Top 3 RC Rock Crawlers of All Time

If you are a fan of driving RC cars, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of driving RC rock crawlers. Rock Crawlers are the ideal go-anywhere vehicle thanks to their development model of well-built chassis, high-torque solid engines, and enormous tires.

RC rock crawlers are the most amazing off road RC cars in the world and are known for providing a great driving experience. If you have decided to purchase one of these off-road crawlers, explore some of the top RC rock crawlers available in the market.

Vanquish VS4-10 Ultra Black Anodized – Origin Half cab

The VS4-10 Ultra stands for the pinnacle of RC scale vehicle kits, offering the best components, design, and the toughest portal axle platform on the market. The VS4-10 Ultra provides construction and driving dynamics right from the start, which is impressive. It offers a variety of capabilities that are unique from others.

Key Features

  • 80mm Incision scale shocks with tips attached to shock towers in the double shear for optimal support
  •  Full ball bearing gearbox with scale-molded enclosure
  • Original polycarbonate body quality
  • Front and rear axles
  • Stainless steel gears with a broad design.
  • The position of the motor is low with an expanded skid plate for safety
  • Laser-cut Retro Origin half-cab body with a unique dash.
  • Panhard front suspension with three links
  • 4-link rear stabilizer with double triangles

Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep JT Gladiator with Portals RTR

Are you a fan of Jeeps? RC cars bring the newly designed RC Jeep gladiator for all the Jeep lovers! With this Jeep Gladiator ready to go, it can conquer the highest point of off-road rock climbing. A third-channel DIG function and a 14-inch wheelbase on the updated chassis enable the Axial to accommodate a larger, more realistic body.

Key features

  • Replica V8 engine covers, gearbox housings, and transfer cases protect the engine while boosting its appearance.
  • Any problem with the slope is eliminated as better quality body parts promote durability and rigidity.
  • You can lock the back axle from the transmitter with the DIG function transmission choice for front-wheel drive and a smaller turning circle.
  • A more natural deep bed is offered with a three-piece body.
  • The newer, centered battery location improves the chassis’s front-mounted motor’s stability.

Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep Wrangler

This Jeep wrangler is known for being one of the most popular off-road RC carsof all time and perfect for off-road action! Portal axles are used in this Jeep Wrangler package to boost efficiency by raising the downforce and lowering torque twist. Full-size standard NiMH packs are compatible with its standard battery box.

Key features

  • V8 engine replicas, gearbox housings, and transfer cases safeguard the engine while boosting scale aesthetics.
  • Authentic KMC Machete 3-piece wheels give scale aesthetics and allow you to swap out tires without glue.
  • You can also lock the back wheel with the DIG functionality transmission arrangement for the front drive and a smaller turning circle.
  • There are also multiple setting options for both high and low frequencies.
  • Each operator can select the size of their chassis thanks to the changeable wheelbase chassis.

There are many more options and models available for RC off-road cars. You can choose any of these options and start your fun of driving these RC cars!

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