73 Best Poems about God to Learn Words of Wisdom

Writing about God and poetry can be a daunting task, as the combination of the two requires deep contemplation and introspection.

To truly understand the power of words and the faith that lies within them, one must look to the words of poets who have written about God and His infinite wisdom.

Through these God poems, we can come to know the love of God and experience the joy of believing in something bigger than ourselves.

In this article, we will explore some of the best poems about God and His teachings, offering readers a chance to gain insight into their own spirituality and learn words of wisdom that can be applied to their lives.

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Modern Poems about God

This category explores various modern poems about God, exploring the relationships and meanings we attach to the divine.

1. God Is

       by D.E. Navarro

God (Who alone existed in Eternity

which is not a time frame but a place)

created (only God can create something

out of nothing) the heavens (firmament,

or universe, which is like a bubble in

the deep beyond which is the realm

of Light and Eternity. The heavens

are two-fold, the physical heavens

(time-space-matter-energy) are

the universe, the spiritual heavens are

the spirit realm—the angelic host)

and the earth (for humanity, earth is

our home and God made it for us, a

university of life where we could learn

to love God and thank God by our

free will choice to give honor and praise)

in the beginning (with the creation and

commencement of the heavens and the

earth, time also began for all creation

and that is why it is the beginning.

2. Eternal Age of God

       by Katie Flower

Before the rising and setting sun

Before the slumber and rising of the Son

Before the turning angels of night

Before the fall of wisdom and her dark plight

Before the lamb breathed forth the garden

Before the lamb was washed with oil in Jordan

Before he was stabbed with error’s lance

Before the only child was born in silence

Before truth that the lamb of life brought

Before imperishable divinity

Before bright foreknowledge or forethought

Before the life of flowing eternity

Before Barbelo’s unveiling without strife

Before the mind’s spark became reality with life

Before light’s image appeared as a mirror

Before the spring of living water became clearer

Before there was clay, star or idol

Before there was even a before at all

Before there was a was as we thought

Before there was all or absolutely naught

3. Ever Living God Never Be Old

       by Brundaban

God generates world so first letter G,

God is Organizer; so O letter middle.

God for Destruction so end letter D,

God everywhere within world field.

God, Omnipresent forever present,

God Omnipotent and Omniscient.

God is good, God is Love or truth,

God Supreme Soul without death.

God guides God offers glad, bless,

God sources joy, peace, kindness

God lives within the heart heaven,

God our father we are his children.

4. Christ Consciousness

       by Brundaban

I bask in your divine light,

with a vulnerable demeanor in the arms of her lover,

whisper to me stories of unspoken words,

remind me of our connection to the Eternal.

Your love is endless,

peaceful, in which one must surrender,

to live and embody,

his eternal truth.

How I missed you!

I closed my eyes for a second, and forgot about our name,

while my heart was searching for you in my sleep.

But there you were – as I yield to your bliss alone.

5. Fate Gives

        By Mark Tabaka

Fate gives not

what we demand

of living in life

Fate follows the

best intentions

choice by choice

Fate flows out

from each moment

butterflies ripple

Fate is not

what has been

it is unknown

Fate is finding

Karma in God

releasing desires

Fate is not

what has been

it is unknown

Fate flows out

from each moment

butterflies ripple

Fate follows the

best intentions

choice by choice

Fate gives not

what we demand

of living in life

6. Fully Out in the Open

       by Anonymous

but now knowing what I’m worthy of.

Feelings of pain not so different

Between heartbreak and running from home.

To find you, I had to lose my way

Shatter the conditions of old.

The scared child within died.

New flames ignite, allowing the phoenix to rise.

This new space feels familiar

A realm known but never owned.

Courageously embodying wholeness

giving life to yesterday’s prayers.

I need no closure of the past

Only to trust the whispers of my heart.

Giving a sacred offering to the present

A love found fermenting in you too.

7. My Angel

       by James Polk

I felt the love of an angel today,

For the first time since I walked away.

I’ve felt guilt and shame for so many years,

But the angel freed me of that through my tears.

I cried to him and confessed my sin,

I opened the door and let him in.

The angel greeted me with a smile,

He held me in his arms and said, “It’s been a while.”

He said, “My child, it is going to be all right.

No longer will you cry yourself to sleep at night,

All those times when you were full of fear,

It was I who pulled you through; I have always been near.”

He said, “I have loved you since the beginning of forever,

And my love for you will stop never.

My child, I am always there,

All you have to do is come to me in prayer.”

8. Every Scar Has a Story

       by Kristina M. Decarlo

Every scar has a story.

What will mine tell?

What will come of this?

when I’m better, when I’m well?

I want my scar to tell

of how I’ve overcome,

of how I made it through,

of where I have come from.

I want my scar to whisper

about the pain I faced,

about this very hard time,

about the marathon I raced.

But mostly I want my scar

to speak of something greater

I want it to shout

about my living Creator.

Let my scar be evidence

that there is a loving Lord

who fought my scary battles?

and on whose wings I soared.

Let my scar proclaim

that all things work for good,

that by myself I couldn’t

but with my God I could.

Let them take a look.

Let them peek and see.

My scar shows God is great.

It points to Him, not me.

9. Whispers of The Lord

       by Shannon Tackett

The Lord whispered to me, “I love you so,”

“Come follow me, my child, high places we will go.”

The Lord knelt beside me at an altar in prayer,

He wiped my tears and took away my despair.

“Come follow me, my child,” the Lord whispered to me,

“There will be no more pain but oh so much to gain.”

He said, “I forgive you now for all you’ve done.

Now it’s time to receive the love of God’s only son.”

His love was so warm, so bright and so true,

I could not believe my soul he had renewed,

He repaired my soul from the inside out.

It was then and only then I knew what love was about.

The cleansing power that fell over me,

Was the love of the Lord as he carried me.

“Come follow me, my child,” the Lord whispered to me,

“In that sweet holy land someday you will be.

You will see the Lord’s face at those big pearly gates,

Where loved one’s embrace and angels await.

Come follow me, my child,” the Lord whispered to me,

“I will love you always, your protector I’ll be.”

10. Day by Day

       by Lenora Mcwhorter

Day by day, God walks with me,

and my burdens he helps me bear.

Each step I take along the way,

my loving Father is always there.

Day by day, I feel God’s love

encircling me all around.

His grace and mercy cover me

and pick me up when I am down.

Day by day, the Lord keeps me

from danger, hurt and harm.

Safe from the snares of the enemy

and protected from life’s alarms.

Day by day, I rely on the Father

to strengthen me when I am weak.

He comforts me with His love

and to my heart He speaks peace.

Day by day, I feel God’s presence,

and my spirit is always revived.

God is faithful to watch over me

as a father does his own child.

God imparts his grace to me

minute by minute, day by day.

By faith, I walk in step with him

as He guides me on life’s way.

11. Searching for God

       by John P

When searching for God,

There’s no need to look far.

He’s not in the clouds

Or some far away star.

He doesn’t hide in the shadows,

Even though he’s hard to see.

God resides in the minds

Of those who believe.

Our bodies are a temple,

So be good; never stray.

Be truthful and honest.

Praise God every day.

For God is your spirit.

God is your soul.

God’s in your heart.

God is love; this I know.

12. He Is There

       by Yasmin Raymond

God comes to us in quiet and simple ways.

He is there when the breeze rustles the palm fronds on a quiet, lazy, sunny afternoon.

When the raindrops softly patter on the thirsty tin roofs of the poor, he is there.

Look for him behind the laughing eyes of a child,

or smell him in blossoming jasmine flowers

on a clear and starry moonlit night.

Hold his hand when you take your love by the hand,

and feel the warmth of his tears

as you console a grieving friend in your arms.   

He is there in a baby’s first cry

and in the dying man’s last sigh.

When the waves break on the golden sands

and the seagulls fly into the white clouds,

when the church bells ring on an Easter Sunday

inviting you to receive the sacred brad, he is there.

Taste him when you bite into the yellow ripeness of a mango

or when you quench your thirst with sweet water of a coconut.

God comes to us only in quiet and simple ways.

Never his presence in violence will you find;

never look for him in words of anger or cowardly actions.

His love and his peace surround us, above and beyond.

And only in those simple, everyday things

when we look with our eyes filled with his love

can we find him.

13. God of All Comfort

       by Edarly Edouard

Our God supplies us everything we need.

When we need help, to Him we reach.

He is always with us when we are lonely.

He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

Our God comforts us in our tribulation.

Our affliction is for our consolation and salvation.

God has established all of us in Christ’s name,

For in Christ’s name, we will never suffer in shame.

Glory be to God who sent the Holy Spirit.

If it were not for the Spirit, we would never have limits.

Our comfort abounds through Christ, while His suffering abounds us

We are all encouraged to know that Christ is our only trust.

In the name of the Living, there shall be no pain.

Beyond now and forever, our Lord is always the same.

God is on our side, so we don’t need to count on others.

Blessed be the Lord, the God of all comfort.

14. My Lord Told Me

       by Kenny C

My Lord told me that His love would not fail,

as He showed me a hand that was pierced by a nail.

He told me I’m safe, started lifting the veil,

then my eyes became clear, I saw what life entails.

I saw beauty without measure and felt love’s complete peace,

I willfully surrendered but felt no trace of defeat.

I listened to my heart and caught the rhythm of its beat

as He says our hearts are one and that this is where love meets.

He told me that I’m His and He’d never let me go,

He just thought that I should know.

If there ever comes a time in life that’s really low,

look back to where our hearts met so that love can begin to show.

I smiled as I heard a melody of joy dancing through the sky.

It was my Lord singing this song to me of words I can’t deny.

He said He fought the battle and won it for me, there’s no need in asking why

because He’s true, loving, faithful, and kind–with Him I will never die.

I cried at the sound of His words for me, my tears soaking my face

He reached down and wiped the tears away and said, “No need for tears in this place.”

I said, “Lord, why would you do this for me? My life has been such a disgrace.”

He said, “Say no more, for it is done and my Father has dismissed your case.”

“Have trust in Me, as I in you, your life begins today,

though you may stumble along the path, I’LL help you keep your way.”

“I’LL never let you fall again, never lead you astray.

For your sins have all been forgiven my love, and for them you will never pay.”

Famous Poems about God

This collection of poems reflects the beauty, mystery and power of God. Here you can explore a range of heartfelt poetry expressing faith, devotion and reverence.

1. Created

       By Lisa D. Scott

When God created you,

He knew what he would see.

Someone that wasn’t perfect,

Or in heaven you would be.

He put you here on earth

To lead this life you live,

Learning as you go,

Giving what you can give.

He knew that you would stumble

And sometimes even fall.

He knew that you would suffer

And in Jesus Christ you’d call.

Mistakes and bad decisions

He knew you would make

To live and learn from them.

Sometimes more than you can take.

He’s had a plan for you

From the very first day.

Frustrating times will be,

But soon you’ll see his way.

Love, hope, and faith.

He’ll give this all to you.

Patience please, my friend.

How only if you knew.

The love you have inside you,

All the good that you do,

This does not go unnoticed,

And he shall see it too.

He’ll carry you if he needs to

And hold you when you pray.

He knows the pain you carry

Each and every day.

What’s brought you to your knees

Some gave up on you.

God will only keep around

The ones that see it through.

One day you will see

What I’ve been telling you.

The love that he’s been saving

He created just for you.

2. A Sinner’s Plea

       By Allissa Thornburg

Is God still showing me love

As He looks down from above?

He silently sheds a tear

as He longs to be near.

To be His child is my true calling,

So why am I continually falling?

The sinners eternally cry,

For their broken wings just cannot fly.

Now I long to change…that’s what I say,

But why is it that I won’t pray?

What is it going to take

To finally make me break?

Where is that longing fire

That showed my true heart’s desire?

What will be the final cost

If I forever am lost?

I still am crying out to be free,

But is this my heart’s true plea?

I have it all right in front of me,

Still my covered eyes cannot see.

3. God Is in Control

       By La’shawna Howard

No matter what you have been told

God is in control

Yes, they came with a report one day

But God has the last say

Rest assured he is near

No need to fear

Hold on to Faith real tight

Know that everything is going to be all right

When God is in the midst

Defeat doesn’t exist

You serve a God who can make a bird sing a beautiful melody

A God who can calm the sea

A God who holds your destiny

He is your healing spring

And in his hands he brings






and Joy

All just for you, because his love is everlasting and true

4. God, The Great Creator

        by Debra L. Brown

A crisp, cool autumn evening,

Stars fill the night up high.

God, the great creator,

Decking out the sky.

A garden lit by the moonlight,

A rose kissed by His hand.

The beauty He created,

Even the smallest pieces of sand.

Petals of the roses

Glisten in the night.

The Master of creation,

His colors are pure delight.

From void He created beauty,

From dark He created light.

The Master of creation,

And to man He gave them life.

5. Silent Love

       By Tiana Li

Silent love from God displays,

Stronger than turbulent waves.

Time after time the Israelites strayed,

Changed not God’s love in any way.

Silent love from God to you,

Let its sweetness cast out your blues.

The purest love from God to you

Fills the soul and makes it golden too.

Silent love from God on high,

Triumphs over passing times.

Highest and richest among its kind.

Worth more than all treasures combined.

6. Only A Prayer Away

        by Sabrina

When all seems down and lost

Just think of he who died on the cross.

He shall guide you through

Your time of hurt and blue.

When you feel all alone,

Just think of him upon the throne.

He shall give you strength and hope.

Trust in him, and you’ll be able to cope.

There was once a time when I forgot

About him who never lets me down.

All day long I carried a frown.

It didn’t matter where I was;

At home or walking the town.

One night before I slept,

I thought of the promise I no longer kept.

I prayed hard and strong that night.

Since then I have no more fright.

So just remember at times not only of need

That the Lord, Our God is only a prayer away.

7. God’s Side

       by Patricia a Fleming

I do my very best each day

Though some days prove worse than others.

I’m everywhere I’m needed,

No need more crucial than another.

I’m there to calm each worry.

I’m drenched by every tear.

I bear the weight of every heartache,

And I’ll defend against each fear.

I take the hand of those who have to go

And walk beside them to the Gates,

And sit vigil by the bedsides

Of all those who suffer still in wait.

I wrap my arms around those weary souls

Who lay sleepless through the night.

So laden by their anguished sadness

They’ve lost their will to live this life.

I whisper words of strength and tenderness

To give them hope again,

And fill their hearts with all my love

To help their souls to mend.

I have so many who depend on me

But I have endless love to share.

I can sit and comfort you alone

And still be everywhere.

But how the Devil works against me

As he wields his monstrous hand.

He sets his sights on all those fragile souls

And preys upon the sinful man.

I feel how angry and betrayed you feel

When the Devil seems to rise,

Convincing you that I don’t care

And am no longer by your side.

But I will always take your deepest pain

And carry it for you.

Even times that you give up on me

I won’t give up on you!

I know this life can be so wearisome

And the losses can be great.

But I will never leave you on your own

Or your faith in me forsake.

I watch you every second

And I see everything you do,

And what a wondrous sight you are to see,

When seeing from my point of view.

We are in this fight together

And there is nothing we can’t do

As long as you stand firmly by my side

And I stand steadfast by you too.

8. History

       by Rick W Cotton

You were there in ’41 when the bombs came raining down

And there in 1945 when victory came to town.

With ticker tape and bands and speeches, loud and raucous cheers,

We all gave thanks to You that day, some through stinging tears.

You were there in 1950 in a far-off frozen land.

At Inchon, at Pusan, wherever we made a stand.

And ’53, when peace came, the young men came back home,

You were there among them; they never fought alone.

In 1963, on a bloodstained Dallas street,

Flags everywhere at half-mast, a nation stunned in grief.

A tiny boy’s salute that brought us all to tears,

A solemn march to an eternal flame, yet You are still right here.

In ’68, in Memphis, on a hotel balcony,

You were in the heart of one who died to set his people free,

And Your voice was in the echo of a thundering broadcast.

Though one shall pay the price…all are “free at last.”

Through Vietnam, through Watergate, foundations of our land

Were shaken badly to the core, but You alone still stand.

Our innocence was lost it seems; why did You go away?

You never really left us; it was we who went astray.

In Munich, 1973, when evil raised its head,

Black-hooded assassins, eleven athletes dead.

Where is justice? Where is God? Why did they have to die?

Yet, Your voice, calm and quiet…”Be still…you’ll get by.”

September of 2001, need I even say.

The burning pain inside us upon that blackest day.

Satan laughing with delight at all the evil done,

But we, who were divided…rose again as one.

Why is it that we only think of You in time of need?

Are we so deaf and blind? Why can we not see?

And you, Osama, you great fool, if you really want changes done

Why can’t you follow Gandhi, and King….and Jesus…. THEY all WON.

You were aboard Titanic, Lord, when she sailed out on the blue,

You were aboard Challenger, and on board Columbia too,

In a plane over Lockerbie, Scotland….in a London subway train.

Though evil swells from the depths of hell…in the end, You still reign.

I heard a verse long ago about footprints in the sand.

When the years are good, two sets of prints, we walk, Lord, hand in hand.

But darkness comes; we look behind, one set of prints we see.

These footprints are our history…. the prints belong to Thee.

9. You Never Promised Us a Perfect Life, But Only a Perfect Love

       by Ralph P Quinonez

You never promised us a perfect life, but only a perfect love.

We seek you in prayer and look for you as you are,

Our everlasting savior, a bright and shining star.

Sometimes we are out there lost, seeking your acceptance,

But we know that your will for us will never be rejections.

Because I believe what the Lord has done for us completely,

His word is our life and his life is ours so sweetly.

We may struggle to make it each and every day,

But he put it in our hearts, and he shows us the way.

Our faith grows as our lives get more involved,

One small voice to guide us with issues you will solve.

Forgive us when we fall, and pick us up to start again.

We love you oh so much; you are such a dear and caring friend.

One day we will see our loved ones who have gone before your face.

The thought of us before you, just that warm and tender embrace.

Give us peace and comfort, for things we don’t understand.

Show us a serving heart, mold it into your master plan.

We live for only you, and your kingdom will prevail,

For our faith and love for you will help us to excel.

Bless our family and grant us serenity,

Because of you we now own our own identity.

Our faith, love and need is so everlasting within,

Shows how your love for us will never, never end.

Bless the less fortunate, and open their eyes to see your smile.

Give them the path to walk with you; you will make it all worthwhile.

Your love, your touch is the ultimate, until the very end,

Something we can actually never really comprehend.

Stay close to us, as you always are there when we are in need.

Bless us and our loved ones in your time, God speed.

The Lord never promised us that our life would be easily lived.

What he did promise was that his love for us would be easy conceived.


Short Poems about Gods Love and Blessings

This collection of short poems about God celebrates the unconditional love and blessings that God bestows upon us every day.

1. Sleepy Time Sundays

       by Bettie Page

can’t wait to sleep in

Sundays I get to, thank God

perfect day of rest

2. Flower

       by Anonymous

I thirst for You,

like a blossoming flower,

panting for sunlight.

Bury me in Your soil,

prune me, love me,

that I may nourish You,

with the best of my fruit.

3. Our Choices Create Our Future

       by Mark Tabaka

I Prayed for Now

I won’t forget the days

I prayed for what I have now.

Never a material desire

simply a recognition of truth.

4. I Thank You God for Most This Amazing

      by E.E. Cummings

My God! O Let Me Call Thee Mine!

Waiting at the Door

5. Hold On God Has Said

       by Cyrenius Howard

Stay Faithful To God Poem

When you feel all down, God is around.

So don’t ever pout, he said there’s no doubt.

He loves us the same, so don’t ever change.

So when in doubt, it will come about.

So use your faith and stand in your place!

6. The Dream of the Rood

       by Anonymous

What I wish to say of the best of dreams,

what came to me in the middle of the night

after the speech-bearers lie biding their rest!

Poems about Gods Grace

This section showcases various poems that celebrate the grace of God and recognize His infinite mercy.

1. Yesterday

       by Sri Chinmoy

I lived inside

My mind’s disastrous uncertainty-sea.


I am living inside

My heart’s rapturous divinity-ocean.

This is what my Lord’s

Unconditional Grace

Has done for me.

2. You Are so Weak

       by Rumi

You are so weak.

Give up to grace.

The ocean takes care of each wave ’til it gets to shore.

You need more help than you know.

3. If I Can Perfect My Faith

       by Sri Chinmoy

If I can perfect my faith

Thy Grace is sure to come.

The more I give to Thee

The more I absorb Thy Balm

That heals my bosom’s pangs.

Without Thy Love supreme,

Nothingness all I am?

A dark and barren dream.

4. The Grace Poem

       by Emily Dickinson

The Grace Myself might not obtain

Confer upon My flower

Refracted but a Countenance

For I inhabit Her

5. Many Times Today I Will Cross Over a Threshold

      by Gunilla Norris

Many times today I will cross over a threshold.

I hope I will catch a few of those times.

I need to remember that my life is, in fact,

a continuous series of thresholds:

from one moment to the next,

from one thought to the next,

from one action to the next.

Help me appreciate how awesome this is.

How many are the chances to be really alive.

Help me cross into the present moment –

into wonder, into Your grace:

the “now-place,” where we all are,

unfolding moment by moment.

6. On a Day When the Wind is Perfect

       by Rumi

On a day when the wind is perfect,

the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.

Today is such a


My eyes are like the sun that makes promises;

the promise of life

that it always


each morning.

The living heart gives to us as does that luminous sphere,

both caress the earth with great


There is a breeze that can enter the soul.

This love I know plays a drum. Arms move around me;

who can contain their self before my beauty?

Peace is wonderful,

but ecstatic dance is more fun, and less narcissistic;

gregarious He makes our lips.

On a day when the wind is perfect,

the sail just needs to open

and the love starts.

Today is such

a day.

7. The Holy Ground We Stand On

       by Laura Remmerde

Let me just go home and cook

Let me open the door

to the sound of children’s laughter,

and hear the birds diving for insects in the evening

sifting the wind with their wings.

Let me walk into the kitchen

and find a bird there on the floor

a bird small and hunched, wide-eyed

and lost, a little frog the size of a dime.

The silence will walk around me

like a long-lost friend, the perfume of dust.

of sawdust and pine sap seeping into my pores

and up into my nostrils, filling my lungs with wild sweetness.

Let me walk out onto the porch as the sun sets over

Greenhorn Mountain,

when the air blossoms with essence of gold light:

the kind that comes only rarely in a lifetime,

the kind that makes you wake up and stare and discover

that the bush that burns and is not undone is love,

and though you have come a long and dusty road to know this,

the ground your dumbstruck feet are standing on is holy.

8. Now Is the Time to Know

       by Hafiz

Now is the time to know

that all that you do is sacred.

Now, why not consider

a lasting truce with yourself and God.

Now is the time to understand

That all your ideas of right and wrong

Were just a child’s training wheels

To be laid aside

When you can finally live

With veracity

And love.

Hafiz is a divine envoy

Whom the Beloved

has written a holy message upon.

My dear, please tell me,

Why do you still

Throw sticks at your heart

And God?

What is it in that sweet voice inside?

That incites you to fear?

Now is the time for the world to know

that every thought and action is sacred

this is the time

for you to deeply compute the impossibility

that there is anything

But Grace.

Now is the season to know

that everything you do

Is sacred.

Poems about Gods Creation

Here we have the poems about God’s creation. From the majestic mountains to the vast oceans, these poems celebrate the wonders of nature.

1. Creative Evolution

       by Anonymous

When God created us we really knoweth not.

We know, for sure, He took five long days to make

Sun, moon, Earth and seas, plants, animals the lot

Oak trees, thrushes, tigers, crabs, hill, desert, lake.

One other day spent to craft: a puzzle solved?

His best creation, Man. Ruler of the world.

But man is ape. It can be seen; nay, proved.

Darwin’s dogma so ordains; a helix curl’d.

From primordial soup amino acid; how?

Twenty, more perhaps; to shape the blocks of life

Deoxyribonucleic acid, wow.

Piecemeal revolution rock and roll and jive.

Could both these sculptures of the universe be?

Dilate the days in one: Let it unto He.

2. When I Consider All God Made

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Father, when I consider,

all Your fingers have made

how the sun slowly rises

as the moon begins to fade.

I’m in awe,

of the magnificence I see

in this amazing universe

You have set before me.

Father, when I consider,

the trillion stars in the sky

hanging on the dark backdrop

You placed so ever high.

I’m in awe,

of the works of Your hand

up above in the heavens

from down here where I stand.

Father, when I consider,

the stars, moon and the sun

I know beyond them . . .

is Your Kingdom yet to come.

I’m in awe,

of the splendor of my view

starlit glimpses of eternity

where I’ll be home with You!

3. God’s Beautiful Creation

       by Deborah Ann Belka

God’s creation is beautiful

from the canary right down to the birds that sing

God’s creation is beautiful in each and everything

God’s creation is beautiful if we look around we will see

God’s creation is beautiful

including you and me,  

when you look up at the stars at night, always remember that you are precious in his sight, wow God bless you all         

 How majestic his Name Amen

O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!

Your glory is higher than the heavens.

4. The Beauty of Your Creation

       by M.S.Lowndes

Lord, I marvel at your creation,

Such beauty to behold,

For you can be seen in all you’ve made

And in each regenerate soul

For you are truly magnificent,

And I stand back in awe

At each small, but significant detail

Of your created works, O Lord

For the beauty your creation unveils,

Keeps me truly amazed,

But so much more than all of this,

It is you, Lord, who I praise.

5. I Give You Thanks to My God

       by Bernard Dadie

I give you thanks my God for having created me black

For having made of me

The total of all sorrows

6. The Creation

       by James Weldon Johnson

And God stepped out on space,

And he looked around and said:

I’m lonely

I’ll make me a world.

7. The Tyger

       by William Blake

Tyger, Tyger, burning bright

In the forests of the night

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry.

8. Savior

       by Maya Angelou

Petulant priests, greedy

centurions, and one million

incensed gestures stand

between your love and me.

9. Sunday Morning

       by Wallace Stevens

Complacencies of the peignoir, and late

Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,

And the green freedom of a cockatoo

Upon a rug mingle to dissipate

The holy hush of ancient sacrifice.

Poems about Gods Presence

This collection of poems explores the presence of God in our lives and reflect on the strength and comfort we can find in Him.

1. Do You Know

       by Desley Finedon

Do you know you’re no mistake?

God knew you before your birth!

In your mother’s womb He wove together

all your parts and gave you worth.

Do you know God knows your days?

Each one He fashioned; each decreed

and written in His book

before they came to be.

Do you know God loves you

with an everlasting love?

Do you know He draws you

with loving kindness from above?

Do you know God will not leave you

to sail stormy seas alone?

Do you know God’s plans succeed

wherever you might roam?

Do you know He carries you …

bears with… delivers too?

From womb to grey hairs, He is God:

His word to you is true!

Do you know – really know –

this God who loves you so?

2. God’s Love Is with Us

       by Tom Zart

God’s love to us is our best treasure! Poems Book Cover – The Love of God

It comes above all human measure:

reaching higher than the heavens,

deeper than the deepest oceans.

It is wider than can span our arms,

but closer than beat of our hearts,

is around us like the air we breathe;

no one or thing can come between.

It is with us when the sun is bright,

as well, when clouds hide its light;

for even then the sun is shining,

though we do not see and are denying.

His love is with us as day breaks,

in noon’s heat and the dark night makes.

It is with us when all things go well,

but even days which seem like hell.

It is with us when things make us glad;

it is with us when our hearts are sad.

His love is there in every blow,

each joy and sorrow, high and low.

God’s love is present in sickness, health,

in poverty as well as wealth;

whatever the colour of our skin,

or race, or place that we’re born in.

His love was with us in the past

through every trial our way cast.

Today He knows and future span,

so for their needs His love does plan.

If tanks and guns are let to fly,

if bombs bombard us from the sky,

if strife and tyranny terrorize,

we still cannot from Him be prized.

God’s love is ours in Jesus Christ:

take hold by faith; this does suffice.

Nothing, no-one, not anything

can ever separate from Him.

3. God’s Presence and the Storms of Life

       by Anonymous

The presence of God is not a mystery

When we surrender our soul to His will.

He sees us as His children of faith

And is willing to forgive and fulfill.

He shoulders our troubles and gives us peace

Flowers, songs, stars, wind, soil and oceans.

We learn that prayer is His power of love

As we struggle to maintain our emotions.

We may get lonely but we’re never alone

For God knows and feels our woes.

He is our Lord, Savior and Master

And has traveled every road we chose.

He knows we’ll falter, hesitate and weaken

Though He loves us enough to always show.

He whispers His words of grace and compliance

As the consequences of evil gather and grow.

David, Moses, Jonah, Samson, Peter and Jesus

We’re aware that God was their divine guide.

They changed the future of Christians forever

With the power of Divinity at their side.

The storms of life come to everyone

There are none who are immune.

Some approach in our later years

While others come to soon.

The Bible is our anchor

Our lifeline to endure.

Without its presence, we falter

And our future is unsure.

The Bible is our compass

To lead us through the dark.

Our souls lie among the lions

As we face the dogs that bark.

We cry out to our God Most High

Who performs all things in life.

To save us from our own plunder

Falsehoods, rebellion, and strife.

Conviction is our emotional union

As we weather the storms of Earth.

Thank God for His amazing grace

Which helps us reveal our worth.

4. Pleasing God

       by Anonymous

Lots of us wish to please God

But we really don’t know how.

His ways are higher than our ways

Because we’re wicked, weak and foul.

God works according to His schedule

Which sometimes is a problem for man.

His love, grace, wisdom and understanding

Keep believers obedient to command.

We have no choice but to obey

Following His Holy Spirit and Word.

By living to conform to His righteousness

Our passage to glory is assured.

We see God’s works in the lives of others

How exciting and fascinating it is.

God can do the same for us as well

As our purpose becomes the same as “His.”

5. Things Will Be Different

       by Tom Zart

One day things will be different…

Jesus will come back again

and gather His children together

forever with Him to reign.

One day things will be different…

a new Heaven and earth He will make.

We will live in His glorious presence

where sin can no longer partake.

One day things will be different…

the lion will lay down with the lamb;

a child can tread on a scorpion.

Peace, not hate, is God’s plan.

One day things will be different…

never more are we to die.

Our bodies, made whole and complete,

will not even need to sigh.

One day things will be different…

our possessions no longer will hold.

The Savior is preparing us mansions

to enjoy in a city of gold.

One day things will be different…

there will be no sorrow or tears;

no more suffering and sickness;

no more doubts and fears.

No more burdens and trials,

no more wrestling with sin,

no more pain and hurts,

no more evil things.

One day things will be different…

there will not be the tiniest sin.

Righteousness, the joy of living;

peace and love will always win.

One day things will be different…

all because Jesus died!

Conquering sin and Satan,

He now lives to redeem His bride.

One day things will be different

when God’s Day of Salvation arrives.

But those who ignore God’s love

will never receive His prize.

One day things will be different…

our minds can’t imagine the things

God has prepared for His children.

Of Jesus and hope let us sing!

One day things will be different…

persevere by looking to Jesus!

May this world not consume our thinking:

God’s love and His hope never ceases!

6. To Be in That Number

       by Anonymous

To be one of the number that no one can count,

to stand with sisters and brothers no longer earth-bound,

from every nation and language, every tribe, every land;

all dressed in white, washed in the blood of the Lamb…..

In front of the Lamb, to join in the cry,

spontaneous and glorious as it rings through the sky:

“Salvation belongs to our God and the Lamb!”

The tears of earth gone; wiped away by God’s hand…..

To join with the angels and fall down on my face

and worship Him, the God of all grace;

to live in His presence, to serve Him forever….

this is my hope and brings joy without measure!

7. Perfect God

       by Anonymous

Father God, above all,

supreme and matchless,

King, the Lord.

It is we who’ve made the mess.

You are perfect in every way;

perfect everything You made;

perfect thoughts; perfect purpose;

perfect delivery of plans You laid.

Perfect knowledge;

perfectly true;

perfect wisdom;

understanding too.

Perfect compassion;

perfectly faithful;

perfect in power;

perfectly able.

Perfect justice;

perfect love;

perfect salvation:

at the Cross it was won.

Perfect provision;

perfect protection;

perfectly good:

Father, Spirit, and Son.

Poems about God and Faith

Here, readers will find works that explore the power of prayer, the beauty of the natural world, and the many ways we can connect to the divine.

1. God’s Grandeur

       by Gerard Manley Hopkins

The world is charged with the grandeur of God. 

It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;

It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil

Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?

Read more Gerard Manley Hopkins poems.

2. Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church

       by Emily Dickinson

Some keep the Sabbath going to Church –

I keep it, staying at Home –

With a Bobolink for a Chorister –

And an Orchard, for a Dome

Discover more Emily Dickinson poems.

3. A Hymn to God the Father

       by John Donne

Wilt thou forgive that sin where I began,

Which was my sin, though it were done before?

Wilt thou forgive that sin, through which I run,

4. To Find God

       by Robert Herrick

Weigh me the fire; or canst thou find

A way to measure out the wind?

Distinguish all those floods that are

Mixed in that wat’ry theater

5. Ash Wednesday

       by T.S. Eliot

Because I do not hope to know

The infirm glory of the positive hour

Because I do not think

Because I know I shall not know

6. Hope in God

  By Caroline T. Wallace

When everything seems hopeless,

Don’t focus on the whole mess.

Just count on every blessing.

Then slowly you’ll start progressing.

Never give up on your goals.

Let God take over the controls.

He will gently hold you by the hand.

Alone you will NOT stand.

Only in God do we have hope,

And only in him can we cope,

So my friend, do not despair,

You should know you have his care.

7. God’s World

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!

Thy winds, thy wide grey skies!

Thy mists, that roll and rise!

Poems about God and Nature

This category of poems celebrates the beauty and power of God and Nature. Each poem offers a unique perspective on the wonders of the natural world, as seen through the eyes of faith.

1. One Life-One Law

       by Robert Gresak

There is but one cosmic spirit

ensouling all life everywhere,

every life form, in its way

this encompassing life declares.

The scurrying ant to the beast in its lair,

ocean, shore and sky do share

its bounteous overflowing self,

the magnanimity of heavenly wealth.

But man, in his greed mocks natural law

revelling in destruction and war.

In time, his harmful acts rebound,

with love for harmless nature found,

he gains access to holy ground

and finds his higher spirit self.

2. Sanctuary

       by Chris Roe

Shafts of light

through cathedral windows.

Dappled shade

upon the leaves

beneath my feet.

Bird song

in the branches above.

In the distance

Hind and fawn

Cross the forest track.

The sweet fragrance of autumn

fills the misty air.

A gentle breeze

Moving colors

to the forest floor.

So precious

Such beauty,

So hard to find

Such peaceful sanctuary.

3. Eternal Journey

       by Chris Roe

As the crimson flame of life

Breaks slowly

Above the horizon,

The white, frosted meadows,

With trees and hedgerows

Of sculptured ice,

Speak loudly

Of your presence.

Once more

Upon this journey,

As another day begins,

Without effort

Or intrusion,

Through the peace

And tranquillity

Of your silent voice,

The moment becomes eternal,

And the journey

Begins again.

4. The Wonder of God

       By Anonymous

I look around in wonder

As I do my morning run

I pass through fields and meadows

In the early morning sun.

I hear the song of nature

The chirping of the birds

The wind whistling softly

Such music, much nicer than words.

Sometimes I stop and look around me

How beautiful life can be

The smell of earth and wild flowers

Fills me with joy and energy.

And as I turn the corner

I see the blue Mediterranean Sea

I realise how God made everything perfect

Just for you and for me.

So I praise the good Lord

For all he made for me

I promise him that I take care

Of all this beauty around me.

5. Out in the Fields With God

       by Mc Simmons

The little cares that fretted me,

I lost them yesterday

Among the fields above the sea,

Among the winds that play,

Among the lowing of the herds,

The rustling of the trees,

Among the singing of the birds,

The humming of the bees.

The fears of what may come to pass,

I cast them all away

Among the clover-scented grass,

Among the new mown hay,

Among the rustling of the corn,

Where drowsy poppies nod,

Where ill thoughts die and good are born,

Out in the fields with God.

Poems about God That Rhyme

Here we are dedicated to poems about God with rhyme. Enjoy reading and reflecting on these beautiful words!

1. Sundays River

       by Kim Rodrigues

Come down to river

‘tis cold you’ll quiver


and find the Giver

He will deliver


Love’s a caregiver

Come down to river


No need to contend

when angels defend

God praise

No need to pretend

A life with no end

sans grays

Eternity spend

With Jesus your friend

Good pays

With the heart ablaze

sing salvation’s praise


with the Spirit’s gaze

Let go sinful days


of the past a haze

baptised in Sunday’s


2. Awaken Thy Are Beautiful Daughter of God

       by James Edward Lee Sr.

Awaken your eyes 

Your almond beautiful eyes

And witness the sun rise

And with your breath

The holiness God has left

Can you taste the essence of life


For so you are chosen

By the Father’s heart love beholding

You are in His eyes

You’re by His side

You have reached up and touched His thigh

Embrace in Him the blessings


For you are His Daughter Beloved Beautiful

You are a Daughter of God through the faith in Christ Jesus You are His essence His beauty

You’re no longer a slave but God’s daughter

And since you are His daughter

God has made you His heir

And you live in Him


And you know your loved no matter what you do

And if you miss a mark

You’re still in His heart

You are a child of God for you follow Elohim Son Jesus

Daughter never forget you are so worthy in Him.  



3. Lord God, You Are My Prayer Responder

       by Beata Agustin

Lord God, you are my prayer Responder by Your upholding strengthening

Thank You for building me up in my moments of weakening

Always binding me against brokenness with Your revival-pruning

Surely breaking my pride from haughty sinning.

Lord God, you are my prayer Responder by Your soothing might

Thank You for caring for me with Your guiding light

Always calming me down from mockery’s fright

Surely causing my soul to awake from carnality’s night.

Lord God, You are my prayer Responder by Your loving compassion

Thank You for directing me from sin-causing vexation

always driving me to pray with sincere devotion

surely defending my faith from being buried into doubts’ corruption.

Lord God, You are my prayer Responder by Your restoring mercy

Thank You for empowering me with Your consecrating fervency

Always encouraging me to do right in my journey’s prayer-persistency

Surely exhorting my mind to be content in Your sufficing.

Lord God, You are my prayer Responder by Your aiding valor

Thank You for fighting for me by Your searching honour’s color

Always framing me up in Your prosperity in my being Your divine sailor

Surely fueling my spirit, freed from shame-jailor.

Lord God, You are my prayer Responder by Your insuring security

Thank You for gearing me to Your perfect will of gracious bounty

Always guiding me by Your loving holy authority

Surely gladdening my heart in Your peace-safety.

Lord God, You are my prayer Responder by Your refreshing goodness

Thank You for helping me recover from ailing feebleness

always handling me for diligent participation in Your kingdom-business

Surely holding my life forever until I reach Your eternal gloriousness.

4. Freely Given

       by Angela Tune

Yoke me

With your ease

Your love, your light

Your might

Yoke me

With your gentleness

For Your tenderness

Is right

Yoke me

With a calmness

Of overflowing


Yoke me

In your love

My life, my days

Are yours

5. Lord God, You Are My Barrenness Subduer

       by Beata Agustin

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my unfaithfulness

Thank You for cleansing me of my filthiness

So that I can bear good works by Your graciousness…

Please help me live in Your righteousness.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my offering

Thank You for calling me to submit unto You and Your name, honouring

So that I can please You with faith by Your divine caring…

Please bless me along Your Spirit’s power-outpouring.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my entreaties

Thank You for comforting me as You hearken to my voice of uncertainties

So that I can order my life while confessing and forsaking my iniquities…

Please teach me observe Your commandments’ verities.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my going down

Thank You for carrying me out from dominion of worldly downtown

So that I can resist carnality-feasts where I can drown…

Please change my earthly garment with heavenly raiment of holy crown.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my temptation-enticement

Thank You for encompassing me with Your love of faithful commitment

So that I can enjoy sweet fellowship with You in full contentment…

Please sanctify me from spoiling guilt-judgment.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my empty harvest

Thank You for consoling me when in utter frustration I vainly rest

So that I can stand by Your mercy doing my best…

Please smite my pride before it reaches destructive crest.

Lord God, You are my barrenness Subduer midst my self-inflicted bondage

Thank You for chaining me to Your freedom cord against doubt-rampage

So that I can stay in Your deliverance of no wastage…

Please revive me as I cleave to You, away from soul-damage.

6. He is Able

       by John Puckett

Do you know the love of Jesus

And the comfort of his care

And the sweetness of his presence

Just to know that he is there?

Troubles try and sadness sickens

Worries multiply and vex

But remember Jesus promised

He will never you forsake.

Mountains great may be still greater

Problems ever complicate

But be sure if you love Jesus

You are never left to fate.

When he died for helpless sinners

All sin’s consequences bore

He became our perfect refuge

Peace and rest for evermore.

Pain-free life he never promised

Never said you’d live at ease

But his love and care make troubles

Stepping-stones to find his peace.

Why not trust this loving Jesus

Give yourself to his true care

All your worries give him fully

All your troubles let him bear?

He is able, he is able,

He is mighty, he is true,

He is loving, kind and gentle

He has given himself for you.

7. Lord God, You Are My Soul Defender

       by Beata Agustin

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your mount of holiness

Thank You for enabling me to arise through Your faithfulness

While I forsake self-centeredness

And overcome worldly vexation with Your wisdom-graciousness.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your camp of service

Thank You for helping me conquer misery of slothfulness-practice

While I fight fruitlessness with Your valour though I’m a novice

And outgrow idleness according to Your Word’s notice.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your house of rejoicing

Thank You for leading me to Your restoration-peace with Your blessing

While I dwell in Your care’s compassing

And optimize Your grace toward Your bliss-possessing.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your coasts of mercy

Thank You for cleansing me from confessed sins by Your clemency

While I hearken to Your exhortations’ persistency

And open myself to Your teaching midst truth-fervency.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your vineyards of soul winning action

Thank You for making me behold rewards of discipleship-session

While I bewail my fruitlessness in labor-malfunction

And offer to You my best by Your work-production.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon your might of deliverance

Thank You for welcoming me to Your presence with faith-appearance

While I repent from my unbelief, claiming Your assurance

And own Your pardon along Your blessed guidance-perseverance.

Lord God, you are my soul Defender

upon Your promised land of victory

Thank You for comforting me with Your sacrifice of divine history

While I praise You for freeing me from judgment’s fury

And orderly follow Your directions toward triumphant glory.

8. Lord God, You Are My Divine Sword

       by Beata Agustin

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, smiting attacks of persecution

Thank You that you keep me safe by your compassion’s action

toward cheerful great commission-participation

being your saved child, enjoying you’re granted eternal redemption.

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, freeing souls from enemy’s hand

Thank You that you keep me secured by Your “Be strong” command

toward victorious fight along righteous stand

being your ransomed believer, transformed by your grand re-creation brand.

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, defeating the camp of backsliding

Thank You that You keep me steadfast by Your faith-building

Toward diligent worship-service attending

Being Your sanctified Christian for joyful supplication-interceding.

Lord God, You are my divine Sword, subduing destructive iniquity

Thank You that You keep me controlled by Your loving authority

Toward submissive obedience, devoid of shallow piety

Being Your prayerful steward striving to please You with humility.

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, reigning over fleshly struggles

Thank You that You keep me firm by Your Word from falsity-wiggles

Toward teachable attitude that defies compromise-bugles

Being you’re interested learner awed midst wisdom realization-giggles.

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, promoting heavenly perspective

Thank You that You keep me guided by Your illumination’s directive

Toward joyful reaching-out midst soul-winning, always affirmative

Being Your Gospel-proclaimer, trusting Your power, constantly operative.

Lord God, you are my divine Sword, conquering foolishness-fights

Thank You that You keep me radiant by Your Scriptural truth-lights

Toward fruitful ministry involvement against slothfulness-blights

Being Your Bible adherent, experiencing Your miracles’ delights.

Final Thoughts

We have explored the wonders of God through poems for God that express our admiration and love for Him. We have seen how God’s love is immeasurable and His grace is infinite.

Through these poems about God, we have been reminded of the power and beauty of God and how He is the source of our strength and joy.

We can never fully understand or comprehend God’s greatness, but we can certainly express our appreciation for all He does for us.

We hope this article has inspired you to reflect on God’s power and love. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them below!

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