87 Best Sunrise Poems to Fresh Your Mind

Sunrise, daybreak, and dawn are constant topics in English sunrise poems. From lovely sunshine to prayer services, English literature is poised to awaken us from our sleep with poems about sunrise that are uplifting, motivating, touching, and thought-provoking.

Sunrise represents the commencement of a new and refreshing day, bringing with it a slew of new ideas, dreams, and chances to thrill you. Daybreak inspires us and reminds us that no matter how gloomy the night, there will always be a sunrise that is brighter and greater than ever.

A dawn is among the most spectacular views one can ever see. The morning poems we’ll share with you provide a magnificent image of this scene. It not only looks lovely, but it also brings us renewed hope and new horizons. It adds enthusiasm and brightness to a life that might otherwise be drab.

So, let’s look at some of the greatest sunrise poems to get you started on a bright new day full of hopes and dreams. When you are done with these sunrise poems share them with your friends and colleagues too.

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Best Sunrise Poems

Here are some of the best sunrise poems to inspire and rekindle your love of life. Even if you are a night person, the sunrise is never going to let you down. So, don’t miss out on these inspiring and lovely sunrise poetry. ‎

1. Morning’s Song

       by Wren Rushing

Stepping into the morning sunrise,
I leave behind the veil of night.
The sun greets my sleepy eyes,
as the world unfolds before my sight.

The dew freshly coats the waiting ground
with kisses from the loving sky.
As the orchestra of creation sounds,
it’s choir of birds sings their lullaby.

What gifts does this morning bring,
will love win the day?
Closer to the Lord I will tightly cling,
till we meet again to pray.

Every day leaves its footprints
on the heart and on the mind.
And every man his dreams spent,
searching for the treasures the day has left behind.

2. Under the Stars – The Compound Word Verse

       by Connie Marcum Wong

Under the Stars

The cobalt sky has many eyes;
they’re brightest just before sunrise
as starlight.

Sprinkled amidst the indigo
we stop to let the sandman sow
his stardust.

Glittering `cross the peaceful night
we view a shooting star take flight;
we’re starstruck.

The sky becomes a starlit show
as sea reflects its silver glow,
so starbright.

In awe we kiss and say goodnight.
I watch as you walk from my sight,
soft . . . starlit.

3. The Color of My Heart

       by Emile Pinet

Sketch the sunset leaving today behind
sinking in the footsteps of yesterday.
And feel the ripple of all life combined
empty your thoughts, take all but love away.

Emblazon upon your mind, blue of sky
gilded by the golden hue of sunrise.
And capture a shooting star zipping by
watching its beauty materialize.

Blend the yellow of a buttercup’s glow
with the flickering flash of firefly lights.
And walk the Earth, yet let no footprint show
respecting life by honoring its rights.

Mix well, until presumptions fall apart
and thus reveal the color of my heart.

4. Daybreak

       by John B. Tabb

What was thy dream, sweet Morning? for, behold,’
Thine eyes are heavy with the balm of night,
And, as reluctant lilies to the light,
The languid lids of lethargy unfold.

Was it the tale of Yesterday retold —
An echo wakened from the western height,
Where the warm glow of sunset dalliance bright
Grew, with the pulse of waning passion, cold?

Or was it some heraldic vision grand
Of legends that forgotten ages keep
In twilight, where the sundering shoals of day
Vex the dim sails, unpiloted, of Sleep,

Till, one by one, the freighting fancies gay,
Like bubbles, vanish on the treacherous strand?

5. Sunrise from Mount Washington

       by Rufus Dawes

The laughing hours have chased away the night,
Plucking the stars out from her diadem:
And now the blue-eyed Morn, with modest grace,
Looks through her half-drawn curtains in the east,
Blushing in smiles and glad as infancy.

And see, the foolish Moon, but now so vain
Of borrowed beauty, how she yields her charms,
And, pale with envy, steals herself away!
The clouds have put their gorgeous livery on,
Attendant on the day: the mountain tops

Have lit their beacons, and the vales below
Send up a welcoming: no song of birds,
Warbling to charm the air with melody,
Floats on the frosty breeze; yet Nature hath
The very soul of music in her looks!
The sunshine and the shade of poetry.

I stand upon thy lofty pinnacle,
Temple of Nature! and look down with awe
On the wide world beneath me, dimly seen;
Around me crowd the giant sons of earth,
Fixed on their old foundations, unsubdued;

Firm as when first rebellion bade them rise
Unrifted to the Thunderer: now they seem
A family of mountains, clustering round
Their hoary patriarch, emulously watching
To meet the partial glances of the day.

Far in the glowing east the flickering light,
Mellow’d by distance, with the blue-sky blending,
Questions the eye with ever-varying forms.
The sun comes up! away the shadows fling
From the broad hills; and, hurrying to the West,
Sport in the sunshine till they die away.

The many beauteous mountain streams leap down,
Out-welling from the clouds, and sparkling light
Dances along with their perennial flow.
And there is beauty in yon river’s path,
The glad Connecticut! I know her well,

By the white veil she mantles o’er her charms:
At times she loiters by a ridge of hills,
Sportfully hiding; then again with glee,
Out-rushes from her wild-wood lurking-place,
Far as the eye can bound, the ocean-waves,
And hills and rivers, mountains, lakes, and woods,

And all that hold the faculty entranced,
Bathed in a flood of glory, float in air,
And sleep in the deep quietude of joy.
There is an awful stillness in this place,
A Presence, that forbids to break the spell,
Till the heart pour its agony in tears.

But I must drink the vision while it lasts;
For even now the curling vapours rise,
Wreathing their cloudy coronals, to grace
These towering summits—bidding me away;
But often shall my heart turn back again,

Thou glorious eminence! and when oppress’d,
And aching with the coldness of the world,
Find a sweet resting-place and home with thee.

6. A Song of the Sunrise

       by Anonymous

The night breaks. The light shakes
Down from the sky.
The darkness trembles: shivers, dissembles:
Unwilling to die.
And facile and fleet, on dusky feet,

Out of the dripping sunlight tripping,
Shadows pass by,
All sprinkled and spattered
With golden rain,
All shivered, all shattered, like dream-ghosts scattered
By the waking brain.

The light dawns. The night mourns
And the stars shiver,
The moon pales. The loon wails
Far down the river.
And strong in the might of perfect delight,
Fearless and bold with its wealth of gold,

Stronger than sadness,
Brighter than gladness,
Mad with the madness
Of victory won—
Above night’s gloom, above life’s bloom,
Higher and higher, like a passioned desire,

To the highest height of earth’s blinded sight
Rises the sun,
And the battle is done.
Yet afar, unforgetting,
Hid by the hill,
Night awaits the day’s setting,
Revengeful and still.

7. Moments of Glory

       by Anonymous

Rising sun captures horizon
dominating the sky in the east
bright red absorbing the blue
turns purple:
room for the king!

8. The Gorgeous Sunrise

       by Caren Krutsinger

The gorgeous sunrise over the meadow rejuvenated me
I felt refreshed as I saw her magically appear over the rise
There seemed to be a star spark from inside her eye.

I watched this magnificent mirage, excited about the day.
A glimpse of God in the eye of a sunrise – it was magnificent.

The meadow whispered her approval in unison, flowers nodding.

9. Sunrise

       by Olabiyi Regina

Chin up in expectation
Eyes longing to behold
Thirsty of the evidence of things yet to be seen
Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine

Or the rain will fall and wash away these hopes
Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel
or this light is just sign
and this tunnel is just is an allusion

maybe better tomorrow will come knocking at my door
but till then
I will die with the moon
And will find rest in my wall of hallucination,

get lost in dreamland and become a prisoner of my imagination
maybe reality will come running to my rescue,
and save my soul from my own captive
and when I rise with the sun, tomorrow will be my guests.

10. The Country’s Sunrise

       by Isabella

I want to drive him to the country and sit in the silence like dew.
And listen to the grass-stained hills take little sips of air.
And listen to the rooster’s gasp for the light of the rising sun.
I want him to feel this – this Texas.

Where the crickets croak eternal 
and the cayotes call confused to country dogs like the wild.
I want to drive him to the country and weep excess tears
down our cold, city scathed cheeks

in rhythm with the birds as they sing their morning songs –
and swoon each other awake.
Who will swallow the worm as prey?
And you’ll hear them say:

maybe it isn’t so much about all you do and do and do?
and the sun’s lips share the same message,
but only to the few who know a Texas country morning
like a well-kept secret:
whose cups catch the cows stretching when they wake.

I want to drive him to the country and cry
and decide what life is like in synchronous solitude
with her timelessness
Singing of Dawn’s baby yawn –
the sound of her silence a sweet surprise.

Her fingertips linger
on each blade, on each bend, on each bug and tree.
I want him to understand the longing in each whistle and tune –
for country cravings aren’t satisfied with one lover’s hand,
but imbued with the light touch of a million–
all abundant in each drop of river and pond.

And when he sees the shadow of fences lining pasture walls
and reflecting on the wet ground,
we’ll turn on the engine and drive away.
The day will forget, with its ever-searching eyes,
what it saw in that morning sky.

But the body will remember – as it does
with each kiss, with each touch and scent,
sweet, sweet Texas will whisper her fingertips full of song –
and the birds will sing, and the worms will whine,
and the dew will drip as your senses will rise.

Famous Sunrise Poems

Let us take a look at some famous sunrise poems. Sunsets are something we’ve all seen and loved, but that simply means you haven’t seen many sunrises that illuminate and revitalize you far more than you could have imagined.

They represent a fresh start, free of mistakes and remorse, and full of optimism and enthusiasm to do your utmost best. So, without further ado, let us look at some of the most popular poems about sunrise by famous poets.

1. Bitter sunrise

       by Shruti Atri

Bleeding through moments
Spent alone and lost

Sinking in thoughts
That fill my heart with frost

Dreading another sunrise
Another day to live through

Enduring this bitter loneliness
While I try to find my way to you

2. Sunrise in Disguise

       by Rosemary Porretta

I woke up one day,
filled with fierce eyes.
Checked the time
didn’t want
to get out-of-

Another hour
Another day,
Time flashes by
through hearts

my feet on
the hard wood crevices
feeling my cold morning flesh
touch the floor

Glanced into the mirror
and here i’ am again
a female beast
in disguise.

to do my best
live day by day
to be treated like
an angry animal
through the

living tired of the pain
I want to get away
somewhere far

my cold drink
sometimes i may
not want to eat
so I slip my shoes on
and take a deeper breath
in then walk my way
out the front

to me, the morning
is pretty quiet, with a fresh
dew and sunrise groom.
When I look around
there’s no one in site
until the day goes by
and their back in

me away
from this ugly place
this is not my home
but a temporary warmth
filled with childhood memories
within good and bad
filling me in like
a hawk searching
for roadkill
in the distance
of a backroad
smothered in
a raw

3. ballroom deaths of your youth

       by mark soltero

things are going to be grey
breathing tar inside
created nights without a sunrise

innocence breeds hopelessness in this world 
don’t cry your pains in order to foster their intensity

dark things spoken will play around the mind
like children they scream and curdle throughout the night
chilling sensations wrap around while they mutate

greedy lungs withhold oxygen
their offspring drain the logic from reality

last breaths taken care for the innocent evils that live within
we don’t lie for ourselves
when we begin to give life to those living inside our head
it’s nothing but negative metamorphisis

4. My love is in the sunrise

       by Fireheart

I look for you in the sun rise,
Your face in cloud formation.
I feel your kiss as the light crests,
Your soul shining on the horizon.

Yet the sun does not warm my skin,
The way your breath warms my face;
You holding my head in your hands,
As we lock in our embrace.

5. Trickle in like the sunrise

       by Cyrus Khounesavath

Trickle in like the sunrise and
Be my muse.
Destructive fiction in this mind of mine,
I play to lose.

After all,
Love is love
And I will succumb every time.
No matter how far or in between,
I will be here in body and mind.

6. sunrise revelations

       by Nicole M Mutchler

morning light
calls out to me
inside the first
breath of the day

there is clarity
the sun greeting
tired eyes from
the distant horizon

awakens reality
as clear as glass
before daydreams
and judgements

have time to pass
you will never be
so sure, of what you want
than in that moment

what are you wishing?
to gaze upon once
your eyes flutter open?

7. As the Sun Wakes

       by Ali

A certain calmness
in the atmosphere
like a grasp of air
before a first kiss

A sensual sway
to the trees
as the leaves
unravel themselves

A kind of intimacy
as the streets
empty themselves
to give us privacy

A sort of solace
that does not compare
to the sight
of you setting

For when it is time
for you to go
everyone sees
and greets you goodbye

But as you wake
in the morning
you rise
just for me

8. On Days Like These

       by Betty

On days like these

Winter sunrise low on the trees
Bruised dawn of crimson pinks and yellows

silhouettes the waving branches
sharp relief against a cloth of birds

A bedraggled army of tattered hungry souls
clinging to straws in an empty field

feathers moving in the early light
as tinted day takes on the shift from frosted winter night

9. November daylights

       by Farty Narte

here’s to the cruelty of the sunrise to watch on, as you break my heart.

the thing with betrayal is that it comes from the softest,
safest places — like dark brown eyes and a smile that reminds you of quiet,

content mornings. like candle wax kisses —
slowly dripping on the sun lines of your palms. like warm rooms and august rainfalls.

like sunrises, gently creeping about.
so, here’s to their cruelty to watch on, as you break my heart.

now, the daylight’s apology means nothing after it has cut my chest open to take a look at all this ache — something to remember you by.

maybe the only thing to remember you by.

and no, I never wanted to write poems about you breaking my heart,

so instead, I’ll ask: how many more daylights do I have to curse to still the aching in my chest?

how many more daylights do I have to make a mess of, just so I’m not one? how many more daylights shall I waste hurting?

how many more pretty daylights are there to break? how many more days?

10. save me this moment, o’ sweet sunrise

       by Lewis

save me this moment, o’ sweet sunrise
let me taste the auburn essence of you
for I do not have many sunrises left
so, I must savour this apricot view

save me this moment, o’ sweet sunrise
for my time is coming to an end
the twilight tigress cares for no other
as she hurls her marmalade blend

save me this moment, o’ sweet sunrise
for you have shown me light
and when I close my eyes for eternal darkness
I will think of your tangerine might

save me this moment, o’ sweet sunrise
when my light is flickering weak
the final words taste sour on my lips
rest your golden kiss on my cheek

Short Sunrise Poems

People all throughout the globe look for inspiration in short poems about sunrise. They are extensively read and admired by people from all walks of life. Here are a few of those short poems for you to enjoy. ‎

1. Shoreline

       by KP Nunez

Watching sunrise, shoreline’s ablaze
Love letter sent from Thee
I sing a psalm, an Easter palm
And start my day with glee.

Watching sunset, shoreline’s agleam
A note Thou sent with smile
I heave a sigh, a love’s reply
And thank God for this isle

2. Each Dawn

       by Annette Wynne

Each dawn before my eyes I see
A shining new day spread for me;
All trace of worn-out yesterday

The winds of night have washed away.
O let me use God’s hand-work well—
His glorious daily miracle!

3. Dawn

       by John Charles McNeill

The hills again reach skyward with a smile.
Again, with waking life along its way,
The landscape marches westward mile on mile
And time throbs white into another day.

Though eager life must wait on livelihood,
And all our hopes be tethered to the mart,
Lacking the eagle’s wild, high freedom, would
That ours might be this day the eagle’s heart!

4. Fire in the Sky

       by Ruby Archer

I thought the darkness would not yield,
Glooming the sun-forgotten sky,
‘Till pulsing, surging glows revealed
A far-off burning, —home or field,
Up flung the light. Oh whence? O why?

I thought forgetfulness had spread
A Lethean gloom athwart one sky,
‘Till memory’s light crept warmly red
From flame I deemed in ashes dead.
Up leapt the light. Oh whence? Oh why?

5. The Sun

       by Annette Wynne

Long before the postman comes
The sun begins to rise,
Far in the East if you should look
You’d find it in the skies.
At first, it’s just a streak of light
Then all at once the world gets bright.

Then in the sky from East to West
The happy sun goes on its way.
And all day long it shines its best
To give us pleasant day.
Dear God, who made the day and night,
We thank Thee for the sun’s good light.

6. At Sunrise

       by Bliss Carman

Now the stars have faded
In the purple chill,
Lo, the sun is kindling
On the eastern hill.

Tree by tree the forest
Takes the golden tinge,
As the shafts of glory
Pierce the summit’s fringe.

Rock by rock the ledges
Take the rosy sheen,
As the tide of splendor
Floods the dark ravine.

Like a shining angel
At my cabin door,
Shod with hope and silence,
Day is come once more.

Then, as if in sorrow
That you are not here,
All his magic beauties
Gray and disappear.

7. Sunrise

       by James Thomson

But yonder comes the powerful king of day,
Rejoicing in the east. The lessening cloud,
The kindling azure, and the mountain’s brow
Illumed with liquid gold, his near approach

Betoken glad. Lo! now apparent all,
Aslant the dew-bright earth and colored air
He looks in boundless majesty abroad,
And sheds the shining day that, burnished, plays

On rocks, and hills, and towers, and wandering streams,
High gleaming from afar.

8. Sky Blooms

       by Amos Russel Wells

From the lips of Morning,
Where the blossoms lie,
Petulantly scorning,
Breathed a little sigh;

“Sunrise flowers wither,
Quickly turn to gray;
Whither fly they? Whither
Pass from light away?”
From the sunset splendor,
Glowing soft and clear,
Came a whisper tender:
“Morning, we are here!”

9. A Morning Walk

       by Amos Russel Wells

All hail! my brave, bright world of green and gold,
My morning, smiling from the kiss of night!
Your other lover greets you. Left and right
The air’s a-twitter in the sunshine bold,

The air is praying in the shadowy wold.
Sole lord am I of all this realm of sight,
These swinging meadow sweeps, this delight
Of ranking hills, these clouds just out of fold.

Stoutly the sturdy road beneath my feet
Rings me a morning welcome. Rise, my soul,
The benediction of the sky to meet.
Sound, color, fragrance, freshness—mine whole;

Mine to receive, and haply mine to give;
A kingly day, and kingly must I live.

Beautiful Sunrise Poems

Sunrise is a stunning natural phenomena that will take your breath away every time. So, let’s look at some of the most beautiful sunrise poems that will make you fall in love with this incredible sight even more. ‎

1. The Arising Sun

       by Brendann

The quiet, damp, moonlit field shivers all night
Where the tempted wild beasts hunt, have been searching
In silent night, roams a piercing starlight
The warm sun is soon to be emerging

A Fiery glow, seen in the horizon
The lonely oaks long for the warm sun
The stars, once dim, begin to enlighten
Through the land, a new day has now begun

The yellowish glow leaks into the sky
Beasts, once active, lay while the sun shines
The infants, now awake, begin to cry
The cool night meets the warm light and align

An arising sun shone among the stars
Awakening the world, as would on mars

2. Violet sunrise

       by Hugo de Santa Catarina

The beach was not wet,
The sands grainy yet dry
And the salt of the sea
You cannot smell-
But only hear and see

It’s hue- in the cool colors
And in this Violet sunrise
In which the violet sunrises
The colors do not face away-
But join the same palette

A breeze not there, blows
A gull, not there- crows
Everything in colored squares
The in in hatched purple gradient
The first rays glow electronically

The music that plays, plays from
No band but but the ghost behind this scene
The music- as grainy as the sea
And a melody- soft, like the sun behind it

The music that plays, plays from
No band but the ghost behind this scene
The glow of the sun that shows,
Glows from no sun but the one behind the screen

3. Beautiful

       by Michael Demian

She is as beautiful as sunrise.
He is as beautiful as sunset.
Two stunning people with shining eyes,
They are so happy that they have met.

She is as beautiful as the moon.
He is as beautiful as the sun.
Their love is playing a splendid tune
That can be pleasant to everyone.

She is as beautiful as the sky.
He is as beautiful as a sea.
I hope their feelings will never die
I hope together they’ll always be.

4. Every Day

       by Fọlábòmí Àmọó

I don’t know,
If what I feel is love.

All I know is,
I will never tire,
Of seeing your face,
Smiling back at me.

On every day,
The sun rises.

5. All in a Day

       by Jackie Mead

I’m up with the Larks and witness the Sun rise
The Sun sitting low in the sky
Casting a glow of pale yellow
Giving you a feeling of warm and mellow
The perfect start to the day

In the middle of the morning
There is a fog or mist still hanging around
Cloaking the landscape in mystery from sky to ground
With mixtures of grey from dark to light
Tinged with a touch of wispy white
The mist rolling over fields and hills
Clinging to nature where it stands still
A cold wind blowing, lowering the temperature, bringing a chill

Around midday the Sun gains its strength
The fog or mist give up the fight
Fading away with the strength of the Sun’s light
Blue clear skies appear, the Sun has finally come out to play
Giving a warmth to the remainder of the winter day

At the end of the day the sun does set
Showing colours of burnt orange and red
As darkness begins its slow descent
The day transitions into night
The Sun is replaced by the crescent of a Moon
Casting its pale light
The end of the day has come so soon

6. Pastel Memories

       by Blurry Vision

Vividly pale sunsets,
Houses lined up in a row,
The wind howls on the beach,
The pacific northwest,
My home,
The tide rising and lowering,
The smell of a campfire that once burned so bright,
Smoke still in the air,

Pastel sunrises that I’ll never forget.
I miss this.

7. sunrise

       by FrankieM

I forgot what sunrise looked like
Before I met you
I’m not a morning person
But for you I’ll do

You helped me find my way home
When the world seemed gray
Carried the sun straight to the sky
And turned my night into day

8. Woman of the moonlight

       by Moon man

Her presence was like standing in the moonlight, both beautiful and calming.

While I wanted to stay in her attendance forever like an artist wishes for the moon to stay and never greet the sun that is to arrive.

I soon come to realize that, like a child wishing for his nights in the moon beams to never end, staying in her light would soon be no more

as I watch the inevitable moon fall as the sunrise peeks over the horizon.

9. the sunrise

       by Madison

each day I watch the sun rise
and I think of that very morning
the one you’ve long forgotten
the one i wouldn’t dare

you told me to look at the sky,
the sunrise
a beautiful sight, no doubt

but I can’t remember the image,
only you.
I’m sure you took a photo
its saved somewhere on your phone

you look back on it and think,
“How beautiful,”
but haven’t thought twice about
or that morning

10. Morning in the City

       by Carlo C Gomez

From under the covers we watch,
observing the sun stir from its own bed
and push with labor pains into the sky.
In slow incremental gradations,

and yet so abruptly,
light makes its first impression,
becoming distinguishable
to the untrained eye once more.

And here those blinking
night lights of metropolis
hemorrhage into one another
until they fade against

rising pinnacles, spires,
and sparse clouds in contrast
to the horizon’s orange canvas.
I reach for the camera

as she pads nakedly to the window,
transfixed upon the birth of new day
in such breathtakingly ornate environs.
She quite smiles her admiration,

and as I capture the unguarded moment,
I am struck over how the two of us
marvel at the beauty of this outside world
far more than we do our own.

Sunrise Poems for Her

If your girlfriend or wife loves the sunrise we have something that will help you surprise her. Here are some sunrise poems for her. Share one of these poems will her and you will see her jump with joy.

1. Beautiful Sunrise – The Whitney Style

       by Dorian Petersen Potter

~Beautiful Sunrise~
(Whitney Duet)

Sunrise shines
Appears again
Spreads around
Cover mountains
Sea, above
Clouds softly pass
A band of seagulls fly high.

The air’s cool
And the sun’s warm
Wonderful spring
Warms my heart
Songbirds sings
His love shines upon my face.

2. Worlds and Lovers

       by Tom Larrow

A Hollow moon sleeps
Atop the calm sea water
under a blanket of clouds
Earth and moon rest as one soul
awaiting grace from sunrise

beauty of the soul
in uniting the two worlds
is in shades of blue
For all lovers to observe
hearts will beat as one spirit

3. sunrise in your eyes

       by kash poet

ocean’s blue
turning to molten gold…
a wakeup calls

in scarlet sky
a blooming flower…
smell of dawn

orange sun
rising behind me…
your eyes’ reflection

4. Howling at Love

       by Winged Warrior

Like the wolf cries
Screaming foreboding skies
Yelling for your love till sunrise
The erring echoes of your love reprise

Tangled tears that follow surmise
Bitter sorrows capsize
With empty eyes

5. Just A Kiss

       by Dan Kearley

Once again, the sun fades into the distant sky
I gaze up at the stars to imagine the twinkle in your eye
Though a sunset for me, is a sunrise for you
It’s at this time each day my heart is feeling blue

Together are hearts are one, yet half a world apart
I know that shooting star is filled with love from within your heart
With a full moon slowly rising overhead into the nights sky
May it be a sunrise of beauty for you, as it kisses the morning sky

6. Before You

       by Tom Pen

Each day was a gift
without you.
Every sunrise breathtaking
without you.

Music moved me
without you.
But ever since our first night,
nothing is as beautiful        
without you.

7. before sunrise

       by fray narte

and I love you like this:

in these freshly washed sheets,
with our limbs tangling,
with your breath on my skin where my shoulder meets my neck
under your gaze,

under what’s left of the stars,
in the air, the scent of coffee, and apple crisps, and something that’s just purely you,

in these cold, quiet hours before the daylight,
in every silent ticking of the clock
with newfound honesty
with newfound softness

with each calming of my breath,
with each time it’s taken away
with the high of knowing you’re here and we’re here.
and with the fear of that high,

with the sunrise so far away
with us just lying here in the stillness, in the dark
in the inadequacy of poetry — darling this is peak experience. this is perfect.

8. You look like a sunrise today

       by Anonymous

If there was one thing I could wish for,
Just one thing, for a day.
I’d wish a thousand million seconds,
So, you could always stay

I’d wish with you for just one night,
To watch the sunset in those perfect eyes.
Watch the skies turn paint white, pink and yellow,
Just kiss me, and the time flies.

Hold my hand,
And stare with me into the abyss.
I’ll hold you back if you let go,
We both wonder how far down it is.

The sun sparkles on your face,
As your head rests on my thighs.
And I know I’ll always have your love,
Under some very cloudy skies.

9. Sunrise Smile

       by zxndrew

I wanna kiss your ex’s name out of your mouth
Trace the lines of sunlight wrapping around your body in the mornings

I find pieces of your smile in the sky and your laugh in raindrops against my face

If I could bottle your voice and get drunk off of it every night I would
You’re a sunrise in a world that doesn’t know light

And a pulse to a heart that needs life

10. A Girl Named Sunrise

       by Colm

Gentle dawn
Tilts her head to a simple side
Just like a lover

Her embrace and longing kiss
Opening wider than a day is long
And a night is alive

With ease and gentleness alike
Her hand comes to rest
On my resting knee

As I gently reach for a single moment
Turned memory
Which can be savored for eternity

Hope and Sunrise Poems

The sunrise always puts our problems into context. No matter how black your life appears to be right now, a sunrise is on the horizon. All you have to do is keep hoping. Here are a few poems about sunrise and hope that convey this idea. ‎

1. Sunrise of Hope

       by MIRIAM JACOB

Hope rises in our hearts
like the sunrise over a
snow-capped mountain peak,
reaching up to the skies.

Hope gives us gladness
from dawn to dusk,
flooding our souls with
heaven’s sweetest music.

Hope assures us of a
rousing victory over defeat,
of a glorious certainty
that the best is yet to come.

Hope opens our eyes
to the beauty of life
and the tranquil walk of faith.

Hope makes us aware
of a God of compassion and kindness,
who touches our wintry despair?
with His amazing love.

In the midst of life’s stormy seas,
we will have perfect peace,
if Christ is our Captain,
our hope and our guide.

Ring the joy bells of life
as we fly on the wings of hope,
with Christ as our Pilot.
Enjoy the glorious sunrise
of hope over the mountains of life.

2. Sunrise of Hope with a Splash of Life

       by Anonymous

sunrise to my sunsets
I wanna forget all my flaws and regrets
I wanna reset the button to this thing we call life
called to be so sacred so each day we sacrifice

dying to live living to only die
what if you found out it’s a lie?
would tears swell in your eyes?
or are you not the type to cry

never try afraid you’ll fail
or maybe fall into a well
but it can’t be worse than hell
water fire polar opposites

sorry if the shoe don’t fit
but I never said to quit
but really your so sick of it
green in the face

just regurgitate the past
and maybe we’ll have some space
for the future
notice I skipped the present

because it’s no gift at all
poverty stricken walls
now that I think I’m pretty sure u recall
those days

to be honest you still do
reality of the situation
starts with believing the truth
so, it really begins with you

closed doors opened eyes
skin colors make u dispise
sorta depressed?
ever considered suicide?

a way out slowly calling your name
bugging driving you insane
permanent relief to a temporary problem
wanna blame somebody

well life is who caused ’em
beautiful ugly
work in unpredictable ways
we can’t determine who gos

we can’t insist who stays
so just wait
wait for better days
till the sun seems to be shining

delivering skin cancer thru its rays
life bugs me
sorry for being so pessimistic
I was told to be hopeful

but does HOPE really exist?
Emily said it’s the thing with the feather
but feather rhymes with pleather
and pleather isn’t really leather

so, in conclusion
hope is really severed
okay maybe I’m going too deep
but yall don’t really hear

yet my speakers booming in the streets
I’ll go back
to my concepts about life
HOPE to enlighten ya mind

but it’s you who really decides
so, can I ask you?
will the sun rise to your sunsets?
will you forget all your flaws?

will you take back your regrets?
this life
we only get ONE
never forget to FORGIVE
and always remember to LIVE!

3. The Sunrise and Promise…

       by Amanda Kay Burke

The sunrise
Promise of a new day is a blessing I don’t deserve

The autumn
Chance to change it brings is a gift I won’t accept

Thoughts of beauty make me resent myself
Pulled me up a thousand times yet I still dig yet another hole to crawl back into

Dormancy making heart itch with restlessness
Living life in a frightened state of inactivity

Leaving pain somewhere I won’t find it again but somehow it always makes its way back home

4. Starting over

       by Karly

the good thing
about having a bad day
is that the sun always sets?
and when the sun rises

in the morning
you get a chance
to start over

5. Dawn

       by Anonymous

sunlight shatters on my shoulders
blessing my soul with hope

6. Skies

       by Ryan Gabriel Lucero

You’re like the sunrise
the one that shines my yesterday’s mistakes
for me to see a new solution

You’re like the sunset
As the sun rests itself on the sea
in your arms I found my peace
and the hands that will hold
my future

You’re like the moon
In waves of spectacular moments of being in love
I was pulled by your gravity
and drowned by your healing waters

No matter what the skies offer me
I thank God more
for having the brightest woman
to light up my life

7. Trust forward

       by Elle Vee

The wall was up high
No one dared to cross
But we both tried
I got stucked in the middle

Saw only darkness
You fiddled
A wail from me
a scuffle from you
I already knew

One thought to understand
One ought I’d understand
I slowly sank
I quickly grabbed

A rabbit above
Lilies, my favorite, at the top

A broken heart
One hand held me up
Struggled for breath
Forced me to go forward

Now I look at the sunrise
Alongside him onwards.

8. As the World Slept

       by Anonymous

As the world slept, I lay awake,
As the world slept, I wrestled with questions I couldn’t answer,
As the world slept, I lay awake fearing I was breaking all over again,

As the world slept, I prayed the voices in my head would be quite even just for a moment,

As the world slept, I watched the sun rise
As the world slept, I smiled and believed in the hope of a new day,

As the world slept the sun’s rays shone the light of endless possibilities in my heart,

As the world slept the darkness lifted, I’m free of my fears,
When the world wakes, I too will step out
Join all of humanity in its rhythm of living,
Bravely step out and mark my footprint on this land.

Love and Sunrise Poems

You must have seen this in a lot of movies where the rays of sunrise fall on the faces of two lovebirds sleeping together and they really enjoy it. A number of sunrise love poems also describe this scene beautifully. Here are some of those poems about sunrise and love.

1. Eclipse

       by Anonymous

The shining light hides behind my eyes,
Comes in a super nova surprise
My spirit glides into the skies,
Spreading the perfect heat like the sunrise

I was like a diamond under the beauty of the ocean!
My current rides out with smooth motions,
Leaving a taste with intense emotion
Captured by my tides, sunk to my love potion

The sun sends my waves like a mirage of snow
I got the moon to favor upon my glow
With every star touching my inner soul
A glimpse of darkness in my light entwining with a massive flow

Blinded by my own ECLIPSE!
My sun & moon collide
Until the day we both touch lips

2. To love you upon my last breath

       by Silent One

When the last rain drop has fallen
and final word has been spoken.
When mercy is no longer our saviour,
remember, each time your heart beats,

with every sigh on the tip of your tongue,
my only wish was to forever love you,
stronger than the light that shone at sunrise,
warmer than the rays from that golden orb,

more powerful than the radiance of the moon
and with greater devotion than the stars

3. Write Your Name

       by Arturo Michael

Paint the world of words so bright
Brush the canvas with pure delight
Be the rainbow coming out of a storm
The sunrise of a beautiful morn

Paint the world as you would wish
For what is written expresses it
Hearts maybe black or blue
A bright smile colors I love you

Paint it as a blind man sees
Hear it as the deaf conceives
Blank spaces upon your walls
Interpretations are meant for all

Paint the world and let it be
You are you and I am me
No left, right or middle lanes
Colors are one and the same…write your name

4. Summer Love Sonnet

       by Daniel Turner

What’s not to love about a summer day?
Kissed by the sun, the warmth of its embrace
To feel the cleanse from sweat at work and play
While honeysuckle breezes cool my face

With hillsides blanketed in purple vetch
Magenta morning glories and light blues
Imagine all the butterflies they fetch
A scene to romance any poet’s muse

But when it gets too hot, I seek the shade
Barefoot in clover ‘neath tall sycamores
Or take a watermelon down to wade
A spring fed creek, to cool, while I explore

That evening, in the swing, I watch fireflies
Then pray I wake to see one more sunrise

5. Summer

       by Tim Smith

Oh, summer what have you done to me
so many flirtatious winks teasingly
undressing me with every wisp of
a welcomed heat filled breath

Oh summer, oh how you melt me
with those gazing sunrise eyes blinking
and those sweet high noon kisses swimming
fogging up another afternoon aviator sky

Oh, summer your warm touches caress
and I’m a mess blushing into a golden
bronze affair wondering when you’re not there
if you will ever come back again

Oh, summer your nights delight with fire
and a backyard breeze harmony underneath
a blanket of stars and a lemonade moon
hushed I swoon knowing I’m in love

6. Dawns Gifts

       by Connie Marcum Wong

Silver shimmers
reflected by the sea
When dawn kisses each
silhouetted tree.
As sunrise pierces
fleecy clouds of blush
A canvass bides the
eager artist’s brush.

Our Banyon bids adieu
to fowl in flight…
Their songs reverberate
in morning light
Attesting to the joy
each dawn excites
In explosive colors
which Sol ignites.

As breezes blow through
azure skies above
I share divinely Dawn’s
sweet gifts of love.

7. From the deepest caves one name echoed

       by liam mcdaid

Smiling hotly, you’re the flame captured underneath
burning with a sunrise golden gleam frosted

Sparkling within dewdrops crystals crash
over oceans waves rise and fall to grace

At your feet adoring they kiss salt saluting promise
kneeling upon the sand footprints hold ground held

Those inside one thousand memories wrapped forever
perfect jewel you are the pearl of a deep sea always crowned

Lustre of one rainbow washed clean cut perfect flower
white lily from the heart of love you brought peace

8. Hoping for Love and Trust

       by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Over his lies
Trust not

Never again
Now wise

Comes with life
I learned

To share my heart

on longest days
yields peace

Flowing waters
Bring hope

Fretting no more
Heart’s strong

Strength builds
Tower of faith

Brightens dark days
Light shines

My stride returns
With love

Not enabling
Trust earned

9. The Terrace

       by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Huge red-orange sun slowly recedes,
Upon the sky seem to bleed;
Whispers of night, calling home,
Such sunset days rarely spent alone.

Look ahead to starry skies;
Not time for early goodbyes.
Without love cannot the heart grow-
A new day comes beyond the rainbow!

Warm Paris breeze gently blow-
Roses atop the bureau;
Music with a certain ease;
Smooth jazz, if you please.

In darkness of shadows, waits he!
The night is young-for me!
Stars appear, quiet avenue.
Farewell dawn skies of baby blue.

When from misty dreams awakes,
When tomorrow sunrise overtakes,
Come listen music play,
On gold terrace of the sunny day!


       by Panagiota Romios

Reveal to me, do!
How you carried off my heart and it now lives within you.
I can see it brightly alive in your godlike chest.
You had the loving, brown-eyed chutzpah to magically place
both our names upon it and yes, with the family crest.

Reveal for me, do!
How you, at every sunrise, serves me a cup of steaming
aromatic happiness?
And a shower together, Agapi Mou, the crest of jasmine jouissance!
Swimming as one, in life effortlessly, joyfully, in loves rainbowed,
forever, dancing cadence

Sunset and Sunrise Poems

In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the sunrise and sunset poems. We may be nocturnal at heart, but we’ll get up for daybreak as frequently as we can, and it never fails to impress.

The fact that we see far more sunsets than sunrises just adds to the specialness of the sunrises we do see. So let us now go through these poems about sunset and sunrise.‎

1. Sunset pink, sunrise red

       by Leah Carr

Sunset pink
And sunrise red
God, will you please take away
All that’s happening in my head?

2. Soften Grief

       by Eloisa

The sunrise and the sunset,
the autumn and the spring,
Thoughts of their magnificence
pulled me up from this lengthy dormancy,
Living my life ahead,
Leaving the pain behind.

3. Sunrise to Sunset

       by Jack

As I watch the sunrise
I feel my heart set

The early morning light makes sure I can never forget

The lies
Broken promises
Shattered dreams

The love you give to me
Covers what’s beneath the seams

I’ve seen your true colors
I won’t fall for it anymore

I’ve risen past it all
And gone of to my own sunset

4. Sunset -Sunrise

       by Mariam

The golden orb is setting
The day is put to bed
But the night still roars loud to us
It’s still inside our heads

The stars come out shining
Dancing in the moonlight
A shimmering flickering glimpses
Of a universe beyond our sight

The first light rises
The world rises too
Freshness embraces, kissing the air
And Fields lie sprinkled with dew

A world of new beginnings

5. Sunrise and Sunset

       by Patricia Grantham

When I awake in the morning and see the sunrise
My heart skips a beat as I begin to clear my eyes
My soul says what a mighty God I serve
To be in the land of the living and to feel every nerve

You can imagine the beauty in everything you see
To smell the odor of the sap flowing from a tree
When the sun goes down and the darkness comes soon
The whole world is lit by the light of the moon

When all is said and all is done
To see the day pass and the setting of the sun
As I go deep into the realms of sleep
I know that my God will watch and keep

6. One Day of Summer

       by David Fox

Beautiful sunrise
On a warm summer morning.
I wait for day’s start.

Rosy colored sky
On a cool summer evening.
Glorious sunset.

7. Sunrise Vs. Sunset

       by Klaus

“Sunrise used the night’s darkness
and massacred the stars in front of their mother’s eyes (moon)

The court of the galaxy has sentenced him to death

You can watch the execution at sunset time.”

Sunset used the dusk’s dark, burnt orange
& Beautiful breeze
to distract, and cloud
the court of her deceitful deeds

But a new dawn will rise
and the sun will shine a crisp, clear, blue truth through the clouds 
and the morning’s mist…

Case dismissed!!

8. Sunrise sunset

       by Dream Fisher

I wonder what it’s like to not “good morning”
Passing out without a “good night”
Some days the world will feel more lonely
Some days your head won’t be on right.
The sun may hide behind those clouds,
The stars may not shine so bright.
You just need to keep going,
Everything will be alright. In time.

The **** clock is stuck on the seventeenth hour
A cold shower to wake up your mind
Eating ninety-eight packets of oatmeal,
It’s the only breakfast I could find.
Nothing feels real without “good morning”
Tell me how to start this day
Stuck in my head so here I lay.

I know what it’s like without “good morning”
I bet a lot can say the same
Put on my clothes to slave away,
I’m trying to keep my world all right
Until I put my head down
Passing out without “good night”

9. Today’s sunset is tomorrow’s sunrise

       by Ellie Harris

Dear sunrises and sunsets, why must you be so different?

Your beauty has a significant impact on others, as well as myself, and we are sorry for sometimes displacing your grace.

The way your colours dance around the presence of the sun and the clouds, combined. Some days you don’t appear in places, but we know you are always there, somewhere.
Maybe at a different time. Always there. There is never a day where we are not blessed by your nature, the prepossessing sight brings joy to all. We thank you for that.

Dear sunrises and sunsets, why must we be so different?

10. Rising and setting

       by Lilly F

a sunrise never promised you a sunset,
but you expected it anyway
as my skies turned gray immediately
in your disappointed eyes

Sunrise Poems in English

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful sunrise? The sun is a sign of heat and new beginnings, reminding us of Divine’s unique creation and reflecting daybreak triumphing over any darkness.

So, let’s have a look at some sunrise poems in English. These sunrise poetry will help you start your day off well and have a fruitful day ahead of you. ‎

1. A sad sunrise

       by Huma

They’re kind of the same:
Falling in love, 
And being sad.
You know that feeling 

when you know in your heart
that the person in front of you 
is gonna fade away little by little,
until you forget about the time 

you spent watching him sing his heart out
until the sun rose, 
and you watched it together.

Yeah, it’s sad
being in love.

2. Reflections

       by Allesha Eman

I lay here searching for wakefulness
hours after sunrise.

Outside, remnants of a soft pink rest
among new-born grey clouds, 
And embers of a morning sun fade away.

I admire the transitioning sky, remembering how this life is a mystifying blur made of hellos and goodbyes.

3. In the Mountains

       by Erian Rose

Green nights dusted newly fallen leaves
tumbling about aimlessly
in the mid-autumn breeze
creating pathways to the unknown

Deeper woods trailed sea salt skies
Smells linger of
forgotten books, hollowed trees
midnights up past sunrise

Stars twinkled above
A guiding path for all
of adventure that awaits
In the mountains to the coast

4. Sonnet: Shadows

       by Leah Hilliges

I lay alone at night
and felt the curtain sway
It blocked out all the light
so long it was not day

I heard the beat of heart
it fought its way through veil
The fog that would not part
it whispered a sad tale

I shuddered ‘against the wind
that danced in sly and fast
Before my black hair thinned
reminder of the past

And, I knew that come sunrise
My eyes’d betray my lies

5. Sunrise

       by Eleora Timberlake

Something pulls my eyes
up up up and around.
What vision of the world reflects?
off my eyes?

So, I recognize the smallness
of my life under a sky
that I can’t run towards the end of,
and also, the magnitude

of being under that same sky,
as it opens from all sides
to reveal the color
of morning.

6. Sunrise | Hours of Sunlight

       by Anonymous

When the sun is greeting the land
Its light touches the heart of wildlife
Blooming the natural bouquets
I will be there for you always, I will be greeting happiness my way

When the sun is meeting the moon
The stars slumber with ease
Flashing still without being seen
I will be there for you always, you won’t see me

When the sun is whole
Through its blaze we are reborn
Starting another story 
I will be there for you always, you won’t be in my new story

7. Sunrise

       by Isabella

The feeling of your breath upon my face,
The crisp morning air threading fingers through my hair,
I wish that there was nothing more to life,
Than standing here with you at 7:12 AM.

Each time I look at you, I am blinded by a rush
Of light, filtered through watery skies,
Like pools of gold, pink, soft blue paint
Splashing over the horizon, spilling all over my heart

Which yearns for your touch.
A slight brush of sunlight against my knee,
A tug of warmth at my waist, my arms, my chest
And I don’t remember how to breathe anymore.

If I could call this forever, stop the time,
Every day I would watch the sun rise.

8. Fireflies and Sunrise

       by Katlyn Orthman

Dew drops in the dawn
Cricket choirs overhead
The stars so neatly drawn
Above an earthly kind of bed

The birds will sing softly
As they dip and soar, alive!
Hearts beating like soft wings
Waiting for the sun to arrive

Blinking lights below sunrise
Take breath away, so honestly
I’d never seen fireflies 
Until you pointed them out to me
Blanketed by the tickling fog
Excited by the breeze
Surrounded by the comfort
Of the sweet tranquility of trees

Head back in awe
Gazing at the vast sky
Eyes wide with laughter
Who knows what comes?
In twilights after
When you’re not afraid to die

To learn to live in the moments
That are bright like imagery
To hang off every word transpired
By brown eyed chivalry

For once to be distracted
To truly be at peace
I allow myself to be surrounded
By the safety of your trees

9. Chicago Sunrise

       by Aaron Combs

This, this song I made you, let it pierce your heart,
like the silver moon earrings, close your eyes,

Let me hold you on high.
Let me hold you on high.

Like the Kansas fields that outnumber the stars,
let’s walk on the wheat fields of gold, for even
if I can’t forgive you, my heart will freely love you.

Over and over,

like red Georgia Peaches, like Florida Beaches,
wave after wave, I’ll show you a new song,
So, we can be once again, let it all sweep you away. 
For the diamonds at dusk, are waiting for us.

For like the Chicago sunrise, let the power of its sunrise,
sing you back to life, until you are alive and washed by dreams.

Embrace me, hold on, like a California dream, pretend it’s just me,
like the ring on your finger, let this be,
let this be, a time between you and me.

For if you harden your heart, let’s go back to one,
let me be like your silver moon earrings,

let me hold you on high.
let me hold you on high.

10. Everything Beautiful

       by Peyton L

You belong somewhere wholly different-
somewhere tranquil and calm

where the lights aren’t harsh
where the breeze is cool and warm
you belong where the air
tastes fresh and clean,
where mountain tops
break against the sunrise
and your hands can touch
all the softness of nature.

Where green is the color of everything
and your laugh mixes with birdsong
where you smile and a beam
of sunlight hits your face
and lights and warms you
where you know only love
and peace and happiness.

Where there is no fear,
no concept of pain
where every color is brighter,
every song is chillingly sung
and every day is good.

You belong to
the earth and her nature,
you belong to the ridges and peaks
and the branches of trees,
you belong to soft mossy ground
and sun-warmed pebbles,
you belong to everything beautiful
you belong to everything beautiful.

Final Thoughts on Sunrise Poems

Thank you for reading the sunrise poems that we presented you with. Sunrise is a refreshing awakening that helps you forget yesterday’s remorse and get up to prepare for today.

These poems about sunrise will inspire you to commence your day filled with hopes and aspirations without wasting more time. Sunrise poems are well-read and well-liked.

The sunrise carries with it a lot of optimism and desires, and it represents the beginning of a new day that is intended to be full of inspiration and power to help you conquer all of your life’s obstacles.

The sunrise is one of the most magnificent sights we can ever see. Its beauty is a tremendous force, capable of warming even the most hardest of souls.

It energizes, inspires, renews, and brings hope. These sunrise love poems will help you see this gorgeous scene and what it represents in a whole new light.

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