Five Reasons to Go on a Cycling Tour With Others

If you have only just begun your cycling journey, there will be a lot of excitement about where your two wheels might take you. But there may also be some trepidation about what you might encounter once you get out on the open road. That’s why we think that setting off as part of a group is always a good idea – especially for beginners.

We’re not talking about the Tour de France or other cycling expeditions that may feature on the best online sports betting sites. We mean coastal pathway trips or city tours that will provide you with a greater understanding of a region or location. It is always better to share these moments – and here are five reasons why.

Getting a Lot Done

This is especially true if you are embarking on an organized tour. As much as it may feel quite nerve-wracking to sign up for a trip with strangers – especially if you have only just started long-distance trips – it does mean that you will achieve more. Being on someone else’s schedule could actually be a positive here.

Not only will you tend to see more on an organized trip, but you will also be pushed a little more as a beginner. We are not talking about pushing yourself to the limits just to rack up the miles. But you have the chance to see more because there are others willing to go further and get more out of your trip.

Meeting New People

Small trips are perfect for newcomers to bike touring. Whether you come on your own, or as part of a couple, you have the opportunity to meet new people that enjoy the same kinds of things that you do. It depends on the trip, of course, but you will have at least a few days to get to know some interesting people.

There is also the chance that you really click with the people in your cycling group. This could be the start of a long-term relationship – and a group that comes together time and time again. This may not happen all the time, but you are sure to make some new friends who enjoy cycling as much as you do.

New Perspectives

One of the main reasons to travel and see the world, in our own humble opinion, is to understand other cultures and discover new places. By meeting people from other places you get to see the world through different eyes and, hopefully, come to a more rounded worldview.

We don’t necessarily mean that your life will be forever changed and all your preconceptions challenged. But we do mean learning by traveling. Getting off the beaten (cycling) track is an excellent way to discover new things – and you can discover even more on two wheels.

New Perspectives

Support When You Need It

We mentioned before that there is no need to overdo things and test your body to the limit. Unless you are taking part in a Tour de France or Giro d’Italia we don’t think that is what is to be gotten from a cycling trip. But going as part of a small team will be able to push you along when you find the going a little tougher.

That little bit of support – or even a friendly face first thing in the morning – can really get you going on the days when the weather might not be quite as idyllic as you had imagined when you booked your vacation time. These trips are also an excellent chance to show how supportive and caring you can be too.

Expert Knowledge

This plus point for group cycling trips is relevant whether you are going on an organized, expert-led tour or just with other cycling addicts. There is bound to be someone in the group that holds expert knowledge of some part of the journey. This will make the trip easier and more interesting at the same time.

The group aspect of cycling adds so much to a vacation and is a great way to start off if you are a beginner. Simply put, cycling is always more fun with others.

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