How to Write an Application Letter That Wins

After weeks of searching and calling, you finally found your dream job. Of course, you want to make a favorable impression on the employer. How to achieve this? You can do it with the help of an application letter.

Job seekers often feel hesitant to try new approaches when it comes to submitting a resume and application letter for a job vacancy. After all, they are trying to impress the personnel department, and the slightest mistake can affect the result.

However, employers say that being creative with an application letter is highly appreciated. That’s why you have to prove yourself in order to stand out from the rest of the applicants for the same position. If you don’t know how to do this, it is better to get help with application essay writing. A professional writer will make it possible to present even not the richest experience in an interesting way. 

How to write an application letter

  • Exact data

Employers love numbers, and if you decide to use them in your application letter, don’t give them out of context: the hiring officer needs to evaluate your accomplishments and see why you’re a good fit for the position.

Example: It takes 640 hours, 50 volunteers, and eight weeks to host the Spring City Annual Show. Let me break down what goes into making this event happen. As a professional in this field, I have experience in preparing successful events in a short time. That’s why I think I’m a good fit for the position of Special Events Manager at the Flowerville Chamber of Commerce.”

  • Quote

While using a quote in an application letter may sound like a cliché, it can reinforce it if it is appropriate. Select a quote that reflects your skills, interests, and the job you are seeking. Then, elaborate on how it encapsulates your abilities and credentials.

Example: “As a seasoned manager, I believe accountability is at the core of success in any job. As a leader, I always encourage my team to share both their successes and failures. This approach has shaped my leadership style and makes me a suitable candidate for this position.”

  • Life story

A short story will help the employer see who you are. After all, the personnel officer is looking not only for qualifications; they want to understand how you correspond to the culture of the company. And by telling a career-related story, you can show who you are.

Example: “I have loved basketball since childhood. Not only the sport itself but the numbers behind the points. I believe I’m a perfect fit for the analyst role at Washington Wildcats because of my passion for sports and numbers.”

  • Hobbies, dreams, and goals

Employers are interested in why you chose a particular career path. After all, they need professionals who are passionate about their work and motivated to work.

Example: “My passions and areas of expertise include promotion, social media, and research. I think that these skills are essential for anyone working in a digital field. I think that my qualities and passion for this field make me an excellent candidate for the position of digital media manager at ABC Marketing, Inc.”

  • Write as if you’ve already been hired

When composing your application letter, envision yourself as a hired employee taking a break with your colleagues. Imagine one of them or a leader inquiring about your decision to work for their company. Displaying a positive attitude can be effectively demonstrated with this method.

Example: “When I found a job at Accounting Solutions, I realized that I simply had to submit my resume. I was waiting for a company where I could achieve really important results as an accountant. I like not only your clients but also the general mission of the company, whose values I share.”

  • Write briefly

Brevity is the key to success when looking for a job. The shorter and stronger your message, the more impressive your application letter will be. HR doesn’t have much time to read through all the papers they get, but a short and bright introduction can encourage them to keep reading.

Example: “I have a passion for both design and nature. I can explain how my expertise in web design can assist you in preserving the environment.”

There are a lot of ways to write an application letter, and there is no single formula. Just keep in mind who will be reading your documents and how to get those people interested, and you can write a good application letter that guarantees you will be invited to an interview.

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