106 Best Poems about Money Everyone Should Read

Money is one of the most powerful forces in the world, both in terms of its ability to shape our lives and our relationships with each other.

It has been the subject of countless stories, poems, and songs, and has been the focus of intense debate for centuries.

While the topic of money can be complex and divisive, there is no denying its power. From Shakespeare’s famous words, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Authors, poets, and philosophers have long been inspired by money and the impact it has on society and have some money poems out there.

To further explore the complexity of money, here are some of the poems about money that everyone should read.

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Best Poems about Money

This category covers some of the best money poems and its impact on our lives. Read on to explore the different perspectives on money.

1. No Man Without Money

       by Robert Herrick

No man such rare parts hath, that he can swim,

If favor or occasion help not him.

2. Money

       by Philip Larkin

In fact, they’ve a lot in common, if you enquire:

You can’t put off being young until you retire,

And however you bank your screw, the money you save

Won’t in the end buy you more than a shave.

3. Ten Pence Story

       by Simon Armitage

Those with faith in the system say ‘don’t quit,

bide your time, if you’re worth it, you’ll make it.’

But I was robbed, I was badly tendered.

I could have scored. I could have contended.

4. Money

       by Robert Frost

Nobody was ever meant


What he did with every cent.

5. Money

       by Howard Simon




















































6. Selecting A Reader

       by Ted Kooser

First, I would have her be beautiful,

and walking carefully up on my poetry

at the loneliest moment of an afternoon,

her hair still damp at the neck

from washing it. She should be wearing

a raincoat, an old one, dirty

from not having money enough for the cleaners.

She will take out her glasses, and there

in the bookstore, she will thumb

over my poems, then put the book back

up on its shelf. She will say to herself,

‘For that kind of money, I can get

my raincoat cleaned.’ And she will.

7. Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer

       by Ogden Nash

This is a song to celebrate banks,

Because they are full of money and you go into them and all

you hear is clinks and clanks,

Or maybe a sound like the wind in the trees on the hills,

Which is the rustling of the thousand dollar bills.

Most bankers dwell in marble halls,

Which they get to dwell in because they encourage deposits

and discourage withdrawals,

And particularly because they all observe one rule which woe

besides the banker who fails to heed it,

Which is you must never lend any money to anybody unless

they don’t need it.

I know you, you cautious conservative banks!

If people are worried about their rent it is your duty to deny

them the loan of one nickel, yes, even one copper engraving

of the martyred son of the late Nancy Hanks;

Yes, if they request fifty dollars to pay for a baby you must

look at them like Tarzan looking at an uppity ape in the


And tell them what do they think a bank is, anyhow, they had

better go get the money from their wife’s aunt or ungle.

But suppose people come in and they have a million and they

want another million to pile on top of it,

Why, you brim with the milk of human kindness and you

urge them to accept every drop of it,

And you lend them the million so then they have two million

and this gives them the idea that they would be better off

with four,

So they already have two million as security so you have no

hesitation in lending them two more,

And all the vice-presidents nod their heads in rhythm,

And the only question asked is do the borrowers want the

money sent or do they want to take it withm.

Because I think they deserve our appreciation and thanks,

the jackasses who go around saying that health and happi-

ness are everything and money isn’t essential,

Because as soon as they have to borrow some unimportant

money to maintain their health and happiness they starve

to death so they can’t go around any more sneering at good

old money, which is nothing short of providential.

8. A Coin

       by Carl Sandburg

Your western heads here cast on money,

You are the two that fade away together,

Partners in the mist.

Lunging buffalo shoulder,

Lean Indian face,

We who come after where you are gone

Salute your forms on the new nickel.

You are

To us:

The past.


On the prairie:


9. Hope Your Happy

       by Jessica Anonymous

I hope your happy with your life

I hope your happy with your wife

I hope you see what you have done

I hope you see that this is all wrong

I hope you realize that you’re not perfect

I hope you see that money’s not worth it

I hope you realize that family comes first

I hope you see that my smile was rehearsed

I hope you see that your tearing me apart

I hope you someday grow a heart

I hope someday I will want to see you

I hope someday I won’t have to see you

I hope you suffer, but I don’t want that

I hope you die, but I don’t mean that

I hope someday your ‘love’ will be real

I hope someday you will ‘feel’

I hope you realize that money can’t heal

I hope someday you’ll feel, what I feel

I hope that before you die

I hope to tell you, I won’t cry

I hoped you would be a good dad

I hoped you wouldn’t make me mad

But all my hopes from before are gone

just like the love you had for their mom

I hope that I see you one last time

I hope I get to tell you this:

‘I wish I never knew you

Because of you I wish I didn’t exist….’  

10. Fool’s Money Bags

       by Amy Lowell

The Beloved is writing a letter.

Occasionally she speaks to the dog,

But she is thinking of her writing.

Does she, too, give her devotion to one

Not worthy?

Funny Poems about Money

This collection of funny money poems celebrates the often-complicated relationship we have with money. Enjoy a lighthearted look at the subject!

1. Where There’s A Will There’s A Relative

       by Cheryl Hoffman

They crawl out of the woodwork

Shedding lots of crocodile tears

Grieving for an ancient relative

They’ve not visited for many years

‘Auntie Annie’ is barely warm

But now you see the relations swarm

Waiting for the will to be read

They rub their hands with glee

Hoping they will be left

Lots of lovely money

‘Grieving relatives’ is rubbish!! Some are taking the mick ….

These mercenary vultures simply make me sick!

2. She Means the World to Me

       by Freddie Robinson Jr.

I gotta crooked legged woman

With legs that go where they choose

Her lips are shaped like a beer mug

And over flowin with booze

She means the world to me

And a freak that makes me money

Her face is like a chocolate chip cookie

Covered in spots dots and all of that

I don’t need a road map to find my way around

Just look at her face and I know where I’m at  

She means the world to me

And a freak that makes me money

She gotta hunch back

From her boobs that sag

They look like two egg yolks

On two kwik mart bags

But She means the world to me

And a freak that makes me money.

3. Atm Terminator

       by Marycile Beer

Sarah Shopper!

Coupon please budget-y listen

and bankruptcy understand

That ATM Terminator is out there —

It can’t be mall bargained with,

nor consumer reasoned with

An Automated Teller Machine

doesn’t feel purse pity,

or cancelled check remorse

Or insolvency fear

And it absolutely

will not cash register stop,

checkout ever!

Until you are empty pocket dead

Poem Details | by L Milton Hanlins |

Categories: humor, money,


An old crone who was living in Moffett

Sold all her household wares for a profit

She was simply bold,

[At least I am told],

To stash all the money in her soffit.

4. Money Down the Drain

       by James Fraser

The wind in my hair does rearrange

What $25

Took thirty minutes to train

5. Cile Beer

       by Joseph Coogan

I know of a pretty New Jersey lass

Who decided to vacation First Class

But on the very first night

Oh no! Cancelled flight

What a total pain in the ***

I’m sure her tomorrows will be better

Or she’ll surely be posting a letter

If her plane don’t take off soon

It could be worse than High Noon

She’ll be angry, we’ll just have to fetter

When things couldn’t have gotten any worse

Once again she has to dip into her purse

For the flight is okay

But triple charges she’ll pay

A vacation just shouldn’t be a curse.

6. An Ode to Clam Chowder

       by Cona Adams

Oh, clam chowder, how I would love

You to be like the thing you claim you taste of.

You’re seafood, soup, potatoes, all warm

And bubbling in a splendrous, thick liquid form.

Your amount of potatoes, though is extensive,

Because I guess that clam is just too expensive

To be present in amounts that meet my desires.

But I suppose you’d be too costly for buyers.

But aside from that, clam chowder, you’re alright.

I’ll probably still have some tonight.

Poem Details | by Cecilia Macfarlane |

Categories: funny, money, stress,

Charge It

I only just begun to charge

Impulsive buys are way too large

My credit card sighs

While bankbook cries

My pay cheque I need to enlarge

7. A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

       by Brian Strand

I slipped on a fry and hurt my back

Sue Burger King! said my lawyer Jack

I asked for big bucks

But Jack kinda sucks

Now I carry my stuff in a sack

8. Running Costs

       by Jan Allison

“I ran behind a bus”, said Ben,

“Saved a good five dollars again”.

“Oh fool!” dad exclaimed,

“My son, I’m ashamed.

Chasing cabs, you could’ve saved ten!”

9. Where To

       by Sara Kendrick

My payday’s a monthly event

But … ‘fore it’s here – it’s been spent

… Search ever’ where

… Wondering’ where

All that money has … went?

10. Money Not Love

       by Martin Kloess

Went to Wal-Mart to buy a Christmas ham

All I could find was a giant traffic jam

Near the toys decorations

By my calculations

Come day after Christmas, dumpsters see cram.

11. My Pole Dancer

       by Sam Ruby

This Pole Dancer she was with me

all other men must pay her fee

Still I must confess

my family’s stress

But Polish dance lessons aren’t free

12. I

       by Jerry T Curtis

If its money I got its money ill keep.

If its money I have its money ill weep.

If its love that I give its love ill receive.

For I am but no one who just see’s beneath.

13. Going to Market

       by Jeralynn Clark

I’m joining up with Trade King

Cause I’m sick of being poor

I’m sure I’ll make a fortune with some luck

Then I won’t have to worry

When that doe comes rolling in

And have more, than these two lousy bucks

Of course I’ll need some cash

If I’m going to invest

So, it might take some time, to get rich

So, for now I’ll take my two bucks

And bet it on a nag

Or down at the dog track, on a *****

14. Money

       by Paula Goldsmith


can’t buy happiness

can’t cash in on love either

Buy an umbrella.

Famous Poems about Money

Money has long been a topic of fascination in literature, with poets exploring its power and influence in their works. The famous money poems capture the wide range of emotions and experiences associated with money.

1. The Real Riches

       by John G. Saxe

Every coin of earthly treasure

We have lavished upon earth

For our simple worldly pleasure

May be reckoned something worth;

For the spending was not losing,

Tho’ the purchase were but small;

It has perished with the using.

We have had it,—that is all!

All the gold we leave behind us,

When we turn to dust again,

Tho’ our avarice may blind us,

We have gathered quite in vain;

Since we neither can direct it,

By the winds of fortune tost,

Nor in other worlds expect it;

What we hoarded we have lost.

But each merciful oblation—

Seed of pity wisely sown,

What we gave in self-negation,

We may safely call our own;

For the treasure freely given

Is the treasure that we hoard,

Since the angels keep in heaven,

What is lent unto the Lord.

2. How They Conjugate “To Have”

       by Anonymous

I met a man of aspect wise

Engaged in catching butterflies.

“A gorgeous box-full friend,” quoth I.

“Now for what purpose sage and high

Didst catch this lovely company?”

“That I might have them,” answered he.

I saw a man with eager eyes

In bookstores hunting for a prize

Hid in the dim and dusty nooks,–

Some rare, forgotten, worthless books.

“What is their use, my friend, to thee?”

“That I may have them,” answered he.

I met a weary, haggard elf

Absorbed in reckoning up his pelf;

As, so much gain, and so much cost,

And so much, so much, so much lost.

“What joy from all your golden tide?”

“That I may have it,” he replied.

I met a man of busy hands,

With wealth of books and friends and lands,

Yet ever seeking some new task

Or helpful service. “Friend,” I ask,

“Why do you toil so ceaselessly?”

“That men may have me,” answers he.

3. Success

       by Amos Russel Wells

If he succeeds whose coffers, heaped with gold,

Are red with ruined and despairing lives,

The man who owns a mint to coin tears,

Expert to wring a farthing from a heart,—

Though all the world pay homage, all the world

Envy the wretch,—if this is to succeed,

My pride and all my hope shall be to fail!

If he succeeds who bids the magpie crowd,

Tossing his name upon its chattering tongues,

Talk, write, and dream of him, and they obey,

While he they praise, alive on lips of men,

Has breathed his soul into the bubble, fame,

And lives an empty life,—if he succeeds,

Be mine a life of failure to the end!

If he succeeds, the man of strenuous brain,

Skilled in the deeps and heights of many a lore,

Bent with the plundered wealth of libraries,

But ignorant of love, and ignorant

Of all the roses and the stars of life,—

Though men unite to wonder and applaud,

If this is called success, be mine defeat!

But these are not success; success it is

To front the angry tumult of a world

With Right for comrade; faithfully to work;

To wear contentment shining on the brow;

Above the gathered treasures of the globe

To reckon brotherhood and make it mine,

This is success, and this my prayer shall be.

4. Health and Wealth

       by Anonymous

We squander health in search of wealth;

We scheme and toil and save;

Then squander wealth in search of health,

But only find a grave.

We live, and boast of what we own;

We die, and only get a stone.

5. One Hundred Per Cent

       by Amos Russel Wells

“I should like to be rich,” said young Tom, with a sigh;

“There are so many things I am aching to buy!

Oh, would I had money, and would it were lent,

To good steady payers, at fifteen per cent!”

Now it chanced a wise man, just in passing, had heard

Tom’s sighs and repining, each covetous word;

So he took the young fellow astride of his knee,

And taught him to grow just as rich as could be.

And this way ’twas done. Every once in a while

Tom would lend to some neighbor—a sunshiny smile;

And every time, for the smile he had lent,

Tom got two in return. That’s one hundred per cent!

Bright greetings, warm kisses, kind deeds on the sly,

All bring him an interest equally high;

And before many days I am bold to declare,

You will find that young Tom is a true millionaire.

6. Better than Gold

       by Father Ryan

Better than grandeur, better than gold,

Than rank and title, a thousand fold,

Is a healthy body, a mind at ease,

And simple pleasures that always please;

A heart that can feel for another’s woe,

And share his joys with genial glow,

With sympathies large enough to enfold

All men as brothers, is better than gold.

Better than gold is a conscience clear,

Though toiling for bread in a humble sphere;

Doubly blessed with content and health,

Untried by the lust or cares of wealth;

Lowly living and lofty thought

Adorn and ennoble a poor man’s cot;

For mind and morals in nature’s plan,

Are the genuine tests of a gentleman.

Better than gold is the sweet repose,

Of the sons of toil when their labors close;

Better than gold is the poor man’s sleep

And the balm that drops on his slumber deep.

Bring sleepy draughts to the downy bed,

Where luxury pillows its aching head,

But he his simple opiate deems,

A shorter route to the land of dreams.

Better than gold is the thinking mind,

That in the realm of books can find

A treasure surpassing Australian ore,

And live with the great and good of yore—

The sage’s lore and poet’s lay,

The glories of empires passed away;

The world’s great dream will thus enfold,

And yield a pleasure better than gold.

Better than gold is a peaceful home,

Where all the fire-side charities come—

The shrine of love, the heaven of life,

Hallowed by mother, or sister, or wife.

However humble the home may be,

Or tried with sorrow by Heaven’s decree,

The blessings that never were bought or sold,

And center there, are better than gold.

7. Love’s Millionaire

       by Florence May Alt

Within my little cottage

Are peace and warmth and light;

And loving welcome waiting

When I come home at night.

The polished kettle’s steaming,

The snowy cloth is spread—

And close against my shoulder

There leans a smooth brown head!

Her eyes are lit with laughter

(They light the world for me)—

“For how much would you sell me?

Now tell me, sir!” cries she.

‘Tis then I answer, somehow,

Between a smile and tear,

“Not for all the gold in Klondike!

The gold in Klondike, dear!”

When the cosy tea is over,

With many a frolic fond,

I sit and read my paper;

And from the room beyond

I hear the clink china,

The tread of nimble feet,

And broken bits of singing

That somehow ripple sweet.

I hear a rush and rustle

Behind my easy-chair;

Short, chubby arms enclasp me

And choke me unaware!

Into my arms is tumbled

A crinkled, golden head,

A ball of fluffy whiteness

That ought to be in bed.

She asks her mother’s question—

I kiss the answer clear;

“Not for all the gold Klondike;

The gold in Klondike, dear!”

In dim and dusky office

I dig my bits of gold;

I suffer not with hunger,

Nor perish with the cold.

My nuggets needs by tiny

(I dig them with a pen),

But the Yukon’s golden gravel

I leave for other men.

My treasure lies exhaustless,

My claim is staked with care;

What is all the gold in Klondike,

Since I’m love’s millionaire?

8. True Nobility

       by Robert Nicoll

I ask not for his lineage,

I ask not for his name;

If manliness be in his heart,

He noble birth may claim.

I care not though of this world’s wealth

But slender be his part,

If yes, you answer, when I ask

Hath he a true man’s heart?

I ask not from what land he came,

Nor where his youth was nursed;

If pure the stream, it matters not

The spot from whence it burst.

The palace or the hovel,

Where first his life began,

I seek not for; but answer this,

Is he an honest man?

9. The Gift

       by Bliss Carman

I said to Life, “How comes it,

With all this wealth in store,

Of beauty, joy, and knowledge,

Thy cry is still for more?

“Count all the years of striving

To make thy burden less,—

The things designed and fashioned

To gladden thy success!

“The treasures sought and gathered

Thy lightest whim to please,—

The loot of all the ages,

The spoil of all the seas!

“Is there no end of labor,

No limit to thy need?

Must man go bowed forever

In bondage to thy greed?”

With tears of pride and passion

she answered, “God above!

I only wait the asking,

To spend it all for love!”

10. Warning From the Gold Mine

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

Ye who rend my bed of earth,

Mark me! From my lowly birth,

Ye to light in me will bring

What will rise to be your king!

I shall rule with tyrant sway,

Till ye rue my natal day!

High and low my power shall own,

For I’ll make the world my throne!

And my worshippers shall be

Martyrs, dupes, or slaves to me.

Love and friendship, on the way

to their idol, they will slay.

Conscience—I will still her cry;

Truth for me shall bleed and die!

I will prove a chain to bind

Down to earth the immortal mind!

Though ye try me by the fire,

This will only heat my ire.

Though my form ye oft may change,

‘T will but give me wider range!

For my sake the poor shall feel

on his face, his neighbor’s heel.

Then I’ll turn, and, taking wing,

Leave with avarice but a sting!

I will be a spur to crime,

Ye shall sell your peace through time;

And a long eternity

Of remorse shall come, for me!

Now I’m here without defense;

But, if once I’m taken hence,

Man shall eat the bitter fruit

Springing from a golden root!

11. Simplicity Vs. Materialism Things! Things! Things!

       by Amos Russel Wells

Things! Things! Things!

On the tables, on the floor,

Tucked away behind the door,

On the shelves and on the chairs,

Dangerously on the stairs,

Bureaus crammed and closets filled,

Boxes packed and boxes spilled,

Bundles everywhere you go,

Heaps and piles and overflow

Of things, things, things!

Things! Things! Things!

Things of value, worthless trash,

Things preserved or gone to smash,

Ancient things or things just bought,

Common things and things far-sought,

Things you mean to throw away,

Things you hope to use some day,

Cellar, attic, all between,

One exasperating scene

Of things, things, things!

Things! Things! Things!

Things that take our precious time,

Hold us from the life sublime,

Things that only gather dust,

Things that rot and things that rust,

Things that mould and things that freese,

Things that harbor foul disease,

Things that mock us and defy,

Till at last we grimly die

Of things, things, things!

Things! Things! Things!

Let me cease to be their fool!

Let me fly their crafty rule!

Let me with unsparing knife

Cut their canker from my life!

Broad and clear and all serene

Let me make my mansion clean,

Now und evermore to be

Calm, unfrctted, grandly free

From things, things, things!

12. The Nest

       by Anonymous

The nest is round and the nest is small,

Dear little circle enclosing all,

All of the joy in the wide world’s bound,

Though the nest is small and the nest round.

The nest is fashioned of common things,

Leaves and grasses and twigs and strings,

Yet never a palace so lordly fine

As the palace fashioned of leaves and twine.

The house had never an architect,

No pother of plans to discuss and select,

But Love was the builder and Love was the plan,

And Love was the competent artisan,

No lease was signed by these happy folk,

No rent was required by their Landlord Oak,

All at no charges and all of the best,—

The world’s biggest bargain is surely a nest

13. Real Estate

       by Amos Russel Wells

My real estate is birds and flowers,

And sweeps of summer sky,

And shining holy morning hours,

And breezes passing by.

My most unreal estate is dirt,

With houses piled on top,

Reckoned in figures bare and curt,

And smelling of the shop.

My real estate is never spent,

its titles all are clear,

it pays a wonderful per cent

By day and month and year.

it needs no fence of iron or wood,

No agent must he hired.

its price—that it be understood,

its tax—to be admired.

While I am rich in real estate,

Away with that inert

ignoble and degenerate

Unreal estate of dirt!

14. Contented John

       by Jane Taylor

One honest John Tomkins, a hedger and ditcher,

Although he was poor, did not want to be richer;

For all such vain wishes in him were prevented

By a fortunate habit of being contented.

Though cold were the weather, or dear were the food,

John never was found in a murmuring mood;

For this he was constantly heard to declare,—

What he could not prevent he would cheerfully bear.

“For why should I grumble and murmur?” he said;

“If I cannot get meat, I’ll be thankful for bread;

And, though fretting may make my calamities deeper,

It can never cause bread and cheese to be cheaper.”

If John was afflicted with sickness or pain,

He wished himself better, but did not complain,

Nor lie down to fret in despondence and sorrow,

But said that he hoped to be better to-morrow.

If anyone wronged him or treated him ill,

Why, John was good-natured and sociable still;

For he said that revenging the injury done

Would be making two rogues when there need be but one.

And thus honest John, though his station was humble,

Passed through this sad world without even a grumble;

And I wish that some folks, who are greater and richer,

Would copy John Tomkins, the hedger and ditcher.

15. Cleon and I

       by Charles Mackay

Cleon hath ten thousand acres,

Ne’er a one have I;

Cleon dwelleth in a palace,

In a cottage, I;

Cleon hath a dozen fortunes,

Not a penny, I,

Yet the poorer of the twain is

Cleon, and not I.

Cleon, true, possesseth acres,

But the landscape, I;

Half the charms to me it yieldeth

Money cannot buy;

Cleon harbors sloth and dullness,

Freshening vigor, I;

He in velvet, I in fustian—

Richer man am I.

Cleon is a slave to grandeur,

Free as thought am I;

Cleon fees a score of doctors,

Need of none have I;

Wealth-surrounded, care-environed,

Cleon fears to die;

Death may come—he’ll find me ready,

Happier man am I.

Cleon sees no charms in nature,

In a daisy, I;

Cleon hears no anthems ringing

‘Twixt the sea and sky;

Nature sings to me forever,

Earnest listener, I;

State for state, with all attendants—

Who would change?—Not I.

16. The Shepherd Boy Sings in the Valley of Humiliation

       by John Bunyan

He that is down needs fear no fall,

He that is low, no pride;

He that is humble ever shall

Have God to be his guide.

I am content with what I have,

Little be it or much:

And, Lord, contentment still I crave,

Because Thou savest such.

Fullness to such a burden is

That go on pilgrimage:

Here little, and hereafter bliss,

Is best from age to age.

Short Poems about Money

Money has an important role in our lives, and it can be both a blessing and a curse. Here are some simple poems on money that explore these themes.

1. We Aren’t Got No Money, Honey, but We Got Rain

       by Charles Bukowski

I particularly remember the rains of the

Depression era.

There wasn’t any money but there was

Plenty of rain.

It wouldn’t rain for just a night or

A day,

It would RAIN for 7 days and 7 nights.

2. Money, O!

       by W.H. Davies

When I had money, money, O!

I knew no joy till I went poor;

For many a false man as a friend

Came knocking all day at my door.

3. Velocity of Money

       by Allen Ginsberg

Delighted by inflation that drives me out on the street

After all what good’s the family farm, why eat turkey by thousands every


Why not have Star Wars? Why have the same old America?

4. Worry about Money

       by Kathleen Raine

But life itself wakes me each morning, and love

Urges me to give although I have no money

In the bank at this moment, and ought properly

To cease to exist in a world where poverty

Is a shameful and ridiculous offence.

Read more poems of Kathleen Raine.

5. On A Handful of French Money

       by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Even as these coins, so are these lives and years

Mixed and bewildered; yet hath each of them

No less its part in what is come to be

For France. Empire, Republic, Monarchy,—

Each clamours or keeps silence in her name,

And lives within the pulse that now is hers.

6. Death and Taxes

       by Sidney Hall

Now that I’m dead I can finally relax,

Worry free of April 15th and filing my income tax.

Poems about Money for Birthdays

Celebrate your loved one’s birthday with a money poem for birthdays! Here you can find inspiring and meaningful poems about the value of money and the joy of giving.

1. My Dad Won the Lottery

       by Caren Krutsinger

My dad won the lottery Sultan announces to his third-grade class.

There are gasps all around, the other eight-year-olds are amazed.

How much? One of the brighter youngsters’ yells.

“Six billion or more,” he says giving a flashy wave.

“Want to come to my birthday party?” ask another bright lightbulb.

“When is it?”

“Next Saturday, all the other kids are invited.”

The teacher says nothing.

“We are buying a mansion,” Sultan tells his classmates.

“I get to design my own room.”

His family is perhaps the poorest family in the school.

They have several children, and they are in transition aka homeless.

The teacher continues working on their gift baskets.

Understanding that sometimes the poorest children have the largest stories.

2. A Smuggler Speaks

       by Chinedum Ekwobi

Enough of a struggle,

When we banned goods smuggle

To against riches snuggle

And soon sound The Bugle

Enough of struggle:

Lots of body wriggle

For Danes’ Illicit Gin

That would lots of lips win:

South Africa Necklace

In Gold dressed like a lace…

In my mind a rifle

But its mention stifle:

Brushes with The Customs

Seizing people’s bottoms;

Curses of their custom

Of sparing not An Atom…

Ahead kicking kidneys

To down force one on knees

My birthday with whole chicken

Today is exactly The Day

I said I must find my way

Out of a Taxed Uterus,

With odds getting numerous:

Fifty-Two not Twenty-Five

Splendid to be still alive!

A Uterus that saw Hell,

When I started sounding my bell;

Doctor sure ‘The Post-Mature’

Now responding to Nature

A Most Terrible Bleeding,

Even as she kept pleading,

The time: Night’s 11: 15

Of A Rainy June 15

And I heard: staying at church

While Nigerian Bombs did search…

3. One Life

       by Paula Goldsmith

There have been those who said,

what a privileged life you have.

People only see what they want to see,

jealousy is a terrible thing.

Jealousy makes you ugly shades of green,

as you are totally consumed.

Where were you when I cried all night long,

only to find an alligator tear soaked pillow in the morning.

Where were you when we were married on thirty-five dollars,

no car~home or jobs.

I had no breakfast,

on Friday I would split a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

People have been meaner than I can write,

their words and actions with much delight.

I learned from two ladies,

they both had very similar lives.

Both should have been filled,

with hate.

One was,

it ruined her life.

The other lady,

kept love~happiness all around.

Hurt is a troubling thing,

life is filled with all kinds of hurt.

Some hurt you can see,

some hurt you cannot see.

Hurt is still hurt,

it fills one with pain~tears.

As for the second lady,

I also believe in love~happiness all around.

I love to give smiles out,

did you know they are Free???

I say~never judge a person on what you see,

you may find an alligator tear soaked pillow in their bed just like me.

4. Evil Emerges

       by Kashmiri Kashmiri

When the vaygina is torn

When a hypocrite is born

Evil Emerges.

5. Pay Day

       by Paula Goldsmith

I often wonder,

just how much one is expected take.

Some spout off,

so very easily.

Some take much,

then they explode.

I guess the question is,

how much is too much.

How long should one put up with it,

whatever it is.

After not being paid repeatedly,

and getting paid would take up to six months.

I guess you can say,

I had~had enough.

Every time I explained I had not been paid,

no one seemed to care.

This is not right,

I was working for free.

My computer and I had a hot midnight date,

typing away to say just what I wanted to say.

I said I had enough rather than stoop to their level,

I was just leaving Good-bye from me.

6. Nobody Knows Who Your Players Are

       by Gershon Wolf

Halfway through summer

You delivered a bummer

Sold off all your big stars

Nobody knows

who your new players are

Last night’s game?

You lost Ten-to-Nothing

Today you scored more

Something like 17 to 4

Poor fans have nothing to cheer

We just cry in our beer

But, I’ll come watch anyway

‘Course, my ticket YOU’LL pay

~ I wasn’t born yesterday!

7. Money

       by Paula Goldsmith

Money is all around

On the floor and on the ground

Never let it make you go round and round

Even you can buy a jeweled crown

You know it is only paper so do not frown

8. A Token-Coin

       by Paula Goldsmith

When I started to date,

a token-coin I was given.

I was told to hide it in my purse,

never but never spend it away.

If you ever need to call home,

your token-coin will save the day.

I never needed that token-coin,

tucked away safe and sound.

It was always there,

where it belonged.

One day I cleaned out my purse,

I found that old token-coin.

As I began to rub it,

all the years flashed by.

I then realized all the love,

given in that token-coin to keep by my side.

9. Watered Down Juice

       by Paula Goldsmith

I can still remember when I was nine,

the boy across the street made a sign.

His mother made pitchers of a drink aid,

the cars would stop and we were paid.

We always said a big thank you,

many came back day after day we knew.

A business off the street we now ran,

it would have been great if we had a fan.

The days and sun were really hot,

a cold and refreshing drink they bought.

We did split fifty fifty of the cash,

a ton of cups made bags of trash.

We started selling really young,

as we yelled to cars with our tongue.

I can remember that summer well,

our skin needed a lot of healing gel.

10. Just Thinking about this Past Year

       by Paula Goldsmith

Just thinking about this past year has taught me a few things,

new rules to live by.

In life we put off doing until tomorrow-next week-next year,

and why is this?

Maybe we are busy-feel we do not have the time-need more money,

the list goes on and on.

I will wait no more,

I am doing.

I saw firsthand how short time is,

time for me and for others.

I will wait no more,

it needs to be done today.

Tomorrow will not come for many,

I want my life more complete.

New rules to live by,

today is my day so enjoying it.

Poems about Money That Rhyme

This collection of poems focuses on the different aspects of money – from its power to its pitfalls. Enjoy reading these poems that are composed in rhyme.

1. It Isn’t Costly

       by Edgar A. Guest

Does the grouch get richer quicker than the friendly sort of man?

Can the grumbler labor better than the cheerful fellow can?

Is the mean and churlish neighbor any cleverer than the one

Who shouts a glad “good morning” and then smiling passes on?

Just stop and think about it. Have you ever known or seen

A mean man who succeeded, just because he was so mean?

When you find a grouch with honors and with money in his pouch,

You can bet he didn’t win them just because he was a grouch.

Oh, you’ll not be any poorer if you smile along your way,

And your lot will not be harder for the kindly things you say.

Don’t imagine you are wasting time for others that you spend:

You can rise to wealth and glory and still pause to be a friend.

2. The Root of All Evil?

       Catherine Pulsifer

Is money the root of all evil

Does anything even equal?

The answer my friend is “no”

But let this poem show:

The “love” of money is the problem

It can take your life to the bottom

You may have material things

But your love for it – nothing it brings.

You see money cannot buy happiness

Nor can it make you feel blessed.

Helping others, sharing your money

Can help other in others being happy.

In this world of ours, greed

Doesn’t feel any need

There is enough for everyone

But only a few have a fortune.

You see money can be taken away

And if that is all you have, you will be dismayed

The people in your life who care

Who love you, money can’t compare.

But if you let those relationships failed

In search of money, you won’t prevail

You will end up with false friends

And if you lose your money that’s the end.

So share your wealth do not hoard

And make sure you give back to the Lord

As when your life comes to an end

Money will not comfort you or life extend!

So share your wealth do not hoard

3. The Man Who Couldn’t Save

       by Edgar A. Guest

He spent what he made, or he gave it away,

Tried to save money, and would for a day,

Started a bank-account time an’ again.

Got a hundred or so for a nest egg, an’ then

Some fellow that needed it more than he did.

Who was down on his luck, with a sick wife or kid.

Came along an’ he wasted no time till he went

An’ drew out the coin that for saving was meant.

They say he died poor, and I guess that is so:

To pile up a fortune he hadn’t a show;

He worked all the time and good money he made,

Was known as an excellent man at his trade,

But he saw too much, heard too much, felt too much here

To save anything by the end of the year.

An’ the shabbiest wreck the Lord ever let live

Could get money from him if he had it to give.

I’ve seen him slip dimes to the bums on the street

Who told him they hungered for something to eat,

An’ though I remarked they were going for drink

He’d say: “Mebbe so. But I’d just hate to think

That fellow was hungry an’ Id passed him by;

I’d rather be fooled twenty times by a lie

Than wonder if one of ’em I wouldn’t feed

Had told me the truth an’ was really in need.”

Never stinted his family out of a thing:

They had everything that his money could bring;

Said he’d rather be broke and just know they were glad,

Than rich, with them pining an’ wishing they had

Some of the pleasures his money would buy;

Said he never could look a bank book in the eye

If he knew it had grown on the pleasures and joys

That he’d robbed from his wife and his girls and his boys.

Queer sort of notion he had, I confess,

Yet many a rich man on earth is mourned less.

All who had known him came back to his side

to honor his name on the day that he died.

Didn’t leave much in the bank, it is true.

But did leave a fortune in people who knew

the big heart of him, an’ I’m willing to swear

that to-day he is one of the richest up there.

4. Money

       by Arthur Fanklin Fuller

Money – Money – Money –

Once I sought the jingling hoard-stuff,

Heard its siren tinkle sounding,

Felt the lust that makes men battle,

Disregard all save achievement;

Every muscle, nerve and talent,

Bent to winning sordid treasures

Scorning peace and homelier pleasures.

Blinding eyes to Nature’s doings.

Deafening ears to song-bird’s wooings.

Longing, feverish, for that great hour.

When should sound at their dictation

Siren tones that conquer most men –

Make them slaves as I have been.

Money – Money – Money –

Well I knew its magic jingle,

Sweet, elusive as its mother;

Tameless, lawless, who may hold her?

Wings she taketh, swift and silent,

Leaving subtly, without warning –

Cruel as a woman’s scorning.

Money! how the sound did lure me –

Made me bow to my task-master.

Fiercely guard each hard won vantage-

Long it baffled my endeavors;

But in time I gained the summit –

Form-ed a gold-tide, watched the scramble –

Made a test of what ‘twould buy me.

Money – Money – Money –

Disapproving frowns now vanished;

Doors that had been closed, now opened –

Haughty ways were changed to fawning;

Strangers boasted long acquaintance,

Pledged their everlasting friendship;

Balls, receptions, in my honor.

Signs of favor without number.

Sped the time, fulfilled my longings.

Turned such appetite to loathing;

Satan laughing, scoffing, sneering,

Watched the fall my hopes were taking;

All this lacked the ring of true steel –

Echoed only siren tinkle.

Money – Money – Money –

When the silly, vapid laughter

Died away and left me stranded,

When the dance had turned to fool-play,

And the dinners changed to hell-feasts.

When I saw the drifting favor,

Pierced the shallowness and pretense.

Soft I heard a voice of music,

Sounding like a voice from Heaven;

Knew a hand-clasp, heard the joy-tone

Of a heart’s sincere devotion.

Then I knew that gold and silver

Bring no joy to feed the hunger

Of a heart that yearns for trueness.

Money – Money – Money –

Blessed be the day you left me –

Now I laugh at Satan’s luring;

I have learned the truer values –

Count my treasures in the tresses

Gold as sunset – crowning glory

Of a vision fair as wholesome –

Mark the rubies of her rose lips,

Love the turquois ‘neath her lashes,

Love the smile that shows her pearl teeth;

Love the privilege of love-clasp,

Love her graceful form, and yielding;

Love her sweet ways, loving service.

Love the blessing of her nearness.

Money – Money – Money –

What a silly, teasing earth-god;

Bringing discontent to thousands;

Bribing, tempting, cursing many.

Tinkle, tinkle, clinking silver-

Chime your sweetest, yellow gold-stuffs,

I have treasures far above you;

Far more precious than you all.

I’ve a queen that knows my ardor,

Loves my love and care and labor:

Treasures, treasures, boundless, worthy;

Here my whole heart glad, enslaved is:

Here my jewels, gold and silver;

Life flows peaceful as a river.

5. Money

       by John Kendrick Bangs

Money comes, and money goes.

Where it goes to, goodness knows;

Feeds us, clothes us, pays the rent;

Sometimes borrowed, often lent;

Makes a pleasant, jingly sound;

Rather nice to have around.

But it never kept a friend!

Broken hearts ’twill never mend.

As a substitute for Right

Frequently it heaves in sight;

But it is a substitute

That holds mighty bitter fruit.

Misers hoard it; tyrants rule

When they use it for a tool;

And for want of it the roar

Of the Wolf comes to the door.

6. I Will Take All I Can Get

       by Adeniji Toluwalope Gideon

Since it holds me free of debt.

I’ll respect it for its power

To relieve some pressing hour.

But for worship — well, for me

God forbid that that should be!

Must Money Make Man Mad

Must money make man mad?

Money makes man mad

Meanwhile, man made money

Must millions make man mad?

Massive money many mention

Mighty materials, man’s main mandate

Making many mentally magnetic

Mean money might mar man

Con-men crave catching cash consistently

Committing crimes continuously

Consequently, they’re caught, captured, killed

While we wonder where we’re

We want wealth which withers

When we wouldn’t wake

We wouldn’t work without weighing ways

When we weigh madness with mildness

We would work with wisdom

When we work wisely,

We would win

7. Hey, That’s My Money

       by Robert L. Hinshaw

Well, I see that Congress is proposin’ another trillion dollar spree!

Those inept buffoons must think money grows upon a tree!

The treasury is crankin’ out bales of twenty-dollar bills,

Doin’ their part to cure (and inflate) the nation’s many ills!

Funds were ‘loaned’ to help carmakers, now they’re hollerin’ fer more!

A ton of dough was ‘loaned’ to banks, but ain’t nobody keepin’ score!

Millions was designated to help home foreclosures to abate.

Where has my money gone?  I’ve seen minimal results to date!

Funds are proposed fer more sand fer the beaches of New Joisey,

And city officials want a water park out west in frigid Boise!

Frenzied lobbyists are scurryin’ about fer a portion of the pork,

To build an emergency landin’ strip on the Hudson in New York!

Money is probably well-spent fer roads, bridges and agin’ sewers,

But spare me the cost of subsidizin’ sports arenas and sozzled brewers.

Lack of foresight by the banks and politicians got us in this mess,

Now they cover their boondoggles with my money, nonetheless!

Hordes of politicians gleefully gather at the bottomless trough,

Elbowin’ others fer largesse they claim will make us better off.

Is there no end to compensatory spendin’ and open-ended lendin’?

Hey!  That’s my money you fellers are so very inept at spendin’!

8. Money

       by Ness Tillson

Money money, ringing in your tills,

Calling us to worship,

The hundred dollar bills.

Bend our knees in wonder,

Bow our heads in awe,

At the power of the liar,

Who now controls us all.

From the darkest deep caverns,

To the stars in the sky,

From the infinite universe,

To the strangers passing by.

From your inner most conviction,

To your laughing in the night,

From everything you’re seeing,

To everything out of sight.

The new God has risen,

To claim the holy throne,

The one that we have emptied,

Our hearts all cold as stone.

The throne that we have emptied,

We killed the rightful king,

Sold his crown an sceptre,

Pawned his sacred ring.

Raised his bleeding body,

Up on that bloody hill,

The silent lamb still bleeding,

As the money fills your tills.

10. Lady on the Church Steps

       by Warren Doll

I had seen her before in the spring and summer

The homeless lady sitting on the church steps

She would ask for help from people going into the church

She mostly was given spare change and occasionally a dollar or two

No matter how small the amount given, she would give a genuine smile and say thank you

The last time I saw her was a December around Christmas

It was very cold and she was shivering in a tattered, light weight, coat

She began to walk toward me and I could see that she was very frail.

I hurried to her. I was afraid that her legs might fail

Seeing her that way, the terrible reality of her suffering, struck me to the core

I gave her all the money that I had with me that day

She was surprised and said I want to give you a gift.

I will tell you my real name.

Realizing this was the only thing of real value that she had left, I hesitated.

She smiled, hugged me, and then whispered Linda into my ear.

After that day, I never saw her again and couldn’t find out what happened to her.

But, I will never forget Linda and her most perfect Christmas gift.

Poems about Money and Work

Poems about work and money explores the complexities of money and work and their roles in our lives. Through these works, we can gain insight into how these two powerful forces shape our lives.

1. The Instruction Manual

       by John Ashbery’s

As I sit looking out of a window of the building

I wish I did not have to write the instruction manual on the uses

of a new metal.

I look down into the street and see people, each walking with an

inner peace,

And envy them–they are so far away from me!

Not one of them has to worry about getting out this manual on


2. Hay for the Horses

       by Gary Snyder’s

“I’m sixty-eight” he said,

“I first bucked hay when I was seventeen.

I thought, that day I started,

I sure would hate to do this all my life.

And dammit, that’s just what

I’ve gone and done.”

3. Leave New York

       by Joshua Beckman

Do not spend $1.00 on two scallion pancakes.

Do not hail a ten dollar cab to blow off steam

and smoke his back seat up

and watch the meter jump by quarters.

Do not spend $7.50 on Axe Handles by Gary Snyder

Do not spend $35.00 on the collected anyone.

4. The Secretary Chant

       by Piercy

My hips are a desk.

From my ears hang

chains of paper clips.

Rubber bands form my hair.

My breasts are wells of mimeograph ink.

My feet bear casters.

Buzz. Click.

5. Real Riches

       by Emily Dickinson

‘T is little I could care for pearls

Who own the ample sea;

Or brooches, when the Emperor

With rubies pelteth me;

Or gold, who am the Prince of Mines;

Or diamonds, when I see

A diadem to fit a dome

Continual crowning me.

6. Bequest

       by Emily Dickinson

You left me, sweet, two legacies,

A legacy of love

A Heavenly Father would content,

Had He the offer of;

You left me boundaries of pain

Capacious as the sea,

Between eternity and time,

Your consciousness and me.

7. Your Riches Taught Me Poverty

       by Emily Dickinson

Your riches taught me poverty.

Myself a millionnaire

In little wealths, — as girls could boast, —

Till broad as Buenos Ayre,

You drifted your dominions

A different Peru;

And I esteemed all poverty,

For life’s estate with you.

Of mines I little know, myself,

But just the names of gems, —

The colors of the commonest;

And scarce of diadems

So much that, did I meet the queen,

Her glory I should know:

But this must be a different wealth,

To miss it beggars so.

I’m sure ‘t is India all day

To those who look on you

Without a stint, without a blame, —

Might I but be the Jew!

I’m sure it is Golconda,

Beyond my power to deem, —

To have a smile for mine each day,

How better than a gem!

At least, it solaces to know

That there exists a gold,

Although I prove it just in time

Its distance to behold!

It’s far, far treasure to surmise,

And estimate the pearl

That slipped my simple fingers through

While just a girl at school!

8. The Prospector

       by N. Howard Thorp

Twelve years have I lived in this desolate place,

Far from all habitation—not even a face

Have I seen, save Apaches, those unwelcome guests,

Pass me by as I work with my pick in the breast.

Am I one of the millions whose brain-string has snapped,

Who sees visions of gold in those canyons unmapped,

Unexplored, unprospected, that lay just ahead,

Near the Arc of the Bow where so many lie dead?

Like all miners I ve visions, which may someday come true,

Of where I would go and what I would do—

If I’d but once find the vein which carries the ore,

My days of hard work would forever be o’er.

There’s a frenzy of fury that boils in one’s veins—

Will it pay for the hardships, will it pay for my pains?

‘T is a distorted finger that beckons, it seems,

To the land of illusions, the place of my dreams.

Poems about Money and Happiness

In this collection of poems, we will explore the complex relationship between money and happiness, examining how the two can intersect or diverge.

1. Money and Happiness

       by Teresa Dearing

I had a friend who had alot,

And very happy she was not.

Then she lost it all one day,

And now she morns her life away.

I have never had a lot,

And ofte’ it’s left me in a spot,

But I am sure with banking clout,

Wonderful happiness would find me out.

But in memories, it’s the times without,

That warm my heart and stand right out.

Mayhaps happiness has more to do,

With the life you live, than what have you.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Santa

       by Suburban Lovechild

Why was Santa dressed like the Easter bunny?

he wanted to run away with his honey.

Mrs. Claus had a red nose that was funny,

when she took off with the money.

3. 5 Place

       by Anonymous

Everything has a fee

Everything has a fee,

Nothing on Earth’s for free,

There is no relation,

Without compensation,

Unless it’s just me versus me.

Something always involves cost,

From breathing to auto exhaust,

Imagine, people mating,

Without use of call waiting,

Millions of yen would be lost.

Even intangibles hold value,

A smile from the wind, a song on the bayou,

If you yell at your spouse,

Well, there goes the house,

The true meaning of “I do, I do”.

Life is a pay-per-view event,

Due to our voyeuristic intent,

We can’t cross the street,

To keep matters discrete,

All we have is fiscal repent.

4. Riches Have Wings

       by Jo Daniel 

Don’t run after money,

It acts very funny,

It is there, then it’s not,

though it is often sought,

Riches make themselves wings

and fly away. It stings,

they never stay with you,

Unfaithful, never true,

Like an eagle, they fly,

you are left then to sigh!

Don’t run after money,

it’s simply baloney!

Disappearing from sight,

Like an eagle, takes flight,

It will leave you behind,

Huffing, puffing and blind,

Sprouting wings of its own,

It is known to have flown,

Take heed to my advice,

Wealth chasers pay their price!

5. Priceless

       by Wendy Horder

No lottery win

Could ever begin

To compare

With love so rare

No amount of money

That’s almost funny

Give thanks to the Lord

For this my reward

Nothing touches my heart

Of my life, such a part

lt makes me feel whole

Plays a wonderful role

lt gives me strength to carry on

As my life moves along

Music to my ears

Dispels any fears

lt fills me with pride

Always on my side

For me especially

My priceless Family.

6. Green Machine

       by Eric Nolan 

In this world

We all put a price on our honey

We rent our labor, what’s between our legs and under our nose

We all work it’s just how it goes

The world’s oldest profession

As everyone knows

We are all for sale

To the mighty dollar

We all hail

Without it slave

You will fail

To that dirty green paper

We all hail

It’s a great daily caper

Of catch and release

Trying our best

It’s your wallet I fleece

Gotta get in there and rape the green

And get out fast hopefully unseen

You will never get ahead

In dollars or sense

Your worth for today

Is already past tense

Its funny to me

To try and reap the cream

and chase crumbs daily

Or so it would seem

But necessary is this mundane grind

To live for today

And enter tomorrows financial bind

Of once again

Playing moneys tug of war

Pursuing currency is such a bore

A rotten addiction of give me more

We are all simply

Greedy cash whores

7. Money is Loved by Many

       Mv Venkataraman

I am surely not after money

Like a bee after sweet honey

This World is to me funny

Here riches make life sunny

For money all are deeply craving

And so are very crookedly behaving

For ten generations are just saving

Poor man’s chances, they are shaving

They spend money like a lunatic

And are thinking like an eccentric

Currency notes make them ecstatic

They appear to me damn pathetic

They squander money on luxury

Care not for those in penury

They are always in a hurry

For them I feel greatly sorry

Father and mother will be hungry

Toward them, they will be angry

To feed parents, they won’t agree

Their hearts are shabbily ugly

They will lead a lavish life-style

To none, kind words, they will mail

To show generosity, they will fail

From devil greed, they will ail.

8. Funny Money

       Duke Beaufort

What’s simple and not so complex?

Rich spokespeople hawked FTX

Crypto they’d assure

Is so safe and secure

It would never bounce anyone’s checks.

Poems about Money and Love

This collection of poems explores the relationship between money and love, delving into the complexities of the two entwined forces.

1. For Love and Money

       by Shanto Armonde

The wicked love of money

Impels us to embark

On a dark and endless journey.

Overwhelmed by vicious temptation

We pursue that receding goal,

Until we’re well beyond salvation.

Money can buy others’ respect.

It can make us feel

complete and perfect.

Money can buy love and joy

Although our innocence,

It does destroy.

Eyes bound, and cruelly blinded,

With violent drive and desire,

We race on, alone and unguided.

Slowly starving the soul inside

Of love, succumbing to fatal

Hopes, yet swelling with pride.

Only in the end do we begin to learn,

To love the harsh times lived,

And not the money that we earn.

2. Money Advice

       by Nsikak Andrew

Again, do not make money

the determining factor in your marriage.

The moment you begin to fight

over the control of money

then your marriage is heading for the rock.

Money shouldn’t be the bone of contentment

or neither that of contention in your marriage.

If you allowed money to determine

the extent of your love, then be ready

to always be in a fight and constant argument

over irrelevant things that will only add up

to no meaningful thing in your marriage.

3. Selfishness in Marriage

       by Nsikak Andrew

Those who are selfish

only have one reward in their marriage

and that is to live in self-deceit

time over time again.

The element of trust

is lost the moment you

become so selfish in your marriage.

This is what will only make you

think of self and self alone

without caring for the other.

In marriage you need

to work together to achieve your purpose

and not to feel that you can do it all alone.

The moment you allowed selfishness

to rule your home just be ready

For the danger that is coming ahead.

4. Right Formula

       by Nsikak Andrew

Marriage is like a two way traffic

which requires the source

for living together have

to flow from both side.

Do not live all work to one person.

See to it that you help in contributing

your quota towards making the marriage work.

When you both contribute

in no measure towards keeping the home,

you will find peace around without much labour

but where one person is made

to be seen as the sole provider,

then there is a challenge looming ahead.

Both couples should be involved

in taking care of the family.

It shouldn’t be one person job all alone.

The moment the other person

finds the needed support, the joy

and zeal to go all the way will always be there.   

5. Your Association

       by Nsikak Andrew

When you come in contact

with wrong people and you begin

to associate yourself with them,

what you will learn from such association

is what would impact your life in a negative way.

Associating with wrong people

would only bring to you wrong advice

which would become detrimental

if applied in your home.

Wrong advice would never contribute

any meaningful thing to your marriage.

Infact what that would bring about

is constant infighting that would not

add any value but rather would seek

to destroy the unity that runs at home.

6. Spending Habit

       by Nsikak Andrew

When you are not able

to differentiate between your needs and wants;

then it becomes a problem at home.

You need to control your spending habit

and shouldn’t become frivolous about it.

When you spend without limit

and can’t differentiate your needs and wants

on what you are spending on,

then building your home to achieve

the basic necessity of life becomes a problem.

Money that is meant to build the home

and provide the necessary things of life

should not be that which you spend anyhow.

You should be able to build assets and not liabilities.

In spending you need to be prudent.

When you are prudent, it helps you save

and also differentiate between your needs and wants.

You shouldn’t spend because others are spending.

You need to be a wise spender

and this should be one things

that add much value to your home.

And if you should borrow for any purpose,

it should be for things that creates asset

and not for thing that brings about liability.

When you borrow to spend for frivolous things

it will add no gain to you but rather would make you

become a constant borrower and someone

Who would always be indebted all the time?   

7. Seek Knowledge

       by Nsikak Andrew

If you want to safe your marriage

from eminent collapse,

then you need to seek constant knowledge

on how to improve your relationship

and make it the best for others to envy.

If you rely on what you know years back,

such might not be relevant

at this moment of a changing generation.

You need to go for knowledge concerning

areas that is affecting the bliss of your marital life.

When you constantly improve yourself

in the areas that needs attention,

you will not only keep your home

but would be looked upon as someone

that has answers to any nagging issues.

When you read, listen to messages

that improve your level of reasoning

and of all apply such to your circumstances,

you would not only be happy for it

but would also become a delightsome land.  


8. Saving and Investment in Marriage

       by Nsikak Andrew

Saving and investment keeps you away

from poverty in your marriage.

If you refuse to neither save nor invest,

then be ready to find poverty knocking

at your door constantly.

The reason you should save and also invest

is to constantly provide for your family

without having any reason for failure.

Do not see investment as a risky venture

but rather you should seek

for knowledge and invest wisely.

Investment would help you multiple

your income and also make you

financially worthy which is what will

bulletproof you against rainy days.  

When you fail to invest against rainy days,

when such occurs which it might likely be,

then at such time, you wouldn’t have

what to fall back on.

And this could become disastrous

to your health and the peace of mind

that should flow in your marriage.

Invest for rainy days for this is

one way to fight against poverty.   

9. Amend From Mistake

       by Nsikak Andrew

When you make mistakes,

do not dwell on your mistakes.

The moment you realized

you have made a mistakes,

then at that point,

you need to start making amend.

When you keep dwelling

on your mistake without making

conscious effort to amend from it,

then you would still dwell

on making such mistake which to you

might become normal.

Mistakes made are for you to learn from them

and not to keep repeating such mistakes

as if it is a normal way of life.

When you keep making the same mistake,

it makes your life become boring

and wouldn’t add any improvement

to your level in life.

Though mistakes draws you back

but if you learn and avoid them,

your life would greatly improve beyond any doubt.

If you make mistake,

it is not an excuse for you not to try again.

When you make mistake,

realize it, make amend and try again.

When you try again,

you gather experience and would avoid

such which would become

not only a blessing to your life

but also to your marriage.

The bottom line

is not for you to dwell on your mistakes

but to work against it so as

to achieve greatness in what so ever you do.

10. Timing in Marriage

       by Nsikak Andrew

Time management is of essence

if you want to bulletproof

your marriage against failure.

Do the things you need to do

and at the right time to avoid

unnecessary conflict at home.

When you constantly manage your time well,

you will have a home were peace reign.

The moment everyone involved

knows what to do and at the right time,

then there wouldn’t be need

for unnecessary exchange of words

that wouldn’t bring about

any meaningful contribution at home.

Your time is what activates the achievement

of any given purpose in your life.

If you fail to manage your time,

you might fail to manage your life.

Learn to invest in your time

for productive output rather than spend it

doing nothing that could contribute

to a better you in life.

Sometimes, the things

that bring about exchange of words at home

are lack of proper time management.

When couples couldn’t allocate the right time

to get things done at home,

then it becomes a recurrent problem

that would always derail

the smooth running of affair at home.

When you manage your time well,

you make life and things easier to handle.

Poems about Money and Greed

Here these poems explore the relationship between money and love, delving into the complexities of the two entwined forces.

1. Money Chain

       by Rudolph Rinaldi

My parents’ repeated refrain –

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

In my dreams, a lush tree grew

with leaves of high numbers,

nothing under a twenty.

On our 25th Anniversary,

our church threw

a surprise party.

After the pot-luck dinner,

a gaily wrapped gift box

sported a top slit, waving

a bit of green. As we pulled,

a chain of bills roped up

through the slot, coiling

ribbons of green.

I had seen “Money Trees”

as special occasion gifts,

but for the one and only

time, we experienced the gift

of “Money in a Box.”

2. My Confession

       by Ryan Graham

I am led by desire

I desire this

I desire that

I desire everything

that all my friends’

have and desire


someone else has and desires it


I know I have no use

for most of it

but I must have it

I desire life

but not death

for the fear of it

I desire life because

most my friends have it and want it

and fear death because

most of my friends fear it


when I am dead

maybe I will desire nothing

because all my dead friends

will most likely desire nothing

and hopefully

we will most likely have no use

for any of it

then God

what will become of it?

3. Broke

       by David Sollis

Here lies my wallet.

On my desk he sleeps.

His malnourished stomach’s

been empty for weeks.

No family survived him.

There is only me,

With no way to pay off

his burial fee.

4. Gold Digger

       by Barbara Gorelick

half his age

and nearly twice his


pretty as a picture

but none too bright

he loves her open

arms (and legs) –

his “tart”

spread-eagled on his

sports-car’s bonnet

She likes him for

His open mind and

Open heart

But most of all –

His open wallet

She intends to stick

With him through

Thick and thicker

and is most

“Concerned” about

his dodgy ticker

5. Lust Money

       by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

That slick monster sat down with us all.

A man wants to know mouth-first

what my face does looking at him,

if my eyes are cogitating wells

of sweet soup. He imagines me forward

then bent as in over. The idea is I’ll say yes,

go to the car for unbuttoning

but a wife flashed back in the way.

So I don’t visit the details of convention.

When I say I like a man who knows

what he wants, there’s nothing more

about him to like. Nowhere else to be,

I stand under the snow face-

first, the mouth my summoning shrine.

6. Money and Greed

       by Gangadharan Nair Pulingat

A man of prosperity

He was having dexterity

Enough he earned in money

Little he gave to the needy

Or relative and friends

Those who were very poor

Even to his kith and kin.

He prospered in such speed

Together he was in greed

For money and gold gained

But still unhappy and bad mood

No one was devoted to him

Even his best half in dejection

Still he loved his money

All was well for years

Hypnotized on influence of money

Delectable events slowly lost

He became ill for ever

Even to drink water difficult

Swallow food was not easy

The day came, his death time

People says his eyes were not closed

May be looking for money

The safety notions in thoughts

Even the last moments of journey.

7. Greed and Money

       by Kailee Heckathorn

Greed… Is half of humanity, the other is money.

Could humans fix the corrupted senses of it’s own soul,

And heal the mental outer body of our full self?

No we can’t because that’s what makes us human.

Money will never buy one enternal happiness,

But is money serving as a distraction to further intelligence or is it just all life is and will be.

Greed and money will always be there, but it’s up to us to control it.

Poems about Money and Power

Money and power are two key elements of life that can have a great impact on our lives. This poem collection will explore their relationship and the effects of having them or not.

1. Money Power

       by Shashank Dwivedi

Money is the need of life

Everyone loves this, either mother or wife

Yes, it is very lovable-

Why not, as it gives us respect and make us able

We can buy every precious thing

And some say, if you have money only then have “Honey”

We can by-pass any law and order-

Using money and speak louder

But money cannot replace truth

Yet it can hide it on mysterious earth

It cannot make us to sleep

But it can make us to weep

Money is the dust of our hand

Which will be washed away when we wash hand

Money can make us respectful

But it cannot make us truthful

Money should not be treated as everything

Or we will miss truthness of worldly things

Everything should not be done just for some money

Or we will miss love of others, which will make us funny

Earn money don’t pride of it

Love money don’t do crime for it

Or God will make distance from you

You are his only son, is the truthest true

Money is not life but life is money

The tour of life is very “Turny”

Humanity is the first duty of ours

Search for truth and get success in yours Life’s Tour

2. Just Stating the Obvious

       by Paula Goldsmith

“Just Stating the Obvious from Years Gone Bye”

Over the many years

there have been many fears

good-bad times with tears

Children once were a delight

they were very polite

had respect both day and night

Prices were much less

money went for a dress

could save more without stress

People worked hard

they were proud of their backyard

work made them a diehard

they say back then was greater

now that it is much later

maybe yes maybe no let’s ask the alligator

The world is upside down

I am living in it all around

let’s go back before we drown

A time when things made sense

people were kind and not tense

kids were not on the defense

where are we now

must everything be allowed

tomorrow will be here very soon-oh wow

3. Money Means Power

       by Grant Horst

It’s all part of a bigger problem, namely the dollar sign

Our wealth we’re given is merely determined by our blood line

The rich sit mighty high in the sky and dine

While the lessers scour for nickels and dimes

They spend all day wondering which car to drive

While we wonder if we have enough food to survive

They crack wise about their expensive wine

While we sit and buff our dishes that can’t shine

We all dream of conquering the wall too steep to climb

while the affluent boot steps on those not of their kin

To clean the grime of the needy takes more time

They think an innocent gesture amounts to a crime

They’re convinced we brought this on ourselves

and give more to themselves to stack on tall shelves

Unfortunately the wealthy control the people’s power

Our greatest empires built by the common man’s hours

Yet they are treasured the simple man’s eye

The glitz and glamour are merely an illusion, an ally.

No matter how many thick gold bricks,

I am not falling for their dubious tricks

I wish to rid our society from the shackles of the dollar

But the commas add up and debt restrains like a collar

Until we can all break free from corporate’s tight chain

They’ll stay to drain the remains from our withered veins

4. Power of Money

       by Stefan

Money on my mind,

My mind is on my money,

When I have them I feel high,

And down when aren’t any.

Money can’t buy happiness,

What fool said that?

How can you be sad driving a Cadillac?

How can you be sad living in a nice house,

Having food on the table,

And not living on the street, begging for a bagel.

That’s the power of money, the power of creation,

The capital is the cornerstone of our civilization.

I love my money, they’re not the eye of the devil,

But the sweet reward that makes me grind and level.

5. Money, Greed, Power, and Death

       by Anonymous

Money is the drug that everyone uses

And it’s a game everyone plays, but everyone loses

Constantly seeking something made up in our minds

It’s a waste of energy, a waste of time

Greed is the addiction that screams for more

You’ll do anything for it, like start a war

It’s worse than an addiction to heroin, meth, or crack

It makes the heart grow cold and the soul turn black

Power is the appeal that turns us on

And it’s what our whole world is based upon

A contest to see who can be the richest

To have money and cars and…oh yeah, bitches

And in the end we come to death

It’s inevitable, even amongst the best

You can have all the money, and power over all you see

But in the end you can never buy immortality

6. Power and Money

       by Anonymous

They call it greed

one who goes beyond need

the word starting with P

call it power in baton with nails that yield

they call it a miser

even if it’s a loser

cause he runs after it

the word starting with M

they call it money in hand

the words

called them mean

the people running behind

just lean

but those words, evil to thoughts

who knows who brought upon?

they are called necessities to some,

it’s not about materialistic

called by nuns

money and power

makes you big

help you buy those candies and flowers

those tickets to tours and travels

how sad it is

money and power

makes you family

makes you friends

without them you are left without anyone

relationship and status bought

money and power

let you be at whims

Is it being to materialistic?

I wonder some!

The words starting with M and P

wonder will you buy happiness for me?

Final Thoughts

Money can bring us joy and comfort, but it can also bring us sorrow and insecurity.

The money poems in this article have explored the complex relationship between money and emotion.

While money can provide us with the means to buy a comfortable life, it can also add stress and strain to our lives.

Money can be a powerful force, but it is ultimately up to us to choose how we use it.

I hope these poems for money have opened up a meaningful dialogue about money and emotions. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on money and its impact on our lives.

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