75 Poems about Clouds to Set Free Your Imagination

Clouds are a fascinating and inspiring natural phenomenon that have captivated poets and artists for centuries.

They offer endless possibilities for the imagination, whether as a canvas for the light of the sun, a symbol of fleeting beauty, or a metaphor for life’s journeys.

Poems about clouds offer a unique opportunity to explore this incredible natural wonder, inviting readers to set free their imaginations and find new ways to connect with the world around them.

Whether exploring the beauty of a cloudy sky or the darker side of storms, cloud poems offer a rich and diverse range of emotions and insights to inspire and uplift us.

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Famous Poems about Clouds

Famous clouds poems have been penned by some of the most revered poets in history, exploring themes such as nature, beauty, and the passage of time.

1. Clouds

       by Rupert Brooke

Down the blue night the unending columns press
In noiseless tumult, break and wave and flow,
Now tread the far South, or lift rounds of snow
Up to the white moon’s hidden loveliness.
Some pause in their grave wandering comrade less,
And turn with profound gesture vague and slow,
As who would pray good for the world, but know
Their benediction empty as they bless.
They say that the Dead die not, but remain
Near to the rich heirs of their grief and mirth.
I think they ride the calm mid-heaven, as these,
In wise majestic melancholy train,
And watch the moon, and the still-raging seas,
And men, coming and going on the earth.

2. My Cloud

       by Kate Slaughter Mcinney

There’s a cloud on my life’s horizon
wonderful shape and hue,
Like the feathery down of a snow-drift
’Tis dimpled with changeful blue.
I gaze on its shadowy outline
And drink in the calm of the skies,
Till I fancy it floats out of heaven,
As an angel in disguise.
No slumbering storm in its bosom,
No hint of the lightning’s glare,
Only a feast for the heart and soul
Is this treasure of the air;
For I know from its silvery edges,
And glimpses of hidden gold,
That a picture of rare tranquility
Its tender depths enfold.
Else whence is this mystic feeling
Of peace that’s stealing o’er me?
Like the magic of summer moonlight
Enchanting a restless sea.
O! heavenly cloud! why are you
So calm? so angelic you seem,
My spirit escapes in its longing—
I am lost in a beautiful dream.
Up, up on the wings of a swallow
Piercing the heaven’s deep blue,
O’er meadow and mount I am rising,
And floating, sweet spirit, to you;
Onward, in trance I am wafted,
Now into the cloudlet above;
And a face smiles out from its drapery,
And ah! ’tis a face that I love.

3. Clouds

       by Frank Dempster Sherman

The sky is full of clouds to-day,
And idly, to and fro,
Like sheep across the pasture, they
Across the heavens go.
I hear the wind with merry noise
Around the housetops sweep,
And dream it is the shepherd boys,—
They’re driving home their sheep.
The clouds move faster now; and see!
The west is red and gold.
Each sheep seems hastening to be
The first within the fold.
I watch them hurry on until
The blue is clear and deep,
And dream that far beyond the hill
The shepherds fold their sheep.
Then in the sky the trembling stars
Like little flowers shine out,
While Night puts up the shadow bars,
And darkness falls about.

5. White Clouds

       by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Morphing wonderfully
Watch those bears
Changing into
Rows of elephants
Shaping like
A frail old man standing
Rearranging into children
Playing with balloons.
White clouds
Sway on cradle of the wind
Occasionally shrivel
With toil and sadness
At times inflate
With joy and gladness
Never forget
Heaven nor earth
They lie pendent
Between the two worlds.
White clouds
Strolling since eternity
Telling strange fables
Of grand olden dwellings
With a world of ancient souls
When there was nothing, but
A fluid of light,
A landscape of mist
And a suspended caravan
Of several ages.
White clouds, now
Moulding into sombre faces, become
Storms sulking on the horizon.
Thousands of maladies thrive
Above and underneath the land.
White clouds
Course through hearts,
Surging in
The plasma flow of vessels.

5. As The Clouds That Are So Light

       by Edward Thomas

As the clouds that are so light,
Beautiful, swift, and bright,
Cast shadows on field and park
Of the earth that is so dark,

And even so now, light one!
Beautiful, swift and bright one!
You let fall on a heart that was dark,
Unillumined, a deeper mark.

But clouds would have, without earth
To shadow, far less worth:
Away from your shadow on me
Your beauty less would be,

And if it still be treasured
An age hence, it shall be measured
By this small dark spot
Without which it were not.

6. Watching Clouds

       by John Chipman Farrar

I’ve watched the clouds by day and night,
Great fleecy ones all filled with light,
Gray beasts that steal across the sky,
And little fellows slipping by.

Sometimes they seem like sheep at play,
Sometimes when they are dull and gray
The pale sun seems a ship to me,
Sailing through a rolling sea;

And I’ve seen faces in them too,
Funny white men on the blue,
They look so many different ways,
And not one single cloudlet stays;

But on across the heavens they blow,
I often wonder where they go,
Now sometime, maybe when I die,
I, too, will wander through the sky.

7. The Parade of Clouds

       by Shreya Sharma

As I lie on my back,
Gazing up at the sky.
I see two fleecy lambs,
Bounding by.

And all of a sudden,
What do I see?
Why, a big polar bear,
Glaring down at me.

Now there’s a dragon,
Breathing white fire.
And it’s replaced in a poof!
By a monkey swinging in a tire.

The parade continues,
With a ship floating on a white sea.
Then there’s an elephant,
Waving its trunk at me.

Watching the clouds is so much fun,
They are whatever you want to see.
All that is needed,
Is to let your imagination run free.

Funny Poems about Clouds

Funny and interesting poems about clouds offer a playful take on this natural phenomenon, inviting readers to see the lighter side of things.

1. The Clouds

       by Rudolph Rinaldi

the clouds
of sausage and kidney shapes
and little shapes of Arp
float past me
in the sky of turquoise blue

in shades of white
pink and grey
they move
as the cadmium yellow sun
shines through

and taps me on my head and nose
and brightens up
my soul
as the energy glows from the top of my head
to the tippy tip tip of my toes

2. Seeding Clouds

       by Whit Deschner

A giraffe’s head is so high it
Lets him eat clouds for a diet
But in skies where there are few clouds
Cloud eating is not allowed
Science has shown there’s little doubt
That eating clouds causes drought
But the giraffe just eats and laughs and laughs
Because that’s the modality of giraffes
Eating clouds is a must
Cirrus, Stratus, and Cumulus
And so, he eats the clouds he needs
Carefully spitting out the seeds

3. Clouds

       by Daljit Khankhana

When Sun delivers shine skin starts to burn,
Body is seeking protection from sharp rays.
Water vaporises and converts as clouds,
Rain comes and air delivers weather cold.

My son came to me and asks about natural system,
Why does rain come down, why don’t clouds go up?
If water evaporates with the heat waves,
And how clouds stay in the sky to cover rays?

4. Clouds, Towels and Bedspreads

       by Gershon Wolf

Many see figures up in the clouds
I see them in towels and bedspreads
My family groans and says, ‘Dunderhead’
~ Jealous of the fun I have in bed

5. Counting Clouds

       by Debrobo

Counting clouds and not jumping sheep
Will lull us gently off to sleep

Imagine all the shapes we see
There’s a bunny and a horsey

Clouds are white, often pink but never blue
Now the clouds we see number two

Let’s see if we can count some more
I see a bird and a wallaby
Counting clouds will now number four

Now close your eyes so we can revise…

Number one was a bunny and he was really funny
Number two was a horsey jumping like a flea
Number three was a bird singing high in a tree
Number four, a wallaby scratching his tummy

One, two, three, four now I’m feeling very sleepy…

Bye-bye bunny I have to go be all cuddly
Bye-bye horsey time to snuggle up to teddy
Bye-bye birdie time for me to go off to sleep
Bye -bye wallaby curled up so warm and sweetly
Shhh! Baby is finally sleeping…

6. The Girl in The Clouds

       by Anonymous

The girl in the clouds as nice as it sounds
A Girl in a clouds
Wise reasons and interesting shouts
I saw her once maybe twice
First time it was when i was about to dine
I looked at the heaven and saw her there, sitting
Laughing aloud and all kinda proud
I liked her angelic face and beautiful grace
Wise stature and stunning departure
She took off and all i could see is a trail of shiny clouds
How awful it was to me…

A girl in a clouds
Wise reason, pleasant doubts
I saw her once again looking me at the eye
She thought i was a wise guy
I thought she was an angel
Coming here to be with me
Might be to set me free
I thought how wonderful is she
We spoke through Skype and her name was En-ci

But the thing is that i wanna dispel, that magic spell
The thing is that someone here had to misspell
So it all could end quite well
The thing is she wasn’t in the clouds but in clothes and not naked…
Here are going your doubts.
I hear angry voices and grievous men’s shouts

7. Clouds Disappear

       by Flynnkyleport

It’s now low tide
Cheer up and have some fun
Forget the dark side
Whenever you look up its only sun
The dark clouds have faded
Everything seems less jaded
More time for friends and family
Is this what real life is meant to be
Find the things that make you smile
It’s not all doom and gloom
You’ve been waiting for this for moment for a while
It couldn’t have come more soon
You can do more than just walk
Now the feelings have gone you can talk,
To you to me
The time has come to be free
Your true self, soul and mind are clear
The clouds have disappeared

Inspirational Poems about Clouds

Inspirational clouds poems offer a sense of hope and possibility, using clouds as a metaphor for life’s challenges and opportunities.

1. Clouds

       by Anonymous

Perfect in simplicity
Complex in design
Life in all its glory
When everything is fine
You see it in the elements
That makes up earth and sky
The things that fill your waking hours
Until the day you die
It’s dreams and thoughts and music
And love that’s in the air
Expressions always changing
And a chance to show you care
You can see it all around you
Just say my name out loud
And let my dreams go forward
Ever changing like a cloud

2. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

       by William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the Milky Way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.
The waves beside them danced; but they
Outdid the sparkling waves in glee;
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company;
I gazed-and gazed-but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:
For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
When is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

3. White Clouds

       by William Wordsworth

With a continuous cloud of texture close,
Heavy and wan, all whitened by the Moon,
Which through that veil is indistinctly seen,
A dull, contracted circle, yielding light
So feebly spread, that not a shadow falls,
Chequering the ground–from rock, plant, tree, or tower.
At length a pleasant instantaneous gleam
Startles the pensive traveller while he treads
His lonesome path, with unobserving eye
Bent earthwards; he looks up–the clouds are split
Asunder,–and above his head he sees
The clear Moon, and the glory of the heavens.
There, in a black-blue vault she sails along,
Followed by multitudes of stars, that, small
And sharp, and bright, along the dark abyss
Drive as she drives: how fast they wheel away,
Yet vanish not!–the wind is in the tree,
But they are silent;–still they roll along
Immeasurably distant; and the vault,
Built round by those white clouds, enormous clouds,
Still deepens its unfathomable depth.
At length the Vision closes; and the mind,
Not undisturbed by the delight it feels,
Which slowly settles into peaceful calm,
Is left to muse upon the solemn scene.

4. Clouds and Waves

       by Rabindranath Tagore

Mother, the folk who live up in the clouds call out to me-
“We play from the time we wake till the day ends.
We play with the golden dawn, we play with the silver moon.”
I ask, “But how am I to get up to you ?”
They answer, “Come to the edge of the earth, lift up your
hands to the sky, and you will be taken up into the clouds.”
My mother is waiting for me at home, “I say, “How can I leave
her and come?”
Then they smile and float away.
But I know a nicer game than that, mother.
I shall be the cloud and you the moon.
I shall cover you with both my hands, and our house-top will
be the blue sky.
The folk who live in the waves call out to me-
“We sing from morning till night; on and on we travel and know
not where we pass.”
I ask, “But how am I to join you?”
They tell me, “Come to the edge of the shore and stand with
your eyes tight shut, and you will be carried out upon the waves.”
I say, “My mother always wants me at home in the everything-
how can I leave her and go?”
They smile, dance and pass by.
But I know a better game than that.
I will be the waves and you will be a strange shore.
I shall roll on and on and on, and break upon your lap with
And no one in the world will know where we both are.

5. Cloud-Whisperer

       by Kathy Miles

He named them because he could.
For the thrill of cirrus on his tongue,
cumulus and stratus a banquet
on the palate. Obsession ached
inside him, the need to claim
and classify. The logic of shape.
He envied their resolve,
the purpose that kept them feral,
wandering from place to place
like nomads, always heading
to the next clear patch of sky
that argued its blue emptiness.
Seeing them submerged in sea
or lake, he wanted to raise
them like a grounded swift,
throw them high as he could,
then call them back to his side
by the names that he had gifted.
Now I watch their floss and bustle,
like a woman hurrying to work
worries building inside her; ragged
fractus, weary with the day,
shapes hifting into mist, keeping
its nose to the grindstone.
Their bellies are full of storm
and fire, while mine has emptied
of passion. I think of the man who
organised the skies; how nothing
pleased him more than waking
to quilts of nimbus, cirrostratus.

Short Poems about Clouds

Short poetries about clouds offer a quick burst of beauty and inspiration with just a few words beautifully stringed together to convey profound meaning.

1. One Little Cloud

       by Annette Wynne

One little cloud is out to-day,
One little cloud, and a whole big sky for play –
What a big place for a little one,
Shine out, you big round sun,
Shine out and frighten the little lone cloud, I pray,
The sun shone out and the cloud ran away!

2. In Cloudy Weather

       by Ruby Archer

Where is my halcyon blue?
The grudging sky is overcast.
Where is my dowering sun?
A glory past.
Nay, soul, thy daily sky
Unfading spirit light must win,
Dark days thy sunshine glow
Ah bright within!

3. Clouds Go By

       by Mortimer Collins

I have been sitting alone
All day while the clouds went by,
While moved the strength of the seas,
While the wind with a will of his own,
A poet out of the sky,
Smote the green harp of the trees.

Alone yet not alone,
For I felt as the gay wind whirled,
As the cloudy sky grew clear,
The touch of our Father half-known,
Who dwells at the heart of the world,
Yet who is always here.

4. The Rainbow

       by Christina Rossetti

Boats sail on the rivers,
And ships sail on the seas;
But clouds that sail across the sky
Are prettier far than these.
There are bridges on the rivers,
As pretty as you please;
But the bow that bridges heaven,
And overtops the trees,
And builds a road from earth to sky,
Is prettier far than these.

5. The Curly White Cloud Loves the Sky

       by Annette Wynne

The curly white cloud loves the sky;
It stays up there—so high, so high,
Until the earth sends up a call,
“I’m thirsty, cloud, O, fall, please fall!”
The flower children all around
Cry up: “Dear cloud, come to the ground,”
And so, the cloud says: “Good-by, Sky,
I’ll come again—so high, so high.”

6. The Little Cloud Comes Down

       by Annette Wynne

The little spot of earth below
So pretty seemed the strong wind could not blow
The curly cloud away;
But right above, it lingered all the day;
And O, it got to like the spot so well,
It wanted to go down, and all at once—
Down, down, it fell,
With a pattering noise that was swift and loud,
But the earth was as glad as the curly cloud!

7. Clouds’ Tear Hisses Quick

       by Bl Devnath

With bold eyes sky sparks
Angry light admonishes
Clouds’ tear hisses quick

8. The Happy Cloud

       by Brandon Reichle

High in the sky, above birds and life;
there is a happy cloud;
it has everything joyful, exciting, and fun;
it is easy to get there, just past the sun;
happy is as happy does, be the happy cloud.

Long Poems about Clouds

Long poetries about clouds explore the complexities of the natural world in greater depth. So are you ready to go down the depth?

1. The Cloud

       by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,
From the seas and the streams;
I bear light shade for the leaves when laid
In their noonday dreams.
From my wings are shaken the dews that waken
The sweet buds every one,
When rocked to rest on their mother’s breast,
As she dances about the sun.
I wield the flail of the lashing hail,
And whiten the green plains under,
And then again I dissolve it in rain,
And laugh as I pass in thunder.
I sift the snow on the mountains below,
And their great pines groan aghast;
And all the night ’tis my pillow white,
While I sleep in the arms of the blast.
Sublime on the towers of my skiey bowers,
Lightning my pilot sits;
In a cavern under is fettered the thunder,
It struggles and howls at fits;
Over earth and ocean, with gentle motion,
This pilot is guiding me,
Lured by the love of the genii that move
In the depths of the purple sea;
Over the rills, and the crags, and the hills,
Over the lakes and the plains,
Wherever he dream, under mountain or stream,
The Spirit he loves remains;
And I all the while bask in Heaven’s blue smile,
Whilst he is dissolving in rains.
The sanguine Sunrise, with his meteor eyes,
And his burning plumes outspread,
Leaps on the back of my sailing rack,
When the morning star shines dead;
As on the jag of a mountain crag,
Which an earthquake rocks and swings,
An eagle alit one moment may sit
In the light of its golden wings.
And when Sunset may breathe, from the lit sea beneath,
Its ardours of rest and of love,
And the crimson pall of eve may fall
From the depth of Heaven above,
With wings folded I rest, on mine aëry nest,
As still as a brooding dove.
That orbèd maiden with white fire laden,
Whom mortals call the Moon,
Glides glimmering o’er my fleece-like floor,
By the midnight breezes strewn;
And wherever the beat of her unseen feet,
Which only the angels hear,
May have broken the woof of my tent’s thin roof,
The stars peep behind her and peer;
And I laugh to see them whirl and flee,
Like a swarm of golden bees,
When I widen the rent in my wind-built tent,
Till calm the rivers, lakes, and seas,
Like strips of the sky fallen through me on high,
Are each paved with the moon and these.
I bind the Sun’s throne with a burning zone,
And the Moon’s with a girdle of pearl;
The volcanoes are dim, and the stars reel and swim,
When the whirlwinds my banner unfurl.
From cape to cape, with a bridge-like shape,
Over a torrent sea,
Sunbeam-proof, I hang like a roof,
The mountains its columns be.
The triumphal arch through which I march
With hurricane, fire, and snow,
When the Powers of the air are chained to my chair,
Is the million-coloured bow;
The sphere-fire above its soft colours wove,
While the moist Earth was laughing below.
I am the daughter of Earth and Water,
And the nursling of the Sky;
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;
I change, but I cannot die.
For after the rain when with never a stain
The pavilion of Heaven is bare,
And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams
Build up the blue dome of air,
I silently laugh at my own cenotaph,
And out of the caverns of rain,
Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb,
I arise and unbuild it again.

2. Clouds

       by John Brainard

Ye clouds, who are the ornament of heaven,
Who give to it its gayest shadowings,
And its most awful glories; ye who roll
In the dark tempest, or at dewy evening
Hang low in tenderest beauty; ye who, ever
Changing your Protean aspects, now are gather’d,
Like fleecy piles, when the mid sun is brightest,
Even in the height of heaven, and there repose,
Solemnly calm, without a visible motion,
Hour after hour, looking upon the earth
With a serenest smile: or ye who rather,
Heap’d in those sulphury masses, heavily
Jutting above their bases, like the smoke
Poured from a furnace or a roused volcano,
Stand on the dun horizon, threatening
Lightning and storm; who, lifted from the hills.
March onward to the zenith, ever darkening,
And heaving into more gigantic towers
And mountainous piles of blackness; who then roar
With the collected winds within your womb,
Or the far uttered thunders; who ascend
Swifter and swifter, till wide overhead
Your vanguards curl and toss upon the tempest
Like the stirred ocean on a reef of rocks
Just topping o’er its waves, while deep below
The pregnant mass of vapour and of flame
Rolls with an awful pomp, and grimly lowers,
Seeming to the struck eye of fear the car
Of an offended spirit, whose swart features
Glare through the sooty darkness, fired with vengeance,
And ready with uplifted hand to smite
And scourge a guilty nation; ye who lie,
After the storm is over, far away,
Crowning the drippling forests with the arch
Of beauty, such as lives alone in heaven,
Bright daughter of the sun, bending around
From mountain unto mountain like the wreath
Of victory, or like a banner telling
Of joy and gladness; ye who round the moon
Assemble, when she sits in the mid sky
In perfect brightness, and encircle her
With a fair wreath of all aërial dyes;
Ye who, thus hovering round her, shine like mountains
Whose tops are never darken’d, but remain,
Centuries and countless ages, reared for temples
Of purity and light; or ye who crowd
To hail the newborn day, and hang for him,
Above his ocean couch, a canopy
Of all inimitable hues and colours,
Such as are only pencill’d by the hands
Of the unseen ministers of earth and air,
Seen only in the tinting of the clouds,
And the soft shadowing of plumes and flowers
Or ye who, following in his funeral train,
Light up your torches at his sepulchre,
And open on us through the clefted hills
Far glances into glittering worlds beyond
The twilight of the grave, where all is light,
Golden and glorious light, too full and high
For mortal eye to gaze on, stretching out
Brighter and ever brighter, till it spread,
Like one wide radiant ocean without bounds,
One infinite sea of glory: Thus, ye clouds,
And in innumerable other shapes
Of greatness or of beauty, ye attend us,
To give to the wide arch above us Life
And all its changes. Thus it is to us
A volume full of wisdom, but without ye
One awful uniformity had ever,
With too severe a majesty, oppress’d us.

3. The Simile: Or, Woman A Cloud

       by Thomas Sheridan

In vain I oft have try’d to find
A Simile for Womankind;
A Simile (I mean) to fit them,
In ev’ry Circumstance to hit them
Thro’ ev’ry Bird and Beast I went,
And ransack’d ev’ry Element,
And, after peeping thro’ all Nature,
To find so whimsical a Creature,
A Cloud presented to my View,
And strait this Parallel I drew

Clouds turn with ev’ry Wind about,
And keep us in Suspence and Doubt;
Yet oft perverse, like Womankind,
Are seen to scud against the Wind
And are not Women just the same?
For who can tell at what they aim?

Clouds keep the stoutest Mortals under,
When, bellowing, they discharge their Thunder;
So when the alarm Bell is rung,
Of Xanty’s everlasting Tongue,
The Husband dreads its Loudness more

Than Lightning’s Flash, or Thunder’s Roar.
Clouds weep, as they do, without Pain;
For what are Tears but Woman’s Rain?
The Clouds about the Welkin roam,
And Ladies seldom stay at Home.
The Clouds build Castles in the Air,
A Thing peculiar to the Fair
For all the Schemes, of their forecasting,
Are not more solid, or more lasting.

A Cloud is light by Turns, and dark,
Such is a Lady with her Spark
Now in a sullen, pouting Gloom,
She seems to darken all the Room;
Again she’s pleas’d, his Fears beguil’d,
And all is clear’d, when she has smil’d
In this they’re wondrously alike,
(I hope the Simile will strike)
Tho’ in the darkest Dumps you view ’em,
Stay but a Moment, you’ll see thro’ ’em,

A Cloud is apt to make Reflection,
And frequently produce Infection;
Thus Chloe, with small Provocation,
Blasts ev’ry Neighbour’s Reputation.

The Clouds delight in gaudy Show,
For they, like Ladies, have their Beau;
The gravest Matron must confess,
That she herself is fond of Dress
Observe the Clouds in Pomp array’d,
With various Colours are display’d;
The Pink, the Rose, the Violet Dye,
In that great Drawing-room the Sky;
How do these differ from our Graces,
In Garden Silks, Brocades, and Laces?
Are they not such another Sight,
When met upon a Birth-day Night?

The Clouds delight to change their Fashion,
(Dear Ladies be not in a Passion,
Nor let this Whim to you seem strange,
Who ev’ry Hour delight to change,)
In them and you alike are seen
The sullen Symptoms of the Spleen;
The Moment that your Vapours rise,
We see them dropping from your Eyes.

In Ev’ning fair you may behold
The Clouds all fring’d with borrow’d Gold;
And this is many a Lady’s Case,
Who flaunts about in borrow’d Lace
Grave Matrons are like Clouds of Snow,
Their Words fall thick, and soft, and slow;
While brisk Coquets, like rattling Hail,
Our Ears on ev’ry Side assail.

Clouds, when they interrupt our Sight,
Deprive us of celestial Light;
So when my Celia I pursue,
No Heav’n besides I have in View.

Thus, on Comparison, you see,
In ev’ry Instance they agree;
So like, so very much the same,
The one may go by t’others Name.
Let me proclaim it, then, aloud,
That ev’ry Woman is a Cloud.

4. Saint Cloud

       by Sir Walter Scott

Soft spread the southern sumer night
Her veil of darksome blue;
Ten thousand stars combined to light
The terrace of Saint Cloud.

The evening breezes gently sigh’d,
Like breath of lover true,
Bewailing the deserted pride
And wreck of sweet Saint Cloud.

The drum’s deep roll was heard afar,
The bugle wildly blew
Good-night to Hulan and Hussar
That garrison Saint Cloud.

The startled Naiads from the shade
With broken urns withdrew
And silenced was that proud cascade,
The glory of Saint Cloud.

We sate upon its steps of stone,
Nor could its silence rue
When waked, to music of our own,
The echoes of Saint Cloud.

Slow Seine might hear each lovely note
Fall light as summer dew
While through the moonless air they float
Prolong’d from fair Saint Cloud.

And sure a melody more sweet
His waters never knew,
Though music’s self was wont to meet
With Princes at Saint Cloud.

Nor then, with more delighted ear,
The circle round her drew,
Than ours, when gather’d round to hear
Our songstress at Saint Cloud.

Few happy hours poor mortals pass-—
Then give those hours their due,
And rank among the foremost class
Our evenings at Saint Cloud.

5. Clouds of Doubt

       by Bedzines

When you feel the world around you,
turning dark and gray …
when you feel you’ve lost control
and you have no say …
and now
you feel
you’ve lost your way..

Just keep in mind …
all you have and cherish …
focus on what YOU can do …
find a path, a way to tell …
the world, that this is YOU …

find a moment in your past,
or someone that you love …
take their hand,
and hold them tight …
and never let them go …

Just remember:
the clouds of doubt,
flow in and out …
with sunshine in between …

just be prepared to grab that light
and then everything will seem …
to be a little bit better,
if not for just awhile …

just long enough
to take a breath and smell
another flower …

Take a pen …
make a list of things
you need to do …

write a song, draw a picture …
create something that’s new …

make a plan,
express your thoughts on paper …
move ahead, when things turn in your favor …

Sometimes …
we feel like drowning,
in waves of grief and sorrow,
we run and hide with guilt,
as we lay in squalor …

not knowing where it ends,
we’re ready to give in,
we lose our sense of self,
we forget … that we can swim …

So rise above the water,
to take a breath or two …
hold your breath and count to three,
and let the world be still …
find the things that make you sing
and give you back some thrill …

because in the end, you’ve earned it …
no matter what you have done …
you’ve made your point …
you’ve stood your ground …
and earned the right, to stay …

Just remember:
the clouds of doubt,
flow in and out …
with sunshine in between …

just be prepared to grab that light
and then everything will seem …
to be a little bit better,
if not for just awhile …

just long enough
to take a breath and smell
another flower …

6. Color of Clouds

       by Jujube

As I peeped through the window,
First, I noticed that the cloud was
white scattered throughout the sky
but moving as fast as it could.

Yes, whiter than the white with
no sign of greying.

But then as they coalesced
the colour started to darken
until the sky was covered
in total darkness.

But why did the colour

The physicist would say:
‘It is all to do with light,
its refection or scattering’.

First, clouds appear white
as they reflect the sunlight.

But not all clouds are white,
For instance some clouds
are red, some others are
grey and still others can
be blue.

Clouds appear red near the
horizon at sunrise or sunset,

and this happens because
light travels a long distance
through the atmosphere
before it meets the eyes,
and blue light is scattered

Similarly cloud may be blue
when blue light reaches the eye.

7. Wonder Clouds

       by Manyaaa

Sometimes I wonder,
And then I wander, in my thoughts.
What lies above those clouds up high?
Beyond the bleached, yellow sometimes blue sky.
Some say that clouds are but a mere cloud of vapor,
But is that true?
Sometimes I wonder,
And then I wander, what is above those clouds?

Maybe an entire civilization,
Of dragons and fairies and queens and kings,
Where there are lilies that jump around and toads that sing,
Wolves big and bad, pumpkin carriages round and stout,
Rainbows, unicorns, pearls,
And all those wonderful things, tiny tots dream about.

Sometimes I wonder and then I wander,
Maybe that is where He lies,
Superseding all,
Guiding us above,
Uplifting our falls,
Ruling over fates and destinies,
Lives and deaths,
But then does He really exist?

Sometimes I wonder and then I wander,
That’s where I will find good old peace,
A holy sane kingdom
Where there is serenity, beauty, probably freedom,
Where there is no worry, no sadness, no negativity.
Where there is no tiring search and no disheartening find,
But then isn’t peace a state of mind?

Sometimes I wonder and then I wander,
Maybe that’s where actual life is,
With trees and birds and breeze and rivers,
Where there are no dark lights and cold chills or shivers,
Where there are playing children, whispering mothers and laughing elders,
High above the rain and thunder of the world,
Where everyone is blessed with an eternal kiss,
But without an end, can a beginning persist?

Sometimes I wonder and then I wander,
What lies above those clouds?
Maybe something we have uncovered,
Or something not meant to be discovered.
But imagination lives on,
And dreams never die,
And theories never perish,
Because that’s where true creativity lies.
Whatever is above there,
I believe it’s not very far,
From an open mind and a welcoming heart,
But I can’t help but wonder,
How fateful the birds really are,
How fateful the birds really are.

Poems about Clouds That Rhyme

Poems about clouds that rhyme offer a musical quality to their imagery. See these poems on clouds with rhyming words to understand our claim.

1. Snowy Clouds

       by Greta Zwaan

White clouds in heavenly splendour glide softly in the sky,
They form, they change, they journey like soap suds flowing by.
They skip like little children, they float on silent wings,
They join their hands in tribute, such lovely, fluffy things.

No choreographic wonder could human hands obtain;
To equal this performance must be by heavenly reign.
Their ultra-white appearance, like freshly fallen snow,
Glides slowly o’er the heavens, they venture to and fro.

There’s no baton to guide them yet movement comes with ease,
Like joyful, happy children they glide where’er they please.
Who tells them how to function? Who guides the path they take?
Who keeps them from destruction? Why don’t they crash and break?

There has to be an order that we don’t understand,
A universal programme within the Master’s hand.
The things we rarely notice; the things we fail to see,
Are part of God’s creation; a holy mystery.

How do clouds stay above us? Why don’t they fall to earth?
What makes them move so gently? Does movement cause them mirth?
They dance as if they’re joyful; they roam the sky at will;
But me? I stand in wonder: how can they be so still?

I ponder o’er their beauty, I marvel at their grace,
And realize God’s purpose – He put the clouds in place.
Just like in all creation we see His perfect plan,
We’re privileged to enjoy them, a gift from God to man.

2. To a Cloud

       by William Cullen Bryant

Beautiful cloud! with folds so soft and fair,
Swimming in the pure quiet air!
Thy fleeces bathed in sunlight, while below
Thy shadow o’er the vale moves slow;
Where, midst their labour, pause the reaper train
As cool it comes along the grain.

Beautiful cloud! I would I were with thee
In thy calm way o’er land and sea:
To rest on thy unrolling skirts, and look
On Earth as on an open book;
On streams that tie her realms with silver bands,
And the long ways that seam her lands;

And hear her humming cities, and the sound
Of the great ocean breaking round.
Ay—I would sail upon thy air-borne car
To blooming regions distant far,
To where the sun of Andalusia shines
On his own olive-groves and vines,

Or the soft lights of Italy’s bright sky
In smiles upon her ruins lie.
But I would woo the winds to let us rest
O’er Greece long fettered and oppressed,
Whose sons at length have heard the call that comes
From the old battle-fields and tombs,

And risen, and drawn the sword, and on the foe
Have dealt the swift and desperate blow,
And the Othman power is cloven, and the stroke
Has touched its chains, and they are broke.
Ay, we would linger till the sunset there
Should come, to purple all the air,

And thou reflect upon the sacred ground
The ruddy radiance streaming round.
Bright meteor! for the summer noontide made!
Thy peerless beauty yet shall fade.
The sun, that fills with light each glistening fold,
Shall set, and leave thee dark and cold:

The blast shall rend thy skirts, or thou may’st frown
In the dark heaven when storms come down,
And weep in rain, till man’s inquiring eye
Miss thee, forever from the sky.

3. The Clouds Float By

       by Catherine Pulsifer

I sit and watch the clouds float by
They move and change the big blue sky
I see things in their shapes
Some are big, others small like grapes.

Clouds can be compared to life
The darks ones representing strife
The fluffy one so big and round
Reminds us of happiness found.

So as you sit and watch them pass by
Be happy don’t waste the days with sighs
Focus on the positive shapes and find
The good today, leave the past behind.

4. The Clouds

       by R.P.S.

Clouds that wander through the sky,
Sometimes low and sometimes high;
In the darkness and the night,
In the sunshine warm and bright.
Ah! I wonder much if you
Have got any work to do?

Yes, we’re busy night and day,
As o’er earth we take our way.
We are bearers of the rain
To the grass, and flowers, and grain;
And when skies are warm and blue,
Shade the bright, hot sun from you.

5. A Lesson From Nature

       by Daniel C. Colesworthy

Behold the sky! how glorious ’tis,
In gold and silver dressed;
As if the sunny vales of bliss
Were opening on the blessed.

Behold the earth! a glory crowns
The lowland and the lea,
The hill-tops and the plumy downs,
Each leaf and shrub and tree.

Behold the beast! in shady groves,
Or resting by the stream,
Where’er the forest tenant roves,
There’s happiness for him.

Yet thou art sad. man! awake,
And cast thy sorrows by;
Of earth’s full happiness partake,
Nor waste thy strength and die.

Heaven made thee for a happy man,
To be supremely blessed;
Yet thou wilt thwart his wondrous plan,
In clouds of gloom depressed,

In clouds of gloom, when all around
Is cheerful, happy, bright!
Up from the shadows on the ground,
To wisdom, life and light!

6. The Cloud

       by John Wilson

A cloud lay cradled near the setting sun,
A gleam of crimson tinged its braided snow;
Long had I watched the glory moving on,
O’er the still radiance of the lake below:
Tranquil its spirit seemed, and floated slow,
E’en in its very motion there was rest,
While every breath of eve that chanced to blow,
Wafted the traveler to the beauteous west.
Emblem, methought, of the departed soul,
To whose white robe the gleam of bliss is given,
And by the breath of mercy made to roll
Right onward to the golden gate of heaven,
While to the eye of faith it peaceful lies,
And tells to man his glorious destinies.

7. The Cloud Baskets

       by Anonymous

Clouds that hide the sun with showers
Are wet baskets full of flowers.
One is packed with poppies bright,
One with lillies inward white.
One, that takes a day to pass,
Bulges out with blades of grass.
One’s a mass of roses red;
One, a crowded pansy-bed.
Yonder cloud, so sullen dull,
Of golden buttercups is full.
Its neighbor cloud, an ashen gray,
Glows within with daisies gay.
Not a cloud whose rain we rue
But is crammed with flowers too.
So I know the darkest cloud,
Creeping gloomy as a shroud,
Brings to me, all unconfessed,
Just the flowers I love the best.

Poems about Clouds for Children

Poems about clouds for kids offer a simple yet magical introduction to this wondrous aspect of nature. Introduce your little ones to these pieces!

1. Little Cloud

       by John B. Tabb

Do you remember, little cloud,
This morning when you lay—
A mist along the river—what
The waters had to say?
And how the many-colored flowers
That on the margin grew,
All promised when the day was done
To leave their tints to you?

2. Clouds

       by Anonymous

White sheep, white sheep,
On a blue hill,
When the wind stops,
You all stand still.
When the wind blows,
You walk away slow.
White sheep, white sheep,
Where do you go?

3. A little Cloud

    by Anonymous   

It is hot.
The sky is blue. 
A little cloud comes looking for you. 
More clouds come. 
They bring rain.
Sing and dance.
It’s cool again!

4. Cloud

       by Tannu Taneja

I wish I were a cloud.
I could scream so loud.
Every day I would be of different shape,
once a greedy fox, then a sour grape.
Sprinkling water would be so much fun.
Scolding, yelling, there would be none.
Playing with stars and moon,
hiding the sun at noon.
I wish I were a cloud.
Blue sky all around.

5. If Clouds Were Made of Candy Floss

       by Julie Anna Douglas

If clouds were made of candyfloss.
If honey filled the seven seas.
If sand was made of sherbet.
If cupcakes grew on every tree.
If mountains were made of marshmallows.
If fudge flowers grew wild and free.
If all houses were made of chocolate.
What a sweet world it would be.

6. Two Sides

       by Kate Louise Wheeler

The clouds that float above
Each have two separate sides,
One toward the earth below,
The other toward the sun;
And when we see our lives,
Which God in goodness guides,
Upon the darker side
He sees the brighter one.

Some day we shall behold
The side that He can see,
And we shall praise His name
For blessings that are ours;
Till clouds shall all disperse,
And life shall grander be,
Refreshed like mother earth
When sunshine follows showers.

7. A Little Cloud

       by Ruby Archer

A little cloud stood lonely
Amid the evening sky;
Doubting and fearful waiting there,—
No other cloudlet nigh.
Poor faint and weakling timid lamb
Far wandered from the fold,
The shepherd never missed at all,—
Forgotten in the cold.
My cloudlet wavered on the blue,
The heaven-meadow scanned
For hope of any cloudy friend
With misty, beckoning hand;
A moment longer waited,
Abandoned by the day;
Then, like a little spirit cloud,
He faded quite away.

8. The Small Clouds Nestled in the Sky

       by Annette Wynne

The small clouds nestled in the sky
And hid the sun;
But soon the blustering wind rushed by,
And chased them every one,
And swept the sky so neat and clean
That not a single speck was seen.

Poems about Clouds and Love

Poems about clouds and love explore the many ways in which this natural phenomenon can inspire and symbolize feelings of affection and connection.

1. Clouds of Love

       by Kenny Whiting

I feel your love so close to me,
while looking at the sky;
I sense you’re watching me right now
as soft clouds roll on by!

No fear at all within my life,
like Eagle in the wind;
I know you’re always by my side,
on You I can depend!

Although I fall away sometimes,
with sins you must abhor;
I feel the devil tug at me,
as waves tug at the shore!

I’ve seen your mercy in my life,
sun shining down in rays;
My sins are all forgiven now,
as moonlight turns to day!

I feel You working in my life,
slight touch of guiding Hand;
I know You’re present here with me,
see footprints in life’s sand!

I know You’ve never left me once,
as lightning danced around;
I’ve felt so safe within Your arms,
such peace and love I’ve found!

You fill my heart with joy each day,
You take away all pain;
I feel Your love wash over me,
like standing in the rain!

I thank You Lord for saving me,
for guidance from above;
I know I’ll live my life for You,
tucked under clouds of love!

2. Love Inside the Clouds

       by Nevaeh

In the silence of the dawn
listen to the beat of my heart,
the roaring of drums in time to
your own thumping…
…do you hear it?
I see your effervescent smile
beaming through the clouds
as I caress your soul;
a touch as soft as butterfly wings
gently attempting to enter…
…can you feel it?  
When dawn gives way to twilight,
there you are sitting on a moonbeam,
longing to slide down to my open arms.

If I embrace you with my mind,
kiss you with my free spirit,
tempt you to surrender to my longing…
…will you know it?
Yes! There among the clouds,
there is no doubt or question
that you have heard, have felt,
and yes my love!…
you already know.

3. Listen to Your Heart

       by Sunshine Smile

Between the clouds …
It’s called gut feeling for a reason
You made me believe in miracles

Between the clouds …
One of the most profound need for a
human being is to love and be loved

Between the clouds …
I will always walk by your side
The future is written in our hearts

Between the clouds …
Beauty will never shed a tear or hate
Love is beauty blended with lights of the evening sun

Between the clouds
Our love is sent from above with angel wings
We’ll never have to wonder the sky is always blue

4. Leave Me Above the Clouds

       by White Wolf

Such lovely lilac and crimson tones,
As a rainbow of colours fill the sky,
Radiant and beautiful soothes my bones,
Takes me above the clouds so far and high.

Captured in a moment of total bliss,
Wondering all the time what is life for?
Suspended in awe like a lover’s kiss,
Never felt like this to my very core.

Love all around and it’s time I was found,
Beauty everywhere can’t you see her smile,
Smiling at you and smiling all around,
It’s time you gave love a chance for awhile.

But leave me above the clouds, here I’ll stay,
I have found love in a different way

5. Fluffy Clouds

       by Katie Lazette

How swiftly move the fluffy clouds
As I look up to the sky
So many lovely shapes I see
As the clouds go drifting by

I love to sit and  stare
Into the sky above
I see patches of blue
In between the clouds I love

I often daydream that I
Am riding upon a cloud
Moving swiftly across the sky
As I sing and laugh aloud

I dream of lying on the cloud
In it’s billowy fluffiness
Just enjoying the cloud so much
It’s what I like to do the best

So grab yourself a fluffy cloud
Up in the sky so blue
Enjoy the ride you dream about
It’s made especially for you
Now if you grab a rain cloud
Be sure your umbrella is close
Because it can get very wet
You’ll think someone turned on a hose

6. Clouds

       by Kazytc

Dramatic clouds form distant lands,
Silhouetted against the sky in bands.

Some are wispy and wistful too,
Some are heavy, of darkened hue.

The fluffy white ones I like the best,
Come with sun and are so blest.

I sit so often seeing their art,
In the formations they impart.

Made from water and bits of ice,
I think they are so really nice.

They seem to caress the sky above,
Like a stroking hand in a silky glove.

They brighten up any kind of sky,
Those magical white things up high.

They make you want to ride on them,
An aerial view, from a sky high den!

All shapes and sizes clouds come in,
Jagged, ribbon-ed, misshapen, never twin.

Atmospheric they make the sky,
Makes you wish that you could fly.

To fly up and touch the clouds, I’d love,
And feel their beauty from up above.

Like someone painted them in the sky,
Such beautiful artistry and wonder we spy.

Like magical lands drifting by above,
O’h those enchanting clouds, I do love!

Poems about Clouds and Light

Poems about clouds and light explore the ways in which light interacts with clouds to create stunning visual effects.

1. Light Through the Light Blue Clouds

       by Aimee

Light through the light blue clouds
You are raining down upon us collisions
Dreamt who knows where
Above and beyond oblivion

The house is cold and disturbing
Like pain I never grasp within
And voices in the living room
Are pushing to get in

The Grey is never perfect
The red it lines the streets
Paint and rain traveling faster
Than pain can think

A gold light on a front of a red truck
Is never stuck unless
Gasoline is no longer supplying
The energy to the dance

His heart is hurt by money
His ghost is on the prowl
But who knows the trees tears
Are the breathes of the owl

Whose eggs have fashioned me
In a loud noise to fear from a car
Racing along the streets at noon
All to imagine the stars
All at once we lose it
The health that love can bring
But every stage is vacant
Until the animals sing

2. Beam of Light

       by Poetic Xscape

Dirt clouds the eyes of the living.
Darking of man is appending.
There is a glimmer of giving.
Because my heart is defending.
With a beam of light.
A mile of sparkling hope.
To overcome shadowing storms.
A new chance for them to cope.
Breaking the suffocation that makes them mourn.
From this beam of light.
See how it dances?
It’s dancing the dance of love.
Feel the effects of its unlimited advances.
They are aided by millions of hands from above.
Providing a beam of light.
Something to hold.
Into the depths of your heart.
A tale of happiness to be told.
Something we can all be a part.
By a beam of light.
Please don’t be frightened.
Don’t be afraid to cry.
This world will be lightened.
From your star up in the sky.
Your beam of light.

3. How Does He Feel When the Clouds Cover His Light?

       by Thai

When the moon visits the sky
Do you think he’s upset when the sun says goodbye?
Do you think he gets lonely when the stars start to hide?
Do you think he gets angry when everyone starts to fall asleep?
How does he feel when the clouds cover his light?

Does he get tired from shining all night?

4. Scripture of Light

       by Jan Otterstrom

Overcast in heavy clouds then broken
pierced by rays of sunlight, entry shaft
to higher levels, intelligence forms, not
just rendered content of experience as
burdened in gloom, to dream allegories.

Complicated rivalry, detailed reverie, a
garden of herbs, antidotes to chemicals
of control, a people living in rare fantasy
natural remedies, introduced to man in
Eden, now cast out, wandering to return.

It was the light of the morning, breaking
dark clouds of night, where many walked
in glow of their own fires, loving darkness
yet, we are the children of light, called
out, into a marvelous shining brightness.

5. Lurid Light

       by Anonymous

Through a rent in clouds,
glimpse the moon darkly hovering,
light dimmed by its
liver-spotted shadows.
Waning edges crumbling now,
this gibbous face leers,
swallowing night in greedy gulps.
A peeping tom, it smirks at evil…
muggings in midnight alleys,
drunken brawls in run-down bars,
and tawdry assignations in flea-bag motels…
prying with grimy fingers at crusted windowpanes.
The skin of the land crawls
and twitches, like a sleeping dog,
waiting and enduring until
the moon is down.

6. The Silent Light…

       by Shobhit Gupta

In the midst of this silver night,

As the moon unviels its face..
from the serene beauty of the dark clouds,
A strange mixture of grey light
Falls on the planet,
Even the capped mountains can’t resist
The captivity of it,
The light penetrates them all,
Encompasses them, enlightens them,
The light is no longer a secret,
Its presence causes a silence,
More silence than the dark night
The mysterious silence causes to think,
the riddle behind it,
As it orchestrates through the lively souls
It embraces them,kisses them
To make them free from this world
For a minute,it causes a hustle
then a deep silence again,
A silence very soothing,
A silence which is very calm,
Now its the time for the moon
to return to its home,
As the light turns to go,
I wish if I could be one of its rays,
Powerful yet silent
Mighty enough to tear the darkness
Gentle enough too soothe my soul,
I want to be free as the light,
Shameless enough to break into any darkness..
I pray..i hope..

Poems about Clouds and the Sky

Poems about clouds and the sky celebrate the majesty of the natural world and offer a poignant reminder of the transience of life and the power of nature.

1. The Sky Without Clouds

       by Johnson

A day without clouds is the sky at its least.
We had one here just recently.
Be they piles, or wisps, or fantastic shapes,
they continue to fascinate me.
They pose, slowly move, or they change all the time.
They’re now like a scattering of sheep —
hurrying, scurrying, playing around,
Just below tops of the high mountain peaks.

2. Clouds and Blue Sky

       by Nick Houvras

The clouds are the roof over our head curiously,

They break apart and you see the blue sky and sun above.

At night there may appear a star winking at you.

Or a big white round full moon that comes partly through.

The oceans adrift in the sky above but no sail boats there flying high.

Just occasionally white streaks planes leave behind like trails one can walk on.

You maybe, so for now just say hi, high to the clouds in the sky!

3. Above the Clouds

       by Andrea Dietrich

The summer sky is such a pretty blue
above us, looking like a tranquil sea..
There are not many clouds except a few.
Up there with you is where I’d love to be!

I picture us both soaring to the sky
into that oceanic blue expanse;
above the clouds is where we ought to fly,
where, like two joyful angels, we would dance!

We’d spin about as if our feet had wings
that lightly touched on an unparalleled
softness! And in my imaginings,
I see us there with happiness unquelled.

Removed at last from earthly cares and crowds,
we’d stay in cool blue sky above the clouds.

4. Lumps of Snow Stuffed Over the Sky

       by Rose

With various backgrounds they wander afloat,
going around earth like fluffy flying carpets.
A rabbit here, a sheep over there!
Magical shape-shifters flow with the wind.

Meeting the rainbows, the sun and the stars
they are VVIP’s dressed in white.
Lumps of snow stuffed over the sky,
they grey and melt, spilling water everywhere;

Thick soft blankets covering the sun
that’s happy, radiating a blurred borderline;
Pink cotton candies stacked very high
only for sight in the evening sky.

Coloured in the dawn and creamy in the day,
roaming clouds are pretty all the way.

5. The Cloudy Sky

       by Vanita

Rains made the nature so clean,
Shadow of clouds made it more green.
The layers of clouds darken the sky.
Sunrays are restrained to pass by.

The layers are dense and thick.
But, somewhere they are weak.
Like a poor man’s torn blanket,
Cannot stop sun to peep through it.

Penetrated by a few sun-rays,
Bright lines are drawn in greys,
Like silver magical stick of a fairy
Showering boon of life and merry.

Roam your vision in the clouds.
Let your imagination come out.
Can you see a sheep or a deer?
Faces of crocodiles may appear.

It’s only the cloudy sky, I must say,
You can stare with naked eyes in mid-day.
As soon as the season is not rainy,
You can’t do so when sun is shiny.

6. Clouds on Sky Lap

       by Joy Enamavu

Silver papers, red kites and blue ribbons
mixed in a sea of vacuum land,
flying to an unknown destination of life
where no one sees another but,
the rain clouds darken all,
pour silver drops in the desert,
make live and green,
redden mushrooms around the camel carts,
eating blood soaked dates,
listen cries far from a deserted mum’s heart,
creeping to a hamlet of weeping land,
while sleeping clouds on the sky lap.

Poems about Dark Clouds

These dark clouds poems are hauntingly beautiful just like the majesty of dark clouds that fill up the sky before a storm.

1. Dark Clouds

       by White Wolf

The absence of love plays on my mind,
I search within, but love, I cannot find.

Another wasted day, just frittered away.
Can’t bring myself to see, it’s all because of me!

Dark clouds are moving in, my soul’s screaming out.
There’s no place I wish to be, my mind consumed with doubt.

My body’s numb, this pain has won,
As I lift my pen to write again,
these words flood out before my eyes.
It’s not until then that I realise!
That all my struggles are not my demise,

and all my woes as far as a poet goes,
For now, a smile creeps on my face.
Finally, I have found that loving place.

2. Dark Clouds

       By A. Kohn

Cast me out of darkness,
For I have dwelt to long,
Within these cursed shadows,
Full of nightmares song.

I yearn to feel the sun,
Shining on my face,
If only I could find happiness,
To fill this empty space.

This oppressive sadness,
Swirling down as pouring rain,
Are dark clouds hovering,
Like little drops of gathered pain.

Life has been too weary,
As on I’ve steadily marched,
I’m drowning in these tears,
That leave me cold and parched.

I wish I could just fly away,
Soaring above these clouds,
Break free of this depression,
And leave behind these shrouds.

3. Dark Clouds Breaking into Fresh Rain

       by C L Khatri

Your parched coal lips
cracks in heels and hands
whip marks on the back
have many stories to tell.

They carry the black ashes of the kiln
you were bought to work in.
The narratives must be lying
in the bricks of this mighty mansion
or words are burnt into ashes in the chimney.

But words do not die; they wait
for years, decades and at times centuries
before they burst out like a volcano
or secretly surface like a diamond from the coal.
They find a savior who deconstructs the mansion
and resurrects a phoenix from the ashes.

In your shameless brute eyes
Gray’s elegy on the death of an angle lies.
Tears soaked in the eye socket
only dry salt clings to the skin.
Sweet smile turns into derisive laughter
even voiceless violence.

They laugh at you; let them laugh.
They don’t know the narratives of knife
written on your virgin body.
They laugh when they need to weep
and weep when they need to laugh.

Nithilai! Nithilai! Look up.
Dark clouds are breaking into fresh rain.

4. Dark Cloudy Day

       by Fatality

Late at night, when I cannot sleep,
’cause I’m too busy getting tweaked,
there’s a small voice in the back of my head
trying to get through to me, but instead,
I sit nd twist this pipe that’s in my hand,
till I’m so spun out nd I can hardly stand,
to look back at myself in the mirror,
my reflection is getting far from clearer;
I’m stuck nd I’m lost high up in the clouds,
with no intentions of coming down.
I’m trying my hardest not to think,
about how much I keep continuing to shrink;
or how hard it is not to stay,
addicted to this drug I smoke every day.
I want to stop, but will I ever?
or will I live this way forever ?
I’m nearly eighteen, nd I wonder whether
or not I will ever get my life together.
I state at this clear piece full of crystal,
Oh, how it’s made me heart so brittle;
for this dope I smoke has made me mold
into something that’s dark nd cold.
I believe one day it will take my hand
nd bring me straight to the motherland;
where there will be no sadness, nor no pain,
just a dark cloudy day, filled with endless rain.

5. Dark Clouds

       by Mark Hewitt

When dark clouds start to gather
as they sometimes do
if you look you’ll find a rainbow
built with love by me for you.

6. The Dark Clouds Enveloped Her Mind’

       by Screamosaur

The dark clouds enveloped her mind
left her broken..for what seemed like all time.
Then you came along and gave her your heart.
She gave you hers and that was the start..
To happiness she thought and then it appeared the loneliness was back
she wasn’t happy again.
After she let you in.
You broke her heart on purpose and for that you diserved it.
When her friends came to your door and gave you a letter,
It was splattered in blood and said look what you’ve done,
And that was the end of my dear friend Heather.

7. When the Clouds Were Dark

       by Gd Bakhshi

When the clouds were dark,
they looked chocolate,
When it poured cats and dogs,
It shone cream milky white.

When the lightening hit,
it flavored a carbonated drink,
And when the storm came,
it filled my pen’s ink.

When the flood struck,
It refreshed the garden,
When it became sunny,
I brew writing honey!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, poems for clouds offer a powerful and inspiring way to connect with the natural world and explore our own thoughts and emotions.

They allow us to delve into the beauty and complexity of the sky, using clouds as a canvas for exploring themes of love, life, beauty, and transience.

Whether you prefer to read funny, inspirational, or famous poems about clouds, short and sweet, or long and more complex pieces, there is something for everyone in the world of cloud poetry.

By engaging with these poems about clouds, we can set free our imaginations and find new ways to connect with the world around us, opening up new vistas of beauty and meaning in our lives.

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