68 Best Teacher Poems to Express Appreciation

You’ve arrived to the perfect site if you’re seeking for teacher poems. In this post, we will share with you some of the most beautiful teacher poems that you may use to express your gratitude to your teachers.

Reading Teachers Day poems can be a tremendously satisfying experience, and it’s heartening to discover that some of the most famous poets have paid respect to teachers, whether in passionate eulogies or the influence those teachers had on the lives of their pupils.

A good teacher always guides his students in the proper direction, just as lighthouses guide ships through the darkness. Many times, the encouragement supplied by a teacher results in beneficial changes in the lives of the pupils.

So, by employing these poems for teachers, you may make them feel special. A positive impact in the form of a teacher may make or break a person. Years after we have graduated from high school, we recall the teachers who influenced our life.

In most cases, these were the first people who believed in us. Many of history’s most illustrious teachers were people who aspired to establish a better community and worked at the grassroots level to do it.

As a result, it is your responsibility to show them your love and respect. You may accomplish this by utilizing these teacher poems with them.

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Best Teacher Poems

These best teacher poems should be shared with a child’s favorite teacher. Every child, I believe, has a favorite teacher. They are generally the ones with whom they can relate the most. Many students develop strong attachments to their favorite teachers. This is common from preschool all the way through college and university. ‎

1. Teacher

      by Pravat Kumar Mandal

Teacher is the candle of the dark path
We the followers are saved from trouble
Teacher is the symbol of the ideal
With due respect I am always humble.

Teacher is the backbone of the nation
So, we are able to stand up straight
Teacher is the caring and worthy friend
Who never teaches his learners to retreat?

Teacher the craftsman of the society
The good human beings are his harvest
Among teachers there some exceptions though
Is it right to put the same blame on the rest?

Teacher is the director in all sphere
He helps us to overcome every strife
Above all, we’re each surely a teacher
And we have at least one teacher in life.

2. Treat Not Teacher

       by Gajanan Mishra

Treat not teacher
Like a servant.
Teacher can never be a servant.

If the teacher is treated
Like a servant, remember
Your position would be like
Life of the hell.

A teacher is a full man,
And the source of everything.

A teacher is more than the king,
King maker – the teacher.

3. Lighthouse of a Student – Teacher

       by Gajanan Mishra

A teacher is not only a teacher
But a father, a mother, a guide
All in one for a student
Here on this conflicting world.

The teacher – the lighthouse
Of a student,
The truth and the storehouse of
Love and affection.

The teacher is the creator,
The one who maintains the present
And the future,
The teacher, also act as a destroyer
If time so needs.

I find no substitute of the teacher.

Teacher and student,
One teacher and one student
Can do anything,
Can change the course of
Nature and history.

Teacher knows
What to read how to write
With own experiences.
Ideas and beliefs
All come from the teacher.

Teacher tries to leave
An impression of love
And truth and carefully
Planned way leads students
To touch a new age.

With great care
The teacher spends his time
Learning nature and
The students follow
The sun hoping all the best.

4. The Teacher

       by Rajpreet hans

A Precious gift by God is the Teacher,
The real truth behind a successful man,
He always teaches us like father and mother,
My teacher is my both-soul and brain,

Teacher is a boon of life,
And help us to achieve our goals,
And, also made the students sharp as knife,
Only best Teacher helps us to getting success.

Who is the Teacher? A mother, a stone…
Everything is Teacher who teach you again,
Lack of knowledge, Teacher is a frozen lake,
Cannot calm our thrust and giving us pain,

The Teacher shows us only right path,
Teacher is a real friend on the earth.

5. A Teacher’s Prayer

       by Jill Wolf

I want to teach my students more
than lessons in a book;
I want to teach them deeper things
that people overlook.

The value of a rose in bloom,
its use and beauty, too,
A sense of curiosity to discover
what is true;

How to think and how to choose
the right above the wrong,
How to live and learn each day
and grow up to be strong;

To teach them always how to gain
in wisdom and in grace,
So, they will someday make the world
a brighter, better place.

Lord, let me be a friend and guide
to give these minds a start
Upon their way down life’s long road,
then I’ll have done my part.

6. A Teacher’s Poem

       by Anonymous

Every day you greet your students with a smile upon your face.
Though paperwork the night before seemed like a grueling race.

Money’s not your motivation, it’s the love for what you do.
You hear that special calling to which you always stay true.

Your students are your dedication, devotion is to them.
To you each child’s unique and special, a beautiful little gem.

Some days are just demanding and frustration takes its course.
Then you see those little faces, their inspiration is your force.

Each day you’re in your classroom reminds you why you’re there.
Making differences in children’s lives with whom your heart you share.

There’s a special pride in teachers, and a love for what you do.
And appreciations always shared between those little lives and you!

Famous Teacher Poems

Let us now go through some famous poems about teachers. These poems are designed to be used as a surprise for your teacher on a random school day. This would be a great gift, especially because teachers are sometimes anxious, overloaded, and even furious at times. ‎

1. Two More Days till School

       by Leslie Kimmelman

I’m finally going to school this year,
and now the big day’s almost here.
I’ll learn to write and count and read–
Only two more days till school.

I got new pants and shirts and socks,
a brand-new red and blue lunch box;
I’ll paint and sing and dance and play–
Only one more day fill school.

My hair is washed, my sneakers squeak,
I’m so excited, I can hardly speak!
New things to do, new friends to meet–
Hooray! It’s the first day of school!

2. To Number One Teacher

       by Joanna Fuchs

I’m happy that you’re my teacher;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.
As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;
I’m thankful for all that you’ve done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you’re number one!

3. Gratitude to Old Teachers

       by Robert Bly

When we stride or stroll across the frozen lake,
We place our feet where they have never been.
We walk upon the unwalked. But we are uneasy.
Who is down there but our old teachers?

Water that once could take no human weight-
We were students then- holds up our feet,
And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness

4. A Teacher for All Seasons

       by Joanna Fuchs

A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.

A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.

A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.

A teacher is like Winter,
While it’s snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.

Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude;
You’re a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!

5. Teaching Is…

       by Anonymous

A commitment to instill knowledge
in the minds and hearts of all students.
It is so much more than just a job.
It requires a love of humanity,

A belief in the human spirit,
a dedication to excellence,
and a resolve to make a difference
in the lives of others.

It is the foundation upon which
all forms of progress are based.
Those who are destined to teach,
spend their lifetimes investing

in the dreams of their students,
and in so doing, their own dream
invariably comes true.
To enlighten, to awaken, to inspire

all of those, whose lives they touch…
this is their dream!

Short Teacher Poems

We should thank all of our teachers for their efforts in educating us or our children. I don’t believe we should limit our attention to the nominees for teacher of the year. Every teacher would enjoy a simple thank you in the form of short poems for teacher. Here are some of the short poems on Teachers Day for you.

1. God Made Teachers

       by Anonymous

God understood our thirst for
Knowledge, And Our Need to Be Led
By someone wiser;
He needed a heart of compassion,

Of encouragement, and patience;
Someone who would accept
The Challenge Regardless of The

Someone who could see potential
And believe in the best in others . . .
So, he made teachers

2. I Have a Future

       by Anonymous

Thank you, Teacher,
For reaching deep in me
to find all I can be
before I can see it myself.
You never gave up on me.
I have a future
because of you.

3. I Wouldn’t Know…

       by Anonymous

If I hadn’t had you as my teacher,
I wouldn’t know
how much fun learning can be?
satisfying to the brain and heart,

filling me with essential knowledge
I can use all my life.
I wouldn’t know
some teachers stand out from others

in their desire to maximize
students’ potential
for educational fulfillment,
success and happiness.

If I hadn’t had you as my teacher,
I just wouldn’t know.

4. Star Teacher

       by Anonymous

I always love your class;
Your teaching helps me see,
That to have a happy life,
Learning is the key.

You understand your students;
You’re sensitive and smart.
You’re a skillful teacher;
I knew it from the start.

I’m grateful for your wisdom
For the teacher that you are;
You’re a very good person,
And as a teacher, you’re a star!

5. Rainbow Teacher

       by Anonymous

A good teacher is a brilliant light
illuminating the prism of life,
revealing to students
a rainbow of possibilities.

6. From Reading and Writing to Math and Language Skills

To letters and numbers, with shapes and fun
None of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for a certain one
They give their time, so selfless and free
Thank you for all you’ve done
And for sharing your knowledge and time with me

Funny Teacher Poems

Let’s take a look at some funny teacher poems. I suggest these poems if you want to make one of your teachers chuckle. Just be sure to share it with a teacher who has a great sense of humor.

1. The Village Schoolmaster

       by Oliver Goldsmith

The village all declared how much he knew;
’Twas certain he could write, and cipher too:
Lands he could measure, terms and tides presage,
And e’en the story ran that he could gauge.

In arguing too, the parson own’d his skill,
For e’en though vanquished he could argue still;
While words of learned length and thund’ring sound
Amazed the gazing rustics rang’d around;

And still they gazed and still the wonder grew,
That one small head could carry all he knew …

2. Ageing Schoolmaster

       by Vernon Scannell

And now another autumn morning finds me
With chalk dust on my sleeve and in my breath,
Preoccupied with vague, habitual speculation
On the huge inevitability of death.

Not wholly wretched, yet knowing absolutely
That I shall never reacquaint myself with joy,
I sniff the smell of ink and chalk and my mortality
And think of when I rolled, a gormless boy,

And rollicked round the playground of my hours,
And wonder when precisely tolled the bell
Which summoned me from summer liberties
And brought me to this chill autumnal cell

From which I gaze upon the April faces
That gleam before me, like apples ranged on shelves,
And yet I feel no pinch or prick of envy
Nor would I have them know their sentenced selves.

With careful effort I can separate the faces,
The dull, the clever, the various shapes and sizes,
But in the autumn shades I find I only
Brood upon death, who carries off all the prizes.

3. The Lesson

       by Roger McGough

Chaos ruled OK in the classroom
as bravely the teacher walked in
the nooligans ignored him
his voice was lost in the din

‘The theme for today is violence
and homework will be set
I’m going to teach you a lesson
one that you’ll never forget’

He picked on a boy who was shouting
and throttled him then and there
then garrotted the girl behind him
(The one with grotty hair)

Then sword in hand he hacked his way
between the chattering rows
‘First come, first severed’ he declared
‘Fingers, feet or toes’

He threw the sword at a latecomer
it struck with deadly aim
then pulling out a shotgun
he continued with his game

The first blast cleared the backrow
(Where those who skive hang out)
they collapsed like rubber dinghies
when the plug’s pulled out

‘Please may I leave the room sir? ‘
a trembling vandal enquired
‘Of course, you may,’ said teacher
put the gun to his temple and fired

The Head popped a head round the doorway
to see why a din was being made
nodded understandingly
then tossed in a grenade

And when the ammo was well spent
with blood on every chair
Silence shuffled forward
with its hands up in the air

The teacher surveyed the carnage
the dying and the dead
He waggled a finger severely
‘Now let that be a lesson’ he said

4. The Supply Teacher

       by Allan Ahlberg

Here’s the rule for what to do
If ever your teacher has the flu
Or for some other reason takes to her bed
And a different teacher comes instead

When the visiting teacher hangs up her hat
Writes the date on the board, does this or that
Always remember, you have to say this,
OUR teacher never does that, Miss!

When you want to change places or wander about
Or feel like getting the guinea pig out
Never forget, the message is this,
OUR teacher always lets us, Miss!

Then, when your teacher returns next day
And complains about the paint or clay
Remember these words, you just say this:
That other teacher told us to, Miss!

5. For Elizabeth Bishop

       by Sandra Mcpherson

The child I left your class to have  
Later had a habit of sleeping  
With her arms around a globe
She’d unscrewed, dropped, and dented.

I always felt she could possess it,  
The pink countries and the mauve
And the ocean which got to keep its blue.
Coming from the Southern Hemisphere to teach,
Which you had never had to do, you took
A bare-walled room, alone, its northern   
Windowscapes as gray as walls.
To decorate, you’d only brought a black Madonna.

I thought you must have skipped summer that year,   
Southern winter, southern spring, then north
For winter over again. Still, it pleased you
To take credit for introducing us,

And later to bring our daughter a small flipbook
Of partners dancing, and a ring   
With a secret whistle. —All are
Broken now like her globe, but she remembers
Them as I recall the black Madonna   
Facing you across the room so that   
In a way you had the dark fertile life   
You were always giving gifts to. 
Your smaller admirer off to school,   
I take the globe and roll it away: were   
On it now is someone like you?

6. First Day at School Poem

       by Roger McGough

A millionbillionwillion miles from home
Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?)
Why are they all so big, other children?
So noisy? So much at home they

Must have been born in uniform
Lived all their lives in playgrounds
Spent the years inventing games
That don’t let me in. Games

That are rough, that swallow you up.
And the railings.
All around, the railings.
Are they to keep out wolves and monsters?

Things that carry off and eat children?
Things you don’t take sweets from?
Perhaps there to stop us getting out
Running away from the lessins. Lessen.

What does a lessin look like?
Sounds small and slimy.
They keep them in the glass rooms.
Whole rooms made out of glass. Imagine.

I wish I could remember my name
Mummy said it would come in useful.
Like wellies. When there’s puddles.
Yellowwellies. I wish she was here.

I think my name is sewn on somewhere
Perhaps the teacher will read it for me.
Tea-cher. The one who makes the tea.

7. Balances

       by Nikki Giovanni

In life
one is always

like we juggle our mothers
against our fathers

or one teacher
against another
(Only to balance our grade average)

3 grains of salt
to one ounce truth

our sweet black essence
or the funky honkies down the street

and lately I’ve begun wondering
if you’re trying to tell me something

we used to talk all night
and do things alone together

and I’ve begun

(As a reaction to a feeling)
to balance
the pleasure of loneliness
against the pain
of loving you

8. My Teacher wasn’t Half as Nice as Yours Sseems to Be

       by Roald Dahl

My teacher wasn’t half as nice as yours seems to be.
His name was Mister Unsworth and he taught us history.
And when you didn’t know a date, he’d get you by the ear
And start to twist while you sat there quite paralyzed with fear.

He’d twist and twist and twist your ear and twist it more and more.
Until at last the ear came off and landed on the floor.
Our class was full of one-eared boys. I’m certain there were eight.
Who’d had them twisted off because they didn’t know a date.

So let us now praise teachers who today are all so fine
And yours in particular is totally divine.

9. The Three Wishes

       by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Son, what will you do?
If you are given three wishes from God?
The teacher stares at the 13 years old student
With a deep sigh

Adam’s tears roll back
His eyes as sharp as a razor blade
Glancing at Mr. Cool
Not a word spoken

He picks up his pen and starts to write
He folds up the written piece
And hand it over to the teacher
One condition applies

The teacher should read it when he got home
Adam is a gifted kid
Born with silver spoon in his mouth
The only son in a family of four

Before he goes to bed
With a deep breathe
Mr. Cool reads the note

My first wish
I want to be an orphan
I want to feel the suffering
I want to feel the painstaking

So that when I grow up
I’d know what hardship is

My second wish
I want to be blind
I want to feel the darkness
I want to feel the gloom

I want to feel the beauty of the world
Without looking
I want to feel the agony of the world
Without seeing

My third wish
I want to be the richest man on earth
I want to share my wealth with the poor
I want to help the homeless

The jobless
The education less
The family less
The loveless

If there is any fourth wish
I want the three wishes
Granted to me by God
Mr. Cool’s tears roll back

He goes to sleep
With a smile

10. Who Is Warming This Globe?

       by Dr. M. Asim Nehal

The Teacher entered the classroom,
Everyone started to greet in loud voices,
The Teacher went straight to the blackboard and wrote:
“Who has warmed this, Globe? “

There was pin drop silence as the teacher after writing
Started to move from one desk to the other
Glancing at each and every student.
Some were moving their head side by side

As if to say “NO” and some looked puzzled
As to when this incidence occurred
When the teacher stopped at one desk
The student immediately stood up and said

Teacher, I was down with fever for past 5 days
Today only I came to the class.
Teacher moved on and everybody thought
Teacher is looking for the culprit.

Teacher took a left turn and switched to next row
Kept walking past each desk back to the blackboard and wrote again
WHO…………”? Pulled the chair and sat for a while glancing from first row to the last bench
Students were looking at each other as if requesting the one to accept if they have done it.

In all silence the teacher asked “Someone please close the doors”.
This silence remained for a few more minutes and then teacher Stood and went back
To the blackboard and said: can anyone simplify this sentence and make it meaningful.

Special Teacher Poems

To begin with, the great majority of teachers are quite kind people. They understand how to interact with youngsters while also directing them in the proper way. The most effective teachers understand how to engage their students.

They have the ability to captivate their imaginations and motivate them to think and behave positively. If you want to appreciate such teachers, here are some special teacher poems that you may make use of.

1. Teachers

       by Kevin William Huff

Paint their minds
and guide their thoughts
Share their achievements
and advise their faults

Inspire a Love
of knowledge and truth
As you light the path
Which leads to our youth

For our future brightens
with each lesson you teach
Each smile you lengthen
Each goal you help reach

for the dawn of each poet
each philosopher and king
Begins with a teacher
And the wisdom they bring.

2. Teacher’s Prayer

       by James J. Metcalf

I want to teach my students how
To live life on earth –
To face its struggles and its strife
And how to improve their worth –

Not just the lessons in a book
Or how the river flows –
But how to choose the proper path
Wherever they may go –

To understand eternal truth
And know right from wrong –
And gather all the beauty of
A flower and a song.

For if I help the world to grow
In wisdom and in grace,
Then I shall feel that I have won
And I have filled my place.

And so, I ask your guidance, God,
That I may do my part,
For character and confidence
And happiness of heart.

3. Teacher

      by Anonymous

It takes a special person
To teach a child in class
To just keep his attention
In a world that moves so fast

To show a child he is unique
With talents deep inside
To help to build his confidence
So, he can beam with pride

To show a little patience
For a child who’s lost his way
To a child who feels abandoned
Who has seen better days?

To inspire and to motivate
So, a child can learn and grow
To go into this big wide world
That has its highs and lows

You are a special person
You always give your best
And for every child that has your class
Their life is truly blessed

4. Teachers

       by tree cards

Teachers are dedicated,
to our education.
This is their passion,
and our liberation.

Their sincere kindness,
warm feelings, it brings.
They guide and protect us,
under their wings.

They show us patience,
and readily spread.
Their helpful advice,
fills us like bread.

They don’t just instruct,
but encourage and believe,
That there’s nothing out there,
we cannot achieve.

They think about,
our future all the time.
Work tirelessly to direct us,
away from conflicts and crime.

At the end of the day,
teachers do understand.
It takes both tools and love,
For our young minds to expand.

5. Shining Star

       by Debbie Klier

We’d like to thank you for all that you’ve done.
For the time you’ve invested in our daughters and sons.
For the places you’ve taken them, and you’ve taken them far!
For leading and guiding them, to their North Star!

For your timeless energy that never seems to tire.
For that special talent you possess to inspire!
For making your students the best they can be.
For trying to teach them all to see;

how far they can fly and how high they can soar.
For making them all crave to learn more!
You’ve challenged their minds, their hearts and souls.
You’ve taught them it’s possible to reach for their goals.

And as they journey through life near and far,
We will always remember their SHINING STAR!

6. We Are Your Garden

       by Kelly Roper

As our teacher,
You planted the seeds of learning in us.
You nurtured us with the water of knowledge
And fed us with your creativity and enthusiasm.

You pruned us when we got off track
And shined the sunlight of your approval on us.
And now it’s time to reap the harvest
You’ve tended so carefully over your career.

You’ve earned your retirement.
We are your garden. Sit back now and watch us grow.

7. To the Best Teacher Ever

       by Kelly Roper

To the teacher who made us smile
Still helping us learn all the while.
To the teacher who explained things again,
Not once or twice but ten.

To the teacher who would stay late
Tutoring us to improve our grade’s fate.
To the teacher with the biggest heart
Who encouraged us all to feel smart?

No words will ever do
To let you know how we feel about you.
Thank you, dear teacher, and
Happy retirement to you!

Inspirational Teacher Poems

If you’re seeking for inspirational poems for teachers, we’ve compiled a list of the top ones to help you locate your favorites. The inspirational poems on teacher in this collection are about appreciation and can warm the hearts of your favorite teachers. ‎

1. Unity

       by Ray A. Lingenfelter

I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind
And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher:
the tools she used were books and music and art;
One was a parent
With a guiding hand and gentle loving heart.

And when at last their work was done,
They were proud of what they had wrought.
For the things they had worked into the child

2. Whose Child Is This

       by Anonymous

“Whose child is this?” I asked one day
Seeing a little one out at play
“Mine”, said the parent with a tender smile
“Mine to keep a little while

To bathe his hands and comb his hair
To tell him what he is to wear
To prepare him that he may always be good
And each day do the things he should”

“Whose child is this?” I asked again
As the door opened and someone came in
“Mine”, said the teacher with the same tender smile
“Mine, to keep just for a little while

To teach him how to be gentle and kind
To train and direct his dear little mind
To help him live by every rule
And get the best he can from school”

“Whose child is this?” I ask once more
Just as the little one entered the door
“Ours” said the parent and the teacher as they smiled
And each took the hand of the little child

“Ours to love and train together
Ours this blessed task forever.

3. Frost (The Teacher’s Journey)

       by Robert John Meehan

Sometimes a moment
Stands out in time
A new life discovered
By a moment in rhyme

Everything changed by
A single selection
A turning point made
In a moment’s alliteration

A new life to continue
Discovered in rhyme
One moment that changed
My life for all time

In that moment of time
A difference was made
My turning point reached
A life’s validity laid

My life’s road discovered
By a lesson in rhyme
That road less traveled
Was that selection of mine?

And that too has made
All the difference

4. Personal Attention

       by Robert John Meehan

Personal attention
a gifted child leads
Personal attention
an average child needs

Personal attention
at risk child pleads
Personal attention
a dyslexic child reads

Personal attention
an autistic child deeds
Personal attention
a parent plants the seeds

Personal attention
is what every child needs
Thus, Personal attention
is what every teacher heeds

5. I Am A Teacher!

       by Anonymous

I am a teacher.
Despite what the world thinks of me
When it envies my days off, and laughs at my salary.
I work from 8-3:30, home early every night,

One long vacation in the summer…humph, yeah right
But I am a teacher.
And even though I may receive little respect,
It is my students that matter to me, and it is on that which I reflect.

Yes, there have been that I have barely made it from week to week,
And there have been times that I have stood before my students too exhausted to speak,
But I do, because I am a teacher.
You know some say that “those who can’t…teach”,

Well, I say that very few “Can Teach”
Very few can put on an encouraging smile even when they are tired,
Very few have the ability to motivate and inspire,
To challenge every child regardless of the strength of their mind,

To make them grow as a student and feel strong inside,
Who else can make a child feel pride,
When their family at home doesn’t even care if they’re alive?
Well, I can!

Because, I am a teacher!
I am part of an elite group that builds dreams,
Coaches’ young ones to swim upstream
And teaches outcasts to work in a team,

I build character and push them beyond their limits,
But much of what they learn from me cannot be measured on a test!
And I was called to what I do,

And regardless of all the latest and greatest strategies that are new,
It is ultimately up to me to hold true,
To look beyond the stress and deep into their eyes,
Down into their hearts where the future lies

And never forget that it is because of this beautiful creature
That I am changing the world……
I am a teacher.

6. Heart of A Teacher

       by Paula J. Fox

The child arrives like a mystery box…
with puzzle pieces inside
some of the pieces are broken or missing…
and others just seem to hide

But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out…
and help the child to see
the potential for greatness he has within…
a picture of what he can be

Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge…
by filling the box with more parts
it’s putting the pieces together…
to create a work of art.

The process is painfully slow at times…
some need more help than others
each child is a work in progress…
with assorted shapes and colors

First, she creates a classroom…
where the child can feel safe in school
where he never feels threatened or afraid to try…
and kindness is always the rule

She knows that a child can achieve
much more when he feels secure inside
when he’s valued and loved…and believes in himself …
and he has a sense of pride

She models and teaches good character…
and respect for one another
how to focus on strengths…not weaknesses
and how to encourage each other

She gives the child the freedom he needs…
to make choices on his own
so, he learns to become more responsible…
and is able to stand alone

He’s taught to be strong and think for himself…
as his soul and spirit heal
and the puzzle that’s taking shape inside…
has a much more positive feel

The child discovers the joy that comes…
from learning something new…
and his vision grows as he begins
to see all the things, he can do

A picture is formed as more pieces fit…
an image of the child within
with greater strength and confidence…
and a belief that he can win!

All because a hero was there…
in the HEART of a teacher who cared
enabling the child to become much more…
than he ever imagined…or dared

A teacher with a HEART for her children…
knows what teaching is all about
she may not have all the answers…
but on this…she has no doubt

When asked which subjects she loved to teach,
she answered this way and smiled…
“It’s not the subjects that matter…

It’s all about teaching the Child.

Thank You Teacher Poems

This section contains different types of teacher appreciation poems. Teachers have a significant impact on the lives of their students. We owe it to them to express our gratitude and admiration for their tolerance and devotion. We can say thanks to them using these thank you poems for teachers.

1. The Best Teachers

       by Joanna Fuchs

Teachers open up young minds,
showing them the wonders of the intellect
and the miracle
of being able to think for themselves.

A teacher exercises
the mental muscles of students,
stretching and strengthening,
so, they can make challenging decisions,

find their way in the world,
and become independent.
The best teachers care enough
To gently push and prod students

to do their best
and fulfill their potential.
You are one of those.
Thank you.

2. I’ll Remember You Always

       by Joanna Fuchs

Rarely does someone
get to influence a person’s life
in a positive way
for a lifetime,

as a teacher can,
fostering optimism and confidence,
providing knowledge that leads to success,
and being a good role model,

as you have,
and you are,
and you will…
I’ll remember you always.
Thank you.

3. Thank You Teachers

       by Anonymous

T thank you for all the
Hours you spend,
A ttention you give,
N eeds that you tend,
K nowledge you pass on,
Y our special touch,
O ffering guidance,
U ndaunted by much,
T ime you spend planning,
Efforts you make,
A ngles to learning.
C hances you take.
H ere’s to our teachers,
E ach one a gem.
R ecognized now; we,
S alute them!

4. My teacher

       by Maryam Mashhadi

Thank you, my teacher, for being there
At times when skies were gray
Thank you, my teacher, for lending an ear
When I had things to say

You showered love on me lavishly
When no one seemed to care
You brought me joys untold
To fill my heart with moments of gold

I would have felt isolated and lonely
If you had not been there
I lack the words to let you know
How much you mean to me,

But I will profusely thank God for you
Until the Eternity.

5. The Sonnet for An Unforgettable Teacher

       by Anonymous

When I began your class, I think I knew
The kind of challenges you’d make me face.
You gave me motivation to pursue
The best, and to reject the commonplace.

Your thinking really opened up my mind.
With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see,
That what I’d choose to seek, I’d surely find;
You shook me out of my complacency.

I thank you now for everything you’ve done;
What you have taught me I will not outgrow.
Your kind attention touched my mind and heart;
In many ways that you will never know.

I will remember you my whole life through;
I wish that all my teachers were like you.

6. Favorite Teacher

       by Anonymous

Thank you, favorite teacher
For acting like a friend

and taking time to show me,
lessons hard to comprehend.

Thank you for your caring
and lots of other stuff;

For all the things you did,
I can’t thank you enough.

7. Thank You Teacher

       by Angela DeMelo

I thank you for your helping hand
for your warm and tender heart
and for the opportunity
to make a brand-new start

I hold fast to tomorrow
and treasure each passing day
never taking for granted
that which can be taken away

I have learned to count my blessings
never dwelling on the past
and to build a brighter future
with the knowledge from your class

You taught me to be confident
I could do it if I tried
and taught me to have courage
to take everything in stride

You’re such a wonderful teacher
for all it is plain to see
I just wanted to let you know
how much you have meant to me

8. Thank You for Being a teacher

       by Anonymous

Thank you for being a teacher
Who really, truly cares?
For loving each child so dearly,
And for keeping them in your prayers.

Thank you for being a teacher
Who helps show children the way?
For wiping their tears, and giving them cheers,
And teaching them how to pray.

Thank you for being a teacher
Who always does your part,
To teach children about our Saviour
And how he can live in their heart.

Thank you for being a teacher
Who tells each child you’re glad they came?
And even though they are not perfect
You love them just the same.

Thank you for being a teacher
And every day I hope you know,
That God has called you to this ministry
And His children you are helping to grow

Teacher Poems for Teachers Day

This section features happy Teachers Day poems that you may share with your teachers. The International Day of the Teacher is celebrated on October 5th. These poems for Teachers Day celebration are intended to let teachers know that you remember this day and appreciate everything that teachers do for you. ‎

1. Happy Teacher’s Day

       by Anonymous

Today is your day,
and we’d like to thank.
We won’t misbehave,
nor pull a new prank.

We’re extremely grateful,
for all the things that you do.
We appreciate and acknowledge,
as we look through your view.

Sometimes we don’t listen,
while you repeatedly explain.
We’re sorry for our insincerity,
and for causing you pain.

You’ve shown us the importance,
with effort to strive.
For knowledge and success,
and not just survive.

We would like to add,
from our hearts we really care.
You mean a lot to us,
you’re beautifully rare.

Happy Teacher’s Day,
to a special teacher like you.
With your wisdom you guide us,
to a life that is humble and true.

2. Wonderful Teacher

       by Anonymous

You’ve been a teacher,
that I truly admire.
In so many ways,
you constantly inspire.

Taught me the importance,
of a life filled with books.
And never to judge one,
by its cover or looks.

I’ve learned to apply,
the knowledge I read.
The lessons you taught me,
shall help me succeed.

You’ve always been,
thoughtful and nice.
Willing to help,
through your personal advice.

With certain questions,
you taught me to adapt and adjust.
In my abilities,
you continuously show trust.

You’re a wonderful teacher,
and you really stand out.
You’re my very favorite,
without any doubt.

3. Good Guide

       by Anonymous

A smart and really good teacher
Should be a good guide, not a preacher.
She’d open each mind
Therein treasures to find;
Encouragement would be her best feature.

You have this good quality and more;
You inspire each brain to explore.
Our respect you are earning;
You’ve made us love learning,
As no teacher has before.

4. The Most Admired Teacher

       by Anonymous

The most admired teacher
Would be caring, kind and smart.
She’d always have her students’
Best interests in her heart.

She’d help us love to learn.
Her lessons would be clear.
She’d motivate with praise,
And always be sincere.

She’d be upbeat and supportive,
And a great role model too.
She’d be the perfect teacher;
She’d be just like you!

5. I Want to Be Like You

       by Anonymous

Thank you, teacher,
for being my life’s role model.
When I consider all, you’ve taught me
and reflect on the kind of person you are,

I want to be like you—
smart, interesting and engaging,
positive, confident, yet unpretentious.
I want to be like you—

well-informed and easy to understand,
thinking with your heart as well as your head,
gently nudging us to do our best,
with sensitivity and insight.

I want to be like you—
giving your time, energy and talent
to ensure the brightest possible future
for each of us.

Thank you, teacher
For giving me a goal to shoot for:
I want to be like you!

6. Teachers Day Poem for Sir and Mam

       by Anonymous

Without wonderful teachers
Students wouldn’t feel like studying

There would be no desire to learn
Because textbooks are so boring

But because of teachers like you
Students are having fun at school

Realizing that it is not brawns
But brains that makes you cool

7. Teacher is a Whole World for a Student

       by Anonymous

What to say about teachers?
they are whole world in a single word
They make student’s future
Still, they stand behind our achievement

They are creator
They are destroyer
Today I am giving them respect
today I am thanking them

For each second of their time
I am not writing rhyme on them
because they made us a human being.

Teacher Poems from Students

These poems for teachers from students can be offered to a teacher on behalf of all the students in a class. It’s a good approach to show a teacher how much their students appreciate them. If you have a teacher at school who you think is fantastic, you should surely share these Teachers Day poems in English by student with them. ‎

1. Thank You for Teaching Me How to Believe

       by Anonymous

Forever I’ll keep your memory
Stored within my heart
Forever I’ll remember
Just how you played a part

You played a part by teaching me
To think bigger and think higher
I never will forget you
As for greatness I’ll aspire

You played a part by telling me
My dreams will all come true
For teaching me how to believe
Teacher, I’m thanking you

2. Teacher, You’re Still My Inspiration

       by Anonymous

You’ve been my inspiration
From the time when I was young
And many times, throughout the years
Your praises I have sung

You are the greatest teacher
That I have ever known
The lessons that you taught me
Have flourished and have grown

You’re still my inspiration
So, I’m sending this to you
With all my love and gratitude
For teaching as you do

3. Thank You for Bringing Out the Best in Me

       by Anonymous

You bring out the best in others
You brought out the best in me
The results of all your efforts
I hope are plain to see

Your care and your dedication
Always shines right through
So, teacher with my heart and soul
I want to say thank you

4. Thank You for Saying No to Bullying

       by Anonymous

He once was a bully
He loved to fight
You taught him that
It was not right

You shamed him in
The nicest way
And showed him how
He’d have to pay

You said that karma
Won’t be nice
If he continued
With this vice

You gave him a
Piece of your mind
You taught him ways
He could be kind

You even cut
Him down to size
You helped him to

You taught him words
That he could use
And to avoid
Words of abuse

You showed him ways
He could express
So, he’d avoid
An awful mess

You showed him that
When life got tough
He could avoid
Such nasty stuff

You said he was
A kinder soul
And should respect
The greater whole

You helped him see
A better way
Thanks, and thanks
Is what I say

5. Thanks for Showing Me the Light

       by Anonymous

Thank you, teacher,
You’re so kind
You gave me joy
And peace of mind

You helped me dream
You gave me hope
You taught me so
I would not mope

You gave me strength
So, I can see
A future that
Belongs to me

A future that
Looks really bright
Thanks for showing
Me the Light

6. There Once was a teacher

       by Anonymous

There once was a teacher
Who thought I was bright?
And now I can see
That the teacher was right

That teacher is you
You believed in me
You opened my eyes
And helped me to see

To see my potential
To see that my mind
Is open to learning
Where once I was blind

Thank you for seeing
What I could not see
Thank you, my teacher,
For believing in me

7. I’m Grateful I was Taught by You

       by Anonymous

There once was a teacher
That teacher was you
Who always knew?
Just what to do

Just what to do
And what to say
And how to make
A student’s day

For all your help
For all you teach
For every student
That you reach

For all you are
And all you do
With gratitude
I say thank you

There once was a teacher
That teacher was you
I’m grateful I
Was taught by you

Teacher Poems in English

Teachers Day poems in English are one of the most prevalent methods to express your love and thanks to your teachers. This poetry for teachers in English will put a huge smile on the faces of those who shape their students into priceless diamonds.

1. You Taught Me How to Read

       by Anonymous

Thank you for teaching me
how to read and write,

For guiding me to distinguish
between what is wrong and what is right.

For allowing me to dream
and soar as a kite,

Thank you for being my friend,
mentor and light.

2. Our Children All Need Great Teachers Like You

       by Anonymous

You once had a choice
And you chose to teach
And every day
It’s our children you reach

You make the difference
In the life of each child
Those that are quiet
And those that are wild

It’s the way that you teach
You do it so well
They look up to you
And think you are swell

You teach from your heart
That’s plain to see
They think you’re divine
And we all agree

Please never forget
And remember it’s true
Our children all need
Great teachers like you

3. We Appreciate You, Teacher

       by Mary S. Scotsburn

You spend so much time with our children each day
We appreciate you in every way.
You teach them and encourage each one
And we thank you for all you have done.

We don’t tell you often enough
How much you are thought of.
The work you do does get noticed
Our children are living proof.

We appreciate you for all that you do
This thank you is long overdue!

4. Remember Our Teachers

       by Anonymous

Next to parents whom can we find
that is more interested in our work,
Then our teachers?

With greatest care and with a great effort on their part
They try to fill our minds with knowledge.
Patiently they labor as if it were for their own good and
Not for ours that they put forth such an effort.

We could indeed accomplish very little without them.
They have great confidence in our ability to do each lesson well.
As an example of patience and self-sacrifice,
They are outstanding figures in school life.

When we paddle our own canoes on the journey of life,
Let us ever keep before us the wholesome lessons and
Good example of our teachers.

We shall never so fully appreciate
What they have done for us until, in later years,
We look back to our school days,
The happiest and most care-free in our life.

5. A Tribute to Teachers

       by Hattie Vose Hall

A builder builded a temple,
He wrought it with grace and skill;
Pillars and groins and arches
All fashioned to work his will.
And men said as they saw its beauty,
“It never shall know decay.
Great is thy skill, O Builder!
Thy fame shall endure for aye.”

A teacher builded a temple
With loving and infinite care,
Planning each arch with patience,
Laying each stone with prayer.
None praised the unceasing efforts.
None knew of the wondrous plan
But the temple the teacher builded
Was unseen by the eye of man.

Gone is the builder’s temple,
Crumpled into the dust;
Low lies each stately pillar,
Food for consuming rust.
But the temple the teacher builded
Will last while the ages roll;
For the beautiful, unseen temple,
Was a child’s immortal soul.

6. Lessons of Another Kind

       by Leslie Owen Wilson

I came to teach,
To see what I could find
Inside my students’ deeper selves.
I came to try and open minds
Before they were slammed shut.
I came to channel passages,
Hoping to connect hearts to heads and hands.

I came to entreat,
To coax ennobled thoughts,
Ideals, and love of self and others.
I thought that this must come from inside out
Into the essence of their beings,
Into relationships.
As connections to words and deeds,
and pedagogic styles.

I came to probe,
And sometimes poke,
To make them think,
And laugh
At small and narrow views.
For I wanted to see,
With their own eyes,
Beyond the limitations of closed perceptions
Into the beauty and the pain of others’ view.

I came to teach,
But learned instead
That they had just as much to say to me.
Their lessons were often raw,
Sometimes unformed and yet complex.
I came to give and yet was given.
For through their gifts, I saw a new
That I must learn to guard against complacency, conclusions,
And the allure of too soon ends.

I came to grow,
To shed my false, new scholar’s skin
And metamorphose
Into something new
And strange…
Something far beyond the shadows
of my old instructive self.
I came to teach but was changed in other ways.
And now remember that life is still a two-way street.
I needed to commit to memory,

Final Thoughts on Teacher Poems

Thank you for going through these beautiful teacher poems. Every teacher is excellent in their own way, and we have been fortunate to have many wonderful professors.

Every year, we enjoy expressing our gratitude to our teachers. Attaching one of the teacher appreciation poems to any present is a fun way to turn it into a teacher gift!

Through these teacher poems, we may express our gratitude to our teachers. I don’t believe we should wait until the conclusion of the school year. It’s something we should do all the time.

In my view, it’s an efficient method to motivate people. Each instructor had a hand in influencing the brains of their students. They impacted and inspired children to follow their dreams.

Being able to do so must be quite satisfying. I hope you get the opportunity to express your appreciation to your instructor via the use of these poems about teachers and teaching.

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