue sea.
Sometimes I wish I could flee,
I must be happy here with just me.

3. I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me

       by Paula Goldsmith

About life and people,
the pain and the hurt.
I never dreamed in a world of love and beauty,
pain and hurt would blossom like an evil flower.
How can you say you are my friend,
then stab me in the back.
Jealousy only makes you turn mean,
then you turn many shades of green.
Your golden halo turns to solid tin,
since your true self has come out.
I am a peaceful person,
asking for peace and love in my life.
Guess asking is all I can do,
in reality it will not always come true.

4. Dirty Peacock; The Night Crane

       by Richie Kharis

I saw you were perfect..
and I loved your confidence..
but I yearned to feel whole,
So I made a fling…

You saw my ego,
You smiled at my strength,
you raised your brows and gave me a wink…
The night was blessed with cool breeze that gave rythms to cling..

I understood your manly display..
a peacock with a grandest massive tail

who seek to explode me into fireworks of cigar..
though it seemed you had a golden star,
though it seemed you had all flowers dance to your guitar…
though it seemed you had fine jars and cars to make the tallest tree har..
but I am a crane in jakar..

my immunity from duty is my priority…
I seek no ideal instance..
I seek for a dirty dove to sour in comfort of our reality…
My beauty lies on being unapologetic..
I am a black night crane with no reverence for psychic..

5. Gold – Poof It Is Gone

       by Paula Goldsmith

The morning bright sunlight in the sky,
gold rays reach far and wide.     
After a mighty storm,
leaves make a gold carpet to walk upon.
Pretty flowers are opening up,
gold is exploding over the hills and fields.
Nature’s gold will not last,
watch it when you can poof it is gone.

6. Nature’s Winter

       by Paula Goldsmith

Autumn and the birds left real fast,
Autumn’s time had past.
Winter will bring in a huge contrast,
the winds will make the weather forecast.

The land is now covered in pretty white snow,
it has a diamond’s shinny glow.
On the streets one needs to go slow,
by air even slow goes the old crow.

The bears winter in a cave,
no food they will crave.
They are waiting for a heat wave,
springtime will make them again brave.

Short Poems about Beauty

These concise and powerful short poetries about beauty capture the essence of beauty in just a few lines, distilling its essence down to its most essential elements.

1. Pied Beauty

       by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Glory be to God for dappled things —
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced — fold, fallow, and plough;
And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim.
All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
Praise him.

2. Beautiful Faces

       by Anonymous

Beautiful faces are they that wear
The light of a pleasant spirit there;
Beautiful hands are they that do
Deeds that are noble good and true;
Beautiful feet are they that go
Swiftly to lighten another’s woe.

3. In Land And Sea and Sky And Air

       by Annette Wynne

On land and sea and sky and air
Beautiful things are everywhere,
In people such as you and me—
If we would only look and see.

4. Beautiful Things

       by Anonymous

O many things are beautiful!
The bird that sings and flies;
The setting sun
When day is done;
The rainbow in the skies.
The gentle lamb, so innocent,
The dove, so tender, true,
The violets,
With dew drops wet,
So sweet and fair to view.
But there is one more beautiful,
More tender, sweet and mild:—
The girl or boy,
A parent’s joy,—
The loved and loving child.

5. Perfectness

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

All perfect things are saddening in effect.
The autumn wood robed in its scarlet clothes,
The matchless tinting on the royal rose
Whose velvet leaf by no least flaw is flecked.
Love’s supreme moment, when the soul unchecked
Soars high as heaven, and its best rapture knows,
These hold a deeper pathos than our woes,
Since they leave nothing better to expect.
Resistless change, when powerless to improve,
Can only mar. The gold will pale to gray—
No thing remains tomorrow as today, —
The rose will not seem quite so fair, and love
Must find its measures of delight made less.
Ah, how imperfect is all Perfectness!

6. I Died for Beauty, But Was Scarce

       by Emily Dickinson

I died for beauty, but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.

He questioned softly why I failed?
“For beauty,” I replied.
“And I for truth, — the two are one;
We brethren are,” he said.

And so, as kinsmen met a night,
We talked between the rooms,
Until the moss had reached our lips,
And covered up our names.

7. Inspiration

       by Ruby Archer

How the composer thrills, when softly glides
Across the waiting soul’s attuned lyre
An unthought melody, and there abides;
Or when some lovely form, a dream half hides,
Reveals itself, how glows the sculptor’s heart of fire!
When to the poet, seeking beauty, truth,
And all that Pleasure wins from dimpled Mirth,—
A new perception comes, of age or youth,
Of Nature’s coy caprice or random ruth—
How all his being flowers with ecstasy at Fancy’s birth!

8. An Answer

       by Helen Emma Maring

I told him, “See the beauty
Coming from the sod!”
He said, “It comes from farther—
Beauty comes from God.”

Long Poems about Beauty

These epic long poetries about beauty explore the depth and complexity of beauty over the course of a lengthy narrative, delving deep into its many dimensions and meanings.

1. Beauty Xxv

       by Kahlil Gibran

And a poet said, ‘Speak to us of Beauty.’
Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?
And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?
The aggrieved and the injured say, ‘Beauty is kind and gentle.
Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us.’
And the passionate say, ‘Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread.
Like the tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us.’
The tired and the weary say, ‘beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit.
Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow.’
But the restless say, ‘We have heard her shouting among the mountains,
And with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions.’
At night the watchmen of the city say, ‘Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east.’
And at noontide the toilers and the wayfarers say, ‘we have seen her leaning over the earth from the windows of the sunset.’
In winter say the snow-bound, ‘She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.’
And in the summer heat the reapers say, ‘We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair.’
All these things have you said of beauty.
Yet in truth you spoke not of her but of needs unsatisfied,
And beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.
It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth,
But rather a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted.
It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear,
But rather an image you see though you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears.
It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw,
But rather a garden forever in bloom and a flock of angels for ever in flight.
People of Orphalese, beauty is life when life unveils her holy face.
But you are life and you are the veil.
Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are eternity and you are the mirror.

2. The Caterpillar

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

‘Don’t kill me!’ Caterpillar said,
As Charles had raised his heel
Upon the humble worm to tread,
As though it could not feel.
‘Don’t kill me!’ and I’ll crawl away
To hide awhile, and try
To come and look, another day,
More pleasing to your eye.
‘I know I’m now among the things
Uncomely to your sight;
But by and by on splendid wings
You’ll see me high and light!
‘And then, perhaps, you may be glad
To watch me on the flower;
And that you spared the worm you had
To-day within your power!’
Then Caterpillar went and hid
In some secreted place,
Where none could look on what he did
To change his form and face.
And by and by, when Charles had quite
Forgotten what I’ve told,
A Butterfly appeared in sight
Most beauteous to behold.
His shining wings were trimmed with gold,
And many a brilliant dye
Was laid upon their velvet fold,
To charm the gazing eye!
Then, near as prudence would allow,
To Charles’s ear he drew
And said, ‘You may not know me, now
My form and name are new!
‘But I’m the worm that once you raised
Your ready foot to kill!
For sparing me, I long have praised,
And love and praise you still.
‘The lowest reptile at your feet,
When power is not abused,
May prove the fruit of mercy sweet,
By being kindly used!’

3. The Prostrate Pink

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

Alas! alas! a silly Pink,
To climb so fast, and never think
How feeble was my trust!
I sought a high and airy throne;
Aspired too far to stand alone;
And now, in lowliness, must own
My kindred with the dust!
O, would my stem had snapped in twain,
And saved me from the lingering pain
Of being thus abased!
‘T is worse than death to lie so low,
While all the laughing flowers must know,
Ambition caused my overthrow,
And brought me here disgraced!
My native spot is far behind!
Nor can I turn and hope to find
Again my parent root,
Where, fain my blushing head I’d screen
Among the leaves so thick and green,
Whence I, a timid bud, was seen
In infancy to shoot.
My beauteous form and hue, so bright,
I thought could tempest, hail and blight
And insect’s touch defy.
I grew in boldness—meekness fled;
I burst my cup, my odors shed
With lavish haste; my petals spread,
And courted every eye.
I little knew how great the fault
Myself to flatter and exalt,
Until I found, too late,
My head grew giddy with the height;
The sun-beam seemed a whirling light;
I lost my balance—lost my sight;
And here I met my fate.
My sister Flowers, take heed! take heed!
Your loveliness will ever need
Protection from the blast.
Be cautious what your beauties court,
Whereon you venture, how you sport;
And if a straw is your support,
See where you may be cast.
Your charms are highest half-concealed;
Your sweets are dearest, when revealed
With modesty and fear;
And she, who quits the leafy shade
That nature for her shelter made,
May pine and languish, moan and fade,
Like her who sorrows here.

4. Beautiful Things

       by Ellen P. Allerton

Beautiful faces are those that wear—
It matters none if dark or fair—
Whole-souled honesty printed there.
Beautiful eyes are those that show,
Like crystal panes where hearth fires glow,
Beautiful thoughts that burn below.
Beautiful lips are those whose words
Leap from the heart like songs of birds,
Yet whose utterances prudence girds.
Beautiful hands are those that do
Work that is earnest, brave and true,
Moment by moment the long day through.
Beautiful lives are those that bless
Silent rivers and happiness,
Whose hidden fountains few may guess.
Beautiful feet are those that go
On timely ministries to and fro—
Down lowliest ways, if God wills it so.
Beautiful shoulders are those that bear
Ceaseless burdens of homely care
With patient grace and with daily prayer.
Beautiful lives are those that bless
Silent rivers and happiness,
Whose hidden fountains but few may guess.
Beautiful twilight, at set of sun,
Beautiful goal with race well run,
Beautiful rest, with work well done.
Beautiful graves, where grasses creep,
Where brown leaves fall, where drifts lie deep
Over worn out hand—oh, beautiful sleep.

5. The Empaled Butterfly

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

“Ho!” said a butterfly, “here am I,
Up in the air, who used to lie
Flat on the ground, for the passers by
To treat with utter neglect!
None will suspect that I am the same
With a bright, new coat, and a different name;
The piece of nothingness whence I came,
In me they’ll never detect.
“That horrible night of the chrysalis,
That brought me at length to a day like this,
In the form of beauty—a state of bliss,
Was little enough to give
For freedom to range from bower to bower,
To flirt with the buds and flatter the flower,
And shine in the sunbeams hour by hour,
The envy of all that live.
“This is a world of curious things,
Where those who crawl and those that have wings
Are ranked in the classes of beggars and kings;
No matter how much the worth
May be on the side of those who creep,
Where the vain, the light, and the bold will sweep
Others from notice, and proudly keep
Uppermost on the earth!
“Many a one that has loathed the sight
Of the piteous worm, will take delight
In welcoming me, as I look so bright
In my new and beautiful dress.
But some I shall pass with a scornful glance,
Some with elegant nonchalance,
And others will woo me, till I advance
To give them a slight caress.”
“Ha!” said the pin, “you are just the one
Through which I’m commissioned, at once, to run
From back to breast, till, your fluttering done,
Your form may be fairly shown.
And when my point shall have reached your heart,
‘T will be like a balm to the wounded part,
To think how you will be copied by art,
And your beauty will all be known!”

6. Beauty Poem

       by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Learned poets have said “beauty is to enjoy”
Like fresh flowers always give you joy
Don’t attempt to pluck or destroy
Not to play with it as simple toy

Thing of beauty is joy for ever
Ever lasting and fading never
Liked by eyes and smelt by nose
Fresh fragrance of flower always like rose

Is beauty confined to physical appearance?
Does inner beauty find no substance?
Is that looking so important and imposing?
No matter whether it denied or trust reposing?

Beauty not to be taken from sex point of view,
It is acknowledgement of grace and dews
what matters most is simple praise and fact?
Leaving behind all games and not to look suspect

Even God is given another name for beauty
Universal acknowledgement for kindness but not pity
We al raise out hands for its grace
Meet all with happiness and embrace

There lies beauty in all the objects around
Happiness and joy is everywhere found
This speaks good and seems so sound
Love spell all over and relations are bound

It may not spread hatred but only brotherhood
It may not confine to area or only neighborhood
It has its own role to play and not hide
Everything so open and nothing to confide

History may not repeat that the bloody wars were fought
Beauty has always ruled and cooperation sought
Queens, princess were married for the sake of peace
Not to shed blood but for stability and life at ease

We may not undermine the essence of beauty
Protect it from further harm and consider it as duty
Let us praise and preserve it as God’s gift
No fight, no tension and without any rift

We may not get chance to prove anywhere
There is slight ray of hope somewhere
It is always to be seen and understood
Love serves as supplement to energy and food

No one has been able to define what is love?
What is its origin and how it affects nerve?
Why person loose concentration and go for it
Why path is clearly seen even if path is dimly lit

Love is simple way of leading and sacrificing
It is got no comparison or tag for pricing
It happens just with the change of time and place
There is no room for competition or mad race

We shall see to it that it mushrooms
All flowers open up with booms
Fragrance add to beautiful scene
Nature at its best peak never seen

Romantic Poems about Beauty

These poems offer a romantic and often tragic exploration of beauty’s power over the heart, expressing the passion and intensity that beauty can evoke.

1. You’re So Beautiful

       by Anonymous

When I look at you, all I see is an angel
You’re so beautiful
I think God had all the time creating you
You are perfect in every way

Every time I look at you,
My heart skips a beat
I get short of breath
And your beauty blinds me

You’re so beautiful
How I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you
Wake up next to you every morning
And admire you all day.

I want you to be my life, my world, and my all
When I am with you, I feel like I am at home.
You make me feel comfortable and loved
Truly you are my everything.

To me, you are my everything
You mean so much to me
You are more than a jewel
I want to hold you forever
You’re so beautiful.

2. She Walks in Beauty

       by Lord Byron

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

3. Your Beauty

       by Anonymous

Your lips so soft and red,
the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.
Your beauty so bright and warm,
shining through the darkest storm.
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.
When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
My love for you is pure and true.
I never stop thinking of you.
The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound,
because I know my one and only I’ve truly found.
I promise to love you for every moment of forever,
and when everything else crumbles, I will never.
I am your armor to protect you from harm,
like you are to me, a lucky charm.
For you are my heart, my soul.
Baby, you are my whole world.

4. What She Is to Me

       by Darren C Swartland

Look at the beauty in her eyes,
a glow that shines like the sunrise.
Her smile opens up the cloudy skies,
her laughter delights butterflies.
The ocean greets her as she passes by.
Her gorgeous toes leave their mark, saying goodbye.

Gentle breeze through her hair,
she walks elegantly while astonished eyes all stare.
Rosy cheeks cover her face.
A flower-child blossoms, kindly accepting embrace.
She is a thornless rose without compare.
She is the love my heart will forever endear.

5. Her Smile

       by Michael Rodney Attoh

A smile is such a lovely thing, especially upon your face;
Hiding all the sorrows or simply taking their place.
A kindly spoken word means so much when from you,
It comforts my weary heart or when I’m feeling blue.
A song can make our hearts dance in pretty fast-paced clips
When we hear the melody of our loves’ unconquerable grips.
Words could lift my spirits and sweet compassion find;
Put your hand in mine alone, and peace will fill my mind.
A smile, a word, a song, a look – seem small little things
But when love sparks an action, what blessings they bring!

6. My Everything

       by Emarah H

Why are you so beautiful?
Why do you take my breath away?
How did I get so lucky?
How are you perfect in every single way?
Your laugh should be illegal because it’s too cute.
I never want to spend a minute without you.
The way you kiss me takes my breath away.
Seeing you is the best part of my day.
You are so special,
And I’m glad that I can say you are mine,
Because when I’m with you I feel extraordinary
All of the time.

Poems about Beauty That Rhyme

These poems about beauty with rhyme use rhythm and meter to create a musical tribute to the power of beauty, using language to enhance the emotional impact of the poem.

1. To Beauty

       by Anna Hempstead Branch

I would not have thee far away
By whom I must be led.
I needs must have thee every day
To be my meat and bread.
For if there be unlovely things
Wherein no radiance glows,
I’ll kiss them till their folded wings
Shall blossom like the rose!
Oh, be thou beautiful, I’ll say,—
And save me with delight!
Then each dark thing will smile like day
Between me and the night.
I’ll listen till I make them speak,
By need will make them wise!
As love calls blushes to the cheek
Or laughter to the eyes.
For where love lays its trusting kiss
There Beauty needs must be
And so I’ll turn the world to bliss
Until it shines like thee.

2. Apple Dumplings

       by Mary E. Tucker

Gaze not upon my outside, friend,
With scorn or with disgust —
Judge not, until you condescend
To look beneath the crust.
Rough and unsightly is my shell,
But you just dues will render;
And to the world the truth will tell,
And say my heart is tender.
The young may scorn my olden ways,
With their new-fashioned notions;
The old the insult soon repays
By claiming double portions.
‘Tis true, like modern Misses, gay,
The truth is sad, distressing!
But I must now say out my say —
I need a little dressing!
My sauce, my rich apparel, hides
My ugly form from sight;
The goodness of my heart, besides,
Will always come to light.
Then judge not by the surface, dear;
Look deeper at the heart:
Above the faults of earth appear
Beneath the better part.

3. Rondel of Merciless Beauty

       by Geoffrey Chaucer

Your two great eyes will slay me suddenly;
Their beauty shakes me who was once serene;
Straight through my heart the wound is quick and keen.

Only your word will heal the injury
To my hurt heart, while yet the wound is clean –
Your two great eyes will slay me suddenly;
Their beauty shakes me who was once serene.

Upon my word, I tell you faithfully
Through life and after death you are my queen;
For with my death the whole truth shall be seen.
Your two great eyes will slay me suddenly;
Their beauty shakes me who was once serene;
Straight through my heart the wound is quick and keen.

4. She Was A Phantom of Delight

       by William Wordsworth

She was a Phantom of delight
When first she gleamed upon my sight;
A lovely Apparition sent
To be a moment’s ornament;
Her eyes as stars of Twilight fair;
Like Twilight’s, too, her dusky hair;
But all things else about her drawn
From May-time and the cheerful Dawn;
A dancing Shape, an Image gay,
To haunt, to startle, and way-lay.
I saw her upon nearer view,
A Spirit, yet a Woman too!
Her household motions light and free,
And steps of virgin-liberty;
A countenance in which did meet
Sweet records, promises as sweet;
A Creature not too bright or good
For human nature’s daily food;
For transient sorrows, simple wiles,
Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears and smiles.
And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine;
A Being breathing thoughtful breath,
A Traveler between life and death;
The reason firm, the temperate will,
Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill;
A perfect Woman, nobly planned,
To warn, to comfort, and command;
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light.

5. Beauty

       by Charles Baudelaire

I am as lovely as a dream in stone,
And this my heart where each finds death in turn,
Inspires the poet with a love as lone
As clay eternal and as taciturn.

Swan-white of heart, a sphinx no mortal knows,
My throne is in the heaven’s azure deep;
I hate all movements that disturb my pose,
I smile not ever, neither do I weep.

Before my monumental attitudes,
That breathe a soul into the plastic arts,
My poets pray in austere studious moods,

For I, to fold enchantment round their hearts,
Have pools of light where beauty flames and dies,
The placid mirrors of my luminous eyes.

Poems about Beauty for Children

These works capture the magic and wonder of beauty through the eyes of a child, celebrating the joy and innocence that comes with experiencing beauty for the first time.

1. The Snowflake Tree

       by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

The hawthorn is dead, the rose-leaves have fled
On the north wind over the sea:
Now the petals will fall that are rarest of all,
Sweetheart, from the Snowflake Tree.

The Tree, it doth stand in that marvellous land
Whose shore like a sapphire gleams,
Where a crown hangs high in the northern sky,
Forth raying its golden beams.

It tosses its boughs with their crystalling blows;
They crackle and tinkle for glee
When the north wind shrieks round the awful peaks,
On the shores of the polar sea.

And never a bird its blossoms has stirred,
Or built on its branches a nest;
For the perfume which floats from the blossoms’ throats
Would freeze the song in its breast.

And my own little bird, were her goldilocks stirred
By the wind thro’ its branches which blows,
With her songs silenced all, forever would fall
Asleep on the silver snows.

But our hearth burns bright, little sweetheart,
And we’re far from the Snowflake Tree;
Thou canst nestle in bed thy little gold head,
And thy songs shall awaken with thee.

2. All Things Bright And Beautiful

       by Cecil Frances Alexander

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures, great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colours,
He made their tiny wings.

The purple-headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;

The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden,
He made them everyone.

3. Awake

       by Susan Zakusylo

Mountains envy show their color of blue,
As they look down at trees dressed in green,
of their new spring look,
And the flowers awake shimmer with delight,
Rainbow colors and dripping with dew.
Creeks and streams,
as we listen to trickling are talking to nature,
Awake from your wintry sleep,
Rise high and be true all the colors red, white and blue
Rise to the artist and the maker of you.

4. Maytime Magic

       by Mabel Watts

A little seed
For me to sow…
A little earth
To make it grow…
A little hole,
A little pat…
A little wish,
And that is that.
A little sun,
A little shower…
A little while,
And then, a flower!

5. America the Beautiful

       by Katharine Lee Bates

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!          

O beautiful for pilgrim feet,
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine,
Till all success be nobleness,
And every gain divine!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Poems about Beauty of A Woman

These works celebrate the unique and powerful beauty of women, recognizing the many ways in which women embody the qualities of beauty.

1. Beauty is Vain

       by Christina Rossetti

While roses are so red,
While lilies are so white,
Shall a woman exalt her face
Because it gives delight?
She’s not so sweet as a rose,
A lily’s straighter than she,
And if she were as red or white
She’d be but one of three.
Whether she flush in love’s summer
Or in its winter grow pale,
Whether she flaunt her beauty
Or hide it away in a veil,
Be she red or white,
And stand she erect or bowed,
Time will win the race he runs with her
And hide her away in a shroud.

2. Beauty

       by Tori G.

Words cannot describe your beauty
When I look at you I can’t help but stare
Oh babe, you’re such a cutie
Your looks are so precious and rare.
You have such gorgeous hair
And such a luminous smile
It’s just not fair
how beautiful you are;
but you have been for a while.
Your eyes pierce in to my soul,
Grabbing my heart,
Taking complete control,
You make it hard to be apart.
Your lips tell me what to do
I’m under a spell
Doing what you tell me to do, because you’re my boo
For you, I fell…
Beautiful on the inside and out
You’re the most beautiful girl I know.

3. The Beauty of A Woman

       by Audrey Hepburn

The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a woman
With passing years only grows.

4. Her Hair

       by Ruby Archer

Back from her brow it ripples,
Falling to either side,
Forgetting a ringlet here and there
To curl where the ways divide.
A fortune of ruddy tresses
Glinting with burnished gold,—
The glorious hue that Titian loved
In Italian days of old.
How cunning the trick of pinning
Half loosely the plenteous mass!
The very sunbeams a tribute pay—
Lay down their light as they pass.

5. The Beauty of A Woman

       by Kataleya

The beauty of a woman
is in the poems she’s wrote,
the dreams she’s weaved
and all the stories she’s told.

The beauty of a woman
is in the adventures she’s taken,
the lives she’s touched
and all the minds she’s awakened.

The beauty of a woman
is in the caring she gives,
the sincerity in her laughter,
and the passion in her griefs.

It’s not the expensive clothes she owns,
her body size, the diamonds she’s worn.
Measure not the beauty of woman in gold,
for the beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.

6. Scars

       by Anonymous

her flesh is
worn from
years of
her beauty
is written
in her scars

Poems about Beauty Standards

These true beauty poems explore the ways in which beauty standards can shape our perceptions and experiences, shedding light on the cultural and societal expectations that often surround beauty.

1. Beauty Standards

       by Kelechi Kalu

Every look you take in the mirror
Distorts your vision, it gets less clearer
Society’s foolishness knows no bounds
Now you judge your self worth in pounds
Obsessed with attaining the lightness of a feather
Enduring hunger and not caring whether
or not your body could be drastically affected
You’re mimicking skeletal mannequins who are well respected
Only heaven knows what kind of chemicals and rituals
helped them ascend to their pedestals and pinnacles
Walking thin lines and borders,
Battling all those eating disorders
Anorexia and Bulimia are just two of a few
Think of all the damage they could do
Not only physically, but also mentally
If it isn’t natural it wasn’t meant to be
My plea to you is clear and candid
Never torture yourself to fit ‘beauty standards’.

2. Life Is Not All About Looks

       by Anonymous

It’s like,
the prettier I get to people,
the uglier I get inside.

Submitting to stereotypes
that hides my true side.
I wish we admired
each other’s different kind of glow,
Especially the way we grow.

You can win with beauty.
But you can’t win life’s happiness following the map of pretty souls.

3. Beautiful Brown Eyes

       by Juniper Seeker

I used to hate my brown eyes
I preferred blue or green
But then I noticed something
They’re very dark and deep

They’re dark like my coffee
And dark like my hair
Dark like rich fertile soil
And like the clothes I wear

They complement the darkness
I feel deep inside
They’re windows to the shadows
I always try to hide

They’re so very dark
They’re almost black
And when I look within them
They’re always staring back

I’ll zone out while I’m driving
But they’ll still see the road
They work like any other eyes
But they’re mine and mine alone

4. Irene

       by Arethnes

O, Irene! Object of beauty,
let me die in front of thee!
O, Irene! You misfit deity,
be the last face that I see!

Lover Irene, Jeweled with specialties,
just one of ’em flaws, remove all amenities
Crime of existing, avoidable felonies
It’s twenty twenty two, got better since the nineties

Irene the gorgeous, didn’t reach beauty standards
“she’s ugly” claimed wandering wanderers
“shut up you hag” bullied middle school mean girls
Irene the friendless suffered all the unjust slander

Irene was ugly, she wouldn’t deny that
but still she believed she wasn’t a doormat
she knew she could prove those conservatives with cocked hats
she believed in herself, ugly or not, she wasn’t going to fall flat

O, Irene! Your skills are magnificent!
I am in love with you and your gorgeous incidents
would die for thee and thy face impotent
ugly or not, I don’t care impotent but intricate.

Misfit in this royal kind
not cause of your beauty you mind,
but your talents so heavenly you are always on grind
in the heavens, with me, you shall be confined.

5. Impossible Girl

       by Anonymous

a pale, pink, marshmallow girl
with pillows for thighs
and a soft voice that caress your ears
and a smile that meets your eyes

everything you yearn for
a hairless mouse
underneath her blouse

naive double taps
your hands reaching down there
below your need for real intimacy
a casual affair

But she
is a meld of pictures
ring lights and plastic fangs
under all of that
her insecurity hangs

is a figment of the internet’s imagination
of an impossible girl

6. Beauty Standards

       by Anonymous

Every second of every day
The world is telling women how to behave
Wear your hair like this, your makeup on point
And if you’re over 110 pounds
Get your ass to the gym
Portion control, exercise, and your eyebrows on fleek
Will make you feel alright
Because that’s what others want to see
I wake up and I look in the mirror
To see my hair in disarray
I shower and brush my teeth
Getting ready for my day
I walk out the door without looking in
The mirror again.
I mean who cares I know I’m beautiful
The way I am.

Poems about Beauty of Nature

These works celebrate the beauty and majesty of the natural world, recognizing the many ways in which nature embodies the qualities of beauty.

1. A Still Moment

       by Abimbola T. Alabi

Take a moment.
Put the worries behind.
Take in the beauty around.
Let it relax your mind.

Watch the golden glow
Of the rising morning sun.
Embrace the peaceful aura
Of the break of dawn.

Savor the soft caress
Of the gently moving breeze.
Listen to its nifty tune
Among the swaying trees.

Enjoy the lovely scene
Of a floating butterfly.
Graceful flight and happy tweets
Of a bird perched up high.

Peruse the evening sky
In its dazzling splendor.
The wide and open pallet
Merging shapes and colors.

Relish the loving sight
Of children having fun,
Skipping feet and carefree voices
Under the setting sun.

Spare a still moment
Every once in a while.
Take in the beauty around.
Take it in with a smile.

2. The Forest’s Blessed Abode

       by Belinda Stotler

Come, walk with me into the forest’s blessed abode,
To see the wondrous beauty the Earth has bestowed;
We’ll bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us,
And listen to nature composing the forest’s grand opus,
As sounds of whispering trees and burbling streams,
Send our minds wandering into a poet’s lovely dreams.

We’ll walk where sunlight sets the forest’s leaves aglow,
Weaving open paths to dapple golden light on all below;
Where trees shade us from summer heat and harsh rays,
Freeing our minds so we can see Mother Nature’s ways,
Of creating nurturing sanctuaries for life dwelling there,
To shield its tender wards from storms too hard to bear.

Come sit beneath the glowing embers of an autumn tree,
Whose rich hues are a natural wonder many come to see,
While colorful leaves glide down in a whirling course,
Like embers breaking loose from their flaming source.
Glowing for a moment as if falling to their ending fate,
Instead, nourishing Earth for rebirth into a new state.

The wintering forest seems to be a still, desolate place.
Yet, under the snow and autumn leaves of a tree’s base,
Beats the promising pulse of new life that patiently waits
For spring’s warmth and rain to open wide nature’s gates;
Roam with me under the trees standing strong over it all,
To watch them quietly sleep until nature’s beckoning call.

Let us stroll in spring’s forest where we will reap
The joy of Earth awakening its children from sleep,
And hear life’s chorus and watch its offspring grow,
As waking trees renew their canopy over all below;
Come share with me the forest’s spirit at rebirth,
So we too are reborn within this temple of Earth.

Every now and then let us answer the forest’s call,
To come see life’s beauty and the miracle of it all;
If we listen with our hearts as we walk among trees,
We may understand the message carried on a breeze,
For us to blend with the forest’s spirit so it will beguile
Us into walking under its lovely trees for just a while.

3. God, The Great Creator

       by Debra L. Brown

A crisp, cool autumn evening,
Stars fill the night up high.
God, the great creator,
Decking out the sky.

A garden lit by the moonlight,
A rose kissed by His hand.
The beauty He created,
Even the smallest pieces of sand.

Petals of the roses
Glisten in the night.
The Master of creation,
His colors are pure delight.

From void He created beauty,
From dark He created light.
The Master of creation,
And to man He gave them life.

4. Let’s Preserve Our Nature

       by Arjun

The sun is shining
The sky is blue
The birds are flying
And the breeze is so cool.

Mother Nature is trying her best
To give nothing but beautifulness
But what do we do?
Make her a mess.

Let’s make her the best
By polluting less and less
And preserve her green dress
For our kids and the rest.

5. The Beauty of A Tree

       by Gabbymac60

Can there be anything more lovely
Than the beauty of a tree?
Her leaves shimmering in the wind,
Dancing so gracefully.

The strength of her mighty roots
That grows deep into the earth.
She’s weathered every stormy gale
For all that she is worth.

Standing tall, resilient
With her branches lifted high,
She refused to bow, to break or bend
But reaches upward to the sky.

The beauty of the strength within
As she held her head up high.
Her strong resilient spirit
Grew wings and learned to fly.

6. Our Mother Earth

       by Shweta Banerjee

As I walk across the earth,
thousands of things I get to see.
Birds fly high, soaring higher,
and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees.

The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills.
Mountains covered with snow,
shining like the crown of silver.
And the waves touching the cliffs.
The waterfall flowing down
the green-blue mountains.
Rivers forming a dream delta
before entering the sea.

And while walking on the beach at night,
I feel the cool and sweet smelling breeze.
The slashing sound still feels like
the sound of love and peace.
The moon over the sea,
shining like a ball of gold.
And in every step my eyes hold wonder.
I bend on my knee
to thank the mother earth,
And is the truth.
it’s a great pleasure for me,
to live in this wonderland.

Final Thoughts

Beauty is a subject that has captivated poets for centuries, inspiring works that explore its many facets and meanings.

Whether through romantic odes or humorous observations, poems about beauty offer a unique perspective on the world around us, celebrating the power and allure of the things that we find beautiful.

From the beauty of nature to the beauty of women, these poems on beauty capture the essence of what it means to be alive and to experience the world around us.

By exploring the many dimensions of beauty, these beauty poems offer a window into the human experience, celebrating our capacity for wonder, joy, and appreciation.

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