61 Best Poems about Eyes to Open the Windows of the Soul

In this post, we will share with you a lovely selection of poems about eyes. This collection of poems about eyes will entice you to look beyond what you see. The eyes are the portals to the soul. They don’t tell lies.

They reveal the truth, regardless of the mask you wear. Our eyes, like our nonverbal cues, communicate more than phrases ever could. The eyes may also reveal a great deal about a person’s psychological state.

When you first see someone, the greatest approach to get to understand them is to stare them in the eyes and watch the emotions they transmit. You can tell if someone is joyful or depressed. The eyes may also show whether or not a grin is real or artificial, as well as whether or somebody not trusts you.

The eyes poems that we will share with you will depict all of these qualities in a beautiful way. So without any further delay, let us go through the poems about eyes we have picked for you.

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Best Poems about Eyes

Let us first take a look at some of the best poems about eyes. The eyes serve as portals to the soul and feelings. The eyes are filled with elegance, charisma, and force. So, here are some poetry on beautiful eyes that you will love.

1. Sweet Eyes of Blue

       by Freeman E. Miller

Sweet eyes of blue! The stars by night,
That swoon the world with laughing light,
And touch the hills with tender glow
While all the vales are kissed below,
Beside you would no more be bright.

My worlds ye are, and while I throw
My heart to catch the beams that flow
From your fair shrine, my woes take flight,
Sweet eyes of blue!

Glad orbs of beauty! In your sight
My soul mounts up with secret might,
Till Eden’s lovely bowers I know;
And as through Heaven’s gates I go,
The pleasures all my sorrow smite,
Sweet eyes of blue!

2. Excerpt from “Thoughts”

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

Eyes, say, why were ye given your sight,
Your full blue orbs, with their roll and their light,
Which your lids of the lily with violet tinge
So often of late, with their long, dark fringe
From their folds in your arches descended to shade?
Ye have told many things—but not why ye were made.

“We were made to delight in the beauties of earth;
Then to see how they perished, how little their worth
They are changing, illusive, uncertain and brief,
From the flower’s opening bud to its soon withered leaf.
The birth of their being is joined to decay;
They flourish, allure, and expire in a day.
On things like ourselves with delight we have shone;
We have studied their language and found it our own;
But the offspring of grief would extinguish their light,
And the spoiler’s pale hand lock them up from our sight.
Or, keener, far keener, they’d let us behold
Their looks turning from us, unfeeling and cold,
Bequeathing this line, as we saw them depart,
‘We go not alone, but are drawn by the heart!’
For things such as these, and still more were we made;
For watching, for aching, to sink and to fade;
To pour forth in silence the waters of sorrow,
Then, to close in a night that will bring us no morrow?”

3. I Know the Stars

       by Sara Teasdale

I know the stars by their names,
Aldebaran, Altair,
And I know the path they take
Up heaven’s broad blue stair.

I know the secrets of men
By the look of their eyes,
Their gray thoughts, their strange thoughts
Have made me sad and wise.

But your eyes are dark to me
Though they seem to call and call—
I cannot tell if you love me
Or do not love me at all.

I know many things,
But the years come and go,
I shall die not knowing
The thing I long to know.

4. Love Your Eyes

       by Anonymous

They speak of a thousand things.
It glows and I drown in its intensity,
I would love to stay there forever.
It evokes myriad memories,
And leaves an imprint on me.
I consider myself lucky enough,
To have experienced its warmth.
When cupid’s arrow strikes,
The world seems apparelled in celestial light,
Like the glory and freshness of your eyes.
Just like the morning dew,
Exotic and beautiful.
Every time I look into your eyes,
I’m lost in innumerable memories,
Thus forgetting the world behind me.
I wouldn’t expect anything much,
Than just being the Apple of your eye!

5. O Brown Eyes

       by Ruby Archer

O brown eyes, how warm you are
With look I may not meet,
Lest there I read too deep and far
A meaning wild and sweet.

O brown eyes, you need not ask
With such pathetic plea,
As if it were a doleful task,
“And will you think of me?”

O brown eyes, your Orient light
Of passion and regret,
Of pain and joy in mystic might,
I never could forget!

6. Sight

       by Emily Dickinson

Before I got my eye put out,
I liked as well to see
As other creatures that have eyes,
And know no other way.

But were it told to me, to-day,
That I might have the sky
For mine, I tell you that my heart
Would split, for size of me.

The meadows mine, the mountains mine, —
All forests, stintless stars,
As much of noon as I could take
Between my finite eyes.

The motions of the dipping birds,
The lightning’s jointed road,
For mine to look at when I liked, —
The news would strike me dead!

So safer, guess, with just my soul
Upon the window-pane
Where other creatures put their eyes,
Incautious of the sun.

7. In Your Eyes

       by Olivia T

When I look into your eyes,
I feel the calmness you bring.

I feel as free as the deep blue waves in the sea,
Free as can be, no destination desired.

I glide across the ocean like a bird soars in the sky.
I hear the smooth and rhythmic beat of your heart.

It takes me to a place called Paradise,
A place of calmness and serenity.

A place I will stay forever,
A place in your eyes.

Deep Poems about Eyes

Because the eyes are by far the most genuine aspect of the body, they are windows to the soul. When you’re genuinely joyful, your eyes get larger and brighter instinctively, giving you away, but when you’re unhappy or anxious, they appear smaller. This is what these deep poems about eyes talk to us about.

1. Your Eyes Speak to Me in Silence

       by Anonymous

your eyes speak to me in silence
your eyes are calm in the storm
they shine with joy and joy
your sensual eyes wanting to hypnotize
wanting to tie to your wishes
to any immortal
and that shine
that glow in your eyes
it is the sun in the morning
it is the light of a new awakening
your eyes full of burning fire of passion
your eyes blush me
they attract me and drive me away
your eyes hold me and release me
in your eyes i see my future
my thoughts are lost in dreams
I hear the birds sing
I feel the warm breeze
I dive into the tranquility of the forest
I dive into your gaze
I sink into your secrets
and I live in the mystery of your eyes.

2. First Sight

       by Anna Hempstead Branch

I was born again to-day!
I was fashioned new!
Now my heart is fresh with May
Virginal as dew!

What it was I cannot tell.
Something on my eyes
Exquisitely breathed and fell
And I grew more wise.

Goldenly it breathed and kissed.
Now the world is plain —
All the glories I had missed
In shine and air and rain.

Just a little while before
It was all disguised.
Now the earth seems so much more
That I am surprised.

I could touch and hold and kiss
Everything I see!
Say then, was it always this,
Waiting just for me?

Oh, to think that yesterday
It was shining so!
Yet my poor heart could delay
And my eyes said no!

3. Some Eyes Are Special

       by Mr. Rimer

Some eyes are special
Some eyes are special, for
They greet you like the morning dew,
Like the butterfly to the bloom, chasing,
Your heart too ends up racing.

Some eyes are special, those,
Like the warming sun that rose,
To make the birds go soaring,
And you’ll find your spirit be roaring.

Some eyes are special, when,
You see yourself in them,
And wonder between you
And the sea blue,
who got the full moon?

Those eyes are special, which,
Look onto you, even when not your reach,
Eyes like the sakura breeze,
Calm, with its own mysteries.

4. The Mystery

       by Sara Teasdale

Your eyes drink of me,
Love makes them shine,
Your eyes that lean
So close to mine.

We have long been lovers,
We know the range
Of each other’s moods
And how they change;

But when we look
At each other so
Then we feel
How little we know;

The spirit eludes us,
Timid and free—
Can I ever know you
Or you know me?

5. On the Outside, Closing In

       by Anonymous

A person barely within earshot
may absorb the cheerful ring in my voice.
they see me in glimmering gold
embellished with refracting glass –
always with crinkles adorning my eyes.

someone else may be right across the table
and see small smoke tendrils escaping my ears.
laughter follows the smoke, and it fades away.
they see dull gold topped with smashed glass.
the crinkles sometimes disappear,
only to return a few seconds later.

A few can see my heart whenever they like.
they hear unsteady tremors between words.
they see billowing smoke
emanating from my ears and mouth.
they know the wrapping is gold foil
with smashed hourglasses piercing my skin.
the crinkles appear whenever they want.
nevertheless, they see me rise, even as I ache.

I, the permanent resident of this body,
shed the itchy foil whenever I can.
my cells are clouded by smoke,
and the hourglass fractals
swirl into a tornado behind my sternum.
the crinkles have been starched.

But, I remember I am walking on diamonds,
and I slowly sculpt my armor.
I exhale, and the smoke clears, bit by bit.
I reach behind my sternum,
grabbing the fractals to line my armor.
I splash water onto my face,
and the corners of my eyes crinkle again.

Short Poems about Eyes

It is stated that our eyes are the windows to our souls. They may speak louder than words. They have the ability to convey respect, menace, curiosity, sincerity, and closeness.

If you wish to learn about the genuine worth of eyes, read some short poems about eyes. Here are some short poems on eyes that we have picked for you.

1. Faucet Eyes

       by C. J. Krieger

Your eyes are dripping
Like a broken faucet
And I can’t find
The right wrench
To fix
Your faucet eyes

2. Blue

       by Annette Wynne

When God made everything
I’m glad he had a lot of blue-
A great big sky for all the world
And eyes like yours for you.

3. Oh Love

       by Anonymous

Oh, love.
What simple words.
What simple wonder
We find in each other’s eyes.

4. A Memory

       by William Stanley Braithwaite

My heart to thee an answer makes,
O long, slow whisper of the sea,
Whose charm of mournful music wakes
A dream, a memory.

Touched hands, met lips, and soft fair speech —
Soul’s silence to the past replies,
When love and hope illumined each,
Within a girl’s blue eyes.

5. My Eyes – Are Filled with Pain

       by Anonymous

My eyes – are filled with pain,
My eyes showing something, that I don’t even know,
My pain is the war, my pain is my ruined home,

I don’t feel happiness from now,
I don’t feel myself safe.
I can’t keep it in my mind.

6. Eyes

       by Anonymous

Her blueness eyes
Your modesty
Your naturally beauty
She’s just too blind to see

Romantic Poems about Eyes

The eyes are the most attractive and crucial body component; they are more than simply a body part; they carry various feelings, one of which is romance. Here are some romantic poetry on eyes that you can send to your beloved to make them feel special.

1. Beautiful Blue Eyes

       by Grace Hays

Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight
How I love to look into those eyes
When I look into them
A kind of peace comes over me
Beautiful blue eyes
Always haunting me

…teasing me
Reminding me of what I want…can’t have
Why do they haunt me so
When will I be free of them
Constantly held captive by those blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes
Always there
A reminder of what I want…can’t have
Such beautiful blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes…

2. Look into My Eyes

       by Anonymous

When I can’t say it with words, look into my eyes
and you’ll find infinite true love I can’t vocalize.

3. Gray Eyes

       by Sara Teasdale

It was April when you came
The first time to me,
And my first look in your eyes
Was like my first look at the sea.

We have been together
Four Aprils now
Watching for the green
On the swaying willow bough;

Yet whenever I turn
To your gray eyes over me,
It is as though I looked
For the first time at the sea.

4. I Love Your Eyes

       by Gabor Timis

I love your eyes, your sparkling eyes;
They speak to me softly, with no lies.

Your eyes are like the morning dew,
Refreshing, delightful and beautiful.
Your eyes glow and I drown in their beauty;
I would love to stay there in blissful frenzy.

Every time I look into your eyes,
I’m lost in innumerable memories
And I forget the world around me.

Your eyes, your mesmerizing eyes;
I love your eyes …
You are my greatest prize.

5. Irresistible

       by Anonymous

All eyes are beautiful
but I get lost in yours.
Some show scars,
Others show hearts, somethings are worth longing for.
The distant eyes show the world,
the glimmering ones hold the universe.
But all I need is yours today,
for it shows me what once was, what is
and what you are to me.
Show me your eyes again,
Give me sight to fill my mind up plenty.

6. Every Time I Look at You

       by Anonymous

Every time I look at you,
I am speechless
Every time I look at you,
My heart starts to sing.
There’s a lot I want to say
but I don’t know where to start

Every time I look at you,
I find myself just smiling
Can’t imagine I found you
Your beauty is out of this world
You are an angel to my heart

Every time I look at you,
No matter what I am going through,
I feel happy just by seeing you.
Every time I see you,
I want to hold you
Tell you the things I have never told you

Every time I look at you,
I want you to be part of my life
To start a new life together
To build the future together
All I need is you, my love.

Poems about Eyes and Soul

For hundreds of years, our eyes have inspired artists and scholars. Some think that merely gazing into someone’s eyes may reveal a lot about them, even delving into the core of their soul. But we’ll leave the serious thinking to the specialists. Here are some poems about eyes and soul for you to enjoy.

1. Eyes Are the Window To The Soul

       by Vern Eaker

Eyes are the windows to the soul
Throughout my life I’ve been told
To see into anothers heart
Eyes are the place to start

Be they hazel, green or blue
Black, brown color changing too
Matters not what color they be
They show what one needs to see

Through these windows the truth lies
Emotionally nothing hides
Clear for all too recognize
Displayed to the world in one’s eyes

Evident are anger, lust and surprise
Fear, truth, lust, hope and despise
Happiness, sorrow, and confusion
Inside familiar eyes there is no illusion

To gaze deeply is an intense moment
For the eyes are a intimate component
Although prominent noticed by all
Often the feature hardest to recall

2. Eyes to The Soul

       by Terri Hill

when our eyes finally meet
every thought, every word and every song will greet us

there will be no high or low
just us

sit here for just a moment, while i stand in front of you
to kiss you gently and passionately, like i said i would do

as you put your arms around me
you feel my energy of love in thee

you know what it is
we are both his

prepared by him, one step at a time
a timeless process, in my mind

our hearts will become one
done and done

when our eyes finally meet
the universe can take a seat

if only for this night
see the light
that shines so bright

3. Your Soul in Your Eyes

       by Mohini Puranik

Your eyes give me smile
Your eyes give me life
Your eyes give me hopes
Your eyes make me sing
Songs for your smiling eyes
But when
Touch your godly eyes
I see them living in your eyes
I lose my voice
I lose the life in my eyes
I tremble
I feel fear conquering me
I lose all my strength
And my smile die
Your eyes have to smile
To give smiles
All my power of love
Is breathing for your smiling eyes
Your eyes speak the language of love
With me
I read them
I listen them
I speak with them
I met you
When I read tides of heartaches in your eyes
I felt them
They reached me through your eyes
Your soul in your eyes
I feel touches my soul
I feel that that I don’t understand
For soul is beyond mind
And definitions of love
Mind never breaks the confinements of the world
But soul isn’t confined in them
Soul touches another soul
The bond of you and me
Is soul of you and me
Which is that sacred ‘One’

4. When I Look into Your Eyes

       by Anonymous

When I look into your eyes, I fall in love with you over and over again.
When I look into your eyes, all I see is your beauty.
My heart melts when I look into your eyes, all because of the love I have for you.
I feel like I can conquer the world when I look into your eyes.
Looking into your eyes makes me love you more.
The first day when I looked into your eyes, I instantly fell in love with you.
I feel like I own the world when I look into your eyes.
When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of my heart.
When I look into your eyes my love, I cannot resist you.
I know I will never let you go when I look into your eyes.
I feel happier when I look into your eyes. I love you.
When I look into your eyes I realized I want to be yours forever.
You relieve the fear I have inside me when I look into your eyes.
Sweetheart, I feel relaxed and happy when I look into your eyes.
When I look into your eyes, I know I have a better future.
When I look into your eyes, I am lost in your love.
When I look into your eyes I can see my own love reflected on me.
When I look into your eyes, the only thing I can see is your beauty.
When I look into your eyes, I see the truth.
When I look into your eyes, you make me want to love you more and more.
I feel butterflies in my stomach when I look into your eyes.
Sometimes when I look into your eyes, I pretend you are mine all the time. I love you.
Because of you, I know how it feels to be in love. When I look into your eyes all I see is love. Let me love you with all my heart. I love you.
When I look into your eyes what I see is a soul mate who was meant to be the love of my life.
Many people have tried to come between us but none can see what I can see in your eyes.
When I look into your eyes, what I can see is my love. I dearly love you.
Baby, when I look into your eyes, I can sing for you all day.
When I look into your eyes, it is a sight that I can’t describe with words. I am blinded by your love.
When I look into your eyes, there is nothing I can see but the real you, your love for me.
I never knew I had this emotion with me until I looked into your eyes.
When I look into your eyes the more I want to swim deeper into this love and drown in it completely.
When I look into your eyes, the more I want to say how much I love you.
When I look into our eyes, what I see in the mirror of my soul.
When I look into your eyes it’s like I am watching the beautiful sunrise or sundowner. There is so much they can tell. I love you.
You are a perfect creation, when I look into your eyes, I can see your soul, your love, and your beauty.
I was not a risk-taker but when I looked into your eyes, I became one.

5. Eyes to The Soul

       by Jennifer Donnay

Eyes to the soul, eyes to my heart, filled with grace,
I see your glaze upon my face,
My face is filled with the warmth of shame,
My body is chilled with unknown guilt,
I don’t look up, for fear of your gift of kindness,
I want to let go of my comfort zone,  so much to say,
Yet my mouth remains calm, quiet,
I hide my hurt deep down inside,
Who will ask me to look up at them?
I feel your gift of care, kindness, empthany,
Will you reach out to lift my chin, and see inside my soul?….

Poems about Eyes and Love

It is said that you can see the feelings of love for someone in a person’s eyes. This couldn’t be more true. This is what we come across in a lot of poems about eyes and love. Here are some of those love poems about eyes.

1. My Eyes Say I Love You, Your Eyes Say Forever

       by Ray Hansell

My eyes say I love you
Your eyes say forever
Could this love we share
Just keep getting better?

I love you with all my heart
You’re all I think about
The love I feel inside for you
I wish could just flow out

I wish the world could see
What lives between you and me
I wish the world could see
That you make me happy as can be

Just spending time and talking
Being by your side
I know that life with you
Would be a wonderful and joyous ride

No two days would be the same
I know that for sure
But more then that I know
Our love would be secure

With you I have no doubt
What it is I feel
I know the love we share
Is a love so very real

Yes, I know this well
I can tell by the signs
That I always get from you
That let me know you’re mine

My eyes say I love you
Your eyes say forever
I know one thing for sure
I will leave you never

2. Love in Your Eyes

       by Youseline Bazil

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see all the love you have for me.
I see in your eyes you care for me a lot.
I see your love for me is true,
And you will do whatever it takes to have me in your life.

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see your love for me is unconditional.
Your eyes tell me you will never leave me.
You will always stay by my side
To protect and cherish me.

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see with you everything is possible.
I see in your eyes your love for me is everlasting.
Your eyes tell me you really, really love me.

3. Eyes Like Yours

       by Joan Wu Lang Pacinabo

Eyes like yours, baby
it is like heaven on earth
no more misery…

I am lost for words
imagination travel
I’ve seen an angel…

Been to paradise
in a garden of roses
filled with butterflies…

Your eyes tell a lot
I can see you through your soul
and I love you more…

4. My Eyes Sleep, In Your Eyes

       by Fatima Nusairat

My eyes sleep, in your eyes;
It becomes to my dreams wings…!
My heart throb..,
Your heart beat..;
There is a fremitus in my ribs!
From you now I have…
Wings and fremitus….;
Open, the door..! !

5. How You Look at Me

       by Sabriell

Is it how you look at me
your eyes beaming,
me and you have this energy,
that makes me want to die,
sometimes you make me sad and I start to cry,
other times you make me mad and yet I still try
because …
you are who I love
it’s hard to understand or know why
but together forever you and I

6. I Can See It in Your Eyes

       by Anonymous

I can see it in your eyes
When you smile
I can see it in your eyes
When you talk
I can see it in your eyes

When I close my eyes
When I go to sleep
When I am dreaming
I can see it in your eyes

I can see it in your eyes
You want to be close to me
To be loved and cherished

How I want to
You are so special to me
I love you

Poems about Eyes and Smile

Here you can find a diverse collection of poems about eyes and smile that will inspire and reaffirm the potency of a single glance and how it may put a grin on someone’s face. ‎

1. Wonderful Eyes and Magical Smile

       by Anonymous

When I look into your eyes,
I experience an inexplicable joy,
When I look at your wonderful smile,
I feel that my life is full of happiness,
When I look into your eyes,
I seem to be lost in them,
When I look at your sweet smile,
I feel like looking at you till the eternity,
When I look into your eyes,
I feel my life has got a new meaning.
When I look at your charismatic smile,
I feel that I am attached to you.

Your eyes and your smile,
Have done something mysterious to me,
Your eyes and your smile,
Have bewitched me,
Your eyes and your smile,
Have made me fall in love with you.

Your eyes are like a deep ocean,
An ocean full of warmth and joy.
Your smile is like a magic,
Magic which fills me with an inexplicable joy.
Your eyes and smile are so wonderful that,
For one look at the depth in your smile,
For one look at the magic in your eyes,
I am ready to travel miles,
I am ready to loose my life.

Your eyes and smile are enchanting and wonderful,
And I want to dive into your eyes forever,
I want to be enchanted by your smile forever,
I want to be in love with you forever,
I want to stay with you forever.

O! That wonderful eyes and that magical smile,
I can never get the image of thee out of my mind,
They have created an everlasting impression on my mind,
I feel not even amnesia can get them out of my mind.

That wonderful eyes and that magical smile,
They have done wonders to my life.
I really love that eyes and that smile.

2. I Love Your Smile

       by Ronald Doe

I love your eyes and your soft sighs.
I love your inner beauty, too.
I love the way each passing day
You give a love so warm and true.

I love your clothes, your turned-up nose,
The way your precious kisses taste,
But most of all, my living doll,
I love the smile upon your face.

I love your lips and slender hips.
I love the giggle in your talk.
I love your class and your sweet sass,
The wiggle in your sexy walk.

I love your shrug and your warm hug,
Love your tender and warm embrace.
But most of all, my living doll,
I love the smile upon your face.

I love your look, the way you cook.
I love your heart, your soul and mind.
I love the way you laugh and play,
How you always treat me so kind.

I love the fact you are intact.
I love your style, charm and grace,
But most of all, my living doll,
I love the smile upon your face.

I love your charms, your loving arms,
How you hold me so tenderly.
I love the bliss, the happiness
When you’re making sweet love to me.

I love when you get naughty, too
And kiss me all over the place,
But most of all, my living doll,
I love the smile upon your face.

3. Laughing Eyes

       by C. J. Krieger

She didn’t have to speak
All you had to do
Was look into her eyes
It was there
You could see the laughter
Or smiling or the tears
That never fell

And when she looked upon you
Her eyes held no secretes
They were honest eyes
That could
In the quickness of a breath
Tell you a story
From beginning to end

This winter
The nights go on forever
And in this rented room
Where I spend my time

4. Smile, Smile, Smile

       by Wilfred Owen

Head to limp head, the sunk-eyed wounded scanned
Yesterday’s Mail; the casualties (typed small)
And (large) Vast Booty from our Latest Haul.
Also, they read of Cheap Homes, not yet planned;
For, said the paper, “When this war is done
The men’s first instinct will be making homes.
Meanwhile their foremost need is aerodromes,
It being certain war has just begun.
Peace would do wrong to our undying dead, —
The sons we offered might regret they died
If we got nothing lasting in their stead.
We must be solidly indemnified.
Though all be worthy Victory which all bought,
We rulers sitting in this ancient spot
Would wrong our very selves if we forgot
The greatest glory will be theirs who fought,
Who kept this nation in integrity.”
Nation? — The half-limbed readers did not chafe
But smiled at one another curiously
Like secret men who know their secret safe.
This is the thing they know and never speak,
That England one by one had fled to France
(Not many elsewhere now save under France).
Pictures of these broad smiles appear each week,
And people in whose voice real feeling rings
Say: How they smile! They’re happy now, poor things.

5. Only A Smile

       by Mathilde Blind

No butterfly whose frugal fare
Is breath of heliotrope and clove,
And other trifles light as air,
Could live on less than doth my love.

That childlike smile that comes and goes
About your gracious lips and eyes,
Hath all the sweetness of the rose,
Which feeds the freckled butterflies.

I feed my love on smiles, and yet
Sometimes I ask, with tears of woe,
How had it been if we had met,
If you had met me long ago,

Before the fast, defacing years
Had made all ill that once was well?
Ah, then your smiling breeds such tears
As Tantalus may weep in hell.

6. I Wish I Made You Smile

       by John Kipling Lewis

looking past the trees
into the summer skies
not a hint of a cloud
in your brilliant blue eyes.

lying here beside you
I wish I could envision
that I could make you smile
and be an obvious decision

so off you go
I know my role
we’re sure to be good friends
and if you find
you’ve changed your mind
perhaps you’ll smile in the end.

7. Awake to Smile

       by Robert William Service

When I blink sunshine in my eyes
And hail the amber morn,
Before the rosy dew-drop dries
With sparkle on the thorn;
When boughs with robin rapture ring,
And bees hum in the may,–
Then call me young, with heart of Spring,
Though I be grey.

But when no more I know the joy
And urgence of that hour,
As like a happy-hearted boy
I leap to land aflower;
When gusto I no longer feel,
To rouse with glad hooray,–
Then call me old and let me steal
From men away.

Let me awaken with a smile
And go to garden glee,
For there is such a little while
Of living left to me;
But when star-wist I frail away,
Lord, let the hope beguile
That to Ecstatic Light I may
Awake to smile.

Poems about Eyes of a Woman

Women are really conscious about their eyes and men also like women’s beautiful eyes. This is why lots of poems have been written on the eyes of women. Here are some of those poems on eyes of a woman.

1. The Lust of The Eyes

       by Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

I care not for my Lady’s soul
Though I worship before her smile;
I care not where be my Lady’s goal
When her beauty shall lose its wile.

Low sit I down at my Lady’s feet
Gazing through her wild eyes
Smiling to think how my love will fleet
When their starlike beauty dies.

I care not if my Lady pray
To our Father which is in Heaven
But for joy my heart’s quick pulses play
For to me her love is given.

Then who shall close my Lady’s eyes
And who shall fold her hands?
Will any hearken if she cries
Up to the unknown lands?

2. Woman Wearing a Veil

       by Anonymous

There was something intriguing about woman wearing a veil.
She was mysteriously hidden, and it lured him in.
Did he notice her eyes more because he could not see her face?
He was pulled into the depths of her soul, paying attention.

He could not get his soul back, she had taken it.
No longer caring about the rest of her face, he paid attention.
She was interesting and kind, and he could not get enough of her.
He left a different man.

It had been a brief exchange,
But he would never forget the woman’s eyes.
They had left him wanting more
Twenty-seven years later.

3. Her Blue Eyes Stared Deep into My Eyes

       by Dr. Rajendra Tela

Her blue eyes
Stared deep
Into my eyes
Penetrating straight
Into the heart
set me on fire
Lifted my desire
So intense was her look
My mind stopped to think
Words dried in my mouth

I like you
Was what I could hear
I nodded my head
Became a rat
She the pied piper
A new journey
Was about to begin
I was ready to go
Wherever she took me

4. Too close

       by Beatrice B.

She looks happy
She’ll give you the biggest smile
But if you get too close
You’ll see
She has the saddest eyes

5. The Made to Order Smile

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

When a woman looks up at you with a twist about her eyes,
And her brows are half uplifted in a nicely feigned surprise
As you breathe some pretty sentence, though she hates you all the while,
She is very apt to stun you with a made to order smile.

It’s a sublte combination of a sneer and a caress,
With a dash of warmth thrown in to relieve its iciness,
And she greets you when she meets you with that look as if a file
Had been used to fix and fashion out the made to order smile.

I confess that I’m eccentric and am not a woman’s man,
For they seem to be constructed on the bunko fakir plan,
And it somehow sets me thinking that her heart is full of guile
When a woman looks up at me with a made to order smile.

Now, all maidens, young and aged, hear the lesson I would teach:
Ye who meet us in the ballroom, ye who meet us at the beach,
Pray consent to try and charm us by some other sort of wile
And relieve us from the burden of that made to order smile.

6. Her Eyes

       by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Up from the street and the crowds that went,
Morning and midnight, to and fro,
Still was the room where his days he spent,
And the stars were bleak, and the nights were slow.

Year after year, with his dream shut fast,
He suffered and strove till his eyes were dim,
For the love that his brushes had earned at last, —
And the whole world rang with the praise of him.

But he cloaked his triumph, and searched, instead,
Till his cheeks were sere and his hairs were gray.
“There are women enough, God knows,” he said. . . .
“There are stars enough — when the sun’s away.”

Then he went back to the same still room
That had held his dream in the long ago,
When he buried his days in a nameless tomb,
And the stars were bleak, and the nights were slow.

And a passionate humor seized him there —
Seized him and held him until there grew
Like life on his canvas, glowing and fair,
A perilous face — and an angel’s, too.

Angel and maiden, and all in one, —
All but the eyes. — They were there, but yet
They seemed somehow like a soul half done.
What was the matter? Did God forget? . . .

But he wrought them at last with a skill so sure
That her eyes were the eyes of a deathless woman, —
With a gleam of heaven to make them pure,
And a glimmer of hell to make them human.

God never forgets. — And he worships her
There in that same still room of his,
For his wife, and his constant arbiter
Of the world that was and the world that is.

And he wonders yet what her love could be
To punish him after that strife so grim;
But the longer he lives with her eyes to see,
The plainer it all comes back to him.

7. There’s Christmas in Your Eyes

       by C. J. Krieger

There’s Christmas in Your Eyes
I can see Christmas in your eyes
And jingle bells dropping from the trees
So loud
I cannot shout above them

If you cannot hear me
What does it matter if I say
I love you
My words are lost
In the ringing

In the sound
Of Christmas
In the sound of jingle bells
In the sound of quiet trees
Lost in the forest

Poems about Eyes for Her

Our eyes play an important role in our lives. They not only enable us to appreciate the beauty of the outside world, but they also let us see our loved ones in a new light. If you want beautiful eyes poems for her, here are some of them that you may find interesting.

1. Your Eyes

       by C. J. Krieger

They were your eyes
That held my morning’s secrets

Your eyes
That with precision and care
Pulled me from my night
Into the brilliance of the day

I loved the way you would covet me
As I awoke from my dreams
… Dreams of you

Watching as you devoured me
And touched me until I awoke

I loved the feeling of you
Consuming me with your lips
Watching as you swallowed me
Into your eyes

2. The Ocean of Your Eyes

       by William H. Bloom

You make me want to sail in the ocean of your eyes.
The winds will carry me, I know not where,
To harbors unknown, and I fully realize
That dangerous storms could be lurking there.
Will the deep blue waters stay pure and serene
On our path to paradise, earthly or above,
Where our joys and passions and moments supreme
Come steadily together to maintain our love.
Will our life’s sustaned and rapturous note
Ever remind us to those very fateful skies,

On the day that launched my fragile boat
In that everlasting twinkle, the ocean of your eyes?

3. See It in My Eyes

       by Andreas Simic

I am sad, not glad, even mad
You come here to destroy are we but a toy
Our home erased over time are we worth but a dime
Bit by bit you starve us all, one by one we fall
Some taken from our land our family no longer a band
Pictures taken here and there as if you give a care
You think of us as majestic but want us to be domestic
Global warming is a threat that is a sure bet
So I ask this of you now before I take a final bow
Leave our home alone our killing do not condone
Let our habitat grow do not make us a fantasy show
Put poachers in their place give us our space
We are a proud breed protect us from your greed
Our fate is in your hand please make the right stand

4. Your Eyes

       by Krish W

There’s something ’bout the way
The moonlight hits your face
Makes me wanna stay
In this moment with you

Time seems to stand still
When I’m looking in your eyes
And I don’t wanna let go

So lost in this moment
I don’t wanna close my eyes

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss a thing

I’m feeling alive
For the first time
And I know this moment is perfect

So I’ll hold on to it
And never let it go

5. Lying Eyes

       by C. J. Krieger

Sometimes at night
Memories come rushing in
Tearing away reality’s curtain
With recollections of days past gone

Staring at her from his chair
His eyes cut deeply
Peeling away the old skin
Of the elderly woman before him
Only to reveal the young girl
He had come to love

Though the years
Have buried her youthfulness
And time has taken its toll
His eyes could never see
How this girl changed
Into a tired old woman

A woman
Who just like him
Was so very happy
When they looked at each other
And their eyes

6. Hide Behind a Smile

       by Ivy Christou

My friend,
Let me hide behind a smile,
Even if you know the truth.
I know,
My eyes can’t lie
But I owe it to myself
To fool you all,
To fool me.
I want to hide behind a smile
So that you,
Who love me,
Don’t sense my pain,
Because you will feel it too.
I want to hide behind a smile,
So that you,
Who don’t care about me,
Don’t see me down
Before I have the chance to get up.
I must hide behind a smile,
So that you,
Who hate me,
Don’t feel proud
For what you have done..

Poems about Eyes in English

The eyes are a reflection of who we are: they reflect our ideas, ambitions, goals, enthusiasm, attractiveness, and many other qualities.

If you want to more about the different features of eyes and what they are capable of go through some of the eyes poetry in English. Here are some poetry on beautiful eyes in English for you.

1. I Close My Eyes

       by David Ignatow

I close my eyes like a good little boy at night in bed,
as I was told to do by my mother when she lived,
and before bed I brush my teeth and slip on my pajamas,
as I was told, and look forward to tomorrow.

I do all things required of me to make me a citizen of sterling worth.
I keep a job and come home each evening for dinner. I arrive at the
same time on the same train to give my family a sense of order.

I obey traffic signals. I am cordial to strangers, I answer my
mail promptly. I keep a balanced checking account. Why can’t I
live forever?

2. The Nose and the Eyes

       by William Cowper

Between Nose and Eyes a strange contest arose;
The spectacles set them, unhappily, wrong;
The point in dispute was, as all the world knows,
To which the said spectacles ought to belong.

So Tongue was the lawyer, and argued the cause,
With a great deal of skill and a wig full of learning,
While chief baron Ear sat to balance the laws,
So famed for his talent in nicely discerning.

“In behalf of the Nose, it will quickly appear,
And your lordship,” he said, “will undoubtedly find,
That the Nose has the spectacles always to wear,
Which amounts to possession, time out of mind.”

Then, holding the spectacles up to the court,
“Your lordship observes, they are made with a straddle
As wide as the ridge of the Nose is; in short,
Designed to sit close to it, just like a saddle.

“Again, would your lordship a moment suppose
(‘T is a case that has happened, and may happen again)
That the visage or countenance had not a Nose,
Pray, who would or who could wear spectacles then?

“On the whole it appears, and my argument shows,
With a reasoning the court will never condemn,
That the spectacles plainly were made for the Nose,
And the Nose was as plainly intended for them.”

Then shifting his side (as a lawyer knows how),
He pleaded again in behalf of the Eyes:
But what were his arguments, few people know,
For the court did not think them equally wise.

So his lordship decreed, with a grave, solemn tone,
Decisive and clear, without one if or but,
That whenever the Nose put his spectacles on,
By daylight or candlelight,—Eyes should be shut.

3. Water on The Moon

       by Andie Italia

Across a crowded room,
In a blink of time,
My eyes met another
And my breath hitched in my throat.
I resisted the gasp
That threatened my composure.
The glass in my hand gave way,
And I felt wine droplets
Hit my fingers.

I could not look away,
Lest I lose the fragile connection.
Silver eyes with a trigger,
Pools of water
On the moon,
Framed by dark locks of curls.
I knew in an instant
They would haunt me forever.
A playful glint alit them
And a sparkle ran through,
Left to right, like a stallion
Racing the sunrise.

My own eyes fluttered,
Caught up in his,
And I
And then, he was gone.

4. The Thrice-Closed Eye

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

The eye was closed, and calm the breast;
‘T was Sleep—the weary was at rest!
While fancy on her rainbow wings
Ranged through a world of new-made things,
Mid regions pure, and visions bright,
Formed but to mock the waking sight.
For, ah! how light does slumber sit,
On sorrow’s brow—how quickly flit
From her pale throne, when envious care
Comes wrapped in clouds and frowning there!

Again I saw the falling lid,
And from his sight the world was hid.
The lip was moved; the knee was bent;
The heavy laden spirit went,
Bearing her burden from the dust
Up to her only Rock of trust;
And, childlike, on her Father’s breast
Cast off the load, and found her rest.
For, this was Prayer—’t was faith and love
Communing with a God above.

At length that eye was locked! the key
Had opened heaven—’t was Death! yes, he
Had sweetly quelled the mortal strife,
And to the saint the gates of life

Unbolted. On the sleeper’s brow
Lay the smooth seal of quiet now,
Which none could break. The soul, that here
Dwelt with eternal things so near,
Had burst her bonds to soar on high,
And left to earth the thrice-closed eye!

5. Looking Back at Me

       by C. J. Krieger

Where she once had been
There is nothing
Just an empty space
Looking back at me
With deep, deep eyes
That bare the soul
Of what was once filled
With the beauty of your
That you have taken with you
That never let me in
That are now
Just an empty space
Looking back at me

6. The Blind Man

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

‘T is darkness, darkness; dreary, starless night;
Nature a blank, and day that shows no sun;
Man, earth and seas and heavens shut out from sight—
Such is thy portion, blind and hapless one!

Hapless! a smile upon thy lip will dwell,
While in thy sunken eye no light appears!
That cold and rayless orb will never tell
If first its film would burst with joy or tears.

Yet light is in thy soul—that fire divine,
That shone on Horeb’s mount, illumines thee:
Thou walk’st in safety, for the Guide is thine,
Whom Israel followed through the parting sea.

Though thou must grope for pillars hands have raised,
Like him who erst Philistia’s thousands slew,
The temple where, by angels, God is praised,
Thy father’s house, is ever kept in view.

Thou know’st how soon these earthly walls must fail;
How frail and vain the things of time and sense;
Thy steady faith looks onward through the veil,
Where life eternal and its joys commence.

Thy head is white—thy foot is at the grave;
And nature’s hasty work is nearly done;
But He will bear thee safe o’er Jordan’s wave,
Whose peace is with thee, blind, but happy one!

Final Thoughts on Poems about Eyes

Thank you for reading the selection of poems about eyes that we supplied you with. We hope you find these eyes poems to be useful and inspirational. The eyes are very significant in life.

They are the most essential sense organs, detecting up to 80 percent of all stimuli. Our emotions are reflected in our eyes. When you first encounter someone, your eyes may transmit a full variety of emotions.

They can tell if you feel confidence or mistrust, protection, satisfaction, dread, and a variety of other emotions. Hopefully, the eyes speak poems above will help you understand how important the eyes are.

The eyes are the soul’s window, the entryway to the heart, and they reflect your feelings and interior being. The poems about eyes we provided with you will change your perspective on vision and realities. So try to read them with an open mind.

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