76 Best Poems about Missing Someone to Describe Your Feeling

If you are looking for ways to demonstrate your love for your significant other, we’ve compiled a compilation of poems about missing someone to assist you in expressing your feelings.

Missing someone is an uncomfortable feeling. You can’t stop thinking about them, and without them, the world seems to be turned upside down.

This feeling can distract you from your work, and you may lose focus if you miss their smell, warmth, and touch. Because these emotions have the potential to overwhelm you, it’s best to express them. That’s why, we have curated this list of I miss you poems to help you out.

When someone you love leaves you, you feel as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself. You seek for the phantom lover like a person who has had a limb amputated.

You may wish for this unpleasant sensation to go away so that you may function normally. These poems for someone you miss can be a quick start to share your feelings with your special one.

We’ve included some meaningful poems about missing someone in this post to help you artistically and romantically express how much you miss your sweetheart. These poems about missing someone can assist you explain your feelings if you are apart from your loved one. Continue reading.

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Best Poems about Missing Someone

Let your significant other know if you are missing them terribly. With any of these best poems about missing someone, you can immerse yourself in your partner’s affection and express how much you miss them.

1. Absence

       by Mary Robinson

When from the craggy mountain’s pathless steep,
Whose flinty brow hangs o’er the raging sea,
My wand’ring eye beholds the foamy deep,
I mark the restless surge – and think of THEE.
The curling waves, the passing breezes move,
Changing and treach’rous as the breath of LOVE;
The ‘sad similitude’ awakes my smart,
And thy dear image twines about my heart …

2. Each and Every Moment I Miss You

       by William Lindenmuth

For each and every moment
Every second I exist
I live and breathe for you
Your love I can’t resist
To live and love this lifetime
You are in my daily prayer
For times when you’re not with me
When I close my eyes you’re there
For every dance together
For every star above
The light that burns within us
The passion of your love
With dreams so never ending
For every sparkling sea
For each sunrise and sunset
I feel your love in me
For every breath worth taking
More then the air I breathe
The love that lives within me
Forever I believe
For each and every moment
And every heartfelt kiss
I am always thinking of you
And of the things I’d miss
For every hug that we have shared
And every soft embrace
For every smile turned to laughter
No other could take your place
For each and every moment
This heart so warm and pure
Gently caresses each heartbeat
And I could not ask for more

3. I Miss You More Than I Say

       by Emilia E. Alle

I wish upon the glistening stars,
I pray night and day.
I’m sad that we’re so far apart,
That you’re so far away.

I try to heal a broken heart,
And yet there is no way.
And when it simply falls apart,
Hurts more than I could say,

I cry myself to sleep sometimes,
And yet I need no pity.
I need to fix my broken heart
Or all this pain is hitting

Forever, ever, ever on.
It’s truly you I miss.
Sometimes I could just close my eyes
And fantasize sweet bliss.

A single tear streaks down my face.
My feelings are revealed,
Though I had tried so very hard
To keep these things concealed.

I never wanted to move away.
I hope friendship truly stays.
Please don’t let this fall away.
I’ll just hold on another day.

You’ve stolen my heart, taken over my mind,
So please be sweet and please be kind.
Remember me, please, every day.
I miss you more than I can say.

4. Lonely

       by Sanghamitra Ghosh

You left me alone, I didn’t cry,
I didn’t call you didn’t try.
Out of all the things I chose you,
I said I love you I really do.

But now that you are with her,
I don’t know why I really care.
I tried to get over you,
But I realized that my love is true.

I did all I could to forget,
But I couldn’t do it you bet.
I waited for you on cold nights,
And watched over you from great heights.

Now that you have forgotten me,
I always stand under the tree.
Waiting for you to hold me tight,
And then I see you with her at night.
Finally, you start coming to the tree,
Just to say, you never loved me.

5. Without You

       by Dawn

All these days and nights without you here,
It’s a little bit more than I can bear.

The days are cold and so very long.
I don’t know how much longer I can be strong.

My nights are so lonely and sad.
Sometimes I can’t help but get mad.

I see your face everywhere I look.
It breaks my heart that my great love is what they took.

Without you here it feels like the end.
I’m lost without you ’cause you were also my best friend.

I’ll be counting the days and nights till we’re together again.
Until then, it’s all my love that I send!

6. A Sonnet for Mine

       by Anna Kelsey

Letting you leave is my greatest regret
For you and your love I would hang the moon
Bring you roses each night and not forget
And I’d give anything to see you soon

If I could find a way to get you back
To hold you and pull you closer tonight
I would show you that you are all I lack
And kiss you until the whole world feels right

Although I miss you, you’re mine no longer
But for you I’d do anything at all
If only to make our love feel stronger
And now I have lost you and I feel small

Letting you go was my biggest mistake
And feeling your absence my heart will break

7. What I Miss

       by Thalia Jones

I miss how we used to be,
So vibrant, so honest, so wild and free.

I miss the way you would understand,
Listen carefully and be there when I needed a hand.

I miss our long, random talks at night,
Our private conversations,
Our silly little fights.

I miss the way you could read my mind,
Know what to say,
When words were hard to find.

I miss the way you could brighten my day,
Make me forget the mistakes,
Make the pain go away.

I miss how you made me laugh,
Hate how you made me cry,

Loved how you said you would always be there,
But once again, I forgot that everything you say is a lie.

8. Strong

       by Kelvin Jernigan

I have to be strong not for me
But for everyone else
I want to cry I want to scream
But no one can see my hollow tears
I keep you near to keep me sane
But the thought of you makes me sad
I want to hide and cry alone
But you are here and it keeps me real
I know you’ve left this solid ground
But in my heart you still live
You’ve kept me together for so long
So I will stay strong for everyone else

Famous Poems about Missing Someone

Whether you’re missing a family member, a lover, or someone else who had a significant impact on your life, these famous poems about missing someone can efficiently convey your sentiments to them.

1. Miles Away

       by Rinalene

I’m getting insane
Of the distance we have
How can we be together

Is there any way
For us to get closer
No calls nor letters
Just sadness and tears

When this all be end
This sorrow and pain
Time always keep us away
So hard to think this everyday

Wish I could dream of you
Every night when I’m asleep
For this is the only way
Only way for us to meet

2. Still Thinking of You

       by Lilmaris

I ask myself why am I thinking of you so much.
I think about all the moments we shared together and the way we touched.
You know that this was hard for me,
but you decided not to see.
I know I’m still stuck in my past,
but I had a feeling that this was going to last.
I guess my heart was wrong,
Why couldn’t I live through it and not stay strong?
Thinking of you makes me feel this way.
“Why couldn’t I just stay?”
I ask myself that every day.
Hold on! I had a reason why.
Now that I think of it, I want to cry.
Still feeling you so much.
I still think of the moment when we touch.

3. A Memory

       by Lola Ridge

I remember
The crackle of the palm trees
Over the mooned white roofs of the town…
The shining town…
And the tender fumbling of the surf
On the sulphur-yellow beaches
As we sat…a little apart…in the close-pressing night.

The moon hung above us like a golden mango,
And the moist air clung to our faces,
Warm and fragrant as the open mouth of a child
And we watched the out-flung sea
Rolling to the purple edge of the world,
Yet ever back upon itself…
As we…

Inadequate night…
And mooned white memory
Of a tropic sea…
How softly it comes up
Like an ungathered lily

4. My Lost Dreams

       by Dulce K. L.

You looked into my heart and found my lost dream,
A very common one I guess it may seem.
No one else like you in my heart is the same,
Cuz I’ve really changed since in my life you came.
You told me that my fate rests in my hands,
To make life as best I can.
You took my hand and out of the shadows we ran.
With my back to the dark and my heart towards the light,
You told me to do what I thought was right.
Even though you promised that you’d always stay,
No matter how close you are it feels as though you’re miles away.
Now as I look back at the past,
I realize that time moves by way too fast.
The memory of our friendship I hold near,
How I wish you could still be here,
For you know me better than I know myself,
only you have ever seen me cry.
But now when I talk you just hear but don’t listen to what I have to say,
You just pull your heart away.
So not even to myself do I want to confess,
That as time goes by I don’t seem to like you less.

5. Without His Love

       by Lizbeth Lopez

What has happened is never spoken,
And everything around me has been broken.
There’s no words, just silence.
Hate, but no violence.
Sadness, without tears.
Humans, without fears.

When will the ground break?
Where is the open gate?
Slowly, the darkness creeps,
But still, no one weeps.
All are withering.
Hearts are shriveling.

This world has grown cold.
There’s no one left to hold.
I fear that I, too, will join them soon
Just when the light fades from the moon.
My beloved has been turned into a dove,
And now I know what becomes of this world,
Without his love.

6. I Miss You

       by Reem

I miss you so much
That it makes me blue.
I couldn’t even enjoy my day
Because I kept on thinking of you.

Oh, I miss your smile.
I miss your face
That fills that empty place.

I miss how everything used to be,
When nothing mattered but you and me.

I’ve never felt this way.
My love toward you grows day by day.

The way you talk and flirt is so sweet
That it makes my heart skip a beat.

You always know how to make me happy.
You always make me smile.
I can’t imagine how my life will be without you,
Even if it’s just for a while.

So I will keep on believing in destiny,
Because unlike you,
I believe that we are truly meant to be,
Forever just you and me.

7. Thinking about You

       by Gary R. Hess

When I ate today at noon
All I could think about was you
Wishing you were here to do what you do
Wishing I could feed you with my spoon
Hoping someday I’ll see your smile again

I don’t know if I can take all this pain
Knowing that I am here and you are there
Thinking about the times we had and will not have

You are the best there ever was and will be
There is nothing to explain you, but lovely
Even when I was sad you made me happy

I just don’t know what to do
I just hope one day, I get to see you

Short Poems about Missing Someone

Absence and separation may make the heart grow fonder. And when you’re separated from the people you care about, you’ll notice how much you miss them. So, with these short poems about missing someone, you can communicate your true thoughts to the people or person you’re missing.

1. Oh! I Miss You!

       by Caroline White

How I miss the high of you
How you fill the entire room
How you make my heart race
How I melt, undeniably,
Into you

2. The Sea of Glass

       by Ezra Pound

I looked and saw a sea
roofed over with rainbows,
In the midst of each
two lovers met and departed;
Then the sky was full of faces
with gold glories behind them.

3. Missing You

       by Jaira N Biel

Missing you is like a day without light
or a rose without petals.

Every time I think of you
My days grow shorter,
My heart gets weaker,
and my love grows stronger.

I had a dream that everything was perfect,
But then I realized nothing is the same.

Missing you is like a day without light
or a rose without petals.

4. Undone

       by Corinne

We were so tight at first,
Is our string becoming undone?
Are you mad at me? Or is this all just for fun?
I know this may sound corny,
but it is the truth,
the longer you stay away from me,
the more I yearn for you,
Please, talk to me, tell me what’s up,
I don’t know what happened,
to everything between us

5. There Is No Night without A Dawning

       by Helen Steiner Rice

There is no night without a dawning
No winter without a spring
And beyond the dark horizon
Our hearts will once more sing…
For those who leave us for a while
Have only gone away
Out of a restless, care worn world
Into a brighter day.

6. Without You

       by Daniel X. Wofford

Without you, days seem endless.
Without you, my nights are lonely.
Everything seems so empty.
Only with you I know I will be fine.
Moments with you are frozen in time.
When I’m with you,
I feel that nothing in the world can tear us apart.
I feel that when I’m without I get left with a broken heart.
When I’m with you, I feel that I will love you forever.
Without you, nothing lasts forever.

7. My Everything

       by Dean Coombes

You’re my love, my life,
The air that I breathe.
You’re my soul, my happiness,
The all that I need.

You’re my light, my dark,
The stars in the sky.
You’re my ups, my downs,
The reason I try.

You’re my strength, my weakness,
The love from the start.
You’re my heartache, my pain,
The beat of my heart

You’re my tears, my joy,
The love that you bring.
You’re my world, my galaxy,
You’re my everything.

8. Never Say Goodbye

       by Alex Angeles

You’ll never really know how much you meant to me
My heart will be with you until the end just wait and see

I feel far from what would seem close
And close to what would seem far

When I die I don’t want you to cry
Just keep your head up high
and your dreams to the sky.

Funny Poems about Missing Someone

When you’re sad thinking someone you are missing, all it takes is reading a witty verse to make you feel better. With brilliant witticisms, irony, and plain old silliness, funny poems are known for producing good vibes and keeping readers on their toes. We’ve gathered a collection of funny poems about missing someone that will keep you laughing for the rest of the day.

1. I Miss You

       by Sharon De Fazio

I miss you,
like the sky misses the stars.
like the streets when there are no cars.
like a government that has no laws,
like music, when it is on pause.

I miss you,
like the desert misses the rain
like an addict without cocaine,
like a kiss that misses lips
like actors without their scripts.

2. Toonami I Miss You So

       by Rocky Swartzfager

Once, something we took for granted
Now gone, forever to be mourned.
My source of awesome anime has been transplanted.
Cartoon Network, you face an enemy scorned!

3. My Missing Quilt

       by James Fraser

Oh my, I’m suffering from wind
I just wish my body would rescind
For my quilt I do probe
It’s on top of my wardrobe
Out of reach and totally pinned

4. Missing

       by Anne Scott

I’ve hunted near, I’ve hunted far
I even looked inside my car.
I’ve lost my glasses, I’m in need,
To have them now so I can read.
I loudly swear and I curse
Did I leave them in my purse?
Are they behind the sofa, under the bed?
Oh there they are – on my head!

5. Miss You

       by Anonymous

I miss you in the mornings
I miss you through the nights
And I know this may sound funny
But I even miss our fights

6. Stuck on You

       by Kenneth J. Miller

You’re sucrose; you’re glucose,
You’re fructose and more,
From your head to your feet…
Which are stuck to the floor.

You’re Hershey’s; you’re Snickers,
You’re sweet English Toffee.
If you spit in my cup,
You’ll just sweeten my coffee.

I love you so much
That I’m getting frenetic,
But I can’t even kiss you,
’cause I’m diabetic.

7. My Boredom Disease

       by J.W. Earnings

Like sick allergies,
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination!

Beautiful Poems about Missing Someone

Your best friend, a family member, a teacher, a loved one, or just anyone you’re missing could be among the missing. They are most likely missing you as well. Why don’t you write them these beautifully touching missing you poems to let them know you’re missing them? It will bring happiness to both of your hearts.

1. My Sweetest One

       by Toby St John

As I stand by my own I look upon another’s,
It tears my heart apart but I must fight,
Beautiful maze those eyes have become,
A place where I never find the exit nor do I look for it,
No I must fight,
Giving in to the emotional concoction is my weakness,
Portraying your beauty through words is all I can do,
Portraying my love through words is all I can do,
Love you from a distance is all I can do.

You have no idea the knife that stabs my chest every minute of every day,
My guilt rips my insides into oblivion,
My love sews my brokenness into singularity,
My cracked surfaced is almost see-through,
If you peered beneath you would see the destruction I have brought down on myself,

Portraying your divinity through words is all I can do,
Portraying my obsession through words is all I can do,
Love you from a distance is all I can do.

Continuing to be shattered glass is what I deserve,
Continuing to be polished sapphire is what you will be,
Look down upon me oh merciful One and bring me peace,
End my journey through the hell of a heart torn in half,
No, let me continue to fall,
It is what I have summoned for myself,
Portraying your gravity through words is all I can do,
Portraying my sorrow through words is all I can do,
Love you from a distance is all I can do.

Dreaming will have to do for now my sweetest one,
Dreaming may have to do for all of eternity,
Dreaming may be my only hope for fullness,

2. Memories of Love

       by Brian Russell

As I sit here and watch the cars drive by fast
Enjoying the day, I dream of the past
I think of the love of times long ago
When we were so young and I was your beau
But the day is too pretty for me to be sad
So I sit and I smile with memories we had
We got into trouble but we sure had fun
Fantabulous times, I miss you a ton
The sun is now setting. Before I’m lonely and blue,
I will sit, I’ll have faith, in our God; He is true

3. Call Me Back

       by Haley Brown

You hear the ring, you know just what to say,
but then there’s no answer, and your confidence goes away.

Your eyes blink back tears, and you begin to doubt.
Nothing comes to mind, but this is what comes out…

“Hey, I know it’s late and you may not get this for a while,
but I was hoping you would be the one to maybe make me smile.

I know I’ve waited far too long to tell you what is true,
but now I’m here to tell you that baby, I love you.

I know this may not mean much coming from me now,
but I will make this up to you if you will just tell me how.

I know that you still love me. It’s written on your face,
but you’re so good at hiding it, it’s hard to find a trace.

Let me back inside your life. I swear I’ll make this right.
Call me back when you can. I love you baby, goodnight.

4. How It Used to Be

       by Melanie Edwards

I remember how it used to be
when nothing else matter but you and me.
Music, country roads, and future dreams.
I miss you, I wish you could see.
Although you are here, I miss you and me.

I remember when you said how happy I made you,
and you really meant it…now, it’s just a phrase
you say without thinking.

I miss those days when you’d call just to say, “Hi,”
or, “I love you.” Those days it was so hard
just to say good-bye for a while.

I remember how wonderful it felt the first time
you held me in your arms, and how after all those
years you still made my heart melt.

I miss the old you and the old me,
The old us that could just sit and talk for hours
and never run out of things to say.

I remember when time simply stood still,
when in each other’s arms was the only place
we wanted to be…forever.

I miss us as I remember how it used to be…
when nothing else mattered but you and me.

5. Missing You Every Morning

       by Bailey

I Miss You!
Every morning I wake up
Realizing you’re really far away
So I put on my make up
And pray for a good day.

I know God’s watching
And he’ll lead me back to you
I just have to keep living
So he can see me through.

Although you’re not close
And many miles away
I’ll still love you
Even after today.

I really miss you dearly
And really wish I was there
But despite of not having you here
At least I still have air.

6. Every Moment

       by Anonymous

As each star comes out to shine
As the wind rustles across the land
As the moonlight sweeps across the room
I’m thinking of you.

When the sun burns its morning greeting
When the birds chirp and swoop through the sky
When the leaves of the trees dance through the air
I’m thinking of you.

During the haze of late afternoon sun
During the smooth swirl and flow of the clouds across the sky
During the fade of the bustling day
I’m thinking of you.

While the twilight shadows begin to fall
While the evening air begins to chill
While the crickets begin their sweet evening chorus
I’m thinking of you.

Just as the darkest hour of the night falls
Just as the world is hushed and silent
Just as dreamland beckons,
I’m thinking of you

Every day
Every hour
Every moment
I’m thinking of you through the miles
and loving you.

7. Life without You

       by Rinalene

I’m sad and feeling blue
Doing nothing but thinking of you.
I hope you can feel it too
’Cause I’m getting crazy; don’t know what to do.

You’re there and I’m here.
Year of not seeing each other,
The eagerness to see you goes stronger.
How long will I wait, another year or longer?

My heart cries when I see you on the screen,
For I cannot touch you or kiss you for real.
This really isn’t easy for me,
But I cannot do anything so I just cry and pray.

Praying every night you’ll come back again.
Hope God will hear my deep calling,
If that will happen I will surely be happy.

Love Poems about Missing Someone

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you wish you could simply pick them out of your dreams and hug them in reality! Check out these love poems about missing someone to tell your special one how much you are missing them.

1. Heart Song

       by Anonymous

Until our final kiss goodbye
I didn’t know that hearts could fly
But mine flew away
With you that day.

Distance, so few thoughts I gave,
Until you had to leave that day.
But in that moment I could feel
That distance is heavy, hard, and real.

I didn’t know that heartstrings tied
And tangled up so much inside.
Until the last smile you sent my way
When you had to go that day.

I never thought that time could seem
So cold and cruel that I could scream.
Until the long hours after you’d gone,
As my heart cried until the dawn.
Now I am just holding on
For the moment our love’s sweet song
Together loud and true will ring
As so in love our hearts will sing.

2. The Half-Moon Westers Low, My Love

       by A. E. Housman

The half-moon westers low, my love,
And the wind brings up the rain;
And wide apart lie we, my love,
And seas between the twain.

I know not if it rains, my love,
In the land where you do lie;
And oh, so sound you sleep, my love,
You know no more than I.

3. Dearest Love

       by Sherri Brown

I see you in my thoughts and dreams,
When I awake, how real it seems.
You aren’t here to comfort me,
But soon I hope you will be.
No one truly knows or understands;
You have my heart in your hands.
My love is what you truly own.
Come soon and make our house a home.
Inside those walls you are doing your time,
Not being here with me is your only true crime.
Others in your life will come and go,
But my love is true, and i’m sure you know.

I may not be rich or the prettiest one,
But I love you so much; you are my sun.
You light up my life every time you call.
When the time is up, I begin to fall.
You are my stars, you are my moon,
Being with you will come very soon.
So when you sleep, take this to heart,
No one or nothing will keep us apart.

4. Red Light

       by A.O. Taner

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only
then arguing again and again
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between
to yell the same name
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

5. Love

       by Pablo Neruda

Because of you, in gardens of blossoming
Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.
I have forgotten your face, I no longer
Remember your hands; how did your lips
Feel on mine?

Because of you, I love the white statues
Drowsing in the parks, the white statues that
Have neither voice nor sight.

I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice;
I have forgotten your eyes.

Like a flower to its perfume, I am bound to
My vague memory of you. I live with pain
That is like a wound; if you touch me, you will
Make to me an irreperable harm.

Your caresses enfold me, like climbing
Vines on melancholy walls.

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to
Glimpse you in every window.

Because of you, the heady perfumes of
Summer pain me; because of you, I again
Seek out the signs that precipitate desires:
Shooting stars, falling objects.

6. Daydream

       by Shanike Priyananda

Every moment I spent with you
Was like a beautiful dream come true
It was the best dream I ever saw
More colorful than a rainbow
Your pretty voice is echoing in my ear
The splendid sound I ever hear
No Nightingale’s song
Can compare to your glamorous tone
Those alighting brown eyes
As bright as twinkling stars in the sky
I always wanted to hold your hand
Between my arms close to my heart
My wish was to hug you hard
And listen to the beat of your heartI can still feel your smell
The wonderful charming spell
You taught me about love
Your love made my life alive
Whenever I see your face
My whole heart fills with grace
My life was like a dark cold night
You were the only luminaire warming light
My dream was to see your smile
And walk with you all over this glorious isle
You were the queen of my dream worlds
I don’t know how to explain my feelings in words
But, when you leave me alone with the feeling of spleen
I could realize that was just a daydream

7. Stuck in a Dream

       by Mssparklyone

Last night I had a dream,
We were walking hand in hand,
On a deserted island beach,
Over endless miles of sand,

The moon was shining bright,
You looked over at me and smiled,
Your eyes so full of passion,
Our thoughts both running wild,

We laid down and held each other,
So close but never enough,
The tides came in and nearly covered us,
As we made pure and beautiful love,

I had never known so much beauty,
As your skin in the pale moon light,
Every moment so intense and new,
On this warm, dark and blissful night.

But as the sun rose the next morning,
You disappeared and left me alone,
I’m still on that deserted island,
Come back and bring me home……

8. For Love’s Sake

       by Susan Christensen

I’m so tired of this empty feeling.
I’m so tired of being alone.
I lay here staring at the ceiling,
Waiting by the phone.

I jump when the phone rings.
It brings a smile to my face.
When he hangs up my heart stings,
And I sink back into my lonely place.
I wish and I dream
That we’ll be together soon.
I can’t wait until we can look up hand in hand
At the stars and at the moon.

I yearn for his kisses
His touch – His embrace.
I can’t wait for Thursdays
When I get to see his face.

I’m flooded with thoughts of him
In my heart, soul, and mind.
I imagine his touch,
So gentle and kind.

I try not to weep.
I hope he doesn’t hear my cries,
But I can’t stop the tears
Falling from my eyes.

I cry a thousand tears
And think – how much more can I take?
But in my heart I know I’d wait a thousand years
All for love’s sake.

Poems about Missing Someone You Love

Are you missing your girl a lot? Don’t bother looking up romantic quotes on the internet to describe your sad state of mind to her. Go with a unique way, with a charming poem that will warm her heart. These poems about missing someone you love can definitely help you to do so.

1. You Will Always Hold My Heart

       by Ralph P Quinonez

I remember the first time we met.
It is something I will never forget.

The beauty that was shown in your face
Takes me to a very special place.

A warm feeling as you walked into the room.
Little did I know that I would never again see you; it came so soon.

Did I do something? Was it right or was it wrong?
It still haunts me like a very sad song.

I now have to live without you but know that you are oh so near.
It was such a tragedy, something I will always fear.

I have come to accept it now that you are not here with me.
I guess it was fate, something that was meant to be.

If it were my decision, you would still be here.
It seems that you have disappeared.

My heart has lost you; it hurts just to think
You were here one moment, then you were gone in a blink.

I miss your smile. I miss your face.
I miss your warm and tender embrace.

Who would have known how it would have ended? Who would have known?
I know that because of you, my heart will always be alone.

I am keeping my heart open, trying to be strong.
Loving a woman like you can never be wrong.

2. A Thing for You

       by Ellie Barlett

I know we never had our first date
things were difficult but we still stayed up late
talking about what we wanted to be
I wanted you, I thought you wanted me

I loved the way
you brushed the hair from my face
looked into my eyes
the way your lips taste

Friends come and go
sometimes they stay
Enemies have hurt us
is it a price we pay

Do they ache
like we do
are you grieving
like I do for you

I hoped, I wished
I loved, I missed
you held, you cared
you hugged and kissed

I hate the way you moved on
but only because I want the same
but that’s so hard to do now
When I have no one to blame

3. Are You Going to Stay?

       by Thomas Meyer

What was it I was going to say?
Slipped away probably because
it needn’t be said. At that edge

almost not knowing but second
guessing the gain, loss, or effect
of an otherwise hesitant remark.

Slant of light on a brass box. The way
a passing thought knots the heart.
There’s nothing, nothing to say

4. You and I

       by Elijah

At the thought of you
my eyes love teary drops
It makes me smile but at times weary
How can one love a woman so much
When a memory of you plays in my mind
I know everything about expression
I know pain with a glass in hands
I sleep with the radio on because I miss you
I hear your swift sweet sighs of breath
You make anew what grief destroyed
You’re the reviver of old departed memories
I’m a man and I got to let a woman go
You’re moving forward in another man’s arms
I hope he sees nature doesn’t make one like you
Can’t you see it’s got to be the Lord
Who makes you so beautiful
And everything that He done touched
Like your mind, body and soul
Is enough to be my world
It’s not a fluke
That I’m still here waiting for you
That if you drop a glass
A glass in thousand pieces
Can mirror my heart

5. Missing You Like Crazy

       by Rhea Anne Paas-Rance

You were everything to me
You were the love I thought I had design for myself
But fate could be so cruel sometimes

I’d like to believe there’s still true happiness
That would walk in as soon as I open up the door
I’d love to believe I’m more than okay
Though it’s different from what my reflection shows

I want to scream until it reaches you
Scream until my voice make you stumble
I want to scream until you can hear no more
Scream until I get weak, can’t speak and just weep

Don’t avoid the aches creeping in my soul
Taste the bitter tears dropping on the floor
Every inch of me wants to see you crawl
Let me show you where I’ve been

Don’t look away see my existence
Even if you close my eyes you’d still see my presence
And with every air you breathe I’ll make you remember
The smell of grief underneath my skin

You cannot escape I’ll follow you everywhere
I’ll be the nightmare you thought you’d never had
And I won’t stop until I get satisfied
I’ll never stop until you’re out of your mind…

6. Pieces of My Heart

       by Amanda-Lee Saucier

One thing I know for sure
is that words could never take the place,
the place of how I feel.
I keep saying I’ll never love again,
but every time I see you,
I see your smile and feel your warm touch.
I fall so deep for you.
You say you love her and not me.
I let you go, but you keep coming back,
leaving my heart shredded
every time you walk away.
Holding on till the day
when you come back
with the missing pieces of my heart.

7. Why Me Why You

       by Vanity

Why is it when I look in your eyes,
I see the love burning inside me.
Why is it when you hug me,
the world melts with us.

Why is it when you leave,
I can’t find myself.
Why is it when you say bye,
it seems like forever.

Why is it when the phone rings,
I answer just to hear if it’s your voice.
Why is it when you don’t call,
I wonder what you are doing.

Why is it that I can’t breathe,
whenever I think about you.
Why is it that I can’t speak,
whenever I talk about you.

Why is it when I’m around you,
you want to walk away.
Why is it when I hug you,
you don’t feel the same.

Why is it when you look into my eyes,
you just see a girl looking back at you.
Why is it when you leave,
you leave to be with her.

Why is it when you say bye,
you say hello to her.
Why is it when my phone rings,
it’s not you.

Why is it when I call you,
you don’t answer.
Why is it when I ask what you think about me,
you say that I’m just cool.

Why me, why you,
I don’t know yet but I’m hoping you can find
the love I have for you and hope one day that love would turn into something more than what meets the eye.

8. Voice of My Aching Heart

       by Shishir

I have always felt alone except when with you.
This is the voice of my aching heart and believe it’s true.
You showered your love on me for a very short duration.
I don’t know how I will handle this frustrating separation.
Your memories always flow in my mind and bloodstream.
Your sight immediately brings on my face a happiness gleam.
True love has the power to conquer all the inhibitions.
One enjoys his life journey under all conditions.
Voice of my aching heart will never go in vain.
Clouds of love in my stressed life will for sure once again rain.
Unfulfilled desires of life will then give me no more troubles,
Whether I achieve something great or just get reduced to rubble.

Poems about Missing Someone for Friend

Looking for some missing someone poetry in English for your friend? It’s natural to miss someone you care about. It can be tough to put your feelings into words sometimes. You will be able to show yourself through these poems about missing a friend. Dive in!

1. And the World Carries On

       by Amy O Connor

Another month has come,
But you’re still so far away.
You’re always in my heart
Each and every day.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be here
For when you needed me most.
I wish time would hurry,
But it goes so slow.

Phone calls aren’t enough.
I need the real you,
The one who supports me,
My sister, my glue.

We’ve been through so much together
In so little time we’ve shared,
I will never forget all the moments
That you’ve shown me you cared.

I know it’s hard, but my time will come soon.
Keep smiling, beautiful, ’cause it looks good on you!
So until I see you when my time comes to an end,
Stay strong bub, love your best friend.

2. Friends

       by Liz Beran

We are going to different high schools
I know it will be hard
we were best friends
and now we are ripped apart

I remember the good days we had
throughout these 3 long years
you were there when I was sad
even when I was in tears

But now it’s all changed
we can’t be together anymore
no more notebooks to exchange
or laughter to adore

No more inside jokes to hear
or gossip in the hall
now we have high school to fear
and that’s the worst of them all

I will never forget that smile of yours
and how it made me glad
just remember you’ll always be
the bestest friend I’ve ever had

3. My Friend

       by Diana

So many memories of us growing up.
We were inseparable,
everyone called us the Bobsy twins.
We were so much alike
and yet so very different
but that’s what was so special about us,
we knew our limits with one another.
I knew just how to make you mad
and also knew how to make you smile when you were down.
We weren’t just cousins we were best friends.
We couldn’t take a step forward if the other one wasn’t there.
So many secrets shared
and still today I keep them locked inside of me forever.
No one will ever know you better then me.
I miss you so much my friend.
Remember how we cried when I went away for the summer?
We slowly drifted away in high school.
I took you for granted and I am truly sorry.
We almost became strangers.
We are all grown up now with husbands and kids.
You are 12 hours away now.
I want to scream sometimes for you to come back.
I know it’s useless and it’s not a reality.
You won’t come back soon.
You have your own life now.
I can’t just drive to your house and tell you I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for letting our friendship go.
Maybe god is giving us a sign,
to make us realize that our friendship is one in a million
and maybe we shouldn’t have let it go.
Friends have come and gone but no one can replace my best friend.
When you come back 4 years from now
I promise we won’t be strangers.
Maybe not as silly as before
but best friends we will be once more.
Until that time comes I will be here missing my best friend.
I love you,
take care,
and see you when you get home.

4. Forever in My Heart and My Mind

       by Anonymous

Forever in my heart shall stay the times
That we have spent along my dear friend
With you, my life was much easier to say
There was nothing really there to pretend
The sweet and caring ways of yours
There was that craze and that allure
We used to spend so many moments
Thinking about the future and tense
Life is not the same since you have left
I am missing you and the friendship we had
I am missing you my friend!

5. Friends Never Really Go from Life

       by Anonymous

Friends never really go from your life
Wherever they are, they stay
So what if you are far away
I miss you my friend, you are there
In every thought and my every prayer
I know that you will come back soon
I know that you will bring the smile
This will make us all good
Make our bond stronger in while
My best friend I am missing you
Waiting for you to come back soon
You know I love you!

6. Missing You So Much

       by Sami Johnson

As I lay here on my bed listening to everybody talking
my head is spinning with thoughts of you.
I hear your voice throughout the day
telling me you love me and that I’m the one for you.

Over and over again I hear your voice
and feel your arms wrapped around me
but when I look around you’re not here.
I’m wishing you will realize soon that I do care.
Wishing and hoping that someday soon we will be together again.

I love you so much
and I miss seeing you everyday
and being next to you at night.
You never come to see me anymore
so I lay here in my bed crying
because I miss you so much and I love you to.

I wish I could see you like I use to
but you won’t let that happen and neither will she.
I try to talk to you but you walk away.
Tears form in my eyes and I start to cry.
They say to forget about you but I don’t know how.

I miss hearing you say that you love me.
I miss spending time with you everyday.
I can’t seem to get you out of my head.
I love you baby and I miss you too.

7. A Friendship That We Shared

       by Anonymous

A friendship that we shared is great
It is a thing of the fate
But you are not here with me
I am not feeling the glee
There is a gloom in the air
There is something which is making me
Think about the times we spent
My bestie when will you come back,
I am already missing you
Life is tough without you
I am so missing you!
Hoping to see you someday and through!

8. I Am Missing You So Much My Friend

       by Anonymous

I am missing you so much my friend,
I am missing you much more than these words and comprehend.
Every bit of me, every part of my heart,
Misses us being apart.

Poems about Missing Someone Far Away

When your beloved is far away, send him or her this I miss you poetry. With these poems about missing someone far away, you can strengthen your relationship with each passing day. These poems will show your loved one how much you miss them.

1. Far Away Lover

       by Janna Rutty

I lay in my bed and think about you
I love you so much I don’t know what to do
I feel your warmth at my side
The pain in my heart moves to my eyes
So far away yet always so near
You are the reason I am still here.

I await the times when we can talk
I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk
To feel you for real… so close to me
The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

Your eyes shine like a million suns
You shine more brightly than anyone
Your smile so sweet can’t help but make me smile
It stops my world even for a little while
I await the time when my hand is in yours
To hear you say those 3 little words.

There are still no words I can say to describe
My heart it aches and my eyes they cry
But when we talk my heart flies
you always wipe away the tears I cry.

Even though you aren’t here
And I miss you so much my dear
I’ll love you forever and ever
I’ll always love you my far away lover.

2. My Only Love

       by Sheri Medina

Since the first day we met,
I knew you were the one.
God answered my prayers;
You came down from above.

You gave me your heart,
You gave me your trust.
From that very moment,
It was more than just lust.

Your sweet, loving words
Can never be compared.
I am your forever partner;
My soul I have bared.

Never put into question
Any of my feelings being true.
I have found my one and only.
Baby, that is YOU!

3. Long Distance Love

       by Panda

When it hurts so bad,
why does it feel so good?
I wish this all made sense,
I wish I understood.
Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,
but I can’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

You know how I feel about you,
and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
but it’s so hard to do when I can’t even be next to you.
Why does it gotta be so complicated?

Loving you feels so right,
but at the same time,
knowing I can’t have you keeps me awake at night.
I just want this to be simple,
I just want you here with me,
to look into your eyes,
be held in your arms…then I’d truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,
but I’m still hoping one day soon,
I’ll get what I’m wishing for.

4. The Game

       by Susan Christensen

Let me tell you about a game I play
Where I close my eyes and fade away

I float away to a special place
Beyond the stars and moon and space

In this special place you see
There are only two people – just you and me

In this place, all is right
Nothing but love, and we never fight

In this place, there is no sadness
No cells, no courts, none of that madness

No rules to follow, no laws to break
No bars to hold us or separate

No one to tell us we can’t kiss or touch
I don’t just tell you “I love you” – I show you how much

But eventually the game must end
My eyes must open, and reality sets in

But someday soon – I’m not sure when
I will close my eyes and play my game again

5. You Are Missing from Me

       by Adam Riley

I wish I could be where you are,
To feel the warmth of your embrace,
“Tu me manques my darling!” Is all that I can say.

The snow it drifts upon me,
With shards of memories,
I long to kiss your lips,
For they stir sweet melodies.

A hug, cuddle or touch would ease my aching soul,
I long to be with you,
For you are what makes me whole…

6. Memories of You

       by Anonymous

I remember everything about you,
your voice, your smile, your touch,
the way you walked, the way you talked,
the way you looked at me, meant so much.

I remember all the words you said to me,
some funny, some kind, some wise,
all of the things you did for me,
I see now with different eyes.

I remember every moment we shared,
seems like only yesterday,
or maybe it was eons ago,
It’s really hard to say.

You are gone from me now,
but one thing they can’t take away,
your memory resides inside my heart,
and lights up my darkest days.

7. Our Hill

       by Jon Hart

I sit on our hill
There is silence, except for the breath of the world
It caresses the leaves softly
Tenuously, as I imagine my hand would touch your face

It stirs dormant memories
Precious baubles fill my consciousness
A smile, a laugh, a caress, a scent
Your touch, your embrace, your kiss

The Autumn sun warms my face
Awakens me
As I walk away, eyes closed
I can feel your hand in mine

Poems about Missing Someone Who Died

Have you ever been in a scenario when you felt helpless accompanied by worst feeling because you missed someone so dear to your heart and were unable to see him again for the rest of your life? These poems about missing someone who died can certainly help you to show your feelings. Explore this list of missing someone poems to choose from.

1. I Cry

       by Susan Christensen

I’m sitting on the porch,
Wind blowing through my hair.
The ducks are frolicking in the pond,
But I just can’t seem to care.

Life goes on around me.
I don’t participate.
I go through all the motions,
But what I really do is wait.

I dream about the day
That you’ll come home to me.
Nothing else is important.
Why can’t people see?

I don’t want to go out.
I don’t want to have fun.
I don’t want to do a thing
Until all is said and done.

They took you in the summer.
Now fall is almost finished.
Winter will be here very soon,
And then the year will have diminished.

You have no idea how much I cry.
I never let you know.
It’s so hard out here without you,
But I’m not allowed to let it show.

I must pretend all is fine.
Everyone thinks all’s okay,
But what I never ever tell them
Is that I cry for you every day.

2. I’m Free

       by Anonymous

Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free.
I’m following the path God has laid, you see.
I took His hand when I heard His call.
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day,
To laugh, to love, to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way,
I found the peace at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joys.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow.
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life’s been full, I savored much,
Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.

Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts, and peace to thee.
God wanted me now,
He set me free

3. You Never Said Goodbye

       by Anonymous

You never said I’m leaving
You never said goodbye.
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why.

A million times I needed you,
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place,
That no one could ever fill.

It broke my heart to lose you,
But you didn’t go alone
For part of me went with you,
The day God took you home.

4. Cancer

       by Savannah Bennett

Since the day I saw you,
since the day we met,
I knew this I wouldn’t forget.
I have loved you more than life itself,
now it seems were falling apart.
This thing that just won’t go away,
was more then you could take.
But I’ll hold on tight past the very end…
No matter how much it hurt,
I sat and watched you get worse.
I held your hand all through the night,
never to let go.
I wake up, and you were no longer here,
I’m haunted by these memories of you and me,
as a tear falls down my face I remember…
You will be here holding my hand all through the night like I did yours,
but most of all…
you will always be in my heart.

5. Loved and Lost

       by Christine G. McCloskey

When you lose
someone you love,
life will change,
you rearrange,
and everything around you
seems so strange.

The world will spin
in the wrong direction.
You feel alone
and want affection.
Your appetite changes,
you may not sleep,
you don’t feel like talking
to anyone you meet.

But as time goes on,
things will get better,
and everything
just comes together.

And just because you smile,
it doesn’t mean you don’t care,
because you know in your heart
that they will always be there.

6. Your Light Still Shines

       by John P.

I miss our moments together,
I treasure each memory.
You left with the key to my heart;
Your life lives on through me.

If only I had wings,
I’d fly toward those stars
And knock on heaven’s door;
I’m sure that’s where you are.

Just to hear your voice,
See your loving smile,
Just to hold you once again,
I would crawl a billion miles.

You’ll always be a part of me,
For love never fades with time.
I know in my darkest hours
Your light will always shine.

7. Eternal Love

       by Owen

The blue skies turn to grey.
No more stories.
You’ve gone away.

The echoes of your smile,
Your kindness, your love.
Everything that made life worthwhile
Crashed down like a dove.

But memories will never fade.
Like a light that guides me,
Your love, your beauty
Will always find me…

8. Time Fades

       by Kathy Hood

The struggles I face
from day to day

Are struggles that won’t
seem to fade away

I wake in the morning,
and what do I see?

A lost little girl
mourning to be.

I struggle with loss,
pain, and anxiety too.

But most of all I
struggle from not having you.

Time will heal.
So they say.

So I watch the clock
as time fades away.

Final Thoughts on Poems about Missing Someone

We hope so you found this collection of poems about missing someone helpful. When they miss their companion, some people claim they don’t feel like eating, drinking, or sleeping. Some partners, on the other hand, become passionate and utilize whatever means at their disposal to communicate their feelings of love.

Pick up a pen and paper if you believe you have poetry that best reflect your sentiments of missing your beloved. If you’re stumped or short on words, pick one from this list of I miss you poems.

Being in a relationship consumes your entire life. You are currently dealing with a significant emptiness in your life, whether your relationship has ended or your sweetheart is away, in jail, or gone for a spell. These poems for someone you miss are a good approach to deal with these difficult emotions.

It’s fantastic to share these poems about missing someone with your sweetheart that expresses how much you miss them.

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