67 Poems about Doctors to Cure the Illness of Life

Doctors play a crucial role in our lives, helping us to stay healthy and overcome illness.

Poems about doctors pay tribute to these dedicated professionals, celebrating their compassion, dedication, and skill.

From funny to inspirational, short to long, and for children to adults, these poems offer a unique perspective on the life and work of doctors.

They remind us of the human connection at the heart of medicine, and the importance of empathy and kindness in healing.

Whether you’re a patient, a doctor, or simply someone who values the role of healthcare professionals, these doctors poems offer a powerful testament to the value of medicine.

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Famous Poems about Doctors

Discover some of the greatest poets who ever lived, whose famous doctors poems have rendered the glory of doctors and their job eternal.

1. The Doctor’s Plaster

       by Robert Louis Stevenson

The doctor’s plaster brings relief,
To those who suffer pain and grief,
He sets the broken bones with care,
And gives his patients love to share.

He knows the magic of his hands,
And how to heal the wounded lands,
With gentle touch and loving gaze,
He helps his patients through the blaze.

2. The Doctor

       by Emily Dickinson

The doctor is a friend indeed,
Who helps us in our time of need,
He cures our body, and our soul,
And helps us reach our ultimate goal.

He knows the power of his work,
And how it can help us rise and perk,
He gives us hope and love and grace,
And helps us find a new embrace.

3. The Doctor

       by D. H. Lawrence

The doctor is a man of skill,
Who knows the secrets of the mill,
He works with science and with art,
And always seeks to do his part.

He knows the value of a smile,
And how it can last a while,
He gives his patients all he’s got,
And helps them find the healing slot.

4. The Doctor’s Visit

       by Lewis Carroll

The doctor came to visit me,
And took my temperature with glee,
He checked my pulse, and my heart as well,
And made sure that I was not unwell.

He gave me medicine to take,
And told me what to eat and bake,
He said I need to rest and sleep,
And hopefully, my illness will soon leap.

The Doctor’s Pen by John Keats

The doctor’s pen is like a sword,
That strikes the ills we can’t afford,
He writes the prescription with care,
And shows us how to heal and fare.

He knows the value of a cure,
And how it can make us pure,
He writes with skill and artistry,
And helps us find our destiny.

5. The Doctor’s House

       by William Blake

The doctor’s house is a place of light,
Where patients go to find respite,
He works with skill and gentle touch,
And helps them heal, and feel so much.

He knows the value of a word,
And how it can be felt, not heard,
By those who suffer and despond,
And need a friend to go beyond.

6. The Doctor’s Friend

       by E. E. Cummings

The doctor is a faithful friend,
Who’s there to help us to the end,
He cares for us with all his heart,
And helps us make a brand new start.

He knows the power of his skill,
And how it can make us thrill,
He works with love and gentle care,
To help us find the way to bear.

7. The Doctor’s Hymn

       by Sir Walter Scott

The doctor’s hymn is one of praise,
To those who heal, and cure, and raise,
He sings of their skill and their art,
And how they play a noble part.

He knows the value of their work,
And how it can make us jerk,
For joy and peace and health and wealth,
And all the goodness of good health.

8. The Two Doctors

       by Anonymous

Said Dr. Do, “Drink lots of milk;
Eat toast—there’s nothing better;
And soon you’ll feel as fine as silk,
And sprightly as a setter.”
Said Dr. Don’t, “Avoid all meat,
And deadly fried potatoes;
No coffee, mind; and never eat
Bananas or tomatoes.”
And Dr. Don’t became a grocer,
His patients were so few,
The sick folks all said: “Don’t? Oh, no, sir!
I go to Dr. Do.”

9. Surgeons Must be Very Careful

       by Emily Dickinson

Surgeons must be very careful
When they take the knife!
Underneath their fine incisions
Stirs the culprit, — Life!

10. Pains-Taking

       by John B. Tabb

“Take pains,” growled the Tooth to the Dentist;
“The same,” said the Dentist, “to you.”
Then he added, “No doubt,
Before you are out
You’ll have taken most pains of the two.”

Funny Poems about Doctors

Bring a smile to your face with interesting poems about doctors that play on the quirks and challenges of the medical profession.

1. ABCDE: Doctor, Leave Me Be

       by Ed Morris

An apple a day, so they say,
But some folk get carried away.
Consumer advice:
Don’t be imprecise—
Eat ten, and the doctor you’ll pay.

2. Doctor in Motion

       by Paul Curtis

“Doctor I have chronic diarrhoea
And I think it’s hereditary”
“Nonsense man I can assure you
Diarrhoea is not hereditary,
And no matter how chronic it is
It’s not as bad as it seems”
“But doctor I know it’s hereditary
Because it’s in my jeans”

3. Doctor Wrong

       by Andrea Dietrich

A physician can possibly maim.
Being ill-informed, one that I blame
Cares not for real knowledge
Despite years of college.
“Erroneous” should be his last name.

4. Stay, Doctor Fauci, Stay

       by Panagiota Romios

Oh, don’t abandon us now!
We so love your masked fear.
Tell us, Dr Fauci, my dear.

What shall I do, Holy Cow?
Should I check my cat’s rear?
Is there Omicron in my ale or beer?

I fret over eating meat from a sow!
Shall I go check my skin in a mirror?
We need you, who makes thing, clearer!

We might have to go to work?
Oh, no, a fate worse than death!
To smell real human breath?

Of boosters and lockdowns we cheer!
Of Meta and Twitter we merrily sing.
The COVID national anthem is our thing!

5. Doctor Recommendation

       by Sunshine Smile

Sickness comes ~ sickness goes
A warm nose ~ temperature measurement is important
You heard what the doctor said
Do not worry
You’re a big boy now
Even though you’re not feeling your best
I hope to see you get well soon
I know that it’s no fun
A juicy meat bone is waiting for you
Please ~ stand still

6. Doctor, Doctor

       by Theresa Cw

Doctor, doctor I’ve fallen and can’t get up
Will you call my man so he can bring a cup
The alarms are ringing
The coffee is brewing
Doctor my arms are shaking and can’t wake up.

7. Careful, Doctor!

       by William Robinson

A lady named Abigail Feanture
Received from her colleagues a censure.
She, being a vet,
Accidentally let
A mischievous Doberman Pincer.

8. With a Doctor That Hot

       by Andrea Dietrich

60’s ladies had Dr. Kildare
who they fantasized giving them care.
With a doctor that hot
who would mind getting caught
all alone minus her underwear?

Well, no more can we think in that way
since the guy who played Kildare, one day
got it into his head
to crush dreams when he said,
“All this time I have really been gay.”

9. The Doctor Has Left the Building

       by Robert A. Dufresne

Come in Doc, stay a while and please close the door.
Your pills aren’t workin..still sore…what? Take more?

Whaddya mean, “Don’t worry”?
Why are you in such a hurry?

You just barely came in,
Now your leavin’ again!

How much? Thanks for the break, but that bill’s still pretty sour!
Been here two minutes…That’s makes it 6000 bucks an hour..

Pardon me, what’s that you say?
Yes,…. do have a nice day…

The Doctor Has Left the Building.

10. Doctor Bills

       by Jack Clark

I awaited, from my Doctor Quills,
A prescription for medicinal pills
–  the pills were applied
–  but I about died
When I had received his pill bills!

Inspirational Poems about Doctors

Be inspired by inspirational doctors poems that celebrate the dedication and compassion of doctors, and the impact they have on the lives of their patients.

1. Doctors! !

       by Guneev Kaur

They, who always care! !

Born with the name of healing,
They’re exceptional in their way of dealing.
Hard is to earn that “Dr’s” title,
Yet then that makes him so many lives’ vital.
An honour to cherish,
An identity to never relinquish.
He learns to cure,
For he shakes hands with life to be sure.
Sure to achieve his chosen bucket,
Yet not everyone is able to earn that socket.
Hours of perseverance,
Nights of disciplined skeleton adherence.
At the birth, he’s the first to pick,
At the death, he’s the last to pick.
India is not just a land of diversity,
But more than that of being respect worthy.
In double quotes is the doctor quoted,
With a suffix of “Sahib” is he respected.
A synonym to Lord,
Life saver’s identity makes him odd.
No point of break,
So much is not there for it to shake.
They make sacrifices,
Being blessed with the best supplies.
Giving his own life a secondary priority,
He turns up to treat his patient with so much superiority.
That white coat,
Peace, which carries in its throat.
Always short and straight,
No chance to outlook their’s heart weight.
His patient treats him as God,
He never considers him so odd.
A man whose joys are in the patient,
A man whose life is in the one on the chair seated.
New Years, Christmas, birthdays,
With him he celebrates all the days.
Keeping celebrations aside,
Holidays not to be tried.
Ever for the patients,
For he, from them best smell, so fragrant.
Are they so proud of themselves? ?
Or do they really consider themselves are elves? ?
Being two doctors’ daughter,
I never fail to flaunt the pride of making their life broader.

2. The Doctor

       by Patrick Kavanagh

The doctor, with his gentle hands,
Tends to the wounds of mortal lands.
He listens, watches, and takes the time
To heal our bodies, and ease our minds.

“The Doctor’s Prayer” by John Greenleaf Whittier
Lord, give me strength to heal the sick,
To ease their pain, and mend the quick.
Let me be a beacon in their dark,
And bring them hope, when all seems stark.

3. The Doctor’s Work

       by Emily Dickinson

The doctor works with careful hands,
And always has a heart that understands.
He tends to bodies, and soothes the soul,
And brings healing, to make us whole.

4. The Physician

       by John Donne

He that is down needs fear no fall,
He that is low, no pride:
He that is humble ever shall
Have God to be his guide.
And though the doctor’s work be tough,
He knows his mission is enough.

5. The Country Doctor

       by Edgar Lee Masters

The country doctor is a friend,
To all who live, until the end.
He knows their secrets, and their pain,
And never stops, until he’s gained.

6. The Doctor’s Dream

       by Lewis Carroll

The doctor dreams of happy times,
When all the world is free from grimes.
He sees a future, bright and fair,
With health and peace, beyond compare.

“The Doctor’s Creed” by Charles Kingsley
The doctor’s creed is simple, yet grand,
To heal the sick, with a steady hand.
To ease their pain, and soothe their fears,
And bring them hope, to dry their tears.

7. The Doctor’s Love

       by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

The doctor’s love is like a stream,
That flows through life, with a gentle gleam.
It heals the wounds, and cools the fever,
And brings us joy, that we can savor.

8. The Doctor’s Trust

       by E.E. Cummings

The doctor’s trust is deep and true,
In all he does, for me and you.
He knows the secrets of our souls,
And always strives, to reach our goals.

9. The Doctor’s Oath

       by Hippocrates

I swear by Apollo, the healer,
And Asclepius, and Hygieia,
And all the gods and goddesses,
That I will do no harm, and always seek the best.

Short Poems about Doctors

Experience the power of poetry in just a few lines with these short poetries about doctors that carry a powerful impact.

1. The Doctor’s Call

       by Emily Dickinson

The doctor came, in coat of blue,
And said, “I’ll cure what ails you.”
He took my pulse, and then he sighed,
And said, “I fear you may have died.”

2. The Doctor’s Prescription

       by Langston Hughes

The doctor said, “Take two a day,
And you’ll feel better right away.”
But I took three, and then I knew,
The doctor’s prescription wasn’t true.

3. The Doctor’s Advice

       by Anonymous

The doctor said, “Eat your greens,
And stay away from salty things.”
But I ate fries and ice cream too,
And now I feel like I’m in the loo.

4. The Doctor’s Office

       by Jack Prelutsky

In the doctor’s office, I sit and wait,
For the doctor to come, before it’s too late.
He’ll give me a shot, or check my ear,
And then I’ll be on my way, with nothing to fear.

5. Doctor’s Visit

        by Eve Merriam

The doctor comes and takes my hand,
And says, “We’ll make you well, my friend.”
He checks my eyes, my ears, my nose,
And then he says, “Off you go.”

6. Doctor’s Orders

       by Robert William Service

The doctor said, “Get up and walk,
Or you’ll be dead within a fortnight.”
So I got up and walked, and talked,
And now I feel like I’m in the sunlight.

Long Poems about Doctors

For those who want to take a deep dive into the world of medicine, long poetries about doctors offer a detailed exploration of the many aspects of the profession.

1. The Physician’s Tale

       by Geoffrey Chaucer

In ancient days, there lived a physician,
Whose skill was known throughout the land,
He healed the sick, and brought them back to life,
With gentle touch and healing hand.

He knew the secrets of the human frame,
And how to cure the ills that came,
He worked long hours, and never tired,
And always kept his patients inspired.

He knew the power of a kind word,
And how it could be seen and heard,
By those who were in need of care,
And always gave them love to share.

2. The Doctor’s Office

       by Marge Piercy

The doctor’s office is a place of hope,
Where healing hands and caring scope,
Bring comfort to the sick and hurt,
And help them rise above the dirt.

The waiting room is filled with people,
Some are healthy, some feeble,
But all of them have come to see,
The doctor’s skill and expertise.

The doctor takes his time with each,
He knows just what to do and teach,
To make them feel at home and safe,
And help them find their healing pace.

3. The Doctor’s Dream

       by Lord Byron

The doctor had a dream one night,
Of a world where all was right,
Where sickness and pain were things of the past,
And all his patients were free at last.

He saw a world where love and care,
Were the norm, and always there,
Where health and happiness abounded,
And all around, were good people surrounded.

He woke up with a sense of hope,
That one day, this dream might be scope,
A world where doctors and patients alike,
Could live in peace and health, and never strike.

4. The Surgeon

       by Richard Selzer

The surgeon knows the human frame,
And how to heal what’s not the same,
He works with skill and artistry,
To bring his patients back to glee.

He knows the power of the blade,
And how to use it, unafraid,
To mend the body, and make it whole,
And give his patients a brand new role.

His hands are steady, and his mind,
Is always focused, and refined,
To make the cuts that need to be,
And keep his patients pain-free.

5. The Doctor’s Prayer

       by Sarah Williams

The doctor kneels beside the bed,
And bows his head in prayer,
He asks for strength and guidance,
And all the love he can share.

He prays for those who suffer,
And those who need his care,
He asks for wisdom and patience,
And all the strength to bear.

He knows the power of his work,
And how it can change a life,
He asks for help and understanding,
And all the love to thrive.

The House of Life by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The house of life is filled with pain,
And sorrow, and despair,
But doctors come to heal the wounds,
And help the hurt repair.

They work with skill and tender care,
To ease the pain and strife,
And bring a little light and hope,
Into the darkest life.

They know the art of healing touch,
And how to make it last,
They bring their patients back to health,
And help them rise up fast.

6. The Doctor’s Legacy

       by James Whitcomb Riley

The doctor left a legacy,
Of healing hands and caring see,
He worked with love and skill and art,
And always gave with all his heart.

He knew the secrets of the human frame,
And how to cure the ills that came,
He taught us all to live in love,
And never give up, or lose the glove.

His legacy lives on today,
In all the doctors who come our way,
They carry on his work with zest,
And bring us hope and happiness.

Poems about Doctors That Rhyme

Add a musical quality to your poetry with rhyming poems about doctors that are easy to remember and fun to recite.

1. Doctor’s Orders

       by Kenn Nesbitt

The doctor says I have to rest
And stay in bed all day,
He says I need to take it easy
And stay out of the fray.

He gave me medicine to take
And told me what to eat,
He said I need to drink more water
And avoid all sugary treats.

I’ll do my best to follow
Each and every one of his orders,
And hopefully, before too long,
I’ll be back to my borders.

2. The Doctor’s Touch

       by Mary Dawson Hughes

The doctor’s touch is gentle and kind,
He works to heal both body and mind,
He knows just what to do and say,
To help his patients on their way.

He listens well to all their woes,
And helps them find their healing flows,
With skilled hands and caring heart,
He helps his patients make a new start.

The Doctor’s Smile by Shel Silverstein

The doctor’s smile is warm and bright,
It helps to make my day,
He greets me with a friendly hello,
And takes my pain away.

He knows just what to do and say,
To make me feel at ease,
He’s patient, kind, and gentle too,
And always aims to please.

3. The Doctor’s Dedication

       by Joanna Fuchs

The doctor’s dedication is clear to see,
He works long hours, tirelessly,
He cares for his patients every day,
In every single possible way.

He knows the power of a kind word,
And how it can be felt and heard,
By those who need it most of all,
And those who suffer and fall.

4. The Doctor’s Call

       by Grace Noll Crowell

The doctor’s call is to heal and cure,
And help his patients find a new lure,
He works with skill and tender care,
To make their burdens easy to bear.

He knows the trials of the human frame,
And how to cure the ills that came,
With medicine and loving touch,
He helps his patients heal and clutch.

5. The Doctor’s Promise

       by Robert Burns

The doctor makes a promise true,
To help the sick and see them through,
He knows the power of his skill,
And uses it to cure and fill.

He takes an oath to do no harm,
And keep his patients free from harm,
With gentle hands and loving heart,
He helps them find a brand new start.

6. The Doctor’s Care

       by Helen Steiner Rice

The doctor’s care is like a rose,
That blossoms with each patient’s woes,
He works with love and tender grace,
To bring a smile to every face.

He knows the power of his touch,
And how it can mean so much,
To those who suffer and despair,
And need a friend who really cares.

Poems about Doctors for Children

Poems about doctors for kids are both educational and engaging, teaching them about the importance of healthcare and the value of empathy.

1. The Doctor’s Office

       by Jack Prelutsky

I’m sitting in the doctor’s office
With no one here but me,
The doctor’s out on house calls,
Or else he’s on TV.

The nurse is in the pantry,
The dentist’s called away,
The receptionist has vanished,
I guess she’s gone to play.

I’ve been here for an hour,
I’m feeling kind of sick,
I think I’ll go to bed now,
And see if I can kick.

2. A Visit To The Doctor

       by Nikki Grimes

I hate going to the doctor’s,
For checkups, shots, and such,
But Mom says it’s important,
To keep me in good touch.

The waiting room is scary,
With a fish tank full of eels,
And kids with coughs and colds,
And other icky feels.

But when it’s time to see the doc,
I’m brave as I can be,
I open wide and take my shot,
And smile, ’cause I’m disease-free.

3. The Doctor

       by Robert Louis Stevenson

Whenever I have been to see
The doctor in his surgery,
I’ve noticed that it’s plain to me
His hands are cold as snow.

He feels my pulse, he looks me o’er,
He listens to my chest, and more,
I wonder if he’s keeping score
Of all the things I know.

But when he’s done, I always feel
A sense of wellness, like I’m steel,
Ready to tackle any deal
And meet life’s ebb and flow.

4. The Doctor Is In

       by Shel Silverstein

The doctor is in,
So come on in,
He’ll check you out,
And make you shout

As he listens to your heart,
And takes your temperature,
He’ll tell you, “Don’t depart,
Until you feel betterer!”

So don’t be scared,
Just trust his care,
And soon you’ll be
Feeling free,
From all your malady.

5. The Doctor’s Visit

       by Judith Viorst

I went to see the doctor,
And he did some tests on me,
He looked into my ears,
And my eyes, nose, and knee.

He said I needed medicine,
And I took it every day,
And soon I was feeling better,
In every single way.

And now I like the doctor,
He’s really kind and cool,
He taught me how to stay healthy,
And how to follow school rules.

6. The Pediatrician’s Office

       by Kenn Nesbitt

I’m sitting in the pediatrician’s office,
Waiting for my name to be called,
With magazines that are barely readable,
And a room that is way too small.

There’s a baby that’s crying beside me,
And a toddler that’s running around,
I wish I could go back to school,
Where there’s order to be found.

But when the doctor finally sees me,
I know it’s going to be okay,
He’ll listen to my concerns and worries,
And send me on my way.

7. The Doctor Is a Hero

       by Joanna Fuchs

The doctor is a hero,
Who saves lives every day,
He’s a brave and noble person,
Who never turns away.

With his stethoscope and medicine,
And his kind and gentle touch,
He heals the sick and broken,
And helps us all so much.

So when you see a doctor,
Remember what he’s done,
And be grateful for his service,
And the battles he has won.

Poems about Doctors and Patients

Explore the unique relationship between doctors and patients, and the power of empathy and compassion in the healing process.

1. The Doctor’s Visit

       by Edgar Guest

I dread to go to see the doctor
Although I know he’s good and kind,
I’m always filled with apprehension
Whenever I’m about to find

What hidden things there are about me
That he alone can diagnose,
What sort of things are going wrong
And what he finds will be my woes.

Yet, when the doctor’s through with me
I feel as though I’ve been re-born,
His gentle touch and understanding
Make me forget the hours forlorn.

2. A Visit From the Doctor

       by Mary Noble Jones

When the doctor comes to see me,
He’s always kind and calm,
He checks my heart and lungs and throat,
And always keeps me from harm.

He asks me how I’m feeling,
And if I’m sleeping well at night,
He talks to me about my diet,
And how to keep my health in sight.

I’m grateful for the doctor’s visit,
For helping me feel my best,
And when he leaves, I know he’s done
A job that’s passed the test.

3. The Doctor and the Sick Child

       by Robert Southey

The doctor came to see the child
Who lay so sick, so wan and mild,
He felt the pulse, he looked and sighed,
And said “’tis time we must abide.”

The mother wept, the father moaned,
The little child just coughed and groaned,
But the doctor held his ground and said,
“I’ll save this child, no need for dread.”

And so he did, with tender care,
He worked and worked, despite his fare,
Until the child was up and bright,
Ready to run and dance and fight.

4. The Doctor’s Touch

       by Jean Kyler Mcmanus

The doctor’s touch is gentle,
But oh, so very strong,
It heals our wounds and mends our bones,
And keeps us going long.

He holds our hands and takes our pulse,
And listens to our hearts,
He knows exactly what to do,
To keep us from falling apart.

We trust the doctor with our lives,
And follow his advice,
For he has seen so much before,
And knows just what is nice.

So let us thank the doctor,
For all that he has done,
And wish him peace and happiness,
And blessings, one by one.

5. The Patient’s Tale

       by Kaitlyn Guenther

I lay upon the patient’s bed,
A thousand thoughts inside my head,
I wondered what the doctor would say,
And if my health would come to play.

But when he came into the room,
I felt a sense of gladness bloom,
For he was kind and gentle too,
And knew just what to say and do.

He listened to my every need,
And gave me care that I could feed,
He smiled and joked and held my hand,
And helped me to truly understand.

So here’s to the doctor, brave and strong,
Who helps us all when things go wrong,
The patient’s tale is one of hope,
And gratitude that helps us cope.

6. The Doctor and the Patient

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

The doctor and the patient,
Are like two ships at sea,
One searches for the answers,
The other longing to be free.

The doctor’s mind is sharp and keen,
His skill is truly rare,
He knows just what to do and say,
To make us feel like we care.

But the patient’s heart is heavy,
With a thousand different fears,
He longs to be healed and whole again,
To wipe away his tears.

So let us pray for the doctor,
And thank him for all he does,
And wish the patient courage and strength,
To face life’s trials and buzz.

Poems about Doctors Life

Celebrate the work and life of doctors, and the challenges and joys of the medical profession, through the lens of poetry.

1. The Doctor’s Life

       by William Carlos Williams

The doctor’s life is filled with care,
For those who are ill or need repair,
From head to toe, he knows the score,
He treats the sick, and so much more.

He works long hours, and many nights,
He always puts their needs in sight,
He’s kind and gentle, and always fair,
A true friend, who’s always there.

2. A Doctor’s Day

       by David L. Harrison

A doctor’s day is never done,
From morning light to setting sun,
He’s always there, to lend a hand,
And help his patients understand.

He sees them all, from big to small,
And works to keep them from a fall,
He knows just what to do and say,
To keep them healthy, every day.

3. The Life of a Doctor

       by Maya Angelou

The life of a doctor is never dull,
He’s always on the go,
From one emergency to the next,
He’s always in the know.

He works with great compassion,
And a heart that’s full of love,
He’s there to heal the sick and hurt,
And help us rise above.

4. The Doctor’s World

       by Langston Hughes

The world of the doctor is a special place,
Where healing hands and caring grace,
Bring comfort to the sick and weak,
And help them find the strength to speak.

He knows the value of a smile,
And how to go that extra mile,
To make his patients feel at home,
And never leave them all alone.

5. The Doctor’s Journey

       by Emily Dickinson

The doctor’s journey is both long and hard,
Filled with unexpected turns and shards,
But he never gives up, he always tries,
And never loses sight of the prize.

He knows that life is full of change,
And he must learn to rearrange,
His thoughts and methods, every day,
To keep his patients on the way.

6. The Calling of a Doctor

       by Rumi

The calling of a doctor is a noble one,
He’s there to comfort and heal the wounded sun,
With hands that work both gentle and strong,
He helps his patients walk along.

He knows the value of a kind word,
And how it’s often seen and heard,
By those who need it most,
And depend upon it, like a host.

7. The Doctor’s Oath

       by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

The doctor’s oath is a solemn one,
To help the sick and weak,
To do no harm, and give his all,
To those who cannot speak.

He knows the power of his words,
And how to heal the wounded birds,
With medicine and kindness too,
He helps his patients start anew.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, poems about doctors provide a unique and insightful perspective on the medical profession.

These poems on doctors celebrate the dedication, compassion, and skill of doctors, as well as the importance of empathy and human connection in the healing process.

From famous and inspirational to short and funny, these poems about doctors offer a range of styles and themes that appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

They remind us of the value of medicine and healthcare professionals, and the impact they have on our lives.

Through the power of poetry, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the vital role that doctors play in our society.

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