Urgency Unveiled: Crafting a Compelling Argumentative Essay on Climate Change

Climate change. You must have heard this phrase again and again. Why has it been so popular in the recent past? The simple answer is the adverse negative impacts. Now how would you write a compelling climate change argumentative essay? As we may agree, writing an essay is a must-do for learners across different levels. When writing on a subject like climate change, you need to be overly convincing to sway your readers to support your argument.

So what differentiates an argumentative essay from other essay types? In a nutshell, in an argumentative essay, you aim to draw your readers to support your standpoint. It means that the topic you are handling has conflicting points of view. You therefore need to ensure that each point you present in your paper seamlessly convinces the reader to support your opinion. Since it is easier said than done, here is a comprehensive guide to writing an argumentative essay about climate change.

A step-by-step guide to writing a convincing climate change argumentative essay

  • Choose the right topic: I would say, perhaps the most crucial step in developing a top-notch and compelling argumentative essay on climate change is to select a topic you are passionate about since it makes it easy to gather adequate information to support your argument. For example, if you are passionate about environmental conservation or the long-term effects of global warming, select a topic that aligns with your interests and make it as subjective as possible.
  • Note your arguments: Once you are settled with the topic, think of the main idea in your essay. What do you want me as your reader to take away? For instance, you may choose to highlight the contribution of human activities in accelerating climate change and its adverse outcomes on the planet. After identifying the main idea, proceed to gather other supporting ideas.
  • Create an outline: You should then proceed to create a comprehensive outline that will serve as a guide in your writing process. Ensure that the outline covers each idea that you want to discuss in your essay. The outline enables you to identify the strong points that you need to discuss first or last in your paper. It ensures you maintain the flow throughout your paper.
  • Gather sources: A credible and reliable academic essay must have supporting evidence from other scholars. It is always advisable to provide the readers with evidence from external sources to help them understand what others say about any of the topics. Ensure you collect evidence that supports your point of view and those that have contrary opinions. This will help you to convince your readers to support your viewpoint by illustrating why your opinion is strong.

The writing process: Tips to structuring a compelling essay

Once everything in the prewriting phase is in place, it is time to start the actual writing process. Like in any other type of essay, an argumentative essay must have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Let’s discuss these three elements a little further.

  • An introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph of your paper and it is overly important since it determines the readers’ perspective of your work. It should be extremely engaging to encourage your audience to read through your essay. You should provide adequate background information about the topic. If you have a challenge in writing a compelling introduction, I would advise you to read a climate change argumentative essay example. Remember to include the thesis statement here, which gives the paper an ending away.
  • The body paragraphs: After writing a compelling introduction, proceed to the body paragraphs. Remember each body paragraph contains only one idea. If you are highlighting the impacts of climate change, you can’t discuss the impacts on weather and health in the same paragraph. Identify the point you want to discuss and exhaust it in one paragraph. Start a new paragraph for the next point and so on. Remember to strictly adhere to your outline for ease of writing.
  • The conclusion: Lastly, your paper should have a strong conclusion that summarizes the points you have discussed in your essay. When choosing among the climate change argumentative essay topics, we said you should settle for a topic you are passionate about. Therefore, you need to leave your audience with a lasting impression. You will only achieve this by carefully writing a strong conclusion. Remember to restate the thesis statement to remind your readers what your argument and your position is.

Post writing activities you should never miss

  • Proofread the paper: Once you are done writing, you should ensure you carefully proofread your paper. Correct any spelling, grammatical, or formatting mistakes you come across in your paper. Check on grammar rules to ensure the paper is top-notch and error-free. For instance, check whether it is appropriate to use earth and world or weather and atmosphere interchangeably without changing the intended meaning.
  • Countercheck the instructions:  An advice by Easy Essay experts is after you are completely satisfied that your paper is flawless, you should go through the instructions to ensure you have covered everything required according to the specifications. This is one step that most writers overlook and can be extremely costly. It wouldn’t make much sense to draft a high-quality paper, only to perform poorly because you missed a point or two in the instructions.
  • Check for originality: The final step should be to ensure that your work is 100% unique. Use online tools to ensure that your work isn’t plagiarized. In addition, you should understand the AI policy for your institution and check for the same to ensure you deliver an original paper that meets the anticipated standards.

Parting shot

Writing an argumentative climate change essay should not be too challenging for you if you plan adequately. Starting your paper early allows you adequate time to research, write, and conclude the post-writing activities. You can easily read through a sample in case you are stuck or want to clarify anything. In summary, you can always write an exceptionally high-quality paper by planning ahead and avoiding procrastination.

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