70 Poems about Emotions That Help to Express Yourself

In life, we experience a range of emotions – some good, some bad. But what do these emotions mean? And how can we express them?

Depending on the situation, emotions can tell us how we are feeling and can be used to communicate that feeling to others.

Poems about emotions is one way to express our emotions. It can be a release, a way to communicate what we’re feeling, or simply a way to connect with others.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of emotions poems that can help you to express yourself. From anger and frustration, to love and happiness, there’s a poem for every emotion.

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Famous Poems about Emotions

This category explores various emotions through the lens of classic and contemporary famous emotions poems. Here you can find poems that touch on the varied emotions we experience in life.

1. Ode to The Heart

       by M. Asim Nehal

Your journey begins on 18th or 19th day
After fertilization of eggs
You are the first organ to be formed
And function to beat and pump blood
Then your septation into separate chambers begins
Goes out in an artery comes back in a vein
This makes you unique in the body frame
You loop with other organs and realigned
You control Inflow and outflow of blood
Though, “The Boss” sits on top of you
You work fearlessly and carefree
Your selections are unique
The tenderness, the emotions that you carry
Rules over the nature and environment

You keep a perfect record of emotions
For relationships, time and history
With Love, you have an unending bond
You accommodate all what you want
There is always a tug of war between
You and the Head, you mostly win
No one will understand your true beauty
With every individual, you discharge your duty
However, your size is not more than a fist
Yet you accommodate world within it
You are the most loved one on this earth
Among all creations, you are the best
How can one claim he is heartless?
With you the life starts and without you it ends.

2. Demolition

       by Anastasia

A cement wall stands tall.
Smooth and solid.
Calm, cool, collected.
Cracks spreading like roots, planning their attack.
Words like nails
Slowly being hammered further and further into its heart
Making one single hole.
Eventually the wall- hard as stone and solid as a soldier, takes a fatal blow.
The nail is hit in the one spot that allows it to do the most damage.
The infrastructure shattered,
the walls crumbling down.
Why would it be built in a way that is so easily demolished?
For every beating heart is a bleeding heart.
Don’t lean to hard on a wall, cement or otherwise
Because for all you know,
that wall is cracking.
And you- who has been resting your arm there for years,
Are the one to let it shatter
and be left with nothing but dust.

3. Weather of the Soul

       by Bliss Carman

There is a world of being
We range from pole to pole,
Through seasons of the spirit
And weather of the soul.
It has its new-born Aprils,
With gladness in the air,
Its golden Junes of rapture,
Its winters of despair.
And in its tranquil autumns
We halt to re-enforce
Our tattered scarlet pennons
With valor and resource.
From undiscovered regions
Only the angels know,
Great winds of aspiration
Perpetually blow,
To free the sap of impulse
From torpor of distrust,
And into flowers of joyance
Quicken the sentient dust.
From nowhere of a sudden
Loom sudden clouds of fault,
With thunders of oppression
And lightnings of revolt.
With hush of apprehension
And quaking of the heart,
There breed the storms of anger,
And floods of sorrow start.
And there shall fall,—how gently!—
To make them fertile yet,
The rain of absolution
On acres of regret.
Till snows of mercy cover
The dream that shall come true,
When time makes all things wondrous,
And life makes all things new.

4. Look Inside of Me

       by Jenna

I’m happy when you look at me.
A smile is what you see,
But what would you get
If you took the time to look inside of me?
A broken heart,
Lots of scars,
And pain I try to hide.
I say nothing hurts me,
But the truth is in my eyes.
I put on a brave face,
But I feel like I could die.
I’m happy when you look at me.
A smile is what you see,
But what would you get
If you took the time to look inside of me?

5. The Wheel of the Breast

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Through rivers of veins on the nameless quest
The tide of my life goes hurriedly sweeping,
Till it reaches that curious wheel o’ the breast,
The human heart, which is never at rest
Faster, faster, it cries, and leaping,
Plunging, dashing, speeding away,
The wheel and the river work night and day.
I know not wherefore, I know not whither
This strange tide rushes with such mad force:
It glides on hither, it slides on thither,
Over and over the selfsame course,
With never an outlet and never a source;
And it lashes itself to the heat of passion
And whirls the heart in a mill-wheel fashion.
I can hear in the hush of the still, still night,
The ceaseless sound of that mighty river;
I can hear it gushing, gurgling, rushing
With a wild, delirious strange delight,
And a conscious pride in its sense of might,
As it hurries and worries my heart forever.
And I wonder oft as I lie awake,
A list to the river that seethes and surges
Over the wheel that it chides and urges,—
I wonder oft if that wheel will break
With the mighty pressure it bears, some day,
Or slowly and wearily wear away.
For little by little the heart is wearing.
Like the wheel of the mill, as the tide goes tearing
And plunging hurriedly through my breast,
In a network of veins on a nameless quest,
From and forth, unto unknown oceans,
Bringing its cargoes of fierce emotions,
With never a pause or an hour for rest.

6. Good Enough for Me

       by Anonymous

Born a self hatin’ little girl with a soul so pure
Beautiful and smart– so young, yet mature
Talented with words, but the world doesn’t see
That this is the only way that I know how to be me
Broken and beaten by this world that I despise
I’ve learned to block it all out, I no longer open my eyes
They’ve been permanently shut, so now I live through what I feel
But I’ve cut off all emotions so life’s no big deal
I’ll be great one day, that’s what I tell myself
I’ll be great one day without any of their help
I’ll be great one day and then they’ll see
I’ll be great one day– And good enough for me

7. Inside / Outside

       by Adayliah G Enerson

Standing amidst wildfire,
I am simply an ember.
Not the flame,
Not the smoky haze,
But such inside.

Standing amidst blizzards,
I am simply a flake.
Not the wind,
Not the frigid air,
But such inside.

Standing amidst earthquakes,
I am simply a pebble.
Not the rocks,
Not the fervent shake,
But such inside.

Standing amidst this life,
I am simply a viewer.
Not the praised,
Not the powerful voice,
But such inside.

Standing amidst myself,
I still prevail.
Not the weak,
Not the failing girl,
But such outside.

8. A Word About Words

       by Vanessa B.

We live and breathe with them every hour.
Some words make us feel sour,
Causing us to glower.
Only words have such power.
They flow through our mind and body like water.

They are there,
In my head,
The ones I’ve always read.
Words I’ve never said
But always bottled up instead.

They hide in pairs.
Words show up when no one cares.
In my head, they always compare
What I don’t have and what others share.
Don’t be fooled, words find ways to become our biggest fear.

They can find our heart and soul.
Some manage to make it whole.
Others leave a scar.
Words are complex,
But they are who we are.

9. It Hurts

       by Little_D

It doesn’t hurt when I talk to you.
It hurts when you don’t talk to me.

It doesn’t hurt knowing I’m your friend.
It hurts when you never tell me to my face I am.

It doesn’t hurt when I tell you I love you.
It hurts when you keep forgetting about it.

It doesn’t hurt when I worry about you.
It hurts when you tell me not to.

It doesn’t hurt when you talk to me about suicide.
It hurts when you try it.

It doesn’t hurt when you talk to me.
It hurts when you talk to me about another girl.

It doesn’t hurt knowing you have a girlfriend.
It hurts when you don’t tell me you do.

It doesn’t hurt you being my friend.
It doesn’t hurt me being yours.

Funny Poems about Emotions

This collection of interesting poems about emotions explores the different emotions we feel, from excitement to sadness and despair. Enjoy these humorous takes on our most human experiences.

1. Let’s Die

       by Lochan Chugh

It was a height of 250 metres,
But I wasn’t afraid;
I looked down
And there wasn’t even my shade.

The sun was already jumping
But with a low speed,
“ I can perform better,
 I am not going to give the lead.”

Took a deep breath
And I was in air,
Time stopped,
And silence reached there.

The sun began moving upward,
Or I began moving downward,
I was flying,
But like a dead bird.

When from the ground,
I wasn’t really high;
Mind said,“ change in plan,
Let the sun first die”.

2. Dirty Soul of Whiskey

       by Richie Kharis

I woke up this morning and promised to be good
So I took some walk around my neighborhood
I happen to meet a dirty soul of whisky, I don’t mean to be rude
But how we got into an argument cannot be understood.

I can remember him calling me from a distance..
yes, an old friend I would always need assistance..
We were both happy reminiscing our alliance..
Until he hits me on the floor when I had no balance..

I kept pleading in an uncommon language to my ally…
But he kept drawing me over bumps and made me see the world as a doodle..
Though I felt so good for the first time, cus I’ve never seen a black muddy rain dropped from the sky…
little did I know my legs where up to the heavens and my head pinned to a poodle..

I heard voices and laughter that I began to giggle as well…
with no knowledge of what will make voices laugh so loud as a bell..
But I know whisky is my man…
and with him I’ll never be a bad man..

3. Necessity

       by Gigno

What makes you laugh until you cry
Laughter that makes you feel alive
The way it touches you cannot deny
A joy you crave to feel to survive

The softness of my lips is brave
in every way. They can’t deny
the smile I imprint on their minds today
A sweet addiction you can’t take away

4. Nothing More or Less

       by Paloma P

hid insecurities within
ambiguous humor &
convoluted whimsies,
rules consistently changing
in a game which required
hardly more than breath,
nothing less than obscurity
twisting a fallible fancy,
seizing day’s intangibility

5. Belissima: Amore

       by Anonymous

I like a good conversation ~ about love and life
An objective opinion or a subjective opinion

Belissima ~ Amore
Age does not protect against love
Your sweet smile makes me melt

Yes, I’m incurably romantic
Sweet strawberries with cream vannlije

Belissima ~ Amore
In your eyes rushes my inner thoughts ~ intoxicating
Life is a dream ~ Your smile is like the stars in the sky

It is fate that decides
The important thing is not to find one ~ but finding the right one

Belissima ~ Amore
Your kiss is like drowning in soft chocolate
May I kiss you again

6. The Morning Star of Love

       by Albert Boima

My eyes glittered into the eyes
Of thee who cast a spell on my heart
They glanced each other with pleasure
Upon hearing thy contralto voice,
Or seeing thy sight;
Thy presence in all:
I smiled with passion.
Under the proximity of the roof we communicated.
At last, we settled our funny dating.

We watched not each other of fear,
But overshadowed by the confidence of love
We, albeit the impediments enhanced from outsiders,
Loved our dear selves innately.
Didn’t they say we aren’t fit to be dearer?
Bravo! that we hearkened not unto them.
My love for thee exceeded the heights of the stars—
Which could not be succumbed to fall.

Aye, our love was no fancy
‘Twas agapic as the natural world itself
We both couldn’t say we loved each other!

Balanced unto that time
Not till when some other person,
In his calibration incomparable to mine,
Bewitched my thee to make her fed up with me
Our love, therein, became fancy,
Thus, fancy! ’cause we were no longer dearer.
It went deep to my faith!
I thereafter realized the troth of the saying:
“The beginning of Trust is the end of Deception.”

7. Source of Our Awareness

       by Paula Goldsmith

We know we are alive,
but are we living.
When bad or good thoughts arise,
they can take our body over.
Our emotions can be as fickle as our thoughts,
emotions loose and running wild.
Are we even aware of what is going on,
our body~mind should be one.
God created us,
we live from birth till death on His timetable.
Our body houses our soul,                  
the soul is the working part for our life.
Our awareness or lack of,
helps to make us who we are.

Short Poems about Emotions

This collection of short poetries about emotions explores a range of emotions, from the joy of falling in love to the sorrow of a broken heart.

1. Emotional Weather

       by Danni

A rainbow
Colours in the sky
Reflection in the window
Downpour of my heart
Anger letting go
Peaceful in the night
Troubles to get through

2. Empty

       by Sherrel Stringfield

I’m surrounded by people who say they care,
But when I really need them, they suddenly aren’t there.

I feel so empty sitting in a dark room all alone.
I can’t even imaging ever calling this place I see a home.

People say they understand, but I know that’s a lie,
For if they did, they would know what it’s like to emotionally die.

So I deal with this pain every day,
Hoping in the near future everything will turn out okay.

3. New Song of Life

       by M. Asim Nehal

In the sea of love
Two young couples
Floating on the ecstasy of emotions
Enjoying the beauty of life
The luminosity of the stars tonight is weird
Even the moon is filtering the medium moonlight
The winds are melodious
Fragrance is everywhere
Two eyes are talking
The eyes tell the story of the heart
Hand in hand and breath giving warmth to each other
Neither on earth nor in the sky floats between them
A new saga of life is being woven tonight.

4. Moods

       by Georgia Douglas Johnson

My heart is pregnant with a great despair
With much beholding of my people’s care,
‘Mid blinded prejudice and nurtured wrong,
Exhaling wantonly the days along:
I mark Faith’s fragile craft of cheering light
Tossing imperiled on the sea of night,
And then, enanguished, comes my heart’s low cry,
“God, God! I crave to learn the reason why!”
Again, in spirit loftily I soar
With wingѐd vision through earth’s outer door,
In such an hour, it is mine to see,
In frowning fortune smiling destiny!

5. She and Me

       by Rose O Fletch

She smiles, I cry.
She’s brave, I’m shy.
She loves, I’m alone.
She’s amazing, I’m unknown.
She’s beautiful, I’m a mess.
She’s happy, I’m depressed.
She’s a fake, I am real.
My mask is perfect; she hides me.

6. Would You Care

       by Allison

Don’t be fooled by the mask I create
For it is all a lie
Underneath my calm sophisticated facade
There is nothing but lies and sadness

I need you to help me
I need you to reach out
Wipe the blind stare of the living dead away from my face
So that my heart can grow small but feeble wings
I need you to breathe life into me

After you find what a wreck I am
Will you still care?

7. Distressful Homonyms

       by Vikram Seth

Since for me now you have no warmth to spare
I sense I must adopt a sane and spare

Philosophy to ease a restless state
Fuelled by this uncaring. It will state

A very meagre truth: love like the rest
Of our emotions, sometimes needs a rest.

Happiness, too, no doubt; and so, why even
Hope that ‘the course of true love’ could run even?

8. Treasured Moments!

       by Aarzoo Mehek

I picked a few random moments
And froze them in my heart
A few affectionate moments
Empty dull moments
A handful of emotions
Droplets of pearly tears
All treasured and tucked
Safely in a box of memories
I assured myself to dwell
In some lonesome moments of solitude
To dig into the treasure
Retrospect all those lost moments
And re-live life all over again,
When there are no moments left
To cherish and remember.

Long Poems about Emotions

This collection of long poetries about emotions explores the depths of emotion, from joy to sorrow and everything in between. Join us on a journey of discovery.

1. Emotional Bursts

       by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

All of sudden tears roll out,
No reason whatsoever and nothing about,
No defeat, no victory and no rout,
Still reality and sudden fall out,

Emotions burst out with sudden good news,
No solution in sight but call for reviews,
No hopes for success but call for interviews,
Where chances for success are little or few,

It is state where sudden looseness occur in mind,
No easy way out still escape route to find
It is difficult to control but to bring an end,
Nerves act loose and emotions send,

Everything is known fact but still we weep,
Look so childish but forceful smile we keep,
No reason to look around but till we peep,
To avoid a personal audience we pretend to sleep,

Even bravest person among all on earth has failed,
Gripped with fear when boat is not smoothly sailed,
Got no reprieve and even not even bailed out
Emotions grip when dear ones are jailed,

With slight unusual things makes us to laugh,
Eyes glitter when not facing weather rough,
Fatal accidents not resulting into death,
Emotions run very high while laying wreath,

We gracefully bow when blessed with success,
Never dreamt about but find easy access,
We tend to loose control and surrender to feelings,
Heart is beating fast with joy and happy fillings

Even slight happiness sends us rolling,
Face becomes tense for result before polling,
Continuous flow of thought confine us to corner
Flare up emotion any time with heavy anger

Its occurrences is not unusual but natural,
One should not be Confined to limits overall,
It is simple to burst out with sudden call,
Even you may laugh free with a sudden fall

It is good for health to omit complete anger,
it is equally not good if not to ask food when facing hunger,
Let it take its implication in limited way,
No one has full control on it or even say

We should not be so sentimental in this regard
Not to think unnecessarily and look forward
It is beyond our capacity to ignore such call
It is so useful and important for our rise and fall

No one will have control over its outburst
Good control and anchoring is essential and must
It does not require special skill or talent
One must surrender to situation and relent

It may have serious fall out on health
Can’t be prevented with medicine or wealth
Only self-control can put little brake
Its impact will be not less than earth quake

2. Breathe

       by Tiffaney L. Ganci

Panic, worry, darkness closing in around me.
These are some of the words I could use to describe my anxiety,
but nothing I can say could speak of its entirety,
as I cry internally thinking I’ve lost my sanity.

Doctors, counselors, saying there’s something wrong with me.
My parents telling me to calm down and stop being so crazy.
But how can I calm down when the world around me
is spinning out of control and I can barely see?

Breathe. You will get through this.

You will get through the sleepless nights,
all the internal fights,
and the days that seem right
when the world hits you with all its might.

Breathe. You will get through this.

I know you think I’m overreacting about the silliest little things,
but to me those silly little things seem like the doom the world could bring.
Can’t you see, a spilled glass of milk to you can seems like an earthquake to me.

I know it might be hard to understand my anxiety,
but I hope today I have given you some clarity.

So the next time someone is scared and feels like they can’t breathe,
shaking and crying, unable to see,
don’t tell them they’re overreacting; don’t call them crazy.
Help them realize there is more to life than this misery,
and no matter the doubt inside, they will be who they are meant to be.

Breathe. I will get through this.

Because I know I am more than just my anxiety,
and one day I hope to be free of it entirely.
But until then, I will keep telling myself, quietly,
I am stronger than this. I am stronger than my anxiety.

3. A Cup of Emotion

       by Tamara Hanaring

Sip with me a cup of few sunny,
warm and rainy emotions in this morning.
say it before you leave..
The noisy sound which is around
prevent us at times to listen to the beautiful songs..,
do not let us see the truth and the depth of it,
the beauty which is there everywhere.
wasting for the pleasure when we lose appreciation’s treasure….
when we stay blind..

I do realize what within,
that infront and what behind..,
Before the death I taste the life..
from each garden I carry some flowers,
I plant one in me and give other to another.
I carry a stone from each weepy land,
a dropp from each rain.
a painful song, a beautiful scene.
when I’m away.
by recalling them
I do guard my heart,
I revive my sighing mind

When we leave without realizing the beauty of that sound which could be found among the crowd..
we leave while carrying life’s heaviness in one strand…

4. Realizing Reality

       by Sarah S. Durbin

We have been told all our lives
It’s what’s on the inside that matters
Until one day when beauty becomes everything
When you’re told you’re not pretty enough to do something
When you’re told you’re not beautiful enough to love someone
Being beautiful becomes part of your life
Putting makeup on so maybe they will love you
Wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable so you will fit in

Then there’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Where people hide to get away from their pain
Adding filters to their pictures
Photoshopping their face so they look acceptable
You feel good behind that screen
Dancing in a puddle of comments on how beautiful you are
Drawing in hundreds of likes
You feel positive now

Until you have to turn back to reality
When no one at school calls you pretty
No one compliments how you look
Going back and forth thinking you’re pretty and then you’re not

Then you meet that one person who changes everything
They’re not popular, nor do they fit in
But they show you that there is much more than being pretty or beautiful
You finally take a deep breath and let your hair down
It’s finally time to realize that looks don’t matter
It’s what’s on the inside that counts

5. I Stay Away Until the Candle Light Fades

       by D.L. Lewis

I stay away until the candle light fades,
afraid to face the truth that it shades.
The flickering flame reminds me of you,
a love that was once pure and true.

But now it’s gone, just like the light,
leaving me alone in the endless night.
I’ll wait here until the darkness fades,
and pray for strength to face the shades.

The shadows dance around me,
whispering secrets I cannot see.
I strain to hear your voice again,
hoping for solace in the forgotten pain.

But all I hear is the silent flame,
the only constant in this endless game.
So I’ll stay away until the candle light fades,
and let my heart heal from the love that degrades.

The memories linger, like ghosts in the air,
haunting my thoughts with a love so rare.
I try to move on, to leave it behind,
but the candle’s glow reminds me what I’ll never find.

So I sit in the darkness, lost in the past,
wondering how our love could never last.
But as the candle wanes and the darkness grows,
I know it’s time to let go of what was once my rose.

For though the flame may die, the light will stay,
guiding me through the darkness day by day.
And so I’ll stay away until the candle light fades,
and find the strength to move on from the love that degrades.

6. Let’s Dance

       by Hazel Durham

Lost voices cry out to reach her heart,
Voices from the past to comfort her in this hopeless time
Of deceit, lies and destruction that is the crime,
Her man has thrown away their time,

Fragile tears fall easily from battered emotions,
Her soul and heart is now an empty shell,
Only the mighty sea fills her head,
She knows she couldn’t be well,

The monster waves drowning her past, her future
As she lets out a yell
From twisted emotions, she must be in hell,
She stands naked in front of the mirror,

She observes ugliness reflecting in the glass,
Allowing her body to be used by her man,
As he said sweet words before rushing off in his van,
The wind howls at her to realize the truth,

He doesn’t desire her or admire her,
He has stolen her sanity, he has no humanity,
She is an empty shell listening to the music of the sea
Calling to her ‘Let’s Dance’

It is her new romance,
As she feels her heart and soul dance,
She is filled with the rhythm and beat,
There is no defeat,

Only the life-force of the beat.

Poems about Emotions That Rhyme

Here you will find a selection of rhyming poems on emotions that explore the full range of human emotions, all in rhyming form.  

1. The Battlefield Symphony

       by Anonymous

War drums pound, the battle cry,
The smell of death is drawing nigh.
Soldiers march, with heads held high,
Their fate uncertain, their cause a lie.

The fields are stained with blood and tears,
The screams of wounded fill our ears.
The horror of war, we cannot deny,
As we fight for a cause, we do not know why.

Families shattered, homes destroyed,
The innocent caught in the crossfire employed.
For those who survive, the scars remain,
A reminder of the pain and the endless strain.

The cost of war, too high to bear,
The devastation beyond compare.
A senseless struggle, a pointless fight,
The consequences, a permanent blight.

So let us hope, for peace we strive,
For a world where war does not thrive.
May the drums of war be silenced forever,
And the wounds of the past, we can finally sever.

2. Who Am I?

       by Shadow

I’m lost in the dark, I feel so alone.
Surrounded by demons, I want to go home,
But how did I get to this nightmarish state?
Can I be saved, or is it too late?

I’m scared and I’m done being strong.
If you could see what I see, you’d know that I’m gone.
Can I come back? I want to go home.
Don’t want to be scared, lost or alone.

I’m trying, I really am, can’t you see?
It’s just so hard and they’re so angry.
I’m falling so fast but can’t seem to slow down.
If I can’t stop I’ll smash into the ground.

I’m lost in the dark. I feel so alone.
Surrounded by torment, I can’t go home.
I feel their anger, I see their hate.
I can’t wake up, it’s already too late.

3. A Poison Tree

       by William Blake

I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I waterd it in fears,
Night & morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.
And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.
And into my garden stole,
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

4. The Girl in The Mirror

       by Peyton C Raciya

I told the girl in the mirror
I didn’t like her hair
I asked the girl in the mirror
Why she was always there
I reminded the girl in the mirror
Not to look at me that way
I asked the girl in the mirror
Why she never had anything to say

The girl in the mirror
Well she didn’t like that
The girl in the mirror
upon her chair she sat
Now the girl in the mirror
Is no longer my best friend
Sometimes I wonder
If I should put her to an end

5. A Delightful Situation

       by Anonymous

As the world turns
The will within burns
Feelings of thought returns.

Gluttony, ego, spite
A slight bright bite
On-site in plain sight
No playwright
No exit or stage-right.

It was a terrible afternoon
There was a fly in my soup and no soupspoon
I felt like a werewolf howling at a full moon
Images of a hellish cartoon of a baboon running with a harpoon
Into a crowded commune gathered together on a pontoon

Instead, I breathe in deeply and release all negativity
Calmly direct my creativity of sensitivity
Toward the waiters with proclivity
And continue my talk on the theory of relativity.

6. Where Do I Begin

       by Shamiel Speelman

Where do I begin to tell of the pain
Etched beneath your skin, so deep, so plain
Hidden scars that haunt you day and night
Existential torment that defies the light

Do they begin with your childhood dreams
Or the shattered hopes, life’s ruthless schemes
Illuminated by a single beam
Beginning long before you inked your skin

Do they stem from the heartaches of youth
Or the agonies of love, hidden truths
Innocence lost and forever gone
Nowhere to be found, the pain lives on

Where do I begin to ease your heart
Eradicating the pain that tears you apart
And silence the whispers that tear you down
Rising above the past, a queen with crown

Where do I begin, I wonder still
In this journey of pain, how to heal
New beginnings, a hope to instill

7. My Goddess I am Your Missionary

       by Anonymous

Tell me how may I show you devotion?
No words are left in this dictionary.
Which fool said love is just an emotion?
My Goddess, I am your missionary.

The essence of time is not eternal,
but my adoration is evergreen.
You are a flower that is nocturnal.
Alive in every season – nature’s queen.

When adversity knocks upon your door,
let me soothe your misery and sorrow.
Does not matter if we are rich or poor,
I will provide a better tomorrow.

Come lose yourself in desire and passion.
Our romance will invent a new fashion.

Poems about Emotions for Children

Here, you will find a selection of poems about emotions for kids that explore different emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness and fear.

1. Painting Feelings

       by Melony Cj Heck

How do I paint happy?
How do I paint sad?
How do I paint angry,
when someone makes me mad?

How do I paint feelings?
They’re not somethin’ that you see.
And yet, they’re so important
in my pictures about me.

Today I thought about it.
I think what I will do –
is paint what feelings stand for.
It’s easy I think, too.

When I’m feelin’ happy,
I’ll paint the sky bright blue.
If sad is what I’m feeling,
then the tears I’ll paint are, too.

If what I feel is angry,
I’ll paint my mouth a great big ‘O’,
’cause Mommy says ’bout angry,
‘Get it out, then let it go.’

2. The Blues

       by Phoebe Coghlan

Some days I’m sad and I feel so alone
I worry and cry about fears unknown,
And I can’t find the words to express what’s inside
So I smile instead and my sorrows I hide.

Shadows unfurl on this path that I tread
As the leaves arc in canopies over my head.
But the dark’s an illusion, I know the sun’s close
I reach up to grab it, fall short on my toes.

I’m a faraway shipwreck, a speck in the sea,
If I dropped from the Earth, would you come, follow me?

I could do with a hand that will guide me along,
Will you give me a cuddle, remind me I’m strong?

These blues are just passing like storms in the night,
In the morning I know I’ll be happy and bright!
Though today I feel trapped like there’s no place to run,
Tomorrow I’ll laugh with my friends in the sun!

3. Night Magic

       by Jenny Erlanger

At night if feel anxious and my heart begins to race,
if all I want to do is weep or yell
I look outside my bedroom at that diamond-studded space,
and wait for it to cast its magic spell.

I feel the tension easing, all the pressure start to lift
and let my thinking go without a fight.
A magnet way above me sets my frazzled mind adrift
and draws it gently up into the night.

In weightless bliss I flitter with the wings of fantasy
past planets, moons and stars that no one knows.
In breathless awe I float within my private galaxy.
I’m free at last from all those earthly woes.

My mind is now uncluttered and as peaceful as can be.
It’s lost, for now, that pressing sense of gloom.
Before I even know it, it has floated back to me
from somewhere worlds and worlds beyond my room.

The magic moment passes and I’m really glad to say
I feel a little fluttering of hope.
Although I know my problems haven’t really gone away
I thank the sky for helping me to cope.

4. Why Does Everybody Gotta Be So Cruel?

       by Jaymie Gerard

Peter called Petunia a pickled poopy pie
So Petunia stuck her tongue at him until it made him cry
Sandra told Steven he smelled like rotten cheese
So Steven sprinkled pepper next to Sarah ‘til she sneezed
Markus called Maria a mangy monster mutt
So Maria put a “kick me” sign on Markus’s butt
Devon told me that I look like drool –
Why does everybody gotta be so cruel?

5. The Teardrop

       by Allan Cropper

I was sad.
I shed a single tear.
It lay before me but for a moment.
A warming sun and a drying wind beckoned it skyward
to join a million other teardrops in a cloud.
A million teardrops fell to earth,
and like a million teardrop broom
they swept away the fear and gloom,
and I was happy.

Poems about Emotions and Love

Through these emotional love poems, we explore the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, and the beauty and complexity of human relationships.

1. Life on the River

       by Bill Baker

A balance in life can solve the riddle.
To find the balance, start in the middle.
Distractions from the banks may lead us wrong.
Go with the flow where the current is strong.

The banks are sirens calling to our ears,
offering us pleasures relieving fears.
The emotion of love, the fear of pain,
tossing and turning, driving us insane.

Too much pleasure can lead to addiction,
pain and sickness can lead to restriction.
Reject their temptations, stay in the flow,
the river is wise and knows where to go.

Avoid extremes, be content with enough.
Life on the river, no need for the fluff.

2. Slowly

       by Tim Smith

ever so slowly
overcome with emotion
building up ever so effortlessly
passions burning ever so swiftly
deep in my heart
sweet smells of your luscious gateau
roam free
a slight breeze blows in your hazel hair
enhancing your essence
enticing me
ever so slowly
I wrap my arms around your
aphrodite-esque waist
squeezing ever so slightly
“love me”

3. Being in Love

       by Subhas Chandra Chakra

A tiny teen heart
Longing to live
In someone’s heart
Nameless now for them
And planted deep within her.

In her heart of hearts
She pumps blood of warmth.

In her valley of the soul,
Nests the bird of her desire.

Life at present, in and around,
Offers sensations, wild and new,
Veils her secrets, delicate and fresh
Entangles and evacuates emotions few.

Womanliness in her, dawns slow
Invisible though, culminates low
Timely emotions flood that valley,
Hours of waiting at worlds ugly.

Silver moon of moonlit sky,
Anchors the night less dreams high
Nights of endless waiting for him,
Kindle the desire, yet keep her calm
Ever she wanted a divine hug
Timeless, Endless, embracing fog.

4. Fairy Tale Ending

       by Rylee Woods

what is love?
How do we describe some thing we
can’t touch or even see.
Love is an emotion
Kids don’t understand the true
meaning of it
But for us its an experience that
you never want to lose that feels
amazing like a book that you turn
into reality…Like your fairy tale ending

5. Hidden in The Rain

       by Wendy White

She has faced the ghosts from her past.
Traveled beyond the razor’s edge.
She is haunted by shame’s overcast.

Once engulfed in misery’s darkness.
Blame it on insecurity.
Storms of emotion, she tries to repress.

She hides her tears in the rain.
Angry cries are muffled by thunder.
The wind blows away her pain.

A man’s lust was disguised as love.
She was misled by impatience.
Her soul is cleansed by water from above.
She wandered into the light & found protection.
A discharge of hope revived her spirit.
Now, she can withstand bites of deception.

She hides her tears in the rain.
Angry cries are muffled by thunder.
The wind blows away her pain.

6. Windswept Heart

       by Carolyn Devonshire

I always answer
Without hesitation
To adventure’s calls
Through waves that toss
Winds that batter
I survive squalls

On a sea of emotion
Alone I swirl
Feeling blue
My rowboat has two oars
Two benches
Shouldn’t it carry two?

Sky and sea
Speak of eternity
But they have each other
I would give all
Just to know love
And sail with another

7. Forgive and Forget

       by Jan Allison

I asked you what I have done wrong
But there is no response – just a stony silence
No words can convey my guilt, my inner sadness

This will be my last goodbye
My final letter to you my love
Tears flow down my ashen face
Tears of sadness, tears of regret

Tears fall on the paper as I write
They mingle with the damp blue ink
The inky water leaches into the paper
Its colour starts to bleed and spread
Until it fades into nothingness
I am empty, devoid of emotion
I can say no more

Forgive me for being me
Forgive me for caring
Forgive me for loving you

Goodbye forever

8. Living in The Dark

       by James Inman

It is the night, in deepest dark, that death foretells
the demon heart in which all lonely feeling dwells.

Yet, in plain sight, our eyes can’t see what life impels,
emotion’s plea, our deepest sorrow love dispels.

Blind are caustic ink filled visions, all light repels,
like charred decisions, ash from crematory tells
a tale where quietus intrepidity sells
the silent impetus toward a life of many hells.

Walled inside this ebon murk, my emotion wells;
beyond they lurk, those who are sane, their tale retells
how life is to live, and the end but brief farewells.

Though my will may bend, it is I that death compels.

9. Poet’s Heart

       by Larry Belt

A poem is just a lot of words
With feelings tucked inside
A sad verse usually written
Soon after someone’s cried

Written with emotion
The pen becomes the tool
The poems of betrayal
Are written by the fool

Written in the silence
The poems about despair
Are written by the lonely
Who think that no one cares

Written in the Heavens
Without a passing glance
Are poems written of love
By those who’ve found romance

Written in the darkness
By a soul who’s filled with tears
They tell us of their nightmares
As they’re haunted by their fears

Wrapped in pure emotion
That tears the writer apart
A poem is the feelings
Found in the poet’s heart

Poems about Emotions in Our Life

Through the use of powerful imagery and lyrical language, these poems offer us a glimpse into the intricate and often overwhelming feelings

1. Fragile Heart

       by Baylee M. Davis

My life is falling apart,
Can’t get rid of this fragile heart,
Headache from all the tears,
Restless sleep, thinking about fears.
No more happiness,
No more tears left to cry,
Good memories, say goodbye.
Broken love, broken hope,
My fragile heart doesn’t know how to cope.

2. Always Let Your Emotions Flow

       by Tom Maxwell

We can control almost any actions or thoughts that come into our life each day, the one thing we can never keep totally in line, is when our emotions come out to play.

Many of people have wished that someone they knew would die, but as soon as it happened they were the first with a tear in their eye.

Any sort of relationship love, friendship, or trusting, when it stops for bad or good, our emotions can put us in a daze for days, and we think about what we never understood.

They are a built in reality control to put us in check off and on during our time think about how everyone is always in a hurry, then count the people who try to cut in front of you at a funeral line.

Emotions can even change our body temperature in an instant like a switch inside, we can have warm to hot feelings, to a chill with goose bumps from our toes to our eyes.

Always let your emotions flow if you try to hold them in, you will feel lost and alone, as if you were locked up in a closet or bin.

The quicker you release your emotions, your spirit will guide you where to start again, and always remember your emotions are stronger than you, for no one can totally control or hide them within.

3. Wanting to Feel Something

       by Joyce Alcantara

Have you ever held in pain to the point where it seemed like you didn’t care?
You could’ve sworn you were crying,
But when you went to wipe tears away there was nothing there?
Going through life empty,
Just letting the world pass you by.
Numb to any feelings,
Just wishing you could die.
I feel like this daily.
So lost I don’t know what to feel.
When in fact I do feel pain, I can’t believe that it’s real.
So as I lay my head down tonight,
I close my eyes and pray.
I pray that God will give me guidance and to maybe feel someday.

4. Blessed Garden

       by M. Asim Nehal

Let us walk barefoot into this blessed garden
Where pin drop silence dwells in serenity
And the red river flows under the bridge of emotions
And the adulterous arms of fate embrace life
Eyes filled with starry dreams of surreal splendor
And the garden has the fragrance of lilies all around.

5. Dear Mom

       by Katrina Randklev

Standing in self-hatred,
drowning in my tears.
Looking back on my life,
what I’ve been through the past 18 years.
Living in my brother’s shadow,
everything I do and say,
wishing somehow things would change,
praying for a way.
Same old crap just another day,
living this evil life that was created just for me.
Starving for love, affection, and attention,
I know none of this is how it’s really supposed to be.
I try to be strong,
even though I feel so weak.
Feel like just giving up,
but I won’t accept that level of defeat.
Pretend like I’m always happy,
although I’m never really okay.
Waiting for this pain to end,
that I feel every stupid day.
It’s hard to say what’s wrong,
when nothing’s going right.
Hard to keep myself going,
when I’ve been blinded by sight.
This pain is never ending,
it just goes on and on and on.
It’s all so unbelievably real,
I just wish it all was gone.
Trying to pick myself up,
when I’ve fallen so far and hard.
But I don’t know where I’m going,
It’s all so very dark.
My heart is weak, my emotions sore,
I do my best to never let it show.
But deep down inside I feel like,
I’m dying and nobody knows.
A lot of messed up thoughts
run through my head constantly.
I just wish I didn’t live
this life of MISERY!

6. The Human Hear

       by S. Zaynab Kamoonpury

O’ heart, I wonder how you can store
so many different emotions of ours
in just thy four puny chambers
while pumping away the liquid of life

O’ heart in you we discover love
but side by side you harbour hate
In you we find the emotion of happiness
but side by side you harbour rage!

When you cease to beat many plans you thwart
May God protect the young human heart

And while some O’ heart you hold dear
some make you skip a beat in fear!

O’ heart but we find in you as well
the bad bad emotion of jealousy
Such a potpourri of emotions in you dwell
Help filter out any wrong ones for me!

A mere four chambers indeed but spacious are they
invite therein whomsoever in the world you may

But in the end forget not to reserve
atleast a single chamber for its Creator, to preserve

7. Life on Ice

       by Mary Havran

A quest for emotional provender
leaves me guided by your North Star
into wilderness unmelcoming
to my hearth loving nature
Fathoming your emotions
a venture akin to ice fishing
even should we crack the surface
there may be no reward
no returning tug on frail lines
deployed into chill waters

Wisdom holds bounty abides below the surface
and by patience might fishing pay the prize
Yet what to you may spell but sport
looms for me as groundless strife
Ice extends a contentious surface
You, insulated by substantial layers
unvoiced emotions your choice swaddle
My garb, as gossamer compares
transparent, ineffectual glacial guard

You have learned to sentinel your fires
securely sheltered from any storm
While I wave candles in open air
daring breezes to breach their flare
So we hazard stranding here on ice
This arctic your favored element, severe
landscape, where resolute men prevail
Hopeful heart still bids me follow north
trusting fervid love shall never fail

Yet precarious any movement now
while there remains but one
unsteady upon ice

Poems about Emotions and Feelings

This collection of poems about feelings and emotions explores different emotions and feelings, from joy to sorrow, and everything in between.

1. I Wish, I Dream

       by Isabel S.

I wish I could stop crying,
I wish I didn’t have to try.
On the outside I’m smiling,
But inside I’m dying,
I wish I didn’t yell,
I wish I didn’t pretend,
I wish I didn’t feel crazy,
I wish I didn’t always feel stuck,
I wish I didn’t feel different,
I wish I could start over,
I wish I didn’t feel so worthless,
I wish I didn’t feel empty inside,
I wish I could just let go,
I wish I didn’t need help,
I dream of a life, though I know I’ll never have it.
I wish, I dream.

2. Restless Nights

       by Pete Sciarrino

I’m breaking;
I can’t be fixed.
I’m missing,
But I won’t be missed.

Still shaking
From what I fear.
I can’t let you in,
So don’t come near.

I guess you’re right;
I’m way too thin,
And I’m fighting a battle
That I’ll never win.

I have so many flaws;
I don’t know where to start
From my messed up hair
To my messed up heart.

So what’s the point
To continue to fight?
When my restless days
Turn into restless nights.

This life hasn’t been fair.
I can finally tell
That nobody cares,
And it hurts like hell.

I still don’t understand
What was God’s cause?
Why did He put me on earth
With all of my flaws?

Was I born just to die?
Am I part of a plan?
Made to finally see
That I won’t die an old man.

I don’t know how to live.
I have nothing to gain,
And all I want from you
Is to end all my pain.

I’m losing sight
Of what I’ve already seen.
I’m losing my grip,
And I’m barely seventeen.

3. Am I Broken or Am I Whole?

       by Devin

Look into my eyes
and tell me what you see.
Do you see a reckless girl
or someone depressed at 15?

Do you dare see the tears
that spread across my skin?
Do you see all my losses
or the very few I win?

If you dare to touch my hand,
will you feel my softness
or will you feel the calluses
from burns and feeling-less?

Do you see unflawed youth,
or do you see a broken child?
Do you see all my pain,
or do you see me just as wild?

Can you tell I’m screaming
out for help I need?
Or am I just the silence of
the whistling wind without heed?

Look into these eyes
and peer into my soul.
Tell me, what do you see?
Am I broken or am I whole?

4. Anxiety

       by Kristal Mcdolgle

I’m miserable because of you,
making plans and not following through.

You have me feeling as though I am alone.
I don’t feel safe unless I’m at home.

I see a stranger on the street,
want to say hi but too scared to speak.

What are they staring at?
Something must be wrong…
Is there a stain on my shirt?
Is my nose too long?

I’m shaking, find an exit, I must retreat!
Here they come! Here they come!
Quick, I must flee!

People keep telling me that I am fine
but I am not,
not in my mind.

A lump in my throat makes it so hard to swallow.
Pains in my chest consume me with sorrow.
I lay awake, restless, hoping maybe,
just maybe this will all be gone

5. Who Could Ever Love Me?

       by Miriam Narat

When I look at myself, I see nothing good.
I see all the flaws that no one else should.
I wear a mask
To hide the pain
That always resides on my face.

They tell me I’m beautiful,
But how would they know
The secrets I have yet to tell?
The guilt that eats me up inside
About the things I’ve done
Each and every night.

They don’t see the things that I hide
Behind the walls inside my mind.
They don’t see the flaws on my skin.
For if they did, they would think I’m a sin.

So, I tell myself, who will ever love me
When no one ever hears my pleas?
Who could understand my broken thoughts,
The hate in my gut that’s like a knot?

Maybe one day my thoughts will change,
But for now, they still seem to reign.
But I will keep fighting each night,
Because if I don’t, then how else can I find the light?

6. Stress Is a Killer

       by Krista Ceci

Stress is feeding on me,
Sucking out my soul.
I feel my body weakening,
it refuses to let go.

I’m going kind of pale,
blood is dripping down my arm.
Tears are falling from my eyes;
a pain pierces my heart.

I’m confused
and don’t know what to do.
I want to end it all,
but you don’t want me to.

Living life is fine,
but stress makes it tough.
Your smile used to make me happy;
now that’s not enough.

Stress is killing me,
putting me to rest.
But I’ll try not to leave you,
I’ll try my very best.

7. Pushed Away

       by Maria

I want to be brave.
I want to be smart.
I want to be saved.
I want a new start.

I’m constantly being pushed,
Pushed to the edge.
Knock me down, now I’m crushed.
I’m falling over the ledge.
People tell me it’s going to be all right,
But how much longer do I have to fight?

I know I have a purpose in life,
But how do I reach it when I’m trapped?
Nothing to do but wish into the night.
When I ask, it’s never too far from being denied.
Save me or join me; just don’t say no.
I promise I won’t let you go.

We’re not too far behind now.
A little further up is where our future lies.
Change is something I want to allow.
From here on out, all I’ll do is rise.
Lord, I need the faith.
I need the strength.

8. The Fire

       by Sarah Gray

The fire that rages
from within my rib cage is
weakening the bones
that should make me strong.
The feeling creeps for every dark place.
It fills up my head; it’s invading my space.
It’s melting me from inside; I think I’m burning up.
I can’t breathe or move or talk. I’m hopelessly stuck.
As people pass by, they give no second glance.
I cry out for help; this is my chance.
The fire claws at my throat; it’s burning my tongue.
I think it’s too late for help; the damage is done.
I down some water, which brings calmness and peace.
The fire has settled for a minute, at least.
Eventually it’s burning as hot as before.
The fire rages back up from my very core.
The fire inside is one you can’t see.
The fire inside, it’s my anxiety.

Poems about Emotions Control

This collection of poems explores the idea of controlling one’s emotions. Each poem about controlling emotions offers a unique perspective on the power of emotions.

1. I Don’t Know Why I Can’t Control My Emotions

       by Anonymous

I don’t know why I can’t control my emotions.
I can keep my anger in check.
Cover it up with laughter and pretend I’m okay
and just release when I’m alone but I’m sad
or feeling especially worthless,
I tend to take it out on those around me,
pretending they don’t care about me when I know they do.

I’m a fuck up. Why I keep forgetting is unknown
but for some reason, I keep making the same mistakes.
I’m gonna end up running another one off
because I can’t seem to control myself.
I’m trying, I really am.
So when I change emotions at the snap of my fingers,
it’s because I’m tired of treating you as if
it’s your fault that I feel the way that I do.
I know it’s never your fault.

I’m sorry this happens,
but in my defense, I warned you.
I’m trying.
And I’m waiting for my parents to decide they care again,
but I guess these things take time.
We’ll see how it goes.
I’ll try to keep control of my emotions but
I’m not sure how great of a job I can do.

Again, as I’ve said time and time again,
I’m sorry.

2. Emotion Control

       by Kishore Kumar Das

Emotions, a part of life
covers almost all qualities
affection, love, respect
sorrow, jealousy, anger
pleasure, success, failure
lust, desire, pain
controlling emotion not easy
emotion generated
out of situation by default
only mind can control it
you driving a two-wheeler
look at the accelerator
by default
normal position zero
but with finger tips
you control speed of bike
increase or decrease
you are the master
control lies with your right palm
if ‘speed’, the denominator
for all traits of emotion
then ‘mind’ is the accelerator
control magnitude of emotion
by deploying the mind
road welcomes the bike
time welcomes you to proceed
ride life smoothly.

3. Heart Vs Mind

       by Rini Shibu

I am confused really confused
My mind says to fight for truth
And Heart says to live in harmony
The Mind sets boundaries and limitations
Heart says love unconditionally
Should I listen to my heart or mind?
Where do the emotions come from?
If it is from my mind
Then why do my heart ache and rejoice in love
Is it not the first electromagnetic wave
started from the heart
Is it not my heart beat first in mothers womb
Is it not my heart acted as mind when there was no brain
That’s the reason my mind follows my heart sometimes

4. Can’t Control My Emotions

       by Yash Pradhan

My emotions are hard to control.
It has become a problem to me.
My state now is not a normal state.

Every game is playing inside me.
Is a game that I can’t never be free.
If I would be free, I don’t know what I would be.

It has broke me.It has ruin me.
Everything it does is a pain for me.
The pain which is still the same.

I broke my dreams.I broke everything.
Which can never be made into something.
My life is like a hard rock.
Which can never be broken.

Final Thoughts

The power of words is truly remarkable. They can evoke emotions that are felt all over the world. Poetry expressing feelings and emotions is powerful and meaningful.

We hope that this collection of poems for emotions has been helpful in understanding and expressing your emotions.

We invite readers to share their thoughts and experiences with us. What emotions have been particularly challenging for you to express?

What poems have you found helpful in conveying your feelings?

Please leave us a comment and let us know. Together, we can continue to explore the power of words to express our emotions.

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