70 Best Thinking of You Poems That Help to Express Yourself

Are you searching for best thinking of you poems? Stop your search because you have landed at exactly right place.

We have compiled an incredible collection of thinking about you poems that you can share someone who is on your mind today. Allowing others to know that you are thinking about them might make them feel good.

We should practice caring for others and expressing thanks on a daily basis. It can be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or a neighbor.

We all need to know that we are not alone and that people are concerned about our well-being.

Taking the time to email a poem, write a letter, or simply pick up the phone and tell somebody you are thinking about them has a greater impact than you may imagine!

Never underestimate the influence that sharing a poem or a pleasant message can have; you might just brighten someone’s day!

A simple thinking of you poems can sometimes bring a lot of happiness and a beautiful smile to the face of somebody you care about.

Therefore, here is a collection of poems about thinking of someone inspired by your thoughts. Choose anything you like from these thinking of you poems and send to someone you care about as a reminder that you are thinking of him / her.

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Best Thinking of You Poems

We didn’t compose this section of best thinking of you poems for any particular reason other than an opportunity to say I am thinking of you. Think of these poems to express yourself and make new friends through poetry.

1. I Thought of You

       by Helen Farries

This morning when I wakened
And saw the sun above,
I softly said, “Good Morning, Lord,
Bless everyone I love!”

Right away I thought of you
And said a little prayer
That he would bless you specially
And keep you free from care…

I thought of all the happiness
A day could hold in store,
And wished it all for you because
No one deserves it more!

I felt so warm and good inside,
My heart was all aglow…
I know God heard my prayer for you,
He hears them all you know!

2. Lonely Nights

       by Ebony Tears

Since you’re gone
There is an empty space
Since you’re gone
The world is not the same

I go back to the places we’ve been
It feels like you’re still there
I live all those moments again
Wishing you were here

Since you’re gone
There is a lonely heart
Since you’re gone
Nothing is like it was

There are memories all over the place
Bringing it back all so clear
I remember all of those days
Wishing you were here

Since you’re gone
There is a heart that bleeds
Since you’re gone
I’m not the man I used to be

I follow you’re steps in the snow
The traces disappear
We know what we’ve lost when it’s gone
I’m wishing you were here

All those lonely nights
I lied on my bed and cried
I still think of you
Yes I do

3. There Are People in Our Lives

       by Catherine Pulsifer

There are people in our lives who bring rainbows after the rain
There are people in our lives who make us laugh and entertain
There are people in our lives who bring sunshine on a cloudy day
There are people in our lives who encourage us in all they say
There are people in our lives who bring a smile when all seems blue
There are people in our lives who help us no matter what we do.

When I think of you, I think of the rainbow after the rain
When I think of you, I think of laughter and being entertained
When I think of you, I think of sunshine on a cloudy day
When I think of you, I think of the encouragement and things you say
When I think of you, I think of smiles and I’m never blue
When I think of you, I think of all the help you give and what you do.

So on this day as I think of you
I just want to say I appreciate you and thank you for being so true!

4. Thinking of You Day and Night

       by Anonymous

Thinking of you day and night
Lack of focus; don’t feel right
Need to hold you in my arms
Work on me your magic charms
My quiet heart beating slow
Hard to function, feeling low
Need you here with me always
Loving me for the rest of my days

5. When I Think of You

       by Catherine Pulsifer

When I think of you,

I recall the laughter we shared
The troubles we aired
The joy and the tears
The expressions of fear.
The good times we’ve had
The times we’ve been mad.

But through it all
I smile when I recall
The talks of life we have had
The times when we’ve been sad
But you are always there
Even when I acted like a bear

So when I think of you
I know I can count on you that’s true
I count my blessings that you, I can depend
You will always be a good true friend.

6. You Bring

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Thinking of you brings visions of flowers
You bring memories of happy hours.

Thinking of you brings thoughts of sunshine
Of all things in life that are fine.

Thinking of you makes me appreciate the things
That special people in our life do bring.

Thinking of you brings thoughts of love
Of freedom and flying just like a dove.

Thinking of you each and every day
Makes me hope in my life you will stay.

7. Be with Thee

       by John G. Whittier

God’s love and peace be with thee, . . .
Where’er I look, where’er I stray,
Thy thought goes with me on my way
And hence the prayer I breathe to-day;
Thou lack’st not Friendship’s spell-word, nor
The half-unconscious power to draw
All hearts to thine by Love’s sweet law.

With these good gifts of God is cast
Thy lot, and many a charm thou hast
To hold the blessed angels fast.
God’s love, — unchanging, pure, and true, —
The Paraclete white — shining through
His peace, — the fall of Herman’s dew.
With such a prayer, on this sweet day,
As thou may’st hear and I may say,
I greet thee, dearest, far away!

8. When I Think of You

       by Sarah Rule

When I think of you,
I think only of how lucky I am to have you in my life.
So many times our paths had come so close, yet never crossed
When they finally did, I knew I belonged in your arms.

The way you smile when I make you laugh
The tender way you hold me near
The look in your eyes when you tell me you love me
All fill me with wonder

I thank heaven every day for the gift of you and your love,
and I hope and dream of our future together
I love you more than I thought possible
Yet my love keeps growing as each day passes.

I belong with you and you with me
and with the love between us
we’ll be together for eternity

Inspirational Thinking of You Poems

Words of love delivered from a pure heart can get you up in the sky and it is always feel good to know that your loved one is thinking of you today. Take a look at these incredible inspirational thinking of you poems! They might either inspire you to write your own love messages or you can simply copy them and give them to your loved ones as a surprise.

1. I Think of You

       by Samantha

When I sit here all alone in my room,
I think of you
And my eyes begin to build with tears.
But then I think of how much I hate you
And how I won’t EVER take you back.
I wish I didn’t love you anymore
I wish I didn’t ever have to go through this shit
But the more I think about you the harder it is to say “I’m over you”!
I want things to go back the way they used to be.
But deep down in my heart I know we’ll never be together again.
I tell myself that I don’t love you anymore but when I think about you all of those feelings come back.
I just lie there and cry.
It’s your fault for the why I feel like this.
Just so you know one thing until the day I die I will miss you.
And my love for you will never leave my heart.

2. Special in Every Way

       by Samatha Anne Marie Lynch

There are many people I think of during the day
But you are one who is special in every way.
I think about you and wonder
Is your day good or full of thunder?

I say a prayer for you each day
And ask the Lord to keep you in every way
I pray that you are kept safe and well
Because in my books you are swell.

I hope you find laughter and lots of smiles
And as you travel life’s many miles
That peace, happiness and love
Are sent to you from heaven above.

3. I Wish

       by Kevin Michael Rosales

I wish

I need to know what’s on her mind
still I failed to say..
I need to know what makes her smile
what makes her want to stay!

and all her dreams I need to see
so I can insert something about me..

I need to know her favorite star
coz I’d wish upon it with all my heart
wishing someday I could be there
to share this night with her!

they say wishes are for
fools running a few
still I’d take my chances
being a fool with you!

coz you’re the one I’d forever wish

4. Hoping

       by Anonymous

I wait all day,
Hoping to get your call.
I know it is faulty,
To think it will be so.
So here I sit in contemplation,
Keeping you in my mind.
I think on all we shared,
All the good times we have had.
I think of you this day,
Hoping you are well.
I know you are better off and happy,
But I wish you were here with me.

5. I Know

       by Anonymous

I know times are rough,
Harder than you could have ever imagined,
And I know I’m not there to help take away the pain,
I wish I could just jump on a train,
All I want to do is hear your voice,
Babe, I’m counting down the days till I do,
I know this isn’t much,
But I’m always thinking of you.

Short Thinking of You Poems

To express your emotions, you don’t need long poems. To be honest, overly long love speeches are more dull than romantic. Keep in mind that over-theatricality suffocates sincerity. In one sentence, tell your loved one that you’re thinking of him or her! The short thinking of you poems like these will grab your attention and surprise you.

1. Warm Wishes and Love

       by Catherine Pulsifer

I do not see you every day
And sometimes weeks go by
But just want to say
You are thought often, that’s no lie.

When I’m feeling down and blue
Happy memories flood my mind
I am so blessed to have a friend like you
One who is thoughtful and oh so kind.

So on this day to you I send
Warm wishes and love to fill your day
May happiness surround you, my friend
Your thought of dearly in every way.

2. Thinking of You

       by Persiah

I always think of you.
In my sleep,
in my dreams,
I always think of you.
All night all day, hoping you’re all right,
I always think of you,
Wishing that you were thinking of me too.
Every minute, every second of the day, I think of you.
I really do.
All because…I love you.

3. Thinking of You Today

       by Catherine Pulsifer

You are in my thoughts today
Just want to say I appreciate you in every way
My wish is for your happiness
And feelings of how much you’re blessed.

When you enter the room
Away flys any gloom or doom
Your smile brightens the day
You’re uplifting, I must say.

Your kindness and how much you care
Is truly unique qualities that seem so rare.
You have such loving traits
I just want you to know you we appreciate!

4. I’m Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

I’m thinking of you all day and all night
I can see you clearly when you are nowhere in sight
I’m feeling your pain, I’m hearing your name
I dream that I’ll feel your heartbeat again

5. Remembered That Time

       by Anonymous

Remembered that time, we stayed up all night
Doing silly things and staying awake to see the sun light
We were laughing so hard, I nearly wet the bed
Making me giggle to myself
With all the funny things you said
Thinking of you

6. Pick a Flower

       by Catherine Pulsifer

If I could pick a flower for every time I thought of you
It would keep me busy and I would not be blue!
As each day passes without you here
I realize how much I miss you, my Dear.

I think of you in the morning and at noon
And I pray that you will be home soon.
The house is so empty without you here
When you are around there is always a feeling of cheer.

So this little poem is written to say
You are missed in every way.
You are in my thoughts, I’m thinking of you
I will be happy when you’re back, oh, that is so true

7. Meet Again

       by Anonymous

Accept my friend these lines from me,
They show that I remember thee,
And hope some thought they will retain
Till you and I shall meet again.

I want a warm and faithful friend,
To cheer the adverse hour;
Who ne’er to flatter will descend.
Nor bend the knee to power;

A friend to chide me when I’m wrong;
My inmost soul to see;
And that my friendship prove as strong
For him as his for me.

8. Miss Me Too

       by Anonymous

One potato, two potato, three potato four
Here I am thinking about, a little bit more
So give me a shout
Because I know you miss me too
There isn’t anyone else
I’d rather think of than you

Romantic Thinking of You Poems

Poetry is sometimes said to as the “language of love.” And you’ll realize why, when you read these romantic thinking of you poems for him and her. We hope that after reading some of the poems below, you may be motivated to write your own verses on how you feel about the special people in your life.

1. Think of You

       by Anonymous

The bed is so empty without you by my side.
An ocean I must cross alone.
That you could be my oarsman and row me to the shore.
On these nights I think of you and the time we
danced so softly under an orange moon

2. Just Thinking of You

       by Kayla Doney

Watching whitecaps roll into the ocean of blue.
With a smile on my face just thinking of you.
The sweet memories, the tender moments we’ve shared.
They caress me like the soft breeze that fills the air.
The loving feeling I get when I hold your hand.
The summer night when we walked in the sand.
Waves splashing on the rocks along the shoreline.
Brings tears to my eyes knowing that your mine.
Sharing a love like ours my happy heart sighs.
Watching the violet clouds carelessly floating by.

3. I Close My Eyes and Think of You

       by Byron S.

When I am scared and all alone,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I see your smile and bright, green eyes;
You ease my fears and calm the tides.

When I am mad and very sad,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I hear your laugh and sweet, soft voice;
You cheer me up; I’ve got no choice.

When I am lost and lose my mind,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I feel your touch upon my hand;
You lead me home all safe and sound.

You’re in my thoughts both day and night–
My love for you will never die.
And even though I close my eyes,
My heart cries out for you each night.

My eyes shed tears, my heart just breaks,
Because they know all I can do
Is close my eyes and think of you,
Just close my eyes and think of you.
I miss you so much

4. Do You Realize

       by Anonymous

I was simply considering
Do you realize what today is?
It’s one more day my heart
beats fiercely for you
It’s one more day
I can sit and recall
I can consider
how great I have it with you
I get the opportunity to dream, about
What’s to come
What’s coming up
With a future with you
My heart is dashing
My brain is pacing
Loaded up with upbeat considerations
What’s more, great occasions
Indeed, I was simply considering
What’s more, I know how great
I have it with you

5. Every Time I Think of You

       by Kate Summers

Every time I think of you
I am thankful for all you do.
You are always there
And, you always show you care.

No matter the issue at hand
You never make any demands
You listen and comfort me
Help find solutions for me to see.

And when the times are good
You encourage as you should
We have such good memories
The days of fun and victories.

Friends like you are far and few
I always can count on you.
So when I think of you
I am thankful for all you do

6. You Are My Musings

       by Anonymous

You are my musings
What does this mean
It implies you are
the focal point of my reality
It implies I’m most joyful
When you are at the forefront of my thoughts
It implies I’m fortunate
To have somebody like you
It implies you are critical
in my life
Above all else it implies
Having you fill my fantasies
isn’t sufficient
Since my world
is truly spectacular

7. I’m Thinking How

       by Anonymous

I’m thinking how
great we are as one
And keeping in mind that I can’t be with you
At the present time
I trust you consider us, as well
What we have gets me through
The unpleasant hard days
While making the great days
Much more splendid
While we may not be impeccable
We are impeccable together
What’s more, it’s great considerations like this
That can’t be rejected
Since what you are and
what we have is extraordinary
So whenever you wonder
what I am considering
Presently you know

Always Thinking of You Poems

When we are alone, we sometimes find ourselves plunging into our thoughts. This collection of always thinking of you poems explores those rare moments when we have the opportunity to reflect on the people we care about most.

1. I Think about You All the Time

       by Anonymous

Last summer we met, we started as friends,
I can’t tell you how it all happened.
Then autumn it came, we were never the same,
those nights, everything felt like magic.
And I wonder if you miss me too,
If you don’t there is one thing I wish you knew,
I think about you all the time.

2. Thinking about You Every Moment

       by Joshua

Thinking about you
every moment of day
thinking of something
i could say
to tell you how much
I love you so
if I could
I just don’t know
I love you so much
it’s so hard to explain
but I do and it
drives me insane
to have you not
and to feel this way
its real hard
I miss my babe.
you my love
are my everything
my light my world
my dream my sweet girl.
I love everything about you
everything and more
I love the lil’ things you do,
which I so much adore
never will I find anyone
close to you
never will I ever want
to replace you,
you forever
that’s my need
don’t want it any other way
ill beg on my knees
cause it hard enough
not having u now
but in my heart
your safe and sound
you my dear
my hug bear
everything I love about you
I swear
and if true love
feels this way
then I’m drowning in a pool
of it everyday.
I miss you my love
wishing your were here
so I could whisper one thing
into your ear
that would be so true
I would say that I
forever love you.

3. I Forget Thee Not

       by Lillian E. Curtis

Does the sun e’er tire of rising and going down again?
Or the moon of looking down at night o’er field and plain?
Just so are my untiring thoughts the same.

Tho’ river and gulf now spread out ‘tween thee and me,
And though we’re wide apart on Life’s great sea,
Yet no more, my friend, do I forget thee.

Is it tiresome to bear thee constantly in my mind?
Ah, what easier burden could I hope to find?
‘Tis the lightest surely, and the dearest kind.

Thou art e’er in the mind’s recess, whether I would or not,
And in the heart’s garden, thou hast a warm, warm spot.
And the roses whisper, thou ne’er shalt be forgot.

The days are dull and stupid, since thou left the city.
Hours of ennui filled with nothing gay or witty:
Oh, say, why art thou gone? ’tis such a pity!

Dull are the streets where thou wert wont to walk;
Monotonous the circles in which thou used to talk;
And in our social gatherings there comes many a balk.

But this thou know, where e’er I am, where e’er my lot,
Whether in the gay mansion, or the humble cot.
Remember that I still forget thee not.

4. I Can Feel You

       by yvonne pimentel

As the flick of sunlight touches my eyes,
I hurriedly opened my window to see the skies;
Only then can I know and feel
That somewhere out there, I can tell
My Love, my Honey remembers me
With his mien fully painted with a lovely smile;

I feel the air touching my face
Imagining it’s my Love doing the grace;
I feel the wind hugging me tight,
My Love is sending me this even if I’m out of his sight;
I feel the cold breeze giving me a kiss
It’s my Love, I know, this is such bliss;

With his image vivid in me, I can start my day right
As I hold on to his love so pure and bright;
I know I would be safe, secured and guided
And never would feel any doubt or be troubled;
Trials that this day would bring
I’m pretty sure it will all be nothing…

Coz I know you’re just there my Darling…


5. Thinking of You All Night

       by Mandy

I have been thinking of you all night
Peeking inside my window is morning light
I wish I was perfect for you too
I wish I was the one for you
I try and forget all these feelings
My heart is slowly healing
But when you call me
Why can’t you see…
I feel like you’re the only one for me

6. Last Thought

       by Anonymous

I lay awake in my bed thinking of you my dear,
Everything seems like a distant memory as I go down the memory lane
I remember how you used to laugh so loudly at my silly jokes
And how you would stay up late just to play video games on the TV
I think about how you loved to sing in the shower,
As I shut my eyes to sleep, you are the last thought to cross my mind.

7. Do You Think of Me Too?

       by Sherry Lynn

As I lay here in bed
I think of you
I begin to wonder
Do you think of me too?

I imagine you’re next to me,
Pulling me close,
I feel your kiss,
As you caress my skin.

My heart beats fast,
Pounding louder every second,
I begin to tremble,
As I taste your sweet lips.

I find that I gasp for air,
To replace the breath that you just took away.
My body and soul
Are slipping into a heavenly bliss.
Your hands are touching my every inch,
With such ease and tenderness.

I want this moment to last,
Not one second can escape,
I want to stay in your arms,
But then I suddenly awake.

It was only a dream,
Just a desire,
But in reality,
You have set my heart on fire.

Thinking of You Poems for Your Love

Do you want to remember your love in a unique way? Share these thinking of you love poems with your friends to show how much you miss your loved one and wish to see him or her again. These poems will bring joy to your beloved’s heart.

1. Thought of Love Just for You

       by Mary S. Scotsburn

I can’t imagine life without you
I now understand love and what it can do
My days are filled with thoughts of you
I love you so much that is true!

You make my world happy each day
By the things, you do and say.
You make me feel so special too
I love you so much that is true!

You are considerate and thoughtful too
If you were a building you’d be the glue
I just can’t imagine life without you
I love you so much that is true!

2. When You Are in Love

       by Anonymous

When you are in love,
every touch, thought, breath, is about your better half.
It doesn’t matter when or where,
my heart swells up because you are dear,
as thought of you cross my mind how lucky I am that you are mine.
All I do is think of you,
Day and night that’s all I do,
I can’t get you off my mind,
I think about you all the time.

3. Love’s Nearness

       by Henry VanDyke

I think of thee, when golden sunbeams shimmer
Across the sea;
And when the waves reflect the moon’s pale glimmer,
I think of thee.

I see thy form, when down the distant highway
The dust-clouds rise;
In deepest night, above the mountain by-way,
I see thine eyes.

I hear thee when the ocean-tides returning
Loudly rejoice;
And on the lonely moor, in stillness yearning,
I hear thy voice.

I dwell with thee: though thou art far removed,
Yet art thou near.
The sun goes down, the stars shine out,-
Ah, wert thou here!

4. I’m Thinking of You

       by Dora

With you I can be fee cause I know you love me
You’ll never judge anything I say and you’ll let me be
Every feeling for you I make sure to show
You are the smile on my face if I ever feel low

You’re a person who is the best so true and kind
Your love and soul took me 3 years to find
Yet the whole time you were standing in front of me
Yet to the world around us it was so obvious to see

I’m lost in your eyes each time I connect with your heart
In my heart heart and mind you’ll always be a part
These feelings continue to grow to the love of my life
You are my sunshine who took away all my strife

You are my eternal life the smile of my soul
It’s your presence and love that keeps me whole
You are the dream I see every single night
A love between you and me I must hold tight

I fall in love with you every time I see your face
In your heart and mind I’ll be and no other place
You are my should to cry on, we were meant to be
Forever in each others heart, baby thank you for loving me

5. How Much You Love Me

       by Anonymous

Of all the things I miss the most
It’s the little things that get me
How you like your morning toast
Please don’t ever forget me
How you smell the sound of your laughter
Your tiny toes and your cooking disasters
But what I miss the most about you
Is how much you love me deep and true

6. The Wind

       by Anonymous

Each day’s page leaves me thinking of your hands.
How they fit so perfectly together.
We could weather any storm pulling hope from the waves.
Will you ever return to me?
I tack into the wind sails billow in the wind.
So you may return to a harbor safe.

7. I Think Back in Time

       by Anonymous

I think back in time,
Where we had fun.
I thought it was a time,
But i still don’t know.
I think of you,
All day long.
I love you, do you love me too?
I don’t think so,
But i do hope!
I hoped you would never go,
But you did.
Loved it, your smile,
Your looks, your hair.
I would even walk a mile
Just to find you standing there.
I’m thinking of you,
I really love you!

Thinking of You Poems for Him

If you can’t stop thinking about him, it’s good to inform him. Men aren’t cold-hearted or uninterested in lovely and tender words. Such thinking of you poems for him will undoubtedly help in the melting of his heart’s ice. Send a message to see it for yourself!

1. Do You Ever Think of Me

       by Arthur Franklin Fuller

O maid of velvet lashes,
And eyes of winsome brown,
Your charms my heart have captured
And torn its armor down.
Do you ever think of me?

Will you deign my plight to see?
Hazy dawn ’til purple twilight —
Do you ever think of me?

Gentle maid, with voice of music.
And soul both sweet and true,
Days and nights o’erflow with goodness
When blessed by dreams of you.
You are all the world to me!

Can captive Captor be?
Gloomy night ’til rosy morning —
Do you ever think of me?

2. Eternal Love

       by Star

You’re a part of me; you’re in my very soul
When you look at me, I fight to keep control
You do something to me, no one else ever will
And when you kiss me, my body trembles with the thrill

There’s such a strong chemistry, between us there
We start with a glance that turns, into a stare
No words need be spoken, when together or apart
Because each one of us knows, what’s in the others heart

We can’t be together, yet we won’t be apart
We know some day, a life together we’ll start
You have me entirely; I’m under your spell
Your charm is like magic, you use it so well

I can’t bare the thought, of anything happening to you
My heart would out cry the rain, and I’d feel empty to
To me you are everything, I want in this life
Together we can face, the joy and the strife

We must hold on tight, whatever the cost
Without you I’d be, one more soul that is lost
The love for you darling, in my heart is over flowing
As thought the years we age, our love will keep growing

Our love is like the stars, no beginning or end
And when we are together, there’s no need to pretend
We’ll pledge to each other, all eternity to be true
Yes eternal love my darling, is what I feel for you

3. When I Woke Today

       by Anonymous

I found myself thinking of you
And all the wonderful memories we have shared
It always makes me smile to remember our time together
I just wanted to let you know that you are always on my mind

4. Endless Stream of Thoughts

       by Anonymous

My mind is an endless stream of thoughts
And they are all thoughts of you,
I remember the first time we said hello,
And how you seemed so shy.
I keep thinking of all the times that you kept me awake with your funny stories,
And how you loved to play the guitar with me.
I am thinking of you as I write this down
And it makes me smile.

5. I Can’t Stop Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

I can’t stop thinking of you
No matter what I do
When I go to sleep
I leap
Into dreams of you
I can’t stop thinking of you!
I wish you were here
Cause when your not
I fear
That you are gonna leave with someone else
The thought makes me want to hurt myself
I see lots of happy couples together
I wish it was US forever!

6. Thinking of You

       by Lauren Lee

I woke up this morning thinking of you
And I wondered if you were thinking of me to…

I sat up and thought about our last goodbye
and all I could do was sit there and cry

It’s hard to let you go when I know what we could be
I just have to wait until the day that you will finally see

Maybe someday you’ll realize how much i care for you
and maybe you’ll realize that you care for me to

But until we meet what could be fate,
I’ll just sit here thinking of you and wait

7. I’ve Been Thinking of You

       by FTS Miles

There’s a certain sweetness
To the taste of Spring rain,
And the roar of crashing waves
Under a dark grey sky,
And blooming flowers in a
Cool breeze under a hot sun,
And the thunder of gusts of wind
Against old tired shutters,
And silvery waters on an
Otherwise dark night,
And families playing on the sands,
And lovers strolling hand in hand,
And concerts in the park,
And kites striving ever higher,
I’ve been thinking of you

Thinking of You Poems for Her

Love has a unique feature: it is difficult to explain with words. Take a look at these lovely thinking of you poems for her if you’re having trouble coming up with the appropriate words to express your feelings for someone. Show her how much you care and miss her!

1. When I Look into Your Eyes

       by Brian

When I look into your eyes, I am nothing but surprised.
I know about your past and how it didn’t last,
How you got hurt, burnt, Abused and used,
and I bet your confused.

You deserve better, if not always and forever.
You said you didn’t care, But you couldn’t bare,
Isn’t it such a scare.

Let me into your life and I’ll show you that I care.
Like an endless dream I’ll always be there.
I know your busy but please make time.
Working so much should be a crime.

You need time alone, and some time to think,
Let your feelings out why having a drink.
Forget about the past and look to the future,
I know you’re not ready, and I’m not trying to push you,
Just wanted to let you know that I’ll always be with you.

2. What to Say

       by Steven

What to say
I think about you every day
from your beautiful looks to your amazing smile
You’re a work of art and there is no denial
if there’s any a time that I start to feel down
just the thought of your kiss can beat any frown
I cannot wait to hold you tight
hearts beating as one bringing sheer delight
words cannot express the way that I feel
to find someone who is just so real
I truly believe that we have something special
something that will be long lasting and not superficial
I can wait as long as it takes to be with you
just know that until then I will always miss you
from your beautiful face to your soft sweet voice
being with you doesn’t even require a choice
you are perfect to me in every way shape and form
and I cannot wait to be able to keep you warm
your laugh is contagious it makes me laugh more
it’s just so damn cute and it is that I adore
to think that you would wana be with me
is the best damn feeling there will ever be
you’re simply amazing in every single way
and that’s the reason I think about you every single day

3. I Can’t Stop Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

You have taken over my thoughts and I can’t stop thinking of you,
I keep thinking about your smile, how beautiful it was,
I keep imagining how soft your hands felt when I held them,
And I can’t stop thinking about your warm embrace when we hugged
Or how we used to walk along the beach in the evening,
Sometimes I wonder if you’re thinking about me too.

4. Looking at My Phone

       by Anonymous

I find myself looking at my phone
Wishing that you would call me
I find myself thinking of you
When I should be working
You are my favorite distraction
When I finally get to see you
It feels like my daydreams have come true

5. Going Through Our Old Pictures

       by Anonymous

Going through our old pictures
They are all still saved on my phone
Counting the days till you come home
Even though you left for better things
And I am so very proud
The emptiness in my heart
Still beats so very loud
Even though I will see you soon
When I think of all the days I’ve spent without you
I can’t help but feel a sense of doom
Although I know you had to go
I can’t help that my tears begin to flow
Everyday since you left has been grey
I just hope that next time I see you
You will be able to stay
Forever with me
The way that it was meant to be

6. While Thinking of You

       by Annie Bananie

I love the way you touch me,
Because it makes me want you more,
I love the way you can always say the perfect thing,
and never make me sore.

I love how your always there for me,
through the good times and the bad,
I love all the times we shared,
And all the good times that we’ve had.

But when you are away,
And we are far apart,
I keep you close to me,
Right here in my heart.

It’s hard to think that I found someone,
As special as you…
For all my life I didn’t believe in love,
till I found you.

Please say you will be with me forever till the end,
Please say that you’ll love me and we will be more then just friends.

I just want you to know i love you very much,
I can promise you we’ll never be apart,
Everyday I think of you,
I just hope you know this poem comes from the heart.

So I guess to conclude with this,
I will just say it again,
You run through my mind all day,
And it’s always the same thing,
Your smile that stays with me forever,
I love you…

7. Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

I have been thinking of you,
And the way you make me feel.
I’m getting scared now
Cause these feelings feel so real,
I’ve always felt it,
But it’s never been this strong
I cannot fall now
I’ve got to hold on.
When my eyes are on you
It’s so hard to look away.
When it’s time too leave you
I so badly want to stay.
I want to tell you
What’s running through my head
But for now I’ll just keep it to myself instead,
Cause I want nothing to jeopardize
The friendship that we created over the years,
And I don’t want to be left
Heartbroken and in tears.
I want you to know how I feel,
And that I mean it, sometimes
I just want to scream it, it’s real.
These words have been bottled up inside
They explain the feelings I hide
And the failed times I’ve tried.
I don’t know how much longer I will keep this in,
Thinking of ways,
Don’t know where to begin.
Deeply confused,
Don’t know what to do,
I’ll just leave it be, wait and see,
It will happen if it’s meant to be.
I have your friendship,
But I really want your heart
This is tearing me apart;
I don’t know what to do
I just want to be with you,
Make you happy and make you smile.
Though times I can’t see you for a while,
Its only cause my hearts desires can’t be filled.
It’s hard to know you’re with someone else
When all I want is you here with me,
I want to show you what this could be;
I don’t want to tell you
I want you to just open up your eyes and see.
I want you to feel it,
The feelings that I feel,
I really want to show them,
These feelings are so real.
But I can’t show you,
I probably never will because
I want to walk, but your standing still.
These are the feelings inside of me,
That are locked away
Waiting to be free,
Drowning my heart in misery.

Thinking of You Poems for a Friend

Are you looking for best poems to express how much you miss and think about your friend? Take a look at our innovative thinking of you poems for a friend! Such best thinking of you short poems for friends will make him smile and will undoubtedly lift his spirits for the whole day.

1. I Am Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

Times are hard, I’m sorry for your loss
Wish things could be different
And paths were not crossed
Just know that I am here for you
If you ever need a hand
Here to say I am thinking of you
My dear, dear friend

2. Bonds of Friendship

       by Craig Burkholder

From the day that I first knew you,
Your heart was pure and kind;
Your smile was sweet and innocent,
Your wit was well refined.

The sparkle in your eyes was keen,
Your friendship fast and real;
Soft words were your virtue,
And humor your appeal.

We grew as friends together,
We laughed and shared our dreams;
Along the way crush or two,
Went unrevealed, it seems.

As years rolled on, our paths were split,
Our roads went separate ways;
We each pursued our interests,
That occupied our days.

We soon forgot our youthful bliss,
Of tender carefree years;
We didn’t talk or keep in touch,
Throughout life’s pain and tears.

Then my darkest hour came,
And tried me to my core;
To save my heart from ruin,
I closed and locked the door.

Then out of every nowhere,
With precise directed cue;
An old familiar smile,
Came slowly into view.

Although much time was gone,
And the die of fate long cast;
It was as if we hadn’t missed,
A second of the past.

You listened with attentive care,
And reassured my mind;
That loving hearts are still alive,
With purpose and design.

Deep inside I’ve locked way,
Emotions yet untold;
As time goes on, and bonds grow strong,
They will all unfold.

So thank you, friend, for taking time,
To demonstrate your love;
It’s yet another blessing that,
I’m undeserving of.

3. Long-Lost Friends

       by Patricia A. Fleming

To see that face you’ve missed so much,
To feel that warmth inside.
To see how much you mean to them,
Reflected in their eyes.

To feel that sense of comfort
That you felt in times gone by.
To hug someone with all your might,
To laugh until you cry.

To escape to all those memories,
Those moments that you shared.
To feel each strong emotion,
As if you were right there.

To recall that sense of purpose
That you felt when so naïve.
And the world was open wide to you
And you were fearless and so free.

To remember all those special friends
Who have long since passed away.
To share regrets you each possess
And haunt you still today.

To reveal whatever pain you’ve had
In the years that have gone by.
And together feel so grateful
That somehow you both survived.

To know this person inside out,
Their past secrets and their schemes.
Who helped you through some troubled times
And shared your hopes and dreams.

To know your heart and soul are safe
And there is no judgment there.
And no matter what you say or do,
All they want to do is care.

To feel that love that makes you whole
And finally find yourself again.
No, there’s nothing better in this life,
Than being with a long-lost friend!

4. You Will Be in My Thoughts

       by Hope

Should you ever feel alone
If finding times hard to bare
You can still count on me
Know I shall always be there

You shall be in my thoughts
If you are hurting, I feel it too
It is my friendship sincerity
I shall forever share with you

There each step of the way
My support you can depend
I will listen if you need me
With love your forever friend

5. Will You Ever?

       by Kaitlyn M. Yawn

I don’t think you will
Ever fully understand
How you’ve touched my life
And made me who I am.

I don’t think you could ever know
Just how truly special you are,
That even on the darkest nights
You are my brightest star.

You’ve allowed me to experience
Something very hard to find,
Unconditional love that exists
In my body, soul, and mind.

I don’t think you could ever feel
All the love I have to give,
And I’m sure you’ll never realize
You’ve been my will to live.

You are an amazing person,
And without you I don’t know where I’d be.
Having you in my life
Completes and fulfills every part of me.

6. Thinking of You!

       by David Yearwood

I’m always thinking of you, that’s nothing new,
I thought of you, just yesterday, the day before that too.
For every day, good or bad, you’re always on my mind,
I hope you understand, the way I feel inside.

This isn’t just a joke, or a silly lie,
I’d never do anything, to make you cry.
I’m sorry, have I done anything, you don’t really like?
it only returns and make me sad.

I really do love, everything about you,
I hope this relationship, gets really far.
I’ll never leave you, It’s not on my mind,
in fact I’m thinking, of you right now.

You’re everything I need and everything to me,
you’re exactly who I want, in every way.
You always make me smile, it’s nothing new,
Just remember this, I’m thinking about you!

7. Our Friendship

       by Marcia M. Griffith

As I think of our friendship, I begin to see
Mere words can’t describe what you mean to me.
When this cold, hard world has me lonesome and blue,
I look up to see my angel, my sweet angel, you.

You dry the tears that fall from my eyes.
You bring me sunshine to brighten my sky.
You rescue me when I’m scared and alone
And take my hand to lead me home.

No matter the miles that keep us apart,
We’re always together in each other’s hearts.
Sometimes we take for granted, I fear,
The ones who are so close and dear.

We get so caught up in life and things we must do.
Sometimes we forget to stop and say I love you.
If ever you felt I forgot or didn’t care,
Let me stop right now; my true feelings I’ll share.

You’re the sun in my sky, the bed where I lie.
You’re the home where I’m safe, the field where I play.
You’re everything I am, everything I do.
So what I am saying is I LOVE YOU!

Thinking of You Poems for Death

If you’ve ever been indulged in love, you know how difficult it is to stop thinking about your partner for even a moment. In any case, all of your thoughts are focused on the person you love. This is especially true if you will not be able to see her or him again. We’ve gathered the best thinking of you poems for death to show how much you miss him or her.

1. I Always Smile When Thinking of You

       by Anonymous

I sit here quietly and watch the sun set
Thinking of someone that I’ve never met
I wonder does he think of me too
Needless to say I am thinking of you

Wanting to hold you, to see your face
To take you away to a better place
You feel so right, too good to be true
I just can’t stop thinking of you

My friends say that I might regret
Losing my heart to a guy I’ve not met
I say there is nothing I can do
I cannot help thinking of you

I believe you were made special for me
But wonder if that could possibly be
I’m tired of being so alone and blue
But I always smile when thinking of you

2. Gone But Not Forgotten

       by Cecilia M. Kocher

The years we’ve shared have been full of joy.
The memories we’ve made will go on and on.
I haven’t stopped crying since you went away,
and I’ve asked God time and time why you couldn’t stay.
You lit up my life, my hopes, and my dreams.
You’ve opened my eyes to see what it all means.
So now that you’re gone, how can I forget;
Because you were the greatest out of all I have met

3. I Will Forever Cherish

       by Anonymous

It’s been awhile since I’ve been back,
You’ve been gone a long time too,
But every time I drive by your house,
I think of all the good times we’ve had,
Sleepovers with your sisters,
Long runs around the neighborhood,
Staying up late talking about life on the phone,
I don’t know what’s going on in your life anymore,
I don’t know who you’re dating,
But our memories I will forever cherish.

4. Remembering You

       by Ronda Beebe

Tinkering with old gadgets,
Riding on that old tractor.
You lived to be outside,
under that big blue sky.

You were happy most any place,
It didn’t take much.
A can of snuff, A beer in your hand.

Never a minute was wasted,
You found plenty to do.
You said “Life is what you make it.”
Simple things, your garden, your tractor,
A piece of meat on the grill.
It was worth millions to you.

The tales you use to tell to the grand-kids,
they did believe.
From gun shot wounds, to ships you won.
OH! One of these we would love to hear.

That little smirk or wrinkle on your nose,
your big brown eyes I adored.
All these things were your own design
and of these we wish we could see.

Things you said can never be replaced,
Some so funny, you had to laugh.
We lived to see what you would do next.

We had special days and special times,
From just a quiet moment, or a ride
or dinner at Travelers,
You made it all so special each time.

You liked to tease, you would not cease,
till you got a reaction,
then you were pleased.
That was just you, and you loved it.

Not much money did you have,
But you said,
“You were rich, just look what I have,
My Family, My Property and my Wife.”

What a man, this man of mine.
Just one last touch, holding his hand,
and hearing his voice,
This I do crave!

But now he is gone,
no more to see.
But I will just bet,
on a tractor, he can be found.

Just look around,
His memories you will see,
and above all,
I know he is waiting,

5. Photographic Memories

       by Karen E. King

I went through all our old photographs
memories made over thirteen years

Pictures worth a million words
that bring my soul to tears.

I study each one carefully
replaying the memories in my mind

looking for clues of what the future would hold
and the heartache it would leave behind

Smiling children, visiting new places
a canoe trip, a wedding, the park

How could we have known that summer day at the Lake
how quickly our bright lives would turn dark

Birthday smiles and Christmas mornings
Putt Putt golf and a day at the beach

So carefree and not knowing how soon
happiness would be out of our reach

Our passage through life captured on paper
If not for the photos would soon disappear

Fade out of our minds like the love in our hearts
bittersweetly remembered through the years.

6. You Are on My Mind

       by Anonymous

I think about you every morning when I open my eyes,
I think about you every evening when I turn out the light,
I think about you every moment, every day of my life,
You are on my mind all the time

7. Memories

       by Louise Bailey

I feel a warmth around me,
like your presence is so near.
And I close my eyes to visualize
your face when you were here.
I endure the times we spent together,
and they are locked inside my heart.
As long as I have those memories,
we will never be apart.
Even though we cannot speak anymore,
my voice is always there,
because every night before I sleep,
I have you in my prayer.

Final Thoughts on Thinking of You Poems

We are hopeful that going through this article of thinking of you poems was a true value for your precious time. Let somebody you care about know you’re thinking about them.

Don’t cling to those thoughts, figuring they were just random thoughts and that they will know what you’re thinking.

There’s a reason they’re on your thoughts. By using these thinking about you poems, don’t let the opportunity to tell those close to you how you actually feel.

Not only is there no guilt in telling someone you’re thinking about them, but most individuals will be overjoyed at the idea of being remembered.

However, they will not be aware that you are thinking about them unless you take the initiative to tell them. Using our poems about thinking of someone can dramatically change someone’s day!

If you enjoyed these thinking of you poems, please share them since sharing is highly encouraging and will help us improve and post even better poems. Check them out right here, and you won’t have any trouble finding the proper words. Enjoy!

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