50 Best Poems about Success That Inspire You to Achieve Your Dream

Looking for some motivational poems about success to give you a psychological boost when times get difficult? Wish granted.

In this article, you will find a number of beautiful and inspirational poems about success that will give you a lot of boost.

We are all striving for success. But what exactly is success? Too often, we judge it by a person’s money or prestige. We frequently use those indicators to determine our level of success in life.

Based solely on that criterion, many people would never meet the world’s description of success. Achieving a goal or objective that you set out to achieve is what success entails.

The success poems in this collection delve deeper into different definitions of success.

These poems about success teach us that success isn’t about meeting the world’s expectations. Being successful entails far more than just money or prominence. It’s about being true to yourself, continuing to work hard in order to achieve, learning from your missteps, and living your best life.

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Best Poems about Success

Give it your all in whatever you do, since you never know how things will end out unless you try. If you never put up the effort, you will never know how wonderful you can be or what fantastic things you can do. Here are some of the best poems about success to give you a dose of encouragement.

1. Success is not happiness. Happiness is success

       by Anonymous

If Success was Happiness
Then achievers would be glad
But look around and you will find
That many of them are sad

Of course, Achievement gives joy
And excitement, oh boy!
But when our need becomes our greed
To misery, this will lead

The whole world is chasing Success
Everyone wants achievement
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose
There is no Contentment

Why do people want to succeed?
Why is everyone in a race?
The Truth is that we want to win
So that there is a smile on our face

But though we win, we are not glad
We have money, why are we sad?
Happiness is not money, the sages said
It’s sleeping soundly when you are in bed

We hear of suicides in the homes of the rich
If they were Happy, then why this glitch?
Although they are achievers, this fact we know
They are not Happy, their face has no glow

If successful, but unhappy, what is the use?
Winning or smiling, what would you choose?
The purpose of Success is for us to be glad
What is the use of winning, if it makes us sad?

Happiness is something different, we learn
Not just money that we earn and burn
Happiness is built on a foundation of peace
Then we are blissful like waves in the seas
Look around at the people who are glad
They live in the moment, they are never sad
They don’t swing from the future to the past
They are the ones whose Happiness lasts

Happiness has no price tag, know this my friend
It’s a state of mind where nothing can offend
It’s being able to smile, and able to laugh
Not just trying to raise our Success graph

We can’t measure joy in dollar and pound
Happy is he who peace has found
Though we may fly the world around
We may be miserable on the ground

Success is not Happiness, this Truth we must know
We may have everything, what’s the use of this show?
The truly successful one is he
Who lives with smile, laughter, and glee

If one is Happy, then one has achieved all
One doesn’t have to be rich and in fame be tall
One can have little, but if content is he
Then he can live joyously

Achievement gives Happiness, this fact we know
But with Fulfilment and Contentment, does Happiness grow
One who is Happy, doesn’t need to win
He has Peace and Joy without committing sin

Joy doesn’t need a foundation of cash
One doesn’t have to be rich, to enjoy life’s bash
Happiness is a simple state of the mind
It comes from being loving, it comes from being Kind

Happiness is Success. It is achieving life’s goal
It is being Happy in the heart, Peaceful in the Soul
True Happiness is eternal, not just a moment of joy
It lasts forever, it can’t be destroyed
Success is a journey of valleys and peaks
Life is a see-saw, there arelaughs and squeaks
Success, unlike Happiness, doesn’t last for long
But the truly Happy ones always sing a Happy song

So, Success is not Happiness, Happiness is Success
You may be an achiever, whose heart is not at rest
But though not successful, if Happy you are
Then you are an achiever, you are the very best

2. What is Success?

       by Ralph Waldo Emerson

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived;
This is to have succeeded

3. I Crave for Success

       by Vyktor Ekott

I dream the future without the past
Of when my success will be a blast
Intent of heart, I see the best
Hope for the future, with God I rest.
I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.
I see a flash, a flash of hope
I’m up the mountain, nomore the slope
Lord take me higher, Lord take me up
Mobilize the process, and do not stop.
I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.
Night and day, I hope in silence
The possibility of a future so dense
If I persevere, and continue hoping
Then my future will cease from joking.
I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.

4. Success Personified

       by Byron Pulsifer

To each morning the sun does shine
When all seems like a newborn time
To dwell in laughter so much
Is only the beginning for me to clutch.

I will go out to find
Intelligent people of like mind.
To suffer or endure
Of friends who but will not do.

To look upon the earth with glee
For all beauty is in me
To grasp the clouds way up high
There is more before I die.

May I go upon the street
Never ending on my feet
Seeking out the best in others
Always to find I have more brothers.

To make a part of the world
A better place you see.
For every one I must explore
To look upon them as no one before.

To seek out and help
Others is more than joy
To be valued and respected
In all my life reflected.

All of this as said before
Makes me want to reach out more
For it is a challenge for me to reach
This is success for all to preach.

5. Success

       by Bernhardt Paul Holst

It means a cross for faithful hands to carry,
In contest fierce, and with tireless brain;
It means that weary limbs must never tarry,
When right demands that we should try again.
At morn may beauty roses bloom in glory,
At noon may shrink and wither stem and leaves,
At night may all the world seem cold and hoary,
And yet should this the spirit vex and grieve?
You cringe because your hands are bleeding,
And seek a new and untried field for luck;
And soon release your grip, when you should be heeding
The fact that true success depends on pluck.
If you despair when days are clear and cloudless,
And dream that dreadful storms are raging overhead,
An awful ghost will rise before you shroudless,
And all your early hopes will soon be dead.
Success will surely come with time and labor,
If we our aims will carry far and high,
For we can win the plaudits of our neighbor,
And reach the goal by perseverance bye and bye

Famous Poems about Success

If you’re having another of those days where you’re doubting your talents and self-worth, read these poems about success by famous poets. I can tell you that after reading these famous poems about success, the pendulum will swing.

1. Success

       by Jared Barhite

Success knows no diminution,
For failure hovers so near,
That with trace of slight dilution,
Success must cease to appear.
We look in vain for a substitute
To take the place of success;
A proxy saps its vital cords,
It dies of paralysis.
Nothing can take the place of success,
Its measure must be complete,
If slightest imperfection is found
It suffers a deadly defeat.
The marge that divides sturdy success
From failure grim and gaunt,
Is invisible space, but separates
Abundance from woe and want.
Like pack of wolves on army’s trail,
Fell failure lives on distress,
Devouring with greed th’ foul refuse
That falls from th’ hands of success.
Success and failure closely abide–
Success has a palace fine,
While failure dwells in a dreary hut,
Like a herding place for swine.

2. Success

       by William Arthur Ward

Happiness comes not from having much to live on
but having much to live for.
Success never resides in the world of weak wishes,
but in the palace of purposeful plans and prayerful
Pessimism achieves no success over persistence.
Temporary defeat never spells total failure;
one victory never assures permanent success.

A real success is one who makes
his mark in life without smearing others.
Excellence without effort is as futile as progress without preparation
Work can be our friend or foe, or joy or our woe.

Success, like happiness, is more than a destination –
it is a venture; more than an achievement – it is an attitude.
The greatest failure is the failure to try.
Alter your attitude and you will change your life.

Who seeks success, let him prepare.
Improvement is the son of discontent;
success is the offspring of preparation.
To emphasize the positive – the affirmative –
is to travel the high road of joy.

3. The Real Successes

       by Julie Hebert

Real successes are made,
Not dropped aside your door.
They aren’t a thought you made one night,
While wishing upon a star.

Real successes are thought,
To be given to only the great.
They think that they work just as hard,
And they should have that fate.

Real successes are because,
Of someone making it so.
They fight for it and work real hard,
To make their successes grow.

Real successes are envied,
And rumored on how they were made.
People can be so jealous,
And even want to betray.

But you know how real successes,
Are built with hard work and care.
You’ve made your way to the top,
I’m so proud to see you are there.

4. Success

       by John Kendrick Bangs

Success? What is this thing Success, I pray?
Is it to stand forth in the glare of day
As one who wins great battles in the marts
Without regard to human souls and hearts?
Is it to strive in blindness of the right
Toward and to achieve some goal of might
Wherefrom vast riches pour, huge stores of gold.
Into the coffers of the keen and bold?
Is it to win through trickery of phrase
And nice word polshments the Poet’s bays,
Or laurels of the Masters of Romance,
Not by endeavor, but by stylist’s chance?
Is it to trample by sheer force of will
O’er plodders for the right, o’er halt and ill?
To snatch some high position in the State,
To principle and honor runagate?
Is it to climb from lowly place to high
Regardless of the rungs of misery?

Or is it his who lives his mortal span
In all things striving to become a man?
To live as God hath willed, to use his brawn
To help another to some joyous dawn?
To use his strength, his valor and his wit
Shall say of his achievement small “Well done!’
So that, though riches small may come of it,
His fellows when his sands of life are run
Here falls a man we never knew to shirk;
The world is brighter for his modest work!
Ah, give to me not that Success that comes
Mixed in with others’ tears, with sounding drums,
But better far the laurel that depends
Upon the love and honor of my friends.
Those bays the more securely e’er will rest
That come from those who understand us best;
The only ones are they that really bless
And form the measure of the true Success!

5. Success

       by Emma Lazarus

Oft have I brooded on defeat and pain,
The pathos of the stupid, stumbling throng.
These I ignore to-day and only long
To pour my soul forth in one trumpet strain,
One clear, grief-shattering, triumphant song,
For all the victories of man’s high endeavor,
Palm-bearing, laurel deeds that live forever,
The splendor clothing him whose will is strong.
Hast thou beheld the deep, glad eyes of one
Who has persisted and achieved? Rejoice!
On naught diviner shines the all-seeing sun.
Salute him with free heart and choral voice,
‘Midst flippant, feeble crowds of spectres wan,
The bold, significant, successful man.

Short Poems about Success

Let us now go through some short poems on success. These short poems about successwill educate you that there will always be those who encourage you to stop – surrender – throw in the towel. But all you have to do is stay in there and don’t give up. ‎

1. Insomnia of Success

       by Gourab Banerjee

Success isn’t a huge public image
Success isn’t a life of glimpse & glamour
Success isn’t a recognition by million peoples
Success is satisfaction
Success is fulfilment
Success is sleep at night
Whatever else may be but
Success can’t be Insomnia
Success shouldn’t cost sleepless nights
Success must be peaceful.

2. A Blessing and a Curse

       by Anonymous

Success is both a blessing and a curse,
Success can be for the better or the worse.
It turns into a blessing when it is handled in the right way,
And transforms into a curse when it is misused someday.
Not everyone can handle success, you gotta be strong,
Cause if you’re not, you’ll end up using success to do the wrong.

3. Way to Success God Had Shone

       by Jim Horn

Way To Success God Had Shone

Instead of being bare to the bone,
And also by myself and left alone;
Bothered being;
Not worth seeing;
Wish way to success God had shone.

4. Don’t Quit

       by Anonymous

When things go wrong as they sometimes will;
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;
When the funds are low, and the debts are high;
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh;
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you can never tell how close you are;
It may be near when it seems afar.
So, stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
It’s when things go wrong that you mustn’t quit.

5. Smell Success

       by Anonymous

Success will come easy,
To those who are determined,
To those who have a strong will,
If you have the required skill,
Nothing can stop you,
You will be successful in all your endeavors,
Success will come easy,
If you try hard,
It’s all about making a new start!

Motivational Poems about Success

Success in life necessitates the expenditure of blood, sweat, and emotions. And, as humans, what one believes to be a kind of success is not the same as what the other thinks to be a form of success. So, for the success that you desire, here are some motivational poems for success that will motivate you.

1. If you can….

       by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

2. The Key to Success

       by Robin A. Walker

The key to success is not silver or gold
It’s not made of copper or steel,
But a longing, a sigh, and a yearning to try,
A yearning for learning, a burning to try
To climb to the goal where a soul dwells to bless.
That, you can see, is the key to success.
The key to success no man ever gave,
No man ever purchased for gold,
For it springs from the things that a perfect life brings,
A willing for stilling the baser thoughts filling,
To merit our place with the grace we posses,
And it’s free as the sea, is the key to success.

3. If You Believe

       by Abimbola T. Alabi

When your mind is set
On a splendid thing you want to do,
There are some who will shrug,
Like you don’t have a clue.

When you proceed,
Some will say it can’t be done
And that there is really no need
For you to take it on.

And halfway through,
Some may deem your progress small,
Or others will ask if what you’re doing
Is even worthwhile at all.

But when you succeed,
Then with flattering tongue,
The same folks will say they knew
That you’d do it all along.

Now, folks may mean well
When they say it can’t be done,
But then who is to lose
If they are actually wrong?

But if you take note of why
Some doubt your point of view
And stick close to those
Who see the strength in you,

If you put your faith in God,
No matter how tough it may seem,
If you work hard, if you believe,
You will achieve your dream.

For what others think,
Whether or not you’re strong or smart,
Sometimes, doesn’t really count
As what you believe in your heart.

4. O, you are a success

       by Anonymous

O, you are a success.
You are a living success.
You are a success,
that have unearthed
the chaos and unrest
in the minds of a generation
from baby boomers to millenials
from the east to the west.

O, you are a success.
You are a living success.
you left a lasting memory
and unshaken legacy
filled with utter hypocrisy
and bureaucracy
shrouded with the cry
of everlasting demand
and accomplishment.

O, you are a success.
why should you be worried.
You are a living success.

5. Motivate Your Mind

       by Anonymous

The heart of a man
who will conquer his world
is known from the way he talks.
If you talk big,
you will live big and if you talk small,
you will ever remain small.

Always be of sound mind
if you must defeat
and win any life’s many challenges.
The world of success is not
a playground for the lily-hearted men.

Never lives a life of cunning.
You may have your way sometimes
but the end is disastrous.
It is like a park of cards,
it will crumble right in front of you.

Braveness is the heart of men
who know their back from their front.
To overcome any risk in life,
you need to have one heart.
Be brave!

Challenge your mind
if you want an outpour of success.
If you fail to challenge your mind,
failure will definitely loom
at the corner like fury burning fire.

Settle your mind
to settle your future.
If your mind is not at peace
with your body and soul,
there is no way you can ever be
at your best to make any meaningful decision.

Develop the mind
to see possibilities where others see failure.
Even if you fail,
never see it as failure but a stone through
to your land of success.

Never believe all you hear.
Let your mind always make her judgment.
If you must hear from others,
let the final decision be yours.

Have a human heart in all you do.
It is that spirit of selfless service
that will catapult you to the seat of greatness.

To win, be calm.
Anyone in anger can never win.
If you are calm,
you will see victory ahead before it happens.
Always be calm no matter what.

Inspirational Poems about Success

After reading these inspirational poems about success, you will undoubtedly feel encouraged to develop and confidently exhibit your gifts to the world, without fear of being judged.

1. Equipment

       by Edgar Guest

Figure it out for yourself, my lad,
You’ve all that the greatest of men have had,
Two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes,
And a brain to use if you would be wise.
With this equipment they all began,
So start for the top and say “I can.”

Look them over, the wise and great,
They take their food from a common plate
And similar knives and forks they use,
With similar laces they tie their shoes,
The world considers them brave and smart.
But you’ve all they had when they made their start.

You can triumph and come to skill,
You can be great if only you will,
You’re well equipped for what fight you choose,
You have legs and arms and a brain to use,
And the man who has risen, great deeds to do
Began his life with no more than you.

You are the handicap you must face,
You are the one who must choose your place,
You must say where you want to go.
How much you will study the truth to know,
God has equipped you for life, But He
Lets you decide what you want to be.

Courage must come from the soul within,
The man must furnish the will to win,
So figure it out for yourself, my lad,
You were born with all that the great have had,
With your equipment they all began.
Get hold of yourself, and say: “I can.”

2. Triumphalis

       by Bliss Carman

Soul, art thou sad again
With the old sadness?
Thou shalt be glad again
With a new gladness,
When April sun and rain
Mount to the teeming brain
With the earth madness.
When from the mould again,
Spurning disaster,
Spring shoots unfold again,
Follow thou faster
Out of the drear domain
Of dark, defeat, and pain,
Praising the Master.
Hope for thy guide again,
Ample and splendid;
Love at thy side again,
All doubting ended;
(Ah, by the dragon slain,
For nothing small or vain
Michael contended!)
Thou shalt take heart again,
No more despairing;
Play thy great part again,
Loving and caring.
Hark, how the gold refrain
Runs through the iron strain,
Splendidly daring!
Thou shalt grow strong again,
Confident, tender,—
Battle with wrong again,
Be truth’s defender,—
Of the immortal train,
Born to attempt, attain,
Never surrender!

3. Worthy Success

       by Elizha Faye S Moso

With all my up’s and down’s
It doesn’t mean I need to frown
My decisions may be wrong
Still it taught me how to be strong

Never let your fears
Bring you tears
Life is a story that has a beginning
And has a wonderful ending

In this world each one has a role
So never stop on reaching your goal
Always be careful
In your decisions and be hopeful

You may not be always right
Accept your failures and you’ll be alright
This is the real me
I can never change my personality neither me

Learn how to love yourself
Accept yourself
Your dreams can be true
Nothing can’t be true

Everything is Worth it
Soon you’ll be able to gain a worthy success

4. Success

       by Anonymous

If you want a thing bad enough
To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it
If only desire of it
Makes you quite mad enough
Never to tire of it,
Makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it
If life seems all empty and useless without it
And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,
If gladly you’ll sweat for it,
Fret for it,
Plan for it,
Lose all your terror of God or man for it,
If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want,
With all your capacity,
Strength and sagacity,
Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,
If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,
Nor sickness nor pain
Of body or brain
Can turn you away from the thing that you want,
If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
You’ll get it!

5. Mistakes to failure then success

       by Anonymous

Mistakes lead to failure, then success.

Failure isn’t fatal.
Success isn’t final.
Road to success always in construction.
I’m fruitful by laying a firm base.
A base from bricks mistakes threw at me.

I live going forward.
I only understand life backwards.
Looking back, I smile at past mistakes.
I learned from failure not success.

I live without regrets.
Behind success, failure is a secret.
I never quit when I failed.
I failed until I succeed.

I learned a lot from mistakes.
Lessons come disguised as mistakes.
The only mistake is not learning from mistakes.

Sweet Poems about Success

Life may be difficult at times; barriers appear to be everywhere, and each duty can become overpowering. When you feel overwhelmed by the work at hand, read through these sweet success poems. ‎

1. Success is Counted Sweetest

       by Emily Dickinson

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of Victory

As he defeated–dying–
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

2. Ask No More than this

       by James Russell Lowell

And, for success, I ask no more than this:
To bear unflinching witness to the truth.
All true whole men succeed; for what is worth
Success’s name unless it be the thought,
The inward surety, to have carried out
A noble purpose to a noble end,
Although it be the gallows or the block?
‘Tis only Falsehood that doth ever need
These outward shows of gain to bolster her.

3. Feel the Success in Your Own Way!

       by Ayush Gangwar

Success is something we all share
Just like oxygen in the air.
The way we live it, is up to us…
With a negative or with a plus

Success is something, we should cherish…
never know, when we’ll perish.

Success is something, we’ve to earn
Choice is yours, Redeem your turn….
Follow your passion, and you’ll be fine,
With the right attitude, you will shine.

4. Success in Me

       by Azubuogu chinwendu chukwudi

When I dream about success
I see it come
When I feel success
I see it fades away
When I think about success
It appears to me like mirage
I hope I have success
I hope I embrace success
I pray I find success
When I embrace success
I ‘ll keep it save like an egg
When I have success
I ‘ll share it
Success success
Success in me
Success is life
Success in me

5. Consciousness Fulcrum

       by Christuraj Alex

My works need not be successful
Just when consciousness-centered
Success can be spiritual
Mundane and ill-tempered
If the living Holy Spirit of the
Absolute in me abide
My thoughts, words and actions
Will, indeed, be love-linked
Linked will be my neighbor with me
Each creature of the universe I see
As part of the consciousness fulcrum
And cosmos would flow in free rhythm…

Poems about Success and Failure

These poems about success and failure will inspire you to be firm in any scenario, to be compassionate no matter what, to recognize that failure is simply a chance to begin something new, to chuckle as wide in times of distress as you do in times of victory, and to treat everybody with dignity and affection.

1. Everyone Has Flaws

       by Anonymous

I don’t crave to come off as arrogant or conceited.
However, as I’ve come to realize, no one is ceded
Is it a matter of money or power and control?
Which one do you prefer? Is it a blessing or a scold?

Making blunders is simpler than being perfect.
Strain not to endeavor to be flawless if you’re upset
Essentially pick the right course and proceed
But don’t back at returning at a similar speed.

Everyone strives to be skilled with a high degree.
Everyone aspires to achieve fresh levels of efficiency.
Determination is needed to achieve significance.
Will all observe your battle yet never show a difference?

Crows are said to be drawn to the beauty of Peacock.
As recently said, nobody is perfect, wouldn’t you mock?
Consider the possibility of both success and glory.
You must be strong and resolute in preventing tragedy.

2. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything

       by Lydia Preston

A time has come
and it is now.
Will you take a stand
or bend your knee and bow?

Will you state your case?
Will you run this race
or turn in disgrace,
try to hide your face?

You’ve spoken the word,
and by many were heard.
Now what will you do
when it’s left up to you?

Will you act out your faith
in the midst of a trial?
Will you do what is right?
Will you put up a fight?

When you’re put at a cross-road,
what choice will you make?
Will you stand for the truth
for the Lord’s name sake?

Do what is right;
try not to lose sight.
make the right decision
amidst all the derision.

For when you’ve done all to stand,
take a hold of God’s hand.
he will lead you and guide you,
staying right there beside you.

Don’t try to please man
doing all that you can.
make time for the Lord;
you will reap a reward.

Be a blessing to others;
help your sisters and brothers.
Care for those in need.
Help multiply their seed.

Be gracious and faithful.
Be fair and be true,
looking not unto others.
Let the change come through you.

3. The Essentials of Success

       by Marshal Foch

He who hesitates is lost. He who moves forward wins.

The way not to move forward is by adopting the methods of the board who    ruthlessly pushes others aside that he may reach the front of the crowd –
the self seeker, who tries to impress on everyone
that he is entitled to what he is not;
the nervous, arrogant man who cannot wait,
but who feels that if he does not reach the
front at once the world is lost for him.

The way to move forward is by patience, by earnest endeavor,
by diligent study, by tireless work.

Plan your battle of life in advance.
Map out every detail of what you want to accomplish and then follow out your program.

No man who has been successful in life can be counted as lucky.
His success has been due to his own effort.

Success is work and work is success.
The two are inseparable.

4. Believe This

       by Wilhelmina Stitch

You’re winning. You simply cannot fail.
The only obstacle is doubt;
There’s not a hill you cannot scale
Once fear is put to rout.

Don’t think defeat, don’t talk defeat,
The word will rob you of your strength.
“I will succeed,” This phrase repeat
Throughout the journey’s length.

The minute that “I can’t is said –
You slam a door right in your face.
Why not exclaim, “I will” instead?
Half won then is the race.

You close the door to your success
By entertaining one small fear.
Think happiness, talk happiness,
Watch joy then coming near.

The word “impossible” is black.
“I can” is like a flame of gold.
No whining, heart! Eyes! look not back;
Be strong, O Will! and bold.

You’re winning, though the journey’s slow;
You’re gaining steadily each day.
O Courage! what a warmth and glow
You shed along your way.

5. Success

      by Niderah

The road to success is not straight.
There is a curve called Failure,
A loop called Confusion,
Speed bumps called Friends,
Red lights called Enemies, and
Caution lights called Family.
But if you have a spare called Determination,
An engine called Perseverance,
Insurance called Faith, and
A driver called Jesus,
You will make it to a place called Success!!

Poems about Success and Hard Work for Students

Your aspirations, objectives, and ambitions can never come true until you first believe! You may speak about them and write them down, but if you don’t truly believe in them, you’ll either never execute them or forsake them at the first indication of difficulty.

As a result, it is critical that you remain steadfast in your views about what you want to achieve. Here are some poems about success and hard work for students that you must make a good use of.

1. Lines of Success Poem

       by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

Essence holds its dream entire,
Strengthens hope true into fire
To fit in it to be higher
To the most breezed to aspire.

Its strength with a wind-lot by,
Sprouts ambition to the sky
To bloom into a smile high.
Happiness across to fly,

Its fluttering wings in flight
Spreads across the field its light.
Blossomed is success glass-bright
With glory mounting in sight.

Heart content is in sublime,
Remains diamond-worth in prime.
Victory does reign in clime,
Hailing joy bell-like to chime.

2. Hard Work

       by Setaluri Padmavathi

Oh, Man! Work like a dog and live like a king
Hard work can help you accomplish anything
The systematic work only bears the fruit
Try to select only an appropriate route.

You’re a gifted human being with intelligence
Show your prodigy and prove your confidence
The world is so wonderful with opportunities
In which you live around many communities.

Do not be lazy and be as busy as a beaver
Your hard work and sweat pay you return
Your identity is your dignity and designation.
It gives you certainly fame and recognition.

Students constantly work hard for success
Parents really strive hard for their progress
Players play hard for the glory and conviction
Warriors struggle for the nation’s protection.

3. The Dreamer

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Temples he built and palaces of air,
And, with the artist’s parent-pride aglow,
His fancy saw his vague ideals grow
Into creations marvellously fair;

He set his foot upon Fame’s nether stair.
But ah, his dream, —it had entranced him so
He could not move. He could no farther go;
But paused in joy that he was even there!

He did not wake until one day there gleamed
Thro’ his dark consciousness a light that racked
His being till he rose, alert to act.
But lo! what he had dreamed, the while he dreamed,
Another, wedding action unto thought,
Into the living, pulsing world had brought.

4. Success with Hard work

       by Anonymous

Every day is a struggle to be better
Speaking up against morons
Achieving other accomplishments not keeching off old success
Something new letting go of the old
Found someone new don’t want to make the same mistakes
Success with hard work not expecting a hand out
Change because nothing stays the same
Pursue your dreams never give up on them
Never settle for less or be denied what’s yours
I’ve learned to not rely on anyone or hold your breath
Lost in my work not making time for what I love
I’d pursue love but want a sure thing not trying to hurt or hurt others
It’s easy to not care harder to care when you get use to things slipping away
Working hard to get it all back hoping to reclaim all that was lost

5. What’s the Score?

       by Anonymous

It’s football, baseball, auto, yacht,
It’s where men ride or shoot or row,
It’s golf or tennis or what not—
There’s just one thing we want to know.
In city, village, wilderness,
On mountain-top, on ocean shore,
Americans insanely press
One hot inquiry, “What’s the score?”
And just the same where Business rules
His eager minions clamorous,
The rash, the prudent, sages, fools,
No other fact will do for us.
We do not ask his course of trade,
Or fair, or tricks, or something more;
But only ask how much he made,
His total plunder, “What’s the score?”
And just the same in high reforms,
Where men contend with rampant sin,
And struggle in a thousand storms,
And fight great foes, without, within,
We do not note their zeal complete,
Their patience, courage, sorrow sore;
But only note success, defeat,
Their patent progress, “What’s the score?”
In heaven other questions rise,
And happily on earth some day
We shall behold with clearer eyes,
And measure life a better way.
We shall regard how difficult
And true the course men struggle o’er,
Nor only ask the crude result,
The open outcome, “What’s the score?”

Poems about Success in Life

Consider the following question: What would you call a successful life at the end of your life? Then ask yourself if you’re still living that life. Here are some poems about success in life that will help you contemplate upon it.

1. Successful Failure

       by Robert William Service

I wonder if successful men
Are always happy?
And do they sing with gusto when
Springtime is sappy?
Although I am of snow-white hair
And nighly mortal,
Each time I sniff the April air
I chortle.

I wonder if a millionaire
Jigs with enjoyment,
Having such heaps of time to spare
For daft employment.
For as I dance the Highland Fling
My glee is muckle,
And doping out new songs to sing
I chuckle.

I wonder why so soon forgot
Are fame and riches;
Let cottage comfort be my lot
With well-worn britches.
As in a pub a poor unknown,
Brown ale quaffing,
To think of all I’ll never own,–
I’m laughing.

2. Your Destination

       by Nsikak Andrew

Never let anyone determine
your destination in life.
Take hold of your destiny.
If one keeps directing you
without your effort in taking action,
you might never get to your destination.

If you want to win in life,
it is for you to learn how
to take calculated risk.
For the heart of a brave man
is known from the number
of daring risks such takes to succeed.

Dreams will only come true if you believe
and work towards achieving them.
There is no need to dream if you know
you wouldn’t want to pay the price towards
bringing your dream to its full actualization.

Never ascribe a name to anything.
If you open your mind to defeat,
certainly defeat is what you will get.
Always stand for something,
if you stand for nothing,
definitely, you will achieve nothing.

The knowledge of any problem
is the key to its solution.
If you know your worth,
then do not waste your time looking at the problem.
Spend your time searching for the solution.
If you have the solution,
then you have gotten every situation under your control.

The worst thing you can do to yourself
is to allow the thoughts of any man defeat you.
Always stand by your instinct.
It’s a divine way that would always guide
your living in making a decision out of life.

Every great man you meet
has a humble story to tell.
If you must be great,
one tool that will take you there is humility.
Learn to humble yourself if you want to succeed.

Plan while you still see afar.
If you fail to plan and decide not to see,
blame no one when the fountain
of age finally got up with you.
Planning eliminates the stress
that comes with life’s many challenges.

Never be emotional
when it comes to business dealing.
Always look between the lines
before you put pen to paper.
If you are in a haste to sign a document,
you might be on your way
towards signing yourself into slavery.

To avoid any embarrassment,
always think before replying to any question.
Never be in a haste to speak.
Remember words spoken can never be retrieved.
Take your time and be thoughtful
of every word before you speak it out.

3. Success

       by Anonymous

Success eludes people,
Who don’t try in life,
Success is achieved,
With the right hard work and strive,
Success comes easy to those who want it,
Eventually you will reach your destination,
Which will make your journey a hit!

4. Rhyme to Success

       by Anonymous

You may struggle, who hadn’t
Resiliency, you must have
Rome wasn’t built in one day
Frameworks must be laid

Hurdle over the pit of failures
Stride harder and run faster
Life’s a race you must conquer
Aspire to become a winner

Dreams are for achievers
Losers are defeated dreamers
Choices will define your future
Don’t bid on fate and then defer

Like a candle you can light up
You can soar like a kite
Beat the wind of doubt
Propel yourself to the top

Everything is in your hand
You have the power to change
Lean on yourself, believe you can
Free yourself from the chain

5. Success

       by Bessie Anderson Stanley

He has achieved success
Who has lived well,
Laughed often, and loved much;

Who has enjoyed the trust of
Pure women,

The respect of intelligent men and
The love of little children;

Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;

Who has left the world better than he found it
Whether by an improved poppy,
A perfect poem or a rescued soul;

Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty
Or failed to express it;

Who has always looked for the best in others and
Given them the best he had;

Whose life was an inspiration;
Whose memory a benediction.

Poems about Success in English

Your heart might be passionate about your aspirations, objectives, and goals, but if you are not capable and competent to bring them to fruition, they will remain in your mind and never be realized.

As a result, confidence – believing in yourself, your ambitions, and your desires – is essential for achieving the heights you crave. Here are some success poems in English that will give you confidence.

1. Triumph may be of several kinds

       by Emily Dickinson

Triumph may be of several kinds.
There ‘s triumph in the room
When that old imperator, Death,
By faith is overcome.

There ‘s triumph of the finer mind
When truth, affronted long,
Advances calm to her supreme,
Her God her only throng.

A triumph when temptation’s bribe
Is slowly handed back,
One eye upon the heaven renounced
And one upon the rack.

Severer triumph, by himself
Experienced, who can pass
Acquitted from that naked bar,
Jehovah’s countenance!

2. What is Success?

       by Anonymous

Success is being friendly when another needs a friend;
It’s in the cheery words you speak, and in the coins you lend;
Success is not alone in skill and deeds of daring great;
It’s in the roses that you plant beside your garden gate.

Success is in the way you walk the paths of life each day;
It’s in the little things you do and in the things you say;
Success is in the glad hello you give your fellow man;
It’s in the laughter of your home and all the joys you plan.

Success is not in getting rich or rising high to fame;
It’s not alone in winning goals which all men hope to claim;
It’s in the man you are each day, through happiness or care;
It’s in the cheery words you speak and in the smile you wear.

Success is being big of heart and clean and broad of mind;
It’s being faithful to your friends, and to the stranger, kind;
It’s in the children whom you love, and all they learn from you–
Success depends on character and everything you do.

3. What is Success?

       by Day Williams

“What is success? “
I asked the cow.
“Munch on green grass,
My tasty chow.”

“What is success? “
I asked the owl.
“Who’s more? Who’s less?
Who makes winds howl? “

“What is success? “
I asked the toad.
“Don’t make a mess,
Stay off the road.”

“What is success? “
I asked the fox.
“Don’t be impressed
By gates and locks.”

“What is success? “
I asked the bear.
“Clean up that mess
In your underwear.”

“What is success? “
I asked the mouse.
“Cheese and a bed
In a big warm house.”

“What is success? “
I asked the rain.
“Wash the worst and best,
As preordained.”

“What is success? “
I asked the moon.
“Go on a quest,
Sing your own tunes.”

“What is success? “
I asked a prof
Who wore a dress-
“Low scores in golf.”

“What is success? “
I asked a friend:
“To be the best
And never bend.”

“What is success? “
I asked a nurse.
“To soothe the stressed
When the sick grow worse.”

“What is success? “
I asked my wife.
“Tame your flesh
In Christian life.”

“What is success? “
I asked the priest.
“By God, be blessed,
Join the Lamb’s Feast.”

“What is success? “
I asked the Lord.
“Your sins confess,
Walk through the Door.”

“What is success? “
I asked the Lord.
“Your faithfulness
When tempted sore.”

4. Never say, I can’t

       by Anonymous

Never say, “I can’t,” my dear;
Never say it.
When such words as those I hear,
From the lips of boy or girl,
Oft they make me doubt and fear:
Never say it.

Boys and girls that nimbly play,
Never say it.
They can jump and run away,
Skip and toss and play their pranks;
Even dull ones, when they’re gay,
Never say it.

Never mind how hard the task,
Never say it.
Find someone who knows, and ask,
Till you have your lesson learn’d;
Never mind how hard the task;
Never say it.

Men who do the noblest deeds,
Never say it.
He who lacks the strength he needs,
Tries his best and ne’er gives o’er,
Surely will at last succeed;
Never say it.

When good actions call you near,
Never say it.
Drive away the rising fear,
Get your strength where good men do,
All your paths will then be clear,
And you’ll find a happy year;
Never say it.

But when tempted to do wrong,
Always say it.
In your virtue, firm and strong,
Drive the tempter from your sight,
And when follies round you throng,
Ever say it.

5. Dreams into Reality

       by Shillow

What are these roadblocks
But simply opportunities
To get even more clear
To get even more in tune
To the truth within you
What are these roadblocks
But simply rainclouds
That come in loud and proud
Their thunder shouts
And you curse the skies
But when you see the sun rise
From behind them
You know that everything shimmers
Everything sparkles with lushness
With refreshment
Do not curse the roadblocks
They are the chances
To renegotiate your plans
To further your dreams
Into reality

Final Thoughts on Poems about Success

The poems about success that we’ve shared with you contain a wealth of valuable lessons for everyone.

The route to success is frequently long and treacherous. It may appear easier to surrender than to persevere, especially if you encounter setbacks along the way.

Having an aim and something to look forward to and aspire for, on the other hand, provides daily encouragement.

Poems on perseverance and success teach us that when we have aspirations and future plans, we must persevere in the face of adversity.

Because, if you abandon what brings you joy, your heart, soul, and life will begin to feel vacant and strenuous.

These success poems explain why it is critical to never give up on your dreams. Your ambitions push you to live a good life. So make these poems about success a part of your life and keep striving for success.

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