79 Poems about Waiting to View Waiting Poetically

Waiting is an experience that is common to all human beings, yet it can be one of the most difficult emotions to endure.

Whether waiting for a loved one, waiting for a life-changing event, or waiting for the right moment to act, the anticipation can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming.

For centuries, poets have captured the complexities of waiting in their work, using language to evoke the emotions and sensations that come with this experience.

From short haikus to epic poems about waiting, these works offer a unique perspective on the human condition and invite readers to view waiting through a poetic lens.

So let’s not wat any further and read these waiting poems!

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Famous Poems about Waiting

Famous waiting poems, including works by renowned poets, capture the essence of waiting and offer insight into the human experience.

1. Open Windows

       by Sara Teasdale

Out of the window a sea of green trees
Lift their soft boughs like the arms of a dancer,
They beckon and call me, “Come out in the sun!”
But I cannot answer.
I am alone with Weakness and Pain,
Sick abed and June is going,
I cannot keep her, she hurries by
With the silver-green of her garments blowing.
Men and women pass in the street
Glad of the shining sapphire weather,
But we know more of it than they,
Pain and I together.
They are the runners in the sun,
Breathless and blinded by the race,
But we are watchers in the shade
Who speak with Wonder face to face.

2. Excerpt From “An Old Man’s Dreams”

       by Eliza M. Sherman

And then the old man thinks
How on a night like this, when faint
And sweet as half-remembered dreams
Old Whippoorwill Falls did murmur soft
Its evening psalms, when fragrant lilies
Pointed up the way her Christ had gone,
God called the wife and mother home,
And bade him wait.
Oh! why is it so hard for
Man to wait? to sit with folded hands,
Apart, amid the busy throng,
And hear the buzz and hum of toil around;
To see men reap and bind the golden sheaves
Of earthly fruits, while he looks idly on,
And knows he may not join,
But only wait till God has said, “Enough!”
And calls him home!
And thus the old man dreams,
And then awakes; awakes to hear
The sweet old song just dying
On the pulsing evening air:
“When other helpers fail,
And comforts flee,
Lord of the helpless,
Oh, abide with me!”

3. Waiting

       by John Burroughs 

Serene, I fold my hands and wait,
Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea;
I rave no more ‘gainst time or fate,
For lo! my own shall come to me.

I stay my haste, I make delays,
For what avails this eager pace?
I stand amid the eternal ways,
And what is mine shall know my face.

Asleep, awake, by night or day,
The friends I seek are seeking me;
No wind can drive my bark astray,
Nor change the tide of destiny.

What matter if I stand alone?
I wait with joy the coming years;
My heart shall reap where it hath sown,
And garner up its fruit of tears.

The waters know their own and draw
The brook that springs in yonder height;
So flows the good with equal law
Unto the soul of pure delight.

The stars come nightly to the sky;
The tidal wave unto the sea;
Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,
Can keep my own away from me.

4. Waiting

       by Rabindranath Tagore

The song I came to sing
remains unsung to this day.
I have spent my days in stringing
and in unstringing my instrument.

The time has not come true,
the words have not been rightly set;
only there is the agony
of wishing in my heart…..

I have not seen his face,
nor have I listened to his voice;
only I have heard his gentle footsteps
from the road before my house…..

But the lamp has not been lit
and I cannot ask him into my house;
I live in the hope of meeting with him;
but this meeting is not yet.

5. Waiting for Death.

       by Michelangelo

My death must come; but when, I do not know:
Life’s short, and little life remains for me:
Fain would my flesh abide; my soul would flee
Heavenward, for still she calls on me to go.

Blind is the world; and evil here below
O’erwhelms and triumphs over honesty:
The light is quenched; quenched too is bravery:
Lies reign, and truth hath ceased her face to show.

When will that day dawn, Lord, for which he waits
Who trusts in Thee? Lo, this prolonged delay
Destroys all hope and robs the soul of life.

Why streams the light from those celestial gates,
If death prevent the day of grace, and stay
Our souls forever in the toils of strife?

6. Anxiously Waiting

       by Robert C O Benjamin

Lonely and cheerless, the drear days are passing,
No home and no comfort, they bring to my mind;
Sadly and hopeless, the dark nights surround me,
No ray of comfort in this world I find.

Weary and sad, I await the dread summons,
Which sooner or later will bring me sweet rest,
After the toils of the dreary world’s over
Then shall they lay me to sleep with the blest.

Careworn with sorrow, I’m anxiously waiting,
Endless relief, in the sleep of the grave,
Sorrow and anguish, all will be over,
When the green grass, on my last bed shall wave.

Anxious I wait, for the touch of the death King,
In his embrace. truest bliss I shall find,
He will afford me the peace, which I lack now,
Comfort and rest to my weary some mind.

Weary and sad, I await the dread summons.
Sleep which is endless will bring me relief,
Hope in the future, beyond this I need none,
None other ask in this my belief.

Funny Poems about Waiting

Interesting poems about waiting offer a lighthearted perspective on the often-frustrating experience of waiting, providing humor and laughter in the face of anticipation.

1. Customer Service…I’m Still Waiting

       by Carol Register

I’m still waiting
How much time has elapsed
Think I’ll read
While I’m waiting
I just read a chapter

I do believe my call is being answered
No, a voice on a machine echoes
“Your call will be taken in the order in which it was received”

What number caller was I
Probably the 1000th caller
I’ll touch up my manicure
While I’m waiting

I’m still waiting
I smudged my polish on one nail
Wonder If I have time to fix it
Before they break their necks to take my call

They must be averaging one call every ten minutes
I’ll continue reading

Another chapter done
I’m still waiting

2. Waiting for Any Woman

       by Arthur Vaso

Be patient
be very very patient
after that
add more patience
then wait
and wait
and wait and wait and wait
become a waiter
at least you will be paid to wait

When she finally finally arrives
give her the biggest smile you possibly possess
tell her, “Hello love, you are early and
looking very majestically beautiful my sweet!
what have you done to your hair love?”
since you have waited a century or two or three
it’s a safe gamble she has, and you my friend
will be a big winner.

Therefore when you wait and wait and wait
be a winner
even skeletons

3. Waiter and Waiting

       by Teddy Kimathi

How long will I wait Mr. Waiter?
You only brought me water,
yet I requested for ox-tail soup,
and a bowl of carrots and a tulip.
Mr. Waiter, you are not serving a rat;
I’m by all facial definitions a brown cat.
Sometimes I’m a disciplined vegetarian,
like my rabbit friend, whose Hungarian.
I’m so hungry that I can eat a whole horse;
ask my master who never leaves his house.
For a long time, you’ve looked at me like a ghost;
you’ve never seen a talking cat as your guest?
I can see your eyes so surprised with wonder;
wait until you hear the order of one Mr. Panda!

4. Limerick: Once a Lady-in-Waiting in London

       by T Wignesan

Limerick: Once a Lady-in-Waiting in London

Once (a) Lady-in-Waiting in London
Was kept waiting by a Spanish Don
She stood with one leg up
And called busy Don up
That’s how (the) cramp in the fun got undone.

5. Just Waiting for Me

       by William Darnell Sr. 

Just Waiting for Me

What is it, what is it?

I’m delighted to see.
Well, there’s a big package,
just waiting for me.

I want to unwrap it,
I’m delighted to see.

There’s this big package,
just waiting to be.

Can it be, is it, see,
I really do not know?

Let’s open it, let’s open it,
This big package I bestow.

It’s just waiting for me!

6. The Waiting Room

       by Betty Harp Butler

I wonder why…
I must sit still and wait
for the Doctor to come in
when I got here so late.

If I’d been on time,
would I have seen him at once,
Or would he have just gone out to lunch?

Early or late- on time or slow,
It really doesn’t matter what time I go
to the doctor’s office I wait…

7. Boredom Waiting in Doctor’s Office

       by Sara Kendrick

On a farm there was a donkey
Who’s feet had a scent that was funky
Because he had stepped in something chunky
This is my response:

Out of boredom he wrote a verse
In frustration it was very terse
Of course, he did not want to curse
So he used words that were worse

Now he’s pacing the floor
Standing right in front of the door (Not true, just needed to be busy)
Nurse tries to enter in a rush
Open door sets him on his tursh

8. Waiting for the Baby

       by Barbara Gorelick

Standing on a stump, looking down the road..
Waiting for the old truck to come into view.
Brother watching from the roof.. in trouble again.

At last it chugged around the corner..
Smiling faces that cautioned- “quiet now”..
A small blue bundle cradled in loving arms.

At last, the most beautiful face we’d ever seen..
Then that face let out a god-awful screech….
We looked at each other both thinking..
Maybe this isn’t going to be so great after all!

Inspirational Poems about Waiting

Inspirational waiting poems encourage readers to see the positive side of waiting, offering hope and inspiration for those enduring difficult periods of anticipation.

1. The Garden of Sunflower.

       by Namrata Santoki

The glorious flowers,
As they bloom with grace,
Glowing bright in the morning’s beam,
Setting up a field of thousands of suns,
Landed on the earth,
Shining with hope and pride,
That’s where I’ll be waiting for you.

Determined to stay tall,
Even in the darkest days,
To find the sunshine and my own way,
And converge with you in the middle
I hold your hand,
To re- write our story again,
In the garden of sunflower,
That’s where I’ll be waiting for you.

2. Lord Don’t Leave Me

       by Mdavis

Lord don’t leave me,
Don’t leave me down her below;
Swing down Chariot,
For I’m ready to go.
Lord don’t leave me,
I got my Ticket in hand;
I’m waiting for that Morning Train,
To take me to the Promise Land.
Lord don’t leave me,
I’m doing the best I can;
I’m gonna cross the River Jordan,
To see my Mother again.
Lord don’t leave me,
When all the Saints shall Rise,
And be taken up by the Angels,
Way beyond the sky.
Lord don’t leave me,
I’ve been working hard each day;
Working to see my Jesus,
Working for my pay.
Lord don’t leave me,
Don’t leave me down here below;
Take me with you Jesus,
Lord I’m ready to go.
Swing Down Chariot,
I’m waiting on The Morning Train;
Gonna walk across The River Jordan,
Or be taken by the Angels someday.
By Miss Mary Lue Barnett/Tottress

3. Waiting for My Gift

       by J.M. Plum

Little one I wait for You
Each month you don’t arrive
A family of three comes from two
It is for your new life that we strive

A blessing that comes from above
A Gift that has stood the test of time
I am waiting to give you my love
My body is ending its prime

I’ve wanted to rock you
Cradle you with my arm
Teach you to be strong
Protect you from any harm

Feel your happiness and joy
Watch Accomplishments and goals
Didn’t care if you were a girl or boy
See your little socks gets holes

I will continue to wait
I know it’s out of my hands
Whenever it happens it won’t be too late
I know the perfect little You for Me is in God’s plans

4. Waiting for Lightning

       by Doug Smith

Lightning strikes its crackling whip
Somewhere; not here
It’s how it’s said
Not what’s said, that matters
Someone arises from their bed in Beijing or Brazil
Struck by boom lightning
And passion flows to the page
Not here
Here; there’s only fog and drizzle
Sometimes it’s like that
Background music
It’s not there at all
Inspiration is as unpredictable as the weather
One day you could create a breakfast fit for Kings
The next, just cracking an egg is a strain
I know there’s lighting…somewhere
But I only see a blank page
Filled with starts & scribblings
I am unmoved by it
While my mind walks away to thoughts
Of French toast with maple syrup being prepared
Serving to inspire only my stomach

5. Don’t Tell the World that You’re Waiting for Me

       by Eliza Cook

Three summers have gone since the first time we met, love,
And still ’tis in vain that I ask thee to wed ;
I hear no reply but a gentle ” Not yet, love,”
With a smile of your lip, and a shake of your head.
Ah ! how oft have I whispered, how oft have I sued thee,
And breathed my soul’s question of ” When shall it be ?”
You know, dear, how long and how truly I’ve wooed thee,
So don’t tell the world that you’re waiting for me.

I have fashioned a home, where the fairies might dwell, love,
I’ve planted the myrtle, the rose, and the vine ;
But the cottage to me is a mere hermit’s cell, love,
And the bloom will be dull till the flowers are thine.
I’ve a ring of bright gold, which I gaze on when lonely,
And sigh with Hope’s eloquence, “When will it be ?”
There needs but thy ” Yes,” love—one little word only,
So don’t tell the world that you’re waiting for me.

6. Earth Trembles Waiting

       by Anonymous

I wait for his foot fall,
Eager, afraid,
Each evening hour
When the lights fade…

I wait for his voice
To speak low to me –
As a mariner lost
Dreams of harbor, at sea…

I wait for his lips
When the dusk falls
Life holds my longing
Behind dark walls.

I wait for his face –
As after rain
Earth trembles waiting
For the sun again…

Short Poems about Waiting

Short poetries about waiting, such as haikus, capture the essence of waiting in just a few lines, making them perfect for expressing the fleeting yet intense emotions of the waiting experience.

1. Beneath the Snow

       by Edgar

Beneath the snow
That’s drifting, dear.
The violet ‘s waiting
To appear.

And so, although
Your heart is torn,
‘Tis out of grief
That love is born.

2. I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come

       by Emily Dickinson

I many times thought peace had come,
When peace was far away;
As wrecked men deem they sight the land
At centre of the sea,
And struggle slacker, but to prove,
As hopelessly as I,
How many the fictitious shores
Before the harbor lie.

3. Waiting

       by Emily Dickinson

I sing to use the waiting,
My bonnet but to tie,
And shut the door unto my house;
No more to do have I,
Till, his best step approaching,
We journey to the day,
And tell each other how we sang
To keep the dark away.

4. Undue Significance a Starving Man Attaches

       by Emily Dickinson

Undue significance a starving man attaches
To food
Far off; he sighs, and therefore hopeless,
And therefore good.
Partaken, it relieves indeed, but proves us
that spices fly
in the receipt. It was the distance
was savory.

5. The Inevitable

       by Emily Dickinson

While I was fearing it, it came,
But came with less of fear,
Because that fearing it so long
Had almost made it dear.
There is a fitting a dismay,
A fitting a despair.
‘Tis harder knowing it is due,
Than knowing it is here.
The trying on the utmost,
The morning it is new,
Is terribler than wearing it
A whole existence through.

6. Desire

       by Emily Dickinson

Who never wanted, — maddest joy
Remains to him unknown:
The banquet of abstemiousness
Surpasses that of wine.
Within its hope, though yet ungrasped
Desire’s perfect goal,
No nearer, lest reality
Should disenthrall thy soul.

7. The Starry Midnight Whispers

       by Bliss Carman

The starry midnight whispers,
As I muse before the fire
On the ashes of ambition
And the embers of desire,
“Life has no other logic,
And time no other creed,
Than:’I for joy will follow.
Where thou for love dost lead!”

8. Excerpt From “Your Mission”

       by Ellen H. Gates

Do not then stand idly waiting
For some greater work to do;
Fortune is a lazy goddess,
She will never come to you.
Go and toil in any vineyard,
Do not fear to do or dare,
If you want a field of labor,
You can find it anywhere.

9. Waiting Boredom Be Washed By Reading Worthy Book

       by Brundaban Panda

Waiting alone at platform a young woman reads a book,
Without feeling of boredom book reading is worthy work.
Wisely made first grade art work so for artist goes thank.

10. Time to Leave

       by Anonymous

Time’s still patient with me,
But there’s so little of it available.

Alone, waiting for that call,
Leading me to the unknown.

Wheels of life turn,
While I read myself.

Long Poems about Waiting

Long poetries about waiting allow for a deeper exploration of the complex emotions and sensations that come with waiting, providing a more immersive experience for readers.

1. I Am Waiting

       by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I am waiting for my case to come up
and I am waiting
for a rebirth of wonder
and I am waiting for someone
to really discover America
and wail
and I am waiting
for the discovery
of a new symbolic western frontier
and I am waiting
for the American Eagle
to really spread its wings
and straighten up and fly right
and I am waiting
for the Age of Anxiety
to drop dead
and I am waiting
for the war to be fought
which will make the world safe
for anarchy
and I am waiting
for the final withering away
of all governments
and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the Second Coming
and I am waiting
for a religious revival
to sweep thru the state of Arizona
and I am waiting
for the Grapes of Wrath to be stored
and I am waiting
for them to prove
that God is really American
and I am waiting
to see God on television
piped onto church altars
if only they can find
the right channel
to tune in on
and I am waiting
for the Last Supper to be served again
with a strange new appetizer
and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for my number to be called
and I am waiting
for the Salvation Army to take over
and I am waiting
for the meek to be blessed
and inherit the earth
without taxes
and I am waiting
for forests and animals
to reclaim the earth as theirs
and I am waiting
for a way to be devised
to destroy all nationalisms
without killing anybody
and I am waiting
for linnets and planets to fall like rain
and I am waiting for lovers and weepers
to lie down together again
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the Great Divide to be crossed
and I am anxiously waiting
for the secret of eternal life to be discovered
by an obscure general practitioner
and I am waiting
for the storms of life
to be over
and I am waiting
to set sail for happiness
and I am waiting
for a reconstructed Mayflower
to reach America
with its picture story and tv rights
sold in advance to the natives
and I am waiting
for the lost music to sound again
in the Lost Continent
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the day
that maketh all things clear
and I am awaiting retribution
for what America did
to Tom Sawyer
and I am waiting
for Alice in Wonderland
to retransmit to me
her total dream of innocence
and I am waiting
for Childe Roland to come
to the final darkest tower
and I am waiting
for Aphrodite
to grow live arms
at a final disarmament conference
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting
to get some intimations
of immortality
by recollecting my early childhood
and I am waiting
for the green mornings to come again
youth’s dumb green fields come back again
and I am waiting
for some strains of unpremeditated art
to shake my typewriter
and I am waiting to write
the great indelible poem
and I am waiting
for the last long careless rapture
and I am perpetually waiting
for the fleeing lovers on the Grecian Urn
to catch each other up at last
and embrace
and I am awaiting
perpetually and forever
a renaissance of wonder

2. Why Don’t He Come

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

The ship has anchored in the bay;
They’ve dropped her weary wings; and some
Have manned the boat and come away;
But where is he? Why don’t he come?
Among the crowd with busy feet,
My eye seeks one it cannot find.
While others haste their friends to greet,
Why, why is he so long behind?
Because he bade me dry my cheek,
I dried it, when he went from us;
I smiled with lips that could not speak;
And now, how can he linger thus?
I’ve felt a brother’s parting kiss
Each moment since he turned from me,
To lose it only in the bliss
Of meeting him—Where can he be?
I’ve reared the rose, he bade me rear;
I’ve learnt the song, he bade me learn;
And nursed the bird, that he might hear
Us sing to him, at his return.
I’ve braided many a lovely flower
His dear, dear picture to inwreathe;
While doating fancy, hour by hour,
Has made it smile and seen it breathe.
I wonder if the flight of time
Has made the likeness now untrue;
And if the sea and foreign clime
Have touched him with a darker hue.
For I have watched, until the sun
Has made my longing vision dim;
But cannot catch a glimpse of one
Among the crowd, that looks like him.
How slow the heavy moments waste,
While thus he stays! Where can he be?
My heart leaps forth; haste, brother, haste!
It leaps to meet and welcome thee.
‘Thou lovely one! the mournful tale
That tells why he comes not, will make
Thy heart to bleed; thy cheek turn pale!
Death finds no tie too strong to break!
‘The bird will wait its master long,
And ask his morning gift in vain.
Ye both must now forget the song
Of joy, for sorrow’s plaintive strain.
‘The face, whose shade thy tender hand
Has wreathed with flowers, is changed! But sea,
Nor sun, nor air of foreign land
Has wrought the change; for where is he?
‘Where! ah! the solemn deep that took
His form, as with their sad farewell,
His brethren gave the last, last look,
And lowered him down, that deep must tell!
‘But ocean cannot tell the whole—
The part that death can never chill,
Nor floods dissolve; the living soul
Is happy, bright and blooming still.
‘And nobler songs than ever sound
From mortal voices greet his ear,
Where sweeter, fairer flowers are found
Than all he left to wither here.
‘This, this is why he does not come,
Whom thy fond eye has sought so long!
Wait till thy days have filled their sum;
Then find him in an angel throng!’

3. When My Ship Comes In

       by Robert Jones Burdette

Somewhere, out on the blue sea sailing,
Where the winds dance and spin;
Beyond the reach of my eager hailing,
Over the breakers’ din;
Out where the dark storm-clouds are lifting,
Out where the blinding fog is drifting,
Out where the treacherous sand is shifting,
My ship is coming in.
O, I have watched till my eyes were aching,
Day after weary day;
O, I have hoped till my heart was breaking
While the long nights ebbed away;
Could I but know where the waves had tossed her,
Could I but know what storms had crossed her,
Could I but know where the winds had lost her,
Out in the twilight gray!
But though the storms her course have altered,
Surely the port she’ll win,
Never my faith in my ship has faltered,
I know she is coming in.
For through the restless ways of her roaming,
Through the mad rush of the wild waves foaming,
Through the white crest of the billows combing,
My ship is coming in.
Beating the tides where the gulls are flying,
Swiftly she’s coming in:
Shallows and deeps and rocks defying,
Bravely she’s coming in.
Precious the love she will bring to bless me,
Snowy the arms she will bring to caress me,
In the proud purple of kings she will dress me—
My ship that is coming in.
White in the sunshine her sails will be gleaming,
See, where my ship comes in;
At masthead and peak her colors streaming,
Proudly she’s sailing in;
Love, hope and joy on her decks are cheering,
Music will welcome her glad appearing,
And my heart will sing at her stately nearing,
When my ship comes in.

4. The Wait’s Begun Again

       by R.S. Thomas

On the stiff twig up there
Hunches a wet black rook
Arranging and rearranging its feathers in the rain-
I do not expect a miracle
Or an accident
To set the sight on fire
In my eye, nor seek
Any more in the desultory weather some design,
But let spotted leaves fall as they fall
Without ceremony, or portent.
Although, I admit, I desire,
Occasionally, some backtalk
From the mute sky, I can’t honestly complain:
A certain minor light may still
Lean incandescent
Out of kitchen table or chair
As if a celestial burning took
Possession of the most obtuse objects now and then —
Thus hallowing an interval
Otherwise inconsequent
By bestowing largesse, honour
One might say love. At any rate, I now walk
Wary (for it could happen
Even in this dull, ruinous landscape); sceptical
Yet politic, ignorant
Of whatever angel any choose to flare
Suddenly at my elbow. I only know that a rook
Ordering its black feathers can so shine
As to seize my senses, haul
My eyelids up, and grant
A brief respite from fear
Of total neutrality. With luck,
Trekking stubborn through this season
Of fatigue, I shall
Patch together a content
Of sorts. Miracles occur.
If you care to call those spasmodic
Tricks of radiance
Miracles. The wait’s begun again,
The long wait for the angel,
For that rare, random descent.

5. In the Waiting Room

       by Elizabeth Bishop

In Worcester, Massachusetts,
I went with Aunt Consuelo
to keep her dentist’s appointment
and sat and waited for her
in the dentist’s waiting room.
It was winter.  It got dark
early. The waiting room
was full of grown-up people,
arctics and overcoats,
lamps and magazines.
My aunt was inside
what seemed like a long time
and while I waited and read
the National Geographic
(I could read) and carefully
studied the photographs:
the inside of a volcano,
black, and full of ashes;
then it was spilling over
in rivulets of fire.
Osa and Martin Johnson
dressed in riding breeches,
laced boots, and pith helmets.
A dead man slung on a pole
“Long Pig,” the caption said.
Babies with pointed heads
wound round and round with string;
black, naked women with necks
wound round and round with wire
like the necks of light bulbs.
Their breasts were horrifying.
I read it right straight through.
I was too shy to stop.
And then I looked at the cover:
the yellow margins, the date.
Suddenly, from inside,
came an oh! of pain
—Aunt Consuelo’s voice—
not very loud or long.
I wasn’t at all surprised;
even then I knew she was
a foolish, timid woman.
I might have been embarrassed,
but wasn’t.  What took me
completely by surprise
was that it was me:
my voice, in my mouth.
Without thinking at all
I was my foolish aunt,
I—we—were falling, falling,
our eyes glued to the cover
of the National Geographic,
February, 1918.

I said to myself: three days
and you’ll be seven years old.
I was saying it to stop
the sensation of falling off
the round, turning world.
into cold, blue-black space.
But I felt: you are an I,
you are an Elizabeth,
you are one of them.
Why should you be one, too?
I scarcely dared to look
to see what it was I was.
I gave a sidelong glance
—I couldn’t look any higher—
at shadowy gray knees,
trousers and skirts and boots
and different pairs of hands
lying under the lamps.
I knew that nothing stranger
had ever happened, that nothing
stranger could ever happen.

Why should I be my aunt,
or me, or anyone?
What similarities
boots, hands, the family voice
I felt in my throat, or even
the National Geographic
and those awful hanging breasts
held us all together
or made us all just one?
How I didn’t know any
word for it how “unlikely”. . .
How had I come to be here,
like them, and overhear
a cry of pain that could have
got loud and worse but hadn’t?

The waiting room was bright
and too hot.  It was sliding
beneath a big black wave,
another, and another.

Then I was back in it.
The War was on.  Outside,
in Worcester, Massachusetts,
were night and slush and cold,
and it was still the fifth
of February, 1918.

Poems about Waiting That Rhyme

Rhyming poems about waiting use a sing-song quality to highlight the musicality of language and underscore the emotions of the waiting experience.

1. We Can’t Wait

       by Catherine Pulsifer

We can’t wait to grow up
And do different stuff.
We can’t wait to finish school
Oh we think that will be cool!
We get a job, then we can’t wait until Friday
Weekends are great, our job is just okay.
We can’t wait to marry
Then we will be happy.
But wait, now we can’t wait to have children
Having a family is a given.
We can’t wait until we can retire
Then we will be inspired.

But the waiting becomes wishing
Wishing our life away, not really living.
Enjoy the moment, the current time
As once it’s gone you never get back your prime.
Don’t wait until tomorrow, enjoy it today
Before you know it you will be older and gray.
And you will regret wishing your life away.
So don’t wait,
Today life is great.

2. I’ll Be Waiting

       by George Aul

I cannot go big this Valentine’s Day,
no money to spend – it all went away,
so while I dig for change
my date got rearranged…
she will see me on Go Fly a Kite Day!

3. Hunger

       by Emily Dickinson

I had been hungry all the years;
My noon had come, to dine;
I, trembling, drew the table near,
And touched the curious wine.
‘T was this on tables I had seen,
When turning, hungry, lone,
I looked in windows, for the wealth
I could not hope to own.
I did not know the ample bread,
‘T was so unlike the crumb
The birds and I had often shared
In Nature’s dining-room.
The plenty hurt me, ‘t was so new, —
Myself felt ill and odd,
As berry of a mountain bush
Transplanted to the road.
Nor was I hungry; so I found
That hunger was a way
Of persons outside windows,
The entering takes away.

4. Waiting

       by C. S. Calverley

O come, O come,” the mother pray’d
And hush’d her babe: “let me behold
Once more thy stately form array’d
Like autumn woods in green and gold!
“I see thy brethren come and go;
Thy peers in stature, and in hue
Thy rivals. Same like monarchs glow
With richest purple: some are blue
“As skies that tempt the swallow back;
Or red as, seen o’er wintry seas,
The star of storm; or barr’d with black
And yellow, like the April bees.
“Come they and go! I heed not, I.
Yet others hail their advent, cling
All trustful to their side, and fly
Safe in their gentle piloting
“To happy homes on heath or hill,
By park or river. Still I wait
And peer into the darkness: still
Thou com’st not—I am desolate.
“Hush! hark! I see a towering form!
From the dim distance slowly roll’d
It rocks like lilies in a storm,
And O, its hues are green and gold:
“It comes, it comes! Ah rest is sweet,
And there is rest, my babe, for us!”
She ceased, as at her very feet
Stopp’d the St. John’s Wood omnibus.

5. The Little Front Gate

       by Kate Slaughter Mckinney

A way from the world and its bustle,
When the daylight grows pleasant and late;
In our own cosy cot, I am waiting
For the slam of the little front gate.
The birds at the doorway are singing,
The roses their beauty debate;
But I sit here alone, and I listen
For the slam of the little front gate.
Sometimes, ere the shadows of twilight
Send the roving bird home to its mate,
I list for a hurrying footstep,
And the slam of the little front gate.
O! you who are burdened with sorrow,
And believe that life is but fate,
Learn from me there is joy in waiting
For the slam of the little front gate.

Poems about Waiting for Children

Poems about waiting for kids often center around the excitement and anticipation of a special event or occasion, making them perfect for young readers.

1. Song

       by Walter De la Mare

O for a moon to light me home!
O for a lanthorn green!
For those sweet stars the Pleiades,
That glitter in the darkling trees;
O for a lovelorn taper! O
For a lanthorn green!
O for a frock of tartan!
O for clear, wild grey eyes!
For fingers light as violets,
‘Neath branches that the blackbird frets;
O for a thistly meadow! O
For clear, wild grey eyes!
O for a heart like almond boughs!
O for sweet thoughts like rain!
O for first-love like fields of grey
Shut April-buds at break of day!
O for a sleep like music!
Dreams still as rain!

2. Waiting for My Dad

       by Amy

I sit alone in the darkness
Waiting for him to come back to me.
Can he hear my cries?
Can he feel my tears?
Can he sense my breaking heart?
God only knows such a fact.
How can this be that he can’t see me?
Is it because I’m sitting alone in the darkness?
I just walk past everyone as if I were invisible.
Can he see me now?
Can he see the pain he’s caused me?
Or does he look past it?
I think I should move on,
But something tells me to wait.
It’s my heart.
I’ll give him one more chance
He needs to prove his love to me.
As I return to sit alone in the darkness…

3. Waiting at the Window

       by A. A. Milne

These are my two drops of rain
Waiting on the window-pane.

I am waiting here to see
Which the winning one will be.

Both of them have different names.
One is John and one is James.

All the best and all the worst
Comes from which of them is first.

James has just begun to ooze.
He’s the one I want to lose.

John is waiting to begin.
He’s the one I want to win.

James is going slowly on.
Something sort of sticks to John.

John is moving off at last.
James is going pretty fast.

John is rushing down the pane.
James is going slow again.

James has met a sort of smear.
John is getting very near.

Is he going fast enough?
(James has found a piece of fluff.)

John has quickly hurried by.
(James was talking to a fly.)

John is there, and John has won!
Look! I told you! Here’s the sun!

4. Waiting for God: Oh

       by Terry Flood

At my breakfast table, a ghost
Has just opened all of my post
What’s his caper
That’s my paper
He’s now got his teeth in my toast

5. Waiting

       by Carolyn Devonshire

Waiting for poetry soup-dot-com
Spinning wheel’s hamsters – my brain goes numb
Will my comment be posted
Before my vision’s toasted
Please just wake me up when it is done

Sometimes I read and spend half my day
Hoping each comment will soon display
To return comments, I try
Slowly, a minute goes by
Raise the speed before I drift away

If your time is precious to you too
There must be something else you can do
Take a walk; check when you’re back
Hamsters may have left their track
If there’s an error page, start anew

6. Waiting for Nick

       by Carolyn Devonshire

Deb dieted to a size four
She walked and her bones scratched the floor
Her knee caps were locking
But no men came knocking
It’s Christmas, can’t take anymore!

So now Deb sits waiting for Nick
It’s cold, he best get here real quick
Ole Nick has eight pets
As good as it gets
It’s rumored they fly (what a trick!)

Nick warned her he carries such pudge
That Deb fears his sleigh will not budge
But he vowed they’d ride
With Rudolph as guide
O’er rooftops through snow, rain and sludge

Poems about Waiting for Love

Poems about waiting for true love explore the emotional intensity of waiting for a loved one, touching on themes of longing, heartache, and the thrill of reunion.

1. Waiting for A Girl Like You

       by Vanessa

waiting for a girl like you
is what I have been told to do
waiting for the one I can love
I know that she’ll be an angel from above
she will be the one I can adore
to share my love forever more
how do I know that she’ll be the one for me
because it will be her love that I’ll need

waiting for a girl like you
I know this is what I’ll have to do
I’ll never let her shed any tears
for tears of pain is what I fear
I’ll never break her heart
for her pain will tear me apart
I’ll try to give her what I can
and be the person she’s looking for, that special man

waiting for a girl like you
one with love that’s pure and true
I won’t have to look for love anymore
the way I had to once before
she’ll give me her love at first sight
I’ll be her man in shinning armor, true loves knight
I feel like my prayers have been answered
finally my love has been captured

2. Waiting for Love

       by Princess Valeria

my mom always said
good things come with time
love will come to you
when the time is right

I would say it wasn’t fair
all my friends had a love
but I was still waiting
for my special someone

my heart felt so empty
I was — alone
was I not good enough
to have love of my own?

but moms have a way
of always being right
and my special someone
strolled into my life

so don’t be discouraged
if you are alone
you are worthy
you are good
let that be known

good things come with time
true love is one of those things
and when it finally comes
you won’t remember waiting

3. Waiting in Love..

       by Andypants

Your pretty face
I can’t erase
I’m wanting more all day

Your luscious lips
Can’t come to grips
With all the loving words they say

Stop trying to run
Come join the fun
Imagine all the games we’d play

Starts with a kiss
Ends deep in bliss
How can you stay away

4. Waiting for Love

       by Katherine K. Walker

Her heart is broken
slivers and shards of pain groaning
swept under the rug of her beating

waiting for an opportune moment to
rain or pour (umbrella not included)
waiting for the lover to call,
seducing her back into his arms
with words that muse her
fairytale dream come true

risking it all for her warmth,
her tender caress,
her passionate kiss


when all will be well
with his soul once more

But now……………
she has time
to think
to reason
to believe in spoonful’s of sugar

Is he the one?

Two souls question
she waits for the answer

In the meantime,
He waits for her return

5. How Long Must I Wait My Love?

       by Dani

How long must i wait my love?
my feelings for you are so strong
my heart breaks for you
i see you go in and out of relationships
the heartache you’ve endured

I have been on the sidelines waiting
waiting, waiting… waiting for you my love

Why do you put yourself through hell
when you could have heaven?

How long must I wait, my Love? How long?

6. You’re the One I’ve Been Waiting for

        by Valerie Vasquez

I used to beleive love didn’t exsist.
I used to believe love was just too much.
Because I was left unloved.
My feelings were left untouched.

I gave up on everything.
Until someone caught me from my deadly fall.
The feeling wasn’t HUGE at first.
The emotion was just too small.

I took the time to get to know you.
You learned a little about me
That’s when it hit faster than ever before.
I love you, but you can’t see.

You understand  me.
You know what I mean.
We speak into each other’s eyes
Oh, how I wish you loved me.

I told you a secret.
You seemed to care.
And every problem I seem to have,
The same you seem to share.

I know it’s so sudden.
Love striked me too fast.
I love you more than life itself.
I wish this feeling could last.

I don’t know how,
I don’t know why
But when I’m so close to you
I feel like I can fly.

You’re a miracle.
You mended my broken wings.
You don’t know what you’re doing.
But this means the world to me.

You’re not just some random boy.
You’re an angel, so perfect, so imaginary, so fake.
Because an angel like you belongs in Heaven.
You’re a priceless jewel for goodness sake!

I know this seems so sudden,
But I love you, that’s no lie.
Until you know, it will remain secret.
Nothing left to do now, but cry.

You took me places I’ve never seen before,
Into a place where the loveless are home.
Just knowing you fills a space in my heart,
I know now I’m never alone.

I can’t take my mind off of you.
No matter how hard I try.
I don’t believe you’ll ever love me,
But you helped me let go of my need of wanting to die

You read me like an open lyric book.
I can’t take it anymore!!!
You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.

7. The Tryst

       by Mary E. Tucker

I waited full two hours, or more,
Beneath the old pine tree,
Where oft I’ve lingered twilight hours,
Watching, my Love, for thee.
I waited till the shadows grew
Like giants, grim and grey;
I waited till night’s coming chased
The shadows far away.
I waited for, I knew not what;
But, oh, I waited there,
Hoping, perchance, some ray to find,
To lighten my despair.
A year ago last May, I sat
Beneath the old pine-tree;
My tryst was not a broken one,
For, Love, you came to me.
I waited, and my spirit called
Thy spirit, Love, to me;
No tryst was ever broken there
Beneath the old pine-tree.

8. Waiting

       by Annette R. Hershey

Imagine the sun sinking
and dim turns to dark.
The silence that surrounds you,
the shadows that make their mark.
You wander around aimlessly,
too much time can be total hell.
Your heart hardened from waiting,
breaks with the bong of the clock’s bell.
The clouds, they mask the moonlight,
The mirror, it mimics your pain.
You sit and sigh and close your eyes
and hear the repetition of the rain.

9. Waiting for You

       by Alexandra Vasiliu

If you are in love,
I hope that my poem will touch your heart.
My darling,
have I told you?
Waiting for you has always been
a form of freedom.

Poems about Waiting for Someone

Poems about waiting for someone offer a window into the emotions of missing and longing for another, capturing the intense anticipation and joy of reunion.

1. Eight O’Clock

       by Sara Teasdale

Supper comes at five o’clock,
At six, the evening star,
My lover comes at eight o’clock—
But eight o’clock is far.
How could I bear my pain all day
Unless I watched to see
The clock-hands laboring to bring
Eight o’clock to me.

2. At the Railway Station

       by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

Here the night is fierce with light,
Here the great wheels come and go,
Here are partings, waitings, meetings,
Mysteries of joy and woe.
Here is endless haste and change,
Here the ache of streaming eyes,
Radiance of expectant faces,
Breathless askings, brief replies.
Here the jarred, tumultuous air
Throbs and pauses like a bell.
Gladdens with delight of greeting.
Sighs and sorrows with farewell.
Here, ah, here with hungry eyes
I explore the passing throng.
Restless I await your coming
Whose least absence is so long.
Faces, faces pass me by,
Meaningless, and blank, and dumb,
Till my heart grows faint and sickens
Lest at last you should not come.
Then—I see you. And the blood
Surges back to heart and brain.
Eyes meet mine, —and Heaven opens.
You are at my side again.

3. Hope

       by Charles Swain

I know he will return!
There’s something in my heart—
A light, as of a star,
That dwells, like truth, apart!
A feeling to confide—
On what I scarce discern;
But oh! a voice within
Still says, “He will return!”
I dreamt an angel came,
With soft and starry wing,
That scattered bloom and joy
O’er every living thing.
Her breath was on my cheek—
Her whisper in mine ear;
Oh! angel words are sweet,
But none like Hope’s to cheer!
She showed me where his ship—
The ocean’s glory—sailed;
Where neither mist nor storm
Nor wintry wrath prevailed:
So beauteous o’er the deep,
From gallant stem to stern,
I blessed it in my sleep;—
Yes, Hope! he will return!

4. After a Day of Waiting

       by Margaret E. Sangster

All day long I waited—waited with soul aflame—
And then through the still of evening, humming a tune, you came;
Came with a jest on your smiling lips, and eyes that were all too gay;
And the light died out of my waiting heart with the words that I could not say.
We laughed through the star-flecked twilight—what though my laugh was strained?
You, who were there beside me, laughed with a mirth unfeigned!
And at last when I bade you leave me you went, and you never knew
That with soul aflame I had waited, all through the day, for you.

5. When You Go

       by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

When you go, a hush falls
Over all my heart,
And in a trance of my own dreams
I move apart.
When you go, the street grows
Like a vacant place—
What if a million faces pass
If not your face?
When you go, my life stops
Like ships becalmed at sea,
And waits the breath from heaven that blows
You back to me.

6. You Have No Idea How Much I Cry.

       by Susan Christensen

I’m sitting on the porch,
Wind blowing through my hair.
The ducks are frolicking in the pond,
But I just can’t seem to care.

Life goes on around me.
I don’t participate.
I go through all the motions,
But what I really do is wait.

I dream about the day
That you’ll come home to me.
Nothing else is important.
Why can’t people see?

I don’t want to go out.
I don’t want to have fun.
I don’t want to do a thing
Until all is said and done.

They took you in the summer.
Now fall is almost finished.
Winter will be here very soon,
And then the year will have diminished.

You have no idea how much I cry.
I never let you know.
It’s so hard out here without you,
But I’m not allowed to let it show.

I must pretend all is fine.
Everyone thinks all’s okay,
But what I never ever tell them
Is that I cry for you every day.

7. I’ll Be Waiting

       by Anonymous

I know this time you missed me
It’s the first of many more
No one could have known what
The day would have in store
So unfair in many ways
Such pain and hurt and strife
A day of celebration
Now marred with loss of life
So now you have a mission
Your feet will take you far
The race becomes a symbol
And you become its star
So gather up your courage
And though it’s not the same
I’ll be waiting at the finish
And yelling out your name

Poems about Waiting for Him to Come Home

Poems about waiting for him to come home express the emotions of waiting for a partner or family member to return home, with themes of loneliness, longing, and relief.

1. Waiting for my Sweetheart

       by Amlu

In the early dawn before the sunrise
Applying turmeric to my face
Took bath and adorned sevvanthi* flowers
Wearing kandaangi* saree
I stood before my sweetheart.
He was mesmerized by my beauty.

With his hands he hugged and kissed me
He who works in the fields under scorching sun
With his iron hands
Touched the flower in my head and smelt it.

“Before sunset I’ll run to our home
To lay on your lap” said he, before going out.
But even after darkness surrounded
He didnt come back.

Waiting for him after cooking
his favourite rice and fish curry
Standing at the door though my legs are weary
Dont know what happened to him
My heart is restless

If anybody sees him,
Tell him to return home fast
As I’m in distress missing him.

In the early dawn before the sun rises
Applying turmeric to my face
Took bath and adorned sevvanthi* flowers
Wearing kandaangi* saree
When I stood before my sweet heart
He was mesmerized by my beauty.

2. I’m Still Waiting, Though, I Know You’re Not Coming Back

       by Gothiclolita

I know you for too long now,
But I still can’t read your mind,
I’ve been patient, waiting for the snow
To remind you what we left behind.

I’ve been forcing my eyelids to stay closed
But never slept, but cried when all alone,
And though it’s been hard to act composed
I’ve learned to act like some happy living clone.

Still, the truth it’s only one, and I know it’s true
I can’t keep on hiding after ignorance and pretty words,
I’ve lost you. So, I’m left here standing with my obsessing rue
But there’s a universe which has been created for you, but backwards.

I know you for too long now,
But I still can’t read your mind,
I’ve been patient, waiting for the snow
To remind you what you left behind.

A universe which it’s waiting for you to come inside
Waiting so dearly that it’s almost auto-destructing itself,
But I’m waiting because it was for us, side by side…
Wishing so much that you’d just come in by yourself.

Hurry up! Because something it’s leaving me
I held it so tight by its hand, but it wants to go,
I can’t hold her anymore, because she’s me
I’m fighting for us to exist, but you need to go.

Summer’s lonely; I miss the winter now,
But I know so well we just can’t rewind; silently hurting
But I’ve been patient, waiting for the snow…
To remind you that I’m still here, wishfully waiting.

3. Waiting

       by Edgar A. Guest

I could say nice things about him
I could praise him if I would;
I could tell about his kindness,
For he’s always doing good.
I could boost him as he journeys
O’er the road of life today;
But I let him pass in silence
And I’ve not a word to say:
For I’m one of those now waiting –
Ere a word of praise is said,
Or a word of comfort uttered –
Till the friend we love lies dead.

I could speak of yonder brother
As a man it’s good to know;
And perhaps he’d like to hear it,
As he journeys here below.
I could tell the world about him
And his virtues all recall,
But at present he is living,
And it wouldn’t do at all:
So I’m waiting, yes, I’m waiting,
Till the spark of life is fled.
Ere I raise my voice to praise him
I must know that he is dead.

I appreciate the kindness
That he’s often shown to me,
And it will not be forgotten
When I speak his eulogy.
I should like to stand in public
And proclaim him “friend of mine,”
But that isn’t customary,
So I give the world no sign
Of my love for yonder brother,
Who has often helped me here.
I am waiting, ere I praise him,
Till I stand before his bier.

4. If You Were Coming in the Fall

        by Emily Dickinson

If you were coming in the fall,
I’d brush the summer by
With half a smile and half a spurn,
As housewives do a fly.
If I could see you in a year,
I’d wind the months in balls,
And put them each in separate drawers,
Until their time befalls.
If only centuries delayed,
I’d count them on my hand,
Subtracting till my fingers dropped
Into Van Diemen’s land.
If certain, when this life was out,
That yours and mine should be,
I’d toss it yonder like a rind,
And taste eternity.
But now, all ignorant of the length
Of time’s uncertain wing,
It goads me, like the goblin bee,
That will not state its sting.

5. You’ll be Back in My Life

       by Jessica Velez

I never knew a broken heart could keep on breaking.
You keep on sending your love, but no one’s there to take it.
Rivers of tears keep a steady flow…
But no one’s there to know.
It’s you, you whom I want to know.
You whom I want to see…
All of what I think and feel, it’s you I want here with me.
Not a day goes by without wishing for a hug, a kiss, a laugh, a cry…
For soothing hurts, tucking you into bed, or just a simple touch.
Not a night goes by I don’t miss you so….much!
Or my heart doesn’t break just a lil’ bit more.
Shards turned to ice, constantly falling to the floor.
I don’t believe in God, but still I pray
That somehow, someday
You’ll be back in my life
For always and forever
And I’ll never let you go again
I am waiting…….

6. Now I Wait for Him to Let Me Be

       by Amorita Maharaj

Gliding deep into the forest
Darkness covers me like a blanket
And the mist surrounding me
I feel like there’s no way to flee

I look beyond the broad horizon
See the moon shine over the sea
Like the ocean’s filled with sadness
I run, stumble, and try to break free

The path encloses and I’m shattered
Tears of rain encumbers me
Darkness embraces me like a child
Now I wait for him to let me be

Poems about Waiting Patiently

Poems about patience and waiting emphasize the virtue of patience and offer wisdom and inspiration for those enduring difficult periods of anticipation.

1. Impatience

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

How can I wait until you come to me?
The once fleet mornings linger by the way;
Their sunny smiles touched with malicious glee
At my unrest, they seem to pause, and play
Like truant children, while I sigh and say,
How can I wait?
How can I wait? of old, the rapid hours
Refused to pause or loiter with me long;
But now they idly fill their hands with flowers,
And make no haste, but slowly stroll among
The summer blooms, not heeding my one song,
How can I wait?
How can I wait? The nights alone are kind;
They reach forth to a future day, and bring
Sweet dreams of you to people all my mind;
And time speeds by on light and airy wing.
I feast upon your face, I no more sing,
How can I wait?
How can I wait? The morning breaks the spell
A pitying night has flung upon my soul.
You are not near me, and I know full well
My heart has need of patience and control;
Before we meet, hours, days, and weeks must roll.
How can I wait?
How can I wait? Oh, love, how can I wait
Until the sunlight of your eyes shall shine
Upon my world that seems so desolate?
Until your hand-clasp warms my blood like wine;
Until you come again, oh, love of mine,
How can I wait?

2. Always Waiting…

       by Emily B

Sometimes I get lonely
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Always connecting but not connected

Sometimes I get lonely
Looking to the future
Forgetting to be in the present

Sometimes I get lonely
Thinking someday, one day
Never thinking right here, right now

Sometimes I get lonely
Phone’s on, WiFi’s up
Waiting for it to buzz

Sometimes I get lonely
Just waiting…
Always waiting…

3. Patiently Waiting

       by James Richmond Jr.

My heart is set on that glorious day
When your work is done and you’re home to stay.
I’ll be waiting right here, with open arms.
To hold you close and keep you warm.
I’ll squeeze you gentle but hold you tight.
And kiss you all over when the time is right.
I’ll express my love, so you know it’s true.
There’s nothing on earth I would not do for you
Because you’re the one, you’re one-of a kind.
I’m proud to be able to call you mine.
What a expression on your face,
When I pulled the ring out of the case.
And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.
And said honey please, will you marry me?
Like wind in wildfire, my love is spreading fast,
Growing stronger and stronger, as each day continue to pass.
I’ve waited very patiently, but now you’re home.
Let’s make up the time that you were gone.

4. Missing You

       by Vera

I’m missing you
The telephone rings-
your voice breaks through the miles and my despair
and touches heart.
But I am waiting for the moment
when fingers interwind, breaths intermingle

5. The Waiting Chair

       by Lila

she was always waiting
waiting for her turn
waiting to be rescued
she was always watching
watching other people getting the things she wanted most
watching every last person she cared for shut her door
she just sat there patiently
in her waiting chair
and waited
and watched
as her whole world

Poems about Waiting for the Right Time

Poems about waiting for the right time explore the idea that timing is everything, offering guidance and inspiration for those navigating the waiting experience.

1. Waiting for the Right Time

       by Mikey Dreamer

I’m waiting for the right time, whenever it may be,
Whether morning, noon, or night, for you see.

You cannot rush some things, you just have to wait
Even though some people may debate

You have the opportunity that seems right,
It would be like comparing the light of day in night.

Sometimes things are rushed and thought was just not put in,
And then hearts were broken and love thrown away into a bin.

You never want to learn the hard way, so listen and know how,
Waiting for the right time is better than just doing it right now.

2. When Time is Right

       by Grannyeri

waiting for someone
to open the gate –

guarding this precious one
with her life

a sentinal on duty
ready to pounce
when time is right –

purring to acknowledge
rightful ownership

two in one
one for all
preparing for recital of a lifetime –

finding perfect mate a trial

3. Willing to Wait

       by Miss Brianna

We want what we want
We’re living up to the phrase
“you can’t always get what you want”
But we are different
We will wait
People see us as a proble,
People see us as living up to the phrase
“Too much of a good thing is a bad thing”
But we pay no heed
We will wiat
Wait for what, some ask
For the right time
He’ll wait for me
I’ll wait for him
We don’t wait for approbel
From people who don’t care
For our parents, we shall wait
For the right time. we shall wait
He’ll wait for me
I’ll wait for him

4. The Waiting Love

       by Kira-Chan

I confessed,
My love for you,
But you tell me,
You’re not ready,
For another relationship.

My luck with love,
Has been sad,
In my eyes,
But I will wait,
Till you’re ready,
For love.

You say your mean,
In my eyes you’re not.
You’re the nicest guy,
I’ve ever talked to.

You have your doubts,
And I have mine,
When I’m around you,
Or when we talk,
Those doubts go away.

I wish,
My love will grow,
And you will see,
That I’m true,
And maybe,
You will see,
That I’ll be waiting,
For your true feelings.

People say,
True love will wait,
Until the right time,
And then shine forward.

With that,
I will wait,
Till you see,
That the waiting love,
Is the key.

5. In Good Time…

       by Abimbola T. Alabi

Life can seem an endless maze,
The twists and turns, lulls and delays,
But things always fall into place…
In good time.

Friends will sometimes go away.
Some may disappoint or others betray,
But new ones will come to stay…
In good time.

The hurt of getting something wrong,
And the lesson it often brings along
Are there, you see, to make you strong…
In good time.

Kindness freely given away,
Unnoticed now, will somehow find its way
Back to you and come to stay…
In good time.

Efforts seem not to pay to plan?
Forge on friend, doing the best you can.
Fortune will find the deserving man…
In good time.

Life can be tough, there’s no doubt,
But hope is the thing we can’t do without.
Right things with joy will come about…
In good time.

Final Thoughts

Poems about waiting offer a unique and insightful perspective on the human experience.

Through the use of language and imagery, poets capture the complex emotions and sensations that come with waiting, from the anticipation and excitement to the frustration and heartache.

Famous poets have explored waiting throughout history, and their work offers a lasting legacy of how waiting can be expressed poetically.

From funny and lighthearted poems to inspirational and thought-provoking ones, there is a poem on waiting for every mood and moment.

These poems about waiting invite readers to view waiting through a new lens, to find meaning and beauty in the waiting experience, and to connect with the human condition in a profound and moving way.

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