8 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Internet Connection

Many of our routine tasks, from mobile banking to streaming content, rely on a stable internet connection. As connectivity becomes an important factor in the modern world, a fast-speed internet connection becomes crucial for personal and professional goals. An unreliable and slow internet connection is frustrating and can hamper your productivity.

For this reason, it is important to know the signs that may be indicating that you upgrade your internet connection. In this article, we look at some signs that suggest that you need an internet upgrade so you can improve your digital presence.

Slow Internet Speeds

Streaming HD content, video calling, and multi-player gaming all are activities that take up a fair share of your internet bandwidth. On top of this, if you have multiple users in the home that use the internet for these activities you could end up with an overtaxed Wi-Fi network. If that is the case with your internet connection, it is time for you to upgrade your internet plan.

Look for an internet plan that offers better speeds and is more suitable for large households with power users. We recommend giving Cox Internet plans a shot. For more information about their internet plans, call the Cox Customer Service.

Gaming or Streaming Lag

If you enjoy streaming or gaming and find that your streams keep buffering and your games are lagging, your internet connection is at fault. These particular activities require a decent upload speed. On most cable and DSL plans, you do not get enough upload speeds that can support extensive streaming and video chatting. It is best to upgrade to a fiber or hybrid internet connection, which will allow you to game and stream without any delays. 

Backups Take Ages

Another sure-tell sign of a bad internet connection is that your backups take ages. If this is the case with you, it is time to upgrade your internet speed and move to a better plan.

You Go Over Data Quickly

If you find yourself running out of data every month and have to pay an overage fee, it is time you upgrade to a different plan or provider. Look for internet plans with unlimited data so you do not have to pay an overage fee. If your current provider does not offer one, switch to a different ISP.

The Internet Bill Is Too High

The rising inflation has affected internet bills as well. If your internet bill is too high, try settling for a more affordable internet plan with less speed to save some money. You can also apply for government subsidies if you are eligible for any to get internet access at a subsidized rate. Another great way of saving some money on your internet bill is bundling services.

You Plan to Add More Smart Devices

If you want to add more smart devices to your home, it is best to update your internet plan to one offering better bandwidth. The reason behind this is connecting multiple devices to your home network will overcrowd it and the internet will not work well on any of your devices. So to avoid the risk of overcrowding your internet connection, upgrade to a better internet plan.

You Now Have Access to Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is currently the best residential internet connection type available to internet users. It is not available everywhere but several providers are actively working to expand their fiber network. According to AT&T, more than 30 million Americans will have access to fiber internet by 2025.

It is not surprising if you previously did not have fiber internet but it is now available in your area. If that is the case, consider switching to a fiber internet connection for a better internet experience. With a fiber internet connection, you will experience better internet speeds and a more reliable connection.

How to Choose a New Internet Connection

Now that you know all the possible reasons you may need to upgrade your internet connection, you must understand what to look for in a new one. Here are a few factors you should consider when you are picking a new internet connection:

Internet Speed

The most important factor to consider when choosing your internet connection is the internet speed a plan offers. You will find two speeds mentioned with all internet plans – the download and the upload speed. From downloading files to streaming videos and loading web pages, download speeds affect nearly all internet activities. The upload speeds affect the quality of video calls, live streams, and how fast you can upload files, and content online as it essentially is a measure of how fast data travels between your computer and network.

For the average user who rarely video calls or live streams, the upload stream may not be as important as the download speeds. However, if you upload content or have to jump on multiple video calls, you need good upload speed as well as decent download speed.

The internet speed you need varies according to your internet usage and the number of internet users in your home. For a household with four to six internet users, you need at least 50-100 Mbps download speeds.

Connection Type

The three major and most commonly available connection types are DSL, cable, and fiber internet. There are hybrid connection types as well made from a combination of these technologies. An example would be Spectrum Internet, which delivers fast internet speeds over a hybrid fiber-coaxial connection type.

The fastest and most reliable internet connection is fiber internet. It relies on fiber optic technology to deliver symmetric speeds and lightning-fast internet. However, it is a comparatively newer technology and not as widely available as the other internet types.

Cable internet is the second best option however, it does not offer symmetric speed and its quality deteriorates over distance. DSL is the best option for rural and suburban populations. It uses existing phone lines to deliver internet services. Get the fastest internet connection type available in your area for a good internet experience.

Internet Plan

Pay attention to the details and fine print of your internet plan. Look for an internet plan with no data caps, hidden fees, or tricky contract limitations. If you want the best value for your money, try bundling your internet with cable or phone service to get a better deal.

There You Are

A reliable and fast internet connection is a necessity in the modern day and a badly performing internet connection can stunt your productivity. For this reason, we have rounded up some of the most common signs that indicate that you need to upgrade your internet connection so you can always stay ahead of your internet woes.

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