84 Poems about Patience to Stay Calm and Patient

Patience is a virtue that requires practice and resilience, and what better way to cultivate it than through the art of poetry?

Poems about patience can inspire us to stay calm and centered in the face of challenges, reminding us that good things come to those who wait.

From famous works to short and sweet verses, there’s a poem for every occasion that celebrates the power of patience.

Let’s explore some of the most inspiring, funny, and heartwarming poems about patience out there!

Here are our top picks for patience poems!

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Famous Poems about Patience

Experience the wisdom of renowned poets who reflect on patience as a virtue for resilience and success in these famous patience poems.

1. Patient

       by Anonymous

I was not patient in that olden time

When my unchastened heart began to long

For bliss that lay beyond its reach; my prime

Was wild, impulsive, passionate, and strong.

I could not wait for happiness and love,

Heaven-sent, to come and nestle in my breast;

I could not realize that time might prove

That patient waiting would avail me best.

“Let me be happy now,” my heart cried out,

“In mine own way, and with my chosen lot;

The future is too dark and full of doubt

For me to tarry, and I trust it not.

Take all my blessings, all I am and have,

But give that glimpse of heaven before the grave”

“Ah me! ” God heard my wayward, selfish cry,

And, taking pity on my blinded heart,

He bade the angel of strong grief draw nigh,

Who pierced my bosom in its tenderest part.

I drank wrath’s wine-cup to the bitter lees,

With strong amazement and a broken will;

Then, humbled, straightway fell upon my knees,

And God doth know my heart is kneeling still;

I have grown patient, seeking not to choose

Mine own blind lot, but take that God shall send,

In which, if what I long for I should lose,

I know the loss will work some blessed end,

Some better fate for mine and me than I

Could ever compass underneath the sky.

2. Remember Then

       by Catherine Cordeiro

When you feel bad for what you say

Remember your mom wasn’t always this way.

She is your mom and used to be

A woman who cared, much like me.

To see her not be herself

And say things out of sort

Your heart goes out and is saddened

By the very thought.

You can see she is not always bright.

She’s losing herself

And she does not feel right.

Remember her as she once was

And try to forget what she does.

Take each day and let it go

For she won’t remember what is so.

Go with her stories and her fears

And let her know you are here.

Take a deep breath and step aside

For she has only this one life.

Put on your patient hat and try

To understand the reason why.

She is old and she knows that

It’s very scary to wear her hat.

Try to start fresh each day

And make her feel she’s not in the way.

Smile, smile it usually works 

Never argue

Agree with all her quirks.

She is the only mom you’ll have

So love her dearly and don’t be sad.

3. Patience

       by Rabindranath Tagore

If thou speakest not I will fill my heart with thy silence and endure it.

I will keep still and wait like the night with starry vigil

and its head bent low with patience.

The morning will surely come, the darkness will vanish,

and thy voice pour down in golden streams breaking through the sky.

Then thy words will take wing in songs from every one of my birds’ nests,

and thy melodies will break forth in flowers in all my forest groves.

4. A Patience Worth Blessing

       by Patience Worth

This hour, this hour, a chalice. Unto its golden cup

We have poured our love, for there be not one man

Who may honestly disclaim that he hath taken within

His heart, God. Mayhap to refuse Him an abiding place;

But His shadow hath rested upon him.

Behold, from this instant we disperse and His shadow

Shall follow thee. I say that tomorrow at some instant

Of time, each of thee shall stop, and I, like a moth

Shall flit thee, and thou shalt remember Him.

I charge thee; it shall be!

5. Harry Lived Patience

       by Caren Krutsinger

Harry knew that Maribelle was his soul partner.

He felt it from early childhood; had dreamed of it.

They were confidants, best friends, throughout their lives.

Mari belle was popular, she had lots of boyfriends.

Harry was patient. He waited, not rushing her, keeping quiet.

At the age of thirty-one, Mari belle realized they were a perfect match

You were so understanding and patient with me, she told him.

Marveling that her soul mate, Harry had been next door all her life.

6. A Cup of Patience is All That You Need!

       by Priyal Narang

The most important thing in life is patience.

It is like breathing.

You can’t live without it.

It is like drinking water,

You need to have some amount of patience,

In order to survive.

It calms your mind,

And prepares you for tougher challenges.

It increases your capability to listen,

And builds trust in the eyes of the other person.

Be patient in everything you do.

Don’t be intimidated by the ordeals of Life,

Because being patient is very important in today’s world,

As they say good things take time!

They will definitely come your way,

You just need to wait patiently,

And let them discover you!

7. Patience is A Virtue

       by Jeremy

Patience is a virtue,

Virtue is a grace.

Put it together,

And you have a happy face.

Call me patience,

I know if I am patient that this love I pursue.

Will lead me from this absence,

To my virtue; virtue, this is what we call you

Put one and one together in this place,

You will now know the answer for this instant smile upon my face.

From the first day I saw you, to the days that we share today,

You catch my attention from just one glance.

Having you today I never saw this to come,

For I believe in love at first sight, even if I assume I don’t stand a chance.

Good things come to those who wait;

But why do bad things happen to good people?

If it wasn’t for terrible things, I would never how found fate,

Fate has brought us near; together hear under this steeple.

Till death do us part, I promise you,

through marriage, relationship, or friendship there is no difference.

For I can never stop; and I will always and forever love you

you are the distinct reason for my existence!

8. Bare

       by Eloisa

Bare and bruised,

she visited the woods.

Stripped of joy and comfort,

she slowly trudged through her usual path to talk to the trees.

With stretched and open arms

they listened to her

perpetual wail.

Her vision blurry.

Her voice unclear.

The tears have yet to dry.

The grief’s still there to stay.

Then rays of magical light dappled through the trees.

Scattering glitters to the tiny green buds of her favorite sakura trees.

Shining through her heart,

a tiny corner of herself

that’s still her own.

Her sanctuary of patience and strength,

An important refuge that continues to love.

9. Force

       by Sillo Anderson

It came with a force, In whole of fear and faith, my love

Publicized through shepherds of the divine

written through scriptures, lost to manhood and lies.

A different feeling of hurt embezzled amongst all sort of ties

It came with a force., greater than lust deep within your shrine.

Faced with doubt amongst congregations, it came with its force

And countless tears warranted its host.

For time did do right.

But !

It came with a force,

But no longer could it win

for the love he gave drafted many forces that protected my faith.

10. Dew…

       by Lone Chimney Sweep

How horrible and happy life is all together

How privileged you are to remember both together

A little bit of patience, barely spanning a meter

To sustain a tiny candle light in the heart of winter

Be still little heart

The summer is almost here

Then the reaping will start

Just as the dew reappears…

Inspirational Poems about Patience

Let’s discover inspiring and uplifting verses that celebrate patience as a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation in these inspirational patience poems.

1. Patience

       by Kay Ryan

Patience is

Wider than one

Once envisioned,

With ribbons

Of rivers

And distant

Ranges and

Tasks undertaken

And finished

With modest

Relish by

Natives in their

Native dress.

Who would?

Have guessed

It possible

That waiting

Is sustainable—

A place with

Its own harvests.

Or that in

Time’s fullness

The diamonds

Of patience

Couldn’t be


From the genuine

In brilliance

Or hardness.

2. Patience

       by Crystal



I wait





to feel



I tell



I dream..

3. Patience…

       by Mehula

Let’s fly to the world of dreams

Where sadness is Not the word that exist

Opportunity, success and happiness you Conquer

And life is just the way u wish.

But Understand….

Like the birds that chirps after building their nest,

And crops that dance on the shower of rain,

Blooming flowers and Morning that smiles,

Sings the song of patience in life.

Endurance is the key to success,

With hardwork and efforts that pays,

But listen to the sun that shines,

Says, every morning passes through the darkest time.

So hold on….

Keep those eyes shining bright,

And hold your breath until its time,

For you will get Everything you deserve,

And moment will come when you soar high.

4. To Patience

       by Henry King

Down stormy passions, down; no more

Let your rude waves invade the shore

Where blushing reason sits and hides

Her from the fury of your tides.

Fit onely ’tis where you bear sway

That Fools or Franticks do obey;

Since judgment, if it not resists,

Will lose it self in your blind mists.

Fall easie Patience, fall like rest

Whose soft spells charm a troubled breast:

And where those Rebels you espy,

O in your silken cordage tie

Their malice up! so shall I raise

Altars to thank your power, and praise

The soveraign vertue of your Balm,

Which cures a Tempest by a Calm

5. Patience of A Saint

       by Maaku

With patience of a Saint I wait

for you to open your hearts gate, for me.

For me.

…and I say,

Just one star please fall for you tonight.

Just one star please for for you and

make a wish I pray come true.

Please my love don’t be afraid.

The tapestry of fate is made. Oh, oh.

…and I say,

Just one star please fall for you,

and make a wish I pray come true.

With patience of a saint I wait for

you to open your hearts gate,

For me..

Just one star please fall for you

And make a wish I pray come true

For every time I kiss your lips

My soul ignites, my heart it skips

I profess my soul to you

Semper fidelis, it’s true

Please my love don’t be afraid

The tapestry of fate is made

We’ll go beyond the sands of time

Together, put your hand in mine

Just one star please fall tonight

Just one star to lose its light

The rest, they all shall stay in place

Forever, through the highest grace

For if they all fell from the sky

Only then might this love die

Though I don’t believe this to be true

I’d will them back in place for you

With patience of a saint I wait

For you to open your hearts gate.

6. Illustrating My Mother’s Patience

       by Cupanecdote

My mother never asks help

and I’m loathe to lift a finger without

official requisitioning

you’ll find me


upon the softness of a cushion


she is in operation:

heavy-duty care-

taking unit

of tedium-invulnerable


acknowledgements optional. but

even my indolent conscience

stirs at times:

“let me do that for you”

“you should have asked for help”

I tell her, but you figure

I could anticipate her needs

or not ignore the clogged drain

before she discovers it

I’ve been learning to cook

and making dinner for the house

and serving her before any other

and how she praised me!

but as the weeks accumulate

and her cheerleading depreciate

I turn churlish

now and again for being

abandoned to the kitchen

like a domestic help

while the family warms itself

around the parlor TV

whereupon I neglect to serve

anybody, which only illustrates

my mother’s patience

7. Patience Is A Virtue

       by Aries

Now hush up

I can see that mouse

Don’t move-

Just wait,

Until it eats

Some more

Of the biscuit

8. Patience Isn’t A Virtue, Waiting Is Just Life

       by Shelby

An abandoned love finds me.

Sitting on the floor.


Afraid of the door.

That is only known as: free.

Sitting patiently at my feet.

Filled with sorrow.

Lost hope.

Forgotten tomorrow.

Simply waiting for our meet.

And we both wonder if I’ll know.

When it is time for reality.

To Believe.

To open my eyes and see.

The beauties that have waited to show.

9. Fall

       by Blueberry Ice

What keeps me going..

is the hope that someday, I will understand why.

Why I am this.

Why we’re here.

Why some things had to happen.

That someday,

I will find my truth.

10. The Well of Patience

       by Anonymous

The Well of patience evaporates gradually

like water evaporates under heavy sun,

I’m the bird of the Kindergarten books

Conditioned in optimism, 

Busy in throwing pebbles of hope.

Today, tomorrow, or after morrow,

One day or the other,

It’ll run dry,

But I will continue

Hopeless and dissatisfied,

Dreaming and fabricating lies to me.

Funny Poems about Patience

Get a chuckle out of hilarious poems that poke fun at the challenges of waiting and staying patient in these interesting poems about patience.

1. Patience

       by M.L. Kiser

Patience is a virtue, a footstep

Along the road of life, ambrosia

To a world in turmoil; the tiniest

Interjected bits of soul food. Fusilli,

Egg pasta with zucchini and mushroom sauté.

Nice parmesan and pecorino cheese atop, such a crown with,

Cabernet Sauvignon added, for a meal so aromatic

Everyone will celebrate!

2. Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work

       by Sharon Lagueux

We haven’t any patience when we’re asked to wait

We want the things we prayed for, met right away

We ask and we pray and  we pray and ask amiss

and what we didn’t pray for, His will on our list

Christ is teaching us patience, while in the waiting

God’s perfecting in us those the things we’re lacking

He say’s wait my child, be still and know I am God

The answer will come so that you may know my love

God opens our eyes to Christ and His long-suffering

And His Patience gives us endurance in our suffering

God provides at times the very things we ask not for

As the gift of patience so we come to trust the Lord

3. A Psalm of Patience

       by Joseph Furphy

O kid! With face of healthy tan,

with lunch-bag, books and slate;

You needn’t long to be a man,

Self-confident and great;

For ever since the world began

Each boy must spring to Nature’s plan,

Must worry through as best he can —

Make up your mind to Wait.

O young galoot! you find it rough —

This iron hand of Fate!

Your confidence is mostly bluff,

And doubts preponderate —

Are you the genuine all-wool stuff?

Are you a daisy or a muff? —

Patience! you’ll find out soon enough,

If you can only Wait.

O baffled bloke! with no resource!

Whose knowledge comes too late;

Whose prospects change from bad to worse,

Till Hope gives place to Hate!

Sick of existence, and perforce

Impatient for the long divorce —

you’ll get your call in proper course,

Take my advice, and Wait.

O geezer! Drawing near the test

that none may obviate;

Don’t waste your time in fruitless quest

Re man’s post-mortem state.

That doubt will soon be set at rest —

you’ll be extinguished, grill’d, or blest,

Or spook the world from east to west.

Meanwhile, you have to wait.

4. Patience

       by Rachael

What she believed was certain trust

was never entirely true.

Certain trust is always something I’ve had in her, but

I was never naive.

Out there on the Delaware Bay,

in her little sailboat with her,

knowing that, in spite of her promises,

she’d sail out past the buoys,

neglect to tell me to watch the boom,

and capsize.

I knew this as well as I knew her, but

regardless of the certainty of the dunk to come,

it was never a deterrent to climbing into that little Sunfish with her

because watching her sail was an honor.

I’d watch in awe as she steered that little vessel-

a study in determination and patience which

I could never fully understand or emulate.

Her skin,

Having finally shed the red of summer’s first sunburn,

would have settled into a golden glow

bringing out the beautiful butterfly of freckles across her cheeks,

which she hates,

but actually, brings out more of her beauty-

which she cannot see,

and, Oh! How I wish she could see!

On those glorious summer days

she would become the embodiment of true beauty,

and the beauty of her Creator.

Out there on the water with her,

God’s plan had never seemed so clear.

5. Patience

       by Anonymous

I have a pet peeve ladies, I hope you can feel me.

it really irritates me when I meet a man and within a week or so he’s telling me he likes me.

Do you even know me, now tell me what’s my name.

Uh………Uh……………now that’s a shame.

Now why do you like me?

Huh….., I know what you like, you like the smile you see or could it be my breast, ha …ha..ha…got cha cause this is a test.

This is a test of your emergency broadcast systems.

I see the lust in your eyes my hips my thighs I got you hypnotized I’m telling you my hips my thighs I got you hypnotized. Its that look when your undressing me with your eyes.

Maybe you like the way my waist tappers in and comes back out and forms my hips huh.

Let’s see she’s a brick-house.

But why not just say you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful it’s true.

Why do you have to violate me and try to kill my self-esteem?

When all along you know you want to get in between.

You know you want to run your fingers through my hair you know you want to love me till my eyes roll back your tring to put me to bed.. Bed.. Bed your tring to put to bed.

What happened to having dinner and after dinner let’s take a long walk around the park after dark find a spot were we can spark conversation verbal elation stimulation.

So why do I have to tell you to just be cool.

Question, is shivery really dead?

Or could it be your looking for a woman that got some money so when it starts raining you can get up under my umbrella ella ella a, a, up under my umbrella ella, ella a,a,a,aaa.

Fella’s please take heed cause this is a word to the wise, so if you want to get with me you will recognize that I, I am a prize.

I’m not tring to sound vain, but I want you to feel my pain.

I’m sick and tired of hearing the same lame game what happened to being real if you wanted to get a feel. Oh yeah let me tell you your bling don’t mean a thing……..well at least not to me. One more thing please retire whats your name and sign. Just spend some quality time.

So please don’t hate and remember good things come to those who wait.

6. Patience

       by Anonymous

And though things might seem

to fall apart..

Soon the day will come,

when everything will fall..

In their proper places.

And soon, I can finally say

I fell..

In love with life.

Short Poems about Patience

Let’s check out simple yet profound verses that encapsulate the essence of patience and its rewards in just a few lines in these short poetries about patience.

1. Life Is Patience

       by Julie Hebert

To live how we want,

And to do what we please.

Can sometimes be tough,

And not done with great ease.

Life works in many ways,

Some good and some bad.

Which stops us in our tracks,

And makes us really mad.

We can’t all get,

What we want right away.

And waiting is needed,

To show us the way.

So learn the lesson now,

That some never learn.

Waiting patiently,

Will allow you your turn.

2. Patience

       by Jawahar Gupta





If I die,

I will wait

for you



last meeting













3. Patience

       by Anna M. Pratt

If a string is in a knot,

Patience will untie it.

Patience can do many things—

did you ever try it?

If it was sold at any shop

I should like to buy it.

But you and I must find our own—

No other can supply it.

4. I Love Patience

       by Sri Chinmoy

I love patience


it is mild.

I love patience


it is sweet.

I love patience


it is subtle.

I love patience


it is enduring.

I love patience


it overcomes all the buffets of my life.

5. Hope and Patience

       by George Macdonald

An unborn bird lies crumpled and curled,

A-dreaming of the world.

Round it, for castle-wall, a shell

Is guarding it well.

Hope is the bird with its dim sensations;

The shell that keeps it alive is Patience.

6. A Deadly Lack of Patience

       by Anonymous

Without waiting,

you gallop for hills

riddled with bandits.

Scimitar rising

you chase stragglers


until a sniper arrow

drops you at our feet.

Impatience kills.

7. Earthy

       by Mystic

If you really

want to listen

Listen to the silence

Silent Eyes

Silent Breathe

Silent Heart

whatever you need

to hear

Exists there


for your understanding

a voice of the soul

8. Someone Who Knows They’re Dying

       by A M Ryder

There’s no easy

Way of asking

I already know

what he’s going

To say but

Maybe he just

Needs to say it

So I ask

Him anyway

“Are you scared?”

Only smiles

And a patience

I’ve never seen

In the face  

Of someone

Who knows

That they

Are dying

9. Impatience

       by Anonymous

Watching saplings grow

A young crow awaits their fruit

Plucking its feathers

10. Patient No More

       by Anonymous

My patience is a shoelace weaving through hoops.

Within every turn, a new excuse

another complication,

another misfortune,

another nuisance that nooses

these protruding veins around my neck

until I suddenly can’t breathe.

They call this bow “tongue-tied”

it matches the “aggravated red” color way of my eyes

coupled with my “speechless black” aura…

for those of that I cut off,

you brought it upon yourself.

Long Poems about Patience

Let’s look into some long poetries about patience through these epic works that delve deeply into the concept of patience, exploring its many facets and implications in depth.

1. Serenity

       by Amos Russel Wells

Learn patience. Watch the quiet-moving hours

slowly beneath hard winter form the spring.

To-day the earth is locked in icy death,

To-morrow, and to-morrow. Dreary boughs

flaunt their dry leaves in mockery of life.

The ground is adamant; no juices run;

The world is chained in silent hopelessness.

But patience! By a hair’s breadth momently

the whirling globe turns nearer to the sun.

And patience! By a hair’s breadth momently

the iron earth relaxes into life.

Slow drop by drop the sluggish current starts

through nature’s myriad veins. The glittering sky

takes on insensibly a milder light.

The meadow softens. Through the waiting woods

Delicious thrills anticipate the spring.

For He, the Life, the omnipresent Life,

The Life that beats at every door of death,

The Life that broods in every sky, and spreads

In ceaseless widening waves to every shore,

Has filled the world too full for any noise

Or bluster of His working,—nought to do,

In any corner of His universe,

But live and love and be the God He is!

So shall I live when I am one with Him,

So shall I work in all serenity.

So shall I face the cold or any heat,

The storm or drought, and live my life through all.

So shall I know the shallowness of sound,

The majesty of calm; and so at last

Become co-worker of God’s patient years.

2. An Exhortation to Patience

       by Eliza Wolcott

It is a thorny path we tread,

Where disappointments come;

Then we are mingled with the dead,

And covered in the tomb.

Our fondest hopes are blighted here,

For earth is not our home;

Then o’er frail life we drop a tear,

And welcome then the tomb.

To-day the sun is bright and clear,

Tomorrow clouds may come;

Yet though no change to us appear,

We are hastening to the tomb.

Look then on life as lent awhile,

To gain a heavenly home,

Where Jesus meets us with a smile,

Who once perfum’d the tomb.

For us a crown of thorns He wore,

His soul was fill’d with gloom,

Then led believers evermore,

To triumph o’er the tomb.

When to the cross His hands were nail’d,

And the dread hour was come,

His glorious mission never fail’d,

He conquer’d then the tomb.

Then let us wait with patience here,

Our Conqueror soon will come;

The trump shall sound, the dead shall hear,

And live beyond the tomb

3. If We Understood

       by Anonymous

Could we but draw back the curtains

That surround each other’s lives,

See the naked heart and spirit,

Know what spur the action gives,

Often we should find it better,

Purer than we judged we should,

We should love each other better,

If we only understood.

Could we judge all deeds by motives,

See the good and bad within,

Often we should love the sinner

All the while we loathe the sin;

Could we know the powers working

To o’erthrow integrity,

We should judge each other’s errors

With more patient charity.

If we knew the cares and trials,

Knew the effort all in vain,

And the bitter disappointment,

Understood the loss and gain—

Would the grim, eternal roughness

Seem—I wonder—just the same?

Should we help where now we hinder,

Should we pity where we blame?

Ah! we judge each other harshly,

Knowing not life’s hidden force;

Knowing not the fount of action

Is less turbid at its source;

Seeing not amid the evil

All the golden grains of good;

Oh! we’d love each other better,

If we only understood.

4. Revelation

       by Hugh Henry Brackenridge

This is a day of happiness, sweet peace,

And heavenly sunshine; upon which conven’d

In full assembly fair, once more we view,

And hail with voice expressive of the heart,

Patrons and sons of this illustrious hall.

This hall more worthy of its rising fame

Than hall on mountain or romantic hill,

Where Druid bards sang to the hero’s praise,

While round their woods and barren heaths was heard

The shrill calm echo of th’ enchanting shell.

Than all those halls and lordly palaces

Where in the days of chivalry, each knight,

And baron brave in military pride

Shone in the brass and burning steel of war;

For in this hall more worthy of a strain

No envious sound forbidding peace is heard,

Fierce song of battle kindling martial rage

And desp’rate purpose in heroic minds:

But sacred truth fair science and each grace

Of virtue born; health, elegance and ease

And temp’rate mirth in social intercourse

Convey rich pleasure to the mind; and oft

The sacred muse in heaven-breathing song

Doth wrap the soul in extasy divine,

Inspiring joy and sentiment which not

The tale of war or song of Druids gave.

The song of Druids or the tale of war

With martial vigour every breast inspir’d,

With valour fierce and love of deathless fame;

But here a rich and splendid throng conven’d

From many a distant city and fair town,

Or rural seat by shore or mountain-stream,

Breathe joy and blessing to the human race,

Give countenance to arts themselves have known,

Inspire the love of heights themselves have reach’d,

Of noble science to enlarge the mind,

Of truth and virtue to adorn the soul,

And make the human nature grow divine.

Oh could the muse on this auspicious day

Begin a song of more majestic sound,

Or touch the lyre on some sublimer key,

Meet entertainment for the noble mind.

How shall the muse from this poetic bow’r

So long remov’d, and from this happy hill,

Where ev’ry grace and ev’ry virtue dwells,

And where the springs of knowledge and of thought

In riv’lets clear and gushing streams flow down

Attempt a strain? How sing in rapture high

Or touch in vari’d melody the lyre

The lyre so long neglected and each strain

Unmeditated, and long since forgot?

But yet constrain’d on this occasion sweet

To this fam’d hall and this assembly fair

With comely presence honouring the day,

She fain would pay a tributary strain.

A purer strain though not of equal praise

To that which Fingal heard when Ossian sung

With voice high rais’d in Selma hall of shells;

Or that which Pindar on th’ Elean plain,

Sang with immortal skill and voice divine,

When native Thebes and ev’ry Grecian state

Pour’d forth her sons in rapid chariot race,

To shun the goal and reach the glorious palm.

He sang the pride of some ambitious chief,

For olive crowns and wreaths of glory won;

I sing the rise of that all glorious light,

Soon finds a gleam of this celestial day:

Fam’d Persia’s mountains and rough Bactria’s woods

And Media’s vales and Shinar’s distant plain:

The Lybian desert near Cyrene smiles

And Ethiopia hails it to her shores.

Arabia drinks the lustre of its ray

Than fountain sweeter, or the cooling brook

Which laves her burning sands; than stream long sought

Through desert flowing and the scorched plain

To Sheba’s troop or Tema’s caravan.

Egypt beholds the dawn of this fair morn

And boasts her rites mysterious no more;

Her hidden learning wrapt in symbols strange

Of hieroglyphic character, engrav’d

On marble pillar, or the mountain rock,

Or pyramid enduring many an age.

She now receives asserted and explain’d

That holy law, which on mount Sinai writ

By God’s own finger, and to Moses giv’n,

And to the chosen seed, a rule of life.

And strict obedience due; but now once more

Grav’d on the living tablet of the heart,

And deep impress’d by energy divine,

Is legible through an eternal age.

North of Judea now this day appears

On Syria west, and in each city fair

Full many a church of noble fame doth rise.

In Antioch the seat of Syrian kings,

And old Damascus, where Hazael reign’d.

Now Cappadocia Mithridates’ realm,

And poison-bearing Pontus, whose deep shades

Were shades of death, admit the light of truth.

In Asia less seven luminaries rise,

Bright lights, which with celestial vigour burn,

And give the day in fullest glory round.

There Symrna shines, and Thyatira there,

There Ephesus a sister light appears,

And Pergamus with kindred glory burns:

She burns enkindled with a purer flame

Than Troy of old, when Grecian kings combin’d

Had set her gates on fire: The Hellespont

And all th’ Egean sea shone to the blaze.

5. Patience is the Key

      by Anonymous

It is time, time that this dormant brain was once again reincarnated from its

self-sentenced internment. to once again have words begin to flow

into a stream of pure clarity; to the erudite reader.

Thus this poet will with eager purpose view his words with real intent having at last produced reality A reality; like a distant star, visibly lacking in its finer detail till the

desired tuning is at the clearest focus. When its intelligence will be filling with

pure knowledge of that which it must record; so that future generations may also be brought to an understanding by a higher power.

There are but few in the world who have the knowledge regarding the understanding; as to how this power, which we will call The Holy Spirit, is able to gather all of the information which is passed onto it by individuals living upon this world. Let us therefore hazard a guess shall we?

The intelligence which we have been talking about, is also known as a spirit being which we call The Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit we can associate with a telephone exchange, which has a direct link to the one operator who can answer calls instantaneously; if it so desires.

The Holy Spirit can receive all answered calls at the same speed at which the operator gives answer to. This same Spirit knows just who and when to send these answers to.

There is one problem that the enquirer does not have, that is the patience to await any answers forthcoming. They hang up the phone so to speak, hoping that someone will call back in a time suited to their convenience. Doing this results in many missed call-backs.

The result being in most cases is the belief that the person that was called has shown no interest in giving a answer. Consequently no more calls are made to the higher spirit we call God. The caller takes no further interest in making any more calls but seeks answers elsewhere.

In doing so answers are gained from that which mankind has gleaned from sources of man, and not from the font of all knowledge; God himself; who is only to willing to help anyone in need via His mouth piece the Holy Spirit.

6. Yet Again the Heart Lies

       by Anonymous 

I can wait” I said, meaning it genuinely

unbeknownst to  what it would be costing me

they say love takes time, and that patience is a virtue

with how long it’s taken us, how much of this is true?

Did I smother you? are you even afraid to lie?

does the truth eat you up? tell me are their other guys?

Your silence speaks wonders, I wouldn’t even fret

at the fact you lost feelings or had just as many regrets

Maybe I’m being too forward, you must be busy right?

Yet I have my doubts, thinking every single night

I promised to be faithful, I promised to be true

and I blindly trust you, although I’ve never even met you

Heaven has a plan, I know this is our test

and if we succeed we’ll give each other our best

I hope this is true, I wouldn’t want our first fight to be our last

hey.. can’t we talk this out and go back to the past?

Regardless I’m waiting, weather in good favor or in vain

Nothing can faze me, weather you still love me or bring me pain

I’m ready when you are, just tell me the truth you coward

you can talk about it anytime, yo still remember the password?

7. Patience

       by Fosiya Apr 2022

Patience requires strength

Patience requires consistency

Patience requires discipline

Patience brings tears

Patience in the end reminds you why

you waited for this sweetness

8. Days of Patience

       Jay M


They come and go

Shuffle to and fro

A part of each

Never quite letting go

Many to come

Each one so unpredictable

Dragging on like textbooks in a bag

Get through, page by page

And drop it in the sands

Of ever shifting times

Shaking hands cannot catch a chilled breath

Freezing in this frigid space

That has become undisturbed

Only shadows dance

Memories of a relaxed stance

Only to remain as such

And nothing more

Once sweet, bringing comfort and ease

Now bittersweet, an ache yearning to cease

Turn back to the sweet, blissful things they are meant to be

Oh dear mind, let it be

A single ray of light

Shines in the distance

Miles away

Alas, the shackles that bind

Have only one key

Far away with the light

Patience is a challenge

Taken on, bring it on

A well-worn promise

A tender memory

A heart waiting to be whole

Patience is many things

Tested over and over through time

To only possibly be shown what lies beyond

Waiting at the other end

Poems about Patience That Rhyme

Let’s see these playful and imaginative verses that use rhyme and rhythm to convey the message of the importance of patience in these poems about patience with rhyme.

1. Try Again

       by Anonymous

‘This a lesson you should heed,

Try, try, try again;

If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try, try again.

Once or twice though you should fail,

Try again;

If you would at last prevail,

Try again.

If we strive, ’tis no disgrace

Though we may not win the race;

What should you do in that case?

Try again.

If you find your task is hard,

Try again;

Time will bring you your reward,

Try again.

All that other folks can do,

With your patience should not you?

Only keep this rule in view-

Try again.

2. Patience Is A Flower That Grows

       by Anonymous

It takes a while for flowers to bloom

After we plant the seeds,

We have to give them loving care,

Like every flower needs . . .

They don’t just push up through the sod

And blossom over night,

But when they do burst through in bloom,

That make a lovely sight!

Sometimes it’s that way with us, too,

Some things take time, we find

So just be patient and keep faith

Till this is all behind!

3. The Blind Boy

       by Colley Cibber

O say what is that thing called Light,

Which I must ne’er enjoy;

What are the blessings of the sight,

O tell your poor blind boy!

You talk of wondrous things you see,

You say the sun shines bright;

I feel him warm, but how can he,

Or make it day or night?

My day or night myself I make

Whene’er I sleep or play;

And could I ever keep awake

With me ’twere always day.

With heavy sighs I often hear

You mourn my hapless woe;

But sure with patience I can bear

A loss I ne’er can know.

Then let not what I cannot have

My cheer of mind destroy:

Whilst thus I sing, I am a king,

Although a poor blind boy.

4. Pebbles

       by Frank Dempster Sherman

Out of a pellucid brook

Pebbles round and smooth I took;

Like a jewel, every one

Caught a color from the sun, —

Ruby red and sapphire blue,

Emerald and onyx too,

Diamond and amethyst, —

Not a precious stone I missed;

Gems I held from every land

In the hollow of my hand.

Workman Water these had made;

Patiently through sun and shade,

With the ripples of the rill

He had polished them, until

Smooth, symmetrical and bright,

Each one sparkling in the light

Showed within its burning heart

All the lapidary’s art;

And the brook seemed thus to sing:

Patience conquers everything!

5. I Waited Patiently for The Lord

       by Amos Russel Wells

Why should I not be patient? Thou hast been

So patient, endless patient, with my sin;

Hast waited long, hast kept Thy lamp alight,

Piercing with love my reckless, wandering night;

Hast pitied me, forgiven me, forborne,

With not a word and not a look of scorn;

So eager hast Thou been to come to me,

And I have fled in folly far from Thee,

Why should I not be patient? Why not wait

however long Thy coming, slow and late?

So long was I in turning, late and slow

In calling to Thee from my depth of woe,

So did I try Thy patience, surely now

I must await Thee with a peaceful brow,

Must bide Thy coming with a heart serene,

And know the Father whom I have not seen.

Nay, in my patient waiting for Thy grace,

I see, my God, the smiling of Thy face,

I hear Thy voice, I feel Thy loving arm

Enfolding me protecting from harm;

The silences are vocal with delight,

The empty air reveals a radiant sight,

And earth and heaven are in one accord

As I am waiting, patient, for the Lord.

6. Patience

       by Jaganathan

Patience is the toughest to stay on

But the surest path to victory one can

Get in the large expanse where all have a short life span

Not sure of seeing another dawn

And watch the young fawn

Grazing on the green lawn

And the white swan

swimming in the rivers of babylon

After we are well and truely gone

For those reading this it will be known

That life is on the route shown

By those who lived and left an indelble

mark and songs sung in a melliflous tone

7. The Shedding Patience

       by Musini Venkateswarlu

If consider growing light in black minds,

the relations between evil money

and the touching handful seasons that sounds

for relaxing in the lap of funny.

Yours restless hot sweat fights for color cash

by selling self-journey of the life time

with untrodden thoughts of the youthful fresh

in knitting nature night of sweetest claim.

If feeling well, illness none on rough pile

and heap of agitated dears of blood

as heating nears of the closed burning mail

with sleeping faces of those surfaced head.

Yours, breathing breast of shadow pumping old

as the fresh flaming words that you behold

8. Patience

       by Chasing

I do not have the patience of a god,

yet I find myself waiting yet again.

I do not have the patience of a god,

but when you return with tears in your eyes,

my arms are open wide—

heart willing, though it aches again—

ready to hold you close once more.

I do not have the patience of a god, no,

but I do think I have the patience of a flower.

I do not think you notice,

too busy in your own mind.

for once, I was a blooming daisy,

so welcoming, so bright—

day after day. week after week.

I do not think you saw me,

for the lily petals that once were brilliant

had curled and wrinkled into an ugly shade of brown,

and the daffodil petals scatter on the ground,

leaving nothing but a twisted, wilted stem.

I do not think I have the patience of a god,

though I think I was given a heart like a god.  

for I still love you, painfully,

like thorns on a rose.

and though I may have a love like a god,

the rest of me is still

so stupidly human.

please don’t come back this time.

Though if you do,

I will open my arms again.

9. Patience

       by Anonymous

“Patience is a virtue.”

Sometimes it’s true,

Sometimes it’s not.

We waited, remain patient,

But there are times

It’ll never come.

Poems about Patience and Waiting

Experience the tension and anticipation of waiting through poetry that captures the essence of the waiting game in these poems about waiting patiently.

1. The Hardest Time of All

       by Sarah Doudney

There are days of silent sorrow

In the seasons of our life;

There are wild, despairing moments,

There are hours of mental strife;

There are times of stony anguish,

When the tears refuse to fall;

But the waiting time, my brothers,

Is the hardest time of all.

Youth and love are oft impatient,

Seeking things beyond their reach;

But the heart grows sick of hoping

Ere it learns what life can teach;

For before the fruit be gathered

We must see the blossoms fall;

And the waiting time, my brothers,

Is the hardest time of all.

We can bear the heat of conflict,

Though the sudden, crushing blow,

Beating back our gathered forces,

For a moment lay us low;

We may rise again beneath it

None the weaker for the fall;

But the waiting time, my brothers,

Is the hardest time of all.

For it wears the eager spirit,

As the salt waves wear the stone,

And the garb of hope grows threadbare

Till the brightest tints are flown;

Then amid youth’s radiant tresses

Silent snows begin to fall;

Oh! the waiting time, my brothers,

Is the hardest time of all.

But at last we learn the lesson

That God knoweth what is best;

For with wisdom cometh patience,

And with patience cometh rest.

Yea, a golden thread is shining

Through the tangled woof of fate;

And our hearts shall thank him meekly,

That he taught us how to wait.

2. Learn to Wait

       by Anonymous

Learn to wait – life’s hardest lesson,

Conned perchance, through blinding tears,

While the heart-throbs sadly echo

To the tread of passing years.

Learn to wait – hope’s slow fruition;

Faint not, though the way seem long;

There is joy in each condition,

Hearts, through suffering, may grow strong.

Constant sunshine, howe’er welcome,

Ne’er would ripen fruit or flower;

Giant oaks owe half their greatness

To the scathing tempest’s power.

Thus a soul untouched by sorrow

Aims not at a higher state;

Joy seeks not a brighter morrow,

Only sad hearts learn to wait.

Human strength and human greatness

Spring not from life’s sunny side;

Heroes must be more than driftwood

Floating on a wave less tide.

3. Waiting, Ever Waiting

       by Mary Alice Walton

Waiting, dreaming, waiting, by some flowing mystic rill,

Waiting, hoping, waiting, strong desires my spirit fill;

Waiting, restless waiting, Oh! Could I join the busy throng,

Waiting, patient waiting, for right to triumph over wrong.

Waiting, weary waiting, as the hours creep slowly by,

Waiting, sadly waiting, unnoticed by those passing nigh;

Waiting, daily waiting, with fire alive in heart and brain,

Waiting, yearly waiting, seeming but to wait for pain.

Waiting, striving, waiting, wisdom’s goal I feign would win,

Waiting, weeping, waiting, ever bearing Adam’s sin;

Waiting, vainly waiting, the race is for the swift and strong;

Waiting, sighing, waiting, pouring forth my grief in song.

Waiting, fearing, waiting, while the shadows gather deep,

Waiting, doubting, waiting, down the rocky cliffs they creep;

Waiting, longing, waiting, for man’s promises not filled,

Waiting, trusting, waiting, Jesus speaks and all is stilled.

4. Patiently Waiting

       by James Richmond Jr.

My heart is set on that glorious day

When your work is done and you’re home to stay.

I’ll be waiting right here, with open arms.

To hold you close and keep you warm.

I’ll squeeze you gentle but hold you tight.

And kiss you all over when the time is right.

I’ll express my love, so you know it’s true.

There’s nothing on earth I would not do for you

because you’re the one, you’re one-of a kind.

I’m proud to be able to call you mine.

What a expression on your face,

When I pulled the ring out of the case.

And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.

And said honey please, will you marry me?

Like wind in wildfire, my love is spreading fast,

Growing stronger and stronger, as each day continue to pass.

I’ve waited very patiently, but now you’re home.

Let’s make up the time that you were gone.

5. The Will to Win

       by Berton Braley

If you want a thing bad enough

To go out and fight for it,

Work day and night for it,

Give up your time and your peace and

your sleep for it

If only desire of it

Makes you quite mad enough

Never to tire of it,

Makes you hold all other things tawdry

and cheap for it

If life seems all empty and useless without it

And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you’ll sweat for it,

Fret for it, Plan for it,

Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want.

With all your capacity,

Strength and sagacity,

Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,

Nor sickness nor pain

Of body or brain

Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,

You’ll get it!

6. I Wait in Patience

       by R. Mark Vincent

Because cold winter days must yield to spring

when daffodil and crocus bloom full sway,

I wait with patience by the fire and sing

to chase away the dismal, dreary day!

7. Just Waiting

       by Rama Krsna

Many a night

I lie awake

with remembrances of your silky touch

and a zillion rousing thoughts

racing through my occidental mind.

Each time,

longing for that soft embrace

laced with the hope of it all.



just waiting….

for the elusive sleep to descend

8. Waiting for the Paint to Dry

       by Merlie T

Waiting for the paint to dry

I want to start a fresh page

but if I do not give this one its time

it will bleed on to the next

It will lose parts of itself and

imprint where it does not belong

Patience is a virtue, perhaps this is why

9. Wait for It

       by Bb Maria Klara

It’s divinely inscribed that loving means patience

and kindness, honesty, humility, and hope:

Most things that are lacking in my personnel essence,

a setback tying me down like a rope.

Now the challenge arises, to tread a new pace.

Take the road less traveled, unlearn what I knew.

As for weakness written well all over my face,

I’m not only hopeful, I’m horrified too.

To watch things unfold to the slow beat of my heart,

see things as they are instead of how it might be;

and though I am eager to see the next part,

I revel in the unrushed, gentle moments of happy.

Because good things come to all those who wait;

I know that one day, it will surely be great.

Poems about Patience and Love

Heartwarming and poignant verses that explore the connection between patience and love, and how they go hand in hand.

1. Sweet Patience

       by Elizabeth A. Allen

Oh, trifling tasks so often done,

Yet ever to be done anew!

Oh, cares which come with every sun,

Morn after morn, the long years through!

We shrink beneath their paltry sway,

The irksome calls of every day.

Ah! More than martyr’s aureole,

And more than hero’s heart of fire,

We need the humble strength of soul

Which daily toils and ills require.

Sweet Patience! Grant us, if you may,

An added grace for every day.

2. The Patience of A Heart

       by K_j_Heart

Love takes time.

It takes patience

to find the one

to find him,

to find forever.

The heart may get broken

but never give up.

The patience of a heart

is so beautiful.

3. Patience

       by Ho Swrites

I’ll take your heart,

however you choose to give it,

all at once or little by little.

I’ll cherish every moment that you give me,

just as long as

you give it.

I’ll take all the smiles you share with me,

because my life

is made better seeing them.

I won’t rush or push you,

but know that

I’m completely into you.

It’s your move and I’m waiting.

4. Patience Gives A Pleasant Surprise

       by Jawahar Gupta

Living only today in the mysteries of coming radiant moment

Without saving anything for tomorrow, without wall of torment

For I have totally given myself to the fluttering gift of daily life

Wearing gown of Gratitude feeding the nook and corner of life

Without breaking your myth and truth but bond of slavery bleaks

Free the mind with wit and humor like a wind touching my cheeks

My poems are tools, color, and brush to paint a real picture of life

What you see in family, relations, binding role of an anchoring wife

I stitch pearls on your cloth to sew our family fabrics woven suits

And beautiful precious handkerchief and socks for durable boots

The Idea of Karma continually teaches us to need to open heart.

Madness is not a terrible thing to do but to enjoy the unknown chart

Blooming flowers, ripened fruits and song of bird and hum of bee

I want to share all divine joy of everything existing we hear or see

5. Patience, Though I Have Not

       by Thomas Wyatt

Patience, though I have not

The thing that I require,

I must of force, God wot,

Forbear my most desire;

For no ways can I find

To sail against the wind.

Patience, do what they will

To work me woe or spite,

I shall content me still

To think both day and night,

To think and hold my peace,

Since there is no redress.

Patience, without blame,

For I offended nought;

I know they know the same,

Though they have changed their thought.

Was ever thought so moved

To hate that it hath loved?

Patience of all my harm,

For fortune is my foe;

Patience must be the charm

To heal me of my woe:

Patience without offence

Is a painful patience.

6. I Prayed for Patience

       by Patterson-Mooney

Trusting in the Lord, our God

Walking where He had trod,

Following His Way each day,

To be ever faithful I pray.

For patience, perseverance

And I pray adherence, 

Answers I don’t always hear

But I know He’s ever near

Yet Jesus ne’er leaves my side

He strips me of all my pride;

In right paths the Lord leads me

With His Body He feeds me.

As every hurdle’s won

I am grateful to God’s Son

For when all is said and done

I’ll be with the Holy One.

7. The Patience of Forever

       by Anonymous

As she holds my hand

her love fills the cracks in my walls

without asking to tear them down

and my heart beats again

8. With and Without Reservations

       by Hemingway’s Beard

I arrived

early enough

to be comfortable

in my seat as

the patient and

impatient alike

shuffled the aisle

negotiating the overflow

of flaring elbows

protruding feet

and cumbersome torsos

a waltz of

dismissive apology

their only hope

to find their place

without inconvenience

yet with little interest

in whether they might


other passengers

along the way


as a man

recently evicted

from the seat

he had evidently

not booked

surveys the nearby

empty spaces

his mind churning

an internal gamble

of which one

might promise

the longer period

of peace

before the rightful

owner arrives

he knows

he will need

to relocate

once more before

his journey’s end

at some point

unknown to him

but predetermined


despite this

he settles down

in a seat marked


and closes

his eyes

Poems about Patience and Perseverance

Discover the power of persistence and resilience in the face of adversity through poetry that celebrates patience.

1. Patience and Perseverance

       by Edward Lacona

Within the carillon of life

Romance can always chime

Music can start within the hear

And it knows no age or time.

Romantic lyrics become reborn

I recall them without resistance.

For us the problem is not the songs

Our challenge is one of distance.

We’re connected for years by the Internet

And, one might find this quite quizzical.

Our love has rooted and grown because

We learned that truest love is not all physical.

We have fallen in love completely

And we want a blissful co-existence.

But, to form our loving union she will

Need a visa and we both persistence.

She will need a K-1 visa

And, it throws us for a loop

As we wade through a big bowlful

Of governmental alphabet soup.

The process isn’t so simple

On this point I am not vapid

No matter what help is employed

Getting a K-1 visa is really not rapid.

Forms completed and documents compiled

For the USCIS and then for the Department of State

And, while all our submissions are scrutinized

For months we wait…hope…and anticipate.

Then a medical and a meeting in Moscow

We pray for a good judgment of fate.

As we think and dream of the waited day

We meet again at an airport gate.

2. Patience and Perseverance

       by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley

So long as our existence lasts,

we must not give up the duty of cheerfulness and hope.

He who has guided us through the day,

will guide us through the night also.

The pillar of darkness often turns into a pillar of fire.

Have patience and perseverance;

believe that there is still a future before us,

and we shall at last reach the haven where we would be.

3. Three Keys

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Perseverance, patience, and persistence:

Three keys to success

In life’s journey that brings

Fulfillment and progress.

They enable us to endure

without distress.

Enables us to reach goals

No matter the stress.

When we persevere we move ahead

Being steadfast in our resolve,

Even doing things we dread.

Success from the three keys will evolve.

4. Success Comes by Persevering and Patience

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Every challenge in life

Has a lesson to learn,

One should not turn and quit;

A goal set is best to earn.

For each problem that arises

It’s wiser to seek,

Vigorous determination is

All it shall take.

Though quitting may feel easier

And less frustrating,

True success comes by persevering,

That’s something worth stating.

Life is about persevering

Through the challenges and strife,

Looking for other ways

And being persistent in life!

5. All Is Well, or Will Be

       by Susan Noyes Anderson

I look ahead and loathe the view,

a tunnel of days to get to you,

a tunnel of looming days until

I see your face and drink my fill

of all you are and all you mean,

a tunnel of days that stand between

me and the joys that once were mine,

when you were here and life was fine.

Patience has never been my gift,

but I will push and pull and lift

my spirit to sufficient height

to stand with you in God’s own light.

At peace once more, our family whole,

the gratitude within my soul

will soar beyond what words can tell;

then will I sing out, “All is well.”

6. Patience

       by Anonymous 

Where passion wanes,

patience will succeed.

Even embers are a sign of life

and must be cared for

lest they turn to ash.

7. Away From Where You Are

       by Zywa

I feel the discomfort

of staying where I am

and leaving the problem

to someone else’s job or duty

to the neighbours with whom it happens

on the outskirts of the village

It’s urgent, there is need

to fix the houses and the barns


it takes too long

or there is too little time

for my impatience

I talk with the neighbours

while we wait

until we can move on

within reason and the rules

of the comfort of staying

where we are

Poems about Patience for Students

Here are some engaging and educational verses that teach students the importance of staying patient and positive in the face of challenges in these poems for patience.

1. If You Show Patience

       by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

If you show patience, I’ll rid you of this virtue.

If you fall asleep, I’ll rub the sleep from your eyes.

If you become a mountain, I’ll melt you in fire.

And if you become an ocean, I’ll drink all your water.

2. Patience

       by Emma Lazarus

The passion of despair is quelled at last;

The cruel sense of undeserved wrong,

The wild self-pity, these are also past;

She knows not what may come, but she is strong;

She feels she hath not aught to lose nor gain,

Her patience is the essence of all pain.

As one who sits beside a lapsing stream,

She sees the flow of changeless day by day,

Too sick and tired to think, too sad to dream,

Nor cares how soon the waters slip away,

Nor where they lead; at the wise God’s decree,

She will depart or bide indifferently.

There is deeper pathos in the mild

And settled sorrow of the quiet eyes,

Than in the tumults of the anguish wild,

That made her curse all things beneath the skies;

No question, no reproaches, no complaint,

Hers is the holy calm of some meek saint.

3. Patience of Hope

       by Christina Rossetti

The flowers that bloom in sun and shade

And glitter in the dew,

The flowers must fade.

The birds that build their nest and sing

When lovely spring is new,

Must soon take wing.

The sun that rises in his strength

To wake and warm the world,

Must set at length.

The sea that overflows the shore

With billows frothed and curled,

Must ebb once more.

All come and go, all wax and wane,

O Lord, save only Thou

Who dost remain

The Same to all eternity.

All things which fail us now

We trust to Thee.

4. Patience

       by D. H. Lawrence

A wind comes from the north

Blowing little flocks of birds

Like spray across the town,

And a train, roaring forth,

Rushes stampeding down

With cries and flying curds

Of steam, out of the darkening north.

Whither I turn and set

Like a needle steadfastly,

Waiting ever to get

The news that she is free;

But ever fixed, as yet,

To the lode of her agony.

5. Patience, Little Fox

       by Saiom

Patience, little fox.

Beneath the green leafy drapes

soon from sour

to sweet

will be the grapes

6. Dear Seedling

       by Meka

Dear seedling, one day you will grow

but for now you’re tucked into a blanket of snow

seedling, don’t lose hope

because one day you’ll be a grand oak

and you’ll be able to touch the sky

you just need patience, seedling

you’re far from passive

it takes a lot of power to sprout through the dirt

7. 2 Years

       by Tg

Give me 2 years to be good again,

2 years to build myself,

2 years to love myself,

2 years to completely heal myself,

2 years to be found again,

2 years to be open to anything,

2 years of patience and rest,

2 years of no peer pressure,

2 years to be me again,

see you in 2 years…

Final Thoughts

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, patience is a rare and precious virtue that can help us navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Through the art of poetry, we can tap into the wisdom of great minds and find inspiration to stay patient and persistent in the pursuit of our goals.

Whether we’re waiting for love, success, or simply the next chapter of our lives, poems about patience remind us that good things come to those who wait.

So let’s take a deep breath, stay calm, and embrace the power of patience, one verse at a time in this poetry about patience.

Did you feel relaxed after reading these poems on being patient?

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