Wow Classic Season of Discovery Blacksmithing Guide

Blacksmithing, the age-old art of shaping metal into weapons, armor, and other useful tools, stands as a cornerstone of any adventurer’s journey in WoW Classic. In the intense competition of Season of Discovery, mastering this profession unlocks a wealth of opportunities to strengthen your character, contribute to your guild, and even forge a path to prosperity.

This guide is your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of Blacksmithing. We’ll delve into:

  • Leveling your skills: Explore the most efficient ways to progress from apprentice to master blacksmith, including quests, crafting, and disenchanting.
  • Acquiring essential materials: Discover the secrets of finding the ores, bars, and gems needed to breathe life into your creations.
  • Crafting for profit and glory: Learn what items are most sought after by players and how to craft them with precision and efficiency.
  • Monetizing your skills: Transform your Blacksmithing expertise into WoW Classic Season of Discovery Gold generating powerhouse through crafting services, material markets, and clever auction house strategies.

Beyond mere practicality, Blacksmithing offers a unique sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. From the satisfying clink of a hammer on an anvil to the triumphant moment of equipping your first self-forged weapon, this guide will empower you to claim your rightful place among Azeroth’s most skilled artisans.

Leveling your Blacksmithing in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Mastering the art of Blacksmithing requires dedication and a steady hand. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the different ways to climb the Blacksmithing ladder in WoW Classic Season of Discovery:

Completing Blacksmithing Quests

  • Embrace the Journey: Many towns and cities throughout Azeroth offer Blacksmithing quests that provide both experience and valuable rewards. These quests often involve crafting specific items or gathering materials, giving you practical experience while pushing you forward.
  • Seek Guidance: Each major city houses seasoned Blacksmithing trainers who not only offer Blacksmithing skills but also dispense introductory quests. These quests serve as a gentle introduction to the profession, guiding you through the basics and rewarding you for your efforts.
  • Utilize the Guild Network: Guildmates can be your greatest allies when it comes to finding and completing Blacksmithing quests. Ask around, share information, and work together to unlock new skills and knowledge.
Completing Blacksmithing Quests

Crafting Blacksmithing Items

  • Practice Makes Perfect: The most direct path to Blacksmithing mastery is through crafting itself. As you learn new recipes and acquire the necessary materials, forge away! Each creation will provide valuable experience, pushing you closer to your next Blacksmithing rank.
  • Focus on Efficiency: Choose recipes that offer the most experience per material used. Research and plan your crafting sessions to maximize your progress and minimize resource waste.
  • Harness Synergy: Combine your Blacksmithing with Mining or other gathering professions to ensure a steady supply of materials. This not only saves you time and gold but also creates a self-sufficient and efficient workflow.

Disenchanting Blacksmithing Items

  • Unravel the Secrets: By disenchanting unwanted or obsolete Blacksmithing items, you can gain enchanting skill points and even discover valuable dust and essences.
  • Choose Wisely: Disenchanting can be a gamble, as you may not always get desirable results. Consider the value of the disenchanted materials before destroying an item.
  • Find a Balance: While disenchanting serves a purpose, don’t rely on it solely for leveling. Prioritize crafting and questing for a more consistent and rewarding Blacksmithing journey.

Blacksmithing Trainers and Locations


  • Greta Gearhammer (Main Blacksmithing Trainer)
  • Master Jangozt (Weaponsmith Trainer)
  • Brolan Bearhand (Armorsmith Trainer)


  • Brak Stonehammer (Main Blacksmithing Trainer)
  • Hargar Stonefist (Weaponsmith Trainer)
  • Grokk Grimforge (Armorsmith Trainer)

Stormwind City:

  • Gareth Edwards (Main Blacksmithing Trainer)
  • Arathorn the Smith (Weaponsmith Trainer)
  • Doren Bronzebeard (Armorsmith Trainer)


  • Snarl (Main Blacksmithing Trainer)
  • Gorthan (Weaponsmith Trainer)
  • Boran Steelhammer (Armorsmith Trainer)

Thunder Bluff:

  • Karn Stonehoof (Main Blacksmithing Trainer)
  • Eitrigg (Weaponsmith Trainer)
  • Bhur Rockfist (Armorsmith Trainer)

Gathering the Essentials: Obtaining Materials for Blacksmithing

Like any other trade, blacksmithing needs a consistent supply of materials to inspire your imagination and enable you to create works of art. Here is a thorough reference to the different items you will require and how to obtain them:

Essential Materials

  • Ore: The foundational element of Blacksmithing, ore comes in various types, each yielding specific bars. Common types include copper, iron, mithril, thorium, and more. We can always Buy WoW Classis Season of Discover Gold in the game.
  • Bars: Refined from ore through smelting, bars serve as the primary building blocks for most crafted items. Different bars have different properties and are used in specific recipes.
  • Gems: While not always required, gems can add valuable enchantments and stat bonuses to your creations, enhancing their appeal and value.

Acquisition Methods

  • Mining: This fundamental gathering profession allows you to extract ore directly from mineral veins found throughout Azeroth. Having Mining as a secondary profession can be highly beneficial, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials and reducing costs.
  • Gathering Herbs: Certain herbs, such as Thorium Weed and Dreamfoil, are used in some Blacksmithing recipes. Combining Mining with Herbalism can further enhance your self-sufficiency.
  • Killing Mobs: Some creatures, particularly elementals and metal-clad enemies, have a chance to drop ore or even bars, providing an alternative source of materials.
Acquisition Methods

Making WoW Classic Season of Discovery Gold with Blacksmithing 

Few professions in WoW Classic offer the versatility and potential for profit as Blacksmithing. With the right approach and a bit of hustle, you can turn your mastery of metal into a lucrative business venture. Here are some key strategies to explore:

  • Identify Market Demand: Research what items are currently in high demand by players. This often includes weapons and armor suitable for the current content phase, consumables like sharpening stones, and even cosmetic items like bracers or rings.
  • Focus on Scarce Resources: Identify materials that are in short supply or require more effort to obtain. These often fetch higher prices on the Auction House, especially if they are essential for popular crafted items.
  • Market Strategically: Sell your materials at opportune moments. Monitor market trends and adjust your pricing accordingly. Consider offering bulk discounts or selling material bundles for specific crafting recipes.


So this was all about WoW Classic Season of Discovery Blacksmithing Guide we discussed everything to the topic in this guide.

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