90 Best Soccer Poems Fans Will Enjoy Reading

Welcome to our amazing collection of soccer poems. Even if you have a passion for football, these poems are not your conventional love poetry.

That’s why these soccer poems are here to assist you in determining just what to say about this sport.

Soccer is a fantastic sport to watch and even better to play. It requires a level of ability that some individuals appear to be born with, while others can only watch and wish they could play with the same enthusiasm.

This vigorous sport inspires some people to attain incredible feats.

Perhaps you are someone who is fascinated with football and would like to convert that enthusiasm into a meaningful message.

On the other hand, perhaps you know someone else who is passionate about this activity and is looking for soccer poems to express what they are already thinking.

In both cases, you’ll want to take the time to come up with a thoughtful statement that relates to this high-octane activity. Here are many poems about soccer to choose from.

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Best Soccer Poems

Perhaps poems are the perfect setting for soccer’s dreams to come true. In this section, we have gathered some best soccer poems that will work miracles for you in this effort. Dive in!

1. One Look

       by Ashley

As I stand on that muddy grass field,
The roar of the cheering crowds
Is all I seem to hear.
No specific voices; it’s all just a blur.
The only person I really notice
Is the yelling of my coach.

As I go to challenge the ball,
I think, “I want my coach to be proud of me.”
The ball is at me feet, I have to be quick.
I dribble up the side of the field,
Cut in and cross, one touch,
From another player, and goal!
I know my coach is proud of me
From just one look.

Walking to the car,
Ball in hand, covered all in mud,
I receive compliments on a great game.
I say thanks, but all that matters
After the game winning goal
Is that one look from my coach.

2. Soccer Star

       by Sydney Bates

From the moment your foot first touched the ball
The look on your face said it all.
This is what you were born to do.
Growing up, you would continue to play, you just knew
Soccer wouldn’t be ready for you.

Year passed, and so did you, as you became a star.
The training you’ve had would take you far.
How far you asked? Championship Game, here you came.
With a minute left, you shot the ball hard and upset.
But luckily, Whoosh! The ball exploded into the net.

3. We believe in football

       by Anonymous

A ninety minute drama
Each story yet untold
The tension, twists and turns
We watch it all unfold
The heroes and the villains
The tears and the laughter
But no-one guarantees
A happy ever after
The past is always with us
Those ties we cannot sever
The triumphs and the tragedies
That bring us all together
The legacy of legends
Both on and off the pitch
We all know our history
Munich, Hillsborough, Sixty Six
The deftness and the touches
The balance and control
Telepathic vision
The special wonder goal
The something out of nothings
These mesmerising tricks
We practise in the playground
What’s perfect on the pitch
Artisans and artists
Creative and instinctive
Old masters and young mavericks
Style and poise distinctive
Admired time and time again
We marvel at the art of it
Each picture tells a story
So glad we are a part of it
We believe in hope
We believe in dreams
Anything is possible
The future yet unseen
On any given match day
Eleven vee eleven
We could punch above our weight
Be in football heaven
Be it baggy shirts and brylcreem
A mullet or moustache
Football equals stylishness
Each little touch of class
This game that we call beautiful
The craft, technique and guile
Whatever the result
Let’s win or lose in style
The passion on the pitch
The passion in the stands
The importance of our earnestness
Right across this land
Nine, nineteen or ninety nine
We still have that dream
To score the winning goal
For our favourite football team

4. Soccer

       by Angela DeMolo

There’s a lot of different sports
but soccer is the best
It’s more fun than baseball
and better than all the rest

Soccer is my favorite sport
what else can I say
It can be a lotta fun
if you know how to play

I really want our team to score
and I love it when we win
But when the game is over
I still want to play again

We have a really good coach
to teach us how to play
So we can all grow up to be
great soccer players someday

Even though we can’t win every game
the coach wants us to have fun
It doesn’t matter if we win or lose
our team is still Number One

5. Football is believing

       by Anonymous

Football is believing.
Football is total commitment.
Football is hard work,
Dedication and self sacrifice.
Football is a team that beats
with one heart.
Football is mud, sweat and drive.
Football is whatever it takes.
Football is what you give – 110%.
Football is brotherhood…
on and off the field.
Football is finding a way to win
for the home crowd.
Football is one goal.

6. Football is life…

       by Anonymous

Why we play the game of football…
Football is thought to be just a game or something small
but that is not true at all…
The game teaches you discipline and work ethic
while sportsmanship and passion come along to, they are almost magnetic…
You build character and friendships that last a life time
with memories you will remember way past your prime…
In the end you will be mentally tougher
And in times of need a little rougher…
Just make sure to remember!

7. Football, glorious football

       by Fred Babbin

Football, glorious football.
Don’t care what it looks like
Burned! Underdone! Crude!
Don’t care what those crooks like.
Just thinking of growing fat.
Our senses go reeling.
One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling from sitting on the couch!

Football, glorious football!
What wouldn’t we give for
That extra bit more,
that’s all that we should live for.

Why should we be fated
to do nothing but brood on football,
magical football, wonderful football,
marvelous football, fabulous football,
beautiful football, glorious football!

8. Football thrill

       by Anonymous

This game gives you quite a thrill
in Summer’s heat or Autumn’s chill
Popping pads and pounding feet
Will lead to our opponents defeat.
A taste of sweat, Hit after Hit
The offense and defense never quit,
Move the ball and stop the run,
Let’s show our fans who’s number 1.

9. I am a football

       by Anonymous

I am a football
I like to travel and fly like a bird
Sometimes I am held as a
I also am kicked and thrown
around after someone scores aT.D.
I feel good when the wind is
blowing in my face.
I am a football….

10. Soccer

       by Anonymous

The way to express myself.
The way to be me.
The way to have confidence and
chase my dreams.
The way to make friends.
The way to make memories.
The way to be part of a real family.
The way to be unconditionally loved. The way to be free.
The way to love something.
The way to be happy. The way to go crazy.
The way to have fun.
The way to stand up for yourself.
The way to be loud.
The way to want something. The way to be proud.
The way to LOVE SOCCER.

Famous Soccer Poems

Whether you’re a high school, college, or Football fan, these famous poems about soccer can help you get ready for the season. The famous soccer poems ever written by various poets are listed below.

1. Soccer

       by Herbert Nehrlich

I always have liked soccer.
Such a rough game.
Such skills required.
And popular.
Hometown watching,
on Sunday morning.
When one day,
I found that I needed
to withdraw.
It was the honourable
thing to do.

2. Before the England Game

       by Samuel Hughes

As I am there in the tunnel
Before we walked out
I could hear the singing of the fans
“it’s coming home its coming home”
I was remembering at the time
around 7 or 8 years ago
me and jay at front for the county
scoring for fun
Gaffer gave us two tenners after the game for winning
still working at Millwards at the time
I could remember days at school
Teachers said I would not make it
But that didn’t make me lose faith
I worked hard to get to the prem
and the rest is history
now here I was
In my 3 lions shirt
going to play for England

3. The Heart of Australia

       by Henry Lawson

When the wars of the world seemed ended, and silent the distant drum,
Ten years ago in Australia, I wrote of a war to come:
And I pictured Australians fighting as their fathers fought of old
For the old things, pride or country, for God or the Devil or gold.

And they lounged on the rim of Australia in the peace that had come to last,
And they laughed at my “cavalry charges” for such things belonged to the past;
Then our wise men smiled with indulgence? ere the swift years proved me right?
Saying: “What shall Australia fight for? And whom shall Australia fight?”

I wrote of the unlocked rivers in the days when my heart was full,
And I pleaded for irrigation where they sacrifice all for wool.
I pictured Australia fighting when the coast had been lost and won?
With arsenals west of the mountains and every spur its gun.

And what shall Australia fight for? The reason may yet be found,
When strange shells scatter the wickets and burst on the football ground.
And “Who shall invade Australia?” let the wisdom of ages say
“The friend of a further future? or the ally of yesterday!”

Aye! What must Australia fight for? In the strife that never shall cease,
She must fight for her work unfinished: she must fight for her life and peace,
For the sins of the older nations. She must fight for her own reward.
She has taken the sword in her blindness and shall live or die by the sword.

But the statesman, the churchman, the scholar still peer through their glasses dim
And they see no cloud on the future as they roost on Australia’s rim:
Where the farmer works with the lumpers and the drover drives a dray,
And the shearer on Garden Island is shifting a hill to-day.

Had we used the wealth we have squandered and the land that we kept from the plough,
A prosperous Federal City would be over the mountains now,
With farms that sweep to horizons and gardens where plains lay bare,
And the bulk of the population and the Heart of Australia there.

Had we used the time we have wasted and the gold we have thrown away,
The pick of the world’s mechanics would be over the range to-day?
In the Valley of Coal and Iron where the breeze from the bush comes down,
And where thousands of makers of all things should be happy in Factory Town.

They droned on the rim of Australia, the wise men who never could learn;
Our substance we sent to the nations, and their shoddy we bought in return.
In the end, shall our soldiers fight naked, no help for them under the sun?
And never a cartridge to stick in the breech of a Brummagem gun?

With the Wars of the World coming near us the wise men are waking to-day.
Hurry out ammunition from England! Mount guns on the cliffs while you may!
And God pardon our sins as a people if Invasion’s unmerciful hand
Should strike at the heart of Australia drought-cramped on the verge of the land.

4. Football

       by Louis Jenkins

I take the snap from the center, fake to the right, fade back…
I’ve got protection. I’ve got a receiver open downfield…
What the hell is this? This isn’t a football, it’s a shoe, a man’s
brown leather oxford. A cousin to a football maybe, the same
skin, but not the same, a thing made for the earth, not the air.
I realize that this is a world where anything is possible and I
understand, also, that one often has to make do with what one
has. I have eaten pancakes, for instance, with that clear corn
syrup on them because there was no maple syrup and they
weren’t very good. Well, anyway, this is different. (My man
downfield is waving his arms.) One has certain responsibilities,
one has to make choices. This isn’t right and I’m not going
to throw it.

5. Game Prayer

       by Al Ortolani

Maybe it’s the way boys
look at each other before the last game,
their eyes wet and glimmering with rain.

Maybe it’s that I catch them
in these shy moments of waiting,
turning the world like a pigskin,

flipping it nonchalantly, low spiral
drilling the air. Maybe it’s this
moment before the splash of lights

before the game prayer
before you run from the door.
If so, forgive me

for seeing you so vulnerable,
in that quiet moment
before the helmets.

6. Soccer

       by Kassa

Step out onto the rugged green grass
Let the wind brush against your face as you run
Embrace the stinging cuts on your knees.
Breathe hard and fight for the ball,
Launch the ball right towards the woven white net
Listen to the rattle when the ball smacks the crossbar

Put on your game face
Sprint until your legs fall off
Tie your shoelaces tight and pull your socks up.
Hear the referee’s high-pitched whistle
Watch the goalie make an outstretched diving save
Notice all the fans cheering and booing
Try out skillful moves and glide around the opposition’s defender.
Dribble past the goalkeeper and shoot the ball at the top corner

Take in the stunning acrobatic goals
Touch the crest on your jersey.
You will represent this team
Score for this team.
You will play for this team
Dedicate yourself to this team through good times and bad.
Be the best one walking off that pitch.

7. Soccer Girl

       by Marilyn Lott

She gets out there and hustles
She does her very best
It’s all about the teamwork
And winning is her quest

Pretty as a picture
She could be most anything
But for now she’s chosen soccer
And working hard for her team

Pony-tail is flying
The ball is flying too
She’s got those rules down good
And she knows just what to do

So come on folks and watch the game
If you want to see the best
A girl who could be a beauty queen
But soccer is her quest!

8. Soccer, The Beautiful Game

       by Derek Jensen

The Beautiful Game, inflamer of passion,
Maker of legends and timeless skill;
The sport of the world, whether rich or poor.

From the packed dirt streets of Africa,
To the green grass pitches in England,
Is that matchless, extrordinary, game of games played.

It’s a game of running, yet not always all out.
It’s a game of passion, yet under harness and rein.
It’s a game of team, of passing and sharing.
It’s a game supreme, this Beautiful Game.

Short Soccer Poems

Football season has arrived. It’s time to kick the ball and head to the big game. In this category, we have collected few short soccer poems to lift your spirit about the soccer.

1. Passing

       by Anonymous

I’m running and I’m running and I’m running to attack. When I see they’ve got the ball, I start running, running back.I’m running and I’m running, and I’m seeing empty space.I’m running and I’m running, and I’m getting into place.I’m running and I’m running, and I’ve stomped each blade of grass. I’m ready and I’m open. Why won’t anybody pass?

2. My favorite most of all

       by Anonymous

It’s that time of year again
Football season is here
One of the best moments
Best time of the year
Half times are awesome
Commercials are great
But the main event
Is what is at stake
Run a little faster
Don’t drop that ball
Football is my favorite
My favorite most of all

3. Football is Fun!

       by Hans Ho Jan

Football is Fun!
Let’s go run and run
Everyone loves it
So do I
Loving football lessons

Do you like it?
I think you say yes!
Thank you for answering me
I am ready to learn how to play
If I am an adult I will learn how to play
We will play and play

4. The Football Game

       by Alan Loren

Blitz and blocking, bump –and-run
Drive and drop kick, the other team’s done
End zone, end line, ebb and flow
Snap, sack, scrambling, I love it so
Football is fun and fabulous too
Let’s go to the stadium, just me and you

5. In Soccer

       by Anonymous

When I hear the whistle
is like a cannon
Giving the signal for the game to start
A war between warriors
With the a victory on their mind
With the need of surpassing the goalie,
Getting the ball inside the goal
The ball touching the neat
Setting of the crowd
Hearing the screams
Form a thousand miles away

6. Soccer Ball

       by Anonymous

It was my friend
A barbed wire fence
I lost it over I was like a abusive friend
I would always kick it
It was older than me
With the perfectly seemed leather
But I will always be mine.

7. Soccer

       by Anonymous

“Oh the places
you’ll go! There is
fun to be done! There
are points to be scored.
There are games
to be won. And ther
magical things you
can do with that ball
will make you
the winning-est

winner of all

8. Kick Me… Again

       by Nia Imani

Kick me again
And watch me deflate
A once new soccer ball
Promised fair play
But stomped on, defaced,
And crushed out of shape
Just kick me again
And watch me deflate.

9. My Old Soccer Ball: Letter Poem

       by Love Ellen

Dear, soccer ball
I can’t believe you
deflated on me.
We have been
through thick and
thin. I got a new
soccer ball, I hope
you aren’t mad. I miss
you very much and
hope to see you soon.

10. Soccer Rules

       by Anonymous

Pass with class
Collect respect
Spring on the wing
Bewitch on the pitch
Score and want more
Attack and track back
Defend to the end
be a sport, give support
Practise, practise
Live the dream
And play because
you love your team

Funny Soccer Poems

This section contains funny soccer poems about all things of football including being left out of the World Cup squad, your mother’s thoughts on Messi vs Ronaldo, and those must-see games. With a plethora of funny dear soccer poems, it is a great addition to any bookshelf that are guaranteed to amuse

1. Goal!

       by Greg Pincus

I scored a goal.
Oh, what a perfect day.
I kicked the ball so hard and true.
Oh, what a perfect play.

Why would you boo?
This always was my dream:
I shot it past the goalie and…
Oh, he’s on my team.

2. Just like football

       by Anonymous

Just like football
I am going to be chased in life’s game
by a bunch of ladies
as if playing a football match.
I am going to be chased in life’s game
they will rush just to touch me
as if playing a football match
receiving me gently in the chest.
They will rush just to touch me
the goalkeeper among them
receiving me gently in the chest
will give me sure kisses.
The goalkeeper among them
I am going to love her
will sure give me kisses
soft like a feather’s touch.
I am going to love her
though I may get occasional kick
soft like a feather’s touch
that is part of the game.
Though I may get occasional kick
I must forget the pain
that is part of the game
with so many cute ladies around.
I must forget the pain
I will be so sought after
with so many cute ladies around
everyone wanting to hug me.
I will be so sought after
by a bunch of ladies
everybody wanting to hug me
just like a football.

3. Football Fan

       by Andrew Battaglino

There once was a football fan from Philly
Who was known for being very silly
During the Eagles Super Bowl win
He dipped his chicken wings in gin
And gulped down Bud Light, dilly dilly

4. Football Fever

       by Mariel James and Rachael Shelley

The World Cup final’s here
The crowd assembled cheer
The anthems play
On this fine day
Supporters filled with fear.

The whistle starts the game
The team so full of fame
Sven’s fingers are crossed
He thinks we’ve lost
Each player much the same.

The final minutes run
The pitch alight with sun
It’s still nil-nil
But score we will
Before the end has come.

The ball is up their end
So Beckham kicks a bend
Cole heads it in
Bangs heads with Finn
And celebrates their win!

5. Goalie, Goalie

       by Anonymous

Goalie, Goalie, in the goal
Stopping rolling balls with soles
Everyday you go to play
Wearing gloves and cleats each day
Goalie, Goalie, in the goal
Stopping rolling balls with soles

Eating your tomato soup
Super tasty and so cute
Then it’s time for you to rest
Goalie, Goalie, on a quest
Goalie, Goalie, in the goal
Stopping rolling balls with soles

6. The Triple Cast Of English Football

       by Marc O’Brien

Peppie was feeling cool 
Watching the sky blue 
Realizing he was on top 
Above good ole rival Klopp 
When Chelsea arrived 
To the beehive 
With intention 
For a conversation about the detention 
That should be mentioned 
Getting attention
In the Daily Mail 
Telling the story how Chelsea was nailed 
“Our new fourth member 
Pulled something this first weekend in December 
Put a whammy 
Using the Western Hammy 
Trapping me in third 
Finding out nothing is insured,” 
Laughing Peppie continued enjoying feeding on the honey 
Thinking what happened ‘was ever so funny’ 
“You wore yellow
A Mellow 
Merchandising seller,” 
Peppie replied 
Knowing Chelsea tried 
“Well, you were in white 
For your bee buzzing fight
That was a bore and never tight!” 
In another place 
Klopp was building his case 
Returning from battle 
Protecting his cattle 
Wolves on the attack 
Working like a pack 
Nil Nil to the end 
Following a goal scripted by an athletic pen 
Klopp was able to defend 
In the test 
Not feeling alone 
Having a civil tone 
Approaching the two 
Noting no one wearing blue 
Pondering something was starting to brew
“First and third 
Haven’t you heard,” 
Peppie spoke the word 
“I did some checking 
No longer first instead second” 
Klopp said 
Impersonating a bridesmaid wanting to wed 
But due to debt 
Had to wear red 
Chelsea gave a look 
Like after reading a good chapter in a book 
“You are lucky to be in front of me  
You should be in spot number three,” 
She did shrug 
Still needing a hug 
“About this West Ham 
Who created the one-point jam?”
They all started to wonder
About the lunchtime blunder 
“Are these Hammers for real? 
Or just Londoners asking deal or no deal?”
As the trio checked their list twice 
Being border protective and nice 
“Should we let them in?
To our elite circle of win?” 
Chelsea started the rebuttal 
Noting they had this entertaining bubble 
Creating trouble 
On the table 
Winding around the English Premiere fable 
Where only one takes it all 
Declaring the champion playing football

7. Goals in soccer

       by Anonymous

A goal is when the ball hits the back of the net,
Sets the crowd loose, lets them scream in joy,
Finally let go what they’ve been holding in all game,
The player is tackled by his teammates, going crazy

8. The best Goalkeeper

       by Anonymous

There once was a goalie with a very big
bum, he blocked out the sun because of his
big big bum
He saved all the shots with his wonderful
bum He loves chewing and bubblegum and
always drinks rum. His bum was as big as a
soccer ball, so he got drunk and bounced of
on his bum.

Inspirational Soccer Poems

When it comes to moving the beautiful game into the artistic sphere, all we witness is a series of own goals. This fantastic collection of carefully selected inspirational soccer poems can be a better than ever source of inspiration for you. Try it!

1. We’ll Be Back Soon

       by Waynejent         

Dreams of the future, reminisce about the past
someone tell me, how long this drought will last
remember we were champs, now my feelings hurt
but we still have the three lions on a shirt.

Those were the days, football and ale
many fights and a few nights in jail
Brits were the best and that’s no tale
but after the victory, things didn’t go well

South American teams had improved
the stigma they had, finally been removed
seems like all our team could do was flirt
but can remember three lions on a shirt

Let’s laugh with Frank Skinner
do our best to be winner
give the team all of it needs
then dance to music of Lightning Seeds

England will one day win again, I have no doubt
we will sing our song, have reason to shout
here’s to Euro 96 and the team, I demand a toast
wear the three lions on a shirt, be proud and boast

2. Who will play a part in the game of football?

       by Anonymous

Kick it hard or slow,
But should go,
No one goal is so bold,

As we go they get harder,
Everyone aims at the ball,
As it lands on their palm,
Try so hard, a hard snatch from your feet goes your work,
As a flea, turns around a flock attacking,
Run around with the ball on the track,
Who shall win will be a hard and tough one,
I don’t want to play as a part,
As no one there gives a part,
Who will play a part in the game of football?

3. The goalie with expanding hands

       by Anonymous

Any crosses, any shots
I will simply stop the lot
I am always in demand
The goalie with expanding hands
Volleys, blasters, scissor kicks
I am safe between the sticks
All attacks I will withstand
The goalie with expanding hands
Free kicks or a penalty
No-one ever scores past me
Strong and bold and safe I’ll stand
The goalie with expanding hands
Let their strikers be immense
I’m the last line of defence
Alert, on duty, all posts manned
The goalie with expanding hands
Palms as long as arms expand
Thumbs and fingers ready fanned
You may as well shoot in the stand
Not a chance! Understand?
Number one in all the land
Superhuman, super-spanned
In control and in command
I’m the man, I’m the man
The one and only goalie … with my expanding hands

4. Saturday Morning Practices

       by Anonymous

Its early and everyone is sore
The early morning fog is wet and cold
We talk about the night before
Everyone to the track get ready to run
The running is over to the weight room
Time to get better and work out the soreness
Its time for abs then to juice and donuts
We go over film three long hours
Play after play we correct them
Coach says that’s all we got and be safe
Thank goodness Saturday morning practices is over

5. Eleven Rules Of Football

       by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

I took my little boy
to a nearby football pitch
He said he was tired
of playing hide and seek
He now wanted a football
to play around and kick

As he clutched my hand
I spoke to him
and tried to make him understand
the eleven rules of football
taking into consideration
that he was quite small

Now rule number one
Football is made of eleven strong men
When one or two are naughty
you may still get away
with playing nine or ten

Rule number two
When a member of your crew
hits the ball into the net
A goal is scored
that I can place a bet
For I am very sure

Rule number three
The maximum number of players
you can substitute is three
It does not cost a dime
It is totally free

Rule number four
There are rules you must comply with
When a team commits an offense
named a foul
before the game can commence
A small advantage has to be given
to the otherside

Rule number five
A freekick
is given after a foul
Sometimes awarded after
unnecessary dives

Rule number six
When you are shown a card that is yellow
Its time for your temper to mellow
or you will get the referee quite mad
and he will dismiss you with a red card

Rule number seven
A penality is like heaven
It is awarded
when a player breaks the rule
maybe by using his hand as a tool
to play the ball inside the penalty box
it’s time for him to go back to school

Rule number eight
A thrownin
Is when the ball is kicked out of the field
It’s one of footballs favorite sins

Rule number nine
Offside is
When you are the only one running
alone to score a winning goal
you must hesitate
till you see a single soul

Rule number ten
A game lasts
for ninety minutes
You are beat
When your team has less goals than the other
That is when you must admit defeat

Rule number eleven
when your team is losing
you have to sing something amusing
All we want is a goal
While we are dressed in coloured charcoal

Now my little boy
I said
These are the eleven rules of football
let’s go and practise inside the sports hall

6. Football – Winner

       by Aaron Tone

No matter the weather,
No matter the pain,
The kick always starts the game,
The team runs it back as far as they can
And the opposing team must defend
Run or pass you don’t want to finish last.
Four fifteen minute quarter to decide the winner.
Practice is the key to a successful team
Playoffs are where they want to be.
The looser goes home empty handed
And the winner moves on.
With the Super Bowl in view
The lucky few will take home all the glory.
And that’s the end of my story.

7. Football life

       by Anonymous

It’s not just about trophies,
And how we’re still waiting.
It’s not about the goals we scored,
Or the ones we didn’t.
It’s about the journeys we’ve taken,
From our roots to the top.
It’s the friends we’ve made,
The people we represent and
Standing alongside them
When times become hard,
It’s being together.
Football is family.
It’s community.
It’s unity.
It’s home.

8. The Semi Finals

       by Anonymous

We’ve worked so hard,
We have everything to risk
I hope we don’t lose.
I hope we win this!

My team keeps me motivated,
Like preparing for a test
The team is hard,
But we are the best!

Tied 1 to 1,
The sky is as dark as coal
We are so close.
She shoots and goal

Winning isn’t all,
Our team moves on
Til next time.
The game on.

9. I will never give up

       by Anonymous

I may not be on the highest
ranked team.
I may not have the highest
juggling record.
I may not have all of the
latest, best equipment.
I may not be the most
I may not be able to do
every move perfectly.
I may not be the fastest

but I know for sure that
I love soccer with all
my heart, and that
I will never give up.

Good Soccer Poems

In this category, we have an amazing selection of good soccer poems. This is an ideal collection of football poems to appreciate regardless of the soccer game’s highs and lows.

1. Give Him a Ball

       by Anonymous

Give him a ball so he can kick Curl, dribble, head, learn incredible tricks
Give him a ball so he has the key The means, the power, the hope to succeed
Give him a ball to open the door Escape poverty, hunger, famine and war
Give him a ball he’ll exceed expectations Find fame, wealth, health and explore foreign nations
Give him a ball to raise him high up Win medals, trophies, perhaps the World Cup
Give him a ball then watch him soar As his shots hit the net and the crazy crowds roar
Give him a ball and he’ll never die
Give him a ball and he’ll fly

2. My Old Football                     

       by J.Milton Hayes

You can keep your antique silver and your statuettes of bronze,
Your curios and tapestries so fine,
But of all your treasures rare there is nothing to compare
With this patched up, worn-out football pal o’ mine.
Just a patched-up worn-out football, yet how it clings!
I live again my happier days in thoughts that football brings.
It’s got a mouth, it’s got a tongue,
And oft when we’re alone I fancy that it speaks
To me of golden youth that’s flown.
It calls to mind our meeting,
’Twas a present from the Dad.
I kicked it yet I worshipped it,
How strange a priest it had!
And yet it jumped with pleasure
When I punched it might and main:
And when it had the dumps
It got blown up and punched again.
It’s lived its life;
It’s played the game;
It’s had its rise and fall,
There’s history in the wrinkles of
That worn-out football …

3. Fields of Green

       by Anonymous

Players on the field,
are virtually arranged,
Chasing a ball,
that’s repeatedly exchanged.

A game based on,
strategies and time-tested tact,
Where one tiny mistake,
may have a huge impact.

Soccer is a game,
of position.
Defeating the goalie,
is a mutual mission.

But first you must pass,
enemies on the field of green,
With minimal penalties,
it must be done clean.

On the fields of green,
where dreams live and die,
They soar to the sky,
or drop and just cry.

4. Make me the best

       by Todd Bales

Lord give me the vision that the top see.
When they knock me or try to stop me please give me moxie.
For this journey I know I will need quicks and bulk.
When walls won’t fall or the way gets difficult.

Give me courage when clouds seem to flood the skies.
Help me to fight for insight, even when there is blood in my eyes.
I’m gaining momentum and building a lead.
I have the heart of a champ and the will to succeed.

I want to shine so bright I’m surpassing the sun.
Show me the way and what has to be done.
Introduce me to pinnacles, summits, and take me to crests,
Do what you have to do to make me the best.

5. Beautiful game

       by Anonymous

Two teams fighting for one ball
Laced boots and shin pads
Goal posts and corner flags
The referee is the main man
Ninety minutes seem like a lifetime
But once the whistle is blown,
The beautiful game comes to life

6. Sign of the times

       by Sharon Jones

We are romantic about football
Eulogising our heroes
Those chivalrous gallant knights of the pitch
But when the smoke of love disperses
And we look and see
Those football boots of clay
Caked in the mud of corruption, greed, addiction, misogyny
I mean the list goes on eternally and wearily
But still, we applaud the goals the sublime passes
The impossible angles the silver trophies glittering…
And chant for more, for more, for so much more
And never a moment stop to pause, we know just where the cash cows graze,
And hidden grain and gains securely stored
Yet we deplore the sight of war
Expect in football metaphor: “battled hardened warrior gets stuck into the fight for the cause”
Oh, the smell of money from Kansas to Oz
We mock and jest, think we’re above the gutter rest
Until it’s us caught in the same malignant treasure chest
Hypocrites all.

7. More than a game

       by Anonymous

Dear Football,

Between these lines, You have taught me perseverance, pain, and pride.
People on the outside say this game is something I do willingly,
But you have taught me that character is worth more than ability.
You’ve introduced me to brothers that have always had my back,
Some White, some Hispanic, some Asian, some Black.
You’ve taught me that the biggest dividends are made through discipline
And to embrace opportunities I may never get again.
You’ve taught me respect for not just myself and my team, but respect for all,
To think how many young men were taught these lessons from a ball.
I understand you are a privilege and not a right,
To all of us who represent you on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.
You can walk away at any given time if I abandon your voice,
Of ethics and integrity from making a bad choice.
You’ve made me a better student, a better young man,
You did the same for my Grandfather, Uncle, and Dad.
So I thank you Football for every single lesson,
That I can take into adulthood and share my experience and blessings.
I know you get a bad rap just for your name and your title,
But for some us, the lessons are more than a game they have been a tool for survival.
Some of us are from environments of crime and the streets,
An environment we mentally escape when we lace up our cleats.
Some of us live in nice homes and are considered elite,
But you teach us that no matter our economic status we still can face defeat.
Some of us are just kids that are labeled ordinary,
But you instilled confidence and integrity in us and made us extraordinary.
At some point, we will walk that field one last time,
With tears in our eyes as we say our goodbyes.
We may see you in college and continue to learn,
From all the lessons that you taught which were rightfully earned.
We will grow into adults, channeling your disciplined ways,
Showing character, integrity, and faith in the families we raise,
And this is the reason for us that you are more than a game.

8. On Field, On Fire!!

       by Anonymous

When I am on the field
I have the fire
Win or loose don’t matter
to play is my desire

I am okay as a keep
good as a lead
really wanna see me rollin
than place me in the midfield

It’s not always about hitting goals
games is all about passing.
dribble, pass, pass, pass, shoot
and you surely gonna win.

Few minutes of play
in a day, is what it really takes
Fearless I feel,
strest and tension it eradicates

If poems are my drug,
then football is my passion.
Few friends and a nice game,
Oh what a satisfaction!!

9. Confessions of a Soccerholic

       by Anonymous

I have one hairstyle
and it involves a scrunchie.
I’m more comfortable in uniform
than in the latest fashion.
I think my legs look fantastic
because of the scars.
I own two pairs of shoes…
cleats and flip flops.
I’d much rather be on the field
than on the phone.
I don’t chase boys…
they chase me.
The only pumps I own
are used to inflate soccer balls.
To me “makeup” means
a rescheduled game.

Soccer Poems about Messi

Lionel Messi is a renowned soccer player from Argentina. He has set goals scoring records and won individual honors on his way to becoming one of the top soccer players in the world. Stroll down this list of soccer poems about Messi that might inspire you.

1. Messi Messi Messi

       by Anonymous

Messi Messi Messi
The number ten
Stronger than men
Scoring again and again
Messi Messi Messi
When he retire
You will rage like fire
Who will you admire
The fun will expire
Messi Messi Messi
Messi the king
You will need to bring
A new thing
You can’t sing
Who will be your right wing
You will need to think
Messi Messi Messi

2. Messi

       by Rishabh Tiwari

The greatest to ever play the game
Leo Messi, the synonym of Fame.
World stops when he starts to play
Lightning fast, defenders he slay.

When he plays, sun loses its shine
Footballing world ruled by an Argentine.
His passing and finishing is sublime
Surely the greatest of all time.

Because of you, Barca has survived
Watching you play makes us feel alive.
With every game makes his fans proud
While playing he owns the crowd.

Every time he plays it’s like fictional story.
Trophies that’s sums up his career glories
The name engraved on football legacy.
Messi the world’s greatest Treasury.

3. Messi the champion

       by Anonymous

This is the Soccer season
when men in a café are joyful and cheerful
They take soccer so seriously, as if it was their life.
They love it even more than their children or their wives!!
And if their team lose at the End,
they feel and look so sad
What’s known as Soccer addiction
they seem to have it bad.

But still It’s a Soccer season again
Spread that ball across the field
It’s Soccer season again
I hope my team does well this year.

for my best player and greatest commander
start talking from his fantabolous goals,
telling everyone in this world
that he is so skillful, unique and winsome.
The brilliant player for all the Time
nothing can stand in his way
No one can cut him down.
For him I’ll say it again
young Messi you are the Number one in this world
but still you have a long way to go 🙂

4. Messi Magic

       by Ianthe Exall

Mesmerizing, masterful, magnificent,
The plaudits just go on and on,
Lionel Messi has charmed us from a very young age
A magical player
On the world football stage.
Leaving Argentina for medical reasons
At the tender age of thirteen,
Who could conceive that he would become
One of the best we have ever seen.
Barcelona paid for the treatment
For the diminutive young kid,
He played in their Youth Academy
And now they are glad that he did.
The left-footed dribbler, creative sublime,
Looking so focussed,
Scoring time after time.
Magical Messi, what more can I say,
It’s always a pleasure watching you play.
That diminutive kid has now done it all,
And it all came about when he first kicked the ball.

5. Lionel Messi

       by Anonymous

The legendary Lionel Messy
Gave all the defenders a fright.
From a normal Argentinian pad
Into a legend that history had.
Mad skills, great speed.
The ball was always stuck at his feet.
Captains of all teams
Made work of all dreams.
He played for Barcelona
I wish he played for Chelsea.
Everywhere he went
He had his eyes on his rival, RINALDO.
The two had battled
But Messi had no trouble
Now the best in the world
Messi is undefeatable.

6. Who am I?

       by Anonymous

His nickname is the Messiah
The savior of Barcelona
It’s not just a nickname
The boy has a gift
A gift for football
The crowd yells!!
“It’s the Messiah, it’s the Messiah!”
When his foot touches the ball
It’s like lightning is sparkling of his foot
He’s as fast as a cheetah
And as tricky as a fox.

7. Lionel Messi

       by Swarup Bhattacharya

Lionel Messi, after a long drought,
your barren fate has been showered
with plentiful.

When you play,
billions of eyeballs meditate on you
and you are in rule.

You stupefy the defenders
With your skills.
They stand transfixed
and become fool.

8. One and only Lionel Messi

       by Anonymous

Beads of sweat clumped together,
His brown hair flying like a feather.
Concentration etched across his face,
He comes to the fiels with grace.

Her eyes are wide,
She nervously stares,
As he scores with pride.
And points to the air.

Your skills work as elixir,
comfort plaintive heart
and make it cool.

But I wonder
and find manifestation of divine.
Then I pray to God
“Bless his skill evershine”.

9. Messi and Jesus

       by Anonymous

Boot master, relentless workaholic,
Tatoo junkie and yet supreme architect of
Moves rapturing towards goal.
The precise passes, the hopeful lobs,
The attacking runs, how a man who learnt,
That one hand is more flexible
Than another, learned later on,
That the same is true
For the feet. How we are
All, preferred-limbed soldiers of fortune,
Knowing that we control
Our destinies.

How a man nearing 33, is now
Is slowly turning from a Messi into a Messiah,
The hand of god, is nothing compared to
The cool-feet of Lionel,
The favorite son of Argentina,
Asking for, yet another chance at glory.
Another beautiful script, of a gaucho in the pampas.
What sweetness, lie on the toes
Caressing a buckminster soccer ball,
The deft caress of foot to ball,
Foot flirtations sultrier
Than an Argentine tango and the fleeting
Movements of sheer levity,
Like how Jesus walked on water.

How man takes a soccer ball
The size of a human face,
And expresses a tenderness
Yet unforeseen. How thousands
Gather at stadia, to see, a football
Caress a man’s feet, a man with a babyface
A frisky beard, and tattooed ink,
Who holds ad libitum
A myriad of moves, a man with a 10 on his shirt,
Knowing that 25m from goal
He delivers, bending like Messi,
To the back of a net.

How “Gols” are, what Gods are made of,
In South America. How one man
Can take the ordinary, and turn it
Into the extraordinary; a goal from nowhere,
just like how Jesus turned water into wine.
How beautiful that one man
Can transform, the faintest opportunity,
Into a pure miracle. How that eve,
The couple and well wishers, danced
At the wedding celebration in Cana,
Wine springing-out from open casks,
Their feet, as light as, those of Lionel Messi’s.

10. Poem for Lionel Messi

       by Nail Liga

I’ve carved
a name for myself
the size of Barcelona
along the wet arc
that divides us

breathes apart
from flash mouthed
heartaches lifting off
just before the sun.

and here I thought
the sky was huge
or that if left alone
your tiny sparks
would gobble up
what time has left
as faith in us.

Soccer Poems about Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese star footballer as well as captain of the Portugal national team. He also plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United. Ronaldo has won numerous awards and is largely recognized as one of the greatest players of all time. Glance over this collection of soccer poems about Ronaldo to get inspiration from.

1. For the Prince and the Pauper

       by Margarita Lillico

It is what it seems –
Another boy’s dreams
Of Ronaldo fame.
His shirt is a shame,
His goal is the same –
True love for the game.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: Living Legend

       by Parth Bhatia

Perfection isn’t enough,
Cristiano Ronaldo would say,
Because he is improving,
With his practice everyday;

Till the end of the world,
CR7 will be the best,
Because he can easily pass,
Even the Football’s Toughest Test;

Playing with Real Madrid,
Was always in his fate,
But he can still go back to Manchester United,
Because it’s never too late;

In the Real Madrid Top 10 Players’ List,
CR7′s name was engraved,
Because he scored a goal,
In every match he played;

Fear in the minds,
Of the opposite team’s defenders’ mind would stay,
Because they cannot stop Cristiano Ronaldo,
Even if they block his way;

Messi is of no match,
When to CR7 he is compared,
Because when Ronaldo scored a goal,
Messi helplessly stood and stared;

3. Messi or Ronaldo

       by Sebwells

Messi or Ronaldo, who is the best
The soccer players of the age
No matter which is less

They are the ones at the top
No one can dispute
Neither give up, and they never stop
They continue to send defenders through loops

The world watches in awe
As the juggernaughts go at it
But we never take for granted
The skill without flaw

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

       by Anonymous

Soccer is a great sport
people meet the players at each port
A soccer player named Ronaldo is the best at soccer
And now he even autographs his locker

Soccer advice he tells you
such as getting soccer shoes
He tell you what to so
and he is a great role model too

He became good for a reason
he is very good at what he does
and he never committed treason
because he is loyal to his best buds

You learn from Ronaldo
You’ll succeed if you try your best
money doesn’t come from the sky
nor in a treasure chest

5. He is Cristiano Ronaldo

       by Samia I

‘The Sultan of step-overs’ he was crowned,
“He’s the best”, even the critics announced.
He’s more than just golden boots and sparkling studs,
he invariably leaves the defenders for dust.

Like a gazelle he gallops down the field,
with sublime tricks the opponents are teased.
The crowds go wild when he gets the ball,
with his natural gifts he mesmerises all.

Proudly holding the legendary seven,
he is United’s best player in the making.
The spectators sing, and rightly so,
“There is only one Ronaldo!”

I watch him waltz through the maze of defenders,
and try hard to keep count of his step overs.
‘Elastico’, ‘nutmeg’ and the ‘Okocha flick’,
are only some of his numerous tricks.

With unmatched confidence and right attitude,
he was a revelation when he came on as a substitute
The ‘golden generation’s’ days may be over,
but Portugal has a new hero in the teenager.

6. Why it isn’t easy being Cristiano Ronaldo

       by Anonymous

If he doesn’t celebrate a goal
It’s because he wants a payrise.
But when he celebrates
the way he likes.
they call him arrogant.

If he scores penalties
they call him penalties
if he doesn’t they claim
he can’t score penalties.

Even though no one helps him,
he’s always the one to blam
when Portugal lose a match.

When scores against
big teams, they’re not
that big anymore..
No matter what he does, he will always be hated.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo fan words

       by Ibra

Number seven,
Famous is the number so is the name.
So big is your fame,
A fan of you as others same.

Smart both in & out,
I feel happy to look at you,
Scoring & dribbling is just fantastic,
Yours are Outstanding.

From humble beginnings of Lisbon,
To a Red Devil,
To Los Blancos,
To Portugal Icon.

Two Ballon d’Or,
Two UEFA cups,
Many more trophies to you.
And wherever you go breaking records.

Magic feet the key to your strength,
A cute smile for everyone,
Strong will to win.
A friend to the back of the net..
I Love you so much..

8. Remember the Name

       by Makarand

Madeira was the place where he was born,
Had many dreams but destiny was torn
Struggle was his mate from day one,
Still conquering battles everytime he won
Even racing heart couldnt stop his dream run,
Hardwork was paying of now was his turn
Sporting CP was were he was noticed,
Manchester United got him polished
The boy started following his dreams,
Getting the limelight with all the screams
Conquest was to become the best,
Something was different about him than the rest
Failing many times he pushed himself back,
Hardwork never left him pushing him top of the rack
Achievements were getting a tick in his career,
No one could match him, not even near
Age never caught him he still strived hard,
Never was he out of the race never debarred
Pointing fingers were a daily basis in his luck,
Remember the Name Cristiano Ronaldo..
he never ever gives a fuck

Soccer Poems for Players

Featuring a strange and quirky variety of football scenarios, there’s something for everyone here. We have assembled below some best football poems for players that are easy to understand. Check out it!

1. Keepers of the Game

       by Joseph Furdeck

For this we stand
and hearts we wear,
upon our sleeves
we know no dread.

We rest alone
yet share this love,
the beautiful game
with our army,
our blood.

With arms outstretched
body twisted and torn,
we pray for a fingertip
to shield us in this war.

As the shot skips wide
and we clash with our foes,
this battle is won
as we rise up for more.

This life we have chosen,
the soldiers of our game,
the generals of our clan,
the drivers of our faint.

So if you opt to take part
in this combat we so love,
please have no faint of heart
for us keepers we have none.

2. Ode to my Soccer Ball

       by Anonymous

O soccer ball
how you stare at me with your clean glossy finish,
your fresh new smell
all panels glaring up at me,
like a dog giving me puppy eyes
drooping up at me
wanting me to take you outside
and let you roll
through the rough
grass, mud and paint
then fly through the air.
When I wake up in the morning
and blast out of bed
I see you there
like a neglected pair of shoes
waiting for someone
to wear them down to the soles,
little bits of socks peeking
through the sides.
I snatch you from your nest
of a week’s worth of piled clothes.
I throw you to the ground
knowing that you’ll always fly back to me.
I charge off the porch like I am getting ready
to attack whatever comes my way.
I drill you to the ground
and catch a huge chunk of your side
sending you soaring through the air
hoping you’ll land in between
the metal posts
hitting the fishnet-like back.
I pick you up
cradle you into the nook of my arm
transport you inside back upstairs to my room
tuck you back into your nest of clothes
as I flip back into bed
for another day with my soccer ball.

3. The Footballer’s Prayer

       by Anonymous

Our team
Which art eleven
Hallowed be thy game
Our match be won
Their score be none
On turf as we score at least seven
Give us today no daily red … card
And forgive us our lost passes
As we forgive those
Who lose passes against us
Lead us not into retaliation
And deliver us from penalties
For three is the kick off
The power and scorer
For ever and ever
Full time

4. The Football Player

       by Ralph Edward McMillin

Your autumn armor girds you ’round
From cleated shoon to leathern helm,
Your thund’ring rushes scar the ground
‘Twixt lime-lined borders of your realm;
‘Gainst wearing rack,
For sharp attack,
Swift forrays, ‘neath the spheroids flight—
‘Gainst jarring knock
And brushing shock
You stand a well-accoutred knight.
Your pliant sinews scorn the strain
Of wind-swift tackles’ swooping clasp;
Your shoulders carve the yawning lane,
Your high knees tear the frantic grasp;
Or waiting low
The rushing foe,
Your steel arms tighten, left on right;
Torn free away
Or sore at bay
You roam a strong and sturdy knight.
Revered tradition holds you true
And blazes all your rugged way,
As did the heart the Douglas threw
Into the turmoil of the fray;
And striking square
And hard and fair
You cleave your way with main and might;
Nor yield an inch
Nor foul nor flinch
But strive as best becomes a knight.

5. Goalie

       by Anonymous

The goal is my house and you are not welcome here.
You dream of scoring goals. Dam your dream killer.
Are you really trying?
No, I am just that good.
You can’t scareme. I’m a coalie.
The last line of defense
If at first you don’t succeed it’s because of me.
Goalkeeper: diving head first at feet with cleats, certified 100’3 insane!

6. Soccer in Scotland

       by Evelyn Swartz

I grew up on granddaddy’s ranch
There wasn’t a bull I couldn’t conquer
My cowboy boots only came off
When I changed my clothes for soccer
I love the smell of fresh green grass
The sound of the ball hitting the goal post
I love racing down the field
Ya’ll listening? I love soccer it’s the most
Well. let me tell you a little story ‘bout
Flying on a plane
Our team went to Scotland
To play in a big game
My excitement turned to fear
I was just a mess
The players came from the other team
and each one had on a dress
John gave me a flower
I think I saw it wilt
My coach whispered in my ear
Calm down that is a Kilt
Now ya’ll I know I am from Texas
We’re called the Lone star State
We love our fellow man
Ain’t a neighbor that I hate
But to see a handsome boy
Smile and try to flirt
Reach his hand to shake mine
while wearing a wool skirt
I know I know it’s called a Kilt
and it’s a part of their tradition
but what is a girl to do
I’ve never dealt with such conditions
They come in many colors
John’s was green and red
His friend had one of grey and blue
Matched the hat upon his head
The goalie for their soccer team
Was a boy called David Heath
He laughed and whispered in my ear
“We wear nothing underneath.”
 Did I mention I’m from Texas?
Well, I ain’t no Southern Belle
The thoughts I had while practicing
Would’ve made my Mama yell
I looked it up in history books
Researched in magazines
To wear one of those in Scotland
Is like a Texan wearing jeans
I tried to act naturally
but all my head could do was tilt
I just had to go back home
and tell the story of the Kilt
finally, about the time the game was at an end
That cute boy from the airport
reached for the ball and had to bend
I still don’t know if he made the goal
I’ll have to ask Coach Milt
because all I saw was what he didn’t wear
underneath his Kilt.

7. Soccer isn’t even physical

       by Anonymous

“Soccer isn’t even physical.”

I would really like to see you get
pushed, elbowed, kicked, cleated,
slapped, punched, knocked over, slide
tackled, and to have it done legally.
To play through the pain because you
know your teammates need you, and
do it all without a single complaint.

8. I am a defender

       by Anonymous

The last person you need to
get through? That’s Me.

The person who makes
you offside? That’s Me.

I am the last chance to stop
your goal. I don’t go down
without a fight.

All my dedications & hard
work has prepared me for
this moment:

My goal is stopping yours.

9. Football is always the winner!

       by Grant Kerr

Football is my best friend,
A friend I play with all the time.
I miss it… to me not playing,
Really is a crime.

Football makes me feel fit,
Happy, healthy and full of energy.
“Head up! Look for space! Pass!”
Always playing to the best of my ability.

I can’t wait till football is back
And I can run out on the pitch
But thanks to COVID, I must wait
To scratch my football itch!

Until then it’s online learning,
Practising skills till it’s time for dinner,
“Come on you know, and remember,
Football is ALWAYS the winner!”

Soccer Poems That Rhyme

Check out this list of soccer poems that rhyme that are perfect for soccer lovers of all ages, from young soccer fans to grandmothers who have attended every game and every ‘I could’ve been a pro’ in between.

1. Golf Ball

       by Khalil Kashran

The life of a golf ballis not easy at all.Getting hit around all dayOne day they will pay.They drowned all my brothersThey lost lots of others.Soon well join togetherAnd rescue one another.

2. USA Soccer Game

       by Anonymous

I hear the crowd chanting
I hear the other team ranting
I hear the ball hitting
I hear them not quitting
I hear the food sizzling
I hear my drool drizzling
I hear the coach cheering
I hear the other team fearing
I hear their hands clap
I hear our families hands slap
I hear everyone walking
I hear everyone talking
I hear ear doors closing
I hear my family dozing

3. Rhymes of Football

       by Pradip Chattopadhyay

Net to net rolls the ball
with the feet fast they scroll
the kicks find the bar too small
too hard to score a goal!

Sweats it out the forward
saves it tough the one at back
like a fort he must guard
not allow a crack!

On the grass no guide or map
rely on footwork skill
pierce the defense find the gap
go for the lethal kill!

The ball if once finds the net
stop breath a million soul
mourns the side in sealed fate
the air is rend with GOAL! ! ! !

4. Soccer

       by Anonymous

I play keeper very fine.
When the ball comes it’s all mine.
Bam!! Goes the ball off the pole.
I just saved another goal.
Whack!!  The ball has been shot.
It comes to me and I’ve caught.
You can try and try and try.
You will never get the ball by.

5. Reaching for a star

       by Milton Berle

I’d rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are;
because a could-be is a maybe
who is reaching for a star.
I’d rather be a has-been
than a might-have-been, by far,
for a might have been has never been,
but a has was once an are.

6. Football’s Crazy

       by Anonymous

Friendly people oh yes indeed,
Our football fan’s all agreed.
On the terraces and in the kop,
They love the game so they won’t stop.
Being there for their team,
And chanting phrases as they scream.
Letting others know who they support,
Loudly admitting they won’t abort.
Sending a message across the land,
Come take us on and be a man.
Rubbing it in all the way,
As they come fourth en that day.
Zig zagging in with all respect,
Yes we’ll win so what the heck.

7. Football

       by Lucy Blanchard

I love to play football in a team
To play for England would be a dream,
To suddenly be praised
Soon my coach would be amazed,
With my bright yellow boot
I came up with a shoot
GOAL! I shouted, it went in,
Afterwards, I had a party with my kin.

8. I’m a Soccer Lover

       by Kat Misko

To play on the field
There’s no yield
my friends, my coaches, and me
Wide open space
To run free

Do some moves
‘Round the players
Here we go
Let your passion show

Shoot some goals
One by one
What’s that
You’re having fun! !

She shoots….
You just won your season
Your fans scream:

9. Football, a good game

       by Anonymous

Football what a good game
Kick and scream
Start with a warm up
Warm up can be the key to a successful team
We walk on the pitch
And fall in a ditch
Oh no one player is hurt
He got hurt on his foot
The game with only 10 players
The game finished with a smile
Who knows what will happen in a while.

Final Thoughts on Soccer Poems

We hope so you enjoyed this article of soccer poems. The passion for football is captured in this collection, which covers all facet of the game, from World Cup heartbreak to thrill of success, and the expectation of fans.

Poems and football may not appear to be natural bedfellows, but it’s vital to remember that poems can work wonders when it comes to portray your love for football. Without a doubt, the enthusiasm that football arouses transcends all barriers and knows no boundaries.

Some poets and writers, both national and international, have managed to portray on paper, through words, the phenomena that occur whenever a ball is thrown into the ground.

Immerse yourself in the game’s emotion and individuality, as these poems about soccer express the immense diversity of human experience in terms of feeling and being. The compilation mixes together pop culture and literature, fans and critics.

Thanks for reading this article of soccer poems. Enjoy yourself!

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