161 Best Sparkle Quotes to Help You Find Good Things in Life

We have brought a long list of sparkle quotes for the sparkling and glittering audiences to make their lives full of shine, energy, and positivity.

If you are tired of your boring, monotonous, and hectic life, then you are at the perfect place. Through this piece of writing, you can get rid of all negativity.

In the end, you shall feel a new spirit in yourself. We are sure you are not going to keep all this stuff restricted to yourself only. So just start reading our sparkle quotes and sharing them with your near and dear ones to boost their energy level.

You can observe a definite change in yourself and them as well. You can feel like a “twinkle twinkle little star” after going through our sparkle sayings.

From now onwards you are going to be a confident, energetic, positive, non-judgmental, and attentive person by taking guidelines from our immense collection of glitter quotes.

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Best Sparkle Quotes of All Time

Here is the pile of the best sparkle quotes ever. They can make your life full of glittering and twinkling brightness.

They can help you in adopting positive mindset. They can convert you into genuine people who take interest in others truly. When they ask how you are? They mean it.

  1. When I got sober I thought giving up was saying goodbye to all the fun and all the sparkle and it turned out to be just the opposite that is when the sparkle started for me. –Mary Karr
  2. You must not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling. –Kirsten Kuehn
  3. Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside somewhere so pure and authentic and real it does not need gloss or polish or glitter to shine. –Mandy Hale
  4. If I had a power colour it would definitely be sparkle. –Landon Brinkley
  5. And anyway in our house no one is obliged to sparkle which I find makes it far more likely that they might. –Janice Hadlow
  6. A dynamic woman is like a diamond she sparkles and adds value. –Gift Gugu Mona
  7. There is ceaseless wonder to be found in the home of Mother Nature as she dusts with snow even cobwebs sparkle in her magic. –Angie Weiland-Crosby
  8. Use each moment to make another eyes sparkle and to warm a heart. –Doreen Virtue
  9. Learn from stars when dark times try to dull your sparkle shine. –Matshona Dhliwayo
  10. So until that moment comes when we vanish like fireworks let us sparkle brightly always. –Tite Kubo
  11. The world is full of poetry the air is living with its spirit and the waves dance to the music of its melodies and sparkle in its brightness. –James Gates Percival
  12. Even when muddy your wings sparkle bright wonders that heal broken worlds. –Abherjani
  13. A generous heart a spontaneous smile and eyes that sparkle with delight can be part of any woman’s signature look once she awakens to her authentic beauty. –Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sassy Sparkle Quotes

Everybody wants to stay away from dull, boring, and lazy people. Folks are attracted by the people full of energy and motivation.

Are you in search of such people? Check out our gathering of sassy sparkle quotes and find the best ones for you!

  1. Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle some in their dress and some in their eyes. –Shahla Khan
  2. Another day another chance to sparkle.
  3. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. –Kate Spade
  4. Don not let anyone or anything to dull your sparkle.
  5. Do not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter.
  6. Her eyes sparkle because she sees magic everywhere.
  7. This is your year to sparkle.
  8. I cry because the future has once again found its sparkle and has grown a million times larger. –Douglas Coupland
  9. Celebrate true friends they are a part of you that always sparkles. –Amy Leigh Mercree
  10. Go forward in life with a smile on your face a sparkle in your eyes and with great and strong purpose in your heart. –Gordon B. Hinckley
  11. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love magic and mystery in the most ordinary things. –Henna Sohail
  12. Have you learned nothing from this journey? Magic is a drug you ca not just go around eating everything that sparkles. –Kevin Hearne
  13. Through God everyone sparkles. –John Ericson
  14. Look at that amazing display of sparkle and feel that wind? It is trying to tickle your toes. –Sharon M. Draper

Funny Sparkle Quotes

When sparkling quotes keep a touch of humor, the enjoyment becomes double.

Life is all about fun and enjoyment for those who live it fully and lively. If you also want to enjoy your life then examine our funny sparkle sayings and live the best possible twinkling life!

  1. It is not my fault when I was a baby I was dropped in a pile of pink glitter and I have been really sparkly ever since. –Carly Wood
  2. The strangeness that made everything sparkle came from me worlds rose out of my bottomless perplexity. –Cesar Aira
  3. Only cast your pure eyes into the well of my delight friends you will not dim its sparkle it shall laugh back at you with its purity. –Friedrich Nietzche
  4. The sparkle of life sprays out of his cells like citrus mist from an orange peel and I suck it in. –Isaac Marion
  5. I cannot tell whether diamonds appeared in his eyes or mine as the shine of adoration became the icon one sees in history a Byzantine sparkle medieval armour against all odds. –Alice Shapiro
  6. Whatever he took up he did in the same matter of fact sensible way without a touch of imagination without a sparkle of brilliancy but with the inexplicable niceness of his type. –Virginia Woolf
  7. Some scents sparkle and then quickly disappear like the effervescence of citrus zester a bright note of mint. –Deborah Lawrenson
  8. The best people are the good old wrinkled people with a sparkle in their eye a wink when you walk by or a toothless smile saying you are doing just fine. –Robert Wesley Miller
  9. Unleash your inner sparkle.
  10. Do more of what makes your heart sing your eyes sparkle and your soul soar.
  11. Leave a trail of sparkle wherever you go.
  12. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

Positive Sparkle Quotes

Positivity is an important aspect of sparkling people. They prefer to see the positive sides of the darkest things even.

They know how to turn the tables and how to make situations in their favor. If you are running a bit short of positive energy, check this package of positive sparkle quotes.

  1. The month of December is not magical because it sparkles It is magical because it changes people’s hearts at least momentarily. –Toni Sorenson
  2. Laughter layered the walls and clung to the dust mites making them sparkle like lightning bugs in the daytime. –Suzanne Palmieri
  3. Not everyone believes that I am a fairy princess but the sparkle I feel inside tells me that it is true. –Julie Andrews
  4. Do not tell anybody but sometimes I just do not want to sparkle. –Libba Bray
  5. Like crystals they sparkle with rainbow colours and contain worlds inside. –Rumi
  6. Any star can be devoured by human adoration sparkle by sparkle. –Shirley Temple
  7. Turning to his right Danny saw a great fig tree sparkle in many places inside its dark canopy of leaves like a thing that knew its own heart. –Aravind Adiga
  8. Her mother existed entirely in the moment and she made every moment sparkle. –Lisa Jewell
  9. He flashed me a grin which even in the dark managed to sparkle. –Amanda Abram
  10. After all your head only had so much room in it no surprise if it overflowed once in a while with little bits of sparkle and electrical fizz? –Jean Thompson
  11. I can actually see the sound in my head I can actually see it but each sound is different so this one has that sparkle there is a sparkle to the sound. –Itzhak Perlman
  12. The Scandinavians are dear people but they have never been what you might call bywords for wit and sparkle have they? –Kingsley Amis

Girly Sparkle Quotes

Girls always love to look shiny, bright, and full of energy and positivity. They possess all these qualities in their nature as well. They stay strong and confident even in hard situations.

They are independent now. Are you not such a lady? Then please have a look at our amazing collection of girly sparkle quotes to be an extraordinarily sparkling lady!

  1. Girl glow up consistently catch people’s eyes with your natural sparkle. –Germany Kent
  2. Don’t allow a negative point of view to dull your sparkle and your love of life. –Lisa J. Morris
  3. You will sparkle like a diamond if you shine in total darkness. –Rajesh Walecha
  4. Which of your eyes sparkle when you come to view yourself in me. –Halina Poswiatowska
  5. Another day, another chance to sparkle.
  6. When life gives you Monday dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.
  7. Use each moment to make another’s eyes sparkle and to warm a heart. –Doreen Virtue
  8. She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.
  9. No woman should be afraid to sparkle. –Lisa Kleypas
  10. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes the swing in your gait. –Henry Ford
  11. When you are a mom you need sparkle to compensate for the light inside of you that has died. –Ali Wong
  12. She always had that about her the sparkle in her eye she was unshakeable and what made her so admirable was her ability to shine bright when no one knew of her pain. –Nikki Rowe

Short Sparkle Quotes

You don’t need to go through a heavy volume of books to be a person of sparkling personality.

There is also no need of reading out the philosophies of great philosophers to be charming persons. Do one thing, take a bird’s eye view of our sparkle short quotes and be a twinkling start.

  1. Spread the sparkle.
  2. Smile sparkle shine.
  3. Don’t let the insecurities of others dull your sparkle.
  4. I do not sweat I sparkle.
  5. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
  6. Be Your Own Kind of Sparkle.
  7. Life won’t sparkle unless you do
  8. Sparkle on darling.
  9. Glitter sparkle shine but most of all be kind.
  10. Dream big sparkle more shine bright.
  11. Sparkle with all your heart.
  12. Live with a little sparkle.
  13. Life would not sparkle unless you do.

Motivational Sparkle Quotes

Motivational people keep a spark in themselves. They do not inherit it. They generate it with practice and hard work.

You can also create a motivational shine in your personality by checking our motivational glitter quotes. Do not forget to induce this spark in your loved ones by sharing these quotes with them.

  1. I was on a beach in Hawaii for a video shoot once and it was incredibly beautiful it had very fine black sand with a silver sparkle running through it. –Louise Nurding
  2. Ask me if I sparkle and I will kill you where you stand. –Jeaniene Frost
  3. Some women need no jewels to make them sparkle you are one of them. –Judith McNaught
  4. I’m such a believer in ‘if you’re beautiful on the inside it really shows on the outside.’ I know a lot of people who are physically very beautiful, but their inside doesn’t represent that. So to me, it just doesn’t come across as having a sparkle to them or an energy that just radiates. –Megan Park
  5. Adopting a really positive attitude can work wonders to adding years to your life a spring to your step a sparkle to your eye and all of that. –Christie Brinkley
  6. When you first start singing something after you have written it, it has this sort of sparkle to it and if you capture that and that is luck. –Jesse Harris
  7. I do not drink much alcohol if it does not taste like candy or sparkles I usually do not drink it. –Taylor Swift
  8. I like sparkles I think I am a magpie. –Paloma Faith
  9. Crackers are short on sparkle. Margaret Mitchell
  10. Charisma is a sparkle in people that money cannot buy it is an invisible energy with visible effects. –Marianne Williamson
  11. I was going to say the beginning is the good part when it is all sparks and sparkles before they are inevitably unmasked as assholes. –Laini Taylor
  12. Life is enchanted cup sparkles near the brim. –Lord Byron
  13. I have never been interested in things that sparkle and shine I am more interested in people. –Ali Hewson
  14. I am obsessed with sparkle for men it is so funny watching people’s reaction to a disco ball shoe. –Brad Goreski
  15. Our finale links the intensity of young composer’s creativity with the exuberance and sparkle of young performers. –Roy Malan

Inspirational Sparkle Quotes

You can get inspiration from many inspirational personalities. A person starts getting inspiration from his very childhood consciously or unconsciously.

Are you also in search of some fantastic inspirational quotes to make your life shiny and glittering? Then you can do it by reading our inspirational sparkle quotes.

  1. In their eyes is the sparkle of victory. –Randy Stone
  2. The fall in the gold price was triggered by the dramatic drop in oil prices prompting investors to rethink the safe haven sparkle of gold. –Lee Naisbitt
  3. The youthful sparkle in Ronald Reagan’s eyes is caused by his contact lenses which he keeps highly polished. –Sheila Graham
  4. I do not know Laura Bush but she seems to be calm and she has a sparkle in her eye which is good. –Teresa Heinz
  5. He was smart little guy he was pretty mischievous too you can see that in his pictures you can see the sparkle in his eye. –Dan Morris
  6. Drums started to be the only thing I was excited about. School sucked. I was a bad student–too rambunctious, and I never paid attention. But bands were cool. I was totally into being in a band. I liked how bands looked at the awards shows, like the Grammy’s, in their little sparkle suits. When you’re a little kid, that looks pretty rockin’ impressive. –Green Day
  7. It is always darkest before the ultimate sparkle. –Libba Bray
  8. You know how we can be about things which sparkle and shine we imagine they will put back something of what has been lost. –Catherynne M. Valente
  9. It is a flagship economy and any sign that this seems to be losing its sparkle is hitting it hard. –Michael Derks
  10. I come from haunts of coot and hern I make a sudden sally and sparkle out among the fern to bicker down a valley. –Alfred Lord Tennyson
  11. People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. –Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  12. I like the sparkle of the vibraphone. –Evelyn Glennie
  13. I believe everyone should have a pair of party pumps something with a little bit of sparkle that is attention grabbing and makes you happy. –Brad Goreski
  14. We were viewed as a unique player that had special attributes so the question is can we bring some of that sparkle back? –Rick Snyder
  15. To meet Roosevelt with all his buoyant sparkle his iridescence was like opening a bottle of champagne. –Winston Churchill
  16. I have heard that East Gainesville is a diamond in the rough and I had like to tell you that I am the one to put the sparkle in the diamond. –Barbara Sharpe

Glitter and Sparkle Quotes

Do you want to be a person with a glittering and sparkling personality? Have tried a lot but failed badly?

Then there is no need to be worried at all now. We have arranged sparkle and glitter quotes for you. Read them, follow them and leave a spark of glitter wherever you go.

  1. Money glitters beauty sparkles and intelligence shines. Adolf Hitler
  2. When all else fail Sparkle and Glitter on it.
  3. My two favourite colours Are Glitter and Sparkle.
  4. Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is. Mae West
  5. Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins. Paris Hilton
  6. A life without glitter is no life at all. Toni Collette
  7. Shower the world with pink and glitter. Tori Amos
  8. You know you are putting a good thing out into the universe when you put on glitter. Drew Barrymore
  9. Share your sparkle wherever you are. Dodinsky Quotes
  10. Every creature is a glittering, glistening mirror of Divinity. Hildegard of Bingen
  11. There is glitter on the floor after the party. Taylor Swift
  12. We humans seem disastrously in love with this thing that glitters on the earth we call it life. Anne Carson
  13. I wanted to play drums because I fell in love with the glitter and the lights but it wasn’t about adulation it was being up there playing. Charlie Watts
  14. I do not want Christmas season to end, because it is the only time I can legitimately indulge in on particular addiction glitter. Eloisa James

Shine and Sparkle Quotes

A few people possess charismatic personalities. Wherever they go, they dominate the crowd. People try to follow them knowingly or unknowingly. Do you also want to achieve that position in society?

Then just go through these sparkle and shine quotes and feel the difference in your personality.

  1. Do not let the insecurities of others dull your sparkle shine like the star you are born to be. –Karen Civil
  2. It is time to Sparkle and Shine.
  3. Let your light Shine.
  4. Sparkle you Look Fabulous.
  5. Sparkly days ahead we are unwrapping a season of surprises like stunning fall fashions and delicious delights from the new Sparkling Tea Collection.
  6. Sparkle and shine with the latest in wellness vaulting toward a happier healthier you.
  7. Today there are reasons to sparkle there are more reasons to sparkle today than there ever were before.
  8. Laugh every day Sparkle and shine and never miss a chance to dance.
  9. True friends will bring out the sparkle and shine in you.
  10. Love the sparkle in your eye my little one it is a reflection of someone very beautiful inside.
  11. Share the sparkle in your life with friends and family.
  12. Sending sparkly love to all my loved ones today every day and forever.
  13. Sparkle and shine it is Friday.

Sparkle Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Every day we wake up with new vigor, spirit, current, zeal, and zest. We want to make our day full of brightness and shine. Here are various sparkle quotes and sayings to make your day unique, amazing, shining, brightening, and twinkling.

  1. Never let anyone dull your sparkle. –Marilyn Monroe
  2. Dreams made your eyes sparkle over the possibilities of doing something new and exciting. –Dorothea Benton Frank
  3. Every day is a great day to give love spread joy and sparkle. –Sheri Fink
  4. No need to hurry no need to sparkle no need to be anybody but oneself. –Virginia Woolf
  5. I know we will win because I see it in the eyes of the Marines every morning in their eyes is the sparkle of victory. –Randy Stone
  6. If we turn our spiritual eyes towards the Son meaning the Son of God we will see the sparkle of the gems of life. –Jordan Cox
  7. A diamond though set in horns is still a diamond and sparkles in purest gold. –Philip Massinger
  8. If we will concentrate on the best that element will grow until it sparkles. –Gordon B. Hinckley
  9. I can only imagine how he must feel without that shadow, without that burden hanging over him. Just look in his eyes. I’ve never seen him more vibrant. There’s more sparkle in his eyes, more energy. –Brian Billick
  10. Looks like a lot of the sparkle is coming out of the higher-tech issues for the reason look no further than the fall in the NASDAQ. –John Fitzgibbons
  11. The figures were fine but did not sparkle like Exxon’s the dividend is a bit disappointing because the fourth quarter is usually an occasion to give an increase. –Brendan Wilders

Sparkle Quotes for Instagram

People are always in need of catchy and heart touching captions for their Instagram. They want to look unique and prominent among all.

For the solution of this problem we gathered multiple outstanding sparkle quotes for Instagram. Use them and get a unique identity.

  1. Your Daily Dose of Sparkle.
  2. Let me be the sparkle in your day.
  3. Showcase your unique sense of self with nails that sparkle.
  4. Sparkle, sparkle little star.
  5. Blast off with glittering accents that are not afraid to be seen.
  6. It is the little things that sparkle.
  7. Be the first one to wish someone happy birthday with a sparkle quote.
  8. We are not just a creative agency we are a sparkle agency.
  9. Let it sparkle like you.
  10. A sparkle is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  11. To sparkle is to be a star not to set one apart from the rest.
  12. Follow me to help sparkle your day.
  13. If it sparkles wear it.
  14. Never stop shining Sparkle up your bio with.
  15. Be yourself shine bright Sparkle and shine.

Final Thoughts on Sparkle Quotes

Let’s put all the lengthy discussion into a nutshell. We have shared a huge amount of sparkle quotes with you.

We hope that you have found in yourself a tremendous change and improvement. Now you can also shine in the crowd like a moon in the stars.

These sparkle quotes are equally helpful for all. A person with a sparkling personality is a true well-wisher of others.

He always remains attentive and focused. He can’t be distracted easily. He doesn’t judge others personalities. He always adopts positive approach towards others. Whenever you meet him, you feel a kind of energy in yourself.

Hope you will spare a few moments to let us know about our great efforts about collection of quotes about sparkle and shine. Also share it with other twinkling stars of your social circle. Let them experience the same.

Have a shining and sparkling life by following our sparkle sayings!

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