83 Turtle Poems to Study This Multifaceted Creature

Turtles are fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years.

They are known for their hard shells and slow movements, but there is so much more to them than meets the eye.

Turtle poems celebrate the many facets of these creatures, from their wisdom and perseverance to their quirky personalities and playful antics.

So let’s get into these poems about turtles!

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Funny Turtle Poems

These interesting poems about turtles are sure to tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your face. They capture turtles’ playful and quirky side and will have you laughing out loud.

1. Turtle Soup

       by Tirzah Conway

I love to slurp up turtle soup
It always makes me want to whoop

Soft-shelled turtle or red snapper
Cut up and stripped of their protective wrapper

Like a thick gravy with turtley parts,
Little beady eyes and turtley hearts;

Chopped up into turtle stew,
Come on people try something new.

2. Turtle and a Hurdle

       by James Horn

Trump’s stomach looks like back of a turtle
And over things makes it hard to hurdle
Created own line of clothes he calls choral
Who jumped over justice and skipped moral;
Loony and bloomy idiot like crepe myrtle.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Now for coffee and breakfast
So my wife just did insist.

3. Mock Turtle Soup

       by Barbara Gorelick

Did you happen to see old Sam?
He’s my poor turtle on the lam

It happened he was told
That his body had been sold

To a restaurant in the city
Where the cook had little pity

On the stove he put the pot
And the veggies that he got

But he had no turtle meat
So decided he would cheat

Chicken tastes about the same
Or so the turtles always claim

So his turtle soup became a mock
Cause he made it with chicken stock

4. If a Tortoise, If a Turtle

       by Duncan Mitchell

You are never going to hurtle
Witness how your limbs are placed
Splayed east to west, all carapace
What if some meat-eating moron,
Jonahing for a snack to gnaw on,
Sees you sumo-stepping by
Thinks “Hey look – a fresh meat pie”?
Running will beget disaster
You beat a hare so now you’re faster?
You let your tasty bits protrude
And pretty soon they’re getting chewed
No! Stop to suck your vitals in,
and hope he likes his toothy grin
Cause it’s going to get busted
your gooey filling’s well encrusted

5. Turtle Hurtle Sat on a Myrtle

       by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty

Turtle Hurtle sat on a myrtle
And Waving kisses to Mrs. Startle
Startle fell apart
Lost her a la carte
Old Startle had nothing to Smartle

6. Turtle

       by Lionel Derbyshire

Once upon a turtle chef
A slow cooker named Myrtle
Boiled a little turkey
We waited in the middle
Of the curtain in a circle
When the turkey was purple
Shouted Myrtle in a crystal
Turtle ready for a nibble
We sit and bit a little
And were not certain
If we ate turkey or turtle
Then Lucy giggled
And said
Gobble gobble
And then she burped
The essential Lucy.

7. Turtle Who Tried to Write

       by James Horn

Then there was the time that a turtle
had tried to jump over a high hurdle
but only remained flat like a door mat
being dumb like one and that was that.

Poems periodically turtle wanted to write
must have lost his mind and is not alright
Turtle truly never could ever have a thrill
until he read Frost and Rogers named Will.

Many great ideas from them he did receive
first, always in yourself you must believe
second, are many things that God granted
and a poem in your mind He has planted.

8. The Turtle With the Half Dollar

       by Brenda Mcgrath

I was riding my bike along a country road,
When I saw a big turtle carrying a strange load.
I got off my bike, then the turtle came to a complete stop.
He was protecting his shiny prize and refused to drop.

It was a bright half dollar in his mouth oddly enough.
He had a hard time getting it in his mouth so overstuffed!
I found a stick to give the turtle a poke,
To see if he would let it go, and not choke!

I prodded him, and he dropped it like a hot potato,
Then went off running, doing a little flamingo.
I pocketed the half dollar and went on my way,
Happy the turtle was free, and fifty cents now my pay.

9. I Like Turtles

       by Arishnu

My mother is a turtle
My father is a turtle
my friends are turtles
my love is a turtle.
Turtles is my life.
Turtles is what makes me get out of bed every day.
Turtles, thank you for being alive.

10. Myrtle, the Turtle

       by Unknown

There once was a turtle named Myrtle,
Who was a very fertile turtle,
when her eggs she did lay,
she was rumored to say,
I shall not get over this hurdle!

Inspirational Turtle Poems

These inspirational poems about turtles celebrate the perseverance and resilience of turtles, and the lessons we can learn from them. They remind us to keep moving forward, even when things get tough.

1. Turtle Spirit

       by M.L. Kiser

gentle spirit
teach me patience today
in my discontent I wander
aimlessly along dark and empty roads
disillusionment overcomes
guidance is needed now
wizened spirit

enlightened sage
spirit of great wisdom
pacing yourself through all chaos
you keep a balance in this world of ours
your determination inspires
your fortitude brings peace
power spirit

2. The Turtle and the Bird

       by Julia Mainwaring-Berry

I cannot walk any faster,”
Said the turtle to the bird,
“There’s something heavy on my back,
Though this may sound absurd.

So tell me please dear feathered friend,
I really have to know,
It’s slowing me right down you see,
I’ve lost my up and go.

Though never known for my speed,
My shell is getting old,
I can’t afford replacement,
And I suffer from the cold.”

‘It’s very easy,’ sang the bird,
You wear a house my friend,
An honour for a turtle
Who has made it to the end.’

For when your life is over,
You’ve a home for such as me,
And it will be much warmer than
The chill of winter’s tree.

So you need go no further now,
It’s time for you to rest,
Just close your eyes and go to sleep,
And I will do the rest.’

And right up to this very day,
So reason has it said,
All have a purpose in this life,
The answer’s in your head!

3. The Monkey and The Turtle

       by Shane Patrick

No I’ve never breathed the air of jungle
Nor has my life been in deep danger such
Though watching the monkey swiftly swing
From vine to vine on the celluloid screen
Within, my heart alike sings freedom
A conduit to holy choices and vigor

I am not the vulgar masks I silently wear
Sinking in the concrete zoo of a City
So pale my face, pale my wanning expressions
All born of tragic polars, together suffer
So if rebel has become a dirty word
Let it be a dirty word, while I change

Late night, there’s a knocking at my door
Unafraid, satisfied in the cache of my shell
Intentions dull as response calls loud
I say yes like fate’s puppet, freewill neglected
Slow I move, in style of nature- like the turtle
Answering those to whom I am the quarry

They teach me well as I learn them fine
Only within are we unbreakable, bound to power
Like the turtle, might we retreat inside
Find home vital and eternal, a catalyst for peace
Truth does not scream, so my thoughts are revealed
Quiet the sense of all senses, enter the dream awake

4. Two Turtle Doves

       by Unknown

A famous song about twelve Christmas days
Has swans a swimming and lords a leaping-
Yet returns again to two turtle doves,
Newly waken from long dormant sleeping
Hanging close to pear tree and partridge,
The doves are imbued with yuletide cheer
As carolers sing repetitive loops-
Always expected at this time of year
Five golden rings grab lots of attention,
With emphatic words exclaiming in sound
While our often quoted fine-feathered friends
Are equally known and widely renowned
Imagine how skipping one single day
Would spin the story into disarray
Eleven doesn’t cast the same allure-
By merely subtracting one extra day
As shopping malls string their holiday swag,
Transmitting melodies to set the mood
Remember to thank those two turtle doves-
in season of joy and deep gratitude

5. Turtle Wisdom

       by M.L. Kiser

turtle is patient
a virtuous traveler
ancient sage of old

surviving many ages
wise chelonian
descendant of dinosaurs

a home on his back
turtle never travels light
always the first to arrive

There is a lesson to be learned
in legendarium,
of terrapin, of bravery
and orphanarium.

6. Escape to Turtle Cay

       by Mark Andrew J Terry

A door ajar to view afar,
the journey’s road began
for smallest sibling in the clutch
of orphaned turtle clan.

The ridicule from larger ones
was iron stoking flame
and when by chance a passage oped,
the little one took aim.

There is a place beyond the view
that only certain see
where large is small and small is large
in possibility.

When all the others settled down
to slumber one to four,
the tiny tot slipped through the slot
invited by the door.

Within the time the nappers slept
the wee one traveled far,
from orphanage, then down the road
and past the coffee bar.

As night approached a chill set in,
though summer was in bloom.
Awareness shivered through his mind
of unimagined doom.

There is a place beyond the view
that only certain see
where large is small and small is large
in possibility.

It seemed that every shadow moved
and sounds were fearful too,
but somewhere deep within him rose
the courage to pursue,

and through the dark and fretful night
the turtle made his way
believing that the dawn would bring
a view of Turtle Cay.

A memory he’d never known,
embedded in his mind
was guiding him to destiny,
the life he’s been assigned. 

There is a place beyond the view
that only certain see
where large is small and small is large
in possibility.

The smallest turtle found his way
To freedoms open bay,
While other orphan turtles pray
that life will change some day.

7. Turtle Pond

       by Unknown

There is a small hidden pond in our neighborhood.
We decided to name it Turtle Pond. Many turtles
large and small lie backing in the sun on a floating

There is a Blue Heron there bobbing into the
water in it’s slow movements.

Two ducks a male and female are always there
Just the two of them.  We named them Juniper
and Laslow.

This sounds like a story but to me it is poetry.

The lake has mirrored picture of the tall lush
tree that line it.

We sit on the bench and gaze out thinking
of what art this is. 

Couple of love ducks, tanning turtles, swim waddling turtles,
and the very snobbish fish stealing heron.

This is our place even though the few dog walkers roll by, it is
a nice walk around.

So quiet yet you can hear the traffic not far from BrokenLand Parkway,
We try to ignore it. This our space, at least to us it is.

We walk around photographing the wildflowers and an
occasional butterfly flops by.

If I could live here I would.  It is surrounded by homes of the rich.

I am far from rich is this classy neighborhood of mine but here
I am rich with nature.
And this I found is the gift unwrapped by God’s hands
One of which the natural world is,
A gift we should all
Handle With Care….

8. Turtle and Fox

       by Unknown

Resting between the sun and moon standoff
rebirthed eighty times over, a spirit
sits, listening; eyes seasoned and soft
to his slain kin‘s melody and lyrics

“A turtle does not hate fox for feasting,
nor I you, for the path you have walked”

Reflection in red, the world slowed and stilled
and a lone sigh escaped the man’s dried lips
as hate’s steel edge cut through skin long wrinkled
with it, birthed the world and mind’s last eclipse

“Be well, my furred friend, for someday and soon
Coyote will crave what you craved this day”

9. Tommy Turtle!

       by Unknown

Just because he is low and small,
Don’t think Tommy can’t brawl and maul.
His shell’s harder than a brick wall.

Terrible Tom’s my turtle’s name,
he wasn’t really hard to tame.
Now guarding is his claim to fame!

He’s lean and mean what can I say.
Went to the store the other day;
Tom guarded whilst I was away.

When I got back two crooks were dead.
He “cannon-balled” them in the head!
The third one dropped his knife and fled.

Just because of Tommy; this I know,
My house is safe where e’er I go

10. Mr. Turtle

       by Chevyvent

Turtle, turtle in your shell
Crawling through the grass
Where are you going
What will you do

When winter comes and fall days pass
You carry your house upon your back
Catch flies and bugs for your dinner
Swim in the water, dig holes in the mud

For an animal your quite a winner

Famous Turtle Poems

Turtles have been a popular subject for poets throughout the ages. These famous poems about turtles capture the enduring appeal of these fascinating creatures.

1. Tiny Todd the Turtle

       by Unknown

My turtle’s name is Tiny Todd.
He’s Tiny Todd the turtle.
And Tiny Todd the turtle’s favorite
game to play is Wordle.
He has to guess a random word
by typing on his phone.
He’s never lost a single game.
His record stands alone.
He starts it every morning
and he plays till late at night.
It always takes him all day long
to get the answer right.
He tries to play it fast, and yet
his pace is just a crawl,
since Tiny Todd the turtle’s
still a turtle after all.

2. Ode to Turtle in a Tutu

       by Caren Krutsinger

Turtle in a tutu flashing her cute back side.
Showing off her tail, with nothing to hide.
Loving her spins, as she flaunts this way and that.
Her ballet moves pirouetting as lithe as a cat.

Turtle in a tutu I do believe I might be in love
your marvelous shell fits you like a well-worn glove.
Your twirls are marvelous, your whirls are fine.
You are the best dancer in Broadway’s newest chorus line.

3. Turtles Birthday Surprise

       by Caren Krutsinger

Happy birthday! Screamed the shrill little mouse.
Shh!!! Warned the raccoon coming up to the house.
It’s supposed to be a surprise, added a frog named Louse.
Of course the turtle heard them; his name was Crouse.

Come in! Come in! Welcome he said, showing them his table.
He had been tipped off by his snoopy cousin, Old Mable.
She was there with ice cream, plates, napkins and other things.
Guests exploded voices into song reported his brother, Bings.

4. Photographing Turtle Ave at Sunset

       by Caren Krutsinger

Worthwhile painters of sunsets tackled this romantic sky
turtles do not look up often, and their eyes are fuzzy
they might miss the colors, but they feel the richness of the day
turtle cave, a sanctuary for turtles in many sizes.

I stay my distance, photographing them with telescopic lenses.
My artist eyes take another peek at the fascinating pastel sky.
I return home with a plethora of photos, of the sunset.
Each one a smidge different than the last; no one else sees it.

5. The Turtle

       by Ogden Nash 

The turtle lives ‘twixt plated decks
which practically conceal its sex.
I think it clever of the turtle
in such a fix to be so fertile.

6. Myrtle the Turtle

       by Nancy Kaufman

Myrtle the turtle bought a new girdle
when he zipper wouldn’t budge..
She sucked in her gut and
stuck out her butt and
went out to get some more fudge.

7. Turtle Love

       by Charlie

My wrinkled head poking out of my shell,
I glance around me and see no danger,
My vision isn’t good so I can’t tell,
But now I see another turtle stranger,

I stretch out my legs, right out of my shell,
And begin to walk towards her slowly,
She sees me as a threat and says farewell,
I see her eyes, so heavenly and holy,

She turns around and recognises me,
She is no stranger, my childhood sweetheart,
I break out a smile, smoothness is the key,
I can tell she doesn’t want to depart,

And this is the start of a new beginning,
Never will this turtle love start thinning.

8. Turtle Head Toe

       by Unknown

Big toe, you stick way out there
You keep me balanced, everywhere I go
You’re always the first to get there.
If not slow
You look real silly
And sometimes have to jam jelly
I wouldn’t be writing about you toe
If it wasn’t for this contest for Jon Coe

9. Albino Turtle Dressed In Gold

       by Fazlul Huq

Albino turtle is seen to be dressed
in gold with a tint of green made in
front close to the edge of the shell.

When tiny eyes held right in front
within bodies of gold are seen to be
hued in red.

As the floor of the lake below turtle
on the move has the hue made in
lightest green.

While the two folded legs dressed
in gold are seen to stay in place close
to the head and neck.

Short Turtle Poems

Sometimes, less is more. These short poetries about turtles capture the essence of turtles in just a few lines and are perfect for quick inspiration.

1. Along the Beach

       by Joseph John Taras Kushnir

Salt and surf
fill the air as
the parade of turtles
meander to the reclosed cave.

The sea drones
as turtles greet new mates
along soft shadows,
hoping to continue the cycle.

2. Arribada Time

       by M.L. Kiser

Kemp’s Ridleys stage arribada within a nearby cave,
nesting upon cooler sands; female pheromones scent calls.
Eggs lain in even numbers within their group,
ensure their hatchlings will stay safe.

Ridley wisdom will defeat awaiting predators
from obliterating too many of their offspring;
the gathering always proceeds during daylight hours,
for the safety of the bale is paramount

3. Turtles Smile

       by Dustin Down

Watch the turtle in profile
and you’ll see who he is.
He is our collective ancestor.
He’s got that smile—
the one that a grandfather
gives a rambunctious grandchild
just as he’s getting trouble.
It’s a wise smile
that understands youth
but has learned patience.

4. Turtles

       by the Eclectic Minstrel

It must be nice to be a turtle.
A turtle can withdraw within,
and hide from the world
until things better—
we do the same, I suppose,
but we lack the shell.

5. Turtles

       by the Eclectic Minstrel

Turtles are small islands
that float in the cool water
on a hot day—
the place a bird stands for moment
to rest
after a long flight.

6. Little Turtles

       by the Ooze

Four little turtles in a shattered glass jar
Deep down in the sewer, down so far
A container drops near—it rolls, breaks, and stews
And four little turtles get hit by green ooze!
It’s on their shells, in great big gobs
Making them retro-muto-thingamabobs!
They were hit by the ooze when the ooze was moist
Now they’re heroes on the half-shell: they have no choice!

7. Two Headed Turtle

       by Sara Kendrick

A two headed turtle in a bed blue
Slept whole night through close to his brother too  

8. Turtle

       by Mark Ellis Cooper

Shit head
poking through;
graceless turtle,
returning to thud mercilessly against cold porcelain.
Thick mottled turd obeying the laws of newton
Dropping straight out of your arse leaving slimy trails,
followed by sloppy seconds that cling
To your hairs (called winnets)
poorly designed,
human kind…

9. Redneck Turtle Man

       by Unknown

Turtle man teaches mom and girls
How to catch them hurtles

He eats moms cooking
And says its granny slapping
Good as he invites the neighborhood

He tells Neil to go back into his truck
To get a ranch
That’s my luck
Not a branch

I need to fix the flat tar
Not learn a new spearmint
Looking wide and far
I didn’t say I want mints

That dad-burn possum bit me
You caught him naked as a jay-bird looking for fe-fe
Give me a clinics to wipe blood from my nose so nasty
Dad-burn it he got free

10. The Duck and Turtle

       by Unknown

Sailing in same sea
one ship other submarine;
the duck and turtle

Long Turtle Poems

For those who prefer a more in-depth exploration of the world of turtles, these long poetries about turtles are just the ticket. They delve deep into the complexities of these creatures and are sure to leave you feeling enlightened.

1. A New Found Friend

       by Julia Mainwaring-Berry

Please do not fear my furry friend,
I’m harmless underneath my shell,
I really cannot comprehend
Why you don’t want to treat me well.

I have a collar here for you,
I’m very dextrous with my hands,
And why you’re scared I have no clue,
I’ve travelled far o’er these hot sands.

I’ve watched you sitting on this dune,
Each night you come to meditate,
And ponder ‘neath the golden moon,
So why then do you hesitate?

I swear I do not wish you harm,
This talisman your lucky rune,
And it will help to keep you calm,
From troubles, you will be immune.

The cat looked up with newfound trust,
Not one had been so kind before,
And she was feeling quite nonplussed
This night upon the quiet shore.

Her blue eyes shone with new found pride,
She looked the turtle in the eye,
Now feeling very loved inside,
She had no wish to say goodbye.

From that day on, they travelled far,
No more to wander on their own,
She’d made her wish upon a star,
And seeds of friendship had been sown.

Together they strolled through the night,
Afraid of no one anymore,
And that wise turtle had been right,
She’d never felt so calm before.

2. A Children’s Poem Called, Little Turtle and the Big Bear

       by Unknown

There was a shy turtle,
he hid in his shell,
it sheltered the pain
he stuttered as well,
when the other turtles asked him
to come out to swim,
he went back to his shell where the lights
were dim.

Then one day came a big brown bear,
She said, “Little turtle get out of there,”
Enjoy the sea, the sand, and the little fish,
Come to my home and I will make a nice dish.

So little turtle came out of his shell,
but all was not good and all was not well.
Other turtles were jealous of his friend,
But big brown bear, she scared them to no end.

Again little turtle went back in his shell,
where he could always cry and dwell,
Big bear she came and loudly knocked, so hard,
She said, Come on out, let’s go to a bar.

So to a bar they went and after they stayed,
together for 1200 days,
little turtle and his little green shell,
walks proudly about,
head out of his shell.

Rarely stutters,
a little he does,
and he travels with the great bear he loves.
You could never miss them,
they have a family of turtles and bears,
they are always together,
and go everywhere.

The moral of this story,,
little turtle stuttered but rarely these days,
Big brown bear gave him  dignity  and as a spouse she stayed
Yes, it was the big brown bear that brought turtle out of his shell,
and to this day, all is very well.

3. The World on Turtle’s Back

       by Alexandra Patton

A long long time ago….
Earth was only water,
And the birds and otters swam all day.
And the people standing on the clouds
From the tree, fruits and flowers sprout,
And the Ancient Chief always had his way

His wife woke up and told him her dream
The bad news made him want to scream,
Sad news was all he could see
They must uproot The Great Tree

The strongest men, they tried and tried
They tried so hard they nearly died
“The tree won’t uproot” and they sighed
Ashamed, they went… to hide

So try, try Ancient Chief in the sky
You really are fantastic
Such a cool macho guy
So pull up that tree
And throw it into the sky
“Watch out wifey” make sure you don’t die!
She lost her balance and they thought she would die…

“Look out” said the turtle dove
something falling from up above
“I think we can save her now”
We have to save her, go go go!
Fly up and catch her, don’t be slow!
So the two swans caught, and brought her down

“Well, look at her, her feet aren’t webbed
I don’t think she can stay here and live.”
“She’s not like me or you.
Oh whatever shall we do??”

“There’s earth below us” said a bird
“Far below the water, or so I heard”
The others listened to her word
And dove down for the dirt.

They started swimming’,
Down, down went the Duck at first,
He swam deep beneath the surface
Till he thought he would burst;
He came back up, and then the Beaver tried
He went deeper but he almost died
The Beaver failed so the Loon then tried.

Now the Loon swam and was gone so long
He got far and he tried to be strong,
But he still couldn’t touch the Earth
So then the Muskrat tried even though she’s small
She dove down, determined to reach her goal
And she swam until she grabbed the dirt!

Oh, and when she came up the others saw
There was Earth held tightly in her paw
They didn’t know where to place it;
The Muskrat’s paw sill encased it.
Then the Great Turtle said “Place it on my back”
The Muskrat did and she left her tracks.
The Earth grew larger as the dirt unfurled
until, it became the world.

Now, now that the story’s unwound,
And the Sky Woman dropped those seeds on the ground
Those seeds turned into grass and trees and this story’s done
Now, life on Earth had begun.

4. Turtle Shell

       by Unknown

In a turtle shell you hide
keeping your talents deep inside.
Filled with self-hate and doubt–
you can’t seem to find your way out.

Your eyes are a glowing gold–
where hidden passions slowly unfold.
They light like a brightened spark–
still you stay in the dark.

Swirled with lime is emerald green–
and small specks of brown in between.
Your designs are unique–
but your lifes incomplete.

Claws rake through your shell–
pain so close to hell.
All youve built is tore away–
naked on the ground you lay.

High pitched laughs and stomping feet–
you lay there in defeat.
Blood running down your skin–
took away the fear within.

No longer in a turtle shell–
you picked up where you fell.
Stronger now than before–
accepting all you endure.

5. Thank God for Turtles

       by Marc W. Kohler

With flowers shaped on their backs,
Their four feet on the ground.
The turtles move slowly
always looking for more.
More sights, and more hope
more wind, sound, and scope.
They seem like lost aliens
like they can’t even cope.
But look at their shells
And count every leaf,
In order to realize the prize
That they keep.
Year in and year out,
They out last us threefold
Like reptilian redwoods.
They possess more life than we know.
And one fine Turtle
Known as Yertle, you see,
Taught us that freedom can
Come with a sneeze.
So, no matter what troubles, toils, or stew
You encounter in life,
The turtle’s been there, too.
Walk slowly among the flowers
And gardens that life has for you.
Do things in your own time,
That’s what makes you you.
Steady and kindly you move through this life
And remember that God has given you
A shell for all of your life:
His protection and care and love through and through.
And no matter how slow or how painful we move,
We have learned from the turtles, that slow is so true.

6. Two Turtle Doves

       by Allen A Dale

Two hearts thus intertwined as one;
a well of cool refreshing dew.
Let faithfulness be not undone
and everlasting love ensue.

Betwixt my love and yours so true,
Amour, so long ago impassioned.
Oh, let none ever misconstrue,
everlasting love and passion.

Yes, come again my sweet beloved,
please, let me hear you whisper sweet.
Vouchsafe that I’ll ne’er be unloved,
for I would be thus incomplete

Pray say you’re mine forever more,
until we reach that final shore.

7. If You Give a Turtle a Taco

      by Anonymous

If you give a turtle a Taco,
He might ask you for some
hot sauce.
Seeing the wrapper will
remind him of his cousins
down in Cancun,
and he’ll want to
teach you the Salsa.
While Teaching the Salsa,
he will want to listen to
some Reggaeton,
and while listening to the

He will shake and rattle in his shell,
which will make his shell fall off.
And when His shell falls off,
he will get all Red,
Which will remind him of hot sauce.
And Chances are that if he wants hot sauce,
he will want a taco to go with it.

8. Turtle Mountain

       by Mr. Whimsy

When flying through clouds and fantasy,
come hold my hand so tight.
I’ll show you things you’d never see,
when flying through clouds and fantasy.
So take my hand and come with me,
a journey into the night.
When flying through clouds and fantasy,
come hold my hand so tight.

As we land upon the mountain of lore,
the land rumbles and quakes.
Lost in a thunderous volley of snores,
as we land upon the mountain of lore.
Echoing and echoing forevermore,
everything rattles and shakes.
As we land upon the mountain of lore,
the land rumbles and quakes.

While you’re shocked and surprised with rounded eyes,
to discover this is a shell.
Humongous turtle swimming up in the skies,
while you’re shocked and surprised with rounded eyes.
‘Tis such an amazing and fantastic surprise,
flying on the back of faery tales.
While you’re shocked and surprised with rounded eyes,
to discover this is a shell!

9. The Persevering Tortoise and the Pretentious Hare

       by Guy Wetmore Carry

Once a turtle, finding plenty
in seclusion to bewitch,
Lived a dolce far niente
Kind of life within a ditch;
Rivers had no charm for him,
as he told his wife and daughter,
“Though my friends are in the swim,
Mud is thicker far than water.”

One fine day, as was his habit,
He was dozing in the sun,
when a young and flippant rabbit
Happened by the ditch to run:
“Come and race me,” he exclaimed,
“Fat inhabitant of puddles.
Sluggard! You should be ashamed.
Such a life the brain befuddles.”

This, of course, was banter merely,
But it stirred the torpid blood
Of the turtle, and severely
Forth he issued from the mud.
“Done!” he cried. The race began,
But the hare resumed his banter,
Seeing how his rival ran
In a most unlovely canter.

Shouting, “Terrapin, you’re bested!
You’d be wiser, dear old chap,
If you sat you down and rested
When you reach the second lap.”
Quoth the turtle, “I refuse.
As for you, with all your talking,
Sit on any lap you choose.
I shall simply go on walking.”

Now this sporting proposition
Was, upon its face, absurd;
Yet the hare, with expedition,
Took the tortoise at his word,
Ran until the final lap,
Then, supposing he’d outclassed him,
Laid him down and took a nap
And the patient turtle passed him!

Plodding on, he shortly made the
Line that marked the victor’s goal;
Paused, and found he’d won, and laid the
Flattering unction to his soul.
Then in fashion grandiose,
Like an after-dinner speaker,
Touched his flipper to his nose,
And remarked, “Ahem! Eureka!”

And The Moral (lest you miss one)
Is: There’s often time to spare,
And that races are (like this one)
Won not always by a hair.

Turtle Poems That Rhyme

Who doesn’t love a good rhyme? These poems about turtle with rhyming words use playful language and clever wordplay to capture the essence of turtles in a fun and engaging way.

1. Turtles Running at Break a Leg Speeds

       by Caren Krutsinger

Determined turtles were running at break a leg speeds.
Terrified mice were barely hanging on to these steeds.
I had no idea that turtles could run up to these speeds.
You should see them when there are not any weeds!

2. Ask Big Dean if You Do Not Believe Me

       by Anonymous

Turtles and iguanas do not eat meat.
Beef and chicken to them is not tasty or sweet.

They devour tasty bugs and tiny plants that are green.
If you do not believe me, here is my cousin, big dean.

A savvy ocean farmer, an expert, he is also married to a turtle gal.
Broccoli, plants, lettuce and flies satisfy his wife, salamander sal.

He a painted turtle, living life in the Pacific Ocean, loves the sea.
His powerful swimmer’s legs, and jaws really impress thee.

3. Tragedy in Theory

       by Brandon DeJong

The turtle lays on sandy ground,
Without a mother he looks around.
He sees the sea, not far.
He follows the bright star.
It happen, very fast. Pound.

Lying dead on the shore,
other turtle finds the gore.
Very sad, makes it way
To the sea; feel okay.
Then he cried some more.

4. Excerpt From “Easter Eve”

       by Bliss Carman

Among the weeds and sticks and grasses
Under the hard black ice I saw
An old mud-turtle poking about,
As if he were putting his house to rights,
Stiff with the cold perhaps,
Yet knowing enough to prepare for the winter nights.
And here he is on a log this morning,
sunning himself as calm as you please.
But I want to know, when the lock of winter
was sprung of a sudden, who kept the keys?
Who told old nibbler to go to sleep safe?
And sound with the lily roots,
And then in the first warm days of April —
Out to the sun with the greening shoots?

5. Reptilian Anatomy

       by Anonymous

“Bedad, that hurt!” and Patrick held
A bleeding finger up to view.
Erstwhiles he’d poked up shrimps and such
To see just what the things would do.
The Irishman’s patrons gathered ’round;
But not with sympathy — they laughed
At Paddy’s little turtle scrape —
And, while the reptile crawled, they chaffed.
Howld on, I want to know pfwhere is
“His head,” says Paddy’s Irish tongue,
“And pfwhere’s his tail?” “Why so?” says one.
“To know if I am bit or shtung!”

6. The Theoretic Turtle

       by Amos Russel Wells

The theoretic turtle started out to see the toad;
He came to a stop at a liberty-pole in the middle of the road.
“Now how, in the name of the spouting whale,” the indignant turtle cried,
“Can I climb this perpendicular cliff and get on the other side?
If I only could make a big balloon I’d lightly over it fly;
Or a very long ladder might reach the top though it does look fearfully high.
If a beaver were in my place, he’d gnaw a passage through with his teeth;
I can’t do that but I can dig a tunnel and pass beneath.”
He was digging his tunnel with might and main, when a dog looked down at the hole.
“The easiest way, my friend,” sald he, “is to walk around the pole.”

7. Turtle Dance, a Poem

       by Emma Blue

I want to see a ballerina
dance upon the back
of a turtle, floating at sea.
It must be late at night,
and there must be a full moon
that casts just the right amount
of luminescence upon our ballerina.
She will be dressed all in silver,
so that she’ll glow with an eerie ambience.
She’ll do a pirouette, a spin that ignites
the dead hours of the night
and casts a radiance
over tall black waves,
and onto the wide back of the turtle
which will then begin to glow
with the incandescence of rainbow.

8. Turtle and Frog, Limerick

       by S. D. Tiwari

Frog and turtle were two good friends.
Basking together on beach-strand.
Flew over them, a hawk.
Turtle turned into rock.
Toad jumped long to reach out of sand.

9. Tortoise and Hare

       by Glenn Meisenheimer

The tortoise raced the hare one day.
The rabbit claimed to be the best.
But while the turtle made his way
The rabbit stopped to take a rest.
The tortoise plodded steady on,
The rabbit fell into a snooze.
It’s not so much the turtle won
As that the rabbit chose to lose.

Turtle Poems for Kids

Kids love turtles, and these turtle poems for children are sure to capture their imagination. These poems are perfect for young readers, from silly limericks to inspiring tales of perseverance.

1. The Little Turtle

       by Vachel Lindsay

There was a little turtle.
He lived in a box.
He swam in a puddle.
He climbed on the rocks.
He snapped at a mosquito.
He snapped at a flea.
He snapped at a minnow.
And he snapped at me.
He caught the mosquito.
He caught the flea.
He caught the minnow.
But he didn’t catch me.

2. Turtles Have Very Longs Necks

       by the Eclectic Minstrel

Despite their hard safe shell
turtles have very longs necks
and sometimes, they unwisely
stick them out too far.

3. Turtle

       by the Eclectic Minstrel

I held the turtle gently
between thumb and forefinger
and I waited patiently
for him to stop being scared of me
so that he would stick his head out
and say hello.

4. Turtle Soup

       by Sidney Hall Mad Poet

Turtle soup in Zimbabwe is a delicacy
Caused fights between my siblings and me

Alas, due to the shortage we couldn’t eat it all at once
So one leg at a time which left them with a bounce

But a funny thing happened one day
One of the buggers decided to run away

Now our turtle soup has never been the same
I was the youngest so I took the blame

We looked high and we looked low
But had to settle for the scraping from dad’s big toe

Alas, our turtleless soup now has a cheddar edge
At least we have it served with an extra helping of veg.

If you ever in the town
And happen to see it bouncing on the ground

Call me
And we’ll cook’em and have him for tea.

5. The Turtle

       by Dawn Drickman

The turtle is rather short, not tall
He is kind of fat, not thin
But should you visit him at his home
You will find he’s always in

6. Talking Turtle Soup

       by Doris Culverhouse

Laverne a man from Po’ Biddy
Raised by himself with no family

Lived off the land and by God’s hand
His favorite was turtle soup real bland

One day he drank some toxic moonshine
Then the turtle started talking real fine

Laverne got scared and jumped in the river
He drank like a fish and swole his liver

Laverne could not eat turtle and taters again
He felt it was a real sin to eat talkin’ kin

7. The Turtle

       by Daisy Ward

The turtle entered a race
Tried to run at his own pace
He fell way behind
Still crossed the finish line
Then, felt like it was just a waste

8. My Turtle Fred

       by Unknown

My turtle fred
he is not dead
he lives in his shell
and when he does die
I guess he will smell

9. Coral Turtle

       by R Byron

camouflaged in coral reef
on sandbars in russet eddies
glistening on the sea bottom
like a lighthouse on horizon
tides come and go-flow and ebb
washing upon like alabaster tide
like a windmill of magic motion
slowing bowing to the sea stars
a lagoon hidden a secret palace
marching footprints of the coral turtle

Turtle Poems for Adults

Turtles aren’t just for kids! These poems are crafted with adult readers in mind, and explore the many facets of these fascinating creatures from a mature perspective.

1. Turtle Hurdles

      by Anonymous

Avoiding carnivorous
A scary hurdle
For seaward
Baby turtles
And avoiding
Killers who like
Their shells…
Also those
who’d boil them?
In a turtle soup hell.

2. Turtleneck

       by Eraser Head

Demons lurk behind him
like the shadow of Rasputin.
Turtle Neck.
Sitting in a tiny deli
he straightens the sleeves of his
Pistol tucked between
his worn corduroy pants and his
The barflies ooh and ahh
when they see the pretty face of
Turtle Neck.

Turtle Neck
ain’t no mama’s boy
ain’t no papa’s boy
ain’t no lollipop suckin’ tootsie rollin’ boy
ain’t no fruit juice boy
ain’t no wheat bread boy
ain’t no gummy worm slurpin’ sugar coated boy.

A sun sets and weeps
as the demons take the streets
rip the streets away
right away from
Turtle Neck.

3. Snail and Turtle

       by Charles Bruner

Once there was a snail
Crawling along
A turtle jumps out of the grass
Mugs the snail
and slowly crawls back into the grass
the snail goes to the police
“What happened?” The police say.
The snail says,
“I don’t know, it all happened so quickly!”

4. Beat the Turtle

       by D-Squizzle

Whisper in my ear how much you mean to me
I’ll tell you how much I mean to you
Baby I need you (Baby I need you now)
Look up at the stars with me dearest
And tell me exactly who you want me to be
I need to be with you
If only you’d give me the chance

Show me around
We’ll paint this god damned town
I’ll follow you forever more
Just give me the chance, babe
Give me the chance right now

Precocious are my words, you must agree
But I still say we need each other, ta ta ta ta ta terrrrrrrrrribly
Please let me know if my words are in vain
I’ll know to try to harder (try harder) for you babe
I need to be with you
If only you’d give me the chance

Show me around
We’ll paint this god damned town
I’ll follow you forever more
Just give me the chance, babe
Give me the chance right now

These city streets run for miles
Gives me a chance to awhile
The gentle breeze blowing through your hair
Makes me realize you’re the one that I want waiting there
To the end

Show me around
We’ll paint this god damned town
I’ll follow you forever more
Just give me the chance, babe
Give me the chance right now

5. The Mock Turtle’s Song

       by Lewis Carroll

Beautiful soup, so rich and green,
Waiting in a hot tureen!
Who for such dainties would not stoop?
Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!

Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
Beau–ootiful Soo–oop! Beau–ootiful Soo–oop!
Soo–oop of the e–e–evening, Beautiful, beautiful Soup

6. Ride the Tide

       by Jessica

Eventually, the sea parts us all.
The rush of the tide,
waves of strength and learning
take us away in bubbles of life.
Baby sea turtles
crawling across the sand
gaining strength with each shove.
Baby steps towards the ocean,
the waves that swallow us into life.
How lonely it feels, swimming all alone…
Each chapter comes to a close
each shell will break,
it was safe, but is no longer home.
It is time to face the waters,
to avoid the seagull’s prying eye
to catch the bubbles of life
and ride them away.
My turtle tears are soaked up in salt water
never to be seen,
but they sting, just the same.
As we part from all we know,
and travel into the unknown.

7. Our Garden Terrapin

       by Unknown

Turtle roams the fields and loams
in search of nesting ground, a home;
a patient wanderer ever vigilant
a passive and mobile immigrant.

A burrower beneath a lush green garden
is Terrapin with great shell hardened;
my father turned her up every spring
when tilling soil to plant seedlings.

He stopped using his roto-tiller
for that slow little green visitor;
sharing with her lettuce leaves
and carrot tops were sure to please.

For several years, his little chum
with his plants she filled her tum;
like my uncle with his pet frog
dad fed her like a loyal dog.

I suppose it was about a decade
that our Terrapin friend did stay.
She taught us that nature must be free
for she’s part of Gaia’s harmony.

8. A Mad Turquoise Turtle Song

       by Anonymous

You search through all of your affairs
In Korean cafés –
Dooms of responsibility and liberal aspirations
Earning points for the role of humanity
While I throw nettles playing boat songs
With my mood band…

What kind of esteem that earned me, I do not know;
But the illusion is of guitar spheres
Splayed in the silent sunlight over you,
Swooping down onto glass cities like a vulture
Shocked with reflections off the windowpanes
That echo the lost wood songs of phantom sparrows
With stiletto legs weaving heavy Irish sweaters.

So we moved to a condo down on the electric foggy harbor
And splashed through Indian leaf puddles
With mongrel dogs made of moon spirits
In the spooky glow of mysteriously billowing shoes
That went ‘tlop tlob’.

Just then I surprised you with a Valentine’s Day card
Made out of baked ziti and fake diamonds
Pilfered from a dead gas station in a turtle dream,
Where we pulled whale songs in a rusty Red Rocket wagon
That screamed Argyle from a highland stone pedestal
Set under yesterday’s raindrop skies.

You said, “Let’s strangle the breeze
With a kiss that mingles twilight rumblings,”
So we did, while the litter at the base of the North Building
Scurried away like turquoise temptations
Pinned to the mouths of periwinkle mice with leather helicopter helmets
Half-eaten by a middle-aged stegosaurus
Surrounded by its life works,
Which we sold to a fortress hunched in a bush
Flecked with copper cloistered curves
And feather dew.

Our freak flag rose over silhouettes
Entombed in iceberg orgasms
Tossed cavalierly away with the olive oil threads
That we used to sew a sassy sonnet
Around the saffron candy scar on my left ankle
That I obtained during your tribal chants
From a picturesque palace balcony,
When my foot rummaged through dismembered noodles
Trembling in the potted thistles and thorns.

9. City Boy and Me

       by Madhuri Kumari

With a bright smile and twinkling eyes,
He declared I am a city Boy.
There was a sense of pride
when he spoke of his city life.

I raked through my own archive,
Found a little child
Sitting in a Mango grove,
With a carefree mind.

She played with pebbles and clay,
Peeked into a well on hot summer day,
She was scared of the little lamb and Dogs,
But was keen to see the snake crawl.

Far from the city,
She lived in a beautiful land
With the farms of sunflowers and wheat
She went fishing in a fresh water stream
She found a turtle and brought it home,
Kept it with her fish for a week long.
She laughed at the frogs
and followed the snakes.

Oh! I am not city girl
I want to declare
But I hold back
And put up a sweet smile
While I try to wake up,
My sleeping sense of pride.

Sea Turtle Poems

Sea turtles are a special breed, and these poems celebrate their unique qualities. From their graceful movements in the water to their role in the ecosystem, these poems capture the wonder of these magnificent creatures.

1. My Green Sea Turtle

       by Danielle Deason

Wonderful slick shell,
Brown and golden, the color of a shell.
That perfect shaped shell.
The shell of my turtle i know too well.

You are the greenest.
The bravest.
And fastest (i think)
And maybe the smartest too.

You slick and slide,
And glide on by,
The water is what you love.
And you swim in the water, like a dove in the sky.

2. Sea Turtle Swim

       by Anonymous

Gliding swiftly through the water,
Never slowing or stopping,
All limbs spread out wide,
This is the way of the sea turtle.

Diving deep into the sea,
The water is growing darker and colder,
The sun’s rays no longer can penetrate through the water’s depth,
No matter how cold, dark, or deep the sea turtle continues its dive.

Long leafy seaweed skims the turtle’s shell,
Finally giving one last dive, the turtle plummets in to the weeds,
In the shelter of the weeds the turtle has made its home in the sand,
Safe and at home the gentle sea creature is at rest.

The turtle rises from its peaceful rest into a new day,
Swimming out from shelter and home,
Rising towards the lighted surface of the unbroken water,
The turtle swims swiftly but slowly from the depth of the sea.

Rays of light start to illuminate the deep sea,
The waters start to warm and so do the turtle,
As the massive creature starts to rise, it lets out bubbles of air,
The journey to the surface is almost complete.

Finally the turtle breaks the surface of the still water,
Floating calmly, resting and taking in breaths of air,
When the turtle has finished its rest,
It dives into the sea to begin its long peaceful journey again.

3. I Am Turtle

       by Anonymous

I hide in my shell

I can retreat

rabbits don’t like me
because I am slow
around them

but alone
I am
king in my shell

they are angry
because they

destroy my shell

4. Turtles Made for the Sun

       by Unknown

Be still. Be silent. Be calm.
Serenity is not an itching palm.
You are not rigid like a tree,
that once broken is treated like debris.

You are made of water and air.
Resilient to the things you most despair.
You are created in an intelligent design.
Free to choose the things you incline.

The earth does not fear our lack of regard,
facing the toils of our irresponsible discard.
Learn from a woman who gives her heart,
as she walks and allows faith to do its part.

Children learn what they are taught.
Teach them how they are not distraught.
The outcomes are tinted before it begun.
We are like turtles made for the sun.

5. The Turtle

       by Edmund Spenser

Early before the worlds light giuing Lampe,
His golden beame vpon the hils doth spred,
Hauing disperst the nights vnchearefull dampe,
Doe ye awake and with fresh lusty hed,
Go to the bowre of my beloued loue,
My truest turtle doue
Bid her awake; for Hymen is awake,
And long since ready forth his maske to moue,
With his bright Tead that flames with many a flake,
And many a bachelor to waite on him,
In their fresh garments trim.
Bid her awake therefore and soone her dight,
For lo the wished day is come at last,
That shall for al the paynes and sorrowes past,
Pay to her vsury of long delight,
And why lest she doth her dight,
Doe ye to her of ioy and solace sing,
That all the woods may answer and your eccho ring.

6. I Saw the Minion Blimp Today

       by Mr. Numi

I saw the Minion blimp today,
I tried to take a photo-shot:
but a flying Australian Turtle came
and set himself right on the spot.

I moved my cell phone to the left,
I swung it to the right, in vain –
for everywhere I swung the thing,
the flying turtle blocked the plane.

The Minion blimp was fading fast
(as far as Minion blimp speeds go) –
And as the photo-bombing turtle passed,
I grabbed it by its turtle-toes:

“I’m on a mission”, it entreated me,
“To warn you of impending doom –
as global warming and UFO’s
And dire things, what else, who knows?
Will fall upon you soon…”

I scoffed as I replied to it,
“Pfaw! UFO’s and Venus-Earths?
What will you tell me next – that there
are jabbering, flying turtles nigh
with dire warnings for mankind –
That UFO’s and burning skies
And other fare, all but surreal,
are gaining close upon our heels?”

“Don’t blame me,” the turtle yelped,
“The doom is what the Minions spell…”

7. Berry van Hagen

       by Berry Van Hagen

Tiny turtles on the beach,
trying so hard to reach
the soft wet sandy water’s edge.
You would help them.
You would detect them.
You would protect them.
You would guide them to safety.
To this extend you’ve made a pledge.

You got onto a long flight
for deep in your heart you knew it was right
to save these little turtle lives,
to make sure each one survives.
You have done this every day.
You have done this far away.
You have done this for a while
but always with a smile.

Because of you the beach is clean.
You’ve been so busy each day
to throw every bit of plastic away
and now as a result
it’s the nicest beach you’ve ever seen!

I’m glad that you were there.
It has shown me that you care.
To go through so much trouble to save
these tiny turtles I think is brave.

I see them crawling on the beach
I see your caring hands and your joyful face.
And I know with more people like you
our earth would be a better place.

8. The Tortoise and the Mouse

       by Lgnacy Krasicki

A tortoise crawling o’er the plain,
Bearing her shelly house,
Met ‘fore she long had traveled
A fat and pompous mouse,
Who said: “I pity one past telling,
Who hath to carry such a dwelling.”

Reserve your pity, pray, my friend,”
The tortoise calm replied,
And hie you to the palaces
Of man, to bloat your pride;
Though mine is formed of clumsy bone,
And is not handsome– ’tis my own.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, turtle poems are a celebration of the fascinating and multifaceted world of these creatures.

From funny and quirky to inspiring and insightful, these poems capture the essence of turtles in a myriad of ways.

Turtle poems remind us of the importance of perseverance, resilience, and wisdom, and encourage us to take a closer look at the world around us.

Whether you are a child or an adult, a lover of short or long poems, or a fan of sea turtles in particular, there are poems for turtles out there for everyone.

So dive into this captivating world and discover the many wonders of turtles for yourself!

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